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CATALOG  No.  124 

purcJlascdL  trpm  us  Will  saHs   . 
you  perfectly;  tliat  it  Vill  ^iVc  ilm 
s«?rVicc you  haVe  a  ri-^lrt  to  -?;^pGct; 
that  it  rcprcscrvts  tull  "v'aluc  £01? 
tkc  price  you  pay. 

It  tor  auy  :^easori  Wkate\^cr  ^ou 
arc  d.issatisfie<l  Witk  aivy  article 
purckased  troiuu'',  Vc  ^^^pect^^ou 
to  return  it  to  us  at:  our  a^i-per^  se. 
Wc  -vv'ill  tKen  c^ckaiide  it  for  exact- 
ly Wkat  you  Want,  c  r  Will  re-turrv. 
your  inoncy  including  any  trans- 
portation ckardes  you  kave  palJ,.^ 

Sears,l^oebuck^  Co> 



8Y   StAKS,    HOtBUCK 

rjlow  to  Measure  for  Men  s,  Women's  and  Children's  Wearing  Apparel 

r  ^  page    of   instructions   showing  how    to    measure  and  what  measurements  to  give,    tables    of   sizes    and   other   necessary 

■  information  for  all  the  various  kinds  of  Wearing  Apparel — Clothing,  ^Vorking  Garments,  Hats.  Gloves,  Underwear  and  Hosiery. 

!  TViis  page  must  not  be  used  as  an  order  blank  bat  as  a  page  for  information  only. 

Measurements  for  Men's  Suits  or  Overcoats  anc 
"~i  Boys'  or  Youths'  Long  Pants  Suits 
or  Overcoats. 






Stand  in  your  natural 
way.  breathe  regularly,  and 
don't  expnuU  chest:  also 
lake  everything  bulky  out 
of  your  pockets. 

Breast— .\round  body  at 
breast,  cliise  up  under  arms 
;it  1.  -suus  but  not  tight. 
Tape  should  be  over  shoul- 

Watst — All  around  body 
at  waist  at  2.  Waist  line 
is  just  above  hip  bones. 
Always  feel  sides  for  loca- 
tion of  hip  bones    (measure 

nly) . 

I — Take  sleeve  meas- 
nr  coat 
of   back 


nust    be    taken 

Breast — Around  the  body 
at  breast,  close  up  under 
arms  at  I,  snug  but  not 
tight.     Tape  should  be 

Always  feel  sides  for  loca- 
tion of  hip  bones  ( meas- 
ure over  vest  only) 


turn    up   your   vest.) 

pants  wel 

for  location  of  hip  bones. 

I  nseam — From  close 
in  crotch  at  7  to  heel  ; 
of  shoe  at  8 



LITTLE  FELLOWS'  SUITS  OR  OVERCOATS -Simply  state  age  and  say 
ivlietlier  the  bov  is  larije.  sni;ill  or  of  aveiagg  flize  for  liis  age. 

Measurement   Form    for  Ladies'  and    Misses' 

Tailored  Suits,  Cloaks,  Skirts,  Dresses, 

Waists  and  Capes. 

in   Older  tliat   you   may  properly  locate  the 

3e  or  cord  around  your 

Tills  is  important. 
f  that  your  tape  line  is 
allowance  for  seams,  i 

observe  the  sizes  we  fur- 
nish. We  can  furnish 
only  the  sizes  we  specify 
on  the  various  pages  of 
wearing  apparel. 

for  Coat,  Cloak, 
Waist,  Dressing 
Sacque,  Etc. 

URE —  Measure 
Jill  around  body 
as  per  line 
marked  A, 
the  fullest  part 
of  bust,  under' 
neath  arms  and 
well  up  on 
shoulder     blades 

take    this    II 
ure     just     ai 
the      front, 
take  it  all  around 

S  L    E   E  V 


lire  from  armholB 
at  B  along  in?idp 

wrist  at  C  with 
arm    held 

LENGTH    0  F 
BACK— Mej 

from  back  of 
neck  at  F  down 
hack  to  w  a 
line    D 



■Remove  outside  belt 

nd  body  at 

per    line    marked 

Do   not  allow  for 

dip   front 


Measure  all  around 
body  at  hips  as 
line  marked  E.  Thia 
line  is  about  6  inches 
below  waist  line.  Be 
careful  that  t  a 
does   not  slip   up 

FRONT "length 

OF   SKIRT— Measure 

from     waist     llni 
down     the     front     of 
skirt    to     H.      T 
measurement     should 
be   taken    from   wai 
to     within     2     or 
Inches  from  the  flo 
for  ladies'  skirts,  ai 
8    to    10   inches  from 
the   floor   for   misses' 
skirts.      Do   not   take 
measure    from    w 
line   to   the   floor, 
tills   makes   the   skirt 
entirely   too   long 

OF  SKIRT— Measur 
from  waist  line  I 
down    side    of    skii 

back    of    skirt 



breast,      v 

pants  as 
the  left. 



.list      m< 

Hi   lengtl 

Slate     waist     measure    and 
leiigtli  of  Inseani. 


State  breast  measurement. 
In  addition  to  the  foregoing 
measurements     always     stat* 
height,    weight  and    ag«. 



State   breast   measure.  State  breast  measure;  also  measurement  fi-om  center  of  right 

'  '    shoulder    down    the    front    througli    crotch    and    up    the    back 
DRAWERS.  around  to  starting  point   (center  of  right  shoulder)   thus  giving 

State  waist   measure.  1    tru 

MEN'S  SOCKS— State  Size  of  Sock.. 


8',4-9        9V4-10-10i4 



Measure  your  head  as  here  illustrated  and  send  us 
in  Inches  or  compare  the  number  of  inches  your  liead 
of  hat  sizes  nnd  send  us  the  hat  size  you  wear. 

Boys'  Sizes,  6%  to  7'/e.  Men's  Sizes,  6%  to  7%. 


.  .  nber  of   inches  that 

your   hand    measures  around    at   the   knuckles  is  the  correct   size  of 
your  gloves.     ALWAYS  STATE   SIZE   AND   COLOR   WANTED. 

Sizes  for  gloves  are  as  follows: 

litted   Yarn  and   Fleece  Lined   KItf 

Gloves:    G.  GV2, 
Ladies'  Sizes  i 

7.    714.    7%,    7% 
Men's  Sizes: 

5%.  6.  6%.  6%.  6?i. 
8,  814.  8'^.  8%.  9.  9\ii.  10,  lOH. 



State  bust  measure. 

State  bust  measure. 

State  lengtli  and  style  d( 
sired  when  open  and  closed 
styles  are  quoted. 


State  all   the  measurements 

in  the  form  shown  to  the  left. 


(Cloth  or  Fur). 
State  bust  and  waist  meas- 
urements,   sleeve    length    and 
length  in  back. 

CAPES   (Cloth  or  Fur). 

State     bust     measure     and 

number  of  inches  around  neck. 


State  waist  and  hip  meas- 

iirements   !ind   length   of   skirt 

in  front  and  back.  Ladies' 
skirts  should  be  about  2  or  3 
inches  from  ground ;  misses' 
skirts  usually  8  or  10  Inches 
from  giound. 

State  bust  measure, 

State  bust   measure. 

State  bust 


State  bust    measure. 


State  length. 

State  Size   or   Bust   Measure. 


4  for  bust  32  inches. 

7  for  bust  42  inches. 

8  for  bust  44  inches. 

9  for  bust  46  and  49  inches. 

WOMEN'S  STOCKINGS— State  Size  of  Stockings. 

Size  «r  shoe 1  and  2        •        3  and  4  5  and  6 




State  age  and  whether  large 
or  small  for  age;  also  state 

>  This  Page  Must  Not  Be  Used  as  an  Order  Blank 
but  as  a  Page  for  Information  Only. 


State    age. 


.State  age. 


Head  the  scale  of  sizes  for 
each  age  on  the  dress  pages 
and   order  accordingly. 




to  6 
to  8 
to  10 

For  Ag«, 

10      to  12 

CHILDREN'S  STOCKINGS— State   Size   of  Stockings. 


Size  of  shoe 4-r,         fiT         8-9         10-U         12-13         1-2         2-3        4        5- 



Itate  nse  and  length   desired.  State  age   .f  child   and   stale  whether  h 

INFANTS'   STOCKINGS— State   Size    of  Stockings. 


INFANTS'  VESTS   AND   SHIRTS— State   Size. 


'"■"ch7c1g"o"Il*l'"'  "      Our  Grocery  Business  Grows  Tremendously.    Why?    OUR  Groceries  Are  DIFFERENT. 







1  ounce  extra  for  postage  on  orders  to  be  sent  by 



Allow  1  cent  an  ounce  extra  for  postage,  also  an  insurance  fee  of  5 
cents  for  orders  up  to    |5.00  in  value;  10  cents  for  orders  amounting  to 
$5.00  and  under    {In, 00.  and  5  cents  for  each  {5-00  In  value  for 

REGISTERED  I  I         AIIow  l  cent  an  ounce  extra  for  postage  and  10  cents  additional  for 

UAM  I  I    registration  fee. 






Read  Explanation  Below. 


send  money  to  prepay 
-     .  .    -     -  -.       ,--  r  ,  _  -        ^      nt  reaches  you.     It  is 

•llty  neeessary  to  prepay  wtten  there  is  no  agent  at  your  station. 

HOW  TO  SEND  MONEY.  The  best  anil  safest  way  to  send  money  Is  by  Postofflce  Money 
Order,  Express  Money  Order,  Bank  Draft  or  Check. 

OONOTSENDCOIN;itis  liable  to  brcik  through  the  envelope  and  be  lost.  If  absolutely 
naeossary  to  send  coin  BE  SURE  to  wrap  it  in  strong  paper  before  putting  it  in  the  envelope,  and 

men  I 

nd  by  REGISTERED    MAIL. 







R.  F.  D.  No STATE.-.. 




Bpace  bla 





Please  give  name  ol  HEAD  OF  HOUSEHOLD  to  avoid  sending  more  than  one 
catalog  to  tlie  same  family. 





IF    YOtr    DO    NOT      USE     THIS 

Measurement  Blank  for  Men's,  Women's  and  Children's  Clothing 

heet   In    the   column    where  it  laya  '  " 

d    for   them.     Then    take    your    measurements  and   give    the  Information  requiretl. 

the  other  tiie  of  thi 




r  '1 






Be  sure  to  state  suit  or 
overcoat  style  namber. 

Stand  in  your  natural 
way.  breathe  regnlarly, 
and  don't  expand  chest; - 
also  take  everything 
bullcy  otit  of  your 

Breast.  Around  body 
at  breast,  close  up  under 
anus  at  1,  snug  but  not 
tishf.  Tape  should  be 
measure-  over  shoulder  blades  at 
'  ment>.  tile  back  (measure  over 
vest  only) _ 

Waist.  All  aroand 
bo<ly  at  waist  at  *. 
Waist  line  is  .iust  above 
hip  bones.  Always  feel 
sides  for  location  of  hip 
liones  (measure  ovei 
vest  only)_ . 

Sleeve.  Take  sleeve 
measurements  with  your 
coat  on.  From  middle  of 
back  at  3  to  elbow  at  4..  . 

Sleeve.  From  middle 
of  back  at  3  to  wrist 
ioint  at  5.  giving  full 
length  of  arm 


(These  measurements 
must  be  taken  over  tke 


Bieost.  Aroand  the 
body  at  breast,  close  up 
under  arms  at  I,  snug 
but  not  tight.  Tape 
should  be  over  the 
shouMer  blades  at  b.ick 
(measure  over  vest  only) 

Waist.  All  around" 
body  at  waistat2.  Waist 
line  is  just  above  hip 
lH>ne8.  Alwaysfeelsides 
for  location  of  hip  bones 
(measure  over  vest  only) 


(Now tornai^yourvest.)    Inches 

Now  stand  erect  and 
draw  pants  well  up  in 
the  crotch. 

Waist.  All  around 
body  at  waist  over  pants 
at  6.  Waist  line  is  just 
above  hip  bones.  Always 
feel  sides  for  location  of 
hip  bones  .,. 

Inseam.  From  close 
up  in  crotch  at  7  to  heel 
seam  of  shoe  at  8 


of  gooda  oa  your  order.  WtUle  we  are  rarely  oat  of  gooda  a«dg»>d 
from  our  catalog  or  sample  books  daring  the  !>eason.  yet  it  is  better  to 
give  two  selections,  beoaase.  in  case  throagb  some  cbaace  ir«  auky  he 
out  of  goods  when  your  order  comes,  we  can  send  your  second  selection 
and  thus  avoid  delay  and  disappointment.  We  would  not  need  to  write 
yoB  to  make  another  choice. 



Catalos  N0.0I  I'list  SelecU*^ 

Catalog^  Xo.  of  Second  Seteetton. 

Give  This  InfonnatioB  When  Ordering    Men's  Sfackia- 

toshes,  Robber  Raincoats,  Oiled  Slicker  Clodung,  Dock 

or  Fur  Coats,  Leather  or  WwkiBg  Clothing. 

Breast  Measure 




Give  This  Information  When  Ordering  Boys'  Two-Piece 

or  Three-Piece  Knee   Pants  Suits  or  Overcoats,  and 

Little  Boys'  Suits  or  Overcoats. 

Is  boy  lar(e,  small  or  aTcrage  •nc  for  age  ? 

MEASUREMENT  FORM  for  Ladies'  and  Misses'  Tailored  Suits,  Cloaks,  Skirts,  Dresses  and  Mackintoshes. 

First,  tie  a  tape  or  cord  around  your  waist  in  order  that  you  may  properly  locate  the  natural 
waist  line.     This  is  important. 

Second,  be  sure  that  your  tape  line  is  accurate.  Then  measure  over  a  tight  fitting  waist  or 
blouse,  making  no  allowance  for  seams,  according  to  the  following  directions: 

Catalog  No.    and    Colo 
of  Garment 

(FFrit  choice) 

Color  . 

Catalog   No.  and   Colo 
of  Garment 
(SecoBtf  ch«ic«> 





all  around  body  as  per  line 
marked  A,  over  the  fullest 
part  of  bust,  underneath  arms 
and  nell  up  oo  the  shoulder 
bladei  at  bach.  Don't  take 
this  measure  just  across  the 
front,  but  take  it  all  arou&d 

Be  sare  to  note  the 
sizes  in  which  our  gar- 
ments are  furnished. 
Each  page  of  our  cat- 
alogs  tells  you. 

Sleeve  Length  Y"oT 

armhole  at  B  along  Inside 
sleeve  seam  to  wrist  at  C  with 
arm  held  as  shown  In  illus' 

Length  of  Back  ^° 

-     Weight 


!  all  around  body  at  waist  as  per 
e  marked  D.  Do  not  allow  for  lap 
dip  front 

Measure  fiy'^JJu^rb'o^; 

hips  as  per  line   marked  E,     This 


about  6  inches  below  waist 
line.  Be  careful  that  tape  does  not 
slip  up  or  down 


Front  Length  of  Skirt  1 

measure  from  waist  line  0  down  the 
front  of  skirt  to  H.  This  measure- 
ment should  be  taken  from  waist  to 
within  2  or  3  inches  from  the  floor  for 
ladies'  skirts,  and  8  to  10  inches 
from  the  floor  for  misses'  skirts.  Do 
not  take  measure  from  the  waist  line 
to  the  floor,  as  this  makea  the  sliirt 
entirely  too  long 

Side  Length  of  Skkt^'^Tm 

waist  line  D  down    side  of  skirt    to  I-. 

Back  Lengtli  of  Skirt  I'Tl 

tmm    waist     line      D    down    back    of 


MEOfUM  0>  Ulli 

HOW  TO  MEASURE  HAND  FOR  GLOVES,  boys-  sizes.  6H  to  ih-     men's  sizes,  6M  to  jh- 

i  shown  in  illustration   (do  not  include  thumb) 
number  of  inches  that  your  hand   tneaiurei  around   at 
the  knuckles  is  the  correct  ilze  ol  your  gtovet.    ALWAYS 

Sizes  for  gloves  are  as  follows  : 

I/ftdies'  Siies  in  Fabric.  Knittefi  Tarn  ani 

Fleece  Lined  Kid  Gloves:  6,  6H,  7,  7H.  8,  8H- 

liBdles'  Sizes  In    tTnllned   Kid   Gloves:   6, 

en.  6M,  en.  7, 7«.  th,  th.  s. 

Men-g  Sixes:     7M,  TM,  8.  8H.  8H.  8U.  9. 
»H.  10.  lOM. 



TO  MEASURE  FOR  HAT  SIZE.  J^JS^rr/J'/Ii,™.^."///?" 

head  as  above  illustrated  and 

send  tis  filhpr  this  measuretneDt  in  inches  or  compare  the  ntmiber  of 
inches  jour  head  measures  with  this  scale  of  hat  sizes  aod  send  us  the 
■  bat  size  jrou  wear. 


See  instructioni  for 
getting  the  correct  ring 
size  in  the  Jewelry  De- 
partnent  pages  of  air 
big    Geaeral    Catalog. 

Digitized  by  the  Internet  Archive 

in  2010  with  funding  from 

Lyrasis  IVIembers  and  Sloan  Foundation 





80  Feet  of  Samples/ 

Prices  BelowBealers'Costs 

'  T'ltp^fa'aWhoUllocmJbrj^TitmaDotlar/ 

rut  oat  the  Coupon  en  tbe  other  side  and  mall  this  Post  Card  today 



J8»  2 

oc  :i 




O  (/3 

On  k' 



•-"  M  B) 
•    P   -- 

_,  «  1 

5^ost  Carti 

Place   2- 
cent   stamp 



Sears.  Roebuck  and  Co. 


Bnef  Index  of  Lines  of  Merchand 





Acetylene  Gas  Plants n;, 

AKricultural  ImpIfmrnfH. .  .514 
?'?i  ^■i»'  93».  10:il-106l.  1054- 
10o7,  1088-1123,  1128-1127,  llSl- 
1144,  11,4-1180,  1184-1101,  I21I-]2I'> 


Atlilptic  Gauds. 202,  376,  S04 

'  utomoblles    

utumohilr  ClothlDS  iin<i  !„.- 
iiiMliing:N    . . . 

80-81,  121,  139.  i98,m;3i6,'321,  345 
Antoinobilp  SiiiidrleR 



Band  Instruments . . .  i  .;:;:■  .foty^ 

I  Barbers-    Supplies ^ 

■4B,  290,  485-490,  492-495,  870-874 
-■•—      lid  Football   Goods... 

I  Bathers'  Supplies . . .  . .' .' ' .' .'  202'  926 
Beds,   Mattresses,    Springs,    Pil'- 

I  n  ..  ..  •  •«<'*-6»7,    C19-G3S,    937 

''-A1'':?r»"«-'5«t?.'  Bedspreads'. 

Item  refer  to  complete  item 

Hand  Bagt,  _ 
Cream  Separata 


ions    readily 
;r»H  ;„A  c  ".,   ■■■••"•  ^"y  particular 

ized  index  on^followingpae-es.2  to  i 

Infants'    Wear '"]«,._  r 

. . ...  .91.  230-248,  844,  2S6,"  366,  377    r"!!?"    l^ootwear 394 

laees.  ISmbraidery,  Ribbons    .  "I^ofs.  ^reproof ...;.■.       '.'.lowljjj^' 

8     Cooking  and  Kitchen  Utensils.. 

I      v. ""•  1022-1030 

Hose  Supporters,  Belt 

cutters,^^w?;^'^   ^Ji^;?"* 



.  .418,  789,   1031,'  'n:u'.n44 

•. 82.5-830 

444-4B2,    4B7-470 


Draperies.  .101-104,    , 

Dranlne  Instritment 


Dress    Cioods..'.' 


Dry    GooasV.V.V. •.■.•""-«*•     ^"*-?'? 

"v!;rS'i!r„th''^i'''-^'««  ^^- 

"orKlng  Clothing  Catalog. 

i-trical  Goods. . 
420,  476,  762-783,  770-775.  I'on    1019 
mbroideries,  Fancy  Goods  and 
Needlework KJ-«o    o.  oe    „- 

iaee   Curtains;- DiapeVy*'"*"'  "'■'"'    s:"I::'  PraTorm" «•'"'  ^'•"'••«  »«30 
I-«ndrySnppjie,::;:;;:;;;;"«-«l    S;:'-;"'i;urniture ^J.i 

772.  992-9 

in...  .n,„  I  5.*'"''"*  Machines. 
,  lOl.S-1020    Shawls 

1108    Sheep    Shear 

Lumbermen's    Supplies ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  |  IkatV"'"''* 

Lightning  Rod 
Linings,  Dress 
Linoleums,  Oilcloth 

Comforters,   Quilts,   Sh, 

.29.  31-.'i2. 
457.      473-475 


50-61.      loi-io',. 

".':f._^?f''*™'    Supplies 1123 

. .771.    1052-1053 


1033,  1231 

I  Bells,    Schoolhuu 

Factory     . . . 
I  Bells,  Stock  and  Farm 

Bicycles  and   Supplies 877-888 

-  vIL'i?'-"*-.  .<^''"«  *"'  B«»<"er 
vine  Price  List.) 

ksmiths-     Tools     and     Sun- 

1040-1049.  1057.  1059,  1085-1073 

Moolis   and   Stationery; ;  [ '. '. '.  ;942-968 

Houts,   Shoes Sfi'>-^nR    at* 

Buggies  and  Surreys.V.  .    .Uol-i^jJ 



Needlework 84-89,  94-96^'97.los 

Lngines.   Gasoline,  Farm,   s?h«p       * 

Engines,  ■Gasoline,-  ;Vta-rine"**""M 
Engines,  Steam-Write  for  Prices 
laiicy  Goods.  Art  Needle  Work 

Farm  and  -barden  TooV^S^f 5 AV"' 

1033-1041.   1054-1057,  1231-1232  |  MolVrc'^cTes 

6S7-0S4  I 

„„■.::■■■•. 91.  210 1 

ng    Machines 518  1 

352-308,  924  f 

58.    72-78.    92-93  1 

.ILisons    and  Bricklayers'  Tools  Sl>ra.vlng    Apparatus 889-941  I 

*''^^'^^'^'-- ■  ■  —  •  •°°''  "'"K'^ing-Maierir  •    'V'^']S?  ! 

i6!!M,ti'o*ii  Jlii.i»f>-  A'S''-,o,.  st'C!4"s°"^ •  •„  ■  •  "^"-"'^ 

Fencing  Wire 1118-1183:  ii«J 

Fencing,    Wrought    Steel 
Flreless    Cookers 

fIooI-"!'!?'"*-''''' »-«-»■■"''  936-937' 

Foun tain  Pens; -Cheap ;:.■.-; "5? 

Fountain  ** "'    .^^■••- »»i 


and     Chil- 


Builders'    Hard 

Bulldln.:   M  •;  •  ■.■»060-io'53;    116811169 
Bill  ding  Materials.    Mill    Work, 

Bu^JLer's'    4';.;;    i'"'^""*^-   ISM-l'SaO     «Ioves,  Mitt, 

MB      inoQ      ?£.'!'■* ^SO,  806-  <;rocerics 

866,     1023.     1028.     1030,     1112,     1810 
Cameras   and    Photo    Supplies.. 

739-781,   939 

s  and  Supplies 

rpcts  and  -Rugs,-..-.-.'.-;. . .  422-443 
peinent  Block   Machines,   Molds 
and    Cement    Workers'   Tools. 

r-KiVi'  '"■,•■.". 1056,  1160-1161 

Children's   Ileadwear. .  .  112,   lie 

Cl.r^''  *^*-  -t"-''^'-  ^''  305,' 310.  339 
<    -Ina.   Crockery.   Glassware. 399-421 

1  Inthing,   Boys'.   Youths' 

(  lothlng.  Hunting »l7-ai)i 

Clothing.  Ladies'.  Girls'  and  In- 

rants     Beady    to    Wear 142-242 

Ladies'    Made    to 

B  Made  to  Order 


1061 1  "'"ve  Repairs  for  our  Stoves— Write 
Mi1?'«^-/,"--''««rVmr^l84:„91    S^ 


_"*ems.    lombstones 1125'  '^"•**'*  '' ~-^  '* ««^,  9-5 


mming  Good 

Table  Covers  and  Linens 

jr„,,,„„,    -      ^       710-713  I  Talking   Machine's. '  Records'?^^  ill 

Musical   Instruments Telegraph    Instroiiients 

Musu'n  ■  \v:;;-  •*??.-.iI?9'.  "*:.'»»•,  W8 1  J.';.'rP_''°"'-    S^Pmies . . . 


Furniture     and      Equip- 
""■nt 656-557,  591,  600-601. 

o  t  h  1  n  g, 

Order    .... 

Clothing.  Me 

■..,-„  Pens,  High  Grade;844-846 

J'urnaces.    Hot   Air 
Furs.     Men's.     Women's 
drens— Write  for  Fu 
B°i:i""S    «""•»»•    Men's    and 
Firrniln'r-»"rW.'S  «5S-262,  322-346 
Gas    and    F'rl^'i''''V^*^'''    »"•     1130 
uas    and    Electric    Fixtures.. 420. 478 

414-416.  418-431.  858  ,       ^ 
.  138-140,  339,  344-346     Ph 
Guns.    Rifles;    Revoiiers       "«oo"i'!  I  ^.hotographic  ciod' 
Hair  Goods.  Ornaments.. 

..128-129,  I.S6-137,  491,  8.'i4'-'8'3'B'   »v, 

HSn:,"'B'*gs  's^'"'^^  •  •    •«««•  'i^«-'" 
nana    Ba^s,    Shopping    Bags, 

Hand^klrchicfs;;;;;;.'  ■  •  -^itTB  .S 

«»"l»arc   864-8'7i!'i«'if.i^8'? 

Harness,   Saddles,  Horse  Cover, 
Lap  Babes.  Saddlery  and  Sta- 

11^.       ^''"P"'"' .618.    1214-1237 

Hats.   Caps.   Men's   and    Boys' 

Hav-'i'o-„-r«"^'    "'"''   ^"^^    ^»»'    339-343 

Heating    P'l  ". ^''^°-  "37.  1105 

Wat--    X?."i"'..»'«"™.      "ot 

Wear,     Ladies',     GiVls'    ""'i  Teleicopes    ~'.    ""'" ii-'H 

203-213,    828-229;     ._. 

94-96.    13.1,    334-335 1  Thermometers; 

..^7-100,   843|2;iL'''  '"'"or  and   Wall 

1019-1030,   1022; '1027-1031 


Opt*  c-aTJioS"*"*'  '"^^-'S^'./oiO-'lOU  I  3:«."'".»i:'"-''  M" 

.1)45  1 

*n.  1021,  1024-J02«I 
---ments 1125  I 

g::  ^rvWrnish;s;'^i^?^- fr^^^=;.^--;"-":«jft^ 

p"fes''.°.''..'^'"'"'""'«"'«    «"■•:  ..JjrTs's-  ''"*"""«  Bags.':::.'3M-l;,' 
lionographs,'  Rec-ords.- ! ! ! '  -wH??    I'lnbrellas    ;;;  ' :.' "0-51, 

.889-909  I  Pianos  and  Organs" 


I  Pipes,    Smokii 
I  I'lans, 

nbing  Suppiii 

'r.  Warm  Air '   iifii.fioo 

Clipping   Machines;   .      .5?! 

1034,    1081 

250-868,  396 


Clothing,   Men's    Ready- Made 

Cliihiig,'  -Mcn's-Wo'rkVnT'    "''"'" 
289-290,    316-318,    320-321 

Hospital    and    Hotel  -  Sii^p-ius. . 

•*'•   '"-^l:;,   46-47,   399,   622-835 

'"-°  -"•■   "-    -  .  ..1115 

"■ds 733-738,  „    _, 

..739-761,  939    '■"•e'"»*ar,  Knit 244 

714-731    l^nderwear.   Muslin,    Petticoats 

406       Aprons,  House  Dresses   n'nm 

940-941        *n'8.    Girls',    Infants' 

.  .  .  .1146-1147         202-221,    228-229;  -230-242 

,,,._,,• vacuum  Cleaners.  ..  ,no. 

Portable -kous-es  ."""'"*'   "^^'J^^    Vehicles.    Buggies,    Wagon    -'' 

Post  Card  Projectors. ; ; ; '. '. '. '.  7^2:763    v»'i' '  ."  '.i  ';, 1192-1212 

Poultry  Raisers'  Supplies  v*^!*  'f  "'"'  Velveteens ,„ 

p  *8«'   615,  1032-1033,'^1114-luii;   1120    ?'•"'-">„  «»'"ls 5i4-5 n 

Pumps     1174-1180   "?^"°'''    Business,    Farm    and 

Pyrography    6?3        Spring . . .    .m9^io,2 

Raincoats,  Ladies',  Girls'.  ;;i89.  igs    "'»«•">».    Toy "  hit 

286-287.  319-321    Wagon    and    Carriage    Hard! 
—  ,„    T.        .     —        ware   .... 
nail  Paper 


Men     .^ 

Young  Men's,  Boys 

I   Shaving  .Supplies 

*"'  298    485-490,  492-495,  870-874 

bators  and  Broode 

Records,    Phonograph 7,34-7.<i« 

RibS"*.*""' ""'  Chests.  ::6-;t6?6 

Road  Graders/  Sc'ra'pers .'  '.'. 11?? 

^'""^"'^ 636.    1152.    i'lMluM 

TO  FIND  WHAT  YOU  WANT  TO  RITV       f  n 

Index  above  or  to  Itemized  ^17J^  ^^^-  ^'^^'^''  '«  Br  ef 

USE   OUR   OrS   BLANK   Tp^v^r^'Tr' i°  ^«- 

WA'^^^.^i^ys^in^g^FAoE^,^   WAY  What  you 

each   article,   the  Vke    a,  d   aKo   ti;/   •    "*'''i°^   ""'"'^er   of 
those  are  necessary  *''^   "^'^   and   color,   where 

money  in  the  form  of  a  nn^tr^ffil  ^  Proper  amount  of 
can  buy  at  the  poTtoffice  r^r  ..  "  """'"^y  °"^"'  -"-hich  you 
you  canbuy  from  any  express  a^e.^J'?"  T",'^  "l"^"'  ^^ich 
huy  at  any  bank,  or  you  "^an  om  I,;.  *  drat,  which  you  can 
and  take  it  to  the  posToffi  "and  e  I  '"°"'^^  "'"^'f  '"  ^  '<^"" 
want  him  to  resister  itTo  L  f  ^u"'  P^-^fmaster  that  you 
Do'no  "f  J/  t^°"  .':,r!::\'^'iecking  acco'unt 

2c  TO   12c   ITEMS  ARE  ON    PAGES  19  To" 




Washing   Machines iuis-1.117 

Matches  and   Chains...  776  gJJ 

Water  Supply  Ontflts... 

iri-  -.  ' '.;.      "'«-»!'•  1178-1179.  1189 

W  n'lUw   SI*",?   ''"'"'* 1116-1117 

Wire  Fencing i-|'l-8'-li22,  il-l 

«  ood   Working  Machinery  ... 

„,   , 1059,    1061, 

"  ringers.  Clothes 

b';  a  m^n^ey'ordtrTt^h^eVVs  oX-:''^^^^^  ^"?  ^^  "^^  - 

^'V^N-'nE^fFpTrC^f  ^""^  "  '"  '  '1 

of  orders  everv  rut  ftJi        '^^^^^-     We   receive   hundreds 

sent  away  orders  fo"^-  Joods''"'^''  '"'  °'''  "'"  "*=""  '"=f°- 
all   kinds   of   orders  ^  ^'^  accustomed  to  handling 

I  'XNGuIcf'^  W  ^^     ^°U^     OWN     WAY,     IN     ANY 
DoiKo'^rPy^if  y"^:  t'hTnk  ^o^r' wrV  "''•^  ''''''  ^"  'anguagel 

,  ^^^^^HElE^sT^f^^i^^^Jg^^-l^?^  when   ^wTtin^ryou7"o  L?'-"'"''''^'  '-''■ 

,a.s.  you  ...1  „„.o„......  .n^^tyrrf°rX^7o^°^y?J^.P.^?IRE.  such  .V-^li^^^i^dd^,r~S^r^,,^^^ 

^•"*  U»  When  You  Come  to  Chicago' 

^^'"s.^''?-chT°"  '^'^'•^"ff''  Our  Buildings. 




^...o --  7„Y.  h_  ,,  p  name  or  names  it  most  coinmonl; 

?.-"„«?,  fi;Sr"n,rv  f,rf^n?,'d^:n*i'e'fiu?f.  ^ene^a.  heading,  a.    ••Re,,au.       or      lools.      or^  --XJ^^..'uXtonna  iu 

you  call  them,  may  be  fo\v 
line  of  goods  with  "-''■'-  ' 

.McU  they  are  eouia^.Tas^c-Ttedrfore.ample   to  find  a  repair  part  for  Harnj. 
demand  which  we  show  only  in  special  catalogs 

ABC   Blocks 45? 

ABC  Plates.  Tin..  21 
Abdominal  Bands, 

Infants     2.i9.   iii 

Abdominal.    Support- 

Abdomiiiii'  Support- 

ers.   Maternity. .235.  508 
Absorbent  Cotton ....  507 

Accordions    698-700 

Accouchement  Ban  as — 

Write  for  Baby  Book. 
Accounting.  Books  on  048 
Acetic  Acid.........  '00 

Acetylene  Gas  Plnnt»l"S 

Acids   t'9.    I6» 

Acid  Hypo  ...■•■•  ■,•  HI 
Adienture.  Books  of.  953 
Adzos,  Carpenters  ...lll8.i 
Adze   Eye   Hammers.  ^^^^ 

AdJe   Eye   Hoee   and 

Handles  .  ;. If?  ' 

Adze    BJ'e„P>';'"----JS»;; 

Adze   Handles. 108. 

Aerators.  Mil*. . .  ■ .  .WJl 
Aeronautics.  Books  on  9jO 

Afelians 10^.     "1 

Agate    B""°Jf-23;-25.26 
Aeate    Rod     Guides, 

*itirp.   n - 



53S;  939.  1031-1051, 

1054-1057.         1088- 

1123,      1126  -1127. 

1131-1144.         11.74- 

1180.       1184  • 


.\nnunciator  Vlre...  771 
Ant    Extenr.t'.ators . .   48^ 

Anthem  Books JIO 

Antl-Oxldlzeis    ii7 

Anliphlogistme. . .  ■■■\\" 
Anti-Rattlers.  Shaft. 1013 

Antiseptics "-' 

Antiseptic    Diapers..  2« 
Antiseptic   Diaper 

Cloth    53 

Antiseptic  Gauze.^.^.^.,.^^ 

Antiseptic  Soaps. ^ ...  485 



rs.  Blacksinlths* 

Anvils.  Light  Cast 

Iron    '"" 

Anvil  Saw  Sets 108() 

Anvil  Tools....  1065,  1073 
Appendicitis  Support- 

ApDle  CoVe'rs.'Parers. 

sllcers    10^8 

Ai'pHQue  Trimming..  92 
Anin-is.    Bath     (Nursery) 

—  Write  for  BivbS  Book. 
All'  oo  -,  ulacksmithsMOlS 
Aprons.  Butchers'...  290 
Aprons,  Children  s.27.  228 
Aprons,  Ladles' .  .214-215 
Aprons,  Mechanics'.  1078 
Aprons.  Men's  White 

.\prons,  iiili  Work.. 1151 
Aprons,     Nurses'     Rubber 
—Write  for  Baby  Book. 
Aprons,  Photogra- 




Agricultural       Implement 

Repairs,  David  Bradley 

—Read  Instructions  on 

Page   1088. 

Air   Cocks i;;HS? 

Air     Cushions 505-50b 

Air    niters 763,1056 

Air  Billes ■■   905 

Air  Rifle  Darts.  Slugs   905 

Air  Torpedoes 498 

Air  Valves 1183 

Airships,   Books  on 
Airships,    Toy . . . 
Airtight  Heaters 

Athletic  Supporters.^.    ^^^ 

Atlases    .,.•••  M* 

Atomizers,  Medicinal.  500 
Attachments,    Sewhig 

M.ichine  684 

Attachments,  Talking 

Machine  738 

Auditing.  Books  on..  948 
Auditorium  Chairs— Write 
for     School     Furniture 
Augers,    Boring   Ma- 
chine   \1l% 

Augers.  Hollow 1078 

Augers,  Nut..... 1078 

Augers.  Post  Hole...  1036 
Augers,  Well  Borlng.1170 
Auger     Bits. ...  1078- 

1079.    lOBI,    1083. 
Auger  Bita  and  Chisel 

Sets    ,■■••!,  ■* 

Auger  Bits,  Boring  Ma- 
chine—Write for  Ma- 
chinery Catalog. 

Auger  Bit  Files 1057 

Auger  Handles 10.8 

Autograph  Albums...  958 

Autoharps  696 

Autoharp  SuppUes . .  696 
Automatic    Buttons..     98 

Automatic  Injectors.  1169 
Autoiii.Uc  Tif 
Automatic  t'-'- 
Automatic  i; 
Automatic  Sell 


...  607 

tors. 1062 

Aprons,  Storm. 1047,  1193 
.\prons.  Waterproof. 1047 
Apron   Bibs,   Rubber.  242 

Arch  Props 483 

Architects'    Instru- 
ments   and    Sup- 





769,  1079 
Rods — Write 
Surreylng    Instru- 
ment Catalog. 
Architects'     Bu'es 

and  Scales... 765.   1087 
Architectural    Books.  951 

Arctics    395-398 

ArcUcs.  Children's- Write 
for  Baby  Book. 

Arctic    Socks 397 

Arithmetic,  Books  on.   94S 
Arithmetic  Charts— Write 






Automobiles.   Toy 

Automobile  Bonnets.  ^^^ 

AuVomobilV  i5ooks.95'0-951 

Automobile    Caps 315 

Automobile   Coats. 
Dusters,  Raincoa* 


Babbitt  Metal 1061 

Babies'    Bands.. 2"" 
Babies'    Baskets . 
Babies'     Baskets, 
ing— Write     [01 
Bock.  „^. 

Babies'  Bath  Tubs— Write 
for   Baby   Book. 

Babies'    Beds 630-631 

Babies'    Bedspreads..  474 

Babies'    Bibs 242 

Babies'   Birth  An- 

ni'uncements    50- 

Babies'   Birthday 

Spoons     85d 

Babies'     Blankets 4(4 

Babies'   Blankets,   Bath- 
Write  for  Baby  Book. 
Babies'   Bonnets.  .230-231 
Babies'   Books— Write  for 
Book   Catalog. 

Babies'    Bootees 211 

Babies'  Bracelets. 818.  84i 
Babies'  Carriages. 652-656 
Babies'    C  a  r  r  i  age 

Robes 102.    211.    474 

Babies'     Carriage    Robes. 
Pocket  Style— Write  for 
Baby  Book. 
Babies'     Chairs    and 

Rockers      556 

Babies'    Cloaks ...  232-233 
Eabiea'    Closet   Seat.  1166 
Babies'     Clothes     Drying 
Frames — Writefor  Baby 
Book.  ^  _ 

Babies'   Clothes  Pat- 

Bags    Babies'    Sleep-  ,„    ^-^'J ''^^^Jr  ".i ! !  I  ::i5'4 

'"'    Hand  Saw   Blades ...  1068 

Band     Saw    Brazing 

Bags.    Bass    Viol 6i>6 

Bags,    Bathing   Suit.   202 

Bags,    Breeders' 517 

Bags,    Broom    (Dust- 
less  Duster... 494,   1020 

Bags.    Carry- All 919 

Bags,     'Cello 696 

Bags,    Changing 755 

Bags.    Chatelaine 

134-135.    833 

Bags,  Clothes  Pin...  1020 

Bags.    Cooking.  Paper  952 

Bags.   Diaper        "'"    '""' 

Bags.   Drum. 

Bags,    Feed . . 



.242.  507 
.  70S 

Baskets,    Babies' . 

102.    134-135,    833 

Bags.  Masons'  Tool.. 1056 
Hags,   Mesh,   SUver..   833 

Bags,    Music 710 

Bags,    Punching 921 

Bags.    Saddle— Write    tor 

Write  tor  Machinery 

Band   Saw   Sets 1080 

Band  Triimulng.82-83.  92 
Bandages,  Elastic...  508 
Bandages,  Gauze.481.  507 
Bandages.    Surgeons' 

Rubber   ooo 

Bandage   Cloth 30 

Bandanna    Handker- 
chiefs      333 

Bandeaux,  Hair.137,  834 

Barlos    695 

r.aino    Cases 695 

Banjo    Fittings.. 692,    695 

Banjo  Heads 709 

Banjo    Instruction 

Books,   Folios. 710.    712 
Banju   Mandolins.... 
Banjo       Mandolin 

.315,  321 

Albatross  -J^^'JS 

Albums,  Autograph..  958 
Albums,  Photograph.  761 
Albums,  Post  Card..  ^^^ 

Alcohoi.  Denatured 
Alcohol     Cups, 

Alcohol  Lamps.  Jew- 
Alcohol  Lanilis.  jpiumbing 
— Write    for    Plumbing 

Alcohol  Stoves  • 10Z6 

Alfalfa      Cultivators, 

Renovators    If" 

Alfalfa    Forks....... 1037 

Algebra,  Books  of..  948 
Alligator    Wrenches. .^^_^ 

Aliov'e'r  'Embroldery.86-87 
Allover    Laces.......     8.i 

Almond    an  d    Ben- 

zoin    Lotion 487 

Almond     Dishes.  .412-413 

Alpaca  Coats ^l^'Ji' 

Altar   Service -857 

Altitude    Gauges  — Writ( 

tor  Heating  Catalog. 
Alto   Horns.. 702-':03.    jOI 


"onslis    - 

Aluminum     Drlnkhig 

Cups      ;  •  •    »^'' 

Aluminum   Enamel.. 

636.    550.    888 

Aluminum     Letters 

and     Figures...... 1062 

Aluminum    Paint....  636 

Aluminum  Powder..  637 
Aluminum  Spoons...  865 
Amber   Necklaces 

'.'.'.'.'.'.'.   772 


Arms.    Telepht 

Ami  Bandages.  Elas- 


..   771 

Arm   Shields 99 

Arinure     Tapestry —  460 

Army  Lecginga 396 

Arnica.    Tincture 478 

Anilca   Salve 478 

Arsenate  of  Lead 484 

Art     DrapeiT    Mate- 

Babies'    Clothing. .91. 

Babies'     Cribs 630-631 

Bags,    Shopping..... 

102.  134-135.  833 

Bags,  Silver  Mesh...  833 
Bags,  Sleeping,  Baby  241 
Sp  ong -    ~ 

Bags,  Striking,  Plat- 
forms and  Attach- 
ments    921 

Bags,  Tobacco 135 

Bags,  Tool 1056 

Bags.    Tool,     Bicycle 


Banjo  Tuners 695 

Banjorines    694 

Baniorine  Cases 694 

Bags.  Tool,  Plumbing — 
Wrtte  tor  Plumbing 

Bags,  Traveling 351 


Babies'   Dress  Patterns- 
Write  fur  Baby  Book. 
Babies'     Dress     "  ' 

Bags,  UtlUty 5U7 

Bags,  Water  Caoling.  919 

.adie3'...198.  200-201 
Automobile    Engines, 

Books  on 350-951 

Automobile  Garages. 1153 
Automobile      Gloves, 

Ladles'    130 

Automobile      Gloves, 

Men's   345 

Automobile    Goggles.  -763 

Automobile   Heaters . 

Automobile  Hoods. .. 

91.  121.  202 

Automobile  L  u  bri- 

Automobile  Polish... 

511,    550 

Automobile    Robe8^^.l236 

Bag  Puncliing  Rules.  921 
\Srs::'r.,;:r,  2421  Bag  see* 

Babies'    Embroidery  86-87 

Panels    481 

Banquet    Lamps 419 

Baptismal    Bowls 857 

Bars,    Embroidered..     92 

Bars,    Handle 887 

Bars,    Pinch 1086 

Bars,    Sway 1015 

Bars,  Towel... 1027,  1168 
Bars.  Wrecking.1038.  1086 

Bar  Iron 1048 

Bar  Lead 912 

Barathea  Serge 63 

Barbed  Wire 1122 

Barbers'    Bottles 873 

Barbers*     Brushes, 

Hair    492-493 

Barbers'   Brushes, 

Shaving   873 

Barbers'    Coatr 


„., , SOT  I 

Baskets,  Basket  Ball  92S| 
Baskets.    Bo  nil  on. 
Bread,  Cake.  Sugar, 
Etc... 411-112,    851-8581 

Baskets.  Clothes 10201 

Baskets.    Fish SSJT 

Basket^.  Fruit  Silver.  8S« 
Baskets.    Galvanized.  102a 

Baskets.    Infants' 50B 

Baskets.  Sewing.. 512,  8>(| 
Baskets.  Waste.. 481.  Sfi^ 
Basket  Ball  Goods. 

Bass    Drums 703 

Bass      Drum      Bags, 

Bass  lloiris.' .'762-703,  705 
Bass    Strings. 

Bass   VIolt 694 

Bass   Viol   Bags 

Bass  Viol  Fittings.. 
Bass  Viol  Folios. 7 10, 
Basstaettes  —  Write     fori 

Baby  Book. 

Bastard   FUes -•;■ 

Basting  Spoons.  1024-1025 

Baths.    FUlng t.'ii 

Baths,    Shower 1168 

Bath     Aprons,     Blankets 

(Nursery I  —  Write    for 

Baljy  Book. 

Bath   Brushes 4* 

Bath  Cabinets 511 

Babies-    tmoroiuer,  ou-o.    ~=    -     -    r„..()b— Wrtte   Barbers'    Coats z-Ji' 

B-^^'l.-P,""?;.  J°r„"k^    ''"f^or' Toy  ?rit   ^'''     Barbers;    Combs,., ..  492 

for  Mill  Work  Catalog. 

Art  Linens 44,   101 

Art    Needlework. ..97-105 
Art     Scrim. ..101.  459,  462 

Art   Stencils 101 

Art    Tile 1145 

Artificial  Bait.... 931-933 

Artlfldai  LeaUier 1045 





Veils ^.90-91.  202 


Automobile  Shirts, 
OUed  Slicker 321 

Automobile  S  D  a  r  K 
Plugs     773 

Automobile  Sponges 
and  Chamois  Skins 

•Write  for  Baby  Book, 

Babies'     Food 479 

Babies'  Hammocks. .  92o 
Babies'  Hoods. .  .230-231 
Babies'  Hood  Capes.  241 
Babies'   Jewelry   Out' 



Baits,  Artificial  Fish. 

Bait' iSoses'.' .'.'.'.' 933 

Bait  Oil.   Fish 931 

Bake  Dishes,   Silver. 

.854.  856 

Baked  Bean  Pots. 

Babies'    Jumpers 
Babies'  Knitted   Vests  214 

Babies'    Lockets 813 

Babies'  Marguerites.  241 
Babies'  Milk  Bottles.  506 
Babies'     Mittens  —  Write 

for    Baby    Book. 
B.ibles'    Moccasins- 
Babies' Necklaces.  813,  841 
Babies'      Nursery 

Chairs    oJO 

Babies'    Pacifiers 506 

Babies'  Pants 242 

Babies'  Pins,  Gold.. 

836,    841-842 

Babies'  Plates- Write  for 

Toy  Catalog. 
Babies'  Rattles 
Babies'    Rings 

854,  856 

Bakery   Goods— Write   for 

Grocery   Cataiot 
Baking  Dishes.416.854.856 
Baking  Pans. . .1023-1027 
Baking  Pans.  Earth- 

„ Hair    cup- 
pers.  Springs S74 

Barbers'  Jackets 290 





Ammunition  ...909-912 
Ammunition  Belts...  918 
Ammunition  Cases..  918 
Anastigmat    Lenses..  751 

Anchors,  Decoy 915 

Anchors,       Embroid- 
ered     „  3- 

Andlrons— W  rite    for 
Mantel  Catalog. 

Angle    Beading 622 

Angle  Valves 1169 

Angora  Tarn 97 

Animals,     Toy..  ..497-498 

Animal  Books 953 

Animal    ScenU......  915 

Animal    Traps. ..  .913-915 

Ankle  Boots.  Horse . .  1230 
Ankle    Braces,    Sup- 
pons.... 508.    916.    924 

Artists'  Books — Write  fo: 

Book    Catalog. 

Artists'   Brushes 545 

Artists'  Supplies ..... 

545,  764-765 

Asbestos  Cement  and  Pipe 

Covering— W  rite    for 

Heating    Catalog. 
Asbestos    Lead    Joint 

Runners    1172 

Asbestos     Lighting 

Rings- Kindlers   ..1006 
Asbestos    Stove    Lin- 
ing      1023 

Asbestos  Stove  Mats. 1023 
Asbestos  Table  Pads.  37 
Aseptic  Gauze.30,  481.507 

Ash  Pit  Doors ^051 

Ash  Trays.   China— Write 

for  Crockery  Catalog. 
Ash    Trays.    Metal... 
Asparagus   Tongs....  I 
Asphalt  Roonng.1154-1157 

Asphaltum.  Black 540 

AsplraUng     Syringes. 

Veterinary   517 

Aspirin  Tablets 480 

Asthma  Remedies...  480 
Astragals— Write  for  Mill 

Work  Catalog. 
Astronomy.  Books  on  948 
Athletics.  Books  on,  .  954 
Athletic  Chest  Pulls.  920 
AthleUc  Clothing.923-925 
Athletio  Goods 




Babies'  Rubber  Coat- 

ed Aprons.  Squares  242 

Babies'    Sacques..24C  "' 
Babies'   Safety  Pins, 
Babies"   Shawls...... 

Babies'  Shoes.... 365,  377 

Babies'    Skirts 239 

Baking   Supplies —  Write 
for  Grocery  Catalog. 

Balances,  Sash ,-1052' 

Balances,  Watch....  777 
Balance  Scales. 934.  1030 
Balers,  Hay 1105 

''^"\.^'"..*'"88?;    916 

Balis,  'Baseball 923 

Balls.    Basket 925 

Balls.  Football 924 

Balls,  Indoor 923 

Balls,   Lawn  Tennis.  920 

Balls,   Oi 1033 

Balls,  Picnic 923 


46,     290,     485-490, 

492-493,     505,     870-874 

Barbers'    Shears 874 

Barbers'    Sprays 50r. 

Barbers'  Towels ^46 

Barbers'   Tweezers 
Bareg'e  Veiling. . . 

Barley  Forks 1037 

Bams — Write   for  Plans. 
Bam    Battens — Write   for 

Mill  Work  Catalog. 

Bam   Door  Bolts 1051 

Bam   Door  Hangers.  1051 
Bam    Door    Latches 


Bath   Cabinet   Stools  511 

Bath  Cloths 45,   24i 

Bath    Cocks •.••ll" 

Bath  Mats 45,  42! 

Bath  Mitts 45 

Bath     Robes,     Ladles  — 

Write  for  Prices. 
Bath  Robes,  Men's. .  33» 

Bath   Rugs 45,   429 

Bath   Sponges.      ""     " 
Bath   Sprays. 

Bath   Supply  .., J, 

Bath   Towels 4 

Bath   Toweling 41 

Bath   Tubs .M* 

Bath  Tubs,  Babies'  Fold- 
ing-Write    '-^     "- 
Book.  ,„j 

Bath  Tubs.  Folding.  M 

Bath  Tubs.   Foot 10* 

Bath  Tub  Enamel...  55 

Bath  Tub  Seats U6I 

Bath     Waste     and      . 

Overflow    117 

Bath  Tokes.   Shower.116 
Bathing  Supplies, 
Men's,   Boys'.  Wo- 
men's.   Girls'. 202, 
Bathroom   Cabtaets.. 
Bathroom  Furnishings 
45.  429.   505,   597.    1 

Bathroom  Outflts : 

Batiste   56,  67,  f 

Batons 70 

Bats,    BasoSaU.    In- 

Batts.    Comforter 

Battens- Write    for    MI 

Work  Catalog. 
Battenberj  Braids... 
Battenberg       Center- 

pieces 10 

Battenberg  Curtains. 

Speedometers.  Tanks. 
Tires,  Tools.  Wind 
Shields  and  Other  Au- 
tomobile Supplies  (See 
Automobile  Supplies 
Catalog  announcement 
on   page  875). 

AulomobileTool  Kits, 
Tools..  1057.   1007.  1071 

Automobile    Top 
Dressing    -^Mr'SO 

Automobile  Wrenches.  1057 

Aviation     Caps, 
Ladles',  Girls'  —  Write 
for  Prices. 

Awls  and  AwlBlades, 
Harness    Makers'.  .1231 

Awls    Scratch.  1078,    1083 

iSr'H?nS"^ — 


Balls,  Rubber  Bibb..  1108 
Balls,  Rubber  Hand.  923 
Balls,  Rubber  Toy...  600 
Balls.  Tea,  Wire. ...1027 
Ball  Cocks— Write  for 

- —      .      .      „  I     Plumbing  Catalog. 

Babies'  Sleepmg  Gar-  „  ^  p  |  nammers.1069 
ments  .and  Bag3.240-241    g>;}  Trimming ,92 

Bam   Door  Track... lOoI 
Bam  Outflts,  Hay ...  1037 

Barn    Paints 532-533 

Bam     Plans— Write 

Barn  Sash 



Awning  Pulleys 
Axes.    Bench. 


Babies'  Stockings ... 

Babies    Straps 507 

Babies'    Sweaters J1" 

Babies'  Syringes 500 

Babies'  Teething 

fia'iikl   unt    Balusters,    stair 1151 

?ii  '"i^l    Banana  Liquid..,..,  537 



„„ Broad 1054 

Axes.  Hunters'.. 919,  1054 
Axel.  Woodchoppors'.l054 

Ax    Handle; 


Ax     Wedges .;j-125i 

Axles,    Vehicle.  1045,  1048 
Axle    Blocks  —  Wrtte   for 

Black.sralths"  Catalog, 
Axle   Clips 





iVxle  Washers 1043 

„  „ ,  Abdominal, 

Babies'    239,    244 

Bands,      Accouchement- 
Write  for  Baby   Book. 

Bands.   Arm 99 

Bands,    Bicycle    "rlre 




Barrel   Carts 1111 


Battenberg  Patterns. 
Battenberg     P  I  a  D  o 

anil  Mantel  Scarfs. 
Battenberg  Pillow 


Battenberg    Rings. 

SS'el    "c"h';Sns;:;::;153i    BaUenberi     Tabl 

Barrel   Chum   Power 


Barrettek  ...137,  831-835 
Barrows,   Wheel 1039 

Bases,     Baseball  - 

ted  a«2 

Babies*   Underwear.. 

236-239,  244 

Babies'  Veils 91,  241 

Babies'  Vests........   214 

Babies'  Walkers. 556,  925 
Babies'  Wash  Cloths.  242 
Babies'  Wrappers. 240-241 
Baby  Bumps.  (Dolls)  501 
Baby  Flannel 59-60 

''^''^^.'8"l6:837,"  841-842 

Baby  Ribbon 

Bachelor  Buttons....  98 
Baclra.    Buggy..  1046-1047 

Invalids'  Chair  Catalog. 

Back    Saws 1086 

Back    Straps 12.J7 

Backgammon  Boards  49? 
Backgrounds.  Photo.  .56 
Bacon,    Breakfast — Write 

for  Grocery  Catalog 

nds.    Hat 342-343 

lauds.      Hat     Trim- 
ming  107-109.^_ll!i 

Bands,  Poultry  Leg..  1032 

Bands.   Puncture 88S 

Bands,   Rubber,- 956 

Bands,    Tire   Ptotec- 

tion ■  •   883 

Band  Folios 709.   .12 

Band  lnstrumeats.702-709 
B  a  n  .1       Instrument 

FlttinKS    7  — 

Band  Instrument  I 

struction  Books.. 
Band  Instrument  Oil  705 
B I       ■      -    -   — • 


-  Write 
Baseball    Uniform 
Sample  Book. 

Sase  Board  and 
Blocks    1151 

Base    Burners 994 

Base  Knobs 1052 

Base  Trimmers,   Pa- 
perhangers'     542 

BasebaU  Coals— Write  for 
Baseball  Uniform  Sam- 
ple Book. 

Baseball  Goods      922-923 

Baseball   Rules ,  . 

Baseball  Scere  Book. 

Baseball  Shoes 

Baseball    Uniform'.. 

Baseball      Unlfonns, 

417.  1021.  1024-1026 

Basin     raamps,     Trapf- 

Write  for  Plumbing 

Catalog.  ,,,. 

Basin    Cocks lioo 

Batlerles,     Electric. 

T71-773.  9 
Batteries.       F  I  a  s  1 


Batteries.    Medical. _^ 
Batteries,  Storage— wn 

for   Auto   Supply   Cl 

Battery  Connecters. 
Battery  Switches. 


Beads.     Gold... I 

Beads.    Kindergarten  1 
Beads.    Prayer. .  .858,  1 

133,    813, 

Bead  Outflts .... 

Bead  Work  Needles. 
Beaded  Hand  Bags. 
Beadcrs.     Tape    and 

Ribbon     .......... 

Beadlncs    (MoldlniiSl 
Beadl.«,Eiabrolder  J .  85 
Beading,  Lace.. 
Beams.     Scale. . 
Beam  Ceilings— WriU 

MUl    Work    Catalog 
Bean»— Write     f 
~     alog. 

For  General  Information,   fSsTAGE.EXPREssAND  freight  rates. 

.^^i'SSVii    See  Pages  17  and  18. 

&£:•••■•"»;  is  |F""":::"?er'lS^'r.°"^„„|iSlV"» 6S4|b„.  screw,    oeuo 

Bearskin     Cloih:::::   ^1r'"'^^^te•V„V„•^„„JBIickamlths•■•D;VI•i'"M,^,"S^^^^^^  ."1     Bow    S^lZl]    vffi 

SS^^.^^^'    teL^uJ.b,e;;:;{}Jf --e-:^S 

Screws,    VIoIId!  690 

Sockets,    BuketHH? 

Bow    Tips.     Violin^  690 

S?"!*"'    Steak,  23-i>4.  933    Benders      Pine 
J!caters._    TrtiUigle.,.   7U7|BendeS    Tire 

1172    Blacksmiths'     Pc 

«„»  I  Bowie   Knlvea... 
?2t|Bowls.    Baptismal:;.' 

1025     Bowls,    flilna" 

1068    BoUers.'    Milk'.' 

£°.:^'>     ^hopp 

M7.  410-11.5 
__^Pin8..25.  28 
isDameled. . . 

'in....-,    ..„  |B"'ta    KetUei.    'En-  °^'r'a"5'S.'.'i'LJ°»"         l^'i^"':'-    Steam   'Eiii^J!!     SSS      ?'--?-'?.""•""'■' 


Saddles.  I2I9.  1221  f 

Scroll   S  i 

Boyi     _„ 

Foot  Power. 
Boys'  Slllrts... 
Bojs'   Shoes  and  Oi- 


'  11  1  ! 

.360.    363 


"»    228.  338 

8  Stocklhg; 

Bolsters  mrg 

Brick   Liners...      .••'sjl 
Brlc^k  Machines.  Con- 

Write  for 

Crete   .... 
Bri»k  Manteli 

Mantel  Cat^.u.. 
Bricklayers'   Tools.. 

Br:ickl„VinV.-Bo„'k''s'f-  '^'» 

Betis... 604-607.   619. 

"melcii   1024-1025 

Write   for   Prices. 


So.«uspe„S^-i|    SP--^^??5 
Bo^sl^Sweater^Wriiefo?  I  §S!  SrS,?"  '  •'""??? 

Berr,gets...4ro;  5;5:3i5^  SK 

Compound. ..   550 

Tool     Sets— Write 

Be'd"'  B.'^„\'°."  •  •  ■  ■  i^i'illS    B"-^!    sfd  ng-f  W^rit'e  "for    utlV^S,"'-  ^: l'   92'    !!"!«ers;  __C™ch .' .' : .' ! 'ell 

Sldl,,«-::Wrt.o-,or    Brades,""'Awl?'''B, 

j;°!!;!:»-„^S?°'>iii2.'iq«  '"""* 


1      <;;      Fast^erS    Bibbs.    PlimbW''--,,Hii'^'!«»-  B"ck  Saw 
rWnte  for  Baby  Book.  I  Bibb  •8eS''g^'Sfe'r;;  :1}?|   ZUl;  ^B^iftc""" 


Bed   rouehes.621    641-643'.Y  ••.•  '"■*'"       «»" 
Bed     M.nresse..-.'"""    K  &'=   2""il^;.L:  945    Blade,, 

Bible  Stories.    Books 

0,5  I  „,'>-f5'l">le  Saw 1084 

Sun        '   S''3^''„9°P'"«  Saw.  1085 
B?;  ««!>    S  "3^^-  ^loorScraper.lO?? 
'«/s  ifJP'"'"'-   ^^"^  Saw.. 
I  Jiicycle   Shoes      '  37^    ri^A;'  ■■,•••  •,•  •  -1061-1062 


Bed   Slats.    Steel 

Bed    Sofas 

S??    S."".'!"" 628-629 


Sin   ^"^"''  'Tacki.'.'loSO 

».l  »SJ   5"'    Purees... 

"  :"ii«  I  il^lers^'"  B.^;,d  ■  'and"''  I  ^^  ^J^oTolu. 

1^5?  gl??,"?  .CartrtdL-i, 

Bolster    stakes 1040 

Bolls,    Barn   Door. . . 
Bolts.  Barrel.  Chain. 

R.S^''"''^'''i?' J052 

rS   !■    gifrtase 1049 

Bolts.    Eye 1037 

Bolts.    Flat    Head.. '.'1049 
Bolts,   Iron 1049 

n^Ml-  ^J??  Work...:i049 
Bolts.    King    and    Lag- 
Write  for  Blacksmiths' 

Bolts,  Machine ■„, 

Bolts,    Bound    Head.  104 
Bolts.      Sink— Write 
Plumbing   Catalog. 



Glass. . 

Sugar,  "chhia 

Fruit,    Jelly.    p„. 


pine  or  Mlxlhg.   25    2S 
Bowlme    Slioes..    .     %^? 
Boies     and     Screws! 
Bo?e"s*^'Jf^'    ^'""•'Sfo     Ca^b      De^d,„29 

for  Toy  Catalog. 
Boys  Underwaists  229  245 
Boys'  Underwear. 249.'261 
Boys"    Vehicles.  "" 

Boys'  Waists „., 

Boys;  Wiilsts.  Knit..  ^,0 
Boys'  Wash  Clothing 

362-364." '309 -'Ifl'  317 

Boys'    Watches.. 778,    780 

"  "  "        Waterproof 


.1233  1 

ui.uai   wreaths no 

Bridges,  Banjo...  695 
Bridges,  Bass  Viol..  694 
Bndges.  Gtiltar..  692 
Bridges,  MandoUn..;  694 
Bridges,   VloUn..  690 

BrWBes.    Violoncello!  684 

Brtdge  Paint sqI 

»»  Pl°».  Gtiltar:  692 
orldies    1223. 159^ 


S"J  Scouts'  Clotiiiiig  305     B'''<"e   Fronts 

B""  """ ""■ '  Bridle   Reins 

n' .■...,. -"JO,    ifuo  1  Bridle    Trimmings 

Braces.  Ankle.508.  916,  024  '  =-""--•       ■^"us 
Braces.  Bit IO8O.  1083 

Bridle    Bit „., 

1216.    1232.    1235    'l*>'^7 
Bridle    Cheeks.. :.:-..ij|J 

•  1226 

•  1222 

•  1228 
63.     69 

„  Cuff 


709    D  '..^""'^•"B    ^ 
o?S   5»   s.     stove. 

Hi-dford    Cord. 

1  iasSSii.5l-s5«-«:»=^?l"«i  •■=::*-"■ 

Wall  Papers  a  mpl, 


Boies.    Fancy.  .'.Vo's  "  i,9 
Boies,     Feed...        •„,!? 


,  .{a^^"fs;'°iab^y!':  .^77"^  "^"F  ?'  «fii,-Wme"f J?  I  Boies.'  hZl' 
Blankets.  Bod  .  473  J,' I  ^B'ackjmlths'  r-'-'—  I  t>_-_°-  ^'ove 
"'ukets.    Campl'iig 



Bo«1-    ^"^' '■'■■'■■   '54 
473-475  I  Bolts.  JTlre .'f.'??io     Bolll;  °^S^e\'""^f-,?2? 

:  «o  n^L'""  'or  Harness  Cat- 

s^JJ^r"--   "2        alog 

ilSS;  Slsr-     -=:-P.or-M§"!'  ^■■■■■■■■m^l^. 

i*lrd    Tonic. . , .  rik 

tiff  A 1  .ir_..      ■  !■   ■  •      •J^'J 

■'^S"-"^ -L.^^^.^1  &,r--  =;,^^:"^:  §  !°n?-.^-»:-|^: 


"11    Sets.    L.'ue 

.,■ 102.  457 

"1  .bets,  stone- 

iS'^/o?m    'Sui'tiii::662-607 

•^^eUslde    Tables...       507 

Wwrsids.... 50-51.   457 

spreads.   Babies'.  474 
Isnreads  (Blankets 
and  Comforters)  473-475 
Bedapread  Sets... 51.   457 

Bce,Keeplny%„ok/i?'|i!;ri,>i'XSS    "    B'Kns; 'Horse: 
„,„,„,  ,     Cards  502       "if  Furnaces.  Gas- 

^ML'S'aJ'  PJ"°"  Tops  105 

Birthday    Phis... 836.  839 

.ili....:77i"l027lS,    t'fay  ^°es 824 

hurch  !:  '..nil  B"hday  Scarf  Ptas.  832 
Cow....  io4l    B  "hday    Spoons....   853 

I>lnner..413."lo'7rn''".""'  .*<""'    Gr«ham. 
r>«-_       '^*o.     lu-i         OatniflAl       F*..   iu.i.' 

Bolts.  Wmdow'spriig:  1052     Bo«i 

.1049     Boxes.     Jew'ej 



Binder  Twine- Wr'i't,  h J   Bla'nk'ets  '  'cot"'  '"'i  ???   Bolt  Cnppe; 

Braces,  Body,"shoui- 

.   708 


Braces. ......         , 

Braces.  Fence  Po'sL':]! 
Braces,  B.tchel.loso.  loss 
Braces,  Screen  Door.  1050 
Braces  (Suspenders).  336 
Braces,  Wagon  Boi.1042 
»-■-    and    Bit    Ei- 



Broad   Hatchets   and 

HajidJes  108.? 

Broadaies    'lo.'jj 

Broadax  Handles.  ...1054 
Broadcast  Seeders. ..1100 
Broadcloths  ...05,  70-71 
Brocaded  Sateens...  58 
Brocaded  Silks...  7? 

Bromide  Paper..  758 

Bromide  Paper.  Smill 


Brace   Drills „..  ^„,„  , „„.„ 

I'racelets.818-819.  840-842     Bronze  FIgu) 

. 1067.  1078  I 

Camera   . . . 
Bromo    Quinine: : 
Bromo   Seltzer... 


Bracelets.    Watch'. .    .819     Brona    

"■"-'•--    " -      '  Bronze  Powdei. 

Bronzing  Blushes'.'.: 

Ii  iSS:  ia-:'.?l?  i?iJ'?^-:::::::;;}?iHlSS^ 

Boies  it.,.  ,  "™et  800 
guxes.  Match.  Wall  ln.'7  I 
Boies.    \ti.«-         ""-^Yr' 

""y  8  —    Bonbon 

JSJ^    S™.!-'  Necktie 


isird    Calls 9i5  I  Rli;,'i,'.;' "V;  • 'i' •"^'.    939    Bolt    Washeri loJS  I  n"*"-    ■"«« 

B}rd  son_g  Restorers:  fJfr'ffi  ^n^ rSI^'^?'- I so°bors^=.'l?: ::: : :;'g^H  {ls,«^^  &.- 

ri  t( 


ket  L  _ 

Blrdseje  Diaper'c'ioih  's?  I  m"  "■"'"?,' '  917 

Birth^_Apnoi;,ceSe°S    "    §  f?!.',,?,'?!'  Horse.1231 

Brackets  _ 

^'.'1?'°'    Mm    Work 

Oatmeal.    Etc.  —  Writi 

Bleach;  Nail-.'.'.'.'.';:'  489 
nf"i'''',-„ Brushes...  644 
Blinds  (Shutters)... 
BUnds.  -Venetian- Write 
School     Furniture 

„  • .  .771.  1033  "  iossliosa   i>i'°''  .9™??'^  Catalog. 

Bells.    Drum.....        7"  I  Biscuit    Pan.? 

Easter.    Wed^ 

Electric. . . . ;;  771 

111".     pTrm   "i'n'd'"''l„  """■    ">>>■    '083.    ll70lS'i"''&„'?asc 

Bone    Carvings 491  f  Boxps    l>.^o*"  >"••.■ '*''»-'30 

Bone  China.   English  407     Boles'    Pnl^"^i?''--^''S 
Bone  Cutters....    ...1114  I  "■    Powder    Puff 


Bonnets:  ■Atit'o:9i,12T.  202  I  bS?|'    lewinf'°^^"'- '"^ 

Bonnets,     ChUdren's.  Boim    «if.  1   ^rl 512 

„ 230-231  BoiS'   ^^hSi  ^S"""-  612 

Bonnets,    Mourning..     91  t^'    ^''''^,-    Poul- 

"onnet    Brushes 494     Boi?«   'c,,'..;--.; 1' 

ooks    and     Station-  Eoim    Sh^'^o,^^'''-  596 

"a.  •^:  •  • :  •  ■.•-■  ■942-958  BoS  :  ^«'',?„°„?ja<^''tag  596 

RaU.  522 

Blinds     (Window  ™uns.  risnir 

Und  i''Hl...'.'.'.;'.V,?"^-'«6  I  S°°K    -Ma^i 

Rlln.4    »  J,      ^o^-.iOO     *>ouRS. 

Blind  Adjusters,  Win-  Books, 

Books.  Blank  Musi. 
Books,    Composition.,   sua 
Books.  FlshingTackle  933 

Jells.    Hand , 

Ciif'     "atTicss 1033 

chine— WritL  . 
UK-*  I  „  chlnery  Catalog. 

•    _*"'  1(178  .   in-TQ      -irtDi 

BUnd  Hinges  .  05' 

Blind   Pulls..  ;.';.'46i-565 

'Blocks.  _Base....;       lis  J 

"'"  Tea's, 497-498 

464  I  Books, 

Phot,    ... 
struction     753 

li'il;  l&r.r"'5J^t  Bi.T Vri'dV.' 

Is     B'rldl"'    'llli  l»83|^i°^£»'„l,?^We^l«38.  1122 
10"38L,!f''«^  '"^■.'■•»5,    1237 

Tea :.';.. 41-!  {527  §!•*■  c^te;:::;:: 

Teachers'— Write    ^"''    *<'l"lters!nk. 

pr    School     Furniture    R,;:- •„•■■•  ■..'087.    1078 

atalog.  Bits.    Drenchtag 017 

}«.    Telephone  "^ " 

Bll  Wii 
■ilows  .;;; 

!lts.  Abdominal 

--.^...v.......   ,,i|„„.-   Drlll.l06(i-10S7.1078 

Trip     Qong..l038    SP'   ElPansive.  1079, 1083 

.Turkey 1033    gits.    Gimlet 1078 

"■  Screwdriver.  .  .1067 

Ship      Auger, 

Plaster's:  482    5!I^-  Sauare  ReiimerlOB? 

1069    Bit  and  Brace  Sets. 

'•.^26    „,;••    y -.j-.-lOSO,    1083 
Bit  and  Square  Lev- 
els      1087 

1060    B''  Augers ::io78 

Bit  .iies 1054 

Bit    Bracos 1080.    1083 

B|;  Brace  Drills.1067,1078 

Bt  Files.   Auger 1057 

ilS   2°!'f'a--.. 1078 

n,°'i^'  P"l<^y  .1037-1038 
Blocks.  Rigid  Plllow.1060 
"'"-'"■  ''-~tch.l037-1038 
Rl„nir-i.-,-^*'<'-l''38.  1122 
SK    Sf™» 1076 

Blond    Nets: . 

Blood   Puriaers.'.':"   477 

Bloomers.  ChUdren's 

Blotters  ..'.'."." ''    jS 
Blotter  Books.  PJio'to;  750 


Photo    . . . 
Blouses,  Boys'  Was'li 

Books.     .,^^^.„ 
Book  Holders. 

Book    Marks „,, 

Book   Satchels 953 

Book    Straps 958 

Bookcases   588-591 

Bookcases    or    C  u  p- 

boards   269 

Bookcases.  Sectionai:  591 
Bookkeeping  Books,.. 948 
Boots   and    Shoes. 352-396 

"'■-■'     ' 1230-1231 


Horse , 

Bootees.   Inf'a'n'ti    ....  479     760 

Or    Write  "for    Grocery 

Blow    Accordions... 
Blow.    Pipes.    Jewel 


Bordeaui  Preparation  484 

309-310    Buft^er.  Buggy  Robe. 1231 

Border,    Rug 423,    440 


^       -.    Sllnpe, .  .«, 

Boies,  stop  Co,^k"li69 
Boies.  Tool...  1002.  1079 
Boies.  Trinket....  '5  2 
Boxes.     Wagon.. ..'-.Sij 

Bo.xes.   Watch.   - 

Boi    Casters...  1 

Boi    Irons ""{0^1 

Boi  Locks. ..;::'"}s?,i 

Bn?  '£'■'!?"•  Hon'ey:il23 
Bo'      Spring      Mat. 


!ooii3'o'ii;92i.  954 

Boiwood  Rules..." '11 
Boiwood  Sawdust..;  Ub 
Boiwood  Scales...  76? 
""-■'  Athletic  Shoes  924 



Bracket.s.  PJa 

Brackets.     Porch 

Brackets.     Rafter 

Brackets.   Roof. . 

Brackets.  Scree 

Window.    Door. 

Brackets.    Shelf ^^.^ 

Brackets.   Shingling. .  1086 
"■""■"-•"     "■   ■  1168 



Bracket"  sa-w^:: : :  ::;|?||  I 

Bracket  Saw  Blades,  1085 

(Barn  Door).. 

Braids.    Battonberg 
"-■•■-     Fhiishine  . 

"  '  .128-129  I 



Braid    Pins. . V. : 

Brakes.    Bicycle. 

Brakes.      Wagon  — 'Wri'ie  I 





Boys'  BasebaU 'Mlt't's,  , 

Oloves    097 

Boys'   Baseball  Uni^  ' 

Boys'     Bat!.      ^^^ 
Bo  d  y    Pfotectoi 

305,    923 

Branches,  T  and  T.1171 
Branches.  Ventilating.  1171 
Branding   Liquid 

„  Slieep     614 

Brass  Beds 626-627 

Brass  Chains io,w 

irass  Ferrules 1171 

Jrass    Handles 1052  I 

inns   Beaded    Nails. 

Tacks 1027,     1050 


I  BroSctef.  """'""'•■••'>»' 
,  817,  820,  829; '  88'7-842 
irooches.  Diamond..  829 
Brooches.   Emblem...  817 

Brood   Coops 1032 

Brooders  .*!lt(5 

Broo.ler  Tliermomet'e'rs  709 
Blooms,  House— Write  for 

Grocery  Catalog. 
Brooms.     Stable 

street.    Warehouse.  1230 
"rooms.  Widsk. 
room  Bags. . . . 
Broom  Holders. 
Broom     H  o  1  d  e  r  s'     *" 

„  "■'I'Sk    494.'  603 

Brushes.    ArUsta'..       543 

Brushes,    Bath 494 

Brushes,  Bee 1123 

Brushes,   Blenders...  544 
Brushes,        Bottle 

»  leaning  ....508,  1031 
Brushes.  Brick  Luiers  548 
Bnis  les.  Camel  Hatr.  544 
Bri.sliea,    Card   Wrlt- 

Bruslies,  Chlia  Paint- 
ing       5  .g 

Brushes.  Clarinet..::  706 

Brushes,  Clothes 494 

Brushes.  Coraplcilon.   505 

Brushes.  Counter 1020 

{.rushes.   Dusting 1020 

Brushes,    Enameling.  544 


BrusliL^,  .  .„. 
Brushes.  Floo. . 
Brushes,   Floor  Wai 


Flesh., 481.   494 


nd     Flttinjs... 702-709 

Pins 99 

Bules 1087 

lis.     Maternity 
Ms.    Miifi'. 
Its,     I 

•  97.  505  Bit    Holders'.  "Eiicn 

- .  •   508       sion    

aii  ??o  5!J  Snaps.   Bridi 

'        .Jo  Bit  Stock  Drills 

?™    y. 777  „  Wall  Covering 32  5„;..   Safme  SlUts. 

low    Pipes.    Plumbing—  Borers.  Tap...".    ;     nf™     5°^'.   5«"3 

Write      for      Plumbtag  Boric    Acid 479     607  «"    '"^"  a"""  Hose 

Cltalog,  '  Boring    AHncl,m.„..  iXto     _  Supporters 

fc'   lathlng'stUti;  925 

Boys    Belts q^o 

Rnva*  tj«i.  __vu,'"  -^.^s 

923     Brass    Screws-^Wrlti   for     Brushes;   Harid' 

Brushes.  Graining...  544 
Brushes.  Gun...:..  913 
Brushes.  Hair,  492-493.  857 

RloS'^l"*   ..  g^jne    Attachment's.  1078 

Blow    Torches 1172  |  Bwing    Bits. .  .1066-1007; 

Blowers.      B  I  a  0  k  . 

1078      ..„.    .„„„ 

- ..  .„„„, Boring    Chucks,     L.ithe— 

Blowers,  Insec't'Po'W-  ?":"?    '  "  ^    Machinery 

der    4B9L.'^''"a'''^- 

Blue  Prints  (Piins)'  "''Boring    Machines 
'      i"5i-..„l_nnrt    Augers lOfS 

lis.     Sewing   "iia- 



Is,  Shell ;;;;; 

t  and   Hose  Sup- 
yrters.  Boys'.  Girls'    .,. 
J    t  ounterahafta. .  1059 

t    Dressing 1060 

'     'looks 1060 

f  '-"■^'"K 1060 

?"',« 837.841 

t    Pulleys 

.1060.  1142.  lioollm 
'■  Repairing  Olue.  546 
;  studs.  FastenerslOOO 
Ing.  Link  Chain.  1041 
'!•;     ""hlMryJOGO 

Bitter  Lick.  Stock. 

Mac   ii^.j    T^"'"'     nosers. 

Blue     PrinV"Pan«'"^'    5'""<'S.    Barbei 
j„K,fi.'.1'.     Paper.  _     I  Bottles    for    K„ 

-~      .i.ii.t      i-.ner  I  „*■'.".'''=    Warm..... 

,„,oi  Photo  .'..*'""^'  7„  Bottles.  Glass  Stop- 
1078 1  Blue     Print     p'i's't  " 

Cards   ....  jna 

.  Blanket     Lhicd 

RnJI?  „S'°"''"«  Catalog. 
Boys.  Bloomers.. 229,  302 
5°".   Bloitses.... 309-310 

Boys     Books 9=11 

Boys;  Boiing  Glove's:  921 
Boys'  Caps.  297.  31  n    ,3^,9 

Boys     Carts 875-876 

Boys'   Clothing.. 
I  „■■•.••  a'?,' -3 12,    317-318 
Boys     Collars. 

Br.as8  Valves:::  1109-1170     Brushes. 

Br.is8iere8.133;'2'oo-207,213     Brushes;  Kalsomin' 


Braztog  Compound,  Rub-  , 
bcr  Tiro  —  Write  for 
Blacksmiths'  Catalog. 

Brazing   Solder lo.'is 

Brazing    Torches,    Black- 
-  -  1  t  h  a'  —Write    for 


r  »  zing    Torciies. 
Plumbers'   ....         117.1 
Bread  Baskets.  China  411 

I. J     !.•...„  J    _  jujj 

Bread  Kneade'rs. 

'Jli'^fess^fel^"     '"    Buel^In't'Powde;::  ?loM  §°     f  f  i<  F''"^""M  f  ""^    ^-"'a 
ack  A^^s^hr.^.'.^^'      ..,„    "'{iJf„f"ews-Wrltefo?|Ks;   ^rfu",^^- '  ■  ??H  S"^'.'    Football, 

Bo,irds.   Drawing 

Hoards,   Game...   497-4QS  I  ;;".'.T'''.,'' "**=»*'"•  •• 

Boards,    Ironing;:       inVl  I  8?!!!^    5aps.    Milk 

Black  Asphaltui 

H  "^i;  !;?"'°"  Pa''"».  535 
Bliick  Pins..  90 

Blackberry  Balii,im::  479 
Blackboards  and  Acces- 
sories—Write for  School 
"—     Catalog 


drcn's ^^^ 

Bjafkhcad    Itemo'vers;  489 


""varus,    ironing..       loiq    t»^..i      ?r^ 
Boards.   Lumbe'r.'.: : ; ""    ""iU^..^. ' 

Garters. . 
Gloves „.. . 

Handkerchiefs  s'x's 
112.  305. 


709    Kl.ncksmlths'  Bli 


|t'r7ng Ziil  5<""'"«   Holders 

j.&ing::      g°S  L-lfesVfc: 

•■1153       wear    , 

i.  2i?    P"™-     Violin 

935  I  Bows.     Violoncello. 
Frogs.    Cello 

B,?,'ilBl«es",ojri080    Boats: ''^y-"''    '==15?    F   ^'°'':  Violin 

^S»^,s.lO?7  So78    K  a'"«sJ-'-i""  '"'    Bo°w  H^.ri'ass  "V, 
Bljcksmithi^    Corun-  n„K;    n'^"''';,  S'ons-.'I'S    Bow    Hsb-     Cello 

684  I  Bow  Rosin. 


Boys'  Hals 

Boys;  Head  Ha. 

""      "  Hose  Support 

Bread    Knives. 

Bread    Mliers 1023 

Bread  Pnns...l023.    1027 

Bread    Plates 

.....404-105.    411.    855  I 

Bread   Raisers lO-^S 

Itread    Tnaslere I017 

Bread   Trays 411    sr, 

„      ,      ■; 546-546 

Brushes.  Locouerlng..  544 
Brijshes.   Lettering 

„Pencll  *  B-i 

Brushes.    Liners 546 

Brushes,  Marking...  545 
Brushes.  Mllil.ry,493.  857 
Brushes.  Milk  Bottle,  1031 
Brushes.  Milk  Can..  25 
Brushes.  Mottling...  544 
Brushes.  Nail...:...  Sol 
Bruslies.  Nursing  Bot- 
Brushis.'b'li'Rlliltj'lig  544 
Brushes.  Paint.  Var- 
„",',',''•     Etc......  544-546 





Breakfast    Foods Wri 

for   Grocery   Cataloj. 
Breast      binders  —  Write 

for  Baby  Bonk. 
Breast     Chains I'lg 

Biys;  Leg-Sags-r-^o's.  '^^T,  I  &'   ^oli'ar 'Hous''^"  I  >;"='»"''""-i544.|?l 

Roys;   Neckwear 338        i„„     ""»'   "ous- Brushes.    Rubbing...  546 

Boys    Nighl.shlrts 338 

Boys'    Overalls 

228;229.  .302.  316-317  . 

Breast  i»umpV 
Brcmt    Straps.. I222-I 

Strap    SIides.1229 


Boys    Pajamas 

Boys'  Pants 

Boys'  Play  Sults,__ 

229.    302.    305-306.    317 
Boys'   Raincoats 318 

Breast  i>riiis;;;;.';.';ioee 

Breast  Pins 

820.    829.  '837-842 

shes.    Psrographlc  503 
shes.    Retouching.. 756 

sllcs.   Rifle 913 

Roofing. . 

I  Brushes.  Sash 545 

Brushes,  School "  - 

Brushes.  Scnib. . 

Brushes,  Shaving.. 


Boys'    Reefers. . 
Boys'   Rompers. . . . 

ItS-Sm.    .102.    30s;    317 
Boys'  Rubbers 394-395 

"■■"'  Rubber  Boot; 

Breast   Strap    Snaps:ii29 
Breast    Supports 

Spray  Sfas 

on   Pages  19  to  28.     Remarkable  Values. 

bS„1    liens' j?;I  ""'rs;'s'..ining:::   5  4 

Breeching    Lmos""!o.^o  "■''"hes.  Stencll.539.  1062 

Breeders'    Bm,         "■';;?  g™''^"'''     Stove 1020 

'  nrt^iro      o_.."" 517  Brushes.    Strin  no  Kit 

Brushes.    Stucco . ; ; ; ;  54S 
8EARS    ROEBUCK  AND   CO.,  « 


BrusliM.     Tooth.....  489 
Bruslies.  Varalsb....   J  J* 

Brushes-,    Velvet *i\ 

Brushes.   Watch.  ..•''' 
Brushes.   Whitewash.  51^ 
Brushes.  Window. .  .«102« 
Brushes.    Wire......  546 

1!  r  u  3  h    nnd    Comb 
"  Holders.  Trays.4a3.n68 

=""!'.  .^.'!'!.'"4'93    til!  85T 
Briish   and   Comb 

Seta.   Bailies' -507 

Brussels    Nets.;;.;^;-82-85 
Buck  Saws 


Burrs,   R1.«'1??l1'''"-J5}5 
Biisli    Scythes 

Capo    d'Astroa. 


Burring   Reamers 
Busli    Hooks. 

'm'.'.".---       1035 
s.    Brass    Solder- 
"  iiiB     and     Malleable  — 
Write      for      PlumblilB 

Bushlnes^'  Cast  Iron.U" 
Biislnesa.Books  on.948-049 

Business   Wajons I2J0 

Busts.    Statuaiy. 

Bust    Forms 

Bust  Bullies 206-207 

Bust     Supporters 
Butchers'     Aprons^ 

Cake   Turners W*J     Canonizing  Sets 515 

Calcimine  ........••  539     Car  Bits... l^J 


Caicuiatioii.  Books  on  918 
Caldron    Furnaces. .  .Ul^ 

Caldron    Kettles lU^ 

Calendar  Pads 
Calf  Feeders. . 
Calf  Nipples.. 
Calf    Weaners. 


Calipers.  Jewelers 

.  506 

^f^  ^-Biades:.  85  g-ch-i  ,^^^UiS  CaiiS!  B^Screw^^; 
Buck  Saw  Sets....  1036  ^ntj^^i;^^^.  Furnaces.  1112  Calks.  Horseshoers 
Buck   Shot "^;  I  •    -     •    •-         """I      " 

Buckboards   .• 'fj- ■„,,,■; 
Buckets.  Cham  Purap.1176 
Buckets.    Coal.......W-> 

Buckets,    Commode..  ^^^^ 


Buckets.      Enameled.^^^^ 
Buokets,   Milk...... .1031 


Bucket's.     Mlnno""-,?,! 

Buckets.    Slop 1021 

Buckets,  water.... ..j^25 

Bucliles,  Harness 1229 

Buckle    Loops "" 

Buckle    Shields 1230 

Jiuckle    Snaps -'i  Sir 

B.ickskln     C,loves.315-3W 
ButTers.    PM^- • 'i' 'J 
BulTers.  Handle  Bar, 


.1023.    1112 
Butchers'  Knives 
Butchers'   Saw" 

Calk  DrUls 1»48 

Calk    Taps. 


Sers.  Horse6hoerB'.1069 

Buffers.   Nal 48J 

Buffers.   Spring l"** 


Butchers'  Saw  Blades 

and     Handles 

Butchers'    Scales 103m 

Butchers"   Steels 865 

Butchers'    Supplies 

^„_ .1048 

865  1  Calk  WeWlng  Dies..  1048 

866  I  Calkins.    Liquid S-'^ 


Calls'." Bird..........  915 

Carbide.  Bead  Note  on 
Page  886. 

Carbines    90.i 

Carliine  Sheaths 919 

Carbolated  P  e  t  r  o- 

ieiiin    4i^ 

Carbolic    Acid 41^9 

Carbolic  Arnica  Salve.  4i» 
Carbolic   Salve.  ,Vet- 

erlnary    514 

Carbolic    Soap 48, 

Carbon    Paint 53.: 

Carburetors,  Auto — Writ* 
for  Auto  Supply  Cat 

Carbut -, 

—Write  for  Motorcycle 
Cards.    Birth   An- 


g     Jewel 857 

Cases.  Mandolta....  694 
Cases.  Music  Stand.  709 
Cases.     Piccolo......   707 

Cases,  PUlow 31.  102 

Cases.   Bazor 870 

Cases.   Keconl J3» 

Cases.    Saxophone. . .  7Ub 
Cases.     Speed    Indi- 
cator     ......1062 

Cases.    StrUiged    In- 



ChaOog  Dishes  and  Trays 

—Write  for   Prices, 
Chains.    Bicycle 
Chains.    Breast 

Write     for     Surveyors' 
,  Chesternian's    Tapes.  1087 
.  887    Chevai   Mirrors. 


for     Surveyor; 

689.  692,  694 

Cases.    Suit. 

^"^■^^.ISfVoY.- 512.   857  101. 
Cases.  Tool....  1062,  1079  |  Cha 
Cases.    Trombone. . . 
Cases.    Trumpet, 

-696   Chains:  Fish  Sl^ringer  934    Chicken    Remedies.^ 


Halter. . . 

, Hammock 

705  I  Chains',   Heel 

705   Chains.  Jack 

Cases'  Va'cuum'Bottia  919  1  Chains,    Key 

cllTa    Violin 689   Chains.    Log  . .  - 

tSienf  Cloth 459  I  Chains,,  Neck.^.  ..133. 

Cash    Books  —  Write    for 

Book  Catalog. 

nomicement  SO-w^^jij   Boxes,  ,, 

Cards,   Cotton.  Wool. 102i  U.35i,[i,„e    Henrietta. 
Y'    Cashmere       Mending 

Calls'.  PoUce  WhlsUe 



866;"ro'23.     1030,    MI2 
Butchers'    Wago 
Butcher   Linens..  -4' 
Butts      Door.     Tran 

som..  1050.     1052-1053 
Butt   Chisels.. 1077,    1083 
Butt   C.auges........l076 

Butt  Screw  Holders.  709 
Butters,    Indlvldual..^^^ 

Biit'tcr"c'hurns..416,    1031 
Butter  Cloth. 

,u..c,=,  'Biilt   In— .Wri'e 
tor  Mill  Work  Catalog. 
Bug    ^^^"'^l^'^tui, 

R„ooiri"  ....1 192- 1216 
luK,' 'Bab,... 652-656 
Buggies,    llCiU 815 

2*:e  -^,?S-.'.:;'.'.m? 


Bodies . 

Buggy    Carpet 1045 

Bueey    Cushions 10*i 

iSig  Cushion  Cloth.lO  5 

Buggy     Dashes ;"•>' 

bS  Doubletrees..  1045 

Bucny  Eveners            t"»< 

Butter  Dishes.  China. 

854-855.    857 

Biitter    Jars ••  416 

Butter    Knives..  .846-853 
Butter     Knives     —" 

Susar    Shells 
Butter    Ladles 


Sutter  Molds.  Wood.23  26 

Butter    Paper ...   481 

Butter  Spreaders.  Sll- 

Buggy  Gears":  "Lamps  and 
Steps- Write  for  Black- 
smitha'    Catalog. 

Buggy  V'"°'"i;i,k;'    1236 

Buggy  l-ap    ""'■o'- ';J? 

Buggy  Mats.    Fur...l2,il 

Buggy  Neckjokesand^^^^ 

Bung's' OUcioth.'.':32,'l04'j 
Buggy  v?."*" 

1013.' 1045 
Bum    "k?«'"'.1012-1051 

Butter    Workers 1031 

Butting    Knives.....   643 

Buttons o''  98 

Buttons.  Aga|e.....j,gj^ 

Buttons.  Bone  Collar    22 
Buttons.    Buggy 
Buttons.   C  0 

Ca'li'Beils 77L   1027 

Calluig  Cards— Write  tor 

Book  Catalog. 
Calomel  Tablets. ..  ..478 

Cambrics    . .  ■ ,./'*•  ^* 

^"e-jSf.... ^8^8^88-89 

Cambric    LlnUig 78 

Cameras    and    Photo 

Supplies    .■■■•■"»■»?; 
Cameras.  Vest  Pocket  752 
Cameras.  Watch.....  748 

Camera  Case3.739-742,  744 
Camera    Levels......  w 

Camera  Stands— Write  for 
Camera  Catalog. 

Camp    Beds 1%' 

Camp   Stools »-' 

Camp  Stoves. .......  »37 

Camp    Supplies. 473, 
919.  927.  937-939.   1024 

Campers'    Axes 9i9 

Campers'  Knives....  869 
Camphor.  Spirits  of.  480 
camphor  lee.  cum.  .    ^^^ 

Ca'mpho'rated   6u 478 

Camping  Blankets 

Cards,      Visiting  —  Write 
for   Book   Catalog. 

408.    905  I  Card    Cabinets 591       _ 

Card  Filing  Cabinets.  591    q  ^ 

„..  814.  829.  840,  842 
Chains,  Picture. 464.  1050 
Chains.   Piirch   Swhig 

and  Settee 

Chahis,  Pump. .. 

,  ,  .„  98    Chains.    Safety . . 

Cashm_ere' '  'sliawls-Wrlte  Cl^lns   SUk  Vest 

for  Prices. 



Card    Games 497 

Card  Games.  Books  of  054 
Card    Holders.    Wire.1027 

Card    Mounts 7fil 

Card   Punches 1064 

Card     Bails.     Finished  — 

Write   for  Wall   Paper 

Sample  Book. 

Card    Tables 596 

Card     Trays^Wrlt' 

Crockery    Catalog. 

Card  Tricks.  Profes- 

Card  Tricks,  Toy 

Card    Writers'    Lay- 

"?."■' \  '"^^"  °  "^ ''  545  I  >-»»""    ' 
Brushes     .... ...  •  •   ="    Castorla 

CaS^'^'alls^Wriie-for   Chain  B^lMng    I-thl-;  1«|^   cSn 

, rices  .Chain     Bolts........  1051 

Casseroles     .  .^,  ,^;.-_  856  |  Clutin    Door    Fasten-^^^^  ^  ^^^^^^ 
Cham  brills 1667 




Ca^tiion   Pipe   and 
FitUngs     .  ,„,„ 

Casters.    Box lOjJ 

Casters.    Dinner 8o4 

Casters.     Furniture..  1052 

Casters.  Pickle 89» 

Casters.  Stove 1052 

Casters.    Truck. 

Caster    Plates 1052 

CastUe   Soap 
Castor   Oil.. 

Caipenters'    Chalk... in»-(.3g,fj,ij,g    Ecraseurs  517 
Carpenters'    Glue....   =4^  Castrating    Knives, 

Carpenters     Overalls.   310    pj^   Tablets ■.■.-■ 

Carpenters'    Pcnclls..l082    Catchers,  Bee  Swarmll23 
^~*'"  "■"*  '  — 1035 

62.  66.  71 

25 1  Chiffon    Poplins 74 

1229    Chiffon     Veils 91 

.1050   Chiffoniers    _^  ^ 

l562        605-608.    614-615 

:i051    Chifforohes     613 

'  CHILDREN'S     A  R  T  I  • 



•BABIES."     "BOYS," 


nro  I  Children's    B»ds.  .630-631 

1050    ChUdren-s  Belus. . . . .   138 

809    Children  s     Books— Write 

1228        tor  Book  Catalog. 

Children's    Chairs...   656 
S'o'e'-'si'l'.' '  841-842    Children's    Closet 

-•   •   '      Seats    How 


855-856.    1024 
G  a  cden 

Sets    -1035 

en's  Invalid 

Write     for     laT^Ild 
Chair  Catalog. 
Children's    Knives. 
Forks  and.  Spoons. 

Cha  n  Drills i""'    chUdren's  Invalid  Ctaire 

gS  l°oSl:::::.::io5!l  -Write  for  uhih 

Chain  Links.  Bicycle.  887 
Chain  Lubricant,  Bi- 

Chain  _  Pipings.,. ... .  .,1226  |  child 

846.  849-853.  805 

..K-..» ,,..«... .^..'s    Leggings.  390 

■Pump  Buckets.lub    children's    Lockets. . 

Chain  Pump  Tubing. 1176 
Chain   Repair   Links.  105fil 

'^''ii?.'  is45-646.'  648 '-  651  I  Children 
Chairs.    Auditorium— '      r,..,n,. 


Made  to  Order 

"  iff.  Cc 

.  832.  841-842 




Buggy    Kepai.. - 

Buggy    Rims .■••.'"'^ 

BugFy  Kobes.  Babies    ^^^ 


Bu'ggy"shafl8..'l043.  1045 
Buggy    Singletrees^. 


Buggy     Storm     "-'^- 


Buttons.  Electric 

Push 7  ; 

Buttons,  Emblem »i' 

■2'4'-'2'5.  98 

Button's:  Stair 464 

Tuttinc 1045 

Hooks 489 

Button     Photo     Ma-  ^^^ 

chines    .. 

473.  937.  939 
,.„     Boxes.. 937-938 
t„..o    Cream  Seltlng.1031 
Cans:  Honey  —  Write 
for  Beekeepers'  Catalog. 

gSI' oil'::::;::::  1029 

SSs.  81l'  (Oiler)...  1056 

Can   rille"--i-'2i(,rtu 
Cans  for  Canning— Write 

for  Prices. 

Can   Openers 


Carpenters' Tools  and  catchers:    Grass 

Suppes.  1057- 1059.   „„,    Catchers'     Masks. 
1061  -  1067.   1074  .1087  ^^njg"  Baseb.aU.922-923 
aipenters'       Tool  catches.    Cupboard. .  1052 

Chests    ..••■•;•■  •■■10"   Catches.  Door.  .1050-1051 

•"'"-i.  catches.  Elbow.    ....1052 

Catches.  Screen  Door.  1050 

Carpet     B^B^.'/iii";-,    Catheters.    Horse.... 
Carpet.  Hall.  Stair428-429    f,^,^^])^      Beads. 

Folding    552.   927 

Chairs.    Children  s. . .   55b 

Chairs,   Invalid 513 

Chalrfl.    Kindergarten  556 
Chairs,       School  —  Write 
for     School     Furniture 

Chair    Cane 1027 

,       Chair     Bail 522 

617    Chair  Seata 1027 

Chair  Straps 


Tables- Write 
"for  Toy  Catalog. 
Children's    Tents.... 

306.    92T.    939 

Children's  Umbrellas  lOli 
ChUdren's  Tells.. 91,  241 
Children's        Waists, 

Corset    •. 13? 

Chimes.    Wind . .   49 

Chimneys.    Lamp 421 

Chimney  Molds.  Concrete 

— Write     for     Concrete 

Machinery  Catalog^ 

10821  China 


Carpet  Linings.  Bind- 



"  Irigs     "•'1  CaTh'ollo'   Prayer  |      School    Furniture   Cat 

Carpet    Stretchers. .  .1027        jjooks.    Beads 5H  Lj"',";"', .  „  1082 1  Chuia:"Hand  Paint 

Carpet    Strips 1151    catholic     Silverware.   858    Chalk  Lines. . . .  —  •^"^•'    ^'yj"  408-413 

.    .,.„„„„»        1020    ^j^,,„p_wtlte    tor    Gro-    Ctalk      Une      «"'%„82    china.    Toy  -  Write    tor 

..erw  Catalog.  .         ana_  .Awis.  . . .  .  .  .  ■    .„„£.         rr^v   Cntaloc 


.„. io« 

Buttonhole  BouQuets.  110 
Buttonhole   Scissors. 
Buttonhole    Twist. . 




Candles.   Ruby  Lamp  753 

Candles.  Sulphur  Fu- 
mlgatlng    ■■■■■■:■■. 

Candlesticks.  C  h  1  ■>  «  ■— 
Write  for  Crockery  Cat- 
alog. „      ,_ 

Candlesticks.  C™|Jh^  g^j 

Ca'nd'iesticks:' Metal..   420 
Candlesticks,  SUver..   858 

gj;;dT'*'..""«6. 5§i 

'  Or  write  for  Grooery 

Cane.  Chair 10-7 

Cane  Mills.... 1112 

Canisters.  Coftee. . . .  -s 
Canned     Fish.      Fruit. 

Carpet    Sweepers 1020 

Carpet  Tacks..  1045.  1050 

Carpet   Warp 32 


^•rrria?":  Dou!'::*"l75 

Carriage    Bolts 1049 

Carriage    Cloth 1045 

Carriage    Hardwa— 

Caltle  Canula. 
Cattle  Covers. 
Cattle  Halters 
Cattle    Knives 

517  Chambers.417.   1021,  1025 

'  .1237  Chambers.        Supple- 

1226        mental    Rifle 

-869  Chamber  Covers. ... .  1021 

Toy   Catalog. 
China    Cabinets 

"   —     -„...  1046     Cabinets,    uaiu... 

|S'S^tengs:i045     cabinets^.. 

Buggy  Top  Dressli^g 

Buggy  '  ■■rip'  Siriiigs.1047  I  C5---G',a"phSphoo'. 

TX,,fa-n     Traces 1^^'  ... ^ 


Bu'gw"  Wheels 1044 

Buggy   Whips 1"J 

Bugles    ,?VS 

Buhr    MUis... 1110 

Builders'    Guide V^i. 

Builders'   Hardware. 


'  Books  on.  951 
Building  Material. 

Concrete    1160-1161 

Building         Material 

(Mill    Work) _.,„ 

1 145-1 153,  1238-1239 
BuUding     Material 

(Booting)      ..1151-1159 

BuUding    Paper 11j4 

Building   Plans.  1 1 46- 1147 
Bulbs.  Camera......  753 

Bulbs.    Complexion..  505 
Bulbs,    Flash    Liglil.  774 
Bulbs,    Pyrograpby..   503 
Bulb     Syringes.. 504,     506 
Bull    Rings.    SnaP3..1033 
Bull    Ton;ues... ..   .1041 

Bull   Tongue   Blades  1041 

Bullets    -..c^^,^''^' 

Bullet  Making  Tooj3^_^^^ 

Bu'lict  "Molds:: 913 

Bunion     Protectors..  483 

sss  Fia.-:.;^i 


Bureau    Sets 

Burlap.    Decorative. 

Cabi'^net's,  ki't'c'h'B'n'.576-573 
Cabinets.  Kitchen 

Wall    ^16 

Cabinets.    Medicine.  .596 
Cabinets.  Jledlclne.  Built 

In  —  Write      for     Mill 

Work  Catalog. 

Cabinets,    Music 599 

Cabinets,   Photo^....  958 
Cabinets,  Piano  Play-  ^^^ 

Cabinets,"  Spice 1023 

Cabinets,  Viaticum..  858 
Cabinets.  Writing 

Paper     •  •  ■  •  •  "" 

Cabinet  Finish,  var 

Write  for  Grocery  Cat- 
Cannfng  Outfits. .  ...1029 
Cannon    Photo   But- 

ton    M.acMnes 711 

Canopy  Top  Prlnges.1045 
Cant   Hooks...  ...... 1054 

Cant    Hook   Handles.lOSl 

Canton    Flannels 30 



Canvas  Belting. ....  .1060 

Canvas  Caps,  Hats..  918 
Canvas  Cases.  Gun..  9  9 

Canvas  Coats Ol'-'i? 

Canvas    Coating 537 

Canvas    Gloves 34b 

Canvas    l,«gglngs 396 


Carriage    Lamps. ....  104T 
Carriage  OUcloths.32.104.) 

Carriage    Paints 536 

Carriage    Polish 550 

Carriage  Robes. ....  .1236 

Carriage    Robes.    In- 
fants'  102.  241;  474 

Canlage   Top 

SderV.'''^ies:io°M   Chamber  Pails.. 417,  1021 

Silica  K^.1^e.::5'.4l  fs   SSS^ts^lklns:  :i8i;  4 
C?tUe   Stan"lons....ll08    Chamoiseuo  Gloves..   140 

Cattle  Ties 1033,   1228  |  g,„„jelier» 

Cattle  Trocars... 

Cattle   Whips 

Cedar  Chests. 

^uu.«^.    Fancywork. 
Canvas.Wagon  Cover.1045 

1045.   1047,   1229 

Carriage   Varnishes 

Carriers,     Cable 

Carriers,    Egg. 


CelUnS:  Wo'od- Write  for 
Mill  Work  Catalog. 

Ceiling  PUtes 1183 

Ceiling    RegisteM. . .  .1052 
Celery    Trays.    Hold- 

ers     Sets 407,   412 

Cellar   Whidows 1149 


Cello  Bags 

Cello  Bows 

^„^,., 420 

Changeable  Silks.. 56.    72 

Cbanghig  Bags 7o5 

Cliantllly    Laces 82-83 

Chapel  Organs  —  722-723 
Chaps     (Chaparejos). 

Riding    Pants 1231 

Chapped    Hand    Lo^ 


Charcoal  Irons. 1019 

China    Closets, 

Built    In 

Write  for  Mill  Work 
China    Mending    Ce- 


China    P  a  1  n  t ii 

Chin  Bests.   VJolIn 

Chippers.    Ice. 

Chisels.    Bnck ..... .  1056 

Chisels,  Btttt..l07r,   lOS. 
Clusels,    "••-'-- 

479    Chisels,    Carpenters' 

1077.  loaa 

SfSl^m '842.  9331       ^,^ 

STarms.   Emblem....   lil  |  ™Sl\„^%- ■set..l08| 
Chisel    Gauges. 

CharSs.    Fish 933    Chisel 

Charts    Fingerboard.  Chisel     Gauges iv"« 

,ei,u    »u.,o -„„,  690    692.  691.  696  Chisel  Grinders 1064 

Cello  Bow  Hair 696    p^--^;',„ 'gchools— Write  chisel     Handles. ..  ..10.  ( 

clllo  FolTos  710-7_U  I  Charts  f°^^^8™%„„i,ure  Chlorate    of    Potash  _^ 

Carriers:  Parcel.  Bl- 

1108    Cello    Instructors 


Cello  Repairs 694.  696    p^^j^jji^j  Bags. 135.   833 

1229  1  Cement 

careon°'oii:Tr:: :...-, 480 

Carriers.  Trace. 



1050       '" 

Cabinet  Keys. 

Cabinet    M  a 

..   540 

Cabinet    Makers 

Clamps    1686 

cabinet  Se'ape^tj. . . .  ^^•^ 

Cable.  Hay  (jarrlcr.  .1037 




Shoes . 

202.  362.  358  -  359, 
361,    363.    373-374, 

Caps,    Auto.^ 

Caps,     """■ 


Carts,  Barr'ei: : : : :  VrAUA  \  Cement 

Carts,  Boys 

Carts,  Delivery. . . 
Carts,    Dog.    Goat 

Carts.    Hand 1114 

Carts.    Harrow 1097 

Carts.    Road 1210 

Carts.  Toy 
Cartons.  I 

TolCement:  China.. .482.  957 

iik!c«pn'4h«;_  «-''':"":„77 

jm'jnt  ""  Graphite, 

Roof    ,••■■.•••   Hi 

Cement,    Jewelers^ 

,g 1032 

v,a.,....o.-.    Blank...   912 
Cartridges.  Rifle  and 
Revolver    • ■ ■ •;^911-615 

Cartridges.    Shot 912 

Cartridge  Belts 

Caps      Boys'. 297.  310.  339     ^. ,.„...,„  „ 

Caps:  Cape  Blizzard.  918     cartridge  Prinieri 
Caps.     Corduroy...;.  918  ■   -       -,-,—. 



Cabfe!  Stump  "Puller.  1111 
Cable      Clips,       ""' 

Burners.  Incense . . . . 
Burners.  Lamp.  23.  2t 
Burning  Glasses.... 
Burning  Outfits  (Fy- 

rography)  •■•■■••  ="3 
Burnishers.  Photo,  .  756 
Burrs.  Grinding  Mill. 1110 

Write  tor'stump  Puller  | 
Offer.  .  ,-,ce 

Cable  Coll  Chain ....  1056 
Cable  Log  Chains.  IO3I 
Cable  Wire....  1037.  1170 
Cakes  — Write  tor  Gro- 
cery Catalog. 
Cake  Baskets.  Trays, 

Stands    ...411.   854-856 
Cake  Cutters.  Tin...  1027 

Pake  Forks 849.  851 

cake  Griddles.  1023,  1026 
JiSko  Molds.  Tin   ■   22.  28 

Cake  Pans 1023-1027 

Cak»  P'»4'o1:465.  "407'.  4U 


'  Pipe    

Caps.    Dust... 

Caps.    Fruit   Jar.... 
Caps.     Fur  —  Write 
Fur  Catalog. 

Caps.   Golf 315 

Caps.   Gun 

Caps,   Hunters 

Caps.   Leather.......    -- 

r.noa    Mens 315.  343 

Capl:    Milk    Bottle..  1031 
Caps.    Mouthpiece...   .06 

Caps.  Pips.  Ca'al  lronll77 
Caps.   Pole....... ...1042 

Caps.  Roofing,  Rldge.1159 

Caps,   ■nn 1164 

Caps.    VentUating...ll71 
Caps.    Waterproof...   321 

Cap  Molding 1151 

Capes,   Babies' 241 

Capes,     Girls' , 

Capes,    Ladles  ... . . 
Capes.   Rubber  {Pon 

chos)    . . . 
Cape    Caps, 


Ca'rved"  Bone    Oma- 

I      ments    ^'•;' 

Can-tag  Knives,  Forks 

cement:  Leather.398,  482 
Cement,  Linoleum ...  440 
Cement,_  Mendlngj. ..  ^^^ 

Cement.    Pipe H" 

Cement.  Rubber.... 

..,.398,    482.    505. 

Cement.  Stove,  Fire 

Chaieletus,    Watch..  ^^^ 

Ci^ec'li: 'Harness.  1226-1227 

Checlis,  l^eyiV.-^-^JVSS 
Check  and  Waste...  1100 
Check  Hooks.. 
Check  Lines. . 
Check    Outfits, 



Umbrella 1062 

Check    Bower   Plant- 

...  and  Wire...  ..1098 
Check  Springs.   Har 

Talil«s  ..--  ,^ 
Chloride  of  Gold.. 
Chocolates  (Candy) . 
Chocolates — W  rite 

Grocery    Catalog. 
Chocolate  Sets.Chlna  41 
Chocolate  Sets.  Silver  S5« 
Cholera        Remedies. 

Chickens     ■, . .  • 

Cholera       Remedies, 


Chop  Plates,  ••i-'-'iojj 

Check  Valves,  SUam 


Checkers.  Books  on. 

Choppers,    Food 
Chopping      B  0  ■ 

Wood • 

I  Clioliptag    Knlv( 
1229 1  Christmas     Goods— Writ 


proof •  ■  •;  •1023   Checker  'Boards 497    chucks.    Drill. 

Cement,    Tile-Write    tor   cheeks.    Bridle......  1226  ,^      i,a,h^write Jo 

Tilo     CnlnlOB.  rhooV  Pads.   Recoil..    918    <-"">';=•,       wmlrtiio      Ma 


Tonis— Write   for   Con- 1  ""ceiy  Catalog. 

""i"'s»t'i""'"8'46-  8641      crete  Machinery  Catalog^    Cheese  cloth »; 

,".^?,.^"|.'lil',-."  sa-  Cement    Colors.     ...  538   ^         Dl^h".   • . . . .  412 

e  m  6  n  t  Machines.  Chemicals.  Photo. ... 

Molds       .....  1 160-1 161     Chemises,  Ladles'.20b 
Cement  Root  Paint..   535  |  Chemiset—    ' -"-- 


grada  Tablets 
I  Cascarets 

ises:     Autoharp... 
ises.    Band  Instm 
Cases.  Banjo 


Bicycle... 880-887 
Cases.  Clarinet._^^.^.  706 

r  a  m  A  n  t     Workers  i_:nemiairjf.    *.-vu....    —  - -- 

T001I  ...      •  •  '656   Cherry  Phosphate. . . .   480 


„^ 1056 

Ce'ntera.'  'Ncckyoke. .  .lOJJ 

Center   Bits 1075 

Center  Gauges.. 
Center  Punches 
Center  Tables 

Cases:  Clarinet  Reed 

Cases.    Comb. 

Cases.    Cornet JOJ 

Cases.    Cymbal. 

Cases,    Drum 

rif^i  ^ffo :::   707    CentrirugaliTuupB..."" 

gfes:    Se:::::::.707    Cereals--Wrlt.    for    Gro 



CeSterini    Tools.  ....1062 

Centerpieces    101:101 


Centrifugal  Pumps.. .1179 
srcals— Write  '-  "■- 
eery    Catalog. 

Chests,   Cedar 596 

Chests.  Ice 

Chests  of  Drawers. 


605-608.    614-616 
Chests.  Tool.  Carpen- 
Chests.   Tooi-,  1"--  „„„ 
chlnisis'      ■•••■•■iJ?^: 
Chests.  Tool.  Toy— Write 

for  Toy  CaUlog.  L:,rti..«.  - —  -- 

Chest  Htmdles.  IjOCks.1062  |  pjf<.uiar    Planes 

Church    BeUs. Ill 

Church   Carpet " 

Church     Communion  ^^ 

Church  Miii'°.'-"-'iJjij 
Church    Organs... 722-72 

Church   SUver »= 

Church  Soof'^ -■,;;,•  •li 
Chums.  Butter.  416.  10; 
Chums.  Egg.  Cream.  . 
Cider    Presses. 

Clelette  Overcoats.  286--' 
Cigars— Write    lor    Gr. 

eery    Catalog. 
Cigar   Cytlers. 

cigar    ^^^•.••l*':- 

Cigar    Holders 

Cigar  Lighters..... 
Ctaches.  Saddle... 
Cirailar  MUI  Saws. 

^^^y^^^^^ii^Ti^^^^  Come  to  Chicago. 

?S.  G^u-^'l^^dmaLMilc^S,^^^  Buildingi 

We'll  Show  You  Through  Our  Building. 



Circular      Saw      .,. 

Uchments    1085 

Circular  Saw  Praoies.lllS 
Circular    Saw    Ma- 

Oilnes 1061.    1189 

Or  Write  for  Machinery 




Ircular   Saw  Sets. 
Ircular   Saw   S  1  d  l 

Filers     1058 



Citrate  of  Iron  and 

Citrate    Magnesia . . . 

Civil  Engineers'  In- 
strumenls....769,    1079 

Cljll  fcemlce.  Books  on  »19 

cumf loee 

damps.  Bicycle  Sad- 

iS'naois'.ulo     S°2!">  *;i»'«ra.'.'.'.'.'.'.';i02l 


Clamps,     Eccentric.  1088 

Clamps.  Floorlns 1086 

Clamps.  Hay  Carrier 

Cable   1037 

Clamps,   Hose, 1034.    1176 
Clamps.     Hydrant— Write 

Clamps.  QuUtrrame!l08e 
Uamps.     Saw..  1085- 1086 

(.lamps.    Screw 1086 

Clamps.    Splicing, 
Clamps,    Telescope... 
Clamps.     Trap     Set- 


Cloths,  Tracing 765 

C-ths.  Wash 45.  242 

tloth  Covered  Tacks.  1045 
Clothes.    Doll— Write  for 
Toy  Catalog. 

Clothes    Baskets 1020 

Clothes  BrusJies 494 

Clothes  Cleaners.  Tin.  1020 
Clothes      Cleanlnc 

Liquid 481 

Clothes    Dryers 1019 

Clothes    Banger    and 
Trousers    Stretcher 

Sets    1020 

CloUies  Hooks, 1052,  II 

Clothes  Lines 

Clothes   Line 

Clothes  Line  Keels,,' 1020 

'clothes   Pins 1020 

riolhes  Pin  Bags...,  1020 

_^lothes  Hacks 1019 

,  otiies   Wringers 1018 

.lothlne,  Athle(lc.023-925 

Clothing,     Blanket    and 

Sheepskin  Lined— Write 

lor     Working    Clothing 


Clothing.    Boys' 

„2?l-312.     3l7-3r8;'  918 

ClotWng,   Fur— Write  for 

*  ur   Catalog, 
{^jo'liliK.  Hunters'. 917-918 
Clothing,  Infa         - 
_.  230-233.236 
Clothing.  Ladi,.  ...„ 

Gi^rls' Suits.  142-148.  160 
Clothing.    Ladles' 

Made  to  Order ]4i 

Clotldng,    Leathei^Wrlte 
—    Working     Clothing 


Cocoas— Write    for    Gro- 

eery  Catalog. 
Cocoa  Door  Mats...,  443 

Cocoa  Mattings 412 

Cocoanut^Wrlte  for  Gro- 
cery  Catalog. 

Cod  Liver  Oil 477 

Cod    Liver   OU   Com- 
pounds    477 

Coffees—Write    tor    Gro- 

eery  Catalog. 
ColTee   Boilers.  .1024-1025 
CoIYee  Canisters. . .        •>8 
t-oiree     Cups,     After 


Communion    Sets. .       857 
Compasses.     Calipers 

and   Dividers 1063 

Compasses.  E  n  g  1  - 
neers'.  Miners' 
Surveyors'.  Transit, 

Comp ,  _  „^„„^. ,, 

Compasses,    School.. 

Magnifiers.   766 

Saws 1084 

Saw  Blades,  1084 

!8.  Pocket,  769.  905 



Compa.    „„..  „.„u„.^„,. 

Complexion    Brushes.   501 


Compleiion   Bulbs...   505 
Compexlon  Masks...   505 
Cotlipleidon   Prepara- 
tions         486-487 

Complexion   Soaps,,,  485 

o„ ,^^       ju.;,!    I    Comports      ..  411      OKC 

Coffee   Percolators...  1026     Ciimposltion,  Boikson  849 
.!Iwrw"f°'"n"'   ^"'«''    JJoraPosItlon    Books. .   058 

Cotree  Klasks..' ,0, 

ColTee  Mills 1030 

ColTce  Mugs,... 390,  1024 

-Write  for  Prices. 

ColTee  Pots 1024- 

Coffee  Pot  Boilers... 1027 
J;°J!S  §?'•••-.•.•.••   850 

und,    Boiler. 

,  CompL .„, 

1024-1026     Compound.    Weldlni:  1048 
—       '"-  '  '^"" '"—-   (Book).   !!45 

Coffee  Spoons,   After 


Meal  — •  Write     for 


>ru  Planti    _, 

o  r  n    Planter    Re- 

r'n?^''™  ■  ■. 1098-1090 

Corn    Plasters 433 

Cora    Poppers 24     28 

Corn   Remedies '483 

Corn  shavers. .  .  483 
Com  Shellers.1032,  Hot) 
Corn  Stalk  Cutters.  .1099 
Corn  Starch— Write  for 
Grocery    Catalog. 

Corners.    Box 1052 

Corners.   Stair. 

Corner  Bh.cks !'"ll5l 

Corner    Boring    A  t  - 
tachment     . . .  1070 

Corner    Chisels !!l077 

Hay    Hacks..  1051 

-—    Irons 1051 

Corner  Trowels 1056 

?>I!!I!I'  «•._•• 702.70* 



^  S-r^uu'  Jar"'.™.""."'  2,  SelS'be?'"^'''  "»'"»" 
Covered  Bread  Pins.mi  •^"'"""'"  '''■""'  °" 
Covered    Buttons. . 


'-'l:imps.    Wi 
limp  and  Drill 


814  I  „,C»talog 
Rope.ino     (^'olhlng.  Men's  Water- 

"'  287,  319-'32i.' 
Men  _ 
.289.    917 

Coils.  Ignition 

Coils.  Induction 771 

f-°!!  SJ"'? '"50,  1056 

Coil    Sprhigs 1041 

Coll    SprhJg^  wire... 1122 

Coin    Purses 135 

Coke    Forks 1037 

Coanders    .....1024-1025 

Cold    Chisels 1067 

Cold  Creams,,,  .Si 

Cold    Remedies. 
Cold    Water    Ba., 
Cold  Water  Dry  Pa'ste-^ 
Write  for   Wall   Papei 

Concrete    Colnru  k^o  1 .-.    —    — '^^ 


cow  Bells:  ;'!■  '■"■  ISM 
cZ  FSl\J!:^'---'ir,l 

Cow    Covers.. 1037 

Cow    Halters 1226 

Cow   Teat   Slitters.!.'  517 

Cow    Ties 1033,    1226 

J,™  Tie  10ittings,.,.i033 
Cowboys    Bed  Sheets  939 

CoWhoOo'        lint..  ^.. 


Cucumber    Sienera. 
CulTs.     Men's.. 
Cuffs.    Riding. 
Cuff   and   Collar   I'i'ii 

Sets    837     842 

Cuff  and  Collar  Sets'.  " 

Ladles'  04  QR 

Cuff  Boxes...  "'55? 
Cuff   Buttons...  8()6' 

Cuff   Holders ^-i 

Cuff  Links. 828.   SSO^ 
'■■•       836-837.     841-813 

Cuff  Link  and  Pj'n  Sets 
830-831  836-837,  S4f-842 

Cowboys'    Hats.;....   ,,,2 

Cowboys     Knives. 867-868 

Cowboys'     WhiDs        19-t^    r-.'.i'  ^"-;  ■"'"-001,  oii 

Cowboy    Cuffs."^  ;•■■   SzIp'HE./'I"*    ■■"Id    Stud 

Crackers— Write  for  Gro- 
eery  Catalog, 

trackers.    Nut 20  I  Cult:  _ 

nl^U'^S^'^' ,  W'"" 1233    Cultivators, 

Cracker   Jack— Write   for 

Pearl , 

Ladles'.,    '■" 


Cullenders.  See  Colanders 

■■'  1010.1101-1104 

Grocery  Cataloi 

Cracker    Ja 

..   478 

Clarinets    and    Sup- 

,„     ,        706 

tiarlnet    Folios.  ,710,  711 
1  l.iriophones 
[■l:iBi)s,    Men'; 

.828.     832,    841-842 

'   sps.  Tall 1231 

-    Plus 

yics.    Latin    and 
n-ek    Translations  949 

'3.    Tack 1027 

Ilatcliets 1082 

.Modeling— Kinder 
iiltn— Write   for    Toy 

Cloth  Ing 

Clot  hi... , 

loth  ing.     Men's  ™Ii"    and   Jabots.94-95 

Ready  Made (ollars.    Bead 133 

''"""■"     "      ■  ,   338 


Cotldensed    Milk  —  Write 

for  Grocery  Catalog. 
Condiment    Sets. . 

„ 413.  415-416    854 

Condition      Powders.' 

„  Stock    514 

Conductors,    Water.  .'ll77 
Conductor   Pipe    and 

r-Z'/.";'.*"     1159 

-~         480,   501 

Coronet    Braids"',,,, 

Correspondence,  Books  ,    ....„.., 

.  949  I  Cradie'"Blai"i'kets 


412,    854, 

Corsets      au-ioil—uu.e 

Corsets.    Maternity...  235   Craftsmi 
Corsets.    Nurstag 

Corset    Covers.    Bras 

130- 132  I  Cradle    Mattresses 

raftsman      Doors  ' '  aVd 
Trim--Wrlte  for  BuUd- 

Ing  Material  Catalog, 

sleres    132,-206-207,  213    CmTh    TowVll„g"''"°«-48 
Corset    Covers,    Mus-  Crayons     f„\  .Ia    '  ■  ■   J^ 

r„™,'  ■■r^■ 208-212   , Cray. 

Corset    Cover    and  ' " 

Drawers   and   Skirt 




8S,a}:;;""°^^  ^"«"^    CoVs"ri?'o';°e"=r  'E?n° 


21.   23,   25,   956 
■      tor   School 

-,,,.. 1035,    1040 

Cultivator  A  t  t  ach- 

iileuts.,1040,  1102-1104 
cultivator  Clevises..  1041 
Cul  ivator       Shovels. 

Blades.   Repairs 

...1040-1042.  1102-1104 
Culvert    Molds.    Con- 

Crete    ii^n 

'^"nT^    P">S-Writ'e    for 

Koad    Grader  Circular. 

After  DInn 


(luets  and  Wreaths.   110    Corset    Slav 
S„™r'.«^'  B»"^"'-  ■ .  "2    Cofset    VVaYs 

™ ■    ;--*^'^t>.  ...... .      yo  r  v-»cau 

Corset  Protectors....     99  Crean 

—Or   Wrlt^   .„,    „ 
Furniture   Catalog.  ,     „.„ 

creams.    Complexion.  487   Cups 

Cups    and    Saucersi 
China. 399-408,    410-411 

Pigeons.     Tar- 

Clothlng.    Workini,. .. 
Clothing.  Working.278. 
rilfS'     316-318.     320-321 
Clothing.  Youth8'.29l 
„  295.    298-299,    3'" 

Clover    Cutters 

Clubs,  Police., 
Clubs.    Swhiglng.. 

"2.    462 

Coach"  Makers' "b'r'a'w- 
lng_Knlves 1077 


Collart. ,. 

Collars,     Cable,','.'.' 
Collars,    Dog 
Collars,     Horse  "' 
Collars,    Ladles'!!! 
Collars,     Men's 
Collars,    Shafting..! 

„  ■„■ 1060, 

Collars.   Stove  Pipe. 
Collar    and    Cull 

Boxes     503 

Collar  and  Cuff  pin 



'   Out  Y 1171 

"-•IS.    Drain 1036 

'cra.   File 1067 

"TS,       Flute 

.rs.    Grain!!!  !i 

ITS.   Gun 

ITS.  Straw  Hat.  481 
lers.  Vacuum...  1021 
irs.  Wall  Paper  541 
■IS,  Window...  26 
luig  Rods.  Brass  913 
'  I  I'iscTs.  Powdered. 21,  23 
nc.iyers.  Meat. ..  .865-866 

r    Clevises,    Harness 1228 

Clevises,  Pipe  Lirtlng,1177 
Clevises,  Vehicle  anil 

Implement    1041 

Cllnil)ers.    Linemen's,  77! 

'   r,""'?  r?"''" 1»<3 

,    Cllii.h   Tongs 1073 

:   Clips.   Axle 1042 

'^'  Clips.  Bicycle  Toe. 

91?  ^°;l'^»:;;!?««ii"'Vf'.i23i    ^j^ie 

Consoles    "1145 

Contractors'    Books!! 
Contractors'    Leveltag 

Conundrums.  Books  of  953 
Conversation,      Books 

ConversatIon"'rubes!!  766 

Cooks     Jackets 290 

Cooks"  Kit.  Camp,    '  917 
Cook  Books..."     ■•  950 
Cook    Stoves....       " 
P  959-993.    907.    99911009 
Cook    Stoves.    Gas 

Corset    Waists '   152 

Corundum  Oil  Stones!  1057 

Cosmetics.       Hair 
Whiskers.  Mustache 

„•; • 486-487 

Costume  Fabrics.34.49.  52 


Cots,    Fiugi 

lectors..  .48 

Cots,  Folding 

Cups   and    Sailcers. 

Enameled   1024 

■"-    -  n  d    Saucer's! 

Massage'.48'7".  872  |  Cu'p's!''°Ch'iidren''s""  "  ^"^ 
852.    855-856."l024 

22  I  Creams.    Scalp' 

Cream      and      Gravy 

1  d     Suga 


'^'S"!"    S.'"^     Sugar  Cupi 

Sets.   Silver. . .  .856.  858    Cupi 
Cream   Beaters.  416.    1027       ' 


Cups!   Drii'kTng.'.'!''""'"' 

481.    919.    1024-1025 

Cream  Pit 

Chtoa.  ...399-406!  413  |  Cups!    Papi 

Bgg ,.^ 

Folding  Drlnk- 

_     -    •■ 481.   919 

Cups.   Grease.   Oil...iin9 
853   Cups.    Massage...       *■!"- 
Cups.    Measuring. 

Coal  HodF. ..":..  1023 

Coal   Oil !!  54? 

Coal  Oil  Pumps...!!  547 
Coal  Oil  Sloves.1004-1008 
Coal   Shovels..  1023.    1036 

Co!>l  lur 535.  549 

toasters    --- 

Coaster  Brakes. . 


Cookers.     Steam.  !!!!j52: 

Cream  Pitchers.   En- 

,      ameled     .... 

6.™.  937    Cream    Pitchers  "in.! 

I     dividual   399 

Cream   Pitchers.    Sli- 

854-855.   857-858 

..   416 

Cookers.  Stock  Pood.lll 

-.    313-314 

toats,        Automobile. 
Ladies'....  198.   200-201 

„  ,,.... 836-837 
Collar  Support. 

CoUar  Tabs 

CollecUon    Plates 


eery  Catalog. 
,„,  ,^— !.=-""">,  Absorbc 
for   Gro-   Cotton,  Crochet 

Cookl'ng^-pi!^?^ o  J  ^°H2?'  Jl^^^'Pe 



a?S;:i^4i,s:"-  ?SiS,^rM^^ 

.Cups,    Soap... 

1024    Cups.    Tin ' 

Cup  Grease.. 
Cup  Hooks... 
Cupboards.    K.,v..> 

Cupboard    Catches.,... >,ui 
Cupljoard   Doors  1149 

Cupboard    Locks, '  'Keys- 

eery  Catalog, 
'ooklng    "    ■ 
94     Cooking 


98.  100 
'3  I  Cotton,  Embroldery!98. 100 

Cotton.    Knitting.! 

'" MusUi 



232-233  1 


Coats.  Babies'..... o. 
Coats.  Babies'  Sweat- 
Coals.  Barbers',  Bar- 
lenders',  Butchers'. 
NV  alters*  ... 
Coats.  ^Baseball'— 'write 

Uniform  I  Colors, 

.   924|cook_ingSets."Eatt'h:'''-''|go°:SS   Srill" 'S 

416.  Cotton  Duck 

Colognes      491) 

Cologne    Bottles 

Colors,   Cement! 

Colors,    Dry 

Fresco...!."  539 

C^lots.  Blacksini.^s',i075  (  c„,i,i„,- '  J°^J;}025,    1027 1  CoiFon' Flannels 


cn„  !,■■■*'$;   '""-loa? 
Cooking   UtensUs, 

Camp     j,^, 

Cooky    Cutters,, '.".!"l0'»7 
Cooky   Plates,.,!!!!!  4I2 

Colors,   Grainln"g.!537-538     S°°,'™'    Milk.lo'2'7',"l03r 

Sample  Book. 

3  ,     Corduroy. 

«/.f'.  Corduroy.    Young  1  v.uior8.    jsnoe..  369,  -    luc., 

?ng  n7,.K^'°r.^°/*-     S!?"'  S?°«1"K...!!  75I  I  C??tog_  saw   Blades,  1085 


Colors  in  Oil. ..,'!:.!  537 

„      I  S"!"'^'    LImeproof . . .  538 

917     Colors.    OU 101 

Young  1  Colors.    Shoe. 

:  Clips.  Singletree.'.!!!  1042 

Clips.      Stump      Puliei- —  i      1 n>  .;■. .1"'   ""la-  i  ^",^10.  ouuning..  7^n 

I      Write  for  Stump  Puller     m",!  "^'f',"e  Catalog.         Colors,  slencuf"  Joi 

i:  _Offer.  "  I  Coi'e.    Drl'-lne-  •  •  - . .  Colors.  Water. .  7" 

Coais.-'i'i  c'f-'a^'d  '"    '""D^es""'""'  ^^'"'"'■' 

Drill.    White  . . .  ":  290  

Duck.    Cordu- 

-  .        Moleskin. 

,?,""&.•;,•  •■■""-MS 

Coolers.    Water '..1027 

Cooling   Bags,    Water  919 

troops.     Brood 1032 

topmg    Saws 1085 

Clips.  Wire  Rope 

•" '-      Yokes  —  Write    for 
'      ■■■   ■    Catalog. 

l,...Bl"eksmlths     >.aiaiog. 
PCIipperj,    Barbers'..,  874 

L  Clippers,   Bolt 1049 

fCUppers.   Cigar 806  I  r„f,""'A"*,  •;,••■ -917-018 

'■Clippers.  Dehorning    IMS     ^oats   Duck,  Heavy  IJned 
•Clippers.   Horse.  Dig.  1232         ;^};u'^ '*    i"     Working 


•  i.Uipers,    Nail 489 

Clipping  MaoJunes...  5I8 

Cloaks    190-201 

Cloaks.    Babies'..  .232-233 
Cloaks.  Children'B,232-233 

Clocks,  'Al'a'iTn! '  iiiis- 
Clorks,        Automobile   — 
Cataf  '"''  *"'"  Supply 

riocks.  Hall 59(1 

Clock  Hands .!  777 

Clock  on !■•  }f| 

□ock  Ornaments 859 

pock   Repairs 777 

Sock    Shelves 860 

>isets.   Water n?" 

Jjoset   Brushes 1166 

reset  Seals !     1166 

;loset     Seats.     ChU- 

drcn's  ....  llfifi 

Jloths.    Buggy   Cus'h- 


^  Clothing   Catalog. 

Coats.    cTrls" 
.  191,     198-199. 
Coals.       L  a  d  i 

Misses       190.901 

Coats.       Leather- wSe 

for    Working    Clothing 

Coats.   Macklna 


Dyes     . . . 
Color   Boxcl 

ing)  Child ,.,„ 

Dior  Dischargers...  481 
Color  Screens. .  .  750 
Colored  Crayons..!!!  956 
^?,';f''.,P'^**-^rtte  for 
Mill  Work  Catalog. 
Co  umns.   Mill  Work.1151 

Coppers,     ,  .  ., .. 

Soldering     ..."!.".   777 
'           ,     Soldering.  .1064 
Cable 1108 

.  »;  tt  III  separators. 

Double  Can 1031 

Cream   Separator  011  547 

Cream  Separator  Repairs 

for     Economy     Chief— 

Xifi'f    '<"'    Economy 

Chief  Direction  Booklet. 

Cream  Separator  Repairs 

■Of  .Improved    Economy 

— "'— -    for    Improved 

m  y    Direction 


.  20 
.  550 
.  569 



Cotton  ™?„y"'=^'  9    g-V?^?f!!!!!!!'3l^ 

^2^J37.644icrepe   de^^hin^..?' 

Write  for   Prices. 

Cupboard  Turns 10.5" 

r^.iiLl"'    ili'ssage...   505 

Curlers.  Hair   (Irons')  492 
Curlers.  Hah-.  Leath- 

Curllni'piu'id,"HAir.  '48S 

Curling    Irons 490 

Curly   Hair  Straight-       " 



Storm      1047.    1193 

Curtains,    Window 

-444-458,    464-468 

Fasteners.  .  .1045 


'I      ties 48],    956-957lS'"l''!''  .I''e'l'9---!!!l045 

Couch    Bolsters' 

Couch  Covers ,.„-,, 


^^S.^A"     Kemedles  Crewel  Needles.' ''  loj  F""*'"  ^1"»- •  • 

514-5lD|rrex  Grass   Rugs..!!   432  ( CuPlain  Poles.  Brick- 


F=s;:5'^°;^i-     «rs^Xis; 

_         ets.  Rings.  Rods.463-464 

100    Curtain    Pulls 464-465 

Hi  I  ^yi'li"   ,Stretcherl    l5i9 

232-233     Column   Molds,   Con- 

Combs.    Babies* 492 

Combs,      Back     and 

n  ■'!.'*•  ™-- 136.    834,    837 

Combs.  Clipper  (Bar- 

Coats!    m;  erniVy-Wrl  e    r„  T     o '" 

,.  for  Baby  Book^  ^™'®  ^ombs,  Curry  . .  ,230 
Combs,  Fhie  Tooth,,  492 
Combs,    Fountain 

Baby  Book, 
Coats,    Men's    Sum- 

SS.'!'   jfn">  'SwMter'330 

i-oats.  Oiled <J9i 

Coats.  Riding,.. .3ii;  9,7 
Coats.  Rubber.  Boys'  ?l« 
Coats.  Riibbe'r.'  Mel%  III 

Wrf,«®''"/"^"  Llned- 

Wr   0       ^r       Working 

Clothing  Catalog. 
rSif'  ^"""""^--^I'-OlS 

>.     .'u"""'" 290 

t  oat  Hangers.  99.  289. 1020 
Coat  Books 

....,,1027.    1052.  "1I68 
Coating.   Roof.. 535    1154 

Cob  crnshers mo 

Cobblers'    Tool,    and 

Su""'''*   397-398 


cZIr    mtl\'' .;"23   CoiTnt'erMi'esV'Lac"'   Iwlcrlh 

S«^.^0«fea  !^i      piers.  Shell ..,_,   ..        .„. 

c^^-ySfiwrue''^j?h°-;-f--;^:::!!!llsr!c^^^     jssh'^^-  .=:-^^io47 

iE;::r-^;!.!"«is!is  He-nis^"!!:--:;  ^\^  ^^se^-m 

913  Cushions, 



Cocui.      Ball-Write      for 
Plumbing  Catalog. 
'-''°     -•— -     Bath.  1168 

lolhs,  Ca^rrago'.""!"]? 
'lotbs.  Diaper  ..!''^ 
iolhs.  Dress  Good!  32. 

36,  44,  49.  52-80  40  in-*  I  ^"V*  '-•auKe 

loths.  EmeV  l'n?l     ^"'f''    Hydrant. . 

'{<-!|.s,  FocuT!!!!!!'?I?IS°*'  sill 

loths.     Plumb 

Combs,    Graining!!!!  544 
Combs,    Hair...    ..!     492 
Combs,     Horse    Clip- 
ping     and      Sheep 
Shcarhig   Machine.   518 

Combs,    Pocket 492 

Comb    and    Brush 
Holders.  Trays.493,1168 

Comb    and    B 
Sets,     Babies'.... 7  507 

Comb  Cases 23 

Comb   roundatioos!!ll23 

'^■""~ "-         Sets, 


Book    Catal,,,. 
Coral  Bead  Necklaces  133  i      1067     in7«i;.-'i'" 

czii:  s/n'.'??!!'  ]5\"  gssriia'^rl'-"^^        ■- 

Cord.    Drum.,..!!!!     708  qoo'^Saf-    ,„      Croauet    Sets 

§0;^:  S-f-!!!iSldsS|ri^Se'«^»  c"^^ 

Cord,     Telephone,,..  771    CouninS'    p?nl ;?JiK''™s''s    (Jewelry!,,, 

CordiaL     Blackberry!  479   cSuSs'  Rod   }??L  ••••'"'    837,    840,    84 

Cordurov     c„.„.„,         79|couSlinis'!  Shlft'-'i^AU   S?SI'    S^'^^iJe" 'JIJ 

98    Cushions,    Pin! '  Nee- 

■"^       die 99     495     or. 

Cushions,   Sofa' '.  631 

Cushions,  Wagon  1046-1047 
•^  "  •  h  i  0  n      Cloth, 


Corduroy.    Costume', . 
Corduroy    for    Cuah- 

Corduroy    Caps!!!'" 
CoMuroy       Clothing! 
and    Young 


for  Blacksmiths'  Cata- 


it         i 

Crosscut  Saws.  1055!   1078 
Crosscut    Saw    Filer, 

Gauge... .1056 


Crosscut    Saw    Han 

dies    1055 

Crosscut     Saw     Ma- 

,^^ a;  ,  .■  •*°^' -^.•'  ^oUrtsnlD.    Booh<t  nn     o-^i    n..^,. .*«._    „  .       

Co|fu";o'y-''c,'o'ti,i;,,!5'«Cour'  Markers', 
Cort™'!™'    -niV-Lill-   9"|court  Piiii, 

S'lik!  482 

Machinists'    . 
Ion   So 



.  1063 

P?M?:-.-----.  75: 
■      Table. 

f^Sf'  ^«_"f5.V.- IIM 

Coc'ks!  St' 

Comforters   475 

Comforters,    B  a  b  1  e  s* 

cocks,  steam  Fitting  1169     c™!"  S'""'"-'- ••'•  •  •".'  953 
^"•S''„T.'i«-Way'°'!   i??     aSLd^„r» "l-n2 

1172     Cock  'Hole 

Corduroy    Shirts' 

for   Prices. 
Corduroy    Shirting 

954    Crosscut    Saw    Sets 

Buggy    . . 
Cushiori    Hoeis...,a„. 
Cushion    Pads.    Gun 

Recoil    9.0 

Cushion    Tops...  105,'  491 

Cuspidors   417.    1021 

I  iisinras. , .  ^ii  aik  A\a 
Custard  Pans.  SUvw  856 
Glass  — Write     fw 

Cuticle    Cream 489 

Cuticle  Knives.  Scls: 

„sors.    .sticks 489 

Cullcura  Salve....  47I 
Cutlcura  Soap...!  igi 
Cutlery.  KItchen.865;i027 
Cutlery,    Silver 

Corers,    Appli 
Cork     Carpet, 

Cork  Floats .>.oo  Hovers 

Cork   Floats,    Fishing  931    CoJS 

Cork    Insoles 397' 

Cork  Life  Preservers.  934 
Corkscrews^...  .865,    1027 

Write    Cove  Mordlne,'i''l'i?S;    J-™^^'^}',' ,,''""    Sets,  .1056    ^"""y.    Silver, ,  ,846-1 

Covers     (?hSmber''   }nof    ?""'  SI*','?,'  ?«">"•  ■   015    Cu^'rV.    Steel,    Alu- 
.     .';4    Cover"    tViuch       '476  471    Sr.  *'"'"   P«n«----   7«5        "•in"™    ,-.864-872,   I 
--'-  """!'j23'IS:^!;"V,;.;:;----->»-3f|c"»qry    Grinders... 

,.„„  I  -—.  .'ouch 
1028  Covers,  Cow 
ii? !  ^o^ers.    Dlapei 

Crucibles.     Graplilie.'lOfi4    Cutt 

Corn  Cribs.  Portahle.llOfl 

rorn     Crushers mo 

Corn    Cnisher    At- 
tachments          1110 

Corn    Cultivators lioi 


.c!:^' 'S'lJ'n  vH""  K™i5s  .:^':"f!"s?i  s-!-; 

1059.     1085 

r.  ..      --i. Water.  1159 

Cutters.  Blacksmiths'.  1073 

Cruclflx    Candlest'icits 



^,'234- 1237  I  CruVti'  "Vinegar! 
^  """  Crumb    Scrapers, 


Cutlers,    Clover... 

Covers.    Pot.   Tin..     102.3 

Covers,    Table 

37,  39-43,   101-104,  472 

416  Crumb  Tray  Set!)!! 
s.     Harness 

1.    Clod 

'.    Corn    and 



Covers.  Tennis  Racket  1 

Covers.    W.igon 939  I  Crul'ch"Rubb^r8' 

£_iyi»h.<^^.^^^^ln27Xcryalals.    WaTch! 

Cutters.     Cold . 
415  I  Cutters.      Core 

Cotton     ,,.„. 

■  „«,  I  £""^''^'  Ensilage.  .!!ll09 
§51   '^".V.?"-        Exp«h«l™ 
iJo^L""    •••,!■  ■•■1079.    1083 

1101|  Cutlers.    Peed J109 

Cutters.  Glass.  .543.    1170 
"  "  H14 

.,„,^ 1059 

SiS    Cutters.  Gun  Wad...   913 

7i7ICuUerB.    Hoof, 

'_"  "         lU       UKUER         QMIPPIu/1       #^  ^. ^.»**v.,a.     jiuui... 

EXPRESS ANo  fr^ight'rStII!  Scc  Pagcs  17  and  18.       sears.  roebUc77n^7^ 

Cuuers.   Horse   Cllii- 

ptT    ami     Sheep 

SUcariiig  MacUme  518 
Cutters.  U<)1.. . . .  •  •  ■  •1«" 
Cutters.     Joint     a"",  .„,, 

Angle     ....•■ -{iS 

Cutters,  l*-™?"- •■•>.■■•;  i?«o 
Cutters.  Lace  Leather.  IMO 
Cutters,  Pastry.  Tin. 1027 
Cutters.      P'P'  „,^„'"'„73 

Ule    l"?"-   \]li 

Cutters.  Pl«?ev,L%J?!5 
Cutters.  Poultry  toed.  1U5 

Cutters.    Hoo'v.'.™ 
Cu_tlj».    saw    Oum-^^^g 

Cult^rs.Screw.'  Wood!  107S 

cutters.    Slaw....__-W^' 

Cutters     (Slelgti'l— ""'• 
for  Prices. 

Cutters.   Stall!. 

cutters.    Touth.    Vet- 
erinary     •  ■  ■  •  • 

Cutters.       Vegetable, 
Household    .......!»■" 

Cutters.       Vegeuble. 
Poultry 11',° 

Cutters.    Wad... 

Cutters.  Washer. 


Cutters.    Wire.......W64 

Cutthig  Nippers.  1064, 1073 

Cutting    Pliers 1004 

Cyclometers    ...  •  •  •  •  •  "">» 

^^'wefr''  ....••  11" 
Cymbals  and  Beaters  707 
Cymbal  Pouches 707 

B  Heads  for  Handlea.1036 
Dado  and  Groonng  Heads 

—Write   for   Machinery 


Daggers.    *. .      .„. 

Bafry  Pal's- ■  •  ■  ■  •  v  •I"'' 
Dairy  Papers.  Parch 

ment    ,":;'.;,   j«i 

Dairy   Paper  Cutters.  4»l 

Dessertspoons......   ^^^ 

llewcriva  Storie;....  953 
Developers,  Pl<"««--  ?S° 
Developing  Outllts...  34a 
Developing  Papers.757-758 
Developing    Powders. 

Photo    Bultoiia....  741 
Developing  Tanks....   755 

Dialogs    '^'''ooi 

Diamonds  ,•  ?5; 

Diamonds.    OlaJlers  .  j43 
Diamond  Dual.... ...  oij 

Diamond   Glass   Cut- 

Diamond  Set  Watches_^^^ 

Di'anoi— Write    for    Cam- 
era Catalog.  %,„ 


Diapers.      Paper- 
tor  Baby  Boot 
Diaper  Bags. 

Diaper  Cloth 

Diaper  Covers... 

Diaper  Pins 

■     ■  -    Mic_-- 

712,  947 

Dictionaries.  Foreign, 
Dictionaries,       M  u  - 

sicai    Terms 

Dictionary   Holders. 
Dies.  Blacksmiths'.. .1070 
Dies.  Calk  Welding..  1048 

Dies.  Gunsmiths' 1071 

Dies.  Jewelers'  Screw 


n„or.''Fuel'^°"'  '^'"lOsilDr^s'-pri.i-ts.::.:...     55  | 
K";  lu?'-^^Wrl^  for|  Uress  Pr«ecU,r,.. 

Dress  Sldrts,   Men's 
..10791  Dress  Suits.   Men's  Made 

„^.,„ to      Order      Clothing— 

771    1033,   1052-1053        Write  for  Sample  Book 

Door  Holts l«5l-1052        No.    81H. 

Door  EulTers. . .  y^-^-^- 1052    D^ess  Trlmmlnea.82-83  92 
-     ■  ""'"  10.^3    Dressers    ...604-6t3.    t>lt» 

lOSlhiressers,  Bibb  Seat. .117'^ 

1050-1051 1  Dressers,   Boxwood      "" 

Door    Butts 1050-10.^3  |  Dressers 

Door    Buttons, 
Door  Catches. 

^  chai^  ".'.';  ■"■  •  -■  1053 1 "  w^«r ...  r.  ;■;.■::.".  1059 

Door  _Frames .......  n '9   Dresser  Handles- ....1052 

W  r 

^°°^-  ....   759 

Drying  "Frames      Babies' 

Skirt— Write   for   Baby 

Drying    Backs, 


Ducks.    Decoy 

...T.  755 

^^^^     915 

Duck"  (Canvas) 30 

Duck    for    W  "      '  - 

'.'7242,  507 

Mill  Work  Catalog. 

Door  Guards lODd 

Door   Hangers....... 

..1050-1051.  1063 
Doo'r"nhiges... 1050-1053 
Door    Holders.    Car- 
penters'  •  ■•••"-.••'Xi? 
Door  Holders,  Chaln.1052 

Door    Jambs 1,1|9 

Door  Keys.. 
Door  Knobs, 


Door  Latches'.'.'lo'5'i;   1053 

Door    Locks 

Door  Mats 

.  1053 

Dressing.    Floor 5i)0 

Dressing.    Hair 1^» 

Dressing,  Harness...  54J 
Dressing.  Hoof. .  .515.  549 
Dressing.  Leather  and 

Shoe    397,549 

Pressing.   PlasUc 480 

Dressing,   Strop 873 

Dressing  Bolls 493 

Dressing  Sacques 149 

Dressing   Tables 613 

Dressmakers'    Forms. 
Dressmakers'  Tracing 

Door  Panels.  Lace. 

Stick   '.-•■JJIJ 

Dies.  Pipe  Tlireadlng.1173 
Dies.    Pump    Bepair- 

Wheels  ,99 

„,  ,,„..^.o. .Driers.   Clothes 1019 

Door  PuIls.1050-1051, 1053    Driers.  Fruit. 1114 

_     .    „,-...     "''■•" I  Driers.  Paint 540 

,u.x. ......     „  ,„,,  .Drift    Plugs 1172 

Door  Rollers.  Bam.. 1051    Drifting    Pick    Han 
Door    Sprhigs 1050  i      ■■ 

ror    rr  o  i's  ■  '(-Miii     ''  l  "•:■;:•. .  .•::;7.-,To67,    1078 
Work)    1121    Drills.  Bench. .1040.   1066 

Duck' Aprons.'.. 290.  1078 

Duck     Calls ,915 

Duck  Clothing.  Boys 
Duck    Clothing. 

Hunters'     ;^"'^}' 

Duck  Clothino.  M  •  "  .  » 
Heavy  Lined— Writs  for 
Working  Clothing   Cat- 

Suck  Pants.'.284'.'3i6,  918 
Duck  Shoes.S52    358- 

359,    361,    373-374,    383 
Duck     Suitings 
Duck    Vests . . . 
Duet  Benches. 

Dulcimers    *"; 

Dumbbells    ..^i-:---  5;i 



Door    Tracks. 

Drills.    Bit   Brace. 

Dl-e's.   screw  Cn,.in»„,j„„  ^pe.  Tetouihiii;'..  756  "-^-\.-;r67,"  1078 

,ie"cut'ters::::!"?.l     3  K,e«a°il?ffies*^r4tS  Drills.    Bl.cksmi.hJ-. 

mail??  ''^^^.  '"  ^^tS.  ""■""'-^'  ■'■0'4','.'  ■  i066:ior-.078 

Dlbl'PisrH0'ie'.:i-5J^  DourS^;s.l^4_-1026  Dr^^^^^^ 

Diicere    Potato 1100  Double     Can     bepa  Ugg 

_<«'• '5?'  L""* ';,;>»«.  769     Dilators.  Veterinary..  517  D»""    ,L       .1057.  1064  Drills.     Cham.  ..... .1067 

Photo.,  762 

Brushes 1020 

bust    Caps 214 

Dust  Mops 10;0 

Dust   Pans..... lOJO 

Dust    Pan    Holders. .     22 

8i:Serr'f".°":l9l;  "oio 


Dusters,  Buggy ;  •  1236 

Dusters         (Men    s 
Coats)    ;•■■  llf 


.494,    1020 

Elbow    Cat*:hes 1052 

Electric     Alarm 

Clocks    JJ? 

Electric  Batteries 771 

Electric.       Batteries. 

Medical  JJ? 

Electric   BeUs 771 

Electric    Dark   Koom 

Lamps  \%% 

Electric    Fans.......   77.f 

Electric  Flash  Lights  774 
Electric  Irons... 772,  1019 
laectric  Lamps,  Mln- 

iature    77iJ 

Electric    Light    Fixtures,] 

Domes.    EU.... 420.  476 

Or    Write    for    Electric 

Light    Fixture   Catalog. 

Electric  Par  table 

Lamps   ■  •  ■  -  •  '-iO 

Electric     Post     Card 

Projectors   762-763 

Electric  Pumps  —  Write 
/  for  Plumbhig  Catalog. 
Electric  Ruby  Larn^  753 
Electric  8adirons.7T2.1019 
Electric  thermostat..  1183 
Electric  ThrlUers 
Kleclrlc  Washl__ 

Machines    „yj^il 

Electrical  Books.. 950-951 

Electrical    Goods 

..420,  476.  762- 
I      763.  770-775.  lOIJ.  1019 
Electrical    Toys..  .772-773 
Electro-Magnet  ....  773 
Elevators.       Grain 

Sacking   11"?-11H 

Elk  Sole  Shoes.. 3.5.   924 
Elliptic  Sprlngs.1044.1047 

Engine    OU».......547-548 

Engine   Pop    Valvcs..ll70 
Engineers'    Books.9aO-951 

Engineers'    Caps 313 

Engineers  Hammersioea 
Engineers'  Levels.  Y  and 
Transit— Wfltc  for  Sur- 
veyors' Catalog. 
Engineers'  Scales....  765 
Engineering     Ina'™-,.,. 

ments    769,    1019 

English  Eyelet  Work, 

Stiletto    100 

Enlargers,  Small  Pic- 
ture      748 

Enlarging    Boxes, 

Small  Camera 752 

Enlarging  Lenses....   752 
Ensilage  Cutters  and 

Attachments    1109 





Envelopes,    Negative. 


Epsora  Salts 

Eauall7.ers.    Plow. 
Equalizers.   T  h 

Four      and      ' 

Horse   1042 

Erasers,  Artists  765 

Erasers,        Blackboard  — 

Write  for  School  liur- 

niture  Catalog. 
Erasers.   Ink.  PencU.  957 

Escapes.     Bee 11-3 

Escutcheons.     K  e  y  - 

Emasculators  517 

Emblems.  Society 

Charms.Cutr  Button 

..816-817.  822.  830-832 
Emblems.      Society 

Key  Check.,    1062 

Emblem  Brooches...  »1' 
Emblem  B  u  1 1  o  n  s. 

pins  817.  83. 

Essence  of  Pepsin.. .   479 




Dairy    Tiiermometers.  769 

Damask  Towels 46-47 

Damask    Drapery....  460 

Damask,  Table. ....  .37- 

Dampers,  Stove  PiPe.  — 
Dance  Music  Folios^j_,yjj 

Do'n'ciiig'.'  Books'  'on  .  954 
Dancing  Floor  \yax.  639 
Dandruff  Remedies..  488 

Danish   Books .,..  918 

Dark    Lanterns......  9U0 

Darkrooms.    Tent....   939 

Darkroom  Lamps....   iM 

Darners.  Stocldng.98,  684 
Darning  Attachment, 
Sevi-lng   Machhie...  684 

Darning  Cotton 9» 

Darning  .Needles 9» 

Darning  Yarn 
Darts,  Blfle 

^,..„ 1031 

Dlinitres   .  ■' 53,  56  | 

Dining  Chairs. 

Dtaii'e'r  'B-ells. .  .413,    1027 

Dinner   Boxes 919.  958 

Dinner    Buckets 1027 

Dinner   Horns ,.     22 

Dlnnerware,      Enam- 
eled     1''24 

Dinnerwaro,  Silver.846-858 
Dip.  Sheep 516 


DrUls,    Cotton 1099 

'■if ."■  ■*"•  I'o"'!'  "??  B'J'n  /r'rS'iiiie'r',    '' 

gruarNas;i".":."80rGrahi   -. UOO 


^Sihe's,    vehicle 1047 

Dash  Lamps 1047 

Dash   Lanterns 1";9 

Dating  Stamp.... -.•   9o8 
Daubers    and    Mitts, 
Stove  Polisliing. . . . 
Daubers.  Shoe 


Dip   Nets.    Minnow..   934 

Dippers    1024-1025 

Dippers,  Bullet  Run- 

nhig   913 

Dipping  .Tan'^-, ■-■-^1111 
Directors'     Tables— Write 

tor     School     Furniture 

Discs.   Exposure  Me- 

Daveliportsi    Sanitary  ^^^ 

Da'y^^Bociks'  —  Write    tot 

Book    Catalog. 
Daylight     Developing 

Tanks  .•-••-,• ,\%l 

Deadening    F?,"-," ' -ll^t 

Decappers.    Shell 91' 

D«*or)itions,     House- 
^h61d."l?    491.   496.  503 
Decorations,     Pyrog-  ^^_^ 


Doughnut  Cutters., 
Down    (Feathers),...   ;-- 

Down  Cushions 6^1 

Down  Dusters 494 

Drafting,  Books  on. ^^jj 

Draftsmen's  Supplies 


Drain   Boards 

Drain    Cleaners .-'O^b 

Drain  Pipe,  Galvaidzed 

Diis'tiess  'rioor  Mops.  1020  U;  ,^  (,  j  'em  Fountain 

Dutch  Collars...... 94-95       pe„s , 

Dutch  Collar  Pln8.836-S37    g^blem  PlUow  'TOPS  .„^  .r.n,.; 

Dutch   Ovens 10^3]  io5,  491    Exercisers.    Baby. 556.  925 

Emblem    Rings......  822^xerciEing  Apparatus 

Embossing  Press.  In-  __  1      920-92[ 

.949,    952 


s 1112 

„ ..10''42-1043.  1045 

Evener  Clerises 1041 

Evening   Coata •^.}/' 

Excelsior.  Wood— Write 
for  Blacksmiths'  Cata- 

Drills:   Hand...  1066,  1078 
Drills.  Hydraulic  and 
Jetting    1170 


Drills.   Post 1066 

Drills,  Ratchet 

1067.  1078,  1081.  1177 
Drills.  Round  Shank.1067 

Drills,  Rubber 1045 

Drills.   Stone 1056 

Drills. .  S  t  r  a  1  g  h 

Dyes.    Assorted JSi    Emblem    Rings..... 

Dyea,  Hair "»  |  Embossing  Press.  In 

Dyes.    Hat..... JJl 

Dye  Color  Books....  100 

Dynamos.    Books   on.  951 
Dynamos.    Tr- 
Dynamo   Oils 

Dysentery''R'emedie8..  479 


Eagles.  Embroidered.     92 
Eagle    Claws........ 1041 

Ear    Buttons.    Stock 

Marking  •  -  ■  - -,--;l"''' 
Ear  Drops   (Jewelry) 

820.  837.  840-841,  843 
Ear  Labels,  Stock...  1033 

Ear  Markers lo" 

Ear  Piuichcs '"33 

Ear    Screws 

Drain  Spa'dcs. ...... .1036 

Drain   Tile   Molds... 1160 
Drainage,      Books 

ter    753         ^rrite    for    Book    Cat: 

Disc  Cultivators 1103 

Disc    Harrows 1096 

Disc     P  1  o 


Decoys,  Sportsmen's.  915 

Dees.  Harness, 1--8 

Deed  Boxes 1029 

Defeudol jeo 

Dehorning  Clippers. .  1033 
Dehorning  Saws. ....  1033 
DeUvery   Cars— Write   for 

Atrlomobile  Catalog. 
Delivery  Cars.   Motorcycle 

— Write  for  Motorcycle 

Delivery  Carta. 
Delivery  Wago 

....     ^  .  ,  -  -     and 

Discs    1093         j^, 

Dlsgorger  Fish  Hook  934  Drapery' 
Dishes. 399-41 3  prapery 
Dishes.    Enameled •  ■■  1024  ' 

Dishes.    Fern 413 

Dishes,    surer 854-868 

Dishes.   Soap 

417,  1024-1025,   1168 
Disites.    Toy  —  Write   tor 

Toy  Catalog. 
Dishes.    Vegetable. . . 


410.  416.  855-856.  1024 
Dish   Mops,   Cotton..     23 

Dish   Pans 1024-1025 

Dish  Towels 46 

Dish    Toweling J; 

Dishers.  Ice  Cream..  1027 
Disinfectants     ......    479 

Disinfectants.  Stock.  516 
Disinfecting  Candles.  479 
Distemper  Remedies 




^ .,.,    .1210 

Dciiaturcd    Xiciihol 

Shellac    •'V' 

Denims 30 

Denlin  Drapery,  Art.  460 

Den  LIglits ...-•   Jl» 

Dental    Preparations.  489 
Deodorant  (Perspira- 

104,   472.   709 


„,„„„,   'Hooks 464 

Drapery  Loops 43U 

Drapery  Matertala. . .   ^^^ 

Drapery  Pins........   464 

Drawers    and    t.  orsei 
Cover  Combinatlons^^^  j  g';;;  "8,-^7  Jewel 

Drawers,  Boys' . . .,. 

Drawers,  ClUldren  i 

Drawers,  Diaper... 

Drawers,  Girls' 

...1048.  1067,  1177 
Drills.  Wood.  Brace. 1078 
Drill.    Vise.    Anvil 

and    Hardle 1040 

Drill  and  Brace  Sets 

Itial    ;  -  •  ■  •A.'S?    Expanders.  Seat  Post 

Embossing  Tools  —  Write   Expanders,    Tube 1170 

-  -  '^— ■'■-"  'Expansion  Tartks. .  ..1183 
Expansive  Bits.1079,  1083 
-  -  Kit  Cutters 

1079.    1083 

Exposure  Meters 753 

Bars.  Eagles,  Stars    92 1  ]j„j„sive  Bit  Cutters 
Embroidered      Be  d 
Sheets   and   PtUow 

.31.  102    Express  Rates. 

Express    W  i 

and   Doilies  Boys'    

.101-104   Extension  BeUs 771 

Extension  Bit  Hold- 


1080.  1083 


Combination   1066 

Drill    and    Emery 

Grinder   j.--l??2 

Drill  Bits.  1066-1067,  10.8 

Drill    Chucks 1066 

Drill    Gauges lOiS 

Drill  Points 1066 

Drill  Seeders 1040 

:...    "  - and 

Sponges   ?"' 

Ear   Syringes J"" 

Ear  Tips,  Horse 1235 

Ear  Trumpets.. JJb 

Earache    Remedy "0 



Drill   Tap   and   Steel 

Wire  Gauge 1063 

.Drill  Wrenches 1070 

9.  245,  249    Drinking    Cups...... 

J,  dies'  ...481,    919,    1024-1025 

,,246-247,   249    Drinking    Cups,    Col- 


837.' '840-841.    843 

Extension  Curtain 
Rods    463 

Extension    Ladders. 

Extension   Lamps .. . 

Extension       B  "  <*  '  ,,.„ 
spraying     .....   -  - 1 1»" 

Embroidered  Initials  100 
Embroidered    Net 

Bands    -;;■  ■     °' 

Embroidered      PlUow 

Shams.  Slip^s.  TOPS  ^^^ 

Embroidered       Swiss 

Muslin  ■■■■■ 

Eig-roidet^d       Table ^^^ 

Embroidered    Under- 
wear.   Hand 208-,5oy  ,      ,uub. 

Embroidered  VoUo...     35   Extractors.    Honey.. .1123 

EmhroiderHJ    84-89    Extractors.    Pl«--- 

EmbroideiT    Braid    ^^   Extractors.     SUelK^    ^^^ 

ErStoidery'  Cotton. ■9'8, 100   Ej'ek; '  Sc'rew.'.'.'.'. . .  .'.1050 
Embroidery    Walloons  Eye    "-■"  '"" 

i»iui   .."." °-,tKQ  84.  87-8»lEye    *.- ■,.. 

Eaves    Troughs USr    Eiiijroldery     Hoops..   100  1  Eye  Remedies.^  . . . .   480; 

Eccentric  Clamps....  1086    gmuro.^^^^j   Linen. 44. 101 ,  gye  Remedies,  Horse.  515 

Echo  Calls. 

Ditch  C  1  e  a 

Shovel   . . . 

Ditch    Hoes. 


.'769.  1079 

Drawers,    L 


Drawers,   L  a  d  1 

Drawers,    Men 
Drawers,    M  is  sea' 

Muslin    - 

Drawers,    Waterproof 

Diaper  -  -  •  • 

r,cuo  ^.a..= 905  I 

Ecraieurs^'Cast'rating  617 

Eden    Cloth ,59 

Edges.    Straight 
Edge  Tools 




Edg'ili'gs. 780-82.  84-86. 
Edgings.   Cur'a'h-; 
Edging.      " 

Braid   ■•■•• 

Edging  Tongs.   Boof- 



Ditching   Scrapers. 


Dividers.  Draftsmen! 
Dividers.  Machinists  .1063 
Dog    Cart! 

,     lapslble   481,  919 

203.    208-209    Drinking     Fountains. 

260-262  I     Poultry   1032 

Drinking     Fountains. 

Sanitary    HOli      ing    - -i,- --,--• -„;;' 

rip    Boards    and    Cap  1  Edging  JTooK,    Har- 
Moldlng— Write  for  Mill 
Work   Catalog, 
Drip   Pans.. 
Drive    Knobs 

^„,„  1052 

Drawer  Locks.   Keys.1052 

Drawing   Boards 765 

Drawing  Crayons 956 

Drawing   Inks 

487     Dog  Chains.   Collars. 

Deodorizers  47  J 

Depilatories    490 

Derringers^ 909 

Design  Plates,  Concrete — 

Desks,  Ladies'......   599 

Desks,    Office 600-601 

Hcsks,    Parlor 598-599 

resks.    School ^130 

I'rsks.  Teachers' —  Write 

for  School     Furniture 

lA-ads.    Locks    and 

Muzzles  .  - . 
Dog  Clippers 
Dog     Flea 



^     .  .^-     Powders 

nd    Soaps 515 

Dog    Forceps 
Dog   Harness 



DrawifiB  knives.  1077, 108; 

Drawing      Outflts.      C  hll 

drens— Write  for  Bool 



Drive    Punches 1043 

Drive  WeU  Points 
Driveway  Gat" 
Driveway       G 

Cement    1058 

Driving    Caps,    Well 


Driving   Coats.. 



316.  320-321,  917 

Driving    Gloves.  .345, 


Makers' . . 

Embroidery   Needles.  10»  :  Eye   Shades 

Embroidery    Outfits..   101 1  Eye  Syringes... 506 

•^rrS?  ''"".™:   100    lreSes'^^"lewel'ers''  7U 

y.XS&  ■  I?  ssors.  866  i  l^fejs.   Knob 1045 

Embroidery    Silk....   100,  Eyelet  Loops. ■•     JJ 

Embroidery  Silk  Col-  Eyepieces.    Telescope.   768 

or    Book 1™ 

Embroidery    Stilettos.  100  p 

44,    48    Fables,    Books  of— Wrlt» 

, „ 1077        for    BoTO    Catalog.     

ESeryGrlnders.1059,  1085    Face    Bleach. 

Embroidery   ToweUng 
Einery     Cloth . 

Seit,    ...    ..".:9«-952 
Educational     S  up  - 
plies.   Kindergarten  ■"<"' 

Elterve'scent   Salts. 478.  480 

Eggs.  Nest 515.  1032 

Egg    Beaters. 
Egg    Cartons^ 


eII  t^ses"   Shipping.  1032 

Kge  Cups. 


Emery  Wlieel  Dress- 

Emery' Wheel 'stands.1059  ;  Face  PuSs 
BnaSelT  536-537.  550  ""'  — •-  =— 
Enamel.  Alumlnu- 

Enamels.  Bicycle. 

Face   Steamers. 

,„.,. .Face    Veils 

536.  550,  888  ]  Face    Veilings. . 

i.n«iiio.»    t,.w --Factory    Bells 

rnS;;  Oold  I|.f .  536  ,  Factor,^„Su^pl... 
Enamels.  Heated  Sur- 

Enamete.    Nail . . 

Enamels.  Radialj 



Desks,    Typewriter. . 

I>(-sk  Lights 

I'esk  Sets.   Fancy,. 

licsk    Tables 

Desk    Trays 

J  icssert    Dishes . 


Dog  Harness.  Lead..   915 
Dos  Training  Books.   95-1 

Doilies     43.  101-104 

Dollies.    Paper.. 9o7 

Doilies.  Stamped...-  loi 

Dolls  s""-??! 

Doll  Bodies...,....;  JOl 
Doll    Clothes.    Furniture. 

Houses— Write  for  Toy 


Doll  Go-Carts 875 

Doll    Heads 501 

Doll    Patterns 498 

Domes.      Electric     Light. 

Gas— Write   for  Prices^ 
Dome    Shades... 
Domet  Flannel.. 

'..i'54-155;  161.  222-227 
Presses,  House.  .  .151-153 
Dresses,    infants'. ^.^.^.   ^^^ 

Dresses,    infants'    Stamp 
ed— Write      for      Bab> 
Dresses,   Ladles'  and 

Misses'.  151 -159,    161-64 
Dresses,   Maternity...   2,-14    Silk 163-164 

Dre-saee.  WeddlnK,161-163 
Dress  Goods... 32-36, 
44     49.    52-89,   92,    10? 
1  Dress    Linings.,   '"   ''''-'' 

Egg  Producing  Rem- 


Egg  Separators, 

Egg  Sets 

Egg   Testers. , . 
Eiderdowns    . . 

Elkonogen ■"" 

■  s„"„dries         1  Ejectors.  Jet  Pump. .  1170 

^"""Ih-m     504-517    Elastic   -■-,;:„•■ 'i;!  „?? 
;   Pins. .   464    Elas   c.  striking    B«6  l^' 

I      547-548,  550,     056- 
550l       1061.     1114.     1 184. 1 191 
489    Factory     Wash     Slnks- 

I      Write      for      Plumbiiu 

.  ,.5.36-537.  550         -_ 
Enameis.  Sto™  „?!?!:.  Ill  I  li\ll  'SSS.', 

Drums.     Toy.. 

708    Elastic  Bandages 
498    Elastic  Sleeve  Hold- 


End  Clevises 

End  Stones 

Endgate  Seeders... 

Engines.        Gasoli 

Farm  and  Shop 

Drllm    FUUngs'  '.'.'.'.'■   708    Elastic'  'siMklngs 
Drum    piiiMiBw- •  ■  ■  •  ,    T-,„^,,„       Sunnon 


701  Elastic       Supporters. 

.  708        Athletic  ■■■■■ 

710  Elastic    Truss    Weh- 

993  blng 



Family    Reniedl«».477-48 

Fans.     Elearlc i- 

Fans.     Hand ^••49 


„,„„.-  -i--^^'0' 

for    Sample    Book    .M 
RIH.  „     , 

—    ■      Men's, 

£^™_w'r.teF,mcy_^«ts,--'     ; 

l\   Fnrinfs    Toy    . .  .498.  772    Fanntag    MIU 
99   Engines,    loj •  •  •-■ ' '"'°'  536    p„rro  Drags . . 

^  S.;e^  z^^^:^yo^-^^^S'.E^v^n^^'s^'^-^ 

gi  SEARS.  ROEBUCK  AND  CO..  Pamt  Pagcs  in  This  Catalog 


Farm    Graders 1113 

Farm     Implements.. 

514-518,      939. 

1031  -  1051.      J0S4- 

1058.      1088  -  ri23. 
126-1127.      1131. 

1144.      1178  -  1180, 
„  1184-1191.      1211. ■|2|2 

tami   Scrapers 1113 

Farm    Trucks 1212 

Farm  Wa90ns.i2il.1212 
Farming,  Books  on.  954 
Farming   Tools 

...517-518.     1032- 

1041.     1043.     1047. 

1054-1056.      1230  -  1232 
Farriers  — See      "Black. 


Fascinators    202 

Fasteners.    Belt lOOO 

Fasteners.     Blind, 

Storm   Saali 1052 

Fasteners.     Buggy 

Curtain    .    1045 

fasteners.    Hame....l228 

Fasteners,  Rug. . 
Fasteners,  Sash. 
Fasteners,   Skirt 





Figures,  Steel 1062 

Figures,    StOTCll 1062 

Flgur* —    "-  ■ 

Files.    Bill .„ 

Files,  Jewelers' 777 

Flies,    Letter 591 

Files,  Nail 48^ 

Piles,   Saw 1057-1058 

Files.    Veterinary 517 

Pile  Cleaners 1057 

File  Handles 1057 

Filers,  Circular  Saw.  1058 
Filers,  Crosscut  gaw.1056 

FlUng  Cabinets 591 

Filing  Guides,  Saw..  1080 
Fillers.  Crevice.  .539.  641 
Fillers.   Fruit  Jar.. 21,   25 

Filler,    Leather 649 

Filler,   itug  Space...   440 

Filler.   Wood 639-541 

Fillet.  Mill  Work...  1151 
Fillet  Nets.   Curtain.   461 

F  Uetster  Planes 1076 

Fllnis,^  Photo 748.   750 


Flatlron  Handles. 



Fruit     Driers, 




Foot    Stones— Write    for 

Flatlron    TI(inr»*>o  lAin  I      Pine  "611  I      on — Writ*>       r^r-       t>«-,i. 

FlX?s".  sTar--}o"JI   frot'^-'^'-^i^^^r'^^i   Fn'-r^?-  c„v 
irin„«r(..™    '  VV -"\- •^"''*    *  P  *>  t      Wheels     for  n„i.>,„..„ 



.1160.    1168     Filters.  Coffee 



Faucets. ^  

Tub    1160     Fllti 

Milk   Can.. 1031     "'" 



Film  Devjloplng  Outfits 
Camera  Cat- 

Write  loi 





Faucets.      . 

Favors — Write 

Feathers  for  Pillows.  631 

Feather*.   Millinery.. 

•••••••■ IICIII 

iither    Bands Ill 

.   752 

„„.      •    -— 1026 

Filters,  Water.. 416.  1172 

■  .   754 


Feather     Dusters. 



Feed    Bags,    Horse. 
Feed    Baskets.     Gal 

vanlzed    1029 

Feed    Boies.    Racks.  1061 
Feed    Carriers'     and 

Itenalrs    1108 

Feed    Cookers 1112 

Feed      Cutters      and 

Attachments    1109 

Feed     Grinders     and 

Attachments.  1032.    1110 
Feed    Grinders.    Gas- 
oline    Engine 1189 

Feeders.  Bee 1123 

Feeders,     Calf 1031 

Feeding    Troughs 

Poultry    1032 

Feet.     Stocking 250 

Fellers     684  i 

Felling    Saws 1055 

Felloes    1043 

F>U.     Deadening 1154 

Felt.    Tarred ll.'>4 

Fell   Boots  and  Shoes  396 
Felt     Border.     Robe 

Lining    1231 

Felt    Carpet   Lining. 

Lumber  List. 
Fence  Posts.    Steel.. 

„  1121-1122 

Fence    Post    Braces, 

-Vdjustable    1122 

Fence    Post    Molds. 

loncrete    1160 

Frnce    Stretchers 1122 

Fencing.     Barbed 

Filter  Pape 

Findings.  Shoe..., 

Fine  Tooth  Combs...   ,„„ 

Finger  Bnishes 494 

Finger  Nail— See  Nail. 

Finger  Protectors 

^, .......481,  505,  754 

Finger  Rings. .. 

_, ,;,?20-828,  840,  842 

Finger  Tips,  Rubber.   754 
llngerboard     Charts 
Stringed        Instru- 
ments.690.  692,  694,  696 
Fingerboard  Nuts,  Vi- 
olin      ggg 

Finishing   Braids. '.'.'.     24 
Finishing   Lumber. 

_.;v, 1151-1152 

Finishing     NaUs  —  Write 

for  Prices. 
Finishing  Oils. 

Fire    Arms ^„ 

Fire  Arm  Repairs — Wrltl 
for   Fire   Arm    Repairs 

Flavoring,      -  », ,  v 

Syrup    -  »-  -  V  ^^^ 

Flavoring  Estract's— Write 

for   Grocery    Catalog. 
Fea  Powders.   Dog..  515 
Fea   Soap.    Dog 515 

1  S'^'L'    Brushes.. 481,    494 

Flesh    Builders 487 

Flexible    Sleds 876 

I  Floats,   Bathers' 925 

Floats,    Cork 1056 

Floats.  Pishing  Cork.  931 
floats.  Mouth.  Horse  517 

iloats.  Tank 1170 

Float    Valves 1170 

Floor  Brushes !"lO'>0 

Floor    Dressing 550 

Floor  Dusters  (Broom 
Coverl    10''0 

Floor   Finish '  530 

Floor  Hooks 1037 

Floor  Matthlgs... 442-443 

Floor   Mops ...  — 

Floor  Oil 

Floor   Oilcloths 

Floor   Paints.. 

Floor   Plates 

Floor   PoUshing   and 

Wax'--  " 


Floor     Veneer. . .  .* 

Floor     Wax 

Flooring    .    .' .  1 1152  I  For'S 

Wheels     for 

Lathe  Sets 1059 

Football  Goods..  924 

FootbaU    Rules 924 

Football    Shoes 924 

Footstools 464.   565 

Force  Pumps . , . 

...538,   1174-1176: '1180 
Force  Pumps,   Cleau- 

_lng    1172 

Force  Pumps,  Power.1179 
Forceps,    Veterinary..  517 

Fore    Planes 1076 

Foreign  Dictionaries.  048 
Forges,  Blacksmiths'.  1068 
Porfc,  Blower.  Anvil. 
I     Vise.     Combination 

Tool    1040 

Forks,  Alfalfa 1037 

Forks.    Asparagus. ...  856 

Forks.    Barley 1037 

Forks,    Cake 849.  851 

Forks.   Carving 28 

Porks.  Coke 1037 

Forks.   Cold  Meat...     • 
....... ...846.    840-853 

Porks,   Cooking 23 

Porks,     Grapple 1037 

Forks,     Hay 1037 

Forks,  Hay  Harpoon.  1037 

|orks.    Header 1037 

*  orka.   Ice  Cream ...  850 

Rubbers '     21 

Jruit     Jar     Cover 

Wrenches  12 

Fruit    Jar  PliieVs; 

Tin   21     25 

Pi^ult  Jar  SeaUng' 

Fruit  Knives'.sVe'.  848',  850 

rrult    Plates 409 

Fruit  Presses.. .1027 -1028 
Fruit  Presses,  Heni3.1027 
Fruit  Sets.  ..410.  414-415 
Fruit  Sllcers...:.  !:i027 
Fruit  Stands,  Bas- 
kets,   Sliver 856 

fTy  Pans,  Aluminum. 1026 

Fry  Pans.    Steel 1023 

Fuel,      Carriage 

Beater     1231 

Fuel  Doors in?} 

Fullers.  Anvil....    "1073 

FuUer  Balls nos 

P"lto  Bibbs :.ii6S 

E.rJ.^i.Vi'e    C»"dles.  479 

Garters.    Ladies'.'  'and 

Garters'.    Men's.'.'  ■ 


Garter  Waists'.  .1229'   245 

Gas    Burners 420 

Gas  Cook  Stoves.999.|003 

Forks.  Kitchbn 

Forks.    Manure 1037 

Forks.  Pickle.   Olive. 

.846,  848,  850-853 
Salad.    Ijidl. 


Scoop . 


Floorln     Nam-Twriie  fo"r   FoK  SUve?.' p"i?r6,itS 




Fire  Backs,   Stove, 
Fire  Extinguishers 

.......483.    1172.    1180 

r  ire  Hose 106I 

Fire    Screens— Write    for 

Mantel    Catalog, 
Fire    Shovels 1023 

dngs.  Embroid- 

en-.  Lace 82.  85-89 

Flour— Write    tor    Gro- 
ery   Catalog. 

Calcined 756 

Bins 1027 

Sifters 1027 



Flremi ,.  „„„. 

Fireplaces  1 

Fireplace   Fittings— Writ 

for  Mantel  Catalog.  , 
Fireplace  Gas  Stoves.  1003 
Fireproof  Cash  Boies.  1029 

Flowers.    Hat    'Trim 

_,"'he     107-109 

Flower    Boxes.     Concrete 

—Write   for   Tombstone 


Flower    Holders 858 

£!2:i!:      ""-"■(Jar-'   "^^ 

»i "—""  "'"Ckets.ioii 

Flower    Pot  Molds— Write 

for  Concrete  Machinery 

Flower   Vases.. 858.    1125 
J  lower    Vases.     I  r  0  n— 

Write  for  Prices. 


_  ■,■■■•; 846-853 

Porks.  Spading 1037 

Forks.     Steel    and 

Tinned  Table..  .864-865 
Fork.      Knife      and 
Spoon    Sets.    Chil- 
dren's.846.  849-852.  865 

■rroughing   1159 

5S 754 


Funnels.    Gla 
Funnels,  Tin 


caters  iigg 

Gas   Fireplaces .' .  1145 

Gas  Fireplace  Stoves.  1003 
Gas   Fitters'   Tools.. 

...^..1064.  1172-1173 
Gas  Fittings....  JiJ? 
Gas  Fitting,  Books  oil 

.  •  ■  ,:.•  ■.• 950-951 

"n'   ';l,''«.'"'es....420.  476 

Or  Write  for  Gas  Fix. 

lures  Catalog. 

Gas    Grates 1145 

Gas  Heating  Stoves.  1003 
Gas  Hot  Plates. 993.  1003 
Gas  Lamps. ... 

Gas    Mantles 

Gas    Manufacture.    B , 

on— Write    for    Book 

Gas    Pipe 

Gas      Pipe     Proving 



Pur    Mats, 
Fur  Pants, 
Fur     Robes. 

Write  (or  Har 


18  Pllers.1064, 1173. 1177 

. .  1231    ^^^  Radiators 1003 

Riding.  .1231  I  G>s    Ranges 999.1003 

""     1003  1 

JS23    Girls' 

Gilding        (Gold 

Paint)      ra 

out  Beads.... jn 

Gilt   Buttons... n 

GUt  Head  Nails  and 
GilfS".--!""'      '»! 

Gimlet  Bits::::;"'io7 

Ghnp.    Furniture       "   ■■ 
'■'neer.    Jamaica 


Trimming   . 

Girdles.     PUlow...';;  ]0i 
Girdles.    Tape..  is. 

Girls'    Aprons.:.::-   «i 

Girts'    Belts ir 

Girls'  Belt  and  s'u'p- 

porters     . .  oi 

Girls'    Bicycles.:::::  88' 
Gir  8    Bloomers. 229.   302 
tjlrls     Bonnets.... 
,-..•.•■.■•;,■  •■•202.  '230-231 
Girls'    Books-Write    fo 

Book    Catalog. 
R!,.    Bracelets.818.    842 
Girts'  Capes.  Rubber- 

ized   ^oq 

Girts'  Coats....:"  ^ 
189-191.  190.  232-233 
S.'*.  Corset  Waists.  132 
Girls  Drawers.229,  245.2*9 
Girls      Dresses 

154-155.     161.     222-227 
Girts'    Garters.:.  97 

Girls'  Gloves "  3,39 

"■  "  ■     Hand    Bags.:  l.3g 

GWs'    Hats 

117.     119.     121-127 
Indian    Suits.  308 

Vehicle  —   Gas  Stoves. 


.  ..«i,.uu,  y_aan  iiOie8.1U29  I  X'l..^      t>        .     * --^'i''. 

Fireproof  Safes.lOIO-IOII     ?!,"?    Brushes 1170 

Fireworks    4fi3   jqa     „.  ®   i^ipanders 1170 

Fireworks    483,  498 

Firmer    Chisels    and 

Gouges 1077,   1083 

^'S^',.  f^?nn«l.     Cured— 

Write  for  Grocery  Cat- 


.1122  I 
.1121-1122,    1124 

Friiclng.  Picket  _.  

Write    for    Wire    Fen- 
'Ing    Catalog. 
P'li.hig.    Wrought 

'•'(Ml     1124 

Fencing  Nails- Write  for 

Fencing    Shoes 924 

Fencing   Staples 

1050.    1122 

Fencing   Tools.. 1036,  1122 

Fcnclni!    Wire 1122 

Fencing  Woven  Wire 

.., 1 1 18- 1 121,    1124 

Fenders.     Surrey 1047 

.  Fern  I>ishe3 413 

Ferrolypo    Plates.. 
Pernilea.       Neckyokv 

and    Singletree 1042 

Ferrules.  Plumbing.. 
^  -■:■••■•••.    1171-1172 
ules.  Trap  Screwll71 

Pish  Baskets. ::::""  9:^4 

K  ^iK^'Speara)::  933 
rish    Hooks....  931 

Pish  Hook  Disgorger:  9,34 
Fsh  Lines.. 930-931.  934 
Fish   Line   Snaps 934 

f,">''x'!""'i.-''*'   936-937 

Fish  Nets.  Keep  Fish 

Alive    934 

J'sh  Nets.  Landing.:  9:34 
Fish      Net      Curtain 

Materials    461 

Pish   Platters 855 

Pish    Scalers.....         93? 

Fish   Scales oi'i 

Pish  Sets.   CIdna..;:  407 

Fish  Spears 933 

Fish  Stringers :  934 

Fish  Trans 

Fishing  Hats.. 
Fishing  Ontflls 
Fishing    Bods    and 
Fittings... 928-930,    933 


Flue     Scrapers 1170 

Flue  Stops :;;:  20 

Flutes  707 

Piute  Accordions 698 

Flute     Cases 707 

Flute     Cleaner 706 

Flute    Polios 710-711 

i-iute    aiouthpleces..  707 
Sl^   3^P^-    Pishing..  933 
—     Wire...     21 


-■"■Ifr  480 

Formalin    700 

Forms.    Bust ::  605 

Forms.  Dressmakers'.     99 
Forms.    Print    Trlm- 

„™'nB   756 

Formulas.    Books    of.  950 
,       'eiling 

ls„ 497-498 

i  Telling  Books  954 

.35-36.    73-74 


„       ,  ,-.  Poultry. ..1032 

Fountain  Combs 505 

9 'in  tain     Pens 

(Cheap)     957 

Fountain   Pens.    Em- 


Pur  Tanu 

Furnaces.    BntcL..„  .i,,.. 
Furnaces.   Caldron...  1112 
Furnaces.  Blast.  Gas- 
oline        ii7,> 

Furnaces.    Rocker. .::ill2 
Furnaces,  Warm  Air.llsi 

Furnace  Fronts m-) 

Furnace   Registers— Write 
for  Prices. 

Furnace    Scoops 1036 

PurnislUng  Goods. 

i  Stoves.  Plreplac' 


Girts'     _..„...,. 

Gh-ls'  Neck  Chains: 


Garsrove'fSr.     003    c!rt»:    pN'«r'eo"ns;-.   229 
Gas  Water  Heaters  ^''^''     Petticoats.... 

216-217.    228 


Porch   .. 




.551-651.  1130 
for      School 

..567-568.  927 
Sohool..  .1130 
Toy  —  Write 

Fly    KUlers. 

Horse     1234^1236 

Fly     Netting..  :.'_.S 
Fly.  Paper   Holders..  482 

tly     Poisons 482 

Ply    Spray..  iSo 

Flying    Bird    Toys.:: 
Flying    Machines. 


.858.    947 

Books    „.. 
Plying  Machim 
Fobs.    Watch. 

809-810.     8'4'i-842 

Fourth  of  July  Sup- 
Plies.. 30,  483,   498.  920 

Frames,    Bee   Hive...  1123 

Frames.    Bicycle  —  Write 
for    Bicycle    Catalog, 

Frames.     Door  - 


„    i-r-j, 999.    1166 

Gasket   Cutters 1034 

Gasolhie    Blast    Fur- 
naces    and     Blow 

Torches  1172 

--"ne  Cnnq 
Gasoline     Engines 
Farm  and  Shop  1184- 
Gasoline     Engines. 


Gasoline    Engine    ig- 
nition        771 

Gasoline  Engine  Oil 
Gasoline      Engine 

Sprayers    1179 

Gasoline  Pumps 547 

Gasoline    Stoves I009 

Gasoline  Stove  Ovensl007 

Gasoline  Tanks 547 

Gasolhie   Torches 


Girls'  Play  Suits... 
nir.--^--">-     302.    306 

?;...    Raincoats 19s 

Girls     Reefer^.. 

„,•• 189.    232-233 

clrK   ^'"^ 823-824 

Girls    Rompers. ... 

„. 228.238.  '802 

Girts'    Saddles......  1221 

0-366.     .376-377.'   394 
s     Skirts 

Girts'' Sleepii^^'o'?''"' 

„,n;e,nt3    228-220 

Girts'    Stoclrings 

/<,•>•■.■■■„■ '.■■253-255.    258 

Grs      Suits 142-14.3 



Furniture  Varnish 
Fuses.    Electrical 

Fuses.  Telephone ,.  ,     .„.  .. 

Fuse  Blocks 771    Gauges, 


Gasoline  Water  Heat- 

„  ^'•s    1166 

Gates .1120-1122 

Gate  Casttags "22    Oiis's.    , ,„ 

}"|}    Glass    Cutters.. 543.    1170 


•1051    Gla 


.  Toy.  498 

950    Frames,  Photo— Write  for    Galatea   Cloth 

FeilUlzer  Drills 1100 

Festoons.     Paper. 
Fellock     Clippers. '.'.:i232 
V  e  r      Remedies. 


Fiction    "94 

Field   Glasses...:   . 

.  Fifei     

fcFIfc    Instructors: : : 

me  Mouthplecee. . . 

*lgata  and  Letters: 
Aluminum    ....       1052 
rijarca.     Bisque  —  Write 
for  Cr^kery  Catalog. 

Fishing  Tackle  Boxes 

and   Books....  933 

Fistula         Remedies' 

.Syringes  514 

Pitch    Tools ill 

Fixing  Baths 7m 

Fixing  Boxes....  754 

Fixing  .Solutions 760  | 

Fixtures,  Electric  and 

Gas 420    47fi 

Or    Write   for  '^iS' .Yd  ' 
Eleclric    Fixtures    Cat- 
fixtures.   Grindstone.  1039 

Cloth 752    Pra; 

--.   Cutters 1109   Pi 

Folding    Bath    Tubs.  505    Fi 

Gall  ointment::::: '"   515 

- „u^-         iJ;"')'^"'    Targets 901 

ton      741    Galloons.      Embrold 

Pole    Saw..lll3    „  .."•y    ••• 84.87 

■■  755    Galloons.    Lace. 

1019   Galloons.  Ribbon 

Funnels „. 

Insulators 771 

Pitchers 41s 

Stoppered  Bol- 


Folding  Bath   Tubs,  Baby    Frames,    RetouclUng.   756    G'''''"'''^^'!  Baskets.  .1029 
p.  T,;^  r'te  for  Baby  Book.    Frames.     Saw 'ills    Galvanized     E  a  v  e  s 

Frames,  Saw. 'jewel- 

Trough  ]  1 

„ 777    Galvanized   Nails. ..  .1156 

Screen 1050    J;*;™"'^^"!  Oil  Cans. 1029 

E?i3!l!!   Ch«lrs:.552.    927|Frames.        ,„,  ..  _..  _„„.,„„ 

Framed  Pictures 496    X''."""'^*'!  Oil  Tanks  547 

l;ramlng    Chisels 1077    Galvanized    PaUs loiol 

Gate   Hangers. 

32.  471.  1045    Gate    Hinges „. 

"     '''         540    Gate  Hooks.  Latches.  1051 
771    Gauges,     Altitude— Write 
for  Heating  Catalog. 

Jugcs.   Bit 1078 

Gauges.  Butt 1076 

Gauges.  Center 1063 

Gauges.    Chisel 1064 

Gauges,    Clapboard.  .1076 
Gauges.     DrUl.     Tap 

and  Steel  Wire 1063 

Gauges.    Jewelers'...  777 

Gauges.    Jointer 1076 

Gauges.  Marking. 

Mortise    1076 

Gauges.     Mortar  —  Write  Glas'Jer  L 
for    Concrete    Catalog.  Wall 

^'iiuKes.   aieam 11  fO  |  Glasses.    Onpr.^.  7fl« 

Gauges.      Steam. 

Pressure  — '  Write 

Heating  Catalog. 
Gauges.  Surface.. 
Gauges.  Water. . . 
Gauges.  Weather- 

Glass    Toweling. 

Glass    Towels 40 

Glass  Towel   Bars...  1168 

Glass    Tubes 1170 

Glasses.     Field 767 

Glasses.  Jewelers' £ye.  777 
Ghisses.    Look  lue.; 
Hand,   Stand.. 495.   871 
asses.  Looking 
Wall   597.   U68 

Glasses.    Opera „„ 

Glasses.  Reading. .    .   766 

Glasses.    Spy 767-768 

Glasses,    storm 769 

.1063    Glasses.  Watch 777 

.1170    Glasses.  Wine 415 

" —     .414-415.    858 



.1076    Glassware.    Sil^ 
.1063        Deposit 


ir„?\?'--t;  ■••'■■■'"•     919    Framing     TImbfr's' "fS    Galvanized  Pipe "im    Sj^^*  rocks     ....'.';]169    Glaziers'  Dlamoilds::  543 
r^olf'oe    Fences    for    Ba-    Fraternity    Embleris:  Galvanized    Range  S"""^  Glass  Cutters.llfoGIazlel^s'   Pohits 537 

Fraternity    'Em'brems.  Galvanized  "s't'a'p'le8::il2 

Key  Check loo')    Galvanized    Steel, 

Wes— Write    for    Baby|„  .:816-8I7,  82; 

Folding   Go.Cart«,652.654,„      ,„n. 

Folding  Lunch  Boxes  Fraternity    Pennants    9'J 

^  ■■■ 27,    958p'''Sternity    Pin       '  '■* 

Folding   Mirrors. 495,    597    „ '^o"*     iu,->  1      =    'i 

Folding     Organs  —  Write    P"'e<'ltle  Removers  487    Galvanized    T»ba 

'"'    " Catalog.  F'reezera.    ice  Cream'lOSO    Galvanized   Valley. 

Boiler's     .  ^'llfifi    2""^"    5"''^' :i231    Glaziers'  Putty, 

Gauge    Provtag    Out- 

Freight    Rates 

rjfr  screens:::!  t^l^^S^li^^^!^^  Ht    Oa 

^l"«et    .    ;ii59 

livanlzed      Steel 

■T^nlM    ■ nil.  1183 

"■ ■-    -      —  1019 

158  I  Gaiintict    O  1  o 

Folding    Settees.;:::  927    Frets.    Guitar 

Wgurea.  Bronze  F-In- 




rigures.  Japanese 
Mures.  Ullk  Oin 
Isures.   Religious 

„•■ • 858. 

rwires.  sutues  and 


„        -.       Telle 


Flageolet-Piccolo  . . 

union:  857 


Flagons.  Ci ^ 


Flag  BunUng. 

Flanges.   Roof 

Flanges.    Stove  Pipe.     ^„ 

Jlange  Couplings 106O 

•'  ■  Cast 



Drawii  _     . . . 

Folding    stands:         , ,.    ^a^e 

TT^rf.""    ,i  ■  ■ ; '08   Fringed  Belts .. . 

Folding    Tables.  507.    596    Fringes.  Furniture 

Stands.  Friction  Clutch  Pui- 

'"*"        leys     

Friction   Tape. 


,.  771 
..  1.33 
.   464 

Flange   Unions, 

Flannels   . . : '  " 
Flannels.  Cantdii... 
F  lannels.  Embroidered 

...1171  I      Orclieatn 

Food     ,  ., 


Food     Chopper 

Prini  _ 

.709-712    Fringes.     VeldcL 
Frogs.  ArtUclal. 


Flannel   Mltteni 
Flannel    Shirts 

Flannel    Tricot 64.    70 

Flannelettes  ....  59 

Plash  Lights.  Electric  774 

Flashing.    Roof 1171 

Pliisks.    Colfee..  Jsi 

Food    Pushers.    Baby 

028   Frogs,  Silk 

Frog  Spear„ „„, 

1028   Prtills.    Preserved— Write 
,,  S''°™fy   Catalog. 

Galvanized    Wire'. ..  .1122 

497-499     „ ,^^^ 

9-54  I  Gauze,  Steriii'zed 

Glaziers'   Tools....'.'.   543 

...        - ..Glee  Club  F"ollos. 711-712 

c-,„nrtc^n"i"""*---"27    Glohes--Write  for  School 
G.-uintlct     Gloves.  F^jmlture  Caulog 

n""^?.    ■;,■; 339    Globe  Rhigs .   421 

Gauiitlet     Gloves.  Gloss  Oil.   Varnish      "o 

Ladles   and  Misses'  139    Gloves    and    Mittens: 

.344-346.   919 

Books  of. 

oBasa.  Carry- All  919 

.j..<.ie    Boards '" 

Game  Carving  Set 
„.■_■.:■  ■^.■..■^  •■■■846.    864 

Band.'iges.481.  507  |  Gloves:    Bee. 

Gloves.    Boxing. 


Game  Wardens'  Sta 
Gangs.    Cultivator. 

„•■■■;,■, 1102-1104 

Gang  Plows. .  .1092.   1095 
Oarages.  Automobile.  1153 

Garxlen  Barrows 1039 

Garden      Cultivators. 

„ -^,.,    v^aiaioB.      I -Se"ler8.1035.  1040-1041 

Fru  t   Baskets .866    9"f"  JJo*»-  ■  ■  1035-1036 

851-852    Priilt  Bowls 


407-498  I  Gen 

Mrs.     Marine    En 
Bine    Reversible. . . 

Wagon  ^. ....  1 21 1 1  G  lovei:   Ladle's 

F'nr  Catalog. 
,  Gloves.    Hunters'. 
935  I  <51oves.   Husking. . 

Book  on—    Gloves.   Rubber. 

o.o       „       .■  ■« OOI-BO2     »  '"'v    now 

33?  K°°.'  §°!."  ■'■'"« 1025    Fruit    Cai„„„,    i 

IZ    '^"'.'J,;-----:""  LwriteforPrf..,' 


Gelatin. „ . , .       ^,„ 

Gelatln—Write    for    Gro- 
eery    Catalog.  ,  ,„„,-    .^,,,„k     mntr 

Gem   Pans.1023,1025-1026    Glue:    sS'    fp^pa 

Generators.    Electric.  —Write  for  V^iilipk'^r 

''iii-ili  IsS  I  Garden   il'os^: : '  """"lo?;    Cele'^'io""",  '  Y.i    ■■■"A      Sam?lo  BoJk  "*' 

no    n,;t«.f!!    Garden   Plows    040  "  1101    CeSff?^"'.^'.?"',"™- '  'P   Ol™    Brushes 5I6 

a..""""*- 1  G"nien  Rakes : .  1J§J  I  t^e^rrphi?;".  .'.T.'.:  til    giy^c^ri^"" "" 

I  Garden    Trowels 

if™..  Dishes.  <-^^i.,,J^^i^^^^^^  -|«^Hn    ;and;Rose 

»e  to  Chicago. 



I  Garment     Mend In'g 

.99.  481 


481    Gig    Pads... 

Glc    Saddles .„-.- 

Gilders'    Whlling 5.3i 

97  I  Glycerin      Supposlto- 

^^  I     ries  

1227  I  Goals.   Basket  Ball.. 

Vy     >I|     PI  yTZ -•■   ■■-■' ■■liners     WhIIJng....    5 

we  II  3how  You  Through  Our  Buildings.       sears,  r 

1220-1227    Goat  Car 


,-Cart«,"BVby   .652-656 
rio-Oirts.     Comblna- 

lion  High  Cmlr...  556 
Oo-Carts     Doll......   875 

Oo-C«rt  Parasols. ...  ejj 


(lo-Cort    Straps 507 

Oow'BeadNBclukces  813 


Grocery   Wagons.  ....1210 
Groovers.    Cement 

SldeivalU     ■  1".^6 

GrTioviiic     Heads  —  Write 

tor  Machinery  Catalog. 
Oroovins  Planes....  l»i  6 
Orounil  Glass.. ..;._.  '5* 
Ground   G I  " 

tacbments  ..■•••,••■';!■ 
Grub  Hoes.  Handles.  lOj- 
Guards.  Bicycle  Mud.  887 

^  ^Soutms;  5|  I  %T.'X    f-   Shin.| 
Gold  Bronie  Powders  537     Guards.    Kazor 8i0 


Gold  Paints =J° 

Gold    Pens........--   »" 

Gold  Plated  Wire...  777 

Gold  Toning  Solution  760 

Golf  Caps 31j,  31J 

Golf  Pants -  /°* 

Gongs,     AutomobUe—  .      „„„    „„.„... .  ■■■■ 

Write  for  Auto  Supply     Guides.  Agate  Rod 

wruo  lui  Guides,    n.»»hnll.. 

.   1038  ' 


Gongs,  Trip..;.- 
Goose.  Tailors  . . 
Goose  Feathers.. 
Gospel  Hymns. . . 



Guards.    Wire   Wiiidow— 
Write   for   School   Fur- 
niture   Catalog. 
Guard    Chains.......  »i' 

Guard   Plates,  Mower 
ami    Binder.. _;;... 1041 


Gu'idel;    Bastet   BaU.  925 

,  Guides,    Fishing    Rod  933 

.     631     Guides,    Indoor   Bali.  923 

10-712  I  Guides,   Lawn  Tennis^920 


Governor   Pulleys. 



Graders,  seed  corn,  ^^j^^^^, 

.  ■ 754  1  riMit 

Graduates  'il 

Grain    Bags.  ;^;^ jjjj 

Guide",  .s1,w' Filing:.  1080 
Guides.  Violin  Bow.  690 
Guitars   and   Acces- 


Hall  Clocks ..-•  596 

Hall  Lamps..... 418.  420 

Hall  Racks.   Ml"»«-,„.,, 

..,.596-597.    618.    1027 

HaU  Seats 018 

Halters    • l^-O 

Halter  tlialns.  Loops, 
Rings,  Squares, 
Ropes.  Straps,  TIM. 
Trimmings  ...1226-12^0 
Hams  —  Write    for    Gro- 
cery Catalog.  I 

HamM  .  I227-I22S 

Bame  Clips.   Fasten- 
ers    Hooks.    Hous- 
ings. Loops,  Rivets, 
Harae  Tugs.  ....■•, -1228 
Hammers.  AdM^Eyo.^^^^ 

^Sh"-  .''.a069."l073 


Hammers,  Engineers'. 1069 
Hammers.    Horse- 

shoers'    1069.  1073 

Hammers.  Jewelers  . .  7 1  ( 





Heads,    Mandolin 694 


SSSet  .™  1064    Heads.-  „     , 

copper  ....  Heads.  Stone  Boat 

Handles.  Tool-------!""    Heads,  y^^^^ 

Handles,     VeUrlnary         ' 
Instrument  g'' 

Handle   Bars.....    .-  »»' 

Handle   Ear  Butters.  888 

Handle  Ba^  Grips. ..  887 

Handle   Heads,   D...1036 

Handled  A^^s. . . ..  ..1054 

Hangers.   Bam  Door.  1051 

Hangers.  Coat.  Pants, 


99.   289.   1020 
.i  „  s  ^  .  J  .     Eaves 
Trough 1159 

Hangers.  Gate 1051 

Hangers,    Leather   ~ 

Bangers".  Parlor  Door.  1053 

Hangers,     Pipe ■""' 

Hangers,   Screen  and 

Heads'.    Violoncello 

Head    Bloclts 

Head    Casing 1151 

Head     NeU.     Bee. 

Mosquito 934.    1123 

Head       Protectors. 

Football    •  924 

vr  e  a  d      Scarfs    an 

Veils 90-91 


Knife 867    Horseshoe  Nails:....  10 

•     ^. ";  1171    Horseshoe     Pads  —  Wr 


Honey— Write     for     Gro- 
cery  Catalog. 

Honey  Boxes.  Boards, 
Extractors.  Frames, 
Presses    — 

Honey       Canj 

874    Horseshoe     Pads  - 

"  for    Blacksmiths 

ply  Catalog. 



Headache    Remedies.  478 

Header   Forlts ..1037 

Headwear,  Children  8. 

Infants'    .112.  ,„ 

116.    230-231.    297,    339 
Health.    Books  ""         '>^- 
Icaring   Instrui 
leaters.    Autom^w-.-. 
Carriage 1023.  1231 

.   Bcreeu  »ini  Carriage 

o SashBractet.1050    g  "  g^j ioo3 

Hangers.  Shaft.  lOt^O    1100  Heaters,  La,undry.992-993    5;"-^- .nd'  Eyes      . 

Hanging   Lamps. 418.    421    „,  oy JS"?    hS^v!     and     Eyes 

n.,r,  Canvas. ..   101    «„«*„a     SiiHtron iniQ    HqqRS     ana     j<.  y  c  a. 

Supplies — See 

Cases—    Horse  Whips , 123.1 

"    Hose.    Fire.    Steam .  ■  1061 
■,„uu.,  ^a.......  ,Hose.  Rubber..  1034.  1061 

Hon;^'^  spoons.  Silver  853    Hose      Rubber.     Gas 

SS^l^?C^i'sV23o-ll?  Hr,';8ucuon\v.:::.io6^ 

Mdl'  LSes-^S-Sls-'^^MK  ~--.i63i;- 

"°°     ■  91,    121.    202    Hose    Couplings 11134 

;apea.  Babies'.  241   Hose  N'PP''^ --,•„-,■,■ -IS} 

Cutters 10G9|HO3e  NjSi"'           '  iqei 

Hoof  Dressing.. .515.  549    " 

Hoof   Parers 1073 

Hoof     Planes 1057 

Heaters,    Sadiron 1019 


^^  1069 

Hammers,    Masons',  .1056  |  Hardwa 

Grain  Cleaiiers 

Grain  Cradles 103^ 

Grain    Drills 11™ 

Grain    Scoops 1»* 

Grain   Separators. ..  .U}1 

Grain    Tanks --hr  Ikk 

Gralntag    Colqrs.. 537-538 

Grainlns    Paper 541 

Gralntag  Tools »4? 

Grammar.   Books 

Cases. .. 
_  Folios.. 

Guitar    Repairs 
Guitar    Strings. 


...  692 
...  692 


Hammers.   Nail. 1082  | 

Hammers.      Piano 

Hardanger  CanvaL.. 
Hardies.    Anvil.  ....  .1073 

Hard  Mlllier  Oulflts     517 
Hard  Oil........ 540,  550  Uj 

HARD  WARE... 864-  ,„„„„,.„ 

874.  913-916.   IOI2-,l087g^^,^„„i„oi„    . 
Hardware,     Builderj  j,jj,(i„g    Books 

i050-IU5il  ,.__». Di..„»o 


Hardware    1051 

Heaters      Tank     ('"r         U,X    and    HispsV;  1051 
Stock)    .....;.-----.ll"„„„tg  ,nd  staples. .1051 

?^„lsV).'999M66.  118,31  Hoof.!   -d^.^-o.f. 


SoM    Reels 1034 

Hose    Splicers 1034 

Hcse    Strainers 1176 

Hose      Supporters, 
Ladies'    and    ChU- 

Heating    Planti.l  I8I-1 183 


Hooks.     Bolt 

Hooks.     Bush.... 
Hooks.    Button.. 

Hose       Supporters, 


Hose  Washers 





Zither     Cases, 

Hammers.   Plow 
Ham  "" 


1069  I 
Power    Trit 
)r     Machinery 

Hardware,  Hamess^.^^j   ,  j, -^^                  I"!  |  Hoor«;    Cant- 
icle             Heels,   Hemlock ;97|jj„;,i,3     ciialn 

1041-1051    Heels,     Rubber, 
700-701    Heel    Chatos,. 



Hnoics',  Clothes.  1052.  1108 

Hardware,    VehicU 

7o'l  1  Heei°'ch'ains'.''.".'.'..;....1229l  liooS   Clothes"  Line.1020 
iiamcnica'   Holders.   701 1  Heel  Cusldons . .^._._._^.  483  |  ^^^^^       c„jt_.     Hat, 
Harness         ■  •  •  ■  1214-123/ 
"'-^uS'lTg  I  Hamm;r?;   ^^^^^Zl  1  g|SS'  SoT  (Sdi'flt  I  HeXpiat-eal-sieei.".::  3981      '-.  .rmrioVi'lieS 

■  696  1  Hammers,    lUvetlne . .  1069  |  HarneM.  t^og^lL.^    i  ^^37    Heel  B '  »  <■  «  c  t  o  r  s,  p^„^^^, og 

Stocking    ^no    Trnftb,;      Cno 

Heel  Stilteners S98|H"0,»?-  A."f. 

Grandfather  Clocks  .  o96 
Granlteware.       "n^i-inio 

Gum,  Chewing— Write  for 
Grocery    Catalqg. 

Gum    Camphor...... 

Gummed  Paper.  Mu- 
sic   Repair 

Gummers,    Saw 

eel  P 
'AZ^lli.  ^"r::.:i073  l  Saniess;   oTPU^     a^lH^l^Pr  <,t 
rr...»niDi-a     shoemak-  I  Harness,  t^qny     »»ii«i  'v   |  ^ ^   t-.i«a.i 

25         Harness  Catalqg. 

1033   Heel    Stralghtenera. 

.  464 
..    708 

?=:" I?S::5?P  ?=  &,::::^-&™!^E t^^ «--i 




Athletic 9'25 

°.°'.253-'255.  258 

„„„,.,,      Feet 250 


Hosiery.    Infants' 255 

Hosier,.  L.di|s'.....^^^ 

Hosiery,   Men's 

Cases,  Sheets,  Table 

Linens,    Towels.... 

31,37-43,  45-47,622-635 
Hot  Air  Furnaces... llsl 
Hot  Bed  Sash— Write  for 

Mill    Work    Catalog. 

1021-1026  I  Gummer     Cutters^ 
oianitewrri '  Mender  ^^^     G 

^■■;- 480     Guns,  Insect   Powder 

Grape  Juice '! '     ""'"■  ,^ 

Grape  Seeders. ....  ..10''»  I  t."""-  iV^ 

Graphite,      Lubricat-^^^^ 


gSSuecMfe     550     Gun  Grease  p    

"  P  h  1 1  e    Paint.   ^^^     Gun  g^«>»|'|-pi,  896.912 

Hamiiers     Striking ..  1056     Harness  Dressing. 

laSSera.  Tack.1027,  "">■'  I r,„„»»r 

Hammers.  Upholster 
Hammer  Handles, 

H'ammVti:  ficl.1027. 1004  j  Hame.s    Hard-re  ..^^^^  1  iJ^SrCarpei.".. V^ja  428    Hoq^^-     P"*- 
;  .1064  I  Harness"  Hooks.  1228-1229  ]  He^,r^mch™._  Sevvlug  „,,, 


"  "!  518-549.""ll70 

Graphite  "Preparations 

nd  Repairs 

Graph'ciho'ne    Record 

Cabinets °»| 

Grapple    S'mks.^.j^.^ -1037 

''    Sn°aE'hs..:i035 

Grass  Mowers.. i"" 

Grass  Rugs.  Ctex...-  «2 
Grass   Seats 



I'AZ  Seeders.  1041,    1105 
Grass    Sliears.... 
Grass    Sorlnlders. 

gSss  SuiJsT'Hiiiters'  918 
Grates.  Coal  er  OM.UK 
Guards.      Wire- 

Write     for     Tombstone     Gutters 
Catalog.   ,        „     .  <:"■""»! 

Gravel  Burlap  Roof 

Gravel  Roofing. . . 
Gravestones  .... . 
Graveyard   Shells. 

Gun    Shells.   ^%l^^, 

Gun"  "sights 904-905 

Gun    Stocks^..... 

Gun   Stock  PoU^l-i;.  g,. 

Gun    Tools 912-913 

Gun  Wads 

Gun    Wad  Cutters... 
Gunsmiths'  PoUshlng 

Head    l"^" 

Gunsmiths'    S  c 
Plates    ._ 

Gunsmiths'         ,,.„, 

and  Dies    •■--•--.^?'i 

Gunsmiths'    'Tcols— Writ« 

for    Fire    Arm    Repair 


Gut,    Silkworm 

(Jut,     TaUpiece 

nvmnasium  Gootit.45.     

2S2      920-921.     924-925 

Gymnasium   Shoes.. 

Gymnasium   Suits 

Ladles'     .■■-■-  -,-  - 

512  I  Gymnasium  'Towels. 


..1069.    1082 

Hammer    H  a  n  d  1 

„J,,,mil".'  /.MB," 925-927 
Hammocks.  Children  s  925 
lock  Chains. 
Hooks.  Rope. . .  ^. .  a-is 
Hampers.  Clothes,  Babies 
-Write  for  Baby  Book, 
Hands,  Watch 

SSeK&,:,:S   ^^h^ra^lgo^^^     Ora.s 

iJ'U;;;;   Sr^Ti.  Work         l  Hickory    Fumitu 
1222-1224!    1226-1227  j  Hickory    Shirting 
Harness"  Trace's 

Haa'd"BM"l.'.i3'4-i35,  833 
Hand   Bags   for   Em- 

broidering   •■«' 

Hand    Bells 1027 

Hand  Brushes.......  494 

Hand  Cars.  Boys'...  875 

Srnd  £°rlUs-.'.-."lb66".'l 

Hand   Lotions 487 

Hand  Mirrors 495 

Hand  Organs 697 

Hand  Pumice  Stones  489 
Hand  Saw..  1078, 1083-  085 
Hand  Saw  Files  ...1057 
Hand   Saw  Handles.. 1085 

Hand   Saw  Sets 1086 

Hand  Screw  Clamps.1086 
Hand     Scwhig     Ma- 

chines    5o? 

Hand    Softener 487 

Hand  Taps.  Macliln- 
Jsts'     1070 

Hand   Vises.   UBht..l086 

Handcuffs   .... 




"""•".  .Y2r7:' 1^2811230   Hllh   Chalist^ipi 



^Horle  .....,---■-■;«« 
Harrow  Attacliments,1040 

Harrow    Cartj 1097 

Harrow   Teeth 1040 

Harvester  Oil....---  548 
Harvester  Wrenches.  23 
Hasps  and  Staples..  .1051 

Hasps,    Hinge 1051 

Hassocks    J.--". 

Hats  ami  Caps  Boys 

Hot  Blast  Stoves.. 994-998 
Hot  Plates.  Gas. 993.  10(i3 
Hot  Water  Boilers. .  .1183 
Hot  Water  BotUes..  504 
Hot     Water     Bottles 

K%'esU°'wlr'e''.W32rH"„oks.    ^■■'■.■■■^mno^^^irc^^ion.J^ 
gr.i?%X'fS,-   ^^    lM-S:H"a^nS''.".-.-.r5lHqt     water 
.  477    Hooks.  Harness.  1228-1  ,,,n«,    ^. ,,........ 

--'Hooks,    Hay    Carrler.10^7  ^^,^^  j^j^„„. 

Hooks,    Hog... 866         ,„3     .. 

Hooks.     Husking lOJ-    Hotel     Ch 

Hooks.    Ladder.  ^^-" 

Hooks.    Manure 
Hooks.    Meat.....^-_ 
Hooks.   Painters'   Pol  543 
Hooks.  Picture. .464.  1050 
HoolS.     Pipe— Write    for 

Plumbing    Catalog. 
Hooks.     Post,     Har- 

1227    Hide    Tanner 914 

High    Chairr 

.  696    Hillers.  Potato 

Hinges,    Blind 

Hinges,    Box 

Hinges,  Brass 
Hinges.  Door.. 
Hinges.  Gate. . 
Hinges,  Spring 

.112,  305,  310, 


1050- 1053 





„,„,    ^ _    and 

Glassware   399 

Hotel  SuppUes,  Beds. 
Mattresses.  Pillows, 
Pillow  C^ses. 
Sheets.  Table 
Linens,   Towels. ... 

,      31,37-43,45-47.- 

loia    Hounds.    Wagon 1045 

Ho"oS.    "Potaii-.-.i'.ii-.lOSJ    Houses.    ?!»■>«    {°5j'.ii„ 

'i'.„'^o.V„„.    H,r„»»..1227        Write    for    Prices.  „         Locks.. 1053 

Hip  Straps. 

Hip    S  t  -  - 


I  Hooks.    Screw 
1228    Hooka.    Shave.. 
954    Hooks.    Singlet 

House   Door   Locks. 
House     Door 

1042-1043  iH^^^D^T.;. 

H    chSl    Straps.".".".".i226Hoois;  Stage     (Boofl   543    JJ^;-    Numbers..       1052 
,.    Bee 1123    Hooks.     Stump     Puller--    gouse    Paints. ..  ,525-531 

933    Hockey  Pucks.  Sticki  916    H  o  o  k  s,  "  Telephone  Ho'usings.     Breast 

Hookey    Shoes 916        Switch     ■■■■■■■ "'       CoUar.... 1--J 

Hats.   Hunters'...    .  ■ 
Hat,    Lad,e.',Ms..^,„ 

Hats.  Men's  Rain  01  ^^^ 

.1036    Hook'    and       Terret  „„„, —nrVSi^T 

-1036        Pads     -1?,S'    Hub  Straps.   Bicycle.   SS7 

Hook    Hamcs..;.^^.-lJ-J|Huck  Toweling 44.48 

Hazel     1035   Hoops.    Embroidery. 

Huck   Towels 46-47 

.400-406."  "855-856 

--..ii;;:'"48;"85.-853r-.  ;»6^;.^ 


Gravy   Strainers.  Tin 

Grease.     Axle... ■-•- 

Grease.    Cup 5..0 

Grease.    Gun........  91J 

Grease.  Transmission  550 
Grease    Cups. . . .  ■ . . -li"-' 

Grease  Spot  R«m'""  t|J 
Grease  Trap,  lvltchen.1166 
Green    Bone    Cutters.1114 

Green    Soap.... 4»? 

Grenadine.    Silk 'J 

Grenadine  VeUlng...  92 
Griddles;.  CakOn,'""  1026 

„„„„_„ Men's  333 

Handkerchief    Boxes.   503 
1  Handkerchief  C  a  m  - 


Handkerchief  Linens.^ 

Sun    .■■,■.-••■-••■   326  Hoes.     Mortar 1036    hoop    Fish    Nets. ..  .93,    Humorous  Books... . .  0o3 

Hats.   Mens  Rubber    3io       o        p„„,grs'.1035-1036    goppers.    Slop IJ^^    H  u  n  t  e  r  s'       Axes, 

"ats.      Sou  wester  g"^  '  Handles 1035    Hopper    Closets. ....  .1166        Hatchets.. .... 919     10o4 

Waterproof   .....-•   -ji  J,        pipping   Tanks.  1 117    Horehound    Candy. ..  501    Hunters' Supplie8.889. 

Hats.   ^JV^'TRaJL  H°8    Holding    Tongs.  1033  ^"rizontal     Bench         1      905.    910-915.  .917-., 

Hat  and  Coat  RacKS  s  866    "drills    ...■..-■••• -j,!"" 

11     ="'  "596-597    618    1027    Hoi    Hooks 866 

44         .....59b  aai.  »*°:„_o..i    Hnn     Markers wSS 

■342-34:5    Hob     Markers 

Hair,    Violin   Bow 

.1054     Hat    Dye 

Hair:  Violoncello  Bow  696 
Hair  Bandeaux.  .1^1,  o.j'* 
Hair   Barrette^.^.....^^^ 

Hair  Bow  iiibbon.. 


Hammer..  1069     Hat 

Hal    I'ye- •-,•„■„■,■;„;«  lioo    Hn"    Tamers i-'<'^'^ 

SSlT';rm4-^S93.i67-  Hoists,    f^il^y^i,;^^,,,. 

Hatchets.  Car»«nter»   0821     ^j.^.j.^^  wire.1170 

3  TT  o  r  n  s  .     AUtomuo.ic-—    Hunting   oiotning.9i'-^>u 

4  Write  for  Auto   Supply    Hunting    linives.  .868-869 

■^3       Catalog.  „   „„,    Husking    Hooks t^ii 

08    Hqrns     Bicycle... 885.  887    „„sking     Pins........  0; 

Tamers lOMlHorns.    Hearing. ..  .^J6i;|  Hydrants  ^..,..1169-ll;,r 




SSlf  S^9l:49.  SS7     l£^^-^-  Hook.1054     Hatchets     Hun^„. 

866     Salchels;     Fencing,  .1036    Homing  «0P 
.05-1     Hatchets,    Hun<"S  ■;  054    Hold  BacK^  ^  ^ 

Grinders    and    Lathe 

Sets  .■■■■■■;■ 
Grinders,  Chisel,, 
Grinders,  Coffee 
Grinders.    Emery  .^. .  ^^^^ 

Grinder;."  'Feed  1032   1110 
Grinders.    Food    and 

Hair     Brtishes, 


Brushes,    Mll- 


Orlnder8,'root 'Power.  1039 
Grinders.  Horse  (■lip- 
ping and  Sheep 
Shearing  Machine,  518 
GriSs, 'Knife.  865  1039 
Grinders,  Power.l059.13-!a 
Grinders.^  J^ol......^^^g 

Grinding    Macliines 

...1039.    1059 
Grinding  "Mills. 1032.  1110 

?;lry         :.   :..493.   857 
Hair    Clippers.    Bar- 
Hafr   ciippci'com'bs.  874 

Hair  Combs 492 

Hair  Crimpers... l.«.  49^ 
1028  I  Hair  Curlers,  Leather 
1039  I  21,  .^3 

Hair  Curling  Fluid 
Hair  Curling  Irons 

Half  Goods".  :i28li'29,    137 

Hair  Nets 1-" 

Hair  Ornaments -,  „„, 

Hair   PreoaraUons 

Handles.  Chest. 

Handles.    Chisel 

Handles.  C  o  m  p  a  s 

Saw    •■- 


Handles.    D 

idlest-  Drawer. . . 

idles.    File 

idles.  Hammer. . 


Handles.        Hamme 



■  777 

Mrt3;er'Hrndl"s'.":.M082|  HOM     Back     Straps, 
SL'SS'^cra'^Sl  Holders     Broom   and 

s-^'cai;;!!^""';:  { Ulls  '".'.. 

^ij  Ca"r'rlm' iJS5 1  Holders,     .Cigar.. 


Holders,    CulT 

.'.1037    Holder 
Sry  -Ca"r"rier    CaMe  Holder^ 

HarCarrler""Tra\°^^..i037    Holders, 

Horns.    Hearing.-. 

Horns,  Motorcyclft-Wr Ue 

for  Motqrcycle  Catalog. 

Horns,    Musicar^.  .^.^..   ^^^ 

Horiis,    Post;., '?? 

Horns,    Tin  Dinner 

Horn    Balls 

Horn    Cases ... 

Horses,  Harne-ssMa.. 

ers'     Stitching -m' 

Horse^  and    Stock  ^^^ 


T  I  H"orreBro"t"s".-.".  1230-1231 

'  '  Brushes 1230 



Cocks llOi 

Hydraulic    Drills. ..  ."71 

Hydraulic    Ram 1" 

Hydrochinon    70 

Hydrogen    Peroxide..  47 

Hydrometers    75 

Hydro-Metol ">' 

Hygiene.    Books    oti 
Write    for    Book    Cats 


Dictionary.  947   Horse    Catheters 
— -*  Horse    Clippers. 

Door     and 

Hay  Covers. 
Hay  Cutter- 
Hay    Forks 

^5IiI    Horse    Cllppins    M»' 

Handles.  Hand  Saw.  1085 
landles.  H 


TTnndles     Halcnei. . .  loo*  1  "■'o'  .'^"j"!; 
53fs'.    Hay    Fo^l^'iSfjHayl-ader, 

Handles.    Hoe 1035  |  Hay    rresses 

Handles.    Ice  Saw 

'1109   Holders.  Pillow  Sham  463       chinas    .... 

,,S5    Horse    Collars 

'1^*1  Horse  Combs. 

Coverk'..  1234-1231 

.".r.^076  Ho-e  r#?»rm^";:i23i 

g"aj    R,iryl;'.'.".".".::::503T  I  Ho^ioif  Augers    ..^.^1078    H0'^«  ^„  N.t...l234.l236 

Sav  Racks    1051    Hollow     D ''' ^,„4,    Horse    Hobbles. ....  .1220 

Hay  Ka^'--^-.---.^^.  ,„,7l      T.„„ohea     '"^^'norse  Mouth  Floats..  517 

Grinding    Rings 




Fixtures. 1039 


Hygrometers    .......   10 

Hymn    Books 'lO-i,' 

Hypnotism.   Books  on  '^5 

Hj-po.    Acid..... i" 

Hypodermic  Syringes, 

Veterinary    5' 

Hvpophosphites  Prop- 

arations *' 


Ice  Cream  Dl3hes.309.l 
Ice  Cream  Dlshers.lJ 
Ice  Cream  Fot«s-...  » 
Ice   Cream 

Grips     (Valises) . 
Grips,  Wire 
Grist    Mills, 

Grist   Mills,    . i,,„  1 

Orlsl   Mills,    Powcr,,lnO| 
Grit   Boxea. , 
Grit    Mortar, 

for  Crockery  Catalog. 
Half  Hatchets.......  10 

Half   Soles.    Leather,   ol 
Hall   and   Stair  Ca- 

.1035- 1037,  "1105        Pistol 

Haying    Tools 

Handles',     K"'**'- ' ''SSI  I  na'^eiiloes    Handles.ioSS  I  Ho'lst 

Hnn/llps.      Razor 873       mzCI    MO^.    "<  700      HolV 

ntvAtinff  Heads,     Banjo,.., 

R"etlng_._l  jj^^^^    p^^^  y,^ 

Beads,    D,   tor   Han 

918    Hqrse 



Handles.     Sadiron. 
Handles,   Saw 

Hqlaters,        Revolver, 

glsliioi-M   Shears 
Snj^;'P:'l09|iioirWaie^  FOI^   947 JhS   T^^ 
Home  Study  Courses 

Remedies..  5l4-5|5 

Tail   Holders.. 1231 


1055.  1069.  1084-1085 
Handles,     Shovel 
Handles.  Sledge,  DoU. 
rieads.  Driin 
Heads.   Gulta 

Horse  Timer  Watch..   778 
■949-950  I  Horse  Tooth   Rasps..   517 

'Horse    Trocars 517 

u»p.»«hnes     1048 

'.:  s'ol    Homespun  for  Fancy-         ,  ^„„j,h„„ 

,.  7081      work     ■■■•■■■■ ,Sog  I  Horseshoe    Magnet 

692i"oii""S.     I, anal . 

Ice   Pitchers.    C'"'""'  1 
Ice  Pitchers,  Glass..  1 
Ice  Pitchers.  SUver..  ! 
Ice    Saws........""-}1 

Ice    Saw    Handles..-'! 

Ice  Skates v  ■ 

Ice    Tongs. .^..--"-j 
Ice    Water   Coolers-,!' 

Ice    Wool,^-_.; , 

Iceniei  -      -^     •- 



The  2-Cent  to  12-Cent  Items  Are  on 

-^^^^T^^l^S.     Remarkable  Values. 


Ignition  GoodB,  Auto 

771-772  I 

Or  Write  for  Auto 
Supply  CataloK. 
Ignition     Goods,     Motor- 
cycle— Write    for 
lorcyde    CaUlog. 

lUualon.   Bridal „ 

Images.    Catholic. 858,  947 
Implementt,  Agricul- 


Insulating  Tape 77i 

S^r.    V^-E^i     S:|^?«:1^^|    illSia^/^^^  S,oe,^. 

I  Intensifying  Ponders.  760 
Interest,  Booka  on..  948 
Interfering  Device. .  .1231 
Invalids'    Bedside 

Tables    507 

Invalids'    Food 479 

InvaUd  Air  Cushions 

and  Pillows 605-506 

Knife  Sharpeners 


Lead    Pipe    and    Fit 

1«F-S  i^.i^!lSB.?si^^ jf /^.r— -^^ 

Jointer   Gauges, .    .     1076 

tSJ",'"    P'an«s 1076 

Joists.    Pine  —  Write   for 

Lumber  Price  List. 
Joke  Books. .    . 
Journals— Write  'for  Book 

Knit  Goods,  infanta 

.240-241,  244    La  d  1( 


1127,      1131 
1174  .    1180, 

1211  .  121^ 



Implement  Paint 
Implement    Repai 


Implcmejit      Repairs 

Bradley— Head  Instruc- 
tion on  Page  1088, 
Implement    Varnishes  540 
ImpreguatiDg      Dlla- 

Impregnation  "  s  y  r- 

Invalld    Chain 


Jugs.   Milk 

for  Book  Catalog. 

Invlslbio    Fasteners..  s,s, 

Invisible   Inks 957 

Invoice  Books— Write  for 


Knit    Walsta, 
,   and    Girls'... 

Kn  t'  .'^J    ^""'"""-95    Ladles' 

7."'ll°l"°--.   '^'    '.'-"    SolVeni.-. 

Juliets.  Ladies'.. '.'" 
July  Fourth  Supplies 
.30,  483, 

416     Knives,'    Blacksmlthi 


245  I  Ladies' 


ool   .  MusUn 


• -..113,  117-120  ^""J   .'^.'"" "" 

rOd-213    Leaders,   wire  s, 

Unirl^  tSr-BK.^-""--  S?     M»       F^S 


''  L"  °J}  '  ■    Butcher, 

Handkerchief  ,..44  gs 
Linens,  Oress.  .44.  63!  H 
Linens,  Stamped....  loi 
Unens.  Table.. 37-43,  104 
Linen,  Brown.  iXi 

Linen   (Vjllars,   Meti'i  334 

Ltoeu    Sheeting 4J 

Linen  Table  Sets... 40-42 

Linen  Testers 7^5 



-—     Toweling... .'44.  48 

Uniments,  Housebold  478 



Incjindescent  IJiirner 

420-421  I 

Inciindeseent       G  a 

Incandeacent.     Kero- 

Epue    Maotles 421 

JDcense.  Japanese 482 

Burners 491 

Irona,'  Tie... '.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.1033 

Irons,  Tuyere 1069 

Wallle 1023 

-.    WaRon 1042 

Irons,   Waving 490 

Irons,   Yarning n?*) 

Iron,    Sheet 1159 

Iron,  Wagon  Maker8'1048 
~         .605.  622-625 

Iron  Chains 

.1050.   1054','l056 
upllng  ; 

°'"  '  •■   •  '■ •^^•* '  Ladles,    Melting. 913,  1172        i„P        "  ^""'■'"-  Lining,    Buggy   RAbe'Joo, 

Ladles.  Silver,  Cream  ,,..!    -■,•, 503    Lining,    BuiS    Ton    lS« 

492     Jumpers,    Baby. 

Iro,,s.  Electri;..'772;',5l9     SZK    t&  '  SU-llI     g"!^'    B""'"^:.  ."'643 

!™!'  L«,'"><iry 1019     Jumping  Bones  497      >^™'  Ca"'*'«--««,  8C4 

-       Junket  WTs'-^'wriie^for    1^2  ;?•     SlK".^ '  =" 
Grocery  Catalog.  I  i.-""™'  ^u?!"!""  =•  •_   24 


Inclinometer   .'!l062 

Increasers,    Pipe 1171 

Incubator*   1 1 15 

Incubator      Hygrom- 

Incubator    oil'.".'.'.'!.'.'.' 
Incubator   Thermom- 
eters          7g9  I 

Indcllhlo     Ink 957 

Indelible  Pencils 957 

Index    FUes 591 

India     Ink '       ' 

India   Linens 3e,  62 

Indian     Bead     Work 

Iron  Cribs,  Cots!  !636-6.'!l 
Iron  Holders. ...  *>o 

Iron  Kettles. ..1023;'in2 

Iron  Pipe jIt7 

Iron  Pipe  FltUngs'.'.!n7' 

Iron  Reamers 107 

Iron  Rivets I04 

Iron  Ropes II70 

Iron  Screws 1060 

Iron  Tonics....  477 

Iron   Work  Bolls. .  !!l049 
Iron  Work  Paint....   5.15 

Ironing   Boarrta  inm 


,   ^„y  .      White  jjjjj 

Indian    Blankets -"'SVrlte     I"?^"'"''  Curves..!!!  765 


Kalsomlne  Brushes! 

„■■■■■. 545-546 

Kalsomlne  Colors...  " 
Kalsominers*  Glue...  .,,., 
Kennel  Chains,   Dog.  915 

Kerosene   547 

Kerosene    Cans...'.'.'.!l029 
Kerosene    Lamps. .418-421 
Kerosene  Lamp  Man- 

Kerosene    Lanteriis ! ! 
Kerosene    Mantle 

Knives,  Chopping 
Knives,     Corn 

I  J^"!™'-   Cuticle 



_  ,n„,„,.  ■"•''^ 

Knives!        _ 
£'"."«„•  ••v.- 1033 

Knives,    Dra'vvln'g'.'.' 

.1077,  1083 

Tlnlnl-  xPVP*    Top,!l045 
Lining   Nails 1045 

46,  848-853         Mai,;:,."  'rnett  {- "i"g    «all6 J045 

418-421  iM.h!^  Belt  Lacing.  1060  Links.    Milk   Can.       iSsf 

„,,.-.    Automobll21l  {.1°  tej  y^« 1060  ffik  t'haln  Belting.!ioa 

Write    for    Automobile  Lc«Kr    ^'"" 343  L  "oleums    446.442 

Supply  Catalog.  rSL'"    t:™en.l..398,  4S2  Lnoe„^    Brads..™'" 

—       -  '  "?•""';„  C?thino— Write  Llnole 


-      -. 421 

Kerosene    Pumps 547 

Kerosene  Stove8.1004-1008 

Kerosene  Tanks 547 

Kersey  Cloaking. .  .66,   70 
Kettles,    Aluminum..  1026 

KetUes.   Caldron 1112 

Kettles,    Cast    Iron..  1023 
Kettles.Cooklng.  1023-1026 

Knives,   Fruit! 

k-nV„' ••■'/,•  ■*■"'•  8"!  850 

Knives,    Gauge 1231 

Knives,  Hacking 64$ 

Knives,  Borseshoers' 

1069,    1073 

--..™„.,,    uMjiu 705        fftr    u/«  i-      IT^""**    r.     :  ""'    cement....  440 

-'8   uZI:  "S-'afl-'^Hl^f^'^'  "°*'""''  Li;'S'"ln*i'!^'""36'  1 

Cirrlagr^f.    ''"'']047  M-f  ?<"•    Couohe,..638.644  Linseed    OU.  !'"'*•, 4^ 

Or     Write     for    Black     rS^"  .!.'"'» 1227  Lip  Salves   mmu,';,"  ?ll 

amllhs-    Cat.ifog."'*'^''     teh"   I>J<;88lng.397,  549  Lianjd   Court  Pasfer  ^fS 

,„,„.      . Leader   ^F,,,er..  540  J-Iould  Face  Powder.  £? 

LeXr Han'd-B'a'g;!  '''k'iTa  IJ^^e'.^     '••     f 

134-135    Li""''"!    Soap,...,'.'.""  Jo., 

I  Listers    and    Attach- 

Lampi .     _ 
,„„    iz( I  I  T  *"nlatu. „     

?2&  «"/.:■,' •::-:w35U5™!'  ^}.t'±B^>}\ 

Lamps.  Jewelers'  Al- 

777    Leather"H'4 

846.  849,  851-853 

Write     for     Moto'rcvclo    Ien.h.7"'V ',• 49lL.ments     maa 

Calalog.  """-"^ycie    Leather    Knives 1231    Listerlne    ...  "!,a 

Lamps,     Ruby.  .„    I-^""'"  Mlow  Tops.  Lllhia  Tabled! "^ 

Knives,  Manicure  amii^ — ''~'     """j....         vi-i  i  "'• — ■  iri  —   --w*vi,ij.. 

Knives.   Mincing. '.*" '1027    f'^'^P  Burners.  .23.  25  27    Leathp;' p^LVV  ••'"^-     491    Hfp"s     Paper.. 

for   Harness  Catalog, 

Indian    Clubs 

Indian     Head     Suit- 

Indian  Siats,  Tents., 

'..^°S^aS"'!!''i^??  K^S^^S^?:'"f:iSi  KnJvS:  p^ut^-r'lllF'^  ^a3rk,gs!  H!  aiJIf  &F''--  ^^?  S»v<^--"":i?08 

•ton.     Chin'.  ;'"'  I  Kettles,    Preserving, .  |  knives,      Paperh.n'g'-'  "^   ^^^  „Wjcks. .  .21,''23  pp  Bfd'j;;f^'u,fs!;2"l7'  ^[^'^11'^"  «epalrs.llol 

Knlves."pirtag!!!!!:  l6.'^''"<il„g    Nets!!!!!!!  93]    Leather    R^Krf''"'''-''  Live?     S^'"^'"^':^ 77-^78 

Knives.   Pie S4«    ajo    Lantern.  roi.c«/' "v"."/^-' ■;•  "ver     p  o  w  d  e  r  3  . 



Irrigation,     Boolis    „„  — 

"rile    for    Book    Cat- 

Irrigation    Cylinders— 

"■■He      for      Plumbing 


..,-••••■    1023-1026 

Kettles.    Stew 416 

KelUes,  Tea 1023-1026  I 

IvettlM.  Wash 1023 

Keys,   Assorted 1052 

Keys,  Banjo 695 ,   ...".« 

Keys.  Mail  Box !l029     l*-"!''™.  Poultry  Kill 

Keys,    Skate  ' 

846,   849    Lanterns 

561-565      645,  "650-651         Stock 

Indlga    Calico 65  f"lEatlon  Ditch  Hoes.1036  M^WS,   Telegraph 775     {^"'''''S.  Pruning 868 

Indoor   Ball   Goods  923  "'S'?!""'      Pumping            K<^y3.    VloUn 690     fc"™'  I^tly 543 

Indoor    Ball    Shoes..  924  T°?""^  •„■ 1179          ""              ■                          i>.-.—  «-     . 

Induolion  Colls 771  Jf"?-''™"!,  Safe-Light.  764 

"''•b*a*'b?es'''?'"'®-®"  I  lv«"  BmSl %l 


trny  aea     An..    .      .             "«,n 300    7 — y'."  ...ouiiener 307  i^aaers,    aav               iiok 

Kn'i'voi'  'pick??  ■^n?A  l?5    Lanterns,    Maoio.  .762-763  r^",'^'"'  ^i^^  Throws  491  Lc-iding   Sets.'sh'eil"  a?^ 

^-",.5?'  i:»<^R«-  Gold  800    Lantern   Globes 1029    t"'","'^''   Washers 1043  Locks,,    Bicyde             ««? 

Lanern     Oil 548,  905  H^f"*-"'''"'  '"f   Book   Locks, '  Chest   .    log 

15   Lantern   Slide  Plates  759  ,  '"^'"K;      „  Locks,   Dog  CoilaV ' '  111 

b8    Lantern    Wicks 51  !-«-  .Bands,    Poultry.  lO.-iS  Locks.    Door  ."-.xiS 


Inflaters.       Football, 
striking.   Punching 

,  Bag     ,    S24 

Ingrain   Carpets 

.423-426,    428 

■      PressCi 
In  i  t  1  I 

I  Handker- 

•win-is.    Ladles' 96 

Initial   Handker- 

'     chiefs.    Men's 333 

Inillul  Rings 821-824 

Injectors.    Automatlc.1169 

Ink!    (By    the    Barrel)— 

Wnle   for  School    Fur- 

niture    Catalog. 

Inks  (By  the  Bottle),.  957 

Jabots   and  Collars. 94-05 
Jabot    Pin    and   Cuff 
""'"   "  ■  .836-837 

Jabot   Pins.! 
Jacks.    Auto 
Automobile  Catalog 

Write  for 
— -.- —  catalog. 
Jacks.   Horse  Power. 1111 


nks.  Di 

nks.    Fountain   IPen.  _„. 

oka.    Gold,    Silver..  957 

nks.     Indelible 957 

nks.     India 765 

Invisible 957 

Jacks,  Ladder. 

Jacks,  Pumn ,n. 

Jacks.   Wagon.  1047,    1122 

Jack  Chains losn 

Jack    Planes !!!lo?6 

Jack  Screws. . . .  1038 

Jackets,    Ladles'.  .196-197 
Jackets.  Men's  White 

Duck  or  Drill 290 

Jackets,    Overall.  .317-318 

Jackets.   Smoking 332 

Jackknives    .. 

......806.  867-869,  925 

Jam    Jars 413 

Jam  or  Jelly  Stands!  856 
"     "■  ..   479 

Keys,    Watch. 

Key     Chains 1062 

Key    Check    Outfits..  1062 

5™""='"  ,>vicKs 211  i':°,j"'""'?!   Poultry.1032   Locks,  Door inKi 

Lap    Links,    Chain ..  1050    J;gf^"?|'   Boys'..305.   396    Locks,    MaU   Boi.!!:!lS29 

J*'*  Fil" !!l057 

Key  Pads,   Clarinet..  706 

Key  Rings iggq 

Jvey  Seat  Clamps.  .,1063 
Keyhole  Escutcheons.  1052 
Keyhole  Saws.  .1084-1085 
Keyliole  Saw  Blades.  1085 
"■  30 

Lap    Robes,    Bu 

Lapel  Chain; 

Leggings.   L  a  d'i  e 

Oiils- 396    Locks,'    Pad!!!! 

n  ve»     (Steel     anH  i'"""  '-hains.809,  841-842    r.e.„.in.«T.  ■"■,'"••  396    i-oc»s.    Pad 1052 

Kitchen)  864  861   '-"'■"-"'"'^   'or   Grocery       f^'-^S'.!"'!"'''?'^'"''    f""?''    S««h .1052 

nlves.  stenH'M.;*'"       catalog.  ^   tJ",.?"'"'.  Book.  Locks._  Suit    Case-wnV- 

Knives,    Scraping 
Knives,    '^'--' 

Kitol. „„ 

Knjlves,  s.encU  Mak-'  -•: | i.ard"'^aies ,uo\}^^^^rMen-. 

Knives,  'Tabie'silv'e'r!  lJJS    S""" 

Knives: 'lf,w"kee1'%^1^"!»"B'°M^^^^^^■:  123^1  Le'n'^iade'^^^ 

750-752    Lodge    Carb'e't'.'!!.':. ..    JJg 

Suit   Case— Wrl'te 

J  , "-   Trunk los-* 

^S±^:'''^  Cast  Iron.  1177 

i^mves,    -ieamsters',,   867    i;,;:.    £'""':■■"'"'■  ""O I      ■ 

765  I  Jamaica    Ginger. . 


Wks,    Stencil 

Ihk  and  Spot  Erad- 

I  Icator     957 

Ink     l-.rasers 957 

tok  Pencils 844.   957 

fci!    Wells ■.  958 

rokstands     958 

Inner   Tubes,    Autoinohlle 

Wrile  for  Auto  Sup- 

ri'v    ciualog. 
'"■'   '     lij'us.    Bicycle  885 
il'cs.    Motorcycle 
'    for  Motorcycle 

'  I :  oyers.482.  484 
"tier Blowers  482 
•  ^  and  Sltt- 


'■  Vaporizer  481 
I'uoth  Saws, 

"     .     l"'»   1058 

is..Tti„„.    i.ace  Cur- 

Mtn,- 80,  462 

isertlon.   I.ace.   Km- 
broldery.80-82,  84-87. 89 
Ulde  Kits,  Photo..  748 

Isoles   397 

lapirators    !n69 

■top   Supports 483 

.   491 

Jambs,    Door,, 

Japan    Dryer 

Japanese  Chimes. 
Japanese  China  A 
Japanese  Incense.'. 
Japanese  I  n  c  e  n  l 

Burners  . .    . 
Japanese  Mattings!.. 
Japanese     Ornaments 

and  Novelties. .  . .  491 
Japanese  SUks.72,  74.  76 
Jardinieres   ....  413 

Jardiniere    Stands.!!  595 

Jars,    Butter 416 

Jars,   CereaL   Spice..   416 
Jars,    Cracker 

T  ■■■i;;,-,'*'2.  854.  856 

Jars,  Milk 416,  1031 

■"-    Preserve,   Jelly, 

„■■,•■ •113,    858 

-«ia,    Refrigerator...  4I6 
Jars,  Self  Sealing...  416 

Jars,    Slop 417 

Jars.    Stoneware..!!!  416 

Jar  Covers 4ifl 

Jeans.   Pants 318 

Jellies.  Jelly  Powder— 
\yrito  for  Grocery  Cat- 

Jelly    Dishes 

,.,-,■  ■■i,l".l'.*"'  ,8=8:  858 

Khaki   C  1  o  t  h  ill  'g  ! 

Men's 285     315 

Khaki  Shirts,  Boys'.'.  337 
Khaki  Shirts,  Men's  330 
Kicking  Straps- W  rite 
u/?"',,?'"''""^  Catalog. 
Kid  (Jloves.  Boys'...  339 
Kid    Gloves,    Ladies' 

„,v-i, ■■■  ,138-139 

i^  J    Gloves,    Men's..  344 

Kidney    Plasters 482 


Kimono    Silks. 
Kimono     Velours.."' 
Kindergarten  Amuse- 

,.  M^asnes,  Whip..,  i2^t    rlC;     1.  *  "o'" — /00-752   i-o"ge   carpet... 

■6    Latches,     Door,io5'l,'l05S  rran,?ri'"'?.'TT*''^'«    'or    Lodge    Emblems 
2    Latches,     Gate  1  nil    r ..."""'.  .'"'«'og,  I      816-817,     822 

!   Lath    ,....        ,,S    i'?""3.     Aluminum..  1052    Lodge    Emblem 

Knobs,   Door. 
Knobs,    Furnlturo 
Knobs,  Picture. . 
Knobs,   Pot  Cover. 

Knobs,  Shutter 

Knob  Eyelets 

Knob   Latches..,'.'! 

Knot  Killer „,„ 

Kraut  Cutters 1027 

Ear,   for 


•io?J  1 1-**  "•'•  ■  •"?"! 1231)  I  if,lt"'     ^'"»lhu''>ii..l052  I  Lodge  'Eibrem'  Key 

'iSlI  P''ih      M«al-:-wVl  6  "for      Mi'ir  ?:;?   '''«■'««•  'iO^ks    "' 

.1053       Roofing  Catalog  ri.,*     ^'i?.-: 1031    Lodg' 




Laces,  Allover!,'. 

hecks inao 

'--  Emblem  pii'.  ""^ 
105,  491 

Lath     NaUs-Wrl'te     forJIr"'    <?"«■ 1062       low    Tops., 

Prices.  ™  {■"   '^"■„S^'"'l" 1062    Log   Chains. 

Lathes,    Foot    Power         \      r,T  '    '^°'''-  Longcloths    53 

La'thes:'B'n'g'l„'e""-}S6l  iir^r="-''^"°l  '^"^L^^^^^^^^ 
^'^;».?,?"^Wriie"f^oJ   i:\",'^  e^^^w^iri^'^-  =»MLo?k»^-;°;?-^  .  -"'r. "IK'S 

£^r^oSr-^-i       ^'S^'^S^hliecU- 

Books  _ „  ,    „j. 

Letter  Writing  Mate^ 

L«fetlng"p" ■■'-''-'''' 


Looking   G  1  i 

,  Large    

Looking    G  1  8 


98    Lattic.     . . . 
397    Laund^   Soaps!! 


•1223    Levels ,,v,a.  ,0,, ^u=,    jiji.,, 

•ii?i    Lavels.    Caroenfors'. .  1079  Loops.    Frog 

Loops.  Buckle... 
1079  Loops,  Curtain.. 
753    Loops,     Eyelet. , . 

.   460 


.  849.  851-853 

410.   1027 

-       1027-1028 

Struments.      Level- 
tog.  Surveylng.769,1079 
•truments.     Manl- 

''"'nt:      489 

',  ■       '5.      Musl- 

'v-,-709,    714-731 

^,  Poultry.  515 


Jelly  Mold 
Jelly   Presi,. 
Jelly   Servers, 

......840,  840.  8.51-853 

Jelly  Stand.   Silver..  8.56 
Jelly  Tumblers..   .       415 

Jerjcys,    Men's 3.™ 

Jet  Jewelry, 837,  841 

Jet  Pumps,  Ejector.  .1170 


Kindergarten  Chairs.  656 
Kljidergarten  Furniture— 
Writo  for  School  Fur- 
_  niture  Catalog. 
Klndlers,  Asbestos . .  1006 
King  Bolts— Write  for 
Blacksmiths'    Catalog. 

Klssengen    Salts 480 

Kit*.    Camp,    Cooks'.  937 

Klls,    Inside 748 

Kits,  Lunch,  Vacuum 
Uottie   ......  919  I 

Kits  TooU057,id64,' 1067 
Kitchen  Cablnol»,570-573 
Kitchen  Chairs..  551 -552 
Cupboards..  669 
Culiery.865.  1027 

Lace    Bedspreads.. 

..  100 

Tt,.,;   T>r„,^  -   a»(    i-aundry   Soans  ;„;■""".    ^^nioniBra-. .  |U79  ^-Jops.    i-rog 

ir.t  fe  ?o^im"s'e'.s^^-?l       C^talTr"'"'  °™--  F-'^"'    M-"^".^?^-"-.  ^''"'    ^"«":   ?MoT"' 
Lace    BBdsnr«.>rt.  ..»,lr »•-  I  ,„„„     1079   Loops,  Strap,,"" 

1079  I  Lorgnette  Chali'is 

Lotion.    Chapped 
Hands,   Face. . .        4ft7 

'""■'Bea  637-641 

■"■  .470-471 

Love,   Books  on! ' ' ' "  954 

'"' 477-47* 


•  "'luSSfJ    ltpfie's'''-ir  I, '-"¥'■  ■■*■■»'''■«• 

mon  a       sf,?i "^''c  *""•    l'^'*'''.    Spirit 

.""58 94-95|      Starch'    Etc  _'wr.^.2T-    .    '"^J-    106: 

^^ugg?'>^?aso?-^  J.J^^^"''Z\^'y^;^'^^.    1087|LoG„ircove^ 
•«7    Laundry     rS^'Fau:   "^    L^-!iA^\-;„,„^..I0r9^ 


Kitchen  Forks 




Kitchen    Knives „„„ 

Kitchen    Saws 866 

Kitchen  Sinks. .1165-1168 

Kitchen    stov 

.....959.991,    „„.-.„„, 
Kitchen   Tables J78 


Lace    Curlaiii  "Mate- 


Laundry    Uten'iiis'. 

!:l»r«r''""'«5|      catalog 
f-?^?!?r>^    F'ftlngs...  1 168    Liberty     I 

.769.    1079    Lozenges 
"-'-         Lubric 

68    Liberty     Satin 74,77 

Lubricating      Bab'lil'tt 

Lace    Pins 
Lace    8  c 

Shawls    . . . 
Lace    Thread 

oOlLlbrarv   Sill.™     vri..  '  Luck  Board. !!:..         log 

«5  I  Lawn,.,w     49     52-63,  "56  I  uif^  s'ulTes";'  'mIs- 

Fencing        •  ■  alon    .         664-565    Lumbal 

>'^t-ti£d,    ri24    Library   Tables  Lumber 

"folLawn    d??^"3i    ^'fi^;«1?'^^^ 

i.ace    Thread 100    r.u^»    /;"'""• 

Lacing,    Belt..  loBo    T  Mowera 

Lacouer  kJSU'^"'''    Bakes io:i5 

Lacnuering  '  'B™iie!  Itl    t^  t,T..  H'.!;?!?f 

Lumber  Crayons! ! ! ! !  1082 

Ladders     ;  543 

Lawn  Settees.  Ch.ilri 

Lick,  Bitter,"stock!!  514 

Ladders,    cimi;!!:!!;  sJa    ,  ""M-.-.'-^''^'..'''*'    927    Lids!    Tin    Pot 
Ladder    Chains....     I^n    H^T"  Settees,  Chairs,  Life  Preserver, 

.46.    48 

Jelling    Drills 
Jewels.  Watch 

.lewcl   Cases .,, 

Jewelers'    Tools    a'lid 
8uiiplle«.777,  1059,  1071 

{•"•r'T„ 776-843 

Jews      Harps 709 


Kitchen    Towels' 
I      Toweling  . .  -,•,    to 

Kitchen  Utentllsl622-i030 

Kilchen    WaU    Cabi- 
nets      4|g 

Kneaders.    Bread . . ! !  1023 

Knee   BooCs.   Horse..  1231 
S.'?.      PfOtectors, 
Slocking   397 

Knee     Tights,     Ath- 

Knife  end  Pork  Sets 
......846-848,    850-852 

Knife  ami  Fork  Sets, 
Children's  ...      . 

K'ni'r'.'"i,*f-'"'  865 
Knife,    Fork    and 

Spoon  Sets 847-852 

i\ntre   (  aaes. . .  867 

Knife  Grinders. S'6'5.    1039 

I    J"   ^"'DS 1050, 

Ladder  Hooka.  Jacks  543    r  1 
Ladies'  Bathing  Suits  202    i 

Ladles'     Belts 133  I  1' 

Ladles;    Clolh 65.  71 

Ladlos|   Coals 190-201    }', 

Swings.  ...668,   927  I  Lifters,  "st'oVe  'Li'd'." 

Tennis    Goods'.  920    Lifte 

1023    Lumbermen's     Socks 

934        stockings .253     316 

1038  1  Lumbermen's    Tools 

and  Supiiiies.  1054-1060 

WH  Tennis  Shoes 

Transom....  1052   Lunch 

1023    Lumpy  Jaw   Ite'medy 
'"""*    ' '^      Boxes 1119.9,58 

m    }J'''!>«   ClV^fs".  Pi'pil'177-    Luncll   B-iX^.V.'^'i-'^? 
?H   W".*' »■  Curtain 1045    Lunch    Clnlha  ii.ji 

Laxative   Pellets.  !4: 

.r22    Layettes,    Babies " 

.^1135    Lights,    Flash 

Lades'      Hats        113.125    7  'i'™'„  "' 

773    Lunch  Sets,  Paper 

Lung  ^Protectors 1056 

"      for    Grocery 

..1006    Lye— Write 



i'    Neckwear, 



Wear  8uri's:r4'2- 148.  160 

Ladles'    Saddles 1222 

Ladles'    Shoes,    Alh- 

I     ."°.    ;,'.^' 394,  924 

Ladies'    Shoes.    Slip- 
pers   and    Oxfords 
.352-359.  366. 

Quality  Counts  MOST 

371-374.     „, 
Ladies'  Skirts 



-eads.    Dog 


Lead  In  Oil,  Palnte'ii'  637 

Lead,    Pig 1,72 

Lead.     Sheet ii7'> 

U'ad.     White !  53? 

Lead  Bends  and  Fer- 

I.«ad    Ch'aiii8!!'.!;!'.'!'Ji5 

Lead  Pemiles 1171 

I,cad  Joint  Runners.  Il7'» 
Lead    Melting    Pota 
Laiiles 1172 

;Bl    H't""'"ft    Arresters! 

'!!'^'2  I  H"'''"'"'.  ■'9.<'> IJO8  I  Lyre   Zither. 

in     WKoTv ■■^■- ■.■-....     .n::j»_LMd_P^ncll....765,    957    "'bra. 

m  What  You  EatTv^ri^Tf^rrOr^rGr^c^riCe^^^Iog: 

5."8|Lysol  _ 

1082 1  M 

tps.  s:".'.'.'.'.'9'.3o?s.f?r;^r"c',-i„YoT'  '"'«"- 

aSS:  ?r7.-.-.'-.'ink^Jc^'n^T'  B»oi.^ 

Uni  rS.".'.'.'.'. {|5?  ""'■"'""•  *^°"","lla'! 

LlSlmfnT'suJSlf..'"'  '''   S"'!;!""'  floi.n.l'ng":!}? 

'■'KrTdery''"-  ^T;  ,0,  «".?!;i"«'  Ho".cl!'p  "•" 

.44,  101  I 



Og.     '^^^^''%S?C^%"o'\V!''  ""39 

llacliinea,  L « 

Mndiines.'  Miter,  Se- 
nile Frame l""" 

Moclilnes,  Photo  But-  _^^ 

Ma""lnVs'. '  RiVetine .  ■  10 " 
Wiicl>iiic3.    Saw 






Miirkine  Outflis.  Rub- 
ber  Type ■•• 

SliirUing    Pencils . 
llaiWng    Pln»— " 

vcyiue      Instrument 


W.ohi-.s,  Sewln,.657.684     Jl'X'rsuvrs W5 

KachineB.  SPol^* '''"'■, „,o     Mrlrllneaie  Rings. ..  .1230 
ohing    -i--- ■.;■••■"''     Mashers,  Potato. ...  .10^' 


Men-B  Bathhig  Suits.  925 
Men's  Belts......  ■••  i^* 

Men's  Clothing,  Made 

to    Older 203-264 

Men's  Clothing. 
ReadJ  Made.  ..265- 
WW.     313-321,     917-918 

Collars. ....... • 

Men's     Furnishing 

"Goods    325-346 

tn'3  Gloves  and 
Mittens     . 
Men's  Hajs^ 

Men's  i>eeHw«r»i --- 

Men's  Nightshirts 33i 

Men's    Kalncoats 



Minnow  Nets.  Seines 

Zi    i^,J^^.   -.,- 7OO-70I 

.._, feslMoulii    Organ    Hold- 
Bathroom..  1168 

934.  936    Moulh 

Minnow    Netting 936  |  Mouth  Orsaos 

Minnow  _  'Traps 



.1145  I  M  o  u  I  h  Sneoulums, 


MouUipleces.   B 


Hand  Bag..  495    Mouthpieces,    Tele-   ,      U.^edles',    CrooUet 

I  arnA    597  nhni»fi     ''41  *i ii„=       rkamlnt 

luokes.    Veliicle.. 
...      1042,    1U43,    lOJo 
jOi  1  Neckjolie    Centers.. 


''  '  SSyoke  StraPsl223,1237    Ohesity     Belts,....        ^'' 

Needles,  Bead  Work.  100   Obesity  Remedies. 

Ocarinas    . . 


jii,.u.»     -- 495   Moullipiece  Caps. 

Mirrors,  Sharing. 495,  871    Morers.   Car 

Mirrors,   Stand 
Mirrors,   Wall   Fold- 

58'     Jlucllage   .482.  957    Needles,     Sewuig 

,,,„  I  Needles,    Darning....     93  Ochre  -^  -    , 

in-iK    NeetUes,    Embroidery.  100  oiBce   C  h  a  1 

i™    Needles,    Harness....  stools     ... 

,03S    '■'''"="";  • 1231-1232    Offlcai  Desks „, 

IJJl    Needles,    Phonograph  738  oiHce    FiUng    Devices  591 

Mud  Guards.  Bicycle 



..538.   1179-1180 

T'J^>?s  Tlle'""'l':i!65 
*»='"""•.  .'!'."':'<0l3l  1017 
Hiiiiines.    Whl.te- 

wasJilng !'38.   1180 

Hschines.    Wood    Sa'vuig 

—Write  for   Machinery 




Maclilne  Itolts  . 
Machine  Cotton. 
Machine  Covers. 
Machine    Needles 

Machine  Oils 

Machine  OUers.. 










.286-287,    319-321 
Shirts,    Made 

to  Order •••■;• 

Men's   Shirts,   Ready 

Made    ■■■^-- 

Men't  Shoes  and  ox- 
fords    369-370,  375. 
380-389,     391-396, 
Men's  Sock3..2r.3,  250-258 
Men's   sweaters    ajid 
ater   Coats 

Brush   Sets... ...o.U,  857  UlulBn    Dishes 

Ilrrur   Doors— Write   'or   ji^un  Pans 

MUl   Work  Catalog, 
linor    Plateaus 

for  Crockery  C 

Needles,    Sewing  Ma- 

Needle  Books,  Cases. 


,  ,    1025-1027  Uijedle     Files. 

Write   Mufners— Write  for  Prices.    Needles.Talklne   Ma- 
'""         Mugs    399,    1024        chme 


. 600-60 1 

90  I  Office  Toilet  Cabinets  596 

Omcers'      SUrs 905 

Offsets,   Soil   Pipe... 1171 

Oli,    Automobile 548 

OU,  Axle  Grease. 

MISSES'   ARTICLES.  KlJ'^ll.'shwing.. 417,    873  Uj  e  e  d 


Mission    Draperies 
.Mission   Furniture 


'60,    564-505,    594,    SSOf^'ilire   Ha 

Mug  and  Brusli  Sets, 

Shaving  . . 
Mule  Bridles 


"',a232|Nee;»ry   . 


Machine . . . 


Ou!    Bicycle.. 875,  888,  913 

Camphorated...  4(8 

Canon 480 

. Castor 478 

87-105    OU,   Clock 777 

,.  760   Oil,   Cod  Liver. 
"  "      Engliif 


Mason    Jar    Rings 
Mason  Jar  Tops.....     ■ 
Massnse   Cream.. 461,  s 

Massage   Cups J 

Massage   Cuppers 

»""     -„     Men's  ToUet  noils...  41i:i     Miter     aeaas.      ma     „,    Mu  e  Whips   ■■^J";i"Sg    Negative    Racks 
1056,  1079    i^S^.I  i)„dcrwear.259-262     „f"^'''Vi„V»' 'pii-  ""'?«' T^   '•      '       '  JM    Kelugee  Shirts. 

'm^rNeiative   Envelopes,,  762    Oil,   JngUio. . ...  .Mi-o" 

i'i    NeUve    Backs 7D.    01  .  J-Bh   Bait   ' .         93 

RoUers,  Ex- 


040.     1057-1071     Mala,  AebesI 


Thread . 

489,  506 
„.„.„,„  Stove.1023 
Aslicstos  Talile     37 

Mats.    Batli. 

M;its.    Buggy 

Mats.    Door 

.45.  429 


.1113     Mats.  Plioto. 

1060    ioVa.  ibi)5-ioa6 

Machinists'  Books.950-951 
Machinists'  Tools.  ...^^^^ 

"nVs'ts'  Tool 


v'cio  thing— 
for   Working 
Clothing   Catalog. 
Mackinaw-    Coats, 

M  a  c  li 


Mackinaw   Flaimels.,     60 
Mackinaw  Socks......  3J^ 

Mackintoshes.    Boys  .   3is 
Mackintoshes.    Wen^s^^^ 

Maiiraa,   Drapery 



■flats'.    Splasher 1027 

Mats:    Table.37.  491,  lO: 
Matclies— Write   for   Oro 

eery    Catalog. 
Match   Boxes.    Safes. 

Pocket  ••••i:.-,','-,?2? 
Match  Boxes  WaU..  10. 
.Match  Box  nolders.1027 
Match  Hangers. 503,  1027 
Slatcli  Holders,  ^ov- 


Match  Planes... 
Maternity  Belts, 
Jlaternity    Coals  —  Write 

tor  The  Baby  Book. 
Malernily  Corsets... 
Maternity     Dresses. 



nity    Goods.  234-235 
Maternity  Medical 


Maternity     Slorts 

955    Maternity  Waists.... 
a,ic   La,iierii»  V. -=.  „,     Mattings,   AWe- ••;*2-44b 
Card  Pr«i»et<>«>7.S2-763     Mattings,    F  »»J; ' ""^-lll 


^,^„„ Shirting 

Magazine  Racks. 
Magic,  Bi.olis  on 
Ma^jc  Lanterns  (Post  , 

Mending    Cement, 481-482 

Mendtlig    P1'"«B.----1''»1 

Mending    Tissue.,, 99,  481 

Mending    Tarn 

Menthol  Inhalers..-, 

Mercerized  C  o  1 1  o  i 
and  Floss 

Mercerized  Sateen... 
Mercury  Bichloride. 
Mesh  Bags............ 

MessaUne    Sllks.72,  74,  7 
Metal,   Babbitt......  1001 

Metal  Cutting  Saiv8.1062 

Metal  Figures 858-».>.J 

Metal    Lath— Write 
Roofing   Cat-llog. 
Metal  Polish.541. 550,1057 

Metal    Ro"nh«-L-"-,"Hn 

Metal  Wagon  Wlieels.1044 

ctal  Wheel  Wagon3.121.: 

Metal  Worke'r3''viscB.1065 
Metal    Working    Ma- 

ohinery.    1061.  1065-1066 

Metalene   Nails loj-j 

Meters,  Exposure,....  7j3 
Meters,     volt    and 

Ampere   .■•;•,■•.■•■••  "" 
Meters,    Walking 

(Pedometer)   »05 

Metol    5" 

Metronomes    Jo» 

Micrometers    .  '""' 

Microscopes    . . 
Middy   Waists 
..165,  167-1 
Military   Brushes 

Miter  Machii 
Miter  Saws,. 

\Uter'  Sauares,    Car-  v„;;„^„.,   .. 

penters mU  Muriatic  Acid . 

•1"**    Multiple    Photo    At- 

Mltts,  Baseball, 

Mitts,   Bath 

Mitts,    Men's........ 

Mitts.   Striking  Bag. 
Mittens  and    Gloves, 

Mitfe*ns   and  "Gloves, 

Murine  Remedies. , 

,011,  Floor 

322-327.    331|oU,  Gloss 
Nerve  Medicines 

Nests    Hen's  W , — , 

Nest  Eggs 515,   1032    Oil,   Harvester 

Nets,    Curtain *SMOiL    Lantern 

Dress 82-8-^   oil.    Linseed 

. .  .530,  550 


,15    .Mush  Dishes. 404-405.  413    Jjjj^-    pj^e. 'Horse... 1'235  ou'.   Machine.. 

S;?    Music.  Phonograph..  •    pj,],.  ..934,  936-937  oil.      Oilyi!, 

■  •  •  -'S*-!??    Nffs   Fly  Hor8e.l234-1236        Use— Write 

Roller  Organ .  697  ^.ei8.  "'^f^"'"  j,,       eery  Catalog, 


Flannel   .- 

Mittens,  Hunters  ^ 


710    Nets,   Head 
„      709    Net 
,710-712    Nets, 

Stove    Pol' 

Music,  Sheet 

ilusic    Bags. 
Music  Blank  Books 
,.„  ,  Music  Books  . . . 
Q^S    Music    Boxes... 
Music  Cabinets. 

■  1  „oo    Music  Holders .  ^. 

:"2'    ^J&  1?euf  .'  ^"''"  TOO  1  P. .  WalsTT."  .7:7l74-17 
'1  -.<!n    Music  Racks.  •■•■••■ 
'1'°"   Music  Backs.  Band.. 

Vi'"li23   OU.  Olive,  Medicinal  480 
.„...    Tenilis.  920    Oil.    Baior   Strop, 

^S^S^ ;::  933  OIL Teduciiig: •,;::•, :  loi 

MSsaJito:::---  moa.  Bubbing.... 

709  1  Netting, 
Miisic  Backs.  Band..  i:7,|. .','„„„ 

Music  Rolls.,.. ^....  fioiii;;;™' 



Mixers,  Bread . . , 

iUxers,     Cement 


"'^".^?.''."^-,-  -1024-1025 1  S:i  "Rous;  ■  Mino 

Mixing   Spoons iu_' 1      T>i.,T,or      

Moccasins,  Baby 
Mohair  BrilllanUnes. 

tvet  roies.    .e.^.„...  »'^0   ou;   Sewhig  Machine  684 
Net  Trtmtning  Band»_,83  |  OU,  SU^^'-.'.'.'.'.'.'g'i's.  013 

709    Net   Poles.    Tennis., 

P  I  sh 


Oil,     Sperm.. 

OU.    Tattoo 10' 

,936-937  I  OU,  Valve -••,••   ' 

30    oU.  Watch  or  Clock.   7 
1120    ou.  WaterptooflnS 


-.r-.itin,.  Music  Satchels 

Talking         Ulusic   Stands 

' -^^       41,,al„     «tnlld     I 


Matting,'  Rubber 443 

Professional  955  |  Matting^   "mding 

Magicians'       Outflts, 




Magnesia,  MUk  of..- 
Mngnesium   Citrate.. 


Magnet  Wire 


Maguitying  Glasses.. 
Mail   Boxes.    Keys. 

PadloUs   . 


I.Ialine  Nets.. 
Iilallets  ....  • 
Malted   Milk. 

l,lar.dolin» l" 

.ii*.,,.,irt  in    Cases t»J* 

479     Mattocks   

""'    Mattock  Handles 
Mattresses.    Bed 



493,  512.  857 

Milk.     Evaporated     Con- 
densed— Writ 
eery  Catalog, 
Milk,  Malted. 

I  for  Gro- 

MUk,  Sugar  of. 

MUk  BoUers 

Milk     Bottles 

.63.    69 
Miihair  "Piusli    Fur- 

nUure  Coverings...  460 
Mohair    Skirt    Bind- 

inea  J' 

Molar  CutUrs.  ....••  51? 
Molasses— Write  for  Gro- 
Molds.  Butler,,, 
Molds.  Cake...., 
Molds,  Concrete, 
Molds,  Jelly 

Material  , 
Moldings.    I 

...  913 
.23.   2f 



Netting'  Stapies'iod6;il22  1  m  Bottles". 415 

HS  I  Newels.    Porch.Stair.llSl    oU  Cans. ... ..... 

?J§|Nl^ort    Scarts...^...    ...  I  OU  Cans.  Bicycle. 

Newspaper  Racks 
Ickel  Plated  C 
per  Cooking  Dten 

Music  Stand  Cases  newspaper   i>»v»..... 

Music  WriUflg  Books  709    ^.J^^P  "pi^.ed    CoP 

.685-709,714-738    j^gu^  "piii^d  ^  ■screw! 

wusiuia    ^^  \      Write   for   Prices. 

MusUns.  S<"S6.^.-.-     5 J  Nickel  Plated  Spoiins. 

Musiln-  CurtlU .?"-««    ^"'S?e'n^r^'.  "^  "  '  '' 
MusllQ  Curtain  U»-         I      """ 


Muslin   Sheetings 


Machine    684 

OU    Colors,    StcucU, 

Art  Work 

ou  Cups 1169 

OU  Cups.  Jewelers'., 
ou    Founts. 


OU  Ranges.   Stoves. 

Night  Latches. . 

Miiilin  ""^Wfl^^ii  „a  N^ht  Shirts,  Boys..  388  oU  Stains, 
203-213,    236-239^^.51  g^j^,,    ji^n's.  332  oU     Stains. 

Mustache  Cups—Write  for  •-  Cutting..  ...„„„  raphy  ... 
■                            1064.    1073  OU    Stones. 

41C,   10; 
Building         j      (jiockery  i-aiaiue. 

1'^"  I  Mustard- WrUe  lor  Gro- 
cery  Catalog, 

Crockery  Catalog. 



6'29-630,  632-635 

a  tt  resses.  Crib, 
Cradle,  Babies'.... 
at  tresses.  Cot. 
Couch.... 621._630.   043 

Moldings,    Room.-.  

"1031  1 'i''jWl»s   Hooka JV;    Mustard  Spoon 

oui.!.""  •■•;■■,•■„,;■•  Xno  I  Moleskin  Coats SU    Mutes,  Bass 

m¥  ^'>}}}^'i'i!.^?,^f2l\fo\^^'^^f^^^'- Sl'lf.^...'   Clio 

Money  Belts  — 
Jloney  Pouches 

..1    ^■\<=,^]      eery   ^atii.v,b.  ..^g    

-5Vl^5el    Mustard  Pots,  ChlM  ^^^U-'^j,»„_    Hoof    Cut 

,.,,   OU  Stoves.. - 

1064   OU  Stove  Ovens. 



9;     Mauls,    Post 

-     31 

.1077     Mauls.        Woodchop- 

Jlayonnalse  Dishes . . 
Measures,  Cloth  Tape,^ 

MandoUn  Supplies. ..  694     Measures.   P 

Mandolinettoa   ""' '      —'    •"-• 

Mandolinetto  Cases 
Mandrels,       Circuh 

,  ,      and    Shot 913 

694  I  Measures.  Quart 1027 

Measuring      Cups  , 



MUk  Bottle  Brushes.1031 
MUk  Bottle  Caps 

MUk  Bowls 

MUk    Buckets 

Milk   Cans... ...... 

JUUt  Can  Brushes. 
jlUk  Can  FauceU. 
Milk      Can      Letters 

and   Figures ..1031 

MUk  Can  links  ^^''^^jj 

Milk    Crocks 411) 

MUk    Fever   Outflts, 

JM  Mutes.  CeUo 

.??,   Mutes.   Cornet 

or    Mutes,   Trombone. 

,;'=?    Mutes,    Violin 

jSl    Muzzles,  Dog 






Monkey   Wrenches. 
Monograms,   Purse. 


Mops,    Dish 

Mops,  Dustlcss 

Mops,    Scrubbing.. 
Mop     and     B  r  u  i 

Holder  Sets ,       .  i.a..,..,. 3 ,„, 

Mop  Wringers lOfOlsaUa,    Covered 104 

Moreen  SkirUngs ,'»   NaUs,   Horseshoe 1048 

ting    ...   . 
Nippers,   NaU.. 
Nippers,   Police 
Nippers.        V  I  ( 


■■  S  I  ■^"H>pl<■^■   ^>' 

'Nipples,     Iron 

Nipples,    Nursing.. 

Nipples,  Soldering 

Nipple   Grips,    ! 


Jlaaicure  SuppUes 
Manila   Rope...  10 




Mantel  Andirons - 

'fur-''M'Jnt"ei  CaUlog. 

Mautel  Clocks 861-863 

Mantel  l>rap«^^Scarfs  ^^^ 

Mantel  Urates... 1145 

Mantel  Ornaments...  ^^^ 

Mantel   Tile ^ij^ 

Mantles,  G,as, 

Meats — Write     for     Gro- 
cery   Catalog. 
Meat   Choppers...... I02B 

Meat   Cleavers.... 865-8l>0 

Meat    Forks,    Cold-L  .,„ 

Class.. 399-403,  407,  413 
MUk    Pitchers,     En-     ,, 

ameled    lo-^ 


1  MUk  Skimmers.  Tin.     20 
MiUt    Strainers^......l031 

Mil"   Stra.in_er   PO^s.  03 

.1020 1  |4aj|$    Wire. 

■1020    NaUs'.   Brass  Headed  ^^.^  ]  Nlm>}e  SMeiJs 

■\IZ\  .N'ii^BVcoi^edpads.ioisU;.;;-  \,,, 

Sweet  Spirits..  48 


Troughs '■ 

OUcloths,   Buggy 1' 

Oilcloths.    Floor ■••*u 

Oilcloths.   Stove 

SQuares •  • .  44» 

OUdotlis.     Table. 

Shelf.    WaU 32 

Oilcloth    Apron 2i 

Oilcloth    Binding....   440 

OUcloth    Border 3J 

OUcloth  Cement 44C 

OUcloth     Fhiish 53i 

Oilcloth     Tacks, 

Staples    1051 

OUcloth    Upholstery 

■•,■15?    NaUs',    Lining 

MoroccoUne    I^'H^Ji"!?    NaUsl    M".'-""^... • -10511    g°^        g,„ij 
Morris  Chalra.... 562-50.!    Nails,  Picture.. 464.   WoO   J,    j,,^'  pi^. 

Morine  Cloth.  ^^^ 

. .5'62-563 

Mor'tars''and  Pestles.  754  I  JJJifj;  Rioiing, 
Mortar.    Grit.  loiii..  ■■        »..- 

Mortar  Hoes    ^  ^^  ^ 


Norwegian  Books jj'   oUed   Duck  or  Can 

^Tnaa     riiinrds 9-4  ^^Q  

'!3   Oiled    Slicker   Cloth 

"■l04'i    Nose   Guards.. 



"Door  Locks.  105; 

Mortise  Gaiiges......'"" 

MorUslng     Mac  bin 

1154    Nosing    Plan 

■::io3;|Nriis',  -shot'/.'.'.-.i.-.'.^oslNoury^  - 


Mantles.  Kerosene.. 
Mantle  Lamps,  Kero 

Manure  Carriers 

Manure  Forks 

Manure   Spreaders. 

Manure  Hooks^^ 

.  ""i'I(l6-ll07 


MMtPlatters.399-406,855  1 
Meat  Saws... 

Meat    Servers. 

Mechanics'  AP«>ns.  .10.8 
Mechanics'  Books.950-961 
Mcclianicc'     ^"•'"'■n-g 

Mechanics'    .Overalls 
and    Jackets 317-318 




....  617 



Lcs'    Tape 


MMhanicai'  Books.950-951 
IVIedioines    ..    ....477-480 

Medicines.      Poultry. 

stock    514-515 

I  Medicine    Cabinets:. .   59b 

MeJicuie  Cabinets.   Built 

In  —  Write     for     MUl 

Work    Catalog.  „„ 

Marcel    U'"f„"»'Sn  oji  1  Medical  Batteries. .. .   773 

Ma.guerlt_ca.Baby.240-241     Me'»eal    ^^^^  952 

iilUk  Tcstbig  Outflts. 1031 
Milk    Wagons— Write    for 

MllWng"outflt  (Hard 


Milking    Tubes 
MlUs,   Buhr..., 

MiUs,    Caiie 

MUls,    Cider,. ........llll 

MlUs.    Cofllee,    Spice- lOoU 
JUUs,  Corn  and  Cob.lUtJ 


MiUs.    Grist 

MiUs,    ?"«»■•;•:■;•; 
Mill  and  Factory 

Cuno  IBS     547-, 

548  550,  1056-1061,  1114 
MUl    Ends, 

Mosaic  mle.. l"^ 

Mosquito  Nets 934 

Mosuulto  Netung... ..     30 
MosdUito  Preparations 

Nails,   Upholstery.,., 

IK^   1545;"1050       1;^ 

489   1^0*®  Paper. 

?3»i}^KS^::"v::4Uo;^ns... ,,,97^00, 843 


NaU    Clips. 
NaU    Cutting 

OUers '"J 

Oilers,    Bicycle fc» 

Oilers.    Watch.......   77 

Ointment,    Medicinal  4i 

Ointment,     Sltin 48 

Ointment,   Veterinary 

'Every'  Day l>-28 

^"Ai  I  Nottingham    Laces.  .80-83 

NaU    Cutting    Sav^..^'.-^    j<„,ti„gham    Laces.. »"•« 

NaU  Enamel 489    ^„„„    ?^?i1, 

NaU    FUes ,1'^    Novelties     ;Aj?'',5iT 

482,    934 

o  s's'      'upholsterers'— 

Write  for  BlacksmlUis' 


Moth  Balls... !S:,i--"t-    -7  - 

Moth  Preventives 48^1  >alnsooks 

Motors.  Books  on 950    (j^pkins 

Motors.  Electric  Toy.  ___  |  Napkins, 

NaU   Hammers 1082  U;„jdes.  Hoae..  1034,  1061 

Nail     Pullers.  

Nail  Salve 

Nail     Scissors 


Numbers.    House. 

^"^"ie^afWW.ii-.'n  I  Opaque 
""*■'     Write  tor   Opener- 

...  OU  for  Table  Use- 
Write  tor  Grocery  Ca 


.1111     Motors.  Water.. 

■  'iilib    43  Nursery  Books— 
.38.4U,   «        jj„„^    Catalog, 
f  "•'  "7    Nursery  Chairs...... 

Nursery    ToUet    Aril- 

Can 10 

Opera     Glasses 7 

556  I  Optical   Goods.763.766-7 

..  550  K-abpies 399-406,  55',  N  u  r  s  e  s'    Accessories—  orange  Wood  Sticks.  - 

..   548    Nasal    Douche 1|",        Write   for    Baby    Book.    Orangclne | 

Motor  Parts,  Electric           Nasal    Tablets.. ......  'fV  Vuraes'   Glugbam 54  Orchestra  Bells......  ' 

Tot              773    National  Song  FoUo.  711  guraes       ,»   j^^^(j|,|.  orchestra    BeUs    In- 

....'.  i;„„,n«— Write  for K'«t oral    History ?.)3  "  "„„„„    __ 242       structor ' 

M"!?^^r -^^iJSJ' VI?!  ^s^J""^:::::.  i  „.a?™- 

Maple  Syrup  FlaTOr- 

»,aru.e      ».- H^^ 

Sarcil    natr    W'avers  492 




'cupboard.  1076 





Medical     Sets, 


Medicated    Cotton.. 
Medicinal    Plasters. 

Goods     ,' ,.51 

MiU  FUes ^f 

MUl  Hose 10»1 

MiU    Picks 1056 

Mill   Work. 

5UU    Picks 

"'"  U^-USS,' 1238-1239 





1  Meerschaum  PiPes-.-  ?J0 

Melting  Ladles,. 9U,  11.2 

Melting    Pots. .. 913,  1172 

Memorandum   FUes,.     io 

-S'tirm   Sash 1050     Memor.ndum„Book_s. 

Markers,    Skirt   ,  „?'     "'  4  "^s 

Ifnrkers       Stock 1033  1       tSOOKS 

MarS.Tennis  Court  920  1  Men' 

90-91,   r07-127,  202 

ju'iiinery    Trlmmliigs 

llinclng    KiUv 
Mineral    Colors 




"Bath  Robes. . . 


Boxes      l^% 

Miners'  .Ten"......-.  939 

Mining    Levels. .  .769.  1079 
Minnows.    ArtWdlU. 




Plumbing    Goods    Cat-    Neatstoot    OUs 

aio"  Nebulizers «oo  I  N  u 

Motor- Scarfs 90-9l|Necks.    Violin.......;.  eaOjMu 

Motorcycles  and  Sup- 

Motorcycle  Clothing..  285    Neck   Clippers 8^4 


MStUng^is'rushes....  544   Necklaces,    Bead 
rSg^^le"&oiciln\'^    Nec^klaces,- '  Ga'niet 
Xunt  MiSck  work.    ,  „„  |  N«^^"«|»'j.f  fS^'ji., 

Nursing   Bottles......  50b 

u  r  s  I  n  g      Bottle 
Cleaning   Brushes. 

Thread je?   NecklaceV.'jbb'i  Tear 

Mourning  Pins 


Nursing  Corsets 235 

Nursing  Nipples 50b 

Nursing  Vests -Jo 

Nuislng  Waists 188 

Nuts.  Blank. ..•■•■. -1049 
Nuts.    Lock. 


NutsTThreaded 1049 


.,u...  TOP  Prop. ..^..1047 
Nuts^Write   tor   Grocery 

Nut   Augera. 





Folding  —  Wl 
for  Organ  Catalog. 
Organs,    BoUcr...... 

Organ  Folios. ....  710- 

Organ    Stools   and 

Benches     . ■•••,■■• 

Organ  Stool  Backs  . 

Organdies.... 52,  56, 

Oriental    Laces... -.82 
Ornaments,  Hair.136- 

Moumlng  Veils.. 
Mouse  Poisons.. 
Mouse    Traps.. 

933  I  Moutli    Accordions. 

98    Necktie    Clasps.. 

91  .828,    832. 

482  NccWlo  Plns-V' 
?15  S20.  8'29-S32._ 
6981  neckwear.    Boys  . 

SEARS,  ROEBUCK  AND  CO.,  HoW    tO    McaSUrC 

f^TW^^ring  Apparel   Explained  on 

Nut  Bowls.. 412-413.   »0J 

Nut  Cracketa f' 

Nut    Picks.... .fi 

Nut  Sets,  China 41i 


Inside  Front  Cover  Paj 

137,    491, 

Ornaments.  Japanese 
Ompnients,  'f,""'-'' 
Ornament),  SiWer  . . 

Ornamental     Faneing 

1191  lio-i     ii<»j     *«"»»Ke    lumere.. 
Or-'i.  ■■  ilcT.: '.".':. .'ili  I  ^^^'J''    W^od   Bun 

Ostricli    Plumes    and 

Tips    no-Ill 

Ouija    Boards., 408 

Oiillns     FlanneH... 
OuUng   Pants,   Men 


Panel,   Japanese  pi- 
per         ,y. 

Panel  Beading— Write  for 
"'  a  1  1    Paper    Sampli 


Pallernj,  Babies- 
Clothes      234 

Patterns,  Batlen- 
I  „  berg     

Patterns,  Embroidery 
Transfer    .. 

Patterns.  Flaunei 

Patterns.  Rag  Doii.'.' 

^  PAGE 

Photography.  Bookson  753 1  Pins     r«™ 

?■>"»•      724-73 



Plastic  Dressing 480 

84I-«.2|?!a»{etttaUShii     ^' 
and    Toe 923 


r..'„'io--'"l?-  1<'83-1(18.5         Embroiders  

P.ano"-gJS'    Caies.- 1  0I?    Pins,-  '  S^^^^]^  '      '"'""""'""  """"' 

Panel  Sai.    „.„....,„„ 
Panoramic    Cameras.   744 

vvena,  iJutcb 102^     ***"**•  Athletic 

Ovens,  Portable  (Gas  Pants,  Babies' 

'-■""*'"—      ■-- 'Pants.  Boys'...     3fl 

Pants,  Boy  Scouts'. 
■  Uuck.284.  316,  918 

Overalls,    Boys'  "at 


„  228-229.     302,     3 
Overalli.    M«n'».  .3f6-3l"7  I 
OvcraU    Denlin... 

Pants.  Football,  Bas- 
ket   Ball 924-925 

Pants,    Hunters' 913 

Pants,    Leather 1231 

Men's  Cordu- 

Sets....ll)86         I  Drafting), 

Patty     Pan's'.'.". 

Paulins      ...  . 

Peach    Patera.' 

Peanuts  ant 
Butter— Wrlti 
cety   Catalog. 



Sash .„. 

o.,A  ^'^i'J  ""<'  Stick 
820.     829-832.     840 

7011    Pins.    Steel 

OvCTcheck    Springs. ..1229 

Overcoats.     Blanket    and 

feneepakin  Lined — Write 

for    Working    Clothing 

to      Order      Clothing- 

Pants,  Men's  Made  "to 
Order— Write  for  Sam- 
ple Book  f" 

Pants,    Men' 

284'-'285'.  "'288-289 

pr,„„  f°"',''?*°'  '"■  709   P'ns.  Teleplirae".'.'.' 
Piano  ScarfB.104,  472,  709    PI"'.    Trophy 

Pins.   Turning... 

Pins,    Veil.    Gold.. 

Plates.     Cake".:.::  ■ 

8«|p!i;ts;  c&"^"'^-"«Hp"i;>' 


Pocket    steel    Meas- 

urlng  Tapes: ...       loj 
Pocket  Toilet  Cases    4f 
Pocketbooka,    Ladies' 
..„    "     -  ,34.,3 

for    Boo 

Piano    Stools 

'  Stool  Backs..' 
Tuners'  Tools 


Piccolo    Folios... 

P  ccolo  Mouthpieces, 
i>i — 1.,   p^^^. 

Dirt . 

J        P.a.e.'^=S;SLrti?S^« 

117?    S",'"'   Con)mu'n"ion'.' 
•"'•'|P|ates.    Enameled... 
Ferrotype . 


Points.   Drive   WeU..ll7 
Points     for     Inserted 

Tooth    Saws 105| 

Hand    Drili.lotil 

Points.    Glaziers'. 



VVrlte^_f^r  Sample  Book     Pants     Kunning. . .:.  h,     pSl^^Si. 

Pants,    Working 

278,  289,  316-318 

.286-287     Pants,    You'ng   Men 

iery „,.,     „  ,, 

Pearl  Necklaces'.. r.  813 
Pearl  Penholders....'  843 
■  earl    Stud    Sets....  843 

Peau    de    Crepe 74 

Peau  de  Cygne....72,  77 

Peau  do  Sole 75-77 

Pi^dals,    Bicycle 886 

Pedal    Rubbers 886 

Pedestals  and  Jardi- 
nleres,    China 413 

---...-.      Marble — Write  1      i ,,    ^  -  — ,-- 
for    Crockery    (.'ataloB        n.  ,  "''"     List, 

,,, , „  ...  RTQ     o,n  (  ^:   "^''-   »  •^""lype. . . .   7 

710    Pin    Books 

Clothes..  1C20        per  ' 

Pyrography. !  50i 
Trammel....  106S 
<1  L.sprit    Nets.     83 
Spoke 1078 


Picks,   Ice. . 
Plcta.     Mandoilji ' 
°-'-     Mill... 


Railroad. . , 

Pin  f^r."!,';:;',.'.' 't;  •■■'"''"'    E'a'es.  Oas'.'. '.:....        m^li,"',","'"^^'''""' 1056 

Pin  Cushi„i„,„  Fancy  ._.  |  Plates,    Heel.    Toe,'.'.'  39S    fj^l  'n'at' I^J?'-':''  ??? 

559   Pokers.    Stove... 

934   •''>'«»  and  Shafts 

39S     O    '         *    ^OOtS.     W; 

iJ^.'.  1  Pin  «fl/,X™  ■  "V"'  7'''**  °^'*  I  ''laies.  Lantern  Slido  7«iq   J-eiaons,  Rat,  Me 

<95.  854   Plates,'  Lante'ri 



Picks,    „, 

Pick    Handles 

Photo  ■  But-  foles.    Curtain 

'  ■    1 741    Poles,  TennI 

.1024-1027    Pol"!    Caps. 

043,    1045 


Overdrape    Hods!.''.' 


t^vershoes    .39 

Ox     Balls 

Ox   Hair   Riggers...' 

Ox    Harness 

Oiallc    Add 

Oyster  Bowls.  Plates! 

„thuia     .  390-,„., 

Oyster   Forks.   Silver.  860 

Poclflcrs,     Baby 506 

{,""'     f.hf^K- 396 

lads.     Calendar 761 

Pads.     Clarinet    and 

Saxophone    706 

Pads.     Harness.  1225-1227 
iads.    Horseshoe  —  Write 
for    Blacksmiths'    Sup- 
ply   Cntnlnrr  ^ 

I  „    -    --• 298.    310 

Pants    Buttons. 22,    24-25 
Pants  Guards.. 

I  Pants   Bangers  _  „  „ 

stretchers.  99.  289,  1020 
Pantalets.     Girls'..       - 
Paper,    Architects' . , 
Paper,    Blue  Print. 
Paper,   Building 

Pedestals.  Wood 
Pedometers  .  . 
Pegs,   Tent,   Iron,! 

Pegs,     Violin 

Pegs.  Violoncello. 
Pegwood.  Jewelers' 
"-  Crow  QuUI. 

Vises,  Jewelers'.  777  Piatt 
"■"  1  Pi„™"'  J^'n)enters'.10e4  Pla 
"i?  SS;^J°eSS''"''\\^'  PlSL  n?r'''«''-;T^^^^^ 

lis'-T^r'""'  '•■■'   iBf^™"-^^^^^ 

Jo°5f  I  pi-ing^B'ik'n'ie,;:; v.  Ut  I ?&.  5!,^„'r  «"'--,?=5 1  pSjt'i^p^'.?':V2'2'2;lsi 


Silueegee 756 


^ Lum'h«?™'^.tr"''i'»' 'or  |  P'geCT-^ajrnT'Bat'h 

Picket      ^     _  _.^^  .__.    

for   Wire  Fencing  'cat-  I  P'nes,'   Rectai 

alog.  ' -• 

Picket   Pins ju„ 

putfi  ''?.'?^,  Swivel's!  1033 


..399-405     Paper,    Drawing!!! 

.   481 


Pens,  Fouiitain  (High 

,  Pipes,    . 

..1033    Pipes.     Tuning.! 

Pipe,  Cast  Iron  SoU.lni 

Paper.   Lltniu 

Paper,    Photo 757- 

Paper.    Photo    Blot- 

„  tlng^    

Paper,    Shelf " 

Paper,     Toilet '. 




!na.    Gold 


Ruling,  .^.709,  765 

Pipe,  Gat',' St'e'a'm  and' 

Spring    Bow..  765 

Pickles--Wrlte"   fir-^ro! 
eery    (Tataiog. 

hSo  Dl-h'S^'cMn'a  '" 
Plciae-^SJis^^'^tJ"-  «^       .... 

844-845     Pic,;;;-  n*1?'  8«,  850-853    p. W'X'r     ..- 

841     o-?'*^    Balls 001    Pipe,    Lead.. 

•  ■•  8"  I  Pic  urej.     Framed!!    496  k'Pf-     Stove.. 

Pict'SrT'B&'-'""'^  JPl-'"-  5!".?"i-" • 
Picture  Books,  'chil'dren 
— "rite  for  Book  Cat 

PialL_.     ^„. 

709    Plate  Holders,   Ca'm 



.Yi-lf^/^ui'l'-ioea  ?°!!™  S'A^h.Li«h"-'  "4 

Police  Revolve 

7-I7-748    goll"  VVhlsHes.!498! 


n„./''ii™'f~^''"«    '<"■    Sla'"   Rails'.'.".  ".;522"ll52 1  Pol'sb,     auto     and 
Piria?e?X„^J---    ri^t'l  "^'i»7S!""  P<SU''Tand-£'t",!  ^^ 

1159    ,.  Glassware 

I  Platforms     and     A 
lacliments,      stri 
,„,lne    Bag    .... 
Platform  C  o  u  n  t  e 


Picture  Chaini 

Caps,    iron!! 

I'lpe    Cement 

Pipe  Connections  for 
'^"'—-ized  S  t  e 

11"    PJat'oi-'n  Scil'e8!ii26;|l27    Polfsl"',    Stae 

Band  Instni- 

ij--: 705 

Furniture...  541 

I  i,;.-<~r-  .9""   Stock. .  913 

921    Polish,  Metal 

p  •„■%••  Vi-- 550,   741,   1057 

1030   P°l»|i.  «ano....541.  709 


^icure  Chains.. 464.  1050        Tanks    

'^'^eV"^?,.!?"^    Ml'.     '»   Pipe    covering. 

Tanks    1117    Platinum     Pol 


strument  .y^ 

?J:!"™    Chloride!!   760 

Papei „,^ 

Paper   Bag    Coo'k'er^! 


ter  Machines, 

Asbestos    _,  'Pyrography) 


Pad     Screws 

31,  621.  630,  643     Paper  Binderk— 'writ'e  for 

Pencils     a^/ I  r.. -  •  .^u.. 

PencUs,    Carpenters'!  1082     Eli""'''    ?»°k' 
PendU,    Crayon        •'"<>->  I  ?■-...„    ..-.., 


5,»"«e 486 

Stair 443 


..VC.O     ...    J229 

Padding.     Table 37 

J,a'l<lles.     Boat 934 

Padlocks      tntin 

Padlocks,     Dog    Coi- 

Padlocks,'  'ifa'l'l"  "Bii!l029 
1  alls,    Chnraber.41-.  1021 

Palis.     Coal looa 

Palls.    Dairy.,  "loir 

Palls,    Dinner ion 

Pa  lis.  Enameled,  Cov-     " 

ered    1024 

Palls.    Galvanized...  1019 
Pnils     (Milk    KetUe)  i 

,    1U24,    1027 

'  Milk  Straluer.1031 

Tin  Covered.. 

P,i„i.- ••""'•    1024-1025 

f^anits    524-546 

Paint    Brushes... 544-546 
ialnt    Colors __   K17 

Paper  Cooking  Bags 

Paper    Cupi,... 

Paper  Decorationi,. ..  ,5, 

Paper  Diapers— Write  for 

Baby    Book. 
Paper    Doilies 957 

Pencils,   Drawing 765 

Pencils.    Eyebrow 486 

Pencils.   Indelible....  967 

;;2f  1  Pencils. 


Picture  Nails.".'.464!'l050" 
'^Ire 1050 

— W  r  I  t  e  for  Heating    Platinum 

Catalog.  -       Solution 

Pipe   Crimpers— Write  for  Plat'eri     ' 

Poliali.  Sllver'.'.'.','48'2!  i 
1  h .    Squeegee 

PoitahT  'st'o'v'e-'wrti;  ; 

Rooflng  Catalog. 

Picture    KnoOs iii^n  I      " 

Efe',';'!fM»ldlngs.464.n51    £!"«    Colters 1173,      ... 

Pir.,,,-.    „.,.,  'gP»  Pi,»eralOu,lllts!m3|P';' 


-    ^^        tionaries    . 

Enameled. !  1024    S°|!''"'™.   G"n 

Platters.   Meat.   Fish 


464    Kp«    Fittings,    Iron. 
"■■... 1169, 

— .   -„„         ,£<"lsWng'Headk!""i039 
389-400,    865  K"!"^''!"?    Mitt    and 

"""  'Dauber    ini^ 

^m.S'^"-"  Ciii  321 

Pencils!  Plu'mb'L'ln'e!l082  I  pjj  J!".^"-   Sl"l"v"er"."8"46!8i8  I  Kffe  Hangers 
Penc  s.    Retouchhig.   766     Z\t   V^'^os,    Cutting.     2s    gine  Holders 

.V2?  P-    Kn/ves-,    sTv?,l- 

8-It).      S49 

Pipe    HooJta^— Write 
"'      bing   CataloB. 

'^Zr,.,?^.^?^  ,"»-^r     ll-ca  Erasers. 957     ?i|  ""fe  S^P^t'i^^-^^^   ^iSI  f^?"""';- "«"-}!!?    £1'^" 

Outflts— Write   for   Toy 
Paper    Lu..^.. 
Paper   Napkins 

Shells 896.    812 

bhell  Crimper.  913 

"ch    Sets.. 

Pencil  Holders!!!!!"  957 
Pencil  Sharpeners.95ij,958 
PencU    Tablets 

Plates    (P, 
Pie   "pik'tis! 


Colors. . 

Paddles „,„ 

Pot   Hooks 543 

Itcmover 541 

■d'    B'joks 951 

1^;     Dusters...  546 

s'    While 531 

g  Outllts.  Chlna- 
■  for  Crocker)'   Cat- 


Pap.      ^. 

Paper    Weights 

Paperhangers'  Shears  ! 
aperhangers'      Sizing 
Write   for    Wail    Pai 
Sample  Boob. 
Paoorhanocrs'    Tools 

Pie    Sets. 


■^.    Boys' 

s.    Men's 


Concrete  Ma- 

Bed. ...-.  .417.   607 
Bread... 1023.  1027 

Cake 1023-1027 

Cooking.  1023- 1026 
('ustard.   Silver  856 

Dish 1024-1025 

Douche. . .417.    507 

1023,    1026 


ParafHn      .^„ 

Laundry    Wax-     ,,.,1 
for   Grocery   Catalog. 
ParalBn     Wax..  - 

Parasols  and  Covers, 
Baby  Carriage 

Parcliment  "pipers' 
Parcliment    P  a  p  c  . 
Cutters         481 

Penholders.  Pearl.843.  956 
Penkn  tes    ...867-869,  925 

Penknives,   Gold 806 

Penmanship.  Books..  949 
Pennants,  College...  924 
Pennants.     Fraternal 

Societies    ...    .  904  . 

Penny  Picture  Cameras— 

"rite  for  Camera  Cat- 

,'„•   857  I  Pig    Ext 

Pig    Forceps. 
Pig     Lead .. . 

Pig    Troughs ,,,, 

piS°"  ^-n"5«^'  Clay  912 

."y,..  !„,--   Increasers 1171 

1024-1027    Pips  ytting  Clevises.1177 
Silver..  sselSife  Reamers 1173|piw;' 


H72    Pipe    Taps !ll73  '■" 

1117  I  Pipe  Threading  Stock 

-,.^od  Dies ....11/31?.""'   '^iwicui 

Pipe  Tongs 1173   P'°"  Bottom; 

229,    302,    305-306,    317    Pompadours   ....  ,v.| 

1183    Pay    Tents.  .306.  927.  939    P^chos,    Rubber  937 

1183  I  Player  Piano  Rolls..   709    P»"<l"s   Extract!  !!       479 

Pongees    56-58.  73.  76 

599  I  S""*   ^rldles 1222 

rness— Write  for 

I  Pony    

^  Harness  Ca'talog" 

Pliers   ...1063-1064    II7^    p     ^  .'*'  Catalog. 
Pliers,     Feli?ing       ■   1030  r°v'',  ,*^f'""^''"-*Vrite  for 
Pliers.   Fl8he,™n^';"  9oSL,^^'','f'«  Catalog. 
",?S4    Ponyskln    Cloth 

11^3   Pop  Valves,  Yadit  ir 

Engine   117D 

Popgun B 



Sliakers   .... 
,413.    415-416.    854.' 

.   478  £1"^  Traps 1171-1172    £!»"    Clevl; 

prrr;'  i— "-"«; 473  i,;p«  .vises 1070. 1173  p'o"  coiiars..... 

pSf'   I'i^l-i.;-^ 477  PPf  Vise  Clamps...".  1173   Plo"    Doubletrees 

PU  s'    nl^i->  '"dney.  477  ^  J*  Wrenches.  1057.  11-3L,.---l; 1041 

fUls,     Quinme 480  f'oe  Wrench  Jaws. ..1173    P""    Eveners 


I  Pepsin,    Essenc 

and  Charcoal 

Pills.    ^.. 

Pillows,   Air. 
Pillows,  Feather 
t  Pillows,     Sofa... 
Pillow    Blocks... 
Pdlow  Cases 

1090-1095    Poplins    49     57     -. 
Light,    Horse.1040   PoPPer8!co'rn..:..'2^    28 

I  Pl„„  -A  ,1''°^*' 1040    Porcelain,    Liquid.       5X7 

1 173  ISO"!  .Attachments...  1091  Porcelain  Cloaks  !  863 
.1094  Porcelain  Insulators  771 
.1041    Porcelain    Knobs 

1225  I  „  Shutter   1050.'l052 


•  • 1024 


JSS'L'^"'""^*    827.    939 

1227    Porch     Furniture 




.P  u  1 1  e  5 

1041    Porch    .Ma 

?„'!?i99   Plow  nl'i?'i'=;:."i°-""   rordi  seats 


^  ver— Writ 
Perforated     M  u 

Coffee.  .Oil- 
for    Prices. 

I  Pillow      cords      .„„  ,  -  „w,  „„„ic, 

>iSS^,?    '.•,• 100    Pit.  Card  Ga 

i^iiiow  cases 31,    102  M^l^wls,   Liouid      417   ssa    Plow  Riding  Attach-  p^.^i     ^.       '.••.,' ■   "27 

pSn""  Cases.stamped  lul    Pistols!  Toy  Target.    I97       -"ents      .' .      ""''  1092   pS  &"„'*'"■  ii; ' "52 
Hi!?!!    f^.a^l^ss 2»'?i|SolHotoe'J^''''   '•"''  Slngletwis!!!!"'^!  f"^?  &5'';,;;5,68.    ?27 

Parjor    Chairs. 

645-646,     648-651 



,      Rolls    .... 

Perfumes     " 

Perfume     Bottles!,.. 

I  Pej'oxido    of    Hydro! 


.Pitch,  Calking..!.'!'"  934        Holders 
100   Plteli.    Rooting.. 535,'ij54    Plowsharei 

Cushion  Rl'b- 

Glrdles.  Loops  100  I  Pitch'ers!  clhina/Gl 
Pillow    |SgW.'.'.'.'!  iS»   Piicher's.='^^c?e"fm 
"'"•-  _Shams^... 102-101  I      399-406.    413,    SSi^ 

p'i!°"  1?,°"'  Hoiders  463 

855,   857-858,   1024    £!"«    Taps. 

1?     filJSS  «&-3i^^"2?..cher.^ES;;L;S..Pi:!^..i^d"  Level, 
II        BSggv  ®"''''     "^"^  ,.„   &  ^J, "!'    Hp.LWater  417  ' 


io46p"c?;ri^/"'""  «-«^ 

1040-1041    Porous   Plasters. 

"!!??    P,w,',"h,'°  £°"'    Crlhs.1109 
.1177    lortable   Houses  nil 

1172   Portieres  .'  .467-470 

,lW^°";^"f  PI'Un8s.4';:  463 
. .  1070  I  Portrait    Cameras- Writ! 

Parlor     Desks... 

Parlor  Door  Hani...„ 
Parlor    Games,    Book 

Parlor  Lamps. 
Parlor  Mirrors 
Parlor    Organs. 

Petroleum  Jelly"!!!!!  478 
Petlico.ils,  Infants'!  239 
Petticoats,     Ladies' 

.208-213.  214-221 


PUlow    Slips,    Sofa 
Pillow    SUps,    sten- 
ciled    . . . 
Pillow    Tickings!!"" 
Pillow   Tops,   Fancy' 

102    Pitchers,    SUv 

Plumb    Bob's! 


„,.  , 854-85'5,'  857    Plumb  Bobs,  'siirvcy- 

Pitchers,     Syrup...   .  ore'     ' 

41,5-416,     864-855,     867   S™,''  ^'"^  Pencl'ls!l08: 



Wash !.  417   Plumbago 

29    Pitchers,      ,,.  _ 

Pitchers,    Water'.'.""  "■"  I  P  1  u 
413,    854,    1024 

iilor   .St 


,582-583,'  '595-596 

Pillow  Tops,  'Leather  ^„„  ,.„ 

•  105,     491    Pithwood,     Jewell 

..  .216-217,  228    f.'ll""'  ^"M.  Stamped 
Fabrics  °     I"  llow    Tubing 

Pitchers'  'Too'piatra.  923   '"'""I'ers' "bmIis 
Pi.i. .      ,.     .      .    jj,    Plumbing    g„„jj 

1062.    1079    Port  r; 

1079 1  Portrait  Lenses, 
Postage  Rates. . 
Posts.    Steel   Fence!! 

.1170 1  p,,;;  Kr,'™' •i.-"2'-"22 

0  ,>3  ,»"«».  Fence. .1122 

•   549    p"l'  ^?,''*i   Assorted  502 

o-;i  I  ™'     <■  aids.      Birth 


Post    Cards,     B  1  u  < 




Evaporator „ 

Prying.. 1023.  io26 

Parlor  Stools. 
Parlor    Stoves 

992,  994-998,   1003,1008 

Parlor   Suitos.645,647-651 

Parlor   Tables. ..  .592-593 

"■/""tl,,,  '•''<'""  —  WHte 

for  Mill  Work  Catalog, 
Paniuet   Floor  t'over- 

Phonograplis,  Records' 
and      Supplies.. 732-738 

Phonograph  Record 
t.abinets      ....  599 

Phosphale.    Sodium".!  478 

Phosphate,  WUd 
Clierry     435 

99   Plaids,    Wool! 




Pins.     Bai 




Pins,    Blanket' 


^n"!  s:*;;':'"'  IS  pfc-'-:  F"^"p^i-°  i^--!!!-isi  IR »-  •::;:::!!'8^J^;;;^i?"i!?;:i""!iir    ;™^^^^^ 

Pans.    Muran  '"•'*     P«s'e,  Graplilte  Paint  537     Photo    Brushes 7?BrPl''S.    Bwld I't7    Pl3»™'r„i,,V,'"'?:,''"'''    '^"""'"atic     Wat 

:•...,"  1625:1027     S"!'   Pi'"'.°.  Libra?,  756     Photo     Button    "ii;;  "'  P'S.^    ?r?«st,,...!!!!  '"'MS""'<^°T,i?a"d)  04    I     Supply  Outflts'! 

.1023.    1025-1027  I 




Paste.     Wall    .  „  ^  „  .— 
jy.l';.-'<'r,.n'all    Paper 

Tooth 489 


Roasting.  1023.  1025 

■US,  Sauce 1024-1026 

Hats,     La- 

lama  Hats.  Men's 
*mas.  Dress  Goodit 



Sample    Book. 

'asic    Boards 

Paste    Bnishea,    Pa- 
perhangers'        546 

Paste    Tables 642 

Pastry    Cullers.    110.1027 

Patching   Rubber 888 

Patent    Buttons...         Ss 
^„".'':,'"Vf  M'Js'c.Band  712 

Photo     Button 
chines     and 


Photo  Cabinets „„ 

Card   Mounts.    761 
"' "    ''   ■  760 

Photi _ 

Pholo    Chemicals 

Belt..         837,    8il    Plane    Handles 

Bending 1172    Plane  Irons... 

Birthday.. 8,36,   839    Planks     (Lumber)       1239lpu' 
1231  I  Plana,  Building.  1 146"!  1 147 
"    Corn..lotis-lln 
PI     ,     ---ornlHandllo. 
817,    826:""829"'8'37-S4'>|pn!l»r'!:    '',S"°"','iV,""''8|  P°a''ii'<'.».  i^gg 

10.35    Pocket  Combs 

-.10.6  [Pneumatic  Bust  foet  Card  Holdera      ill 

....             505  I'ost     Card    Printing 

Cushions  Frames    . 

Pillows...  505-506  Post  Card  ProJMtori! 


.1178    Post     Drills. 
.  1026  I  _  smiths'    .. 

Diggers.    Spades. 


Photo  HoWera.  Wire.  1027 

.        ?i!!^-  ^li'"''"°':Sg*'"M  "-<"".   Corn 
V!:!  I  Pl"«.    Diamond  Stick  829   Plaster™'   CoSt.. 
464   Plasters.    Kidney 


Pholo    Paste... 
Pholo   Scales 
Photo    Supgllas 


Pins.   Drugget 464  I  pi;«»;r 

Dutch   Collar.!  8.?7ffi;e"' 

For  General  Information,   "rhs; 

HOW      TO     ORDER 

98  I  Plastering.  Books 

BOi    Pn;i;«,    -""''',»»»e3.(t)»,»u5    i-osl  Horns.. 
,    ntaney tM   ^-J'J  «£  «f  s-  vZ  A'^.  Sn"?,!e?e!!??S 

■Bo"r.'!^?!:!,ti.dKl ^B^^M^^^°^'^^''"----  4?e 

-       ^  2ci    P°.'"'    <"""[«■•  ••1024-1026 

1056    Pocket  ■smVd"rtvir;!lol3.°""Gl°""^"""'°""'?:S 
milPorkn_», io63  I  I'ots     Iron 

Poifarr  ?.S.,L"      ORDER,      SHIPPING         e  r> "" i"<i'ii-ots.     Iron I023 

POSTAGE,  EXPRESSAND  FREIGHT  BArEl;      ScC  Page*  17  andTS^  Siir^5iSi;^iri,iFi^7~7; 



Pots.  Plumbers'  Mell-^^^^ 

Pols.  Tea.  SUver 

854-855.  857 

Pot'  Corers,  Tin 10^3 

Pol  Cover  Knobs WJ7 

Pol   Strapers lu^' 

PotasJi   Tablets 47» 

I'oUlo  Dlggets,  Hlll- 

Po'uto'  HooVs. '.'."."  '■  '■  1037 

Potato     Mashers 1027 

Folato  Parei-s 

,  „._ ..1028 

Potato   Planters   and 

Pouclies.      C  y  m  b 


Pouches.  Money. . 
Pouches,  Tobacco 
PouUlcc.  Plastic , 
Poultry  Keiiclng.. 
Poultry  Instrvunents, 
Puuliry   Makers  "" 

Fou;tiT    Medicine ai^ 

Poultry    .Netting 1120 

pies    1122 

Poultry   Nettlns  Sla- 
Poultry  Raisers'  Sup- 

plies.480.  515.  1032, 

.1041.    1100 


Pruning  Shears 1034 

Ineducers     SheU 913   Revoltor  Cartridges..  911 

5S5y,riM   mowk. ...  1183    RevoKer  Holster, . . . .   918 

Pucks.  H 
Pudding  Pi 
PuddiuB  Pi 

_  Silver  8511 
Puddlug  Pans.  Tin. 2 1.  23 
PuHS.  Face  Powder.  486 
I'uits,  Ladies'  Hair.  12» 
PuIT  Hnxee,  Jars.486,  507 
I'ulls.  Barn  Door...  1051 
imlls.  Chest  Exer- 
ciser    o20 

Pulls,    Door 


Pulls.   Drawer 1052 

Pulls,   Shade... 
Pull   Braids 


15.   1032 

Write    for    Book    Ca 

Pouftry  '<»'"='','.«••,•  'J^ 
Powders,  Blue  Print.  760 
Powders,    Uerclophig.   760 

Powders,    Face 480 

Powders.  Foot.,..^.^.  483 
Powders,   Inse 

Kackel  Covers,  Tennis  020 

Racket  Press,  TeUHls,  920 
Kackel  Repairing, 

Tenuis   020 

.503.  66& 

Racks,  Band  Music. 
Racks,    Book. . . 
Racks,    Clothes 

Racks.   Hall •■•■•,„„, 

..596-597.    618.    1027 
Racks,  Hat  and  Coat 


Pullers.  Colter  Pm . .  1064 

Pullers,     Nail 1064 

Pullers,  Stump 1114 

Pullers,  Tack 1027 

Pulleys    1037. 

1038.      KI4I.     1032, 
1060,    1142,    1190  -  1191 

Pulleys,  Awning 1038 

PuUeys.  Belt 

1060,    1142,    1190  -  1191 

Pulleys.    Clutch 1191 

IMIleys    'for      Cream 

Separators   1142 

Pullos.    <iovernor...ll91 

PuUeys.   Hay 1037 

Pulleys,    Plow 1041 

Pulleys.    Sash 1052 

Pulleys.  Screw 103S 

PuUeys.   Sling 1037 

Pulley    Blocks..  1037-1038 
Pulverizers,  Soil. 

Pumice  Soap 

Pumice    Stones,    Tol- 

Reducing  Elbows. . 

Reducing    Oils 

Reducing  Powders 

101    Revolver   Repairs  —  Write 
for    Fire    Arm    Repau- 


Reducing    Tees 1183 

Reeds,    Clarinet 706 

Reeds,  Saxophone VOb 

Reed  Cases 706 

Reed  Furniture. ..566-568 
Reed  Holders,   Clari- 

Reed  Holders.   Saio- 


Intensifying  760 
Powders,    Beducins..  760 

Powders,  Sachet 430 

Powders.  Shaving...  S72 
Powders.  Talcum.486.  872 
Powders,  Tonhig  and 

Fixing 760 

Powders,   Tooth 489 

Powders,  Veterinary.  514 
Powders.  Washing...     -I 

Powder  Boxes 4S6,  50! 

Powder  Measures 913 

Powder    Pults 486 

Powder    Putts    in 

PockelDook     Cases.  486 
Poivdcr    PuH    Boxes. 

j,.ii-s  486.  507 

Puners,    Horse 1111 

Power     Windmilis..  .1116 

Prayer    Beads 85S.  947 



Pumice  Stone  Bricks  546 
Pumice   Stone,    Pow- 
dered      546 


. .1174-1176,    1179-1180 

Pumps,  Bicycle 886 

Pumps,    Breast 506 

Pumps,     Centrifugal, 1179 

Pumps,     Chain 1176 

Pumps.    Football, 

Striking   Bag 924 


596-597.  618,  1027 

Racks,    Hay 

Racks,    Magazine. , 

Racks.    Music 

Racks,   (Negative. . 
Racks,   Newspaper 
Racks,    Stationery... 
Racks.  Towel..  1027,  1168 
Racks,    Umbrella....   596 

Racks.  WaU <01.  591 

Radiators    1163 

Badlalors.   Gas 1003 

Radiators.  Kerosene, 1008 
Radiators,  Stove  Pipe  992 
Radiator  Enamels. . . 

.    536-537.    850 

Radiator    Unions 1 183 

Radiator  Valves 1183 


Revolver   Rifle  Stocks  905 

F.    D.    AlUchment^- 

Wrlle    for    Motorcycle 


Head   Caskets 

Priyer    Books »i' 

Prayer  Figures 8.'>8 

Preserves — Write  for  Gro- 
cery   Catalog. 

Preserve  Spoons,. 
Preserve  Stands... 
Preservers,     Egg 


^.„^ 480 

Preservers,Leatber.  397.549 

Preservers,    Lite 934 

Preservers,    Roofing..  535 
Preservers.    Shingle.     ""^ 
Preservers.  Wood 
Preserving  Kettles 

..  633 

Preserving  Kettles. 

Tin    27.28 

Presser  Foot.  Sewing 

Madiiue    684 

Presses.     Cider 1111 

IPresses.    Fruit,  .1027-1028 

Presses.    Hay 1105 

Presses.    Honey    Box 

Sections     11.^3 

Presses.    Initial   Em- 
bossing        958 

Pres.HCs.    Lard 
"Besses.    Prlnt_  _. 
—Write  for  Book  Cal- 

Presses,     Tennis 


Presses.    Wine 


,.,„_ .lO'JS 

Prick    Punches 1067 

Primers.       Cartridge. 

SheU   912 

Prince      Albert       Suits 

Write  for  Sample  Book 

No.    81 H. 

Princess  Slips 206-207 

Prints.    Comforter.. 32.  55 

Prints,  Dress 5.) 

Print     Rollers 7.^.1; 

Prini    Trimmers 7ob 

Print    Was'.iers 755 

Printing     Frames iJ^ 

Printuig  Mats i55 

Printing  Outats, 

Rubber  Type 958 

Printing-Oul    Papers.    i5S 
Printing    Presses.    Small. 

IlBLid— Write  for  Book 

Catalog.  „ 

Prism  f Jlasses i  oT 

Projectors,  Post  CartI 

Protection     1180 

Pumps,     Gasoline 

Kerosene     547 

Pumps.    Jet. ... 
Pumps.     Motor 
Pumps,  Motorcycle — Write 
for  Motorcycle  Catalog, 

Pumps,    Sand 1170 

Pumps,   Shoes 

371-374.    380 

Pumns.Spraylng  1179-1180 

Pumps.   Tank 1176 

Pump  Buckets,  Chain.  1176 

Pump    Chains 1176 

Pump       Connections, 

Bicycle    886 

Pump   Cylinders 1177 

Pump  Jacks 1111 

Pump  Repairs.,  1176-1177 
Pump  Repairers'  Dies 

and  Stock 1173 

Pump    Rods 1177 

Pump  Strainera.1176-1177 
Pump     Tubing.     Bi- 
cycle       886 

Pump  Tubing.  Chain.  1 176 
Pumping     Engines. . .  1179 
Pumping  Outflts, 
Gasoline  Engine. ,  .1189 

Puncliea.    Card 1064 

Punches,  Center 1067 

Punches,     Drive 1043 

Punches,     Hand 1073 

Punches,    Hollow 1043 

Punclies,  Jewelers'  . .  777 
Punches.    Leather... 

1043,    1232 

Punches,  Poultry.515.1032 

Punches.   Prick 1007 

PuilL-iies.  Saddlers'..  1043 
Punches.  Spring.  1032, 1043 
Punches.     Stock 

Marking    1033 

Puiicltts.    Ticket 1064 

Punch  Sets.  Glass. . .  414 
PunchiiiB  Bags.  Plat 

Radius  Tools 1056 

Rafter   Brackets 1037 

Rafter  Sauares 1037 

Rag    Carpet 423 

Rag  Doll  Patterns...   493 

Bag  Rues 429  i 

RaUs.  Chair.  Picture. 
Porch.  Stair.. 522,  1151 

RaUs,  Plate 522.   1152 

RaUroad   Bicycle  Al- 

taclmient 888 

RaUroad  Books 951 

Railroad   Men's  Caps  343 

RaUroad  Overalls 317 

Railroad    Picks 1035 

Railroad  Plows— Write  for 

Road    Grader    Circular. 

Railroad  Watche8.781-783 

Railways,  Toy— Write  tor 

Toy  Catalog. 
Rata  Hats...3'20-321,  918 

Raincoats.    Boys' 313 

Raincoats,  Girls'.  189.  198 
Raincoats.  Ladles'..  198 
Raincoats,   Men's.... 

286-287.    319-321 

Raincoats,    Young 

....  ,      Men's  318 

1179     Rainproof    Hats 

Reefers,   Boye' 

Reefers,  ClrU'.  189.232-233 
Reels,   Clialk  Llne...l08'2 
Keels.  Clothes  Lme..lO20 
Reels,  Fish  Rod 
Reels,   Hose.... 

Reflex  Cameras 

Refrigerators  574-576 

Refrigerator   Jars 416 

Registers,  Hot  Air.. 1052 
Registers.  Tallying.  .-1062 
Registers,  VentUating.lOj2 

Reins,   Bridle 12'2'2 

Religious  Books.. 945-947 
Religious  Figures  and 

SUtuary  .....858,  947 
Rellgous  Post  Cards.  502 
Religious  Song  Books 

ReVisli '  bi's'hes 410 

Reloading     Topis. 

Cartridges.  Shells.  913 
Remediet.  Family.477-480 
Remedies.  Poultry...  515 
Remedies.  Stock.  .514-516 
Remnants.      Dress 

Goods    ^'' Ji 

Rent   Receipts y->6 

Hep    Tapestry 460 

Repairs.       Automobile  — 

Write   tor  Auto   Supply 
I      Catalog. 
Repairs,      Band     — „ 

strument  705-708 

Repairs,  Bicycle.. 883 

Repairs,    Binder 1041 

Repairs.        Butchers 

Rheumatic    Remedies 

RibVo'nV. '.'.v.  ........ 

Uibbons,      Pillow 


Ribbon   Readers .'*' 

Kihbon   Beadmg.^...^.^^  89 

Rice— vi'rUe    for    Grocery 

Rice  Boilers,  Cooking 



Rico   Powder..... 486 

Rick  Hack  Braid.....  100 
Ridge  Caps.   Rooflng.lloS 

Riding    Boots 392-393 

Riding  Coats.... 321.   917 

Hldhig  Cutfs 1227 

Riding  Leggings ■■■••■  396 
Ridiug  Pants.... 285.  1231 
ItidinK  Plows  and 
Attachments..  1093-1095 

Biding   Skirts 18S 

Riding    Spurs 


Rolls.    Music '10 

UoUs,    Piano   Player, 

Player  Piano — W  rite 

tor     Perforated     Music 

Roll    Catalog. 

Roll  To»  Desks.  ..600-601 

RoU  UP  SUaps lOlo 

Hollers,    Barn    Door.. 1051 
Rollers.  Cement  Side- 

Rollers,    Furniture 

Rollers,  Graining 514 

lioUers,    Land 1101 

Rollers.    Organ 697 

Rollers,     Pttperbang- 

RoUers.'Prilit.'.'!'.'.".  756 

Rollers,     Skate 816 

Rollers. Spread  Strap,1229 

Rollers,     Towel 1027 

Roller    Organs 6!I7 

Roller   Shades.,. .464-460 

Roller   Skates 916 

Roller    'Towels 40 

RoUer   Toweling 48 

RoUing    Chairs 513 


Rubber    Sponges 505 

Rubber    Squares.  Ba- 
bies'      21- 

Rubber  Stair  Treads  443 

Rubber  Stoppers 1172 

Rubber      Thresholds. 

Weather  Strips 1051 

Rubber  Tires.  Bicycle 

Rubber' 'Tires.  Vehicle.  1044 

Rubber  Tiro  Applying 
Machine  —  Write  tor 
Blackfimlths'  Supply 

Rubber   Toys 497.    508 

Rubber  Tubes,  Rectal, 
Bablee'     500 

Rubber    Tubing,    Bi- 
cycle  Pump 886 

Rubber  Tubing,   Gas 
Stove    lOOS 

Rubtwr  Tubing,  Syr- 




^ _  SSI 

italslns— Vfrite    for    Gro- 
cery  Catalog. 
Raisin   Seeders... 
Rakes,    Garden.. 

Rakes,    Hay 

Rakes,  Lawn 


. 1216, 

..   905 

..   913 

Kiiie  Cartridges.. .911-912 
Rlrte  Chambers,  Sup- 

Rifle   Brushes.. 

228-229,    302,    306.    317 

Roof  Brackets 543 

Roof  Cement 548 

Roof  Cement  Paint.  535 
Roof   Coating.  .535,    1154 

Roof    CreslUig 11.52 

Roof     Flanges 1171 

Root    Ornaments 1152 

Roof  Paints... .533,  535 
Root      Plates,      Sou 

Pipe     1171 

Roof  Stage  Supports.  543 
Roofing   and  Supplies 

Repairs,  CUpplng 


Repairs.    Clock 

Repairs,  Corn  Crush- 
Repairs,   Corn  Plant- 

Fire   Arm  Repair  List. 

Rifle  Sheaths 919 

Rifle   Sights 904 

Wile   Silencer 901 

Rifle    Stocks,  Revolver  905 

IRlfle  Tools 013 

S18   Riggers.  Painters' 


Repairs.  Crean 



'and    OU.. 099-1009 
Ranges,     Wooil     and 

Coal    959-988 

Range  BoUers 1166 

Rasps.   Horse..  1057.   1073 
Rasps,    Horse  Tooth.   517 

Rasps.  \A'ood 1057 

Rat    Poison 482 

Rat  TaU  Files......  1057 

Hat    Traps 0":?J5 

Ratchets,  BoUer 1173 

Ratchet  Bit  Braces.. 

1080,    1083 




Economy  Chief— Write 
for  Economy  Chief  Di- 
rection   Booklet. 

Repairs.  Cream  Separator, 
Improved  Economy  — 
Write  tor  Improved 
Economy  Direction 

Repairs,    Cultivator 



rs    F'ire  Arm — Write 
Fire    Arm    Repair 

Rims.   Bicycle  Wheel 

Rims,    Veliiclc 1015 

Rim  Cements.  Bicycle  888 

lUm   Door   Locks 1053 

Rhu  Night  Latches     "'"^ 
Kim    Repairers.    V 


Rings.    A  s  b  e  8  1 1 


Rhigs.   Battenberg. 
Rings.   Birthday... 
Rings,    Bull 
Rings,    Crea 





Rings,  Emblem., 


Ratchet   Brace 


Ratchet    DriUs...... 

1067.    1080,    1177 
Ealciict-DrillB.  Stock 

Druis JH; 

Ratchet    Handles 1067 

Ratchet  8crewdrlvers.l064 
Rattan  Furniture. 566-568 

Rattles.   Baby 506-507 

Rawhide  Bound  Mai- 



forms  and   AtUch- 

ments     92] 

Punching    Bag    Mitts  921 
Punctuation,      Books 

Puncture  Closers, 

Bands    888 

Purses,    Beaded 135 

Purses,  Coin  or  Bill.   135 
Purses.    Knife. . . 
Purses.    Mesh. . . 
Purses.   Razor... 

Repairs,'  Gas  Fitting 
1169,    1177 

Repairs.  Grain  Sepa- 
rator     1111 

Repairs.  Hair    Clipper  874 

Repairs.   Harness 

1225-1233.   1235.  1237 

Repairs,    Hay  Carrier.  1037 

Repairs.  Horse  Clip- 
ping and  Sheep 
Shearing   Machine.   518 

Repairs,    Implement 


RirTi,    Curtain   Rod.   463 

'.'.  921 

....820'-'828,  84b',  842 

Rings.  Harness.. 1229-1230 

Rhigs.    Hitching 1051 

Ruigs,  Hog 
Kings,  Key 
ItUigs,   Mason  Jar 

-Read    Instructions 
on  Page  1088. 
iepairs.    Litter    Car 


Repairs,  Meat  Chop- 



RawlUdo     Lacing 

Leather   1"60 

Ray    FUters ,..752 

Razors    870-87J 

Razors.    Safety 
Ki  ■    ■ 

e'^p  a'i'rs.  IWotorcycle— 
— Write  for  Motorcycle 

752  I  Repai 


Mower 1041 

Musical  In- 

Bfades^::::::  572    Repairs,  ^'O«..l0i0-m2 



Proiiunciatlun.  Books 

Prop  Block  Rubber.. 1047 

Prop  Nuts,   Top 1047 

Prospectors'    Compass 

Magnlflers     766 

Protectors,     Baseball 

Catchers'    923 

Protectors,  Dust.7G3,  lOoG 
Protectors.  Eye . .  481.  763 
Pntectors.   Finger 

.97.  397-398 
Protectors,    Storm... 1047 

Protractors     765 

Protractor  Heads, 

Machinists'     1063 

Proving    Outnts,    Gas 

Pipe    1172 

Provision     Boxes, 

Camping   .,938 

Initials 135 

rush    Buttons "72 

rutty    .-537,   539 

Putty  Knives 543 

Pyrographic    Supplies  503 

Quart   Measures 
Uuai        - 


Biots 1231 

Rounds 1151 

lluick    Sliiftera 1043 

QuUl    PensiUs     (Let- 

tcrlng)    544 

QuiU   Pens <65 

Quill  Toothpicks 481 

Quilts,     Bedspi-eads. 50-51 
QullU,_  Blankets  and 

Comforters   ^'3-475 

Quilts,   Lace  Bed 457 

Quilt   CoverlnK6.32.  55.460 

I  Pads 

Quill    Frames 1019 

,.,...„..- .•     Quilt  Frame  Clamps.  1086 

Vnam.   '■free','.'.' 1034  I  Quilted  M  ■"    '" 

Pruning   Hooks 1034     Quinine  Puis. . .  .i 

PninliiK    Knives 868     Quinine  Sulphate 

PmnlnK  .Saws. .1034.  1085  1  Quirts 


Razor   Guards 870 

Razor  Handles 87.S 

Razor  Hones 8i^4 

Razor  Purses 8'0 

Razor  Rolls.  Leather  870 

Razor  Strops 872-873 

Razor  Strop  Dressing 

and  Oil 873.   913 

Reaches     1045 

Readtag  Glasses 766 

Reamers.  Burring.  ..1173 
Reamers,    Lemon. 411,  416 

Reamers,    Pipe 1173 

Reamers,     Square 

Shank    1070 

Reamers.    Taper 1070 

Reamer  Bits,  Square.  1067 
Recappers.  Shell....  912 
Receipt  Books.  Rent. 

Money,     Scale 956 

Receivers.  Hair— Write  tor 

Crockery  Catalog. 
Receivers,     'Phone...  771 
Receiver    Cords, 

'Phone  771 

Recipe    Books ...   952 

Recitation   Books. 953-954 

ReclUUon    Seats 1130 

Reckoning.  Books  on  948 
Reclining    Chairs. 

RoUhlg     513 

Recoil  Pads.  Gun...  918 
Records,  Talking  Ma- 

chine    734-738 

Record    Cabinets, 
Talking    Machine..   589 

Record  Cases 738 

Rectal  Dilators 506 

Rectal  Rubber  Tubes  506 
Reducers.    Plpe.1171.  117T 


."'1164-1166,     1168 

.172.  1176-1177.  1183 
Repairs.  Pump.ll76-ll;7 
Repairs,  Roller  Skate  916 
Repairs.  Sewing   Ma- 

chine    •■■■  884 

Repairs,    Steam    ri'-..„, 

Repairs,  lalkmg  Ma- 

chine    738 

Repairs     Telephone..  7*1 
Repairs,  Vehicle.1041-1051 

Repairs,  Watch ..  777 

Repair  Ltoks,  Bicycle 

Chain   887 

Repair  Llnlis.  Chaln.1056 

Repair    Plates 1051 

Repairers.    Spoke 
Repellant    Cloth 

Rings,    Napkins.. 852.    856 

Rings,     Neckjoke 1042 

Rings,  Shade 421 

Rings,    Singletree 1042 

Rings,  TeeUilng 506 

Rings.    Wedding 823 

Ringers,  Hog lOii 

Ringers,  Telephone...  1 71 

Rinshig    Pans 1025 

Kip  Saws 1083-1085 

Ulp  Saws.  "Circular.. .1058 
Ulp  Saw  Macldne8..1061 
Ripping  Hammers. ...1082 

"'""..'"''.  ^."mi- 1049 

Rivets.  Hame 1228 

Rivets.    Tubular 104.> 

Rivet    Sets 1043 

Riveting  Hammers.. .1066 
Riveting  Hammer 

Handles    1069 

Riveting  Machines...  1043 
lUvctlng     Stakes. 

Jewelers'    7u 

Roach   Exterminators  482 

Roach   Traps 915 

Road    Carts 20 

Road  Drags UU 

Road  Graders 1113 

Road  Scrapers 1113 

Roasters,       Earthen 


Roasting   Pans,    t'ov 

ered    1023. 

Robes,    Automobile. 
Robes,    Baby    Car 

rlage     W 

Robes,    Buggy 

Rooflng    PUoh 535 

Room    Moldlues 

521-522.     1152 

Root    Cutters,    Poul- 
try   and    Stock. ...1115 
Ropes.   Clothes   Llne.1020 

Ropes,  HaHer 1226 

Ropes,  Hammock....  925 
Ropes,  Iron.  Steel...  1170 

Ropes.    Jumping 497 

Ropes.  Lariat.  .1038.  1230 
Ropes,  Manila.. 1037-1038 
Ropes,  Striking  Bag.  921 
Ropes.  Wire  Holsting.1170 
Rope,    Hay  Carrier.. 


Rope  Hoists 1038 

Rope  Lariats 1230 

Rope  Lines.  Plow...  1227 

Rope   Oakum 1172 

Rope    Portieres ...  469-470 

Rope    Snaps 1229 

Rope    Swivels..  1033.  1037 

Rope    Ties 1226 

Rope    Traces— Write    for 

Harness  Catalog. 
Rose  Water  and  Glyc- 

erhi    487 

Rosary   Beads.  ..858,    947 

Rosary     Casket 858 

Rosettes,     Bridie 12'28 

Rosin 690,   696 

Rotten    Stone 546 

Rouge,    Lip,    Pace...  486 

Rouge  Pads 486 

Round   Shank  DrUls. 

Blacksmiths'    1067 

Roup    Remedy 515 

Rowboats    and     F" 


Rub  Irons.  Wagon 

Rubbers,    Crutch oia 

Rubbers,   FtlUt  Jar..     21 

Rubbers.    Pedal 886 

Rubber.    Garter 99 

Rubber.    Prop  Block.  1047 

Rubber,   Sponge 765 

Rubber,  Tire  Patching  888 
Rubber    Bait. 

Rubljer  Tjpe  Outflts.  956 
Rubberset  Brushes.  544- 548 
Rubbing  Brushes,  Fur- 
niture      546 

Rubbing  Oil 546 

Ruby   Fabric 754 

Ruby    Glass 753 

Ruby  Lamps 753 

Ruby   Pins 777 

Ruby  Pin  Setters....  77 1 

Ruchlngs,    Neck »4 

Rutflers,  Sewing  Ma- 
chine       684 

Ruffles,   Side 91 

RutHea,  Waist 206-207 

Rufflins,    PUlow 100 

Rugby  Footballs 9'-4 

Rugs 429-439,  443 

Rugs,   Oilcloth  Stove.  440 
Rug    Fasteners 464 



Rubber  BnUs,  Bibb.  1168 
Rubber  Balls,  Hand.  923 
Rubber  BaUs,  Toy...   506 

Rubber    Bands 956 

Rubber  Bandages.506,  508 

Rubber    Belttog 1000 

Rubber    BU)s 242 

Rubber      B  1  c  y  1 1  e 

Patching    otm 

Rubber    Bladders 
(Football.      Basket 

Ball)     924 

Rubber    Bladders 

(StrUUng    Bagl....  921 
Rubber    Bl3nkets.937.  939 

Rubber     Boots 395 

Rubber   Bowl    Rings, 

Cream     Sepan  ' " 
Rubber  Bru.shes 
Rubber  Bulb.  Pyrog 


Rubber     Cement 

Rules,    Architects' .  -  - 

765,    1087 

RlUes,    Blacksmiths' . 

1063,    1087 

Rules,  Caliper 1087 

Rules,  Carpenters'...  1 087 

Rules,  Hook 1063 

Rules,  Madilnlsts'... 

1063,    1087 

Rules,  Pocket.  ..481,  1087 

Rules,  Slide 765 

Rules,  sua...  1063.    1087 

Rule  Clamps 1063 

Rulers— Write    for    Book 


Riding   Pens 709,  765 

RuUng  Pens.  Music.  709 
I  Runabouts  ..  ..1 194-1 196 
Runners.    Sled,    Go- 

Cart  652 

Runners.    Table 

42,    102-104,    472 

Running  Pants 925 

Running  Shoes 024 

Rusleen   78 

Rust  Remover 1057 

S  Traps 1171-1172 

S    Wrenches 1173 

Sachets  490 

Sacks,  Grain 32 

Sacking  Cloth 68 

Sacking  Elevators, 

Feed  MiU 1109-1111 

SacQues.    Dressing...  149 
Sacques,    Infants'. 240-241 

Sacred    Music 710-713 

Saddles,   Bicycle 888 

Saddles.    Gig. .  .1226-12'27 
Saddles,   Riding 

1215,    1219-1222 

Saddle    Blankets 1231 

Saddle    Olamps,    Bl-  ^^^ 



Saddle  Coat.   OUed..  321 

Saddle  DrUls 1066 

Saddle      Pockets  —  Write 

tor  Harness  Catalog. 
Saddle   Rifle   Sheatlis  919 
SadtUe     Spring.     Bl- 

cycle     886 

Saddlers'    Tools    and 

Supplies.  1043,  I23I-I232 
saddlery   Hardware.., ^^^ 

Sadironi     772,1019 

Sadiron  Handles 1019 

Sadiron  Heaters 1019 

Safes    (Cash    Boil.. 1029 
Safes,  Fireproo(.1010-IOII 

Safes.    Kitchen 669 

Safes,  Match  °" 

Safety  Cliain 
Safety    Hoists 

482.   505, 

Robes,    BUOSS'-;,-,!;.',       Rubber  Coats,  Boys'. 
Robes.  Indian-Write  for    «^gj^f  ^^t,'_  ften's 

Harness  Catalog. 
Robes,  Ladles'  — 
Robes,   Men'i 

. . 1050 

Rubber  Coats, 

149    Rubber    Coll: 
332    Rubber      "-- 



"■^;=:^.''i«52;'ll68|  R»«^iwire7n 

Replater,  Silverware.  847 
Reproducers,    Talking  ^ 

Machine    '38 

Besizer,    Shell. ..... .913 

Respirators  .....763.   1056 

Restaurant  China. ...  399 

Restaurant  Tumblers.  399 

Restorers.   Hair. 488 

Bests.  Spring  Bow..  1047 
Retouching  Goods, 

Photo   i.'."-,!5S 

Return   Bends,    Pipe. 117. 

Reubens'    Shirts 244 

Rever  insertion  •-,-;■•  85 
Reverse    Gears, 

Robe  Linings,  Buggy.1231 

RocheUe  Salts 480 

Rock  Candy 480 


Rocker    Furnaces 1112 

Rocker  Trucks— Write  tor 

Invalid   Chair   Catalog. 

Rods.   Curtain 463 

Rods.    Drum ••  T08 

Rods,    Fishing    and 

Fittings... 928-930.  933 
Rods.  Glass.  Stir- 

ring    '54 

Rods,     Gun  .     RWe 

Cleaning J" 

Rods.  Lightning "08 

Rods.    Pump 117; 

Rods.   Stair.........  464  _^^     ^^^ 

SSVrn!ffgs^".'.'.:ir77    RSrN>P?l--'-;'  506 

Rubber    DrUl    Cloth.  1045 
Rubber    Erasers 957 

''"^'."..''.'"'".SoS.''   754 
Rubber   Footwear.394-39| 
Rubber    Gloves......  505 

Rubber  Gloves.    Beo.ll,!3 
Rubber  Goods,House- 

hold     504-5O6 

Rubber  Hats.  Men 
Rubber    Heels...... 

Rubber    Hose.  1034,     1061 
Rubber    Lined    Cases 

for  Toilet  Articles.  505 
Rubber  MattlngS;....  443 
Rubber  Mending  Tis 

'..771.   1036,   1038,   1122 

Safety    Plus 98 

Safety  Razors,  Blades 

and    Strops B72 

Safety    Valves 1170 

Salad  Bowls,   China, 

Glass. .399-407,  410-415 
Salad  Dressing  Sets.  413 
Salad    Dishes.    SUver 

Saiati"  Forks,     indl- 

vldual    850 

Salad     Sets,   .China. 

Glass     410,414-415 

Salad    Spoon    and 

Fork  Sets.  Silver..  850 
Salicylate  Sodium 

Tablets  480 

Salts,       Efterrescent, 

Kissengen,  Vichy..  480 
Sslts,      Epsom,      Bo- 

chelle    480 

Salts,    Medicinal.  478.  480 
Salt— Write    tor    Grocery 

Salt  andPepperShak- 


SEARS.  ROEsucK  AND  CO.,      WALL  PAPER,  3c  to  35c  a  16 

......    Kngine 935 

Reversible    Cnats —- Write    5,- j--p,„,    -,,_„_  11771  Kunoer  iiipi-.^o. --- 

'cZZ'"^'    '^""'"^  SoS  o'uTd»'''rit;s'933    Rigber  Ponchos 

B.vSve?s  onB.qnglRolls.    Hair 1371     Cape  ■  t>„„i, 

"""""-^ T^f^^^^^^uPwdlTf^^Wall  PapwSample  Book, 

SaR  Boxes    (Stock)..  1051 
SaU    Bricks. 
Salt  Cellars. 

J.AAfiQ.    ILL 


Ssll.    Pepper    and 
Mustard  Sets 413 

Salt  Klsli  and  Pork — 
Write  for  Grocery  Cat- 

Spoous 852 

Salves,    Arnica 

lioUo     . . . 
Salves,    Eye 



Salves,    Lip „„ 

Salves,     Nail 489 

Salves,  Veterinary. 514-51.5 
Salves,    Witcli    Hazel  4V8 

fiaud 1045 

Satul     iniraps     and 

„»r'iis  nro 

Sandpaper    541.  1077 

Sandstone,  Kitchen..     21 

Sandwich  Paper 957 

Sandwich   Plates. .854-855 

Sandwich    Sets 409 

Sanitary    Belts,     La- 

„•"«»'   ••■• 97,  505 

^anIta^y    Crosses...   I171 
Sanitary   Dr  Inking 

Cups    481 

Sanitary    Drinking 

Fountains  1164 

Sanitary  T  BranchesiUTl 


Saxophones    706 

Saxophone  Cases....  706 
Saxophone  Supplies.  706 
Sf:alei,  Houtehold  and 

Counter  1030 

Scales,    I'hoto 754 

Scales,  Platfarm 1126 

Scales,    Spring    Bal- 

""«   934.   1030 


Sealing   Wax 10-21 

Seam  Binding,  Lawn 

Seam    Fasteners 

Seam  Boilers,  Paper 


Sanitary   Towels 

Sauitas  Wall  Covering 

Sardine  Dishes «ia 

Sardine    Servers 853 

Sashes,  Ladles' 133 

Sashes    (Mm    Work) 

„    ■,■-•; 1149-1150 

bash  Balances 1052 

Bash  Brushes. 

Sash    Cord 11,02 

Sash    Curtains 457 

Sash    Curtain    Mate- 

_  "als, 457-459 

Sash  Curtain  Bods 

Scales,  Triaiigular 
Scales,      Wagon 

„  S'»<"'    II26-II27 

hcalo  Beams 1030 

.Scale  Kecelpts 9.56 

Scalers,     rish 933 

scalp  Bemedles 488 

Scarfs,  Dresser,  Side- 
board,....,  .42,  101-104 
Scarfs.      Ladles' 

Head.  Shoulder 

„ 90-91,  202 

Scarfs.      Piano     and 

Mantel... 104.  472 

Scarf  Pins.......     ' 

^  820.     829-832.     840 

Scents,   Animal 915 

Scents,  Perfume... 
School   Bags.   Straps. 

Seam  Tape. . . 
.Seasoning—W  r  i  t  '< 
Grocery   Catalog. 


Shave  Hooks 1172 

Shavings.    .Steel 1077 

Shartng    Brushes 873 

.Shaving  Mirrors.' 871 

Shaving   Mugs... 417.   873 
Shavhig     Mug     and  , 

«!"».   Bath   Tub,...1168  I  Shading    Solps" 

Seals,    do 



:"«6     .  290  ■l85-486,495,'869.e74 

Seats,  Hall '.[ 

Seats,  Lawn,  Porch 

Seats.  School hm 

Seats,  Third 1047  I  silea 

I  Shawls 

1166  I  Sliawls,      , 

for  Prices. 

Shawls,    Infants'...     040 

Shears  and  Scissors.  866 

Barbers' 874 

Crass 1035 

Hedge    and 


PAGE  I  p.__ 

Shoo  Color"    ^i':ill!ir?r  i"."- 957 



.482,  847 

Shoe    Nails...! 3m 

Shoe    Plates,     Base':  ^*' 
ball.     Etc 92q 

Shoo   Polishes..... '.'.'.■  397 
Shoe    Screw    Calks..  10.56 

91,   202    240    .Shoe    Stretchers' 
Beaver  — Write    Shoe  Val 

Seat   Dressers,    Bibb. 1172  Shea 

sL'f   f  "'^  Expanders  886  StVlpg 

seat   -Springs. . . .         loj?  «hVr.,l     %,     ,•  •■ 

Seating   Tools;.:     : inn  RhSrs'  H^??!'-' 

Sections.   Mower  and  iS        '    •i'"^^ iz-ia 

Bindef                      1011  hi.""'-  JJanfeure. ...  489 

- i!;;i  Shears.  Mule.               to.?? 

•■1043  I  Shears.  Paperhanjers'  542 

Section    BlVets luja  1  .shp„ 

.School    Bells...! 

School  Brushes. . 

School    Crayons. 

• 21,    23,    _ 

Or.  Write    for     School 
Furniture  Catalog 

School  Desks nan 

School  Drawing  Sup- 
plies    764-7 

School   Furniture 1136 

1 --"'".."»,    oeaaoil- 



!>._.!  .••••-; 919    Shot 

,   .,„„  1       Catalog.  .     1  «i  c.  •   " 

,1114     Seed    Graders,    Corn  1032     si      f?  Sharpeners... 
545  I  Seeders,      Briadcast!  I  ®'l?l"''    J""^-    Car- 


Seeders,     Farm     and 

Garden     . , 
Seeders,  Gra 

■1«28     Sheep    B 

Shoemakers''     Han 

Shoemakers'  stand 

Silver  Paints. 

Sliver    Platers 

Silver  Polish. 

Sliver  Powder..  oai 

Sliver   Purses,    Mesh!  833 

Silver    Blugs aoi 

Silver     Solder !!io58 

SUver    Thimbles....!  843 

Silver  Watches 

......779-780,  782^ 

783,    787-790,    706,    803 
Silversmiths'    Tools..  777 

Silverware     846-858 

Silverware  Sets.  Cliil 

L.tlrcn's 846,    8' 

Singing   instructors 

Smokers,  Bee...  11  j 
Smokers'  Jackets..!'  33 
Smokers'  Pipes. .  .940-94 
Smokers'  Sets  (Knife 

Match   Safe,    Cigar 

Cutter)  ,..  '  an, 
Smooth  Planes!'.'.'."i07 
Smootldng      Brushes 

Paperhangers'   54< 

Smoothing  Boilers...  04i 
Smoothing      Trowels. 

Masons'    injj 

Snaps,  Bull'.'.  ".'" 
Snaps,  Pisli  Hook, 
Snaps,  Harness. . 
Snappera.    Wlilp.. 

.  934 

'DiiiMKers-     tools  ""*;"«    JiiMuruciors.  .    712 

mil    Supplies... 397-398    3,'''!;r.  ^"    Axes. ...1054 

Shooting   Gallerv  |  *""e'="«s.  Buggy... 


Shooting    luttem 

Shoo   ng    Targets.... 
Slinolhig    Traps 

^^OTktag     1982 

Shopping    Bags. 

:JFi.!?}-l3S\  833 

Shorthand.  Books 

1100     SI,.  ,T  ■  •  •  • -^ 919    Shot    .....  "" 

,1100     Sheath  „gBoards--Wri,e    Shot, _  Loaded "'ca'r'-' 

for  Lumber  List 


Sash  Fasteners 

Sasli     Holders 

Sash    Lifts 

Sash    Pins S 

.S;ish    Pulleys 

Sash    Tools 

s.isii    Ventilator... 

Sash     Wciglits 

Satchels.    Book 

Satchels.  Game. . . 
Satchels.    Music 
Satchels    (Valises)! 


Sateen,    Comforter*. 
Sateen    Ticking 

l''!i"'„u--".  74.  77-78 

Satin    Shoes 371 

Sauce    Dishes ' 

399-406,     4W,     414-415 

Saucepans    1024-1026 

f    Saucers,   China 399 

!  Saucers,  Enameled..  1024 
t  Sausage— Write  for  Gro- 
cery  Catalog 


!l052     Sclsso 

luui    rurniiure... 
h  00  1    Furnlturi 
*  arnish   ....... 

School    Befereii..- 

Books     947-949 

School  Stationery.956-958 
.Science.  Boolis  on. 948-9,52 
Scissors  and   Shears. 
Scissors,  Barbers'....   sn 
Embroidery  866 

loin  loM     „  ^'^^   i.uml)er   Li_ 
5-.™.,  :g...,.104i:"n^J    lh«n''B?,ir''''''----,"^flh'>''"Mea-suiis! 
llfsSefs"''"' "il    ^5e1S  l'"lna'l'n'g"''   i,"""""    .... 

iciSfT^I^H!"':!!!!!  inhtZ %!^?J-«'»i  3V''lUl:^;o 

540  I  self  yducaao'n';!!948-952  ShcIS   neZ'ils 

^ens"  «d  Papers.  757-758  Sheep  Shears 

Sensitized  Post  Cards.  758  Sheep    ShearW'Ma- 

Sensitizing  So  >itir,.,o    Ttja  ,.i.u.«„    <^'"»ub   aia 

is.  700 

Scissors!    Maniiui 

Scissors  Sharpene „„„ 

Scoops  and   Shovels.  1036 

Scoop  Forks 1037 

Scorcher,  Pyrograpli 



Score    Books 


Scorer,  Tennis.!!...     »'o 

Scouring  Soap jl 

Scrapers   and    Crumb 

„  Trays 854-856,  1027 

Scrapers,  Cabinet 

Sensitizing  Solutio 
Separators.  Cream 

„ 1031.     II3NII44 

Separators,    Egg 416 

Separators,    Grain... lin 

Sepia   Toners 70 

Septums,   Spring  BoUer— 
Write  for  Camera  Cat- 

Sheepskin   Lined  Cloth 
— Wrjte     for     Work 
Clothing  Catalog 

„l'!?,'.,A»8j,^909;9i6,'  912 

'232 1  Shouide'r-Pair-^"?-'"'  I  i? 

-1:1;  •, 1IH3,  1045 

Singletrees,     Wagon 
ind   Plow.... 1042,  1045 


Singletree  '  irons "l04> 

gf">^.    Kitchen.  1165-11 


t ,  Q        recoil     

,l»-   Shoulder  Rests,  'vi'o'. 


Sheets,    Bed ..........     31  I  ci."""'.'""     '"  I  ski 

Sheets,   Blanket 473    Shovels  and  Spades.  1036   Slii 

Waterproof,,   939    Shovels,    Cultivator    1041         ' 

Sink.    Slop 

Sink    Backs 

Sink  Brackets... 
Sink  Couplings.. 
Sinkers.    Fishing 

Sizing    54,- 

Skates.  Roller,  Im!!  916 
Skate  Keys,.:...  916 
Skate  Sharpener8.916.108e 

.Skate    straps 91 R 

Skaters'    Ankle    Sun- 

Porls  915 

Skating     Slices.. .      '  sic 

Skeins,      Wagon 1048 

Jff.V  Rabbet  Planes.  1076 

~  0,0  I  §*!"«'«     1023.  1026 

..  JIB  I  Skimmers    20   2'*  '>5 

Skins,    DecoratUig!..  '503 

Skin   Lotions 437 

Skin  Stretchers ! !  914 

.Snares,  Drum. 

Snare  Drums...  700 

g"aifh  Blocks.. 1037;i038 

Snpilis.  Scythe loss 

Tinners'. 1064, 1158 

'  508 



c     *  ,*    """era  .1064 
Snoring  Preventive 
Snow  Excluders, 
Snow    Shovels... 
Soaps.  Flea.  Dog..      ,,,, 
Soaps,  Green  Oil  js? 

Soaps,  Harness..!!!!  549 
Soaps,    Laundry 19 

"ataTo^    '"    «''«"^'' 

^Japs,   Pumice 435 

Soaps,    Scouring..  5t 

Soaps.   Shampoo..  .     4S5 

Sonus.    Sliaving 48-. 

Soaps,   Toilet...  lii 

Soaps,  Tooth ■  JI9 

Soap  Cups    (Metal). .1168 

Sheet    Steel! 


44,  57,  63-65,  '6'7'-'6'8,  70 
Servers,     SUver ,  „..„.,„b 

-  ■ . , . ... . .846.    848-853     Sheeting 

Service  Bowls  '  '"   -    - 

sk:::  ■^—. nn  siiovcis";   sJov'e.".  "" 

Sheet  Music 713    Shovel  Drain  ciein" 

-.„     ".u.*    oLiciLiiers. . 

743   Skinning    Knives.... 
—  -'-bins.  Infants',  ChU- 

dren's     Unde 
Skirts,        L  a  d  I  o  a 

Misses'   and    Girls 

Soapstone       >  o~' 

Soapstone  (iridd'les!  !l023 
Soccer  Football  Sup- 

P  lea.  Rules 924 

Society   Emblems. 

816.817,     822,     830-832 

865    Sociely  Emblem   Key  ' 

Under....     239    Sociis,   Arctii'.'. 
Socks  for  R  1 

'"'••.' 1  .J.'cu     uracaei 

..399,    413,    416     Shelf    Oilcloth 

„,      oiiu     uiris-  Boots 

Sheet  Ein?.',!!!!!!!!;{}7l|  S,fo?eI  ■Han.iiss!!!'''}??^    |wVt's:''un'der'.!!:l„11|,^K^'>-''    Lumiiermeu's!  , 

Sheetings      29.    44    Shovel    Plows!: inin   S"'''*.   Maternity..   .  187  L  '; ^53. 

g'«f'ing.  Rubber....  507    Shower  Baths      l?6S  h""'   «"d    Corset  Socks.  Men',,  Youths' 

SitV,   S';a?l'.els 1052    Shower  Bath   TokMiioS       Cover  Combinations         L--. 253.256., 

Service  'or  Stop  Cock 

1077."  1083    Serving   Trays 

t>' ".•' ^r  ^'   Farm.  Set  Screws 1050 

Tat?e?s  ^rOo'°«- ■•■■""     ^"J'^-'rf.  Concrete -' Write 
rapera.    hioor..  Tnrr  I       fnr    T...mi,„. «..    ,      ^ 

Sausage    Stuffers. 

Savings    Baniis. . . 

Saws.    Back 

;    Saws.     Band , 

f   Saws,    Bracket logs 

§.""»'   gi'J.';...1056.    1085 

K«vS'    """W"!"' 866 

r!1!'    ',"'™'ar 1058  1  ncralch  Awl 

jaws,  (ompaaa 1084     Screens.  Coli   toping 1085        

Saws.  CroMoijt  1055,  (078 

-  •""     llehorniiig 1033 

Scrapers.  Fidor. 

Scrapers,  Flue 

Scrapers,  Foot 

Scrapers,  Hog. 
Scraijers,  Paperhaiig 

!:i085  Scrapers'.'Po't. '.'.'."■ 
Scraper  Planes.,  " 
Scraping  Knives'.' 

I  Shelf  Paper 

1169     Shells,     Jewelers 

.854-856     Shells,  Sea... 
-■-       Shells,    Shotg 

>""'7A  -""-'^'c — T*iiie  I       Empty „„ 

.,?LJ^^?5.'>"8  Catalog.  I  S  he  1 1  s.      Shotgun'. 


...„     «„;. ■•'"".    I'-i.    1125    oneu  uelt 

543     Settees.    Steel.    Iron—     sliell  Box 

'    ""'      ^T  ^    ""     JJttiiia .Hfis 

,1052    Shower   Bath    Tokes.lies 

32   Shredder.     Codflsh.     9,33   „, ,' 

957    Shrlnkors,     Th-e  100^    ?««   Binding 

777    Shut     Offs,      R  a  i 'n  gl^t  Fastener 

""■I      Water    ..  iico  '  ■^''''''   "=""■"■■ 

Shutters    (Blinds')':'! 


Ijirt  Hangers 

„    ., 253.  256-258 

Sockets,   Buggy  Bow.  1047 

Sockets.    Caster 1052 

99  I  Sockets,  Curtain  Rod  463 

. . .  99.  1020    g""-*"*'   Whip 1047 

-  -  -  ",      uiiviijiiii,  I  Shutters,    Came 

«i,.'i'?°''*,?M*"-'™'''-'"0.912    Shutter    Bulbs 753 

Shfi^'-n^^'""'"'*''™'-  777   Shutter  Fasteners  at^d 

5687'  ?2-7'.rii25  IsSSJ  &':::::!!::  Ill  sh^irerKno'iis.': lSf5 

Novelty.   512  I  Shuttles      "  ggj 

..'63,  69 

.   i.,j      — ,Vt  .7*     "  *• "  o  ».     iron —      f^neu  noxes,  tsovoltv    11''     Shuttle' 


^"ir"!',  *:'"-^'n'rlto   for 
Mantel  Catalog, 

%'ll''  "ciii'i-nlng.... 1033  I  Screens,  Folding.... 
Saws.  Double  Edged.  1085  Screen  Brackets  and 
S.1W-.*     Hack 1061-1062  — ' 

Saws!    Hand ! 


Braces    ... 
Screen   Cloth 

c.,„;.-', "•    '"oo-iuoo  1  Screen  Cloth,   Wir4::i050 

5i'"f'  }'«--,v.. 1056     Screen  Door  Hard- 
Saws.  Jeweltfrs' 777        ware  ..  inso 

■ifyl'ole.. 1084-1085     Screen    Bnam'ei 


Saw„,  ,„,.. 

?"«■».  Mill ,1058 

Mltcr  Box 1086 

Screen   Frai 
•Screen     N  i, 


Fencing    Catalog, 
Setters,    Sound   Post 


Setting' Blocks,  Cross- 
cut   Saw 1056 

Setting  Clamps,   Trap  914 
Sewer  Tile  Molds        "- 

.Sewing   Awls 

Sewing  Baskets.  Boxes 

„    -■■■■■ 512, 

Sewing  Basket  Outflts 

Shell    Crimpers,    Pa- 


?,bell  Extractors. aoo.  ai3  I  .>icKies 
Shell  Loading  Sets..  913  Sickles. 
Sliell     Novelties S].) '      "' 

sdi  S'"  Outhts....  ,,., 
,-•  X;S  I  al^t  ^""^  SuppUes.  507 
15.  913  I  Sickles    ...^.. J935 

^;'"f;     .-■wvriiics 5iy|     Mower 

I  sh^      ^"y"' 912    Sickle    Grinders 

Shell    Reducers    and  Side  Checks 

Skirt    Markers' 

Slat'2'"Re/'''""'"''  ■'^""''0  I  °— Write 

Sod   Cl'oth,    Tent'.'... 
99 1  Soda.     Baking.     Washing 

sii:t's,"'Bed''.'.''.""""°"BSSI      ;^^?!'f      '■>'      G^'^l'I 
Slates.   Scliool,. 

Slate    Pencils : 

Slate  Surfaced  Roof 


Soda,    Darko 

Soda    Tumblers... 
Soda   Mint  Tablets.. 

IP  FnZ-;^^  ci?qirco^:=«'..f?j:«j 


,       Resl.^.o     

\  Shell  Reloading  Tools 


913    Side   Combs.' 


;,—  "*„""*...  .iooo  (        ...Ills     

Nail  Cutting.. 1084    Screen  Staples.. 

rrunliig.1034.   1085 

"'P 1083-1085 

':','^'''Oll 1085 

I  iirnlng 

i-''Hies,  Band. ..1058 
'I'les.  Bracket.] 

'^'iiles.  Buck...! 

I'ladcs.    Butch- 

"laJra,    C'oplni:i086 


[Saw  Blades,  Hack 

L   1061-1062 

TBaw  Blades,  Jewelers'  777 
,iZ  B  "''«»•  Keyhole.  1085 
law  Camps.. ..1085-1086 
»Uea.  Hand....  1057 
Fl  era.... 1058.  1058 
-  Il'""«  Guides.. J086 
IV?  Frames 1113 

Screw.-:— ":::::::(S^S 

Screws     and     Boies, 
Biacksmitlia'  Vises  1005 

jrews.  Bench 1O86 

screws.    Cap JS 

Screws.  Harness  Pad.  1229 

screws.  Jack 

Screws,  Saw  Handle.  1085 

Screws,    Set 1050 

Screws  Stop  Bead..  1052 
Screw  Calks,  Boot.  ..105C 
Screw  Calks.  Horse- 
Screw  ciam'p8','Hind!l086 
Screw  Cutters,  Wood.  1076 
Screw    Cutting    Dies. 


Sewing    Card's! 

dergarten    . 
Sewing  Lamps.... 419-420 
Sewing    Machines.657-684 
S  e  w  i  n  g  Machln 


Sewing    Machine..    i„y— 
jj  Wjlje^for  Toy  Catalog. 

512.    866  I  Shejlao    !■.■.■.'!:'. .  .540-541 1  Side  "  RuIBm 
iieiers.     Com.1032,  1100    Side   ,SaddIes 

side  Combs He  g,?"'' "'*<"< 

Side  FUers.   Circular  i^H^*^'„*'°"' 

Sled     Rimne 

l!f  &  '4.i*»j'/°"h»'''  1069 


■uiar  -...-"B.;!!.  oiuiie I05G  '    '^'1"'   ruiin| 

inco   Sledge  Handles 1069   *'"'''"•   Jewelers 

::!!^9f   Sleeping    Bags,    Oar-  -Solder.  Plumben 

Sofa  Pillows'.' 
Sofa  Pillow  Slip 

Tops 105      491 

Sofa     PlUow     Trlm'- 
iuoa|„  ?,''"«.^     100 

JS5!i  I  .s°'Lr'°?.»l"i."?''  -"U 



_    ---.      Machln. 
Attachments.    Nee- 
(>lls.    Repairs 

Thread     . . 
Sewhig  Needles.. 
Sewing  Tables. . . 
Sewing   Thread.. 

-■■~,.^.^,     ji^uiii.ivoj    iioy  I  .^lue    isaaaies....  19001       "..-.>>3.      »^iui 

Shdves.     Clock 860  Side  Straps,  Harne'ss'l229L,- -228-229,  2 

Sieves,    Glass 1168    Sideboards     .582., al  i^P'-'K  'Teiits 01a  1 "•   ■~". 

Shelves,    stove    Pipe.1023    Sideboards.      Buiit     In—    I^F™  Bands gj    Solder,    Tlnn 

Sherbet    Glasses 415  VVrite    fir    m5S    Wort   f  "I"-*'"'  'or  Prioe,"   -So  der.  Wire 

905  Catalog.                    ""'"Sleighs,    Children's.  .876    Soldering     C 

923    Sideboard   Scarfs  Sleigh  n^n-      '-."■■    1  s,.i,i..,.i —  ^. 

....42,-i0i-104    lla 


Sheriifs'    sta.o. 
Shields,    Basebaii: 
Sljields.     Dress.. 
Shield      - 

I       Buckli 

I  Shields,      ,  „  „  .  „ 

I      Storm 1047      na 

A},f^L  ";'"1-Wrltefo'r|siaini 
AutomoWle    Supply   sifter 


Sidewalk    Making 
Tools,     Cement..    .  lua 

Siding    Mill  Work-Writ 


Solder,    Soft: ,,, 

Solder,  pinners' 1064 

■ 771 

lens..   876  I  ;^","t^' "'B     ^  oppers...l064 
1033,  1231    Soldering   Copper. 

1236  L  ^S"'';''''''' „ 777 

Hand,  Soldering    C  «  p  p  e  I 

for  Lumber  List. 
i!?,i!.?    l','«'... 1158-1159 

Shades,     ..  .„„ 

Stiaile   Adjuste 

lOAS  I  liJ.'"*'    I'lsectlcidi 
„-!SJ2  I'l'i"^'   Suga 

'     .  IillUKS       Oil... 

056    Sleight  of  Hand  Out- 

''-"-I      tits.    Professional. 

Sleight  of  Hand  Out 


Window. 464-466 

,         atalog. 

I  Shifters.    Shaft. 

■ols     Horse.,1230|si"8hu;  Gun^'RUe:: 

fits.   Toy 

Siicers.  Fruit' 
.--•  I  .Vegetable  ... 
411   Slicing    Knives. 


,  Soldering   Nipples 
499    Soldering  Outdt 




^-';-^---;"B   vmiui, 1027 

Soldering   Unions 1172 

— r  "Write  lur  vias 
and  Electric  Fixtures 


ol'i"*!^''   Asphalt.. ..,,„, 
Siilngles.    Tin— Write  for 
Rooting    Catalog 

,?4!     Shhigie    D 

Scr?w  Eyes''^''°"'^-}S?'     Shade  Domes,  Lamp.  421     gL'!"*''   Pi-efervau™:  633   Signal 
&  &•'■'■'•'•■•  Bf    «'-■••■■ '""-tM     iR«ekeia::iS|dlib 

.1239    Sig'h'ts.'  'Level. . . 
ll.)7|Slgn     Marking     „„»_ 
Write    for    Book    Cata 

Sign  'writers'  Brushes  545 



Soles,   Leather... 

..      28  I  ®ole*'     Slipper 397 

..1077   lolf  Leather  Strips..  397 

.  Soline   

321    Solvent.    Lead. 

.   760 

Knives  "invr    ?!^"  Writers' : 

Shingle  Pr^ii^ii^^  \  ^^&: ; ; ; ; ; ;,55^ ,  ,,;3»u^^„s. 


IShj"'    r.'""'    cirap.lZ29lgo'"''fSfOS    ,4^ 

I  SUdes.    Neckyoke..     19.10  I  Song    Books. .710-712    954 
Song  Restorers.   Bird  615 

luie  ana    valve  Oil.  1  Sonopliones    709 

Band  Instrument..   705    gonoiihone  Vibrators.  709 
ido    Roles.  V1.1.     Sorchliin    Mlllo  itio 

i-.-  V    ""^ 1113      „  monue    

'aw  Frames.  Hock..  1062     Screw  Plates,   Blaek- 

Screw   Pitch   Oa'tig;s:i063 
Screw    Plates.    Auto- 
moliiie    1071 

Saw  Frames.   Jewel! 

Saw  Guide  and'siite'r 

Box  lOgg 

Jaw     Gummeni'a'lid 

1.^"^""  „■  ■  ■ -^ 1059 

saw  Handles.  Butch- 

Saw  Handles.  Cross- 

■    cut     if,r,K 

Raw  Dandles,  'Haiid! 

Compass IQ85 

Jaw  Handle   Screws:i085 
"-■ •  .Jointers..  1056.    1086 


smiths'    ..,.:j07d-i07l 
S^ew    Plates.    Gun- 
smiths      1071 

Screw   Plates.   Jew'ei- 

ers      777     Toy. 

Screw  Pullcvs...    .'..loM 


Shafts,   Poles..  1043.    1045 

Shaft    Ends. ....         1043 

ghaft   Supports :ui43 

Shofllng,  Steel. 1060.  1190 
Shafting  Collars.  1000,1190 
Shafting      Couplings. 

Hangers  1060.    1190 

Shakers,    Salt    and 


K^o       ""*   Kuies 765   »orgnum  Mills... 

■«lsiM'',''^''''ombones.. 702-704    go"'"'  Post  Sett 

•Hi',!  I  S  1  I  d  n  Trombone  Snnn, Inra      TaIa,... 

^■*--. .:>«o  Slide 

Brooches.  ,838-839  Slid 

Shii-AuVr^THK '""io'Jr  I  glf""    "A^^' 821-824         ■  ,se, 

Shi;?.  AuXc,.!'r"l'i'ts.'iSI     .1  Seir  •^'iJ'.Se 9SI  §'  f"«  loir's' 

"      ■         !'■"•"•     Kine 901  Slid  tag    Door   Hang 

Silks,    Embroidery 
.SI  ka      o»™. ' 


ber    List. 

V Atliletlc 

Shirts,     Boys- 

Men's    Made 


337    Silks,    Sewing.. 

.^i?-*"  1 1"»    Dresses .„., 

bilk      Embroidered 

765   Sorghum  Mills 
—    I  Sound   Post   Sellers..  d»v 
Sounders,  Telegraph.  775 
Soups— Write     for     Gro- 
cery Catalog. 
--,     v..  "Tracks'    in"i;'i'',oi:ol  ^''"''    Bowls.    Plates 
SS2    l,^'^  E-T"-^^^^^^^^^  «oub'  'La'dles^""-.".''.'..  >»" 


848.    850-851 

Slips.     Infants'! ! : 

nies,   Blacltsmiths- 1070  Li,",.^'    •"■yiO-'Jsi,'  858 
:rew  stock.  ;„h  "'"    Shakers,     Talcum 



—  .v...    ..iML-iismiins  . 
Screw  S  t  o  c  k  s  and 



Powdt.    . . . 

Shaker  Flannels 

Shams,  Pillow,...  102-104 

.gift  'iS.^r?'  ^'""«»'  81l|s!!n»,    Princess 


ini.^     lAA.    J   -'mills,     X-lllO 

TiJ^A?:'""    I'-a™  Holdeu 

ananipoo    Accessories 

Slilrt    Studa 

'•■>'"'   Slips"' PnlilVV'-'  '"h"'  I  '"'•'<•    strainers. 

'i66-207  I  ^°- •.""''    ^"^    ^"^ 


3avv  J  o  i  n  t  _  .  ., 
FihT,  Crosscut., 
law  Machines 

bw  M'„„'?",'    '''3.    "189 

gw   Mandrels 1058 

»w  .Mill  Saws :in,58 

pw   Sets 1058. 

Ew  Side  Filer.  Clr- 

i^swagi,:::;:::"  Ss^lsoythe  St. 

•w  Vises : 1086 

»wdu.t.  B55wood'.::  776  I  Seri-RlnV. 

"ffi^^:  ■  «-'"*  IZ  g!-.Wt„r;g  ■siiks!!^'''.  ni    . , . 
Screwdriver    Bits... .106 
Srribers.  Machinists'. 106 



Shirt   Waist  Distend-  silk    pul^'p^ 

.206-207    Silk   Ribbons 

-'-•'•     ""    SUk    Scarfs,    Shaw'u 

0-01,   202 

56   Slips.    Sofa   Pillow 
^2   Slip    On     Raincoats, 

oV  1         ■.  "»a[-ninists  .1063 
i")™.    Art. 101.    459,    462 
?;?5  n   Cunalna..454,  467 
Scroi    Saws  and  At- 
tachments     1086 


■1035     Sharpen 
105?  I  g^ir  Notai^-UwriU    f'S" 
Book  Catalog 

^l;ss:r^,^{!-:::ii4-,I   1^-''^  >ooi^y^S2  siik'smtis'MeXg  ?5^ 

«"Ji%",'.. »5!l«>  w  Vh!^  'Xl%,A^' " ' ,', ' is      «»¥ 4?-x"d?.s"^37M-3l2*  s^'!SSeM:  flTJ- 

*"""if,",'.    Metal"  Wirkin'g 
—Write   for   Machinery 

'  iiiiieiHS     .  , 
Scrub  Brushes 


lares.   Plow. .  .1040-1041 
Sharpenent.   Knife 

.865.    1027.   103'9!'l057 
Sharpeners.    Pencil.. 
Sliorpeners.    Scissors. 
Skate. . 


Baseball,        Basket 
Ball,  Bicycle.  Fo 

hall.      Gymiiasiu.,.,  1  ..mik  -rorAa/t 

,.Tennls,..375     394,'  924    SIIJ  WalX.Z6« 

si^  sio£:£Si.s'37i:372'  I  snS? 

silk    Suspenders 

— - 1     Ladles'     

372    Slip     On     Ralncoa' 

Men'a   ^ 

Slip     On     Rain 
Voung    Men' 

Albums 602.     ,„„ 

"5 1  Souvenir    Post    Card 

Projectors   762-763 

Souvenir    Spool 



-  481    Sllnners.    Men's 
.  336    Slipper   Boxes. 

_.. — .  Horse. 
Shoes,    Skating 


99    Siip,,er    Cleaners::: 
Slipper  Soles 


Sharpeners.    Tool.. ,.1035 

■wnii^t.   Boxwood.,     7?i!  I  Rrrr" niih""""*-     „„  Shaves     Ice  o?     „^^83,   .365,    373-374     383    sii;;;    .=.„.i    *' ' '  •;:;  »"'        Price 

in  I    10  I2.CENT  BARGAINS  ON  PAGES  19  TO  28! 

Shoes,     Wlilte    Duck 
3.12,    .1.58-359.    361, 
■;;  I  „  363,    365,    373-374, 
26     Shoe  ftlacklng.  Dress-         ,  .,.„„    .,„„„,„ 
P""'"' i?7lsu^;   ESmd 

Silk  Thread. 

174-17.5  1 „^..    „„,„ 

MM™  »^":  li  ijos  li:;?:^''' 

932    Sop  Sinks.    Hoppe 

1048    Silkworm   «u 


i  I  "S  "^^  "'V!..''!"'  I  ^^rJ^±i 

Spadas  and  Shovels. .  I036 

H,f   -SDadliil  Forks 1037 

202  SpaghcUl— W  r  1  t  < 
3°;  „  Grocery  Catalog. 
-;;!;    Spalling    Hammers. ..1056 

464    .Spandrlls,    Porch        

481    .Spanish    Books 

.397    Spark   Colls 772 

■1021    Spark  Plugs 772 

n«r  "^^.f."  ■*","•  Supplies 
iSr  L  or  Motorcycle  SuppUcs. 
tt05    Sparklers 

for  j  Spatulas  

Spavin   Remedies. 

Siivw  Deposit  Wa?e8?lrw'',,""V'      .  •■-- 

Sliver    EnSniil.      ""•    SSSI      r^'lto      for      Grocery    Shears.    FiJiriFfi^' 
-  ^'  ^  Speculums.    Horse 



Sp.cdIa<Ucator..l058  1062     |Pr^%,\^; 

I  alalog.  „  ,      '"I"" 

_\Vrlle  tor  Motorcycle    Spu 

Catalog.  „,  .  .  , 

BpelUng  Boards— W  r  1 1 

for  Toy  Catalog, 
spelling  Books 

PAGE  t 

Steamers.  Face 

tjteamer    Blankets— Write 
for   HarncBS    Catalog. 
.     Riding  .  1  Steamer  Trunks.. 347.  349 

fj.e.   123(-.V2-32.   1235     Steels     Corset 

1216,  1232.  1235 

..875.   913 

Spii:es  • 

„jry  Catalog.  ,„„„ 

Spue  CaMiicts W" 

sKice  Mills •,••■;■!••   0?.6 

tiplilers    lO^J.  IJ^b 

spigots.  Wood. .......     " 

spinal     Shonlder 

Braces    • 65° 

Spiral  Earth  Augers.U70 
Spirits  of  Camphor...  48U 
sSlrlts  of  Nitre......   48U 

Spirits  of  TurpcnUne  549 
Spirit  Lerels 

Squares.   Carpenters'.  1087 

SquJires,  Haruess. .  ._.ll.i8 
Squares,  Machinists  .10o3 


Square  and   Bovel. 
Square  and  Level. 


Sleets.  Knife.. 

Steel.    Sheet... 

'. .  768    Steel  Balls 

Steel    Ceilings 1159 

Steel  Door  Mats 443 


teel    Letters    and  ^^^ 


Storm  Windows. ....1150 

Stoves    »59-  009 

Stoves.  Alcohol 16*5 

Stoves.  Camp. . . 
Stoves.   Carriage 

Stoves.'   Laundry.. 992;993 

Stove    Boards 

Stove  Bolts 

Stove  Brushes 

Stove   Casters 

Stove  Fire  Backs. 
Stove    Lid    Litters 
Stove  Lining.  Asbes- 
tos,  Cement 1023 

Stove  Mats.  Asbestos.  1023 

. . 1052 


Suits.  Boys'. 



1083,    108T  I 

Square  Reamer  Bits.  1067 
Squeegee  Plates.....  756 
Squeegee  Plate  Polish  760 
Squeezers,    LVrV,.; ;  1,37 

1  Stove  Pipe 992 

'97'6'-«V7',"979,    988     Stove  Pipe  ,<;»»»'»;■     ^ 

sImi  s"»J'"4ni--»»f?' }1?s  I  s;;;.;  vai  shelves. .102 

5»6.  JUii  1  gj^^g  Pokers..^.  ....1023 

1027,   1062.   1079 
Splttooua........417.    1021 

Splaslier  Mats 10^' 

SpUcers.  Hose lO^J 

BpUcers.  Wire 1036 

SpUces,    Trace 1^4? 

11,  41 
Squeezing    Ton 


Stable    Blankets 

Stable    Brooms. . 


•  1034  I  glaMe  c"ow"Tie8:'.:..1033 
■"'"'     stalile     Fixture* 

s'lKl  Sldtag".''..  1158-1191) 
Steel  Stamps........  1002 

steel   Tanks. ...1111.  1117 

Steel     Tank     Covers. 
Pipe  Connections..  1117 

Steel    Tapes. 



alje     f  ixiure.  ■■■■•y,\  stiel    Wool 546,1077 

able  supplies- 1230-1232        ^^^,  y^,„r^g„.  B„oks 
Slack  Covers 


Spoke  Pointers. 
.Spoke  Repairers 
Spoke    Shave 

Spoke  Tenoning  Ma 



...   765 


„..„„„;,,    „ 481,  505 

Sponges.  Cleaning.481.5:t9 
Sponges.    Fountain...  505 

Sponges.  Rubber 505 

Sponges.   Silk 481 

Sponges.   ToUet 481 

Sponges,     Wool 461 

Sponge    Bag3... 
Sponge  Holders 

Sponge  Rubber 

Spool    Holders 

Spoons.     After    Din 

ner  Coffee 850 

Spoons.    Aluminum 

Spoons.  Birthday.. 
Spoons,  Bonbon... 
Spoons.    Dessert... 

Stacking   Outfits 1037  | 

Stacking    Sets. 


Stage    Hooks... 

Stage  Supporte.  ,„^„„,   ^„. 

Stams   533,  537.  541     j,j|,jjj,„  jj,^ 

Stains,      Oil,     Pyro- 

grepUlc    ""■> 

Stains.  Shingle......  53? 

Stains.   Water  Color.   503 
Stair    Buttons.     "  " 

Stiiir  C;-.rpel8. 
Stair  Nosing . . 
Stair  Pads.... 

....  464 




Stair  Rods. .........  464 

.Stair  Treads.  Rubber  443 

Stairwork    ''5' 

Stakes.  Bolster 1042 

Stakes.    Jewelers' 

Riveting    , 

<!ti1k    Cutters 1099     Stiffeners,  Heel 

iSu  Futur". . : : : ;  .1108 '  «""■•-  '^'"'-' 

Stencils.  Wall..« 539 

Stencil    Brushes. 539.  1062 

Stencil  Colors 101 

.  543 

Stove  Polish— Write  to 

Grucery   Catalog. 
Stove   Pollslilng   Mlt 

300-308.     310-312 
Ladles'    Made 

,_   Order 141 

Suits.   Ladies-   Beady 

to  Wear....  142- 148.  160 
Bnits,     Men's     Made 

to    Order '263-264 

Suits.     Men's    Ready 
Made. 265-277.  280- 

229.    302.    305-306.    317 
Suits,    Young    Men's 
Keidy  Made.  291-295.299 

Suit  Cases '50-351 

Suit    Bangers lOfO 

Sulkies     1210 

Sulkies,    Children's..  8i6 

sulkies.  Dog  or  Ooat  87o 

Or    Write    tor    Bicycle 

Catalog.  .„,„„, 

Sulky  Plows 1093-1094 

Sulphate,   Quinine 

T                         Tapes,    Insulating...,  771 
Tapes,    Steel 1087 

T    Bevels,    SUdtng...  1087    TaP^-.T'""^. .»'■.'.'■;.  g-jo 

T     Branches. ...^....1171Ljjpjs      Tire 888 

■r  Handles,  Iron  Pipe.  1169  ^^^   Readoi* 99 

T    Hln, 

T     Squares 

Tables.   Bedside 

,.   J65 

_  ..  507 

Tables'.  Children's— Write 

for    Toy    I'atalog. 
Tables.    Dining...  578-583 

Tables,    Dressing 61.> 

Tables.    Foldlug..507,  696 

Tables,    Kltxrlien 578 

Tables,    Library..... 

564-563.    592-595 
Tables.      Paperliang 




Porch 568 

Tables.   School — Write  for 

School    Furnit 


Tape   L  I  r 


Tape  Measure 

Cloth   1 

Taper   Files 

Taper  Reamers  — 

Taper   Taps 

Tapestry  Drapery. 
Tapldero  Boots. . . 

Tar.   Coal 5 

Tar,  Pine 

Tar   Soap 

Targets    9 

Stove    Repairs    f  o 

Stoves — Write  for  Stove   'guiphurlc  Acid 

Repair  Price  List. 

Stove    Shovels .. 

Stove    Squares.     UU 


Stoveware   Sets 

Target  Rifles.  Air...  905 
^  Tarlatan    30 

S=iBK5i:  Suhilmed...  480|7/,Si|-  ^^^^rUdi^  ^»M^^C^efs"..!'.^''.°.°  930 

"■Candles "?    '  lenberg    104   Tarred  Felt ...1154 

•'"■'*'''■"'  ^"'lable    Covers.    Che-  Tassels 92.450 

nllle  and  Tapestry.  472   Tassel  Hooks 

of.,    Sulphu. 

Y"']  Sulphur  Tablets... 

Summer  Coats 313-315 

Stencil  Knives.. 

Stencil    Outflts i"i 

Stenographers'  Deslis  600 
Stenography,  Bookson  949 
Steps.   Vehicle — Write  for 

Blacksmiths'    Catalog. 

Stepladders    543 

Stereoscopic   Cameras — 

Write  for  Camera  Cat- 

Stew  Kettles. . . . 
Sticks,  Drum.... 
Sticks,  Hockey.. 
Stick    Candy 


820.     829-832.     840-842 
Sticking   Knives 
Stiffeners,  Heel. 
Stilettos,  Embroidery.  100 

1022.  1024-1026 
Straight     Edge.     Pa- 

perlianeers      ■   54Z 

Straight     Shank 

Drills    106' 

^'"".".'.T.'f'-.^'s:  "Z 
Strainers,       *''>"',,  ,:q 

Trougll JfJ° 

Strainers.    Hose IIJO 

Strainers,  Milk 10^1 

Slraiuers,  PlP«- - -li-lfit 

Strainers.  Soup 1«24 

Strainers.  Sprayer. .  .1180 
Strainers-.    Suction 

Strainers.'  'Tea.  ..411.  1027 
Strainers.  W'lre . . . . . .  10-T 

Strainer  Pails    Mllk.1031 
Straining    Ladles. ..  .10 Jl 

Straps.  Baby  Clialr..  607 
Straps,  Bass  Viol...  606 
Straps.  Bicycle  Hub.  887 
.Straps.   Book.. 

^^O    Sundae  Dishes 

Sunday  Scliool  Books  945 
Supplemental    Cham- 
bers.  Rifle 
Supports.    Al 
Supports.  Ankle 


,.i-   Q.oi      broldered    loi-im 

41?   Table  Covers,  Linen. 

39-43,  101.  104 

Tattoo    OU. 

508.  916,  924 

Supports,  Instep 483 

Supports,    Shaft 1043 

Supports,  Tongue 1042 

Supporters,  Appendi- 
citis     510 

Supporters,  Athletic. 


stall    I'lliurca ;o«^      «fiIlo     U'ntpp  llfieM^iraps,    i>uuii "-- 

i""'-  ?,^'?-:::::1    i;!ppier""&.i;::::1 4  i;-p|.  carfc::::  Ifi 

Spoons,    Kitchen 

...865.  1024-1025.  1027 
Spoons.  Mustard....  21 
spoons.       Nickel 

Plated   |65 

Spoons.    Olive 853 

Spoons,    Orange 

,846.  848.  850-851 
Sp'oo'ns,  Salad,  Silver  850 

Spoons,    Salt 852 

Spoons,  Silver 816-8j3 

Spoona.    Soup,^^Sllver^^^ 

iipoons.   Souvenir 853 

spoons.  Table.  Sllver^^^ 

Spoons.    "Tea.    Silve 


■Tinned    Ta- 
ble and  Tea 865 

Spoons.  Wooden 20 


Sporting  '  Goods".  .889-941 
Sportsmen's    Bags...  919 

Spot    Removers 481 

Spotting  Colors......  756 

Sprays.   Bath... 505.    1168 

Sp:iiys.  Massage 505 

Spray    Pumps 

Stamps,    Dating. 

Stamps,    Steel 1062 

Stamped    Fancywork.   101 
Stamped  Patterns.  Babies' 

^Vear — Write   for    Baby 

S  t  a  mplng   Outflts. 

Rubber  Tj'Pe 95b 

Stamping   Pattern 

Quints    100 

Stamping  Wax.... 
Stanchions,     Cattle 

Stands,   Cake 

Stands,  Cobblers' . 
Stands,  Dictionary. 
Stands,  '"" 





Drum 708 



Stirring    Rods.    Glass  754 

Stirrupe,     Saddle.. 
.  .  .  ks  and    Dies, 
Blacksmiths'    1070 

Stocks  and  Dies. 
Gunsmiths'.  Jew- 
elers'      1071 

Stocks  and  Dies.  Pipe 
Threading    1173 

Stocks.    Gun 

Stocks.  Rifle.  Revolv- 



Supporters,    Bust.... 

Supporters,  Hose. 
Ladles'  and  Chil- 

Supporters.  Hose, 
Men  s    ^db 

Supporters.        M"'"     ,«» 
ilty  235.  508 

Supporters,    Sanitary 

Su'u'lio'rVers,  "iiterine.!  508 
Supporters,  Wrlst.481.  924 
Suppositories.  0 1  y  - 

cerin  4'° 

Surcingles    1231 

Surface    Gauges 1063 

Surgeons'  Bandages., 
f 481.  506-507 

Table  Forks.. 84C-S53,  861 

Table   Knives 

846-847.     849-853.     864 
Table   Linens 37-43 

Table  Oilcloth 
Table  Paddlns 
Table  Runners 

42.    102-104,   472 

Table         T  h 

Leather    ... 


Straps.   Climbers  .-. 
Straps,  Cow  BeU....1226 
Straps.   Fish  Basket.  934 
Straps.    Harness 

.   l-i!2-1223,  .1226-1228 
Straps,  Lawn  Tennis  ..,„u.,„^.    ,.„, 

Net    Center.........  9-0    gu„ey  Wheels 1044 

IS;   &^-".'.-.:::  Sur._s_,.r,-     .n..r«. 

straps,   RoU  Up 1045 


1200-1202.    1207-1208 



Aluminum    865 

Tablets,     Fruit 501 

Tablets,  MedlcinaI.477-479 

Tablets,    Pencil 958 

Tablets,    Writing 958 

Tableware,    Crockery, 

China,  Glass. .399-416 
Tableware,  Silver. 846-858 


.484,    1179-1180 


Spreader  Straps. 

Stands,    Shaving... 

stands.   Teapot 

Stands,     Toilet 

Stands,     Umbrella...  o^v 

Stands,   Wash  ...••••,„„, 
Stadd    Parts,    Sewing 

Machine •  084 

Staples    .<Do_«.hlej^5„ 

„.„....      Machines, 

Pumps..  538.    1179-1180 

Sprayers,    Medicinal,   506 

Spraying.       Books      on— 

Write  for  Book  Catalog. 

Spraying    Nozzles 1180 

Spraying    Solutlons^^   ^^^ 





Spread  Strap  Boilers  1229 

Springs,    Bed 628-629 

Springs.  Bicycle  Sad- 

cUe    I"" 

Springs,    Buggy   Top.  1047 
Springs,  Check,  Har-^_^^^ 

Springe,   Curtain  and 

Slirings.    Door 
Springe.    "^     ~ 



Stocks,  Whip 1233 

Stock     Collars,      La- 
dies'     94-95 

Stock   Fly  Spray 482 

Stock   Marks 1033 

Stock  Back  Brackets. 1037 
Stock  Raising  Books.  954 
Stock  Remedies.. .514-516 
Stock    Scales...  1126-1127 

Stock  Waterers 1051 

Stockings,    Athletic,   925 
„..,  Stockings,    Elastic...  508 
Stockings  OtherThan  Here 
871        Listed — See     Hosiery. 

413  I  stocking  Darners 98 

Stocking   Darners. 
Sewing    Machine...   684 

Stocking    Feet 250 

Stoeiting     Heel     and 

Knee  Proteclor8.397-398 
Stocking     Protectors,     ^^ 


Stones.    Grind... 
.Stones.    Jewelers' 

Stones,     Oil 

Stones,    Scythe.. 
Stones.    Sharpening 



^  . ..  ^ Matting, 

Oilcloth  1050 

Staples,  Screen 1050 

Staples,   Wrought 1051 

Stapling  Tools 398 

Starch — Write     for     Gro- 
cery  Catalog. 
Stars.  Embroidered..     9. 





sSringSlvVhlife.  1044, 1047 
Spring    Balance. 


Spring  Bow  Rests. . .  1047 

Spring    Buffers 1044 

Sprhig   Bulls 1053 

Spring    Colters 1049 

Spi-ing  Exercisers 920 

Spring  Forks.  Bicycle  887 
Spring  Hinges.  1050.  10o3 
Spring    Pu     ■    ~ 

Stars.     Police.     Mar- 
shal.    Game    War- 
den.    Watchman...  905 
Stationary  Engines... 

..1181-1188.  1190-1191 

Stationery  956-958 

Stationery    Embossers  9jS 

Stationery    Backs 591 

Statuary... 858.    947.  1 125 
Staluarv.    Bisque.   Marble 
— Write     for    Crockery 

stays.  Collar 99 

Stays.  Corset if 

stay   Rollers,    Door   .1051 

Stay    Straps 1043 

Steak  Beaters. 23-24,  933 

steak  Knives 865 

Steam   Boilers 1183 

Steam    Cocks 1169 

Steam    Cookers 1022 

Steam  Engines— Write  for 

^'liwks  'on 950-951 

Steam  Engines.  Toy.  498 
Steam     Fltllngi 

,.1035.  10.39.  1057,  1059 
Stone    Boat    Heads.. 11 13 

Stone   Drills 1056 

Stonemasons'  Books.  951 
Stonemasons*  Tools     1056 

Stoners,   Cherry 1028 

Stoneware  ..399,416-417 
Stools.  Bath  Cabinet  512 
Stools.    Camp........   927 

Stoola.  Foot 464,   565 

Stonle.   Office 556 

Stools.  Piano.  Organ.  709 

Stools.   Window 1151 

Stool  Backs.  Piano..    .09 

Stops.   Bench 10.6 

Stops,    Door 105J 

Stops,  Door  and  Win- 

dow,  MiU  Work.,. 1151 

Stops,    Flue 

Stops.  Water  Pipe 
Stop   and    Waste 


Straps.  .I'""" ■■,■,■.;.;•, §35 
Straps,  f  'ir...l2ji,  izoo 
Straps,  Tennis  Net..  J20 
Strap  Bolts,  Wagon.,  1042 

Strap    Hinges  ;. lOol 

Strap  Leads,   Dog....   915 

Strap  Loops 1045 

Strap  Work,  Harness 

1222-1224,     1226-1227 
Straw   Hats,   Men's,.  343 
Straw   Hat   Cleaner 
Street    Brooms 
Street  Organs.........  »=; 

Stretchers,  Carpet ...  1027 
Stretchers.  Curtain ...1019 
Stretchers.    Folding, 

.Stretcliers.  Fur 

Stretcliers.  Slioe 

Stretchers,  Wlre..^.^..jj,^ 

Stricture    Cutters 517 

Striking  Bags,  Blad- 
ders. Mitts,  Plat- 
forms and   Attach- 

meats  "* 

Striking  Bag  Inflater  924 
Striking  Hammers....  105G 
Strings.    Musical    In- 

stmment 690,   696 

String    Board 

String    Nippers 

Stringers,    Fish 

Strips,    Weather 1051 

Strips,   Wood   V.. 
Striping    Brushes. 
Strops,  Razor . . 
Strop  Dressing 

Strop   Oil "■■> 

Stroppers.    Safety 

Razor  Blade 87.i 

StroppUig  Machines..  872 
Stucco.   Books  on....  951 

Stucco     Brushes 54j 

Studs,    BeU 1060 

Studs,    Shirt 

Suspenders,  Boys' ...  338 
Suspenders  and  Hose 

Supporters.  Boys'..  97 
Suspender    Buttons. .     98 

Suspensories  511 

Swages.  Anvil 10i3 

Swages.  Saw 1059 

Swarm  Catchers 1123 

Swarm    Guards 1123 

Sway  Bars 1045 

Sweat  Pads..,  1225,  1227 
Sweaters.     Boys'.    Girls'. 

Ladies'  —  Write    tor 

■*'''"•-  ,,n 

Sweaters.  Mtn's 330 

Sweater  Sacques,  In- 
fants'     „,„ 

Swedish  Book 948 

Sweeps,  Cultivator, .,  1040 
Sweep  Feed   Mills, ..1110 

Sweepers.  Carpet 1020 

Swecpuig    Caps 214 

Sweet  Spirits  Nitre..  480 

Swimming    Go  «  ll  s  , 

Ladies'.  GirU' 202 

Swimming    Goods, 

Tacks.  Cloth  Covered.1045 
Tacks.    Double 

Pointed     1050 

Tack  s.      Linoleum 

Brads     440 

Tacks,    Thumb 705 

Tack  Hammers,1027.1O64 
Tack    Pullers 1027 

Stock  Markers.  1033 
Teachers'  Bibles.  .946-947    ' 
Teachers.    Chairs.    Desks. 
Tables— Write  for  School 
Furniture  Catalog. 
Teamsters'    Clothing. 

320-321.  917 

Teas,  Herb 477 

Teas— Write    for    Grooary 

Tea  Balls,  Wire 1027 

Tea   Bells 413,    1027 


Tea    Filters 1026 

Tea    Kettles....  1023-1026 

Tea  Sets.  China 411 

Tea    Sets,    Glass. .414-415 

Tea    Strainers. 


.„.._ 1024-1026 

Teapots,  Aluminum,  ,1026 
Teapcts,  Earthenware  416 

Teapots.   Sliver 

, 854-855,    857 

Teapot  stands,  China  413 
Teapot  Stands,  Wire,     21 

Tear   Menders 99.   481 

Teaspoons,   Silver. 846-853 
Teappoons,  "Tin.  Alu- 
minum,    (M  Ickol 

Plated    865 

Teat     Dilators     and 

Slitters    517 

Tedders,   Bay— Write  tor 

Teddy   Bears 497 

Tees    .,..1171.  1177.  1183 

Teeth.    Cultivator 1040 

Teeth      ■         ■ 

ai  •ini'ini"  47?  Tea  Sets.  Silver.  .854-857 
^-,v-*^-  '2,'.'L?*'  *"  Tea  Strainers... 411,  10-27 
Tablespoons.  Silver 

Tackle,     Fishing 

928-934.  936-937 

Tackle    Block3.I038.  1122 
Tackle  Blocks,   Line- 


Tackle  Books,  Boxes.  933 
Taffeta    Sllk....7'2.    75-76 

Taffetallne 72,     7o 

Tail   Holders 1231 

Tailoring.    Ladles'...   141 
Tailoring.    M6n's..2$3-264 

Tailors'    Buttons 98 



Tooth   Saws. 

Teeth.    Harrow 

Teething  Rings.... 
Telegraphy  Books.. 
Telegraph  I  n  atr 



Telegraphy.  Wireless. 

Telephones  and  Sup- 
plies    597.   770-77 

Telephone,  Books  on".  951 

T  el  e  s  0  0  p  e  8.  Spy- 
glasses    767-761 

Telescopes,    Valise...   35 

Telescope  Clamps. 

nd  Lever  Handle. 1169 
Slop    Bead    Screws 

and  Washers 1052 

Stop   Cock   Boxes 116? 

Stop    Watches... 
Stoppers,  Milk  B"tlle.l03l 
Storage     Batteries— Write 

for    Automobile    Supply 

Storage  Tanks 



Swings,    Baby 
Swings.  Lawn.  Porch 

. .  925 

,,568,   927 
Swinging    Clubs. 
Swinging    Rlnr 

Tailors'    Mending 

Tissue 99,    481 

Tailors'    Shears 866 

Tailpieces,      Stringed 


690,  692,  694,  696 

Talcum  Powder.. 486.  872 
Talcum       Powder 

Sliakers    873 

Talking  Machines  and 

Records    732-738 

Talldng   Machine  Re-  ^,„.,.    

pairs     Jjj   Tent  Pegs.  Iron 

Telescope     Organs— Writ 
for  Organ  Catalog, 

Telescope  Tripods 76 

Tennis  Goods,  Lawn.  92 

Tennis  Pants • .  ^e 

Tennis    Shoes. ...  .394,  92 
Tenoning  Machlnes.,107 

Tents    927,   938-93 

Tents.  Children's 

"..;..... 306,  927,  o; 
Tents,    Lawn  — 
Tents,   Window, 

. .    51 

Talking    Tubes ^oeUyg^rets    and    Hooks. 

Tallying   Register . , , ,  1082 

„.    Tambourinei    707   Terrets,    Harness. 

!!!   921    Tamers.    Hog IJ^illTernr   Carpet^ 

35.  49.  52,  ! 
Swiss   Curtain  Mate-  |  banks'.  Expansion., 

Swiss   Embroidery.,. 84-89 

820,  829,  841;843 


Students'  Cases 

.  .lS3t 

Switches.    Electric. . . 
Switches.    Hair...... 

Switch  Boards,  Tele- 



Store  Awnings... 

.Store   Door   Locks.  ..105.3 

Store    Mirrors 597 

Storm    Aprons. 1047.   1193 
Storm    Buggies 

n69-li76".'   1177.     II8J 

Steam  tiauges H'O 

Steam  Heating  Books 

1032.   1043.  1232 

Spring    Scales 1030 

Spring  Snaps 1229 

Spring  Wagons.  1209- 1210  Plants 
Sprinklers,  Lawn. .  ..1034  Steam  I 
Sprinklers.    Plant.  ...    506     Steam    Plpe.^ 

Sprlnklhig   Hose 1034  I  Steam  Whistles 


_  _rs— Write  f  o  r 
Mill  Work  Catalog, 
storm    Door   Hard- 
ware. .1050-1051.    1053 

Storm  Glasses 769 

I'ng  Storm    Protectors 1047 

1182-1183  I  storm   Rubbers 

.' '  'Ve 


uffers.   Sausage 1028 

Stump     Puller*    and 

Supplies Ill* 

Slylographic   Pens....  844 

Suction   Cleaners lOJl 

Suction    Hose 1061 

Suction  Hose  Clamps, 

strainers    1176 

Sugar— Write  tor  arooer> 

Catalog.     _       






'swivels'.   Rope,. 1033,   1037 
Swivels,    St  rlkluB 

Rag    •  •  "*1 

Swivels,    Trollhig 932 

Swivel  Bottom   Vlse«.1065 
Swivel    Clevises    and 

Hooks    1041 

Synonyms.  Books  of.  949 

Syringes 504,    506 

Syringes,    Ear,    Eye, 

Ulcer    506 

Syringes.     Flstul 

Sets.    Silver. 

855,  858 
Sii'gB"r'"Bowls.  .399-406,412 
Sugi  °" 

sugar  Cane  Mills, ...in2 

479  1  Syrup    of   Pepsin 

Sugar  Kettles 

Tanks,  Galvanized. 



,    Oil 547 

,  „  „ Pneumatic 

Water  Supply 1178 

Tanks,   Steel III! 

Tanks,     Stock     Dip- 



Syringes,   Infants'...  506 
Syringes,    Veterlnanr, 

Ss-ringo    'Tubing. _505 


_    Write    tor    Gro- 
ins       eery   Catalog. 
1023    Syrup    of    Figs. 4<5 

Sugar    Tongs 

415-416,     854-855. 


T^'nks'.    Wagon lljj 

Tanks.   Wood Ill' 

Tank  Covers 1U7 

Tank    Developer 

Tank   Floats HiO 

Tank    Heaters.1168,    1183 
Tank    Heaters     (For 

Stock)      Ill* 

Tank    Hose 1«61 

Tank  Pumps..... ...ll'o 

Tank    Towers.  Wind- 
mill     1116 

Tanning    Compound..  914 
Taps,     Blacksmiths'.. 1070 

Taps.    Calk lOJS 

Taps,  MacWnlsU  ....10;0 

T^Ss.   s"™"Cutt'ta'i:i070 
Taps,    Shoemakers' ..  397 

Tap    Borer 117- 

Tap    Gauge. 1003 

Tap  Wrenches v,     ,'•" 

Tapes,    Cotton 23. 

!sting     Outaia     for 

Milk    and   Cream.. 10 
Testing    Outfit    «3as 

Pipes!    11 






Photo  7 

eriuary    .•■-•■.S 

Thermostat  Regulator.  11 

Thimbles  ...99.  i 

Thimbles.  Banjo....  ! 
Thimbles,    Gold    and 

Sliver     -.-••,; 

Third  Seats,  Folding.  II 

Thread    99- 

Thread,  Ballcnberg..  I 
Thread.    Embroidery. 

Thread.  'Harness .1: 

Thread    Cleaner    and 

Wrencll   1' 

Threaded  Nuts....  ..1 

Threaders.        Sewing 

Machine  Needle... 
Threading  Dies.  Plpe.l 
Thresher    Belting 1 

1051.'  1 
Thtiilers.    Electric... 

Thumb    Latches J 

•n^nmh   Taeka 

New  Grocery  Catalog  Every  Two  Months  if  You  re 

Our  Grocery  Mailing  Lis 


Ticket  Punches 1064 

Tlddags,     Bed    and 

PUIow   29 

me».    Boys' 338 

Ties.   Cattle...  1033,   1226 
Ties,    Horse 1226 


Ties.   Ml  _  _ 

Ties.  Hope 

Tie  Clasps,  Men 

......828,  832,  841-842 

Tie  Clssp  and  Scarf 

Pin  Sets 842 

S"    '■'""S 1033 

^e  Machines,   Bale. 1105 

TIglils,    Athletic 925 

Tighteners,        Wire 

-.f'lce   1036.  1122 

™'~       ■ Floor, 


Tools,   Automobile... 

1057,  1067,  1071 

tee  Keeper  ■ 

--— ,  Jcycle...81 
Tool),  Blacksmiths' 


1048  ■  1049. 

1059,    1063  ■  1073 




Tools,    Bricklay. 

1056.    . 

Tools,    Butchers'.. 865-buu 
Tools,  Carpenters'... 

•■ 1057-1059, 

1061  -  1067,   1074-1087 
Tools.  Cement  Work' 


Trace  Attachments...  1043 

Trace  Buckles 1229 

Trace  Carriers 1229 

Trace  Chains 1228 

Trace  Holders 1043 

Trace  Splices 1229 

Trace    Springs 1229 

Tracing  Cloth,  Paper  705 


tracks.   Door,  Parlor.  1053 
Tracks,  Hay  Carrier.  1037 
Tracks,    Litter    Car- 
rier           1108 

Trammel  Nets '.'"  ''- 

_      ■•■ 1056    Trammel  Points !.*."*'lOfiq 

Transfer  PaVl'ems.' 


ISc^'cS?"?!-:}?!^  I  i'p-o.3i;;^-aiic&.;»« 

...703,   706 


Trumpets,     _ „„ 

Trumpet    Cases 705 

•■■; 347-349 

Swimming..  025 

""'"  ...1052 



Trunks,    _ 
Trunk    Locks 

Trusses    ^„ 

Truss  Webbing,  Elas^ 



Tubs,  Bath. 

1^S^M  :S"!s:-«-H^ws%^  m  ^^m^ 

T  Squi.„ ,53 

Try  -Squares.. .1063,' '1087 

Tile  Maclilnes uoo 


W,t,,,_  wau   Paper||o^s.  |S  "  ^i  1  1=   li;Jf^.^^^:1i 

Tools,  Gun 012-913  Traps,     Animal      giiJai^ 

■yil''  „.G''"™l*-Wrlto  Traps      ClosTt  .■••*'  117? 

for   Fire   Arm   Repairs  Traps,    Drum. n" 

ToX-  Harness  Mak:  SSfi    ^LT""'"-"'"  Itl 

1231-1232  I  Traps.       Kitchen 

Sample  Book, 
i  m  b  e  re,  Dimension- 
Write  for  Lumber  List, 
rimers.  Automobile — 
--Wrlle  for  Auto  Sup- 
Ply  Catalog. 

Timers.  Horse 

Thi,   Block 1064 

Tin.    Valley 1158 

Tin    Candlesticks 20 

Tin   Cans  for  Canning— 

Wrlle  tor  Prices. 
^  Caps,  Kooang.  ..1154 

Tin  Cash  Boies 1029 

Tin  Cups. . . 

Tin   Rooflng .,„„ 

Tin    .Shingles— Write    for 

S??,'''   Haylng.1037.   1105       Gre'ase 

Rooflng  Catalog. 

Tincture   Arnica 478 

Tinners'    Klrets 1043 

mnners;    Snips.  1064.  1158 

Tinners'   Solder 1064 

Tinting  Colors.... 537-638 
Tinware   1020, 

1022-1023.     1027.     1031 
Tinware,    Everyday 

Tools.  Jewelers'.  Sll- 
yersmlths'.  Watch- 
makers', Wlrework- 
"s' •••,•'''■   lOSO.   1071 

>oIg,   Linemen's 1064 

)ol».    Lumbermen's. 


Tools.    Painters'    „,.„ 
Paperhangers".    642-544 

Tools.   Piano  Tuners'  709 
roots.    Plasters'. 546.  1056 



Tools,      _    _ 

Tools.  Stapling....;;  398 


Rooflng 1158 

Shoemakers'. . 

Tips,  Ostrich..;;;;;'  no   1°°'^'   stonemasons' ;i056 

Tir&s.   AutomobUe— Write  i™,'''    J"™*™' 1064 

...     ....      „       .      .       iTn/M.     Tuckpointlng.1056 

for    Auto    Supply    Cat 


Tires,  Bicycle „„„ 

Tires,    Motorcycle— Write 

for  Motorcycle  Catalog. 

rire  Benders; ;;;... '.1065 

Tire  Bolts 1049 

Tire   Iron 1048 

Tire   Measuring 

Wheel   .......  1065 

Tiro  Repairs.  Bicycle  888 
Tire      Shrlnkers      or 

Cpsetters    1066 

Tissues,    VoUe 36 

Toasts.    Book   on....   954 
Toast  Tones.  Silver. .  856 

Toasters,    Bread 1027 

Tobacco     Bags     or 

PouchM   135 

Tobacco  Cloth 80 

Tobacco  Pipes (40-941 

Toe  Clips,  Bicycle...   886 

Toe  Knives 1069 

Toe   Plates,    Baseball  923 


Tool     Bags.     Bicycle 


_.       — ;     1166 

rraps.  Lavatory ll?** 

Traps.    Mtanow... 933-934 

Traps;     „ 

Traps,   Stak.  Basin' 

„. ..1168.    117i-1172 

Traps,  Soil  Pipe...  117l 
Trap  Screw  Perrtdes.1171 
Trap   Setting  Clamps.  914 

Trap    Targets oi? 

Trappers'    SuppUes.. 


travel  ers'    Com 

panlons 505.     1026 

Travsllng  Bass...!..  35| 
Trays   and   Scrapers. 
Crumb,  Tin,  Sliver 

iv;;;"';'.;*^^'856,  1027 

Trays,    Ash 21 

Trays,    Bonbon 412 

Trays.  Bread... 411.    835 

Trays.  Celery... 407     I12 

Trays.  Comb     and 

Brush    1163 

Trays,    Cracker '  412 

Tubs.  Galvanized.... 1019 

Tubs,    Laundry nge 

Tub  Seals.   Bath H68 

Tubes,  Bicycle  Tire..  885 
lubes.    Conversation.  706 

Tubes.    Glass 1170 

Tubes,   Milking "I? 

Tube  Expanders 1170 

Tubephones    ...  707 

Tubing,  Bicycle  Puinp  880 
Tubing,  Chain  Pump.1176 
Tubing,  Gas  Stove.. 1003 
Tubing.  Pillow....  29 
Tubing.    Rubber    Py- 

rograpliy      503 

Tubing,       Rubber 

(Syringe!    605 

Tubular   Rivets 1043 

Tuck  Foldere,  Sewing 

Maclilne  g84 

Tuckers.   Sewing  M^- 

Uprlgbt  Dril]'8;B'laci 

smiths'    1066 

Upset  ers.    Tire 1065 

urinals    n^g 

Urhial  Bags,    Rubber  5116 
Uterine  Supporters...  608 


Violoncellos— See  Celloe. 

A  Ises.    Bench.. 

Vises.    Blacksmiths'. .1065  ' 


777,  1065 
■     1065 

Vises,  Jewelei 

Vises,    Light   Hand.. 
"      MeUl    Work 


V    Strips,    Rooflng...  1158 

Vacuum  Bottles 919 

Vacuum  BotUe  Carry 

\alyes.  Bicycle  Tire.  886 

Va  ves.     Float 1170 

Valves,     Foot,     WeU 

Pipe    .....   1177 

^  ~  ' Pop  and 

Vises,  Picture  Frame.  1086 
Vises.  Pipe  1065,  1173 
VJ,»e?.    Pipe    and 

Bench    ififi'; 

Vises.  Saw...... SI 

Vises,  Shoeing .'.'.1065 

Villa    ''^''-'?,'*°^."---"65 

Waali  Go«ds. 
33-36.     44, 
Wash    Kettle!.... 
Wash    Pitchers...; 
Wash  Rag  Bags... 

49,     52-61 



Whistle 1170 

Tuckpolntlng    Tools.. 1066 

"  ■  ""   "   •■  ...1045 


Toilet  Cases.'  Pocket- 
Toilet  Cases', '  Tr'a'v'ei- 

Tool  iilts.  Handy; 
-••.■■■.:-;«57,  1067,  1071 
Tool     Knives,     Com- 
bination      868-869 

Tool    Sets 

„  .1067.    1074-1075.    1083 
Tool    Sets.    Boys'— Write 
_  for  Toy  Catalog. 
Tool    Sets,    Hollow 

Handle    1078 

Tool  Sets,  Household.  1074 

Tool    Stamps 1062 

Toolsmiths'  Books...  951 

Toot  h    Brushes 489 

Tooth  Brush  Holders 

417.    1168 

Too  ti  "Forceps".  "Ani- 
mal       517 

Tooth  Pastes ; .  439 

Tooth   Powders 489 

Tooth    Rasps.    Horse.  517 

Trays,    Crumb. 

_  854-856.    1027 

Trays.    Fruit 

....410-411.     413.     413 

Trays,     Letter 591 

Trays,     Photo 75^ 

Tr'^lt-   |''0<i«-icll..854-855 

-trays.    Service 

T~'W"i,"-'5*"*56.  "1027 
trays.  Soap 417.  1168 

Tufting   Butto; 
Tugs,    Hni 

Tumblers „„„     ,.„ 

Tumblers,  Jelly.         '    415 

?™f '  „Spoon.412:855-856 

Tray    Cloths 4-) 

Treads,    Rubber  Stair  443 

~'    '  543 


,...690,  692,  695,  709 

Turban  Frames 129 

Turkey    Bells 1033 

Turkey  Calls nt 



Triangle, ,.^,      ,„, 

Triangle   Beaters...;;  707 
Triangular  Scales....  765 
Trick   Outfits.   lUgl- 
-'"--'    Professional  955 


489    Trimmed    Hats. 

■  Toilet    Paper 481 

Toilet      Paper      Fll- 

'u'CS   1168 

Toilet  Preparations.. 


Toilet     Scats,     Chll- 

„<;«"';  1166 

ToUet    Sets.    Babies'.   607 
Toilet      Sets.      Bed- 


Toothpicks,  '•  QulU 
Toothpick  Holders...  , 

412-413,    854.    858    Trlmme 

112-113,     117-127 

Turkish  Towels,  Tow 

ellng 45    4g 

Turns,    Cupboard.'.'.  .1052 

Turners,  Cake 1027 

Turning  Phis 1172 

Turning  S  a  w  s  and 

Blades    1085 

Turning  Sledges. ..;;  1069 
Turpentine.  Spirits  of  649 
Turpentine    Japan 

-Dryer    540 

Turpentine  Substitute  634 

Tussah   SUk 56,    73 

Tusedo  Suits,  Men's  Made 
to  Order  —  Write  for 
Sample  Book  No.  81H 

Tuyere  Irons 1069 

Tweezers.    Barbers' . . 

_ • 489.    873 

Tweezers,  Jewelers'...  777 

Twine,    Biniler— Write  for 

Binder  Twine  Circular. 

Twine.    Seine. 

Blacksmiths'  Catalog. 

Twin    Go-Carts 655 

948    Twist,    Buttonhole...     99 

Twist  DriUs 

1W8,   1067. '1177 


Valve  Grea^ „„„ 

Valve  Leathers 1177 

Valve    Oils.    Band 

Instrument    705 

Vapor  Bath  Cabinets  612 
Vapor  Bath  Stools.'.  612 
Varnishes     ....  540 

Varnish,  Bicycle...;;  888 
Varnish,  Pyrography  603 
Varnish,  Retouching.  75G 

Varnish  Brushes 544 

Varnish   Remover 541 

Varnish   Stains 537 

Vaseline  (Petroleum)  478 
'■ases,    Chiua     " 
SheU- w,-it 
ery  Catalog. 

Vases,    Iron 1125 

Vases.      SUver     De-^ 

posit.    Flower 858 

Vaudeville  Books....   953 
Veget.-ibles,    Canned— 
Write  for  Grocery 

vise     Boxes     and 
Screws    1055 

;X'«f„<^i™p8.  pipe.;;ii73 

VWUng  Cards— Write  for 

Book  Catalog. 
*  ocal    Music    Folios 

„•,;•• 710-712 

Voiles 35-36, 

Vol.Vu'rs'!-..'«:f^  J?i 


Wads,    Gun 019 

Wad  Cutter....;  gis 

Waters— Write    for    Gro- 
cery Catalog. 
Waflae    Irons. . .   .       1003 

Wagons.   Boys' 876 

Wagons,  Delivery... 1210 
Wagons,  „Farm.l2l  1-1212 
Wagons,  Spring.  1209- 1210 
Wagon   Ailes...  1045 

Wagon  Bolsters.1042.1045 
Wagon  Boxes...  121^ 
Wagon    Box    H  e  a'd 

EAvets 1040 

'""-  Box  Rods...;i012 
—Write  for  I 

Wash  Ribbons 

Wash  Silks,  35,  56,  58.  74 
Washboards  ...  iinl 

Washers.  Assorted. ;;i049 
Washers,  Axle.  in« 

Washers,  Milk  Ca'n.';i03I 
Washers,  Rubber 


_        - 1034 

w  ..  -  Boxes... 754 -755 
Washing  Machines.. 

„'•'.• 1013-1017 

Washing     Machine 
Outfits,        Gasoline 

iJ-ngine jj,,. 

Washing   Powders!     ' 
soaps.  Soda..  19    21-2."! 

Stairr^  '"  °^°"" 
Washita  OU  Stones.  1057 
Washstands  . 

■  ....604-608,  ■6'l"6','l021 

^"'"•^to    1019 

Waste,    Cotton 1177 

Waste  and  Check...  1109 
Waste   and  Overflow, 

_Bath     11-2 

Waste  Baskets.. -isi.'  so'S 
sSn     '  Embroidery 

*iik        IQQ 

)J'*'"'"    778-805 

Watches.   Chatelaine. 




Wagon  Covers... 

Wagon    Cushions lui, 

Wagon    Dashes...       1047 
Wage-     "^  -  * 



Watch    Boxes .j 

Watch    Bracelets...     81 

Watch    Bruslies 77 

Watch    Cameras 74 

Watch  Chains.   Gen.: 
tlemen's806-810, 841-84: 



Tricot   Flannel's... „,      ,„ 
Tricycles,   Cluldren's.  876 

rri  cycles.    Invalids'—    ...    uc.uc bj, 

?■■"«   '<"•  Invalid  Chair  Twine.  Tufting— Write  for 

outflu  .".:;■  .""lok- 

Vegetable     Cutters; 

Household    1027 

Vegetable    Cutters 

Poidtiy    'llTl 

Vegetable  Dishes..   ' 

410,    416,    855-856.  1024 
Vegetable     Parers ...  1028 

Vegetable   Sllcers 1027 

Vehicles    ..        1192-1213 
Vfflucles        Pony —  Write 

'--    Vehicle    Catalog. 


Tops,    Buggy.... 

Tops,     Wagon 

Top  Buggies...!] 
Top  Coats.  Boys'. 
Top   Coats.    Men'! 

•'"'"iTjl'Sm!^''    Si;'"''''-''   756  I  I^PWri 
1046    J"^!"™™'    Shears. 
•;..?    irhnmers.    Wall    r, 

WaU   Pa- 

32?  I  ;j''}n'™'>rs;"'woid.'.';;ios6 

I  Trimmers'    Gimp 1045 


for  Baby  Book. 
Toques.    Men's,    Ladles' 

Toilet  SetV.  Ci;in.,-  DreVlir       Prices""''  ~  ^'*"   '"' 
Ciu^oa'     '"'"     Crockery    Torches,     Brazing-Write 

ITon'e'l'se't's,   Brushes.  f?£  .,?!??i'»"^'ta'    8up 

,    Comlis.    Ktc. . . 

■■-•493,    507.    512.    857 

Toilet   Sets,    Roll 493 

rollcl    Soaps 485 

rollet  Stands 1021 

reilet  Ware,  Seml- 
Porcelaln,  Stone, 
ware,  Whiteware,..  417 

toilet   Waters 490 

roniato  Servers 853 

rombstonet    ||2S 

Torches,      G 


Torches.    Ga 

Lighting    .... 
Torchon    Laces. 



and    Carriagi 

_  ; I04S-I047,"|229 

Trimmhigs,   Drapery. 

Trimmings.    Dress . . . 

82-83.    <"> 

Trimmings.     Harness 


Ulcer  Syrhiges. .......  506 

UmbiUcal  Trusses....  510 

Umbrellas  |06 

Umbrellas,    Wagon..  1046 
Umbrella        Holders, 

Vehicle  1046 

Umbrella  Plates 1062 

Umbrella    Stands 696 

Underskirts,    Girls... 

216-217,    228 

v^K'^"  Bepairs;i041-I051 
Vehicle    Tires,     Rub- 
ber           1044 

Vehicle     Umbrellas.  .1046 
VeUs   and    Veiling     91-92 

Veils.    Bee 1123 

Veils.   Infants' 91,  241 

Veil   and    Collar  Pin 

S"'?. 836-837 

"""-838,   842 

Veil   Pin 

Velocipedes    . . 
Velours,   Dress.. 
Velours,  Drapery 


.353,  374 


Velvet   Brushes. 
Velvet  Ribbons. 

Velvet  Shoes 

Velveteens    ^ 

Venetian  Red  in  Oil  637 

Veneer.    Fiber 522 

Ventilating  Branches.  1171 

VenUlatbig    Caps 1171 

Ventilating  Registers.  1052 
VeutUatlng       Sash 

Fastener    io5'> 

Vermicelli- w  r  1 1  0     for 
Grocery    Catalog. 

Vermifuge    480 

Vests.  Barbers',  Bar- 

,  'eoders;    290 

Vesta,^     Corduroy 289 


Wagon  Hubs '.'.'. 1045 


1049,     1065,     1077-1078 

.Vagon     Paints 686 

'Wagon  Repairs. 1041-1051 
Wagon   Scales..  1 126- 1 127 

Wagon   Shafts 1045 

Wagon  Skeins io48 

Wagon    Slings ;io" 

tt  agon  Spokes 1045 

Wagon  Tanks 1117 

Wagon   Tongues.... ;io45 

Waeou   Tops 104B 

Wagon     Top     Cov«- 

Ings    1045 

Wagon    Umbrellas.  ;;i046 

Wagon    Varnish 540 

Wagon   Wheels 1044 

Walnscothig   Cap H51 

Waists,    Boys'    and 

Girls'  Knit 245 

Waists,    Boys'.. ..309-310 
Waists.    Children's 
^^'{''^''■••■■■l^  229,  245 

Waists,  Corset 13? 

Waists,    Ladies'... 

wi's't'F'a's'tene«:"''    '?| 
Waist  Pins,  Ladles', 
.......836-837,  841-842 

Waist  Pin   and  Cuff 

Watch   Charms. 

816,    829     842     URI 

Watch    Chatelelt",  ;  '" 

Watch  Cleaning;  ""    tji 
Watch  Fobs...  ;8bi' 

806      809-810,     84i-842 
Watch  Glasses 777 


Watch  Insulators ,:,, 

Watch    Keys...  777' 

Watch    Ouf.. 77; 

Watch  Oilers..;;;"  777 
Watch  Protectors  ..  793 
Watch  Repairs..  777 

Watch  Repairing...;  —" 
Watchmakers'   Tools 

777.     1059,     1065, 
Watchmen's      Clubs, 

Lanterns,    Stars. . .   905 
Watchmen's      Flash- 

„  lights     774 

Water  Bags.    Cool...   919 
Water  Boilers,  Rangellos 
Water      Bottles, 
Vacuum     ....  '  gig 

Water  Bottles,  Hoi"  504 

Water  Closets 1157 

Water  ClosetBrushe8.1166 
Water  Closet  Seats..  1166 

Water    Colors ;"60 

Water  Color  Statos.  503 
Water  Conductors.     1177 

Water     Coolers 1027 

Water   Filters.  .416,    1173 

Water    Gauges 1170 

Water  Glasses.  ..399,  415 

Trimmi,igi,''iuil^^e?;'"°    ^■^^"^.'^^^ 
?h.  """iJJ  I  UnderWiis'ti; '  C  h  11 

Trimming  Boards....  ,.,„ 

Trimmtog   Forms 756 

Trimmhig  Knives. 

Leatlier     1231 



Jongs.    Blacksmiths,  , »,  -    

Bolt,   CUnch,    Gad.  1073    J""*'*'    Ladles'. 
Vmgs.  Hog  Holding.  1033    ""''«■    S'-imped 

V)ngs.    Ice 1056      '"    ■*-"-'    ~ 

'ongs.    Pipe ;il73 

,ong8.    Roofing 1158 

ongs.  Sliver  Sugar.  853 

Torpedoes,    Air;;;;;'   498    I''!"''"    HoldL „^, 

Toupees,    Men's 129  U,"  4'"""   S«"3 1C38 

Tourist  Cases,  Sponge  ',?  Hammers— Write  for 

Etc 7    •  605  L  fj^'I'lnery  Catalog. 

Tourist  Cases.  Toilet  493   ?;;Sf"'?"''..r'""'- •■ -lO^^ 
Towels.  Babies'  Knit-  i^''"'?l"e  Mirrors. 496,697 

•--■        242      ^^*^^'  ^''mei-a.  .752-763 

Barber's' ; ; ; ;     46    '■'■^""'is.    Photo    But- 
oS  „  ">n    Machine.. 
;J    Tripods,   Telescop 



Underwear;  "s'o'y  s' 

Made    to    Order — Write 
for  Sample  Book   81H. 
208-221      vests.    Fancy.    Men's 

Ready   Made 290 

Vests.      Giris'....245.  249 
Vests,    Hunters'  ^*^ 

Vests,  Infants'  Knit 

Underwear,   Infants'. 

„  •: 236-239.    244 

Underwear.       Latlics' 

Knit   246-249 

Underwear,  Men's.259-262 
Underwear,    Muslin.. 

„  ■-, ■■      .      203-213 

Uniforms,    Baseball. .  .923 

bnguc  Blades.  Bull.  1041 

ongue    Scrapers H13 

ongue    Supports..     '""■ 


Dnlrs.  Bird. 

Miles.    Hair 

mlcs.  Veterinarr 

..477,    479 

Towels.  T,.ie,:-5,.h:  -  &i£ri;3rJJl|uS"Ni^^§wS!? 

45-47,  242 

Towel   Racks'.'.lo27.  '1168 
Towel    Racks,    Fold- 

1027,     1168 

Towel    Rollers '..1027 

Towellngs 44     40 

Towers,   Tank,  Wlnd- 





5.56.    762"76'3".'  7"7l 
773.  775.  778.  875- 
876.  905,   916,  927,  1214 
If  you   don't   find   the 
toys    you    want    In     the 
I  °"- ".".'"  *''"•  '"''  """' 
1065;    I(i73  I  Tracer""'"" 

,j;f   I.?*  Catalog. 

Trombones    702-704 

'•'"■mbone   Cases 705 

Folios.. 710-711 

Troughs,  Ekve3;;;;;;ii55 

Trmmhs,    Oil.... 
Troughs.   Pig.. 
Troughs.  Pou  1  t'r 


Troughs.  Watering. ; . . . 
Trousers— See  "Pants." 

Trout    Baakets '934 

Trout   Basket  Straps.   934 

^ '-     1035 


Trowels.  Garden. 

Color  Pages  of  MEN^S^uif^^WnTH^U^iW^ 

for  Raby  Book. 
Unions,     Malleable. ..1177 
Unions.     .Soldering. ..1172 
Unions  for  Hot   Wa- 
ter   Radiators 1183 

Union    Suits— See    "Un- 
Upholstered      Furnl- 

.•t'«    636-651 

Upholsterers'     Hara- 

..""''■-''     1064 

Upholslerert*      Mate- 
rials,   Furniture 

n.'u;,- '.::•• -.s*'.  «o.  1045 

1045,    1050 



Veterinary     . ., , 

ments,  Remedles;6"l4-6I7 

V  aticum    Cabinets..  858 
Vibrators,   Sonopbone  709 

Vinegar— Write    for'  'Gro- 
cery   Catalog, 
yiuegar    Bottles 415 

Waiters'   Jackcti, ^„„ 

Waiters   (Trays) .  .854-856 
Wafers.  Baby... 556.  925 

Walking  Meter 905 

Wall  Board 1153 

Wall    Brushes.... 545^516 

Wall   Burlap 599 

Wall    Cabli 

Kitchen     . . . 

WaU    Molding 

waivoiic'io?^!:'"'  "il 

Wall  Paper...;;;       ^^ 

.-.■^519-520.     523-524 
Or  Write  for  Wall  Pa- 
„,P«r    Sample   Book. 
5'all  Paper  Cleaners.  611 
Wall    Paper  Trim- 

„"1™    •■, 542-543 

Wall   Backs 491,   691 

Water   Heaters.".' 

1166.    1183 

Water  Motors. . 

Viols,    Double    Bass— See 
Bass    Viols. 

Violet    Au>n>"»>t->  J01 
Violins  ... 

Violin     Bo 

Violin    Bow    Guide.;  6 

Violin    Bow    Repairs.  61 


Wall    Stlpplers;; 

Wall    Tile ,,,„ 

Wallets,  Men's...;;; "35 

Warding  Files 1057 

Wardrobes  .613.  617,      «..,»     i» 

w'.l^'r'it   g",?.^"""2»     Waterproof   Coat 

Water    Paints.......  534 

Water  Pipe.  ..1172.  1177 
Water  Pipe  Stops.  ..1169 
Water  Pistols. .  .497,  888 
Water    Pitchers...   . 

........416.    864.    1024 

Water   Putty 539 

Water  Seta,  Glass.  414-415 
Water     Sets,      GUss, 

Toy     498 

Water     Sets,     Sliver 

Deposit   Glassware.  858 

Water    Stills 1166 

Water  Supply  Outfils.1178 

Water  Tanks 1117 

Water    Wings 925 

Waterers.     Chicken . .  1032 

VVaterers.     Stock 1051 

Waterless  Cookers.  ..1022 
Waterproof  Aprons..  1047 
Waterproof    Blankets 

937,    939 

Waterproof  'Clothing' 

Hoys'    318 

Waterproof    Clolhinf, 

286-287,  "3'i'9'-'3'2"r,  917 

Wardrobe  Racks 102„ 

Wardrobe    Trunks...  348 
Warehouse    Brooms..  1230 
Warehouse  Trucks. ..  1039  | 
Warm  Air  Fumaces.1181 
Warmers.  Foot.  1023.  1231 

Warp,    Carpet 32 

Wart  neniover 480 

Wash  Basins... 

417.  1021.  1024-1026 
■■  " 1019,  1023 

Ijidies'    ;  198 

Waterproof   Dressing. 

""'  549-550 

0-321,  918 

yi.illn  Making  Guide  712 

\  olin     Repairs 690 

\  i>lin   Repair  Work.   6S9 

V  oln     Strings 690 

Violin    Tuners 690 

Wash  Boilers. 

Wash    Howls. 

.■417.    1021,    .„ 
Wash    Howls    (La- 

lories).  1163-1164 

Wash   Cloths 45 

Wash  ClotlUng.  Boys' 



1)9-312.     317  I  Wax 

Waterproof  H 

Men's 3 

Waterproof  Overcoats 
„,-.      -.'^80-287.    318-321 
Waterproof  Sheeting.  507 

Tackle   „_ 

Waterproofing   Oil... 

„•; ,-321.    397.    649 

Waterworks    1 1 78 

Wavers     Hair.  ..137.    492 
I  W  ax.    Floor 539 

Thread     I28i! 

Wax.  Laimdry— Write  for 
Grocery  Catalog. 
-~     Sealing. 10-21 

fc  ,  — ■ -. :^.i: — — .-  ......     ..I,  I  »»aj^.    aeanng. 

Attention  Sure  Enough.     Jfi  seabs.  roebuck  and  co. 


Woi.    Stamplne 

Wax,  Toothache 

Wax    Comb   Kounda-         1 

tions.    Fasteners..  .1123] 

Waxed  Taper 957 

W  a  .^  1  n  g    Brushes, 

Floor    5*8 

Weaners    I"" 

Weather  Strips 1051 

Weather     Vanes 1108 

Weatherboard    Mark 


Web.   Elastic S9 

Web    Halters 1226 

Web    Harness 12H 

Webbing,   Elastic 

Truss   511 

Webbine,  Non-elastic  99 
Wedding     Books  —  Write 

for  Book  Catalog. 
Wedding    Decorations  481 
Wedding    Dresiies. 161-163 
Wedding     Outflls. . . .   HO 

Wedding     Rings 823 

Wedding  Veilings...  92 
Wedges.      Woodchop- 

pers-     1054 

Weed   Scythes 1035 

Weeders    HOI 

Weedera.    Garden 1035 

Welghte.    Paper "M  ^  ""ll 

Weights.     Sash 1150 

Weights.  Scale  Test.  1127 
Welding  Compound  .1048 
Welding  Dies.  Calk.lolS 
Weil  Boring  Augers. 1170 

Well   Cylinders 1177 

WcU    Cylinder    Seat- 
ing   Tools 1177 

WeU  Points.    Drtre..ll77 

Well  Pulleys 1038 

WeU   Wheels 1038 

Whale  Oil  Soap 

Wheat  Graders HH 

Wheels.    Bicycle 


100    Wheels.     Foot 1059  [  Wicks, 

489    Vk'hcels.     Grinding. . . 

1039.    1058 

11231  Wheels.     Skate 916 

Wheels.     Tracing 99 

Wheels.     Vehicle 1044 

Wheels.     WeU 1038    VinUow 

Wheel     Knives     (Pa- 

perhaugcrs')     542 

Wheel     Scrapers 1113 

Wheel  Stands,  Grind- 


Lamp     and 
Lantern...  21.     23,     25 
Wicks,   OU   Heater.. .1008 

Wiss.    Hair 129 

Wigwams.    Children's  306 
WUd    Cherry    P»ios- 


Wheelbarrows     1039 

Whetstones.  Kitchen.  21 
Whetstones,      Pocket 

Knife     867 

Wblffletrees    1042 

Whimetreo    Hooks...  1012 

Whips    1233 


Lashes.     Stocks.... 1233 

\\Tilp   Holders 1229 

Whip    Sockets 1047 

Whisk    Brooms 494 

Whisk   Broom   Hold- 

„,  494.     503 

Plumes Ill 

Wind    Chimes 491 

Wind     Shields— Write  for 
Auto    Supply    Catalog 

WIndirills    ms 

Windmill   Power  —  Write 
for    Windmill    Catalog 
WlndmiU    Pumps.... 



Wiping   Cloths ...1172  I  Wire    Splicers^. 1038  | 

Annunciator..  771 1  Wire    8tretche«.. 


Wire,  Barbed 11221 

Wire.    Check    Rower..  1098 
Wire,    Coil    Spring. .. 1122  | 
Wire,  Gold  Plated.. 
Wire,    Magnet. 

1036,    1038,    1122 
Wire    Workers'     Ma- 
terials and  Tools..  777 

Book 775.    950 

Witch  Hazel 479.  490 

Wire.    Picture 105"    witch  Hazel  Salte 

Wire,  Rubber  Cohered  771     ^^-1,^^   Hazel    Soaps..  485 

Smooth    Steel 

Fencing     1122 

Wire,    Telephone 771 


Wizard    OU 


.Wood   Brace   DrUl3..l078 
Brushes.   FluelliO    ^^^^j    Burning    Out- 
Wtre    Bruslies,    Gun         I     ^^^  g^„^  Supplies..  503 

Cleaning     ''' 1  Wood    Faucets 24 

WuidroUl    Towers. ...1116    Wire    Brushes,    Hair.  49.)  Uyooa  yuiers 539-511 

Windows     1 148- 1 150    wire    Cable. ..  .1037.  lUOK^^j^    Grainers 514 

939    Wire  Clothes  Line...  1020  U.^^j  ^i^^i^ls 1077 

Whistles.    Bird 498 

Whistles.  Boy  Scout. 

498,     905 

Dog 905 

WhlsUes,     Pollce.498.  905 

Whistles.    Steam 1170 

White  Enamel..- 
Wbite    Goods... 

wnilte     Ink 

White    Lead 537 

Wlilte     Shirts 327 

Wlule     Varnishes 540 

White  Waists.  Ladles' 

1C5.    167-175 

Wliitewash  Brushes.  515 
Whitewash  Sprayers.  538 
WhUewash  Tints....  538 

Window    Awnings 
Window       B  1  i  n 

(Shades)    464-466 

Whuiow       Blinds 

(Shutters)  ...1149-1150 
Window  Bruslies — 1020 
Window    Cleaners....     26 

Window  Curtains 

444-458.  4S4-468 

Window     Fasteners.. 1052 
Window  Frames.1149-1 150 
Window  Sash— See  "Win- 
Window       Screen 

Frames    1050 

Window   Shades.. 464-466 
Window    Shade    Ad 


Window  Shade  Pulls.  464  |  ^i„   Mails 
W^hidow      Shu 

Wire  Cutlers.  Pliers. lOG4Uyjj|j|j    preserrer... 

Door    Mats....  413^^^^   jj^^p^ io57 

1  Wood  Reamers.. 

Wire   Fence   Staples.  _ 

NaUs 1050.    1122Uy„^  gaws,  Buck. 

Wire   Fence   Stretch-  

ers.771.  1036.  1038.11: 

Wire     Fenclng..lll8-ll 

Wire  Fencing.  Oma-     1124 


102T.  1056 
Wood  Saw  Frames. .1113 
Wood     Sawing 


„    ,    ,,„.,  iWood    Scrapera 

Wire   Fencing   T^ools.ll22r^^„^    Screws 
Wire    Fish    Lines....  9.>l  .    „    .„  , 

Wire    Fish  „„^   ,^^.^..   

Wire   Flue   Brosh^!-"'?,    Wood    Sole   Shoes 

..777.  IOCS 

Wood  Screw  Cutt 
Wood  Sole  Shoes 
Wood  Strips.  V 11 

Wheels'.    Fifth 1042    Wicks.     Hygrometer. 

(BUnds)    lH9-1150Uvire  Rope,  CUps  and 

Wire   Grips 771.  1036^.^,1 'lanki H" 

Wire   Hens'   >'ests...l03_r^.^^^  Trimmers 1086 

Wire  Hoisting  BoPe-"'"    woodchoppers' 
Wire     Hooks 1"'M      j,j,^is^     vved 

"*'"••;;•,•;•■■   0.7    Wooden  Malle.- 

Photo   nolders.1027  g         , 20-21 

Window    Stops.    MUl 

Clamps    11^0 

„ork     H51    Wire  Screen  Cloth.. .1050 

Window    Tents "liUyiro  Screen     Cloth 

W  1  n  d  0  w   Washing  ^ 

Machines  '■">  ' 


Mauls.     Wedges....  1054 
Wooden  Mallets 
Wooden   Spoons, 
Woodworkers'  Bit  and 

DriU   Braces 1080 

Woodworkers'     Lathe 

sets    1085 

Woodworkers'  Vises..  1086 

M  a- 


Wings.    W'ater 925  |  Wire 

WooL    Anfora 97 

Wool  Batting 3-1 

Wool  Cards 1027 

Wool  Dusters 494 

Wool   P«C8 396 

Wool  Powder  Pufla..  486 

Wool  Sponges 481 

Wool   Yams 97 

Woolen  Blankets. 

Bed    473-474 

Work  Baskets 512.  866 

Work    Benches 1079 

Work    Boxes..' 868 

Work    Gloves 345-346 

Work  Shirts 328-331 

Work  Shoes.. .388.  391-393 

Workers.    Butter 1031 

Working    Clothing... 

278.  289, 

'sVe-aiS.     320-321.     917 
Wrappers.    Infanu' . . 


Wrappers.  Ladies' —   150 
Wreaths.  Bridal  and 

Confirmation   HO 

Wrecbhig  Bars.  1038.  1086 

*"".'=0'57.IO64-,  1067,1173 

Wrenches.       Automo 


Wrenches,  Banjo 

Wrenches.  Bicycle.. 

Wrenches.    Drill 1070 

Wrenches.  Drum 708 

Wrenches  for  Insert- 
ed Tooth  Saws 1058 

Wrenches,  Fruit  Jar.     22 
Wrenches,    Harvester.     S3 
Wrenches.       Machin- 
ists'     1057 

Wrenches,    Monkey.  .1057 
Wrenches.   Nut   and 
Pipe.. 1057,    1067.   1173 

Wrenches.   S 1173 

Wrenches,    Tap 1070 

Wrench  Seta...  1057,  1054 

Wringers 'O'* 

Wringers,  Mop 10'20 

Wrist  Rrats.  Violin..  690 
Wrist  Supporters. 481,  924 
writing.  Books  on...  949 
WrlUng  DMks.498.598-601 
WriUng  Desks,   ChU- 

drcn-B    498 

Writhig  Materials....  958 

Xylophones '07 

Sylophone  Instructors  7lf 


Branches 1171 

Yacht   Pop    Valves.. .1170 

Yarns.    Knitting 97 

Yams.   Mending 98 

Yarning    Irons 1172 

Yeast     Cakes— Write     for 

Grocery   Catalog. 
Yokes  and  Collars.  .94-95 
Yokes,   Shower  Bath.  1168 
Young    Men's   Cloth- 
ing. Ready  Made.. 
292-295.  298-299,  310 

Zigzag    Bules 1087 

Zinc.    Sheet 1172 

Zinc  In  OU 531 

Zinc     Binding.     Oil- 
cloth      "» 

Zinc  Ends.  Matting..  443 
Zinc     Oxide     Skin 

Ointment     478  ^ 

Zilher-Gultars  .......  696 

Zither  -  Guitar    Sup- 
plies   *" 

Read  This  About  Special  Catalogs  and  Sample  B^^^^^ 

"•^^^  .  ..„i„„       If   T-mi    cnn   order   without   sampief   J"-"..„.„_     „„   cmnrnntee 

W.  is„oe  a  number  '''jPr'i'}J''^:L7^^^on'^"o.l\^eZr^^^^^^^^ 

ui»i.u.«s.       If  you  '■'I"   order 
of  waiting  for  samples   — 

variety  of  merchandise  or  give  more  mormation^u^^^^^^ 

in  some  special  lines  than  "  P°^slO'e  1°  ""^      ^  ^^^^^     __ 

»'-.^.-.:;«,t|,PrlVofX'Be  boot^  wnrb^  "mailed^free  and  postpaid 

show  the 

actual  m 

'vo*u'wuA*'to''.':ur afe  's'lJ^w^n'' mrBrCatf.og.    If  .they  are  shown  ^lu 
this    Big   Catalog    you    can    avoid    the   delay    of 

It      tucj       u.»^     "-- 

paiting    for    a    special 


to  please  you  In  f.%^'  -p^lcf^rreturn  your  money,  which  protects 

'srm^tre^we"wTn"t^'Su^"o^endTo*r  a-'s^^ia'l  catalog'^if  you  really  feel 
that_  you^heed  It.^  ^  _^^^^,^  catalog  or  sample  book,  if  you  wm  just  toll 

In  wrltine  for  ^^^P^^^^^^^'^^ ^^/IT^^UheBx^re  to  send  you  the 
"\"„«„'^\"^'i,frs''fhf°goo'dri^n'^wh'i7h  Po^u  are  interested^ 

catalog  that  shows  the  goods 

List  of  Lines  of  Merchandise  for  Which 

.T.„l°^  S?V'  ^^rrafcaYaloyfo    'e^e  V"Set-her  you 

We   Issue   Special   Catalogs.  Circular  or  San^  Books.  ^ 

,  w!^:- or;^:;^^::^v^  -  ^- ^^^^i?s^i^  K  ^^^j^K^ri^^o^ML^' 

these  goods  ar 

Acetylene  Ga»  Plants. 


Automobile  Supplies. 

Baby  Supplies. 

Baseball  Uniforms. 

Binder  Twine. 

Blacksmiths'   Supplies, 

Books  and  Stationery. 

Building      Material      and      Mill 

Building  Plans. 
Burlap  Samples. 
Cameras  and  Photo  Supplies. 
Cement  or  Concrete  Machinery 

and  Molds. 

Clothing — Ladies'  and  Misses- 
Ready  Made  Suits.  Sample 
Book  No.  80H. 

Clothing— Men's  Made  to  Or- 
der.    Sample  Book  No.  81 H. 

Clothing— Men's  Ready  Made. 
Sample    Book   No.    89H. 

Fire  Arm  Repairs. 

Furs  for  Men,  Women  and 

Gas  and  Electric  Light  Fixtures 

Groceries  and  Laundry  Mate 

Harness  and  Saddles 


and  Molds.  ^•.„„      Plants — Furnaces, 

China,  Crockery  f»«lGi»"*"«'"^2f'°Vater  or  Steam. 

ggj^  1  Lightning  Rods.  

Lincrusta-Walton  Wall  Decora- 
Linseed  Oil  and  Turpentine. 
Lumber,  Lath  and  Shingles. 
Machinery  for  Wood  and  Metal 

Mantels,  Consoles,  Wood 
Brick  Mantels  and  Tile. 
Metal  Ceiling  and  Siding. 
Motorcycles  and  Supplies. 
Organs.  , 

Paint      and      Kalsomine      Color 

Patterns    for   Dressmaking. 
Perforated      Music      Rolls      for 
Piano  Player  or  Player  Piano. 
Pianos.  ,  „        • 

Piano  Stools  and  Benches. 
Piano  Tools. 

Plumbing  Goods  and  Pumps. 

Portable  or  Ready  Made  Houses. 

School  Furniture  and  Equip- 
ment. 1 

Shirt, — Men's   Made   to  Order. 

Stove   Repairs   for  Our  Stoves. 

Surveying  Instruments. 

Tile  Flooring  and  Wall  Tile. 

Tombstones     and     Monuments. 


Underwear  for  Fall  and  Win- 
ter Wear. 

Wall  Paper  Samples. 

Water  Supply  Outfits— Pneu- 

I  Working  Clothing,  Men's  Heavy 

I       Lined. 


Irt     awe     Unes,  for     which  __  we     Usue   ^^.'^^^^L^l  to  be  sure  to  oW^:^:/-':f„ 


rect   your 
they  need 

.pec^r:i;in^^.:w:  wo^-Uk^^v^ody  in^^^  ^^  .^e  such  lines  a.  we   cannot   satis 

and  write  for  it.     W«  ""»j'°^/°^lVatri«  for  lack  of  space.  ,            ,    R„i,diu^   Ma-    1        school   desks  and  schoo 

faclorilv  present  in  our  big  General  4-ataiog  I                      ^  ,    n.t      comprising  prices    of    Building    raa             s„oulies.  such  as    black 

tactor.lypr                             i    „,atln^    Catalog    comprlsl  Lumber    I.l«t.coninm  terlal  Complete.                             ho^^ds.clobes,  niapsan. 

Acetylene  Gas  Plant  Offer 
Automobile    Catalog    com- 
prising    onr     new      I'.n- 
models,  both  in  passent'er 
and  delivery  cats. 
Automobile  Snpply  Catalog 
Baseball    Uniform    Sample 

Book  Catalo?  ,  ,   ,,, 

Gas     and      Electric     X-lght 

Fixture  Catalog 
Grocery  Catalog 

Heating    Catalog^     -    . 

in"  Hot  Water,  Steam  and 
Warm  Air  Furnaces. 
Mantel  Catalog  comi.risiriK 
Wood   and  Brick  Mantels 
and  Consoles. 

Sample  Book  N«»' W-^dt"!? 
Made  to  Order  Clothing. 

Sample    Book     No.   89H. 
Men-8      Ready     to     Wear 


Lumber.     Lath,    Sbingles 
and      ever.TtUliig      uiider 
the  hearting    of   L'"™  '."• 
Mill     Work     and    Building 
"Material     catalog,     ^m- 
Drisinc      Doors,     ^^in- 
dows.    Frames,  Flooring, 
Stairwork,  in  fact,  every- 
thing    to    complete     the 
interior  of  a  building. 
Book    of    Modern     Homes 
showing       P  1  a  n  3 

Motorcycle    Catalog  show 
ing  the  Sears  .Vnto-C 


and   all   kinds  of   Motor- 
cycle Supplies. 
Faint   Sample  Book  abow- 

ing  the    actual    colors  of 

our    pii 

ints,     stains    and 


gch'iol   Furnitur 

out-  CO  m  pi 



Tile  Flooring    Color  Book 

comprising  Cenimlc  Mo- 
saic   Tile   Flooring    and 
Wall  Tile. 
Wall  Paper    Sample  Book 

"bowing  actual  sa.m.leB 
of  our  new,  complete  line 
of  wall   paper  for  1P1-. 




ucK  AND  CO.,  Prettv.  Artistic,  Fashionable, Up  to  Date 

:n.   ILL.  '■  '^'■'•J'' 

■■Wall  Paper.  Write  for  Our  Wall  i'aper  sample  Bool 

erms  and 
low  to  Order 


[ethods  of 

eight  of 

,-  .n  any  other  way.    If  out  of  thenf"?"  ^°"/  order  oSt'S2''oo'e°o?"hem 
1  we  wUl  send  you  some  *''^'"  "'  ""^  t""^.  write  us  a  postal  card 

B^I^B  -=  ^ss-t- -x.^?^  '~> 

\ine  your  postoftice,  county  and  statH      i/.;!.    iT'' 

rural  ,„„,«  „,  „„et  a.d  ""mber.  or  p„"  JSice  box  VuTh  """I."'*-  "■<"• 

■•  ^  ""*  nuniDer,  be  sure  to 

..Mo'„Tb%'J?^^;r/,p^1„^^^\?^^-".',Jr„™  ,,    ^^^^    ^^ 

^ow  to  Scnd^£:^J^r^^SJr/'««- 

bank,  y"u  mav''if"v^'^'"^'''?^    account    at    a 
personal   eh"  if'         '^°°  ""'*'■•   »*■><»  "s  your 

"von'nf  f?''  ""Or-L*"  y"""-  r"ra'''""riei'"""l"hr',^,I  T""*'''  ^O"  "^a"  S'^e 
mail  it  \^^  Postofflce  and  enclose  it  ,  t  .  env  ,  ''">■.•'  '"«»Py  ofder 
mail  .t  to  ns.     That  will  save  you  goiog"i'o  the 'po'sroffli^'  ^""^  ""^^ 

'  the^eusSnu!;"""''""  "'"^^«=-  "«  to  be  paid  by 

fi^Ulr  bift  VeaVl'^fhf  ^«h?u°D"lnf''°?«   "«   *"   "e 
to  our  judgment    we  will  in'^Pi^   "^  y""'"  ""■•J" 

'-^-^-v-'"""  •"^"''^^  wur-t^-yt^^h": 

■.  -p'^re's°i'rn.^fri'irh?^^,?p^^ -a'""^  «^P'»'°  t*"^  -rious  details  about 
wetift-'lf  tre^\',l'ie''"p'acterr°°sl—  "^ 

to   send    us   at   the   rate^  of   i 

m?ii  'IV,""""  ''  yo"  want  a 
er  items)  what  the  eiTres,  ni"w"'„V  *"•  ("n  tie 
■  these  items  are  to  he'^sluDued'h^J'vl.f  '^""rS''^  «''" 
-e.  f  you  are  iiinkin»  ,,„  P'  "  ''7  themselves.  Of 
-  ■•feht.%omhf„l'^,'f  ;"e  "P  ■..,  order  to  be  shipped 

ment  would  not  weleh  a^  m uH,  n  =  "vlf  "'■™^>  '""'^ 
[>i"g    weights,    for    if    thei     ,iL"^  *'l*^l  '■om'^iaPd 

ble  for  shipment  by  themselvel  ^  "''•''  ""^ 

ail  Ship-  £'n^°^t.Vu',X'Z'U 

esuia^''mer,.f;'.fudrse*'r"e  ■  of^''nS?t.','',?»  ^r""««  <">'? 

>  IS  reoulred.  Oi.en  miM  ^X-^'"^^  *'  •"■"^  Per 
■<3,  at  customer's  risk  The  **i"''"ents  are  for- 
asible  for  packages  lost  If  lhi^°'^S''"'"«'>'    is    not    ■ 

CTIO.V   ■>;     lytl^i'il^  '^^^^l^'i'^fby  open  mml     * . 

if  postage  rate  of  i  cent  „\.  "■    '"    addition    to    seudin.r    „,    t, 

ment  kee,,s  a  record  of  ear h^,inm»  f  '"'"'<'  '^^''"'"^  tbe  postoflice 
J>e  it  is  delivered  to  themTv  us  Cm  f/'''"*  ^^  --egistered  mail  from 
I  method  Of  forwarding  shpmenrif  W^  '*''"'''''■  "  '->  ^o"-  Thi^" 
«  exceeding  «in.00  in  vnlue'^  T^^rate  oTnn'lt'"  °"'"'"  «'"''"  ^"'"a"  e 
^^^^pp^nnce  and  In  addition  loi;t%°//-^:f;„-„Tn'tcrpri." 

)Utauy*'numberof^p!rclngeTwe?,T\".niT""'"^'="""'''  "e  shipped  by 

It"  ""  •;?""'  P"'""  »tfhe  sam^e  time  "Z^'h  °l'''^  "''''^'^^  ^e 
Rht,  can  be  gent  by  mall.  PostaL  ^  h  ^^  *""'''•  "°  "'»""  "ha* 
per  ounce.  rostage  on  books  and  printed  matter  is 

.:.!„.. zSSzr"z^"-  - 

•ny  circumstances  whatever."""         <"^M^a   cannot   be  sent  by  mall 
^TION  4.     Watches,   iewclrv  an<l  nil,  .  I 

make  profitable  mail  shipments  and'tf"!!;?,'  """""andiso  of  light    ' 
.t  the  same  time,  it  is  most  ecouomfcal  to  hn"^  °°1  ordering  other 
Bo  not  order  shipped  by  mail  arJlM^     \     ^".^  ^""^  ^""^^  sent  by 
leht,  as  the  postage  In  m."y  cases  w^,,?^  T'"  ^"""  '"O  consider! 
ds.  *         "'■"''  "''^^  would  be  more  than  the  value  of 

For    Freight    Clas.ificaUon    and    Freight    Rate.    See 


•nJ^tTai'V^^  "bufk™^*  °"^thod  Of  Ship, 
'.grleuitnnil'  imp  emc^uts  ^S.'s^';'"',",'^'^*-  '"<^b  as 
nlture.  groceriej.  hardwire    etc    '"'^   ^'""^^-   '"' 

would  If  n  were  Shipped  s'^'anitely"  """"  ""*"   ^''''^'-  "ae  of  the  oJers 
rc^ru?u-«u\-   ~    -   "eed"^to%r^-%l^^ 

t,    ^.e  freight  from  the  rBh^]^^^B!^^^^^^'^& 


,    -,  ._.,.,, ^,,  iruiu  our  House  Ic 

•Je  sure  to  come  and!  ^^.  I.  r\     l 


see  us  when  you  are  in  I  ,r    . 

J     **  "'^    "«  I    one   shipment  ai   tho,,   „.„   .i    ^Pounds     of     fieiglit 
'    yuently.'^U   is   nM^7  „??."^,^o'-   100   pound        '■ 

as    a    rule,    ^^,1,^^ 
much    for    carrving 


Chicago.  We  want 
I  show  you  through  our 
great  buildings.  Any 
street  car  or  elevated 
railroad  conductor  will 
direct  you  to  our  plant. 


I    y.ueiitly.    it   13   a  good    Dl'in 

to   ?;?i^.j^^i_-i.i^ii  ^.ii«b  >hip;^^;  to-  ^sE  ^^i 

»h   12V „5°  y   l>ave  a  small 

i  r  ",'^^"»^»     wiucn     you     wfsi 

friends  or  neighhors  to  inin    „„     ,-t-.-    -    "=''    » 
luake    up   an    order   „,,rt  •'.?     '  °f,  '''"''  '"   "''tb  vou  and 
and  shipped  out  toge  her  ?J''oni"n';i,  ""    ^<"l'   ''"  ""    ''« 
each    member   of   the   n/rtr   V,"     Pf-'son,  who  can  give 

same  freight  rfter"as"''o„^i'r^ri„t-»/'45|yX 

If  you  ever  and  it 
necessary  to  return 
eo.ds    to    us    for    any 

reason,  Brst  write  us, 
tell  us  what  the  trou- 
ble is.  and  we  will 
2  i^lu  5'°"  how  to 
send  back  with  vof,r"lA  "^  ^."J"^^  ^'^'=^- 
.ther  papers  Soi' ^a7'ulT;^,^lllJ'-^^. ^^l 

How  to 
Return  Goods 




C.  O.  D. 


>w  to  Figure  Express  Charges.     See  Page  18. 

)ress        '«>u''n?,rtiz  ^rtJLVo'ZT "  "s  ""somteiy 

quick  service.     It  Uar'**!'',""  ^,'""'     '«     POod. 

aments   ^^^"  "°'p--"<^-  ""'"""^  ^'-^^  -"^"^Lg^'-'i^is 

••;    -.ave   no  agent  Vi^^^'§"'>^t^^ilX'^^:^Z:^ 

s'.aVi"o?.  'ro^^^ZS',^^'"  «ooas  sh'l"ppYd-",:y  IL^s',   -,  -,«^-t 


money  to  ut      sum    i,  *      ""'"'•  "ad  also  saving  the  cos/  of  V,  '°^    ^'''P" 

We  guarantee  everything  we  shin  vou 
to  reach  you   in   perfect  condilion. 

If  ever  you  receive  any  iiackn"e  finm 
}■;„•"   «   damaged   condl.Tof,:' ha^e   yo.r,: 

o^^pressagent  win  give  you  n  iec'!lK  on  re'iuest        ""''*'"    s'''P'"<'n's    tbe 

Safe  Delivery 

wur  i-aint  Pages  Are  Mighty  Interesting  to  You 

SEAHS     ROEBUCK   AND  CO..       1^ 
CHICAGO.   ILL.  I  7 

.  «.^    v^^mnriori    ri  4  TTC  Tables  Showing  the  Freight  and  Express  Rales  per  100  Poub 

FREIGHT  AND  EXPRESS  ^WA^^^t^^r.T'^^u'^^M^ 

t  7    TI.«P  fJHes  Being  Used  by  the  Railroads  as  i.  Basis  for  Figurin.^  Rates  tor  All  the  lowns  r^^[;;r^r^^7ni^^^ 

State,  These_LlbeS_BeingJJSe_a_02r M»,.K-«di.e   for   Freight   Shipment..  ^   __^___  1    ""^    J^elght   Charges.     ^ 

Railroad      Companies      Figure 

Freight     Kates     With    the 

Larger  Cities   i*  Each 

State   as    a   Basis. 

All  other  towns  located  in 
tht  same  part  of  the  state  as 
any  one  of  these  cities  take 
prictically  the  8a°ie  rate  or 
only  a  few  cents  per  100 
pounds  more  or  less  than  the 
Fate  to  the  larger  city. 

Please  cotsult  the  following 
Table  of  Kates,  considering  it 
in  connection  with  the  classi- 
fication  of  merchandise  given 
below,   and   you   will   be  able 
to     determine     easily     a'mof.J 
exactly   what  the  freight  will 
amount  to  on  any  goods.      If 
your  station  is  not  named  In 
these  tables,  the  rate  to  your 
Station  will  be  very  nearly  the 
same  as  the  rate  to  the  near- 
est city  named. 
Freight    or    Express    Charges 
.*mouBt    to   Very    Little. 
Don't    be    afraid    of    freight    or    ex- 
p,S3Ch.?Se=.     The!,  never  amoun    to 
much    compared    with    what   we    saie 
fm         m    fact,     we    guarantee    that 
JSu   will    save    money    on    ejery    Pur- 
chase after  you  pay  the  'reuht  or  ex 
nVeaa   charees.       No   matter    how   far 
Sway   y"u  live   we   can    stUl   save  you 
mTney    on    your    purchase.        If    you 
do  not  find  it  so.  you  may  return  the 
ioods  to   U3   at  our   expense  ^nd   we 
wUl  r«tum  your  money  and  "J'  "»n3- 
portaUon  charges  sou  paid.     You  wUl 
not  lose   "  * 

,.„,  ?s'" A5::'4 -'-^ 

You  win  notice  lu  i"<:  ;"=•""'•„"•  H^.ia«a  third  class  and  rourtn  cmi.».  '■""  ^' 
quoted  to  each  city,  flrst  class.  s«''°%*«' rates  on  the  kind  of  merchandise  to  be 
because  the  railroad  companies  base  VJ,*^,  '  ^"Xa  as  to  the  rate  which  any  kln<l  of 
'""'^h^ndi's?  S.^f,"tkkrt'o^'your*n°ea^r'Ilt'c?t"y.''we"ll?irou  here  the  kind  of  merchandise 
"SI^htakeS.tAe.di.ff^-Ll-^?^"?,/''*'^''-        ^SECONO^CLA^^Hardwa.^  .^^^^^^^ 

SeUs.  eitenMon  tables,  vacuum  cleanere  tools  ani- 
mal traps,  wall  raper,  ^rockery,  ..oncrete  blocK  ma 
^VmRS-CLisl^Su^crl^hool  and  farjn  bells, 
fann  implements.  wlndmlllB  and  tower..  mUl  work. 
Ito^Tnd  Snges,  Iron  .ates,  wire  fencmg.  Iron  pots 

'"fourth   class— AnyUs,  most  all  ktada  of  gro- 
cer", felt  and  tarred  rooflng,  galvanlMd  Iron,  steel 

rooflnK.    steel    aiding- 

r-  bH'^Sk-  bo"o?s'"°aid  °^-  w?/„',; 

re'°ams'^rapi;opS«s.   harness'  and  ..ddl.ry.  In- 
;Lforim|^noUon.     Pianos    a  d___o«an.^^.c. 

Jamira     sSppU  s°,*'unware!*  foys.     furniture     (most 

kinds)    trunks,  valises,  farm  wagons,  clocks,  clothing.     

'-"  """"'"'  """"how  to  figure  express  charges. 

Pl„t  estimate  the  ""t  of  l.J,:^...or,,^^^^J^^,lXi^^^ 
Wl^^^^''"'^^"'^^""^^^'^^^^^^^  '""''  ""  ""  hundred  pounds 

-''|fcclSrpe?^^5r:S^=^s"•'nr^^^  °i*%V'toni'nr°'tor.  '"'^'   ""'  '"'  ""' 

Package  of  1  jb- 
Package  of  2  ids. 
Package  of  5  lbs. 
Package  of  10  lbs. 
Package  of  15  lbs. 
Package  of  20  lbs. 
Package  of  25  lbs 
Package  of  30  lbs 
Package  of  35  lbs 
Package  of  40  lbs 
I  p^irkage  of  45  Ibs.l 



Mobile    l-iS 






Arkansas    City. 

Fort  Smith 

Hot  Springs.... 

Little    Kock 

Texarkana    . . . . 


Bakersfield  . .  ■ 

Los  Angeles 

San  Francisco... 



Grand  Junction. 







Dlst.  of  Columbla-- 

WasUington     . . 
Jacksonville  .. 


Pensacola    . . .  • 
Tallahassee  ... 



Savannah    .... 
Waycross    .... 






Rock  Island.. 
Springfield  .. 
Evansville  . . . 
Fort  Wayne. 
Richmond  ... 
South   Bend.. 


Des  Moines.. 
Fort  Dodge.. 
Sioux  City... 
Dodge  City.. 
Great  Bend. 
Kansas  City 





S  3.50 


Frankfort   ... 













Lake    Charles 

New  Orleans. 






Detroit   . 

Grand   Rapids 

Traverse  City.. 



Duluth    .. 

Grand  Rapids 

Minneapolis    . 

I      Hattiesburg 
2.25 1      Jackson 


5.001  MISSOURI- 
7.25 1      Kansas    City 

St.    Louis.. 


Helena   ''■°? 



Wichita  1    L40 

I    1.18 

.17        1.50 


rieight    Charges. 

In  having  goods  shipped 
freight,  it  pays  you  to  ma 
up  an  order  of  100  pounds 
more,  because  railroad  co 
panies  usually  charge  as  mi 
tor  a  shipment  weighing  1' 
than  100  pounds  as  they 
for  one  weighing  100  poun 
It  is  well,  therefore,  w' 
mailing  as  an  order  to 
shipped  to  freight,  to  obse 
how  mucR  It  will  weigh,  r 
it  not  at  least  100  pound! 
number  of  Items  can  be  ad 
without  Increasing  the  freii 
charges,  and  thus  a  lar 
saving  effected.  ^ 

When  Ton  Leave  the  Men 
of  Shipment  to  Us. 
When  you  leave  the  method 
shipment  to  us  we  always  choosr 
Cheapest  method.  However,  If 
shipment  is  comparatively  small 
eraUy  speaking,  less  than  20  pour 
ind  you  want  it  to  arrtve  to 
Quickest  possible  time.  It  will  be 
to  spedfy  express  on  your  otdei 
express  shipments  can  be  deU 
much  aulcker  than  f"  eM  ff '»?" 
SmaU  packages  of  light  weight 
more  than  4  pounds)  and  of  cons 
able  value  can  be  p'oBtably 
aulckls  shipped  by  mall,  but  .r. 
you  want  any  goods  shipped  by 
you  must  be  sure  to  menUon  it 

JJr^g^^   Shipping  we.gm_^jtau 



North  Platte. 


Austin   . . 

Carson  City. 
New   Hampshire — 



Atlantic    City.. 




Santa    Fe 

Silver  City 

1  75 1  NEW  YORK— 

2'.00|      Albany    


New     York 


2,75 1      Raleigh    ... 
3.75 1      Wilmington 


Bismarck   I  *?it 

Fargo    1    117 

Grand   Forks....      1-27 

Minot    lis 

4  75  1  OHIO — 
375 1      Cincinnati 
5' 05        Columbus 
Toledo    ... 

Oklahoma   City. 
Harrisburg    . 

Aberdeen  ... 
Sioux    Falls. 
Jackson    .. 
El   Paso.. 
Port   Worth... 
Salt  Lake  City. 
Marion   . . . 
Rocky    Mount... 
Seattle  .. 
,     Wheeling 
?  55    WISCONSIN— 

t-^?'      Ashland   

La    Crosse. 
Madison   . . 

Cheyenne  J-' 

Green  River ^-Wi 

Lander  ^1% 

Sheridan    '    "zl. 



^S^APTC^iii^Iei^^^v^^*^^^  ^ 

How  Much  Money  Can  You  Save  on  These  Item«  9 

YOUR    ATTENTION    IS    DIRECTED    TO  TU.=    AM.r!rJL       ".V_.. .'.'r*^  "6™S    f 

ZYlf™~I',?Li=  ,'?i,^f.^SSJ„l™iL^  ™^,    F°'-'-OW,NG    NINE    PAGES 

an  idea 


X  =  *^°°'*  S'»P'«  Art,cle^^E«h  Article  a  Kitchen  Nece..ity  '       141 

0-  2H5S3  Two  4-1 
loe  Cakes  Refined  Par-I 
I    Wax.       The    prartlcall 

of  tlu3  article  an 
lerous  to  m  e  n  t  I 
long  them  sealing  fri.'lt 
....8,  n-axjng  Irons  and 
other  laundrr  purposes  and 
making  receptacles  airtight 
Full     directions     on     eacli 

ITlce 4C 

HI  260     Fruit   Preu, 

n,       full       tinned. 

pattern.        i  o  — 


Broooh,  rlo- 
three  bril- 
Size,      W 







Thl_     _ 

contalni    the    follow. 
ing    14  artJclBs: 


I    Pr<?servlng  Kettle. 
I  Saucepan. 
I    Pudding    Pan. 
I    Milk   Pan. 

1  Mixing    Bowl. 

2  Pie    Plates. 

I   Cake    Plate. 
I    Basting    Spoon. 
I   Soap    Dish. 

This  Gray  Enameled  Ware 
Assortment  is  offered  to 
you  on  the  same  basis  that 
all  goods  in  this  entire 
catalog  are  offered,  nhich 
is  our  ciist  plus  one  small 
profit,  thus  enabling  tijoso 
who  trade  with  us  to  save 

^  No.  2H125'/4  Gray 
Enameled  Ware  Assortment 

Shipping  weight,  about  20 
pounds.  ^  1    /^rt 

Price ^l.UU 

Be    sure    to    order    other 
goods  with  this  assortment, 
thereby    saving    on    freight 

Kor  a  complete  line  of 
the  Iwst  grades  of  E   - 
eled      and      Alum 
Ware.  Outfits.  Etc. 
'        ■  1024 

'^VT/<i*^«                                           No.  2HI50  . 


Ev7rV?te„T",?S'-''  *"'<^'-^=  f""  EVERYDAY  USI  I  = 

tVERY    ITEM  A  SUBSTANTIAL.  SEHVirF Am  p    »»^.^.  „  * 

EVFHY    ITFILf    A    cT™o^         "•xiiv.i-tB  ruK  tVERYDAY    11 

DuHIt     rnnii«tfl    Af    tk.    ^ a-,    m  .     ..  .  * 


cll!r°'i!,n"  .•>»">y-'our  followtiig  Item, 

tinned    wire. 

Tea  ■  Strainer 
leasure,  5  feet   long. 
Knife,    .l-lnch    blade, 
urnor.    2Si3%    Inches. 
So™.^"m"-  i''?''^    ^    '"=''"    -<0«- 

Ho'd°   "**""■•   ^"^   '"'^•'"   long. 

2HI8r     Household   Assortment.     Weigh,,   packed  for  «,.pa>ant.   S  pounda 

Dover  Egg  Beater. 
Fruit  Jar  Wrench. 
Glass   Lemon    Juice    Extractor 

e5fa"n-ci:"jt,!5,'u',?,"'„t;":::f,',"  ""=»"  "^'■ 

V^Zt  Sliding"a.|T,;ier"   •■""•    »    "^^^   '™«- 
Double    Blade   Mincing    Kn™,. 

in    your  „w?\°'r'-'"«"-"r^'.r-    '"•"-    •>-•• 

.  you  cuid  get^f^'.L%rt„"?'i'1,oa%ffi,„j:y  Sar..'J^;'"pS^^ 


^^^^__^_-— ■■—^■^e^  pacnea  for  .lilpmaot,  g  pounda.    Prl«> $1.00  tHbP*  Talking  $10.95.     Overwhelming  Evidence  of  Money  Saving 


We  have  made  the  prices  of 
these  articles  so  low  that  it  be- 
comes necessary  for  us  to  ask  you 
not  to  order  less  than  twelve. 

You  can  make  your  selection  fronii 
any  one  page,  or  from  all  of  the  tei 
pages,  or  even  one  number,  providin) 
you  order  not  less  than  twelve  articles 

No    2H367     White  Tul)«l«r 

Corset  Lace,  3  yards  long.     2c 


nu  tn-..»  Turkey  Red 
Cotton  Handkerchief.  18  In.  2c 
.suuare.     Pncc 



H.pp>  F..n..;"  K.n,.  Ue..rve.  .be,     the.. -I    u.  .  F.. 

In  your  own  interests  we  advise 
jrou  not  to  order  these  articles  alone, 
but  include  goods  from  other  depart- 

*00     Foot    Scrai 

stt'c-1.    JiipanntHl.    „,         ^.  ^^^^^^' 

^'      I'rlce ice 

2H323    Kitchen  Whel- 
Hrlce'... '.":.'' ''..'"."''■  2c 

"  **»«  Enthusiastic   IHOUSANDS  That  Surround 

».i11°p2,"337,  On.  Pair  Cur- 
■*',^,  P»l».  Brackets,    brass   Of 



Send  us  an  order  for  twelve  or 
more  articles  from  these  ten  pages 
of2,4,6,8andl2-cent  items.  Take  as 
many  more  than  twelve  as  you  like. 

Be  sure  to  include  sufficient  me 
chandise  from  our  various  oth 
departments  to  make  a  profital 



ucKANDco..  FRANKLIN!     What's  Franklin ? 

Best  of  All  Sewing  Machines,  That's  FRAN 

By  including  these  items  with 
other  goods  you  usually  get  them 
without  paymg  any  more  freight 
charges  than  you  would  have  paid 
without  them.  ^ 

"I  r      ^ lauallty   horn.     Price 1C|° 

^u.  ....e.-y  C.,..o,  .„d    .h,r...  No  More  K.ol.i„,  Ab.u.  G,oc 

ery   Bills, 

''^"%S?c\%"o'W''  ^o  ■    23 

The  several  hunared  items  shown  on 
these  ten  pages,  each  and  every  one  a  good 
everyday  useful  article,  offered  to  you  at 
2  4  6  8  and  12  cents,  means  we  sell  them 
on  the  exact  same  basis  that  all  our  other 
goods  in  this  Big  Catalog  are  offered. 

We  especially  ask  you  o  compare  these 
prices  with  the  same  prices  the  same  goodt 
are  sold  at  in  your  home  stores.  Y«B 
will  then  get  an  idea  of  the  money  «<^v>^ 
possibilities  shown  on  every  page  of  ' 
Big  Catalog. 

2   H   6    1 

One  Box  »■ 
Three  Bars 
Rose    Cream 




nlli     No    2H777  One  Pair  Handy 

1>c.™;.'m      inches     long.      % 

arraHII^  pnc. .oc.omrtcie.    prioo " J,  __  r».._.    ,«J  .lust  Look  at  O 



"cK  AND  CO ,    There's  No  Better  Made  Harness 

Than  Ours,  and  Just  Look 

ur  Harness 

sss  I 

Remember!      There    is   no    restriction 

tnese  articles  you  may  order.  Order  fnr 
your  friends,  order  for  vniiV  „I^^  ul  °'^ 
make  your  o^der  Is  largi^  as  posslble^'ci 
tLlL'lZi:^'  '°--  PossibfeTan'So^r? 


►NOMY  GasoU 

Price *>C|in,,|,,fj     '"'"/length     13       c 

"^  Engine  V^tLL  NAMtU_$29.95    and    Up.      Gua 


SEARS.    ROEBUCK   AND   CO..       OC 
CHICAGO.   ILL.  ■       2S 

JUST  THE  THINGS  to  sell  at 
church  fairs  and  bazaars.  We  have 
sold  a  large  quantity  of  these  goods 
for  these  purposes,  and  have  had 
good  reports  as  to  the  profits  made. 

YOU  ARE  AT  LIBERTY  to  se- 
lect as  many  of  each  of  these  num- 
bers as  you  wish,  or  you  may  seled 
a  few  from  each  of  the  ten  pages 
but  order  at  least  twelve  articles. 

OCUons,    ^8-i'lL'h.     rTl'^^ — 

2H920„  GJ 

na    SEARS.  ROEBUCK  AND  CO.,    Paint  Pages  m 


This  Catalog  Demand  Attention 

of  EVERYBODY  Interested  in 

When  ordering  these  2,  4,  6,  8  and 
12-cent  articles  on  these  ten  pages, 
be  sure  to  include  sufficient  merchan- 
dise from  our  other  departments  to 
make  it  a  profitable  shipment  to  you. 

We  recommend  these  items  as  just 
the  thing  for  church  fairs,  bazaars, 
sales  and  5  to  25-cent  counters  in  reg- 
ular retail  stores.  Every  item  is  ex- 
ceptionally good  value  for  the  money 

?able,Surpnsmg.Uumbfinding!    Direct  From 

««     h7;^A '^\''"'.  Bomered   Cam  brio' 

Tfddy   l„-,r   h„x:   h«ndLrcllef«   wl^'  ?H'009      Ore     Dozen 
•"e    11    Inches  squaTo       ,*°,??.  ?»""■'    Slat.   Pencil..    7 

»C   ""-l'-'^  I"' I!  'o  '  r  M°-  2H844 

"*-'      Price. . .    Scf       7.°   '-""'*'    ^ 

Jaoanned    Tin 

"•  "*'"-  8c 

Mill  to  You  Low  Prices  on  Wall  Paper,    "ars.roebuck  and  co..    ^ 

Send  us  an  order  for  twelve  or 
more  items  selected  from  these 
ten  pages.  Every  item  is  good, 
dependable  merchandise  and  can- 
not be  purchased  elsewhere  for  the 
prices  we  ask. 






You  can  add  quite  a  number    of 
I  these  items   to    your   freight   ship- 
ment without  increasing  the  freight 
charge.     You  wUl  then  get  the  fuU 
1  benefit  of   every   saving   we    make 
I  you. 

nickel   plated    metal    ends.      12c  "      Moia.     size 

3x10      12c       NO.  2H  I  234       Combin 
'tion     Bill     Book     and     Co  n 
Purse,      size      closed      Jx^  ' 
inches.       Made     of  _   leatl; 

.,    .         m  iHas     patent 

19^      No  2HI24I  Butcher  K.Ue   snap  fastc 

bsSs^S^r^^^Li^l     N0.2HI236   ,,,,,, 

Knife.    4H-incli    steel    blade. 

Has   patent    satety   par-: 
tachmenl  which    c.iu    i 
moved.     Well    finished 
OH  1  247  Carving  Kni'^^'bolo    handle.  12C 

klblide  8  UHlfesloM,    «--'•<■•!     -•■•- 

M«    9HI243     13-Inch     R  o  c  Kjuiaue  <.."•■■—  -j^j.jjg 
Mafro  3i"""'Each°*';o«l"^Sceljl?S  Ust'ed  be°low.  Price. 
ilshcd  '.and     paralHned.  J^Jc 




No  2HI248    Carving  Fork, 

Mn  91-1 1  270    Brooch 
and    I'at    design.      The 

....  2HI222     J'^l^'m     «„    2HI2I8    H  i  n  9  e  d  I  J7.,'?o'Sr'Jd' &«'    si 
■^'fi'^ATo'ck^SxlO  SScovc'r  ^C^offee'   canister.'    2,    S.?hes'.      N«.t    design. 
r""^."'^'*  ^i°er  1  ?4  ScheTfinl  lb°  slz*.   double   seamed   and       p^ce . 
,   nner   i /4__,_        |  Og  nicely     decorated.  1 2C  | 

3-inch  Prones 

e-Cup  . 

No    2HI246    Tinners'     C  a  » t  above.    Price, 
Snips,    intended    for   household    use' 

ij-     Length  Vthi!   inches  over  aU,  , 

Inch     cutting     blades.  12C  ^^'. 

cle  of  temper- 

ot  heavy  weight  tin.      12C 

No.  2H  I  238    SlnnloTube 
<"rn^  or  Saddlers'   Punch. 

liength  6  inches.  Made  of 
pressed  ateel  with  a  crucible 
steel    tube. 



uo  91-11228  Brass  Plat- 
ed ThreJ-ArnT  Coat  and  Hat 
Hook,  with  soUd  brass  balls 
and  standard.  12C 


2H I  206 

Pair  blad!    only. 
Salt"  and    Pepporj 

.    ,;bT"''.;ppe'i"ha?f"''por5S 

No.  2H I  208    Tin  Colan-  .,5.5j,nt    value.  12c 

•r       diameter      12      '?'^"'?-      Price 
lepth      iM      inches       do.ible 
.      .. J2c 

No.  2H I  271     Ha 

violet    dcsisn    and    c< 
with     a     bnllUnt     rt 
II -Inch  stem. 

No.  2HI269 


cutting     blade. 


2H I  244 

Milk     <itrainer.    diameter    11  nia«"   - — ;;;Vi»,"n>ill   flltAChed:|!servici)«Miw    •  «- — m  t% 

"""       Made  from  he^V  ii"'  o'S^^rS^eUe  lO^ll"!*.   "'ade.  12c 

o,    hi-Qcn     wire       1  T7^i -'^?'^''     "* 

fine    brass    win 


wire   handle.     M'^e   of   estra       n„,  2^1276      S  t  r  0  n 
Kt''^..,^r^VZn  SucSJseSjIceJb^^  Pocket   Kn,.^e,^3 

No.  2H  1 264  En 
Saucepan,  actual  cai 

NO.  2HI276     L 

Purse.      fonr-baU,      ■ 
raent.    Exceptionally  i 


oo    SEARS.  ROEBUCK  AND  CO..    Prcttv,  Artistic, 

Fashionable,  Up  to  Date  Wall  Paper. 

;  for  Our  Wall  Paper  Sample 

Write  for  Our  Wall 

tapleHousehoId  Dry  Goods  Lower  Than  Ever 


No.  36H90  Yard 
Wide  Unbleached  Sheet- 
Ingr  of  fe-ood  quality. 
I'lice,  i„.i-  yai-,1...5,. 
No.  36H92  Yard 
Wide  Full  standard  LL 
I'nbleached  Sheeting.  A 
tfood  KHide. 

I'lii-e.  per  yar(1..5y.<. 

No.  36H94    Yard 

"  ide  llibleurhed  .SUeet- 

'■•B.  a  tiiHT  and  liravier 

<luth     tijau     our    loner 

priced     goods     and     of 

l>otter  quality. 

Price,    per  yard ...  7c 

No.  36H95    Yard 

*^ide  Inbleaclied  Sheet 

_  _i       ing.    Very  durable.    Not 

,        ,  'l""e    so    flue    as    the 

'■^  luiHiber  but  of  Heavier  texture. 
"" "  7V4c 


ao  .cS;_ 

per  yard 

No.  36H9e     39-Inch    Unbleached    Sheet- 

ing  -f  good   weight  aud  exoelleut  quality 

An  ( xtra  value  at  our  price.  ^"•'""•y- 

I'll  (..   per  yard 



IfoR  Home  Use  j 


No.  36H98  Yard 
Wide  Half  Bleached 
■""»'"»  of  a  good 
sr.ide.  .<ioft  fiulsh  aud 
very  popular. 

I'lke,  per  yard.8'/i>c 

No.  36H100 
Yard  Hide  Bleaelied 
Muslin  of  fair  qual- 
ity     and      a      irooil 
value     at     ou 
i'rice,  per  yard. 60 
No.  36Ht02 
Yard  Wide  Bleached 
Muslin  of  good  qual- 
ity.    Au      improved 
value  this  .seasou. 
Trice,  per  yd.7>/.c 
No.  36HI04 

Yard  Wide  Superior 
0  uality    Bleached 
Mushn,    very    popu- 
lar goods. 
I'rice,  per  yard. 9c 

I  r„^'^"J'  piece  Of  about 
■M  yds.,  per  vd.8V.c 

Price,    per   yard |Qj 

r^"    P'«^e    of    about    50    yards,    per 


36  INCH 



e      ofTer      yon 
ched     Seamless 


in     improred      quality 
Pillow     Tubing    at     a 
r  price  thau  you  can  buy  the  ordiuarv 
elsewhere.    After    having    once 
these  seamless  tubings  you  will  never 
»nteut  to  go  back  to  the  old  style  cloth 
"—   tubings  are  well    i,i^^..^,„- 
and    we   offer   one 
ctlcal  widths. 
rice,    iier   yai 
».  36H140 

Ice,    per   yard 

36H142    Wldth/M 

tubings  are  well    bTeac'hed 'fud   fl„: 
quahty    in    three 

Width,  36  inches. 
Width,  4S  inches. 


per    yard. 


No.    36H144 

>-<>ft  Finish  Pure 
M'hite  Pillow 
.Muslin,  nicely 
bleached.  This 
also  makes  a 
wood  article  for 
'■rib  sheets,  etc. 
Width,  45  inches. 
Pnce,     per 



No.  36HI08 
Yard  Wide  White 
Cambric,  good  qual- 

ity    soft 

uit-ely    bleached 

special  value. 

Price,  per  yard. 8c 
_  I''iill  piece  of  about 
•jO  yds.,  per  yd .  7-!fic 
No.  36HI09 

Special  Quality  Pure 
White  Cambric  Mus- 
lin,   full    yard    wide. 

Very  nice  goods  at  a 
ffenuine  saving  in 

Price,  per  yd .  I  Oc 

Full  piece  of  about 
■jO  yds.,  per  yd.9v.c 

Sh^Uirp^.^ici'!'''  "'--^  ^.^"^ 

Price,  per  yard |  ov 

Full    piece    of    about    50  'ya'rds,    per 
1  2c 

36  INCH 


Per  Yard 






No.  36H145 

These  well  known 
goods  need  no  intro- 
duction. This  is  a 
standard  quality,  full 
yard  wide,  soft  finish 
aud  shrunk.  Used  for 
a  great  variety  of  pur- 
Price,  per  yd.  1  2'^c 

O  _  : I  ' — --^^  J  ^. ,  a.'/iK   ou  yards,  p. 

.3c?il';LSl  Sheetings  Reduced  Prices 



No.  36H97  30-Inch 
I'nbleached  Drill  or 
Pocketing.  Standard 
quality,  good  weight. 

Price,  per  yard 9c 

Full  piece  of  about 
50  yards,  per  yd..8%c 



_1°.;.36">20      8/4     rn. 
standard     Sheeting, 
dth.  about  71  inches, 

J  111  e    |)(  r   yard \Tc: 

I  "11  pieie  of  about  45  yards 

'    '     >■""'   'l6K>e 

No  36H122  9/4  un- 
lileuchcd  Standard  Sheeting. 
Actual  width,  about  80  inches. 

I'rifc     per   yard 1  Qe   1    «„,.    ,-.--—"-<..,•      (^neeting. 

„^Fu.l  P.ece  Of  about  4.- yards!  PHc'e,",;?r''Va?d"""  "^  '^'f 

'    '     •'•""     «8-/.c  Fun   piece  of  about ■45'va?ds'' 

,    No.    36H124       10/4      ,„.      P^J-ard '.20%i 

blea.hed     stamlard     Sheeting.  "'      " 

*<<u«l  width,  about  89  inches. 

1  11.  c    iMT  yard 21c 

Full  piece  of  about  4.5  yards 


No.  36H126  8/4  Half 
Bleached  Standard  Sheeting. 
Actual  width,  about  IX  inches 

1  rice,   per  yard 1  9,, 

per"v.,?,i^™  "^  '"'°"'  fs'yards, 
pel    }  ai  u I  8  V.C 

„  No-    36H  1  28        9/4      H  a  I'f 
Bleached      Standard      Sheeting. 

No.  36H130  10  4  ..„.. 
jlea<hed  Standard  Sheeting. 
Actual  width,  about  89  inches  *^ 

J",'.'...PJ'^'*  «<■  .■>l>o"t'4.5'ya7ds? 


No.  36H132  8/4  Bleached 
Standard  Sheeting.  Actual 
width,  about   71   inches. 

I'rice,    per   yard 19^ 

Full  piece  of  about  45  yards 
per  yard 1  8y.c 

No.  36H134  9/4  Bleached 
Standard  .Sheeting.  Actual 
width,   about   80   inches. 

Price,  per  yard 21c 

Full  piece  of  about  45  vanl^ 
per  yard '20','^o 

No.  36H  1  36  10/4  Bleached 
Standard  Sheeting.  Actual 
width,  about  89  inches. 

Price,   per  yard 23 

Full  piece  of  about  45  yard 

pel  yaril 22V>' 

See  Page  44 

""  ^•"■^   •   •- "^^  I  .-'"'.r':.!'^:"-"'  «  ^1^         FulPpi^e  oVabout^iiVkfr    \ 

. For  Linen   Sheetin,  and  Linen   Pillow  cfl^, '^l^'p^,,' 44 ^^^-^    ^^^ 

^^tJ^Ill^I^'^  ^^  »»d  Pillow  Ticking 

^^    nhile    Strinert    n„,l    t:..i,.-_       '>•  »'"e  and  I  -  -seuoo-^     „.  ._  ,       ..         ^ 





H  1 


:eti ^G  1 




Striped  Bed  Ticking,  niuc 
than  the  low  price  would  indicate 
about  .to  inches. 

Price,  per  yard y,,^ 

Full  piece  ofabout50yards,'peryai"d7vi;c 

W^?.V^I.^i2e'd^B?d"°^ic2ri'*^  °'"-    ""■' 

'pHce,'*p^'j''y.rr'r*..'".'.r:^!-....  ,,. 

Fun  piece  of  about  50  yards!  per  yd.'  j  o ' 

Bfd      licking.      g„od      weight       in 

the    usu.-il    -'0-ceut    grade      Tl 
.    about    3I    inches    wide 

Price,   per   yard "'•      .. 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards',  per  yd' .'  ]  3!/, 


Wing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in 

No.  36H222  Blue  and  Whit, 
S<rlpcd  Bed  ur  Pillow  Ticking  r,f 
■ipeiial  (height  aud  quality 
e\cellent  grade  of  goods  and 
prictlcally  feather  proof.  These 
goods  are  36  inches  wide  and  i 

I'rice,   per  yard j  gi 

uel'v!,,-,'!'"'^  "''  "'"""  ^  ynrds, 
"^'    """ \7Vx 

N0.36H224     The  well  known 
ConesloBo    60-Inch    Bed    Ticking 

in  i'taple  aud  fancy  stripes,  blue 
jind  white.  Thousands  of  hous". 
holdpis  appreciate  the  economy  of 
'VLt""..'i?'l  width  ticking.  These 

Price,  per  yard 31^ 

a  City  Near  You.    SAY  THE  WORD. 


No.  36H227 
Fancy  Sateen 
Ticking.  38 
Inches   wide. 

These   are   espe- 
cially   attrnctivel 
goods  for  every- 
day use.    Woven 
in    blueandwhite 
or  red,   blue  an 
white  stripes  01 
drab   ground 
nigh  sateen  finish,   dustproof 
id  practically  feather  proof. 

Price,  per  yard 1  gc 

Full  piece'  of  about  40  yards 
■•■    '■"'' I5^i<: 


Increased  Savings  for  You  on  Dependable  Domestic 


u.    i<:u<>n9    Unbleached    Canton    Flannel    of 


1  O^  NO.  36H204     Verv  .trons  ,.Iue^ in    Unbl..e_l.-^ 

.  va^D    w.d?^"7  I,Vr"a?fl';.  ?:uh;°'!l"d    nic.1,     napped. 

A  YARD     *'jg„'i„r    15-cem    Quality.       ,  q, 

['[aT'plS"'  of'about 'so'lirdk;  'per  'yard: 9'/»» 

«.#.LioAA     MAnw  Weight  Unbleached  Can- 

A  YARD    ^ij^^i,  jg  Inches.  I  2'/2C 

f  ;:rv.^  o?"^bour56' ,ararier -yard; : : ;  ^ : ; ; .  .^. .  1 20 

17c        h"?-  i«„"?l?n»nel'V.Jo"nV?wAe5°!;i^cK"a"n''i't^'n 
a  YARD   ?,''aPP?<y.'°"Th-"".td^' w^f.h  ?  ounces  to  the^y^ard. 

^„  J^'SorVySd.: 'per 'varA::: :::::: :::..! 6^0 



Full  piece  of 

11  -  No.  36H2I2 

ilC      cantoi 

nipai;ui>ij     «....-..     Flannel 

clSlJ   sood   Quality   at  such 

Tht^"'!u-e"'of  'epedai'  "cSeralcall 
pure"'bleach  and   repreBent  a  big   savin'; 

?2u'^ple?rof''about'66'yards:  per  yard.. 

1«|_         No.  36H2I4       Our 
IZAC     Bleached     Canton     Fla 
A  vann     about    27    inches    in    wi;;n.      v 
A  YARD     sioexy    cloth,    very  durable   and 
usually    strong    value. 

Price,    pef    yard 

\        Full  pic 

of  aboi'it'so'yards.  per  yard 





1  -„  No.  36  H  1.57 
1  #C  Good  Quality 
A  YARD  Xfaki  Cloth,  about 
«  '"""  28  inches  wide  and 
weighing  ahiiut  6  ounces  to  the 
yard.  This  cloth  is  of  just  the 
right  weight  for  sMrts  and  in 
addition  wUl  be  found  an  ad- 
minible  material  for  little  boys- 
suits,  etc.  Natural  hhaki  or 
rich  tan  color.  Samples  free 
on   request.  1  7C 

Price,    per   yard 


aids,   per  s ai li -  -  . 



18c  Sa^?ee^*'Pil?s'h 

A  YARD  Waterprool  Pu"'" 
A  YAHU       nij^ijj  g,„,|,    There 

are  no  better  goods  made  ti^r 
skirlinm  etc..  than  this  fine 
sateen  liniah  khaki  cloth.  Of 
just    the    right    weight    for  __«.» 

Plain  Solid  Color  Bunting, 
All  Colors. 



N0.36H168  ^'ard 
Wide  Plain  Color 
Cotton  Bunting  of 
good  quality.  In  oraering  be 
snre  to  state  color  wanted. 
We  have  light  blue,  yellow, 
rose.  red.  nile  green,  sham- 
rock, purple,  navy  blue, 
orange,  white,  cream  or  blaoU. 

Price,   per  yard 4y2C 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards, 
per    yard *'^* 

purpose  and  is  almost  inde- 
structible in  wear.  These  goods 
are  about  28  inches  wide  and 
rarely,  if  ever  sell  at  less , than 
2.5  cents  a  yard,  "e 
glad  to  send  a  sampli 
cloth  free 

iU    be 
of   this 
am  .loo  „-  retiiiest. 

Price,   per  yard 1  a' 

Full  price  of  about  40  yards 
per  yard 

Unbleached  Cheese   Cloth  or 
73c      un-iua^ld^'c^hfese^'cTotirt 


Full  32-yard  piece  for '  " 

$1.14  Ch?e'^e^?a'h«t  ^95 
sIy^^SoS  ^i^rn^S.^fosW 
Trp    used    tor    covering    hotbeds,    also    i 


Fancy   Decoration   Bunting. 
Recommended    for 
Campaign  Use. 
A^  No.  36H  170  Stand- 

ee g,"a  Quality  Decora- 
A  YARD  tion  Bunting  in  eithei 
nlain  red,  white  and  blue  stripes 
^r  stars  And  stripes.  I"  -'Ber- 
ing be  sure  to  state  wbich  is 
wfnt^d.  These  goods  .are  inuoh 
n  demand  for  political  cam- 
paigns, holiday  decorations,  etc. 
Width,   about  21   inches. 

Price,  per  yard ^^ 

Full  piece  of  about  60  ya^d^s^ 
per  yard. 

Bleached  Antiseptic  Gauze. 
OQ-  N0.36H166      Tfard 

P0„  Wide  Bleached  Gauze 
10  YARDS  of  good  quality,  chemi- 
cally pure  and  at  our  price  is  an 
exceptional  value.  No  house- 
keeper should  be  without  a  piece 
of  these  goods.  'We  have  these 
antiseptic  gauzes  put  up  In  two 
special  size  pieces. 

Price,  per  10-yard  piece.?0.39 

sold    only    in     this    ^ 
Colors,    pinli,    blue, 
low.  red,  green,  black 
white.      State    color 
sired.  „ 

Price,     per     8-yi 
piece    ^ 


50-Inch  Col- 
ored  Tarla- 
tan. Ail  col- 
ors.   Tarla- 
t  a  n  s    are 
used  exten- 
sively    for 
fruit   bas- 
kets,    as     a  _ 
to  mirrors,  pictureSi 
a-brac,  silverware,  i 
glassware,     etc.      Co 
pink,     orange,     laveoj 
bright  green,  light 
red.  black  or  white. 
color   desired. 
Price,  per  yard...?0 

lor 1 .33  1 16-yard  piece  for 

irim 'prke  of  about  40  yards,  |   32;yara  P^.'^^^g/'/.V,  -  f  or  P. '. ^  ■  I  4  ^-       ^r       -=S_- — " "  „ 

14c         No.36Ht46  ex- 

*  tra      Heavy      Dark 

A  YARD     grown     Denim,     the 

usual  20-cent  goods.  These 
denims  are  woven  of  double 
twisted  yarn  and  warranted 
to  give  exceptional  service. 
Width,   about   28   Inches. 

Price,   per  yard 1  4>: 

Full  piece  of  about  40  yaj^s, 
'r    yard 1  o  .-c 




No.    36H148 

last     Color     In- 
digo Blue  Denim, 

,f  hard  twisted 
yarn  and  carefully  dyed. 
These  goods  weigh  over  7 
ounces  to  the  yard  and  are 
about  28  inches  wide. 

Price,  per  yard 1  1  c 

Full    piece    of    about    50. 
yards,  per  yard 1 0^"' 


best  quality  gu8 
A  YARD     jggj      color      J 
Blue    Denim.     Heavy    v 
and     made    of    hard     t' 
yarn.      Overalls     made 
this   cloth    will   e^f J^^ 
possible  service.   Width,  i 
28  Inches. 
Price,   per   yard. 
Full  piece  of  about  50  J 
per    yard 1 

Heavy  White  Duck  or  Canvasjn 

Three  Popular  Weight 


No.  36H152  White 

Duck  or  Canvas,  29  Inches 
A  YARD  .j^.^g  ^nd  warranted  liHi 
8  ounces  to  the  yard.  These  gootN 
run  nice  and  and  represtn' 
a  strong  value. 

Price,  per  yard. 
Full    piece    of 


60    yards,     P* 

le-        No.  36H 154  White 

*  Duck     or     Canvas, 

*  ^*'"'  weighs  full  10  ounces 
to  the  yard.  This  is  a  quality 
we  h-ive  selected  after  consid- 
eration of  many  brands.  These 
goods  are  29  inches  wide  and 
an   especially    good  value. 

Price,  per  yard IS" 

Full    piece   of  60   yards,    per 

,  1 4%c 




10  oz 

No.   36H156       ""■  I  ' 

Heaviest     Weight     White  | 
Duck  or  Canvas,  guaran 
teed    full    12    ounces    to    the    yard.  |^ft/V 
These    goods    are    29    Ineh^    "'"^;!  P   ,,^; 
md    represent   a   value   that   could  f      12  O. 
not  be  duplicated  elsewhere.  . 

Price,    per    yard '  »' 

Full     piece     of    60    yards,     per  . 
1  7V4c  J. 


«"''%S?llGT.Lr.''  "="  ■        There 

r^b^  and  There  Is  CkGcKERY.      Buy  the  Latter; 


Sheets,  Pillow  Cases,  Mattress  Pads,   Etc.,  for 
Hotel   or  Household   Use 


Sheet  and  Pillow  Cases  to  Match. 

Unbleached  Sheets. 
Seanil,-Ks  rnbli-a.heil  Bed  Sheets 
good  quality.  Tbese  four  num- 
'^^j"^.®'^''^*^  "f*"  """le  from  se- 
ated sheetiiitc,  full  size  and  seam- 
as.  They  may  be  depended  upon 
■)r  servi,-e  and  will  bleacli  nicely 
lauudering.  We  give  the  actual 
fished  measurements,  not  the 
aal  mill  sizes. 

>?1  ^®"?     *'"'  ®^^*6  inches. 

•erliozen . .'  i  i ." ; ; ; ;  ;*5;^g 

!?rr.?®"'f     ®'"'    "=<:86  inches, 
rice,  each sn  Aa 

er  dozen ! ! ; ; . . ; ; : ;  • ;  *g;gg 

lO.  36H6     Size,   81x86   Inches 

^nee.  each sn  ^k 

cr  dozen ....;;.■; .6.25 

Jo.  36H8     Size,  86x90  inches 

No.  36H45     This  M-i   c.nsisis  or  „,-      ,      TTi 

of  pilloiv  .■a.sps  .■.•■;x:;,;  imu^s       Th^^^  l,s\]  '         V"^""   '"''"■^   •■»°<'  »   P»" 

quality  cotton.     Koth  sheet  and  nilln«"  ,       '"""  """!''  "'  ■'"  especially  fine 

"■"Idete $3.98.1 

set  put  up  in  

Price,    per   set, 

Full  .Size  Bleached 
good  quality  and 
'      These    sheets 

No.  36H46 

idea  of  having 

n,  together  with  the  low  nrice  „t  l.,,■'/!.°^•tl''^?''^°'<L™■'=i'^era- 

Hemstitched  Sheets  and  Pillow 
Cases  to  Match. 

No.  36Ht6 

Bed    Sheets    o 

nicely  hemstitcired.  xi,c»e  sneets 
measure  about  81.v8«  inches  and  .are 
specially  pi-icej  ,,t,  each....?o  69 

'<''■  «lown 770 

No.  36H)8     Hemstitched    Pi  I- 
No"  36H]fi'  '''^"^Wns  in  qualit.v  oir 

Price,  each «<%   i -j 

Per  dozen I95 

No.  36H20     E  X  t  r  a  s"  I  z  e  Bed 
Sheets,      measuring      about      oov^ 

smched  '^T^fiS    ""^    '^"""'y   f"  - 
stitched.     Xhefie    soods    nr/    ,.,.,,1, 

put  up 

in  m  -utr^.f       .'**"■  •"'i^''^  '^   "■^''^''   "e  offer  them. 
in  au  attiactive  box  and  includes  a  sheet 

of  pillow  cases  22x36  inche 

Bleached  Sheets. 
*he»e  four  numbers  of  sheets  are 
Me  from  selected  quality  foil 
K.7?fT  «'"'*t'ng  and  will  give 
•odid  service  either  for  hoSse- 
Bd  or  hotel  use.  All  our  sheets 
hand  torn. 

jo.  36H10     Size,    63x86   inches. 

'er  dozen .'.'.'.'.'..'. '. '. '.  [  ] ]  \  \  '!%\%q 

jo.  36H12     Size,    72x86   inches. 

ii'<'.  each sn  ciK 

■er  d.)zeu 

Each  set  is 
measuring  81x99  inches 

'^X  r"{/;ice,^iri^/%-iF '^--  -^t7!TS,'^,^"^''  "'*'•' 




|0.  36HI4     Size,    81x86   inches. 

lo.  36H15     Size.   86x90  inches. 


".>  ■■.     I'.llU 

'er  il.izeii. 

Hemmed   Pillow  Cases. 
B.  36H26     Good    Quality 
chid     I'iUow     Cases,     soft     fln- 
_^ nicely    hemmed.     Size,  20i^x 

■ce,  per  pair ?0.24 

r  dozen I  40 

*..36H28     Good    QnalitT 
■fcoed   Pillow  Cases.    Size,  22.3^ 


0.  36H30     Kxtra      Quality 

jched  Pillow  Cases.    Made  fro, n 

taiHl,M-,i    quality    cotton    and    a 

■ycomuiend  to  you.     .size, 

';;.'■  "■'"'• ■..»0.34 

'  " ]  .95 

J;  36H32     Large    Size    Extra 
Size,    2SxS3 



In  Five  Desirable  Sizes.         1^: 

We  do  not  handle   unbleached  pads. 

This  line  of  Mattress  Pads  is  recognized 
as  the  standard  thing  in  this  class  of 
goods.  We  have  carefully  examined  all 
makes  of  mattress  pads  and  have  no  hesi- 
tancy in  recommeudiugr  this  line  as  em- 
bodyiug  all  the  desirable  features  in  mat- 
tress pads.  Our  prices  speak  for  them- 
selves. These  mattress  pads  are  durably 
quilted,  bleached  and  are  washable. 

PPk?®.".'.^.!..^''"'    ^'^    ^"""•^   Mattress    Pad.      Size.    27x1 
vXf^^.y  .'.^. .  .*^'::".-.^     at»t;;ess'  pad.     size.  ■  SGxVi  ■  inches 

r'^^®".'  '.r .  ^-i"*^' Ma;;;;s;'  Pad.'  ■  siz;:  ^xV;  ■  inih;;: 
v%f^"\ '.«. .  *»■"'"""  M»'«'^^« '  '^'^^  ■  'si;;,'  ■  ;4xV4  ■  ;„;hes: 

ng  and  are 

from  extra  select  sheetin  "" 

a  real  economy 

Price,    each.". 

Per  dozen. . . 

No.  36H22   Ext 
Pillow   Cases,    niatchi..., 

hem"/t,;;h!*,'^-  ""•''*«  ■''"d  are  nicely 

»    <.07 

tra  Size  Bleached 
in   quality 
_  _  Measure 

Price,  each ««  ,„ 

Per  dozen. 


/  \        AMD 


Extra    Length    Bed    Sheets. 

Th.  four  number,  of  Sheets  toslfticrw 


■SI. 46 



QUiijily  In    rarloG; 

I  made  from  ^ 

ordinary    testi 

cases    quoted    below 

«l2t'S.  These'Vheeis  .i"nd 
of  heiuT  'ihrn  ■■,?';.',„'';'l=''''."?.»<''««^<i.<^l"lh 
nicely  blciiched. 

very  uncommon, 

N0.36HII2     . 

or  Twin   Bed  Sheets. 

Extra  Length  Single  Bed 
I-     Size,  63x95  inehcs. 

i'er"dozerV' SO. 87 

.^e.-.-^fHI  I  3.  Extra  Length  Bed  ShMt" 

measuring  about  72x95   inchel 


rcr  dWn.  .■.'.•.■.•.•.•.■.■.■.:; : ' , g-|6 

ne?;urfnS1i.!,?8,',iS',",„^£::'?"''  '^'^  Sh^.s. 

19  about  81x95 

II.'.  each 

No.  36H25     Kveryone     wants 


Here./     Initials     sho,",Y%,!.',!2"  tl^'ij 

♦»   page  44   we   show 
C  linen     fabrics     very 
pte  for  sheet  and  pillo 
f^and  priced  very  reasonably" 


rdwinp    be   sure   to   mention 
"  e  can  furnish  any  let- 

initial  wanted. 

.ere..ceptlnK  1.  0.\}V ".",  T'C"  *'7  i^ii 
i.  /.     I'rire.  per  pair ..$1.19 



No.  36H33  c;ood  <!„„ii(y 
■Scalloped  Pillow  Ca^t 
cases  are  made  from  a  tine 
grade  pillow  muslin  and  the 
ends  are  attractively  scal- 
loped. This  has  proved  a  very 
strong  number  In  our  catalog": 
those  who  have  used  it  almost 
InvBriably  reorder.  This  pil- 
low case  Is  nicely  bleached 
and  measures  22x3.'{  Inches 

Price,    each !PO.'25 


%     1.04 

..„     ^BUi  le       , I  1. 85 

i'-aS  ^^-  «*«"•   -"SrtnVatS  fo\'5! 

rrk-e,   each .     i    ■, 

Per  dozen ■'■'■'■'.'■'■'.'.'.'      I  ki^ 

Pillow     Cases     to    Match. 
the  5an,„  .fi??      ^."■1"'  "'"'»'  «»es  are  of 
above  Tnd  av*„?,"n?!"?',","'f  ""«'»  ''"°"<' 
K,°uro  about  22x34   in'-'li'f  """  "™""'^'^ 



""  _ ', ^     "  I       *IVr    dozen 2*85 

^.00  .o  ,1S.00  Mo.e  lo  Ke,p->o„.,  „„  .  ^H.ppy  F.^ily-  H.„,. 

No.  36H3800  In  cuiti, 
of  yardi  of  dry  goods  as  we 
•■-    accumulate    a   ouantity   of 

L)    move    these    ,.,    „.„ 
'^^rled   bundles  of   12 

^ _'__.'_^    J ■  ^  up    to 

prints.  . 

KMli  silks,  etc.     Erery  fength  prMtTeara'n"d 

^er  bundle  of  12 

_  ach    day 
practical    lengtlisT 
pulling  thcDi    up  In 
yards    each.      There    ivUI    be    lenjlTi 
5  yards  of  musUns.  llckinus.  cotton'    ,.„,.„. 
^  wrcales.    ,va«„    eoorts.    irhlte   goo'b; 

;!5!"^''^   "'"'■»o"f«»h7;',ha'nV2.0T°„'rd',' 

aorled.  .$|  .00 



36H240Vi    Merita*.  Pure  Whit 

I  1  ,i.le   Oikl(.ll)     the   be^t   soods    iii.iik 
Plain        wm   not   bUster   or   discolor. 
,,,  I  ;ib"Ut    «    inches. 

vVHITL  phcc.    per   yard »0.19 

J     li-yard  piece  for 

Nn    ■^6H24  2Vi     Meritas  Blaclt  En- 

arnt^id  OilcfoTh.  I'?H"'*?n!f "^fohofsTer",; 
An    exicllent    article    for    upnoisteryi 
purposes    beins  Soft.  P"able  and  wry 
durable  as  well  as  waterproof.  -Width,! 
about    48    inches.  rt  o  1  I 

Price,    per    yard $0,211 

12  yard    piece    for 2.40 

No.  36H244%  Meritas  Marble 
attem  Table  Oilcloth,  wliite  with 
itber  blue  or  black  veins.  State  color 

iinted.      Width,    about   47    inches. 

Wall  C 


Empire   pattern    bl' 

rmg    alsolutely  the  be^t  goods  _ 

suiituv     ind    seiTueible      Conies   in    ...■._  ^ — 

ittern    block     P'^i^   «''«  «;■  ,,r"'o1ind      S?a  eLoMllA^^ 

request      Width,  about   49   inches 

Price    pel  yard  *"      ^ 

12-vaid  piece  for 

2   15 

Price,    per   yard... 
12-yard    piece   for. 


No.  36H246V4 

Meritas  Fancy  Table  Oil- 
cloth, guaranteed  tlie  best 
goods  made.  Smootlily  cov- 
ered and  all  new  rattems 
this  season — darll  red.  dark 
green,  light  oak.  dark  oak. 
brown,  etc 
state  color 
about  47  ' 

rvanted.    Width, 

per    yard.  .$0,18 
12-yard  piece  for.  2,05 

San  taa      Bord 

uit..uv«  .".  -je  in  connect 
Sanaa's  Wasliable  Wall  Cov 
ings.  Comes  in  either  blue  or  grc 
In  ordering  state  color  and  palt 
number  wanted.    Width,  8  Inches. 

Price,   per  yard ^ 

yard  piece  for 


,_  Meritas  Shell  Oilcloth,  all 
and  quality  guaranteed  the  hes'. 
Co?orB'"are  pink,  light  blue,  green.  Ugtit  ""I;- 
dark  oak.  dark  red  or  all  white.  Cloth  Is 
I2IA  Inches  wide  and  scalloped.  Put  up  .Tn^l 
sold  only  m  12-yard  pieces.  Be  sure  to  state 
color  wanted.  54c 
12-yard    piece    for 

D^c^i^^iW^^^tas  for  Bedrooms   Halls  or  Uving  Roo«is-^„,„,  , 

■.t  is  your  only  expense^  when  you  buy        ^  .  No.  36H254y4^^4'^.^^   ^P,^_  ,  ;      ,igbt  green,   light 

ering  for  ceilinRs 

dark  red  or  ivory  white. 

Price,   per  yard 

12-yard   piece  for.... 

State  color  wanted. 


blue,  t 

..  2 

No.  36H253y.     The  first  cost   is  your  on         .^.^^^^^^^^ 

^b?fes'"Tnd  tluf  in7e" t™I«e?S.  "VVele^  are  pebbled  or  crepe  finish  and        scape  ^desi^^n _^  to^_be  ^^^^^  ^^,^^  ^.^^^^^  

notclossv  $0   19  Price,   per   yard • (  ■ 

°°Vrice7per   yard ^'Jit   \  i2-vnrd   piec.  for. _  _■  •   ■ 

Cotton   and   Wooi_Batt^and_^Cor^^ 

I'ure  white  and  very   lofty 


lcGT'r(,ON   SAT^Tirs"- 

1  i  t  y 
White     Cot- 
ton    Batting. 
Pri(  «■       per 
I  ill.     of     ton 
|, omul  rolls, 
HI  riounds 
,1    wcisihtof 
,„iiling     89c 

—        ofju-^SOW     Price,  per  bale  of  twenty- 
flve°i-f)oun^   roUs,  or  2.5  pounds  net   weiebt 

^f      K.i*tit,o-  *'^»    '  *' 

M/i  QAH'^^.n^  Price,  per  bale  of  twenty- 
6^e\f.f^u^r?.Us.  or  25  ?,ouuds  net  wcipUt 
of   bnttin;: *-^- '  ' 

l»lo^36H36%      This     is    a    mucn     nigoer 
.di  biltt  than  we  have  ever  before  offered 

at  th 

kin    '*f>H'^7*i     Pure    White    Long     THjer 

Colft'on^BTt^   chemically    pare,    band    rolled^ 
Price,  per  1-ponnd  roll '^ 

Urt.  36H370% 

I'ricp-    ner    3-pound    batt 

l-p^un^r-o^ro?  XO^^^olinrnerUit^ 

batting    yi.'^U 

M,.    ■aRH'*«iA     Full     Comfort    Size    Batt. 

m^d'e  ?f  gofd^qnalit?  cotton  of  clear  natural 
ci^or     Each  batt  weighs  3  pounds  and  opens 

^ont'''fti!l'^comforter   si-,   about   «x80  inches      „„_       .^^^  ,ln,  are  made 
Price,  per  full  3-pound  roll -iOe  [  j'^""):,'^^    p^oss     fiber     proccs 

No.  36H380'/4 

T'rice'  per  3-pound   roll a—*.. 


or  18  pounds  net  weigbt  of  batting 

Nn    36H42^4     Sanitary      Wool     Batt.      ««»ee8e     c 

"?•  ?*>rT7..ri    hv   nenrlv   all    hospitals   and   sinUarl 

covered  Used  by  nearly  all  hospitals  ii 
■iml  a  practical  article  for  household  m 
weigh  about  3  pounds  and  measure  aboi 

use.    These  1 
ut  72x80  lD< 


No.  36H43%  Sanitary 
Wool  Batting  for  comtnTt 
making,  made  of  pure  wbite 
sun  dried  wool,  measuriui; 
about       72x80       inches 

'^;!;';rbale  of  ten  1-pound  rolls    or  10    3-^i^^.^^"or   IS    Pounds    net   weight^  |  , 
ponds'  ,U   wcigl^t    of   batting $1.25lbMft,n.     ....  J^ 

bale    of    six    and   will   not   nwt 

Price,      per     2-pouud      rolK 
I  boxed    :*'g^ 

No.  36H47      Fancy 
Colored  Comforter  Prints. 

\ssortmout  of  good  pat- 
terns, standard  quality 
Width,    34   inches,     Pl'ic 

per   yard ■■■ 

Full    piec '   •• 

vards.    per 


j'of'about   50 
yard 4^4c 

No.  36H48     Ked    and 
Black    Comforter    Prints. 

Vttractive  patterns,  war- 
ranted fast  color,  stand- 
ard quality.  AVidth,  24 
dies.  _  _,, 
Price,  per  yard...5y2C 
Full  piece  of  about  5a 
nds.    per    yard 5c 

No.  36H49  Comforter 
Silkoline  of  special  qual- 
ity. Large  assortment  of| 
colorings  and  patterns 
yard  wide.  Retail  price 
elsewhere,  about  15  cents! 
a  yard.  Colors,  light 
green,  dark  green,  rosei 
pink,  light  blue,  tan,  red 
or  cream  grounds.  State 
color  desired.  Width,  36 

Price,  per  yard 1 0c 

1      Full  piece  of  about  42 
I  yards,  per  yard 9% 

No.  36H50  Superior 
Quality  Sateen  for  com- 
forter    coverings,      tr  o  o  u 

weight,  yard  wide,  pleas- 
ing colo'rs  and  patterns. 
Used  extensively  in  the 
making  of  higb  grade 
comforters.  Colors,  light 
green,  dark  green,  rose 
Sink,  light  blue,  red  or 
cream  grounds.  State  color 
wanted.  The  price  we 
quote  for  this  Bne  auaUty  sateen 
ta  what  others  ask  for  Inferior 
goods.  Width,  36  inches. 
Price,  per  yard...  ..15c 
Full  piece  of  about  42 
yards,  per  yard 1  4Vjc 

No.   36H51  ,„    , 

Kobe  or  Comforter  Clial- 
lie.     The    handsome    rich 

colorings    and    exquisite  —s-^. 

patterns    In    which    this    PLEASI 

fabric     comes     make     it _-_™„ 

especially  attractive  for 
coverings.  The  patterns 
are  new  and  original,  the 
material  is  excellent  and 
besides  being  a  handsome 
comfort  covering  it  can 
be  used  for  many  pur- 
poses.    Width,    36   inches! 

Price,  per  yard 1  1  c  | 

Samson  Carpet  Warp. 

36H236/4      l-mo     ^^^^  lr„^_    slate,    purvlc,    medium  blue 

riVicr'sUte"co;rr-d'e.Vr.d.- Price,  per  pound 
No    36H238'/4     First  Oualily  White  Carpet  Warp, 
Price,    per    pound 


Seamless  2.Bushel  Grain  Bags 

No.  36H228'/4 

American     "  A  "     2- 

Bushel   Seamless    16- 

Qunce  Grain   Bags. 
Price,   each...  18c 
Per   bale  of   100 

bags  $18.00  I  bags 

Seamless   16-Ouni 
Bags.     This   is   t 
warp    bag    of 

Price,     each.. 


No.  36H2: 
Stark  "A"  : 
Seamiest  16 
Grain   Bags. 

Price,   each. 
Per    b! 


NEIRBO — That's  Our  Name  for 

,r  TRADE  WINNERS  in  Tapestry  Brussels  R« 

Popular  Priced  Dress  Ginghams  Shown  in  Their  Actual  Colors 

Note  the  richness  of  color  and  styling  in  even  our  most  inexpensive  qualities.     We  know  these  goods  will  please  vou   for  each  nnm 
ber  represents  a  value  without  parallel.     Be  sure  to  order  by  catalog  number  and  mention  letter  whilh  indicates  ^attlrn  wanted 

7c  A  Yard. 
New   Dress  Ginghams.     10    Cents    Never  Bought 
Better   Ginghams   Than   These   Elsewhere. 

No    36H431     ^•<'d'um  Quality  Dre 

i^o.  oon-*oi     „g    Inches.     A    lu-oeiit    v 

niiniher,  being  also  sure  to  mention  letter 

pattern   wanted.  t-j 

Price,  per  yard /C 

s.  Width, 
K-.  Order  by 
hich  indieat 

Bordered  Ginghams  in  Stylish  Effects,  Fast  Colors. 

No.  36H434     ?,''''",''="',^  "■■  Bo'^ered  Dress  GinBhanis.     Width,  33  inches.      The  illustr.ition  shows  the  effect  of  the  border,   which  is  l'-  inches  wide 

„  „  .  .  I'-'^.^  ™'°r,^-    These  goods  .ire  very  much  in  dem.nnd  because  in  m.ikins  them  up  little  or  no  trimminc  is  reouired    the  bSrders  Seisin?; 

rHce,''p1?r"v.ird".'^.'.",°;..       ^^. "'!'.'   I'"'!'^"''''  "''''''  •"•'"'"'^■■>'  ""^     Full  15-ceSt  value. ' Mention  letter  Schindi^iis  pattern  wanted!       JO 

Join  the  Enthusiastic  THOUSANDS  That  Surround  Our  EMBROIDERY  Pages.         ^^''^CHic^ctf^u.""  ra     33 

Fine  Zephyr  Ginghams,  Novelties  and  Costume  Fabrics 

No  need  to  wait  for  samples  when  it  is  so  easy  to  order  from  these  photographs  in  actual  colors,  showing  you  just  how  the  goodfr 
will  appear  in  the  piece.  These  illustrations  speak  for  themselves  on  color  and  style;  as  to  quality  and  value,  we  guarantee  to  give  yob 
more  than  you  would  ordinarily  expect.     Order  by  number  and  be  sure  to  mention  letter  which  indicates  the  pattern  wanted. 

lu        ^fiH4^'i     Our  Best  Grade  of  Fine  Dress  Ginghams,  beautifully  styled  in  guaranteed    last    lolors, 
*'"•  OOn^^a     Width,  33  inches.     In  ordering  be  sure  to  mention  letter  which  indicates  the  pattern  v 

I'li.e,  per  yard 

sun    and    tub    piuut.     Ive^ulai    —j  ccut   toods. 
anted.  J  9  J 


Nn     1flH4'?S      3T-Inch    Fast    Color    Seer- 
O.   ,501-1^^0      suclier      Gingham.     An      old 

standli.y.     Regular  15-ceut  value. 

I'riee,  per  yard 


the  pattern  wanted.    Prii 


A   Yard. 

Medium  Weight  Costume 

A    Yard. 

New   Suitfabrik,   Better 
Than  Galatea  Cloth 


A  Yard. 

Handsome  Silk  and  Cotton 

No.   36H436     a  new  wis  fine  cotton  fabric 
of    zephyr    gringham    weisiit. 

These  plaids  are  not  mercerized  but  contain 
enoufih  pure  silk  yarns  to  give  a  good  luster  to 
the  cloth.  Width,  ^7  inches,  and  a  full  25-cent 
value.  Be  sure  to  mention  letter  which  indicates 
the  pattern  wanted.  OCir* 

Price,  per  yard AivFC 

34  lla'^^'cmcAGo^LLi^  ^°"     Franklin  Sewing  Machines  Under  Another  Name  Elsewhere  $45.00  to  $65.00.  Our  Price,  $18.4[ 

New    effects     in    medium 
weight  inexpensive  suitings. 
value.      Width.  27  inches.      Be 
mention  letter  which  indicates  the  pat- 
anted.  12c 

No.  36H440 

Regular  lu-ceut 

Price,  per  yard. 

No.  36H437 

idely  advertised  fabric 
e  r  the  manufacturer's 
brand.  This  cloth  is  33  inches  wide,  of  suiting 
weight  with  woven  patterns.  Colors  guaranteed 
tub  and  sun  proof.  Better  than  Galatea  cloths 
for  children's  use.  A  25-cent  value.  Be  sure  to 
mention  letter  which  indicates  the  patten 
wanted.  1  Cf, 

I'rke,  per  yard iv»v 

:hecked  and  Figured  Wash  Silks,  Satin  Finished  Foulards 
Embroidered  Voiles,  Mulls  and  Muslins 

w  Checked  Wash  Silks,  Warranted 
Fast  Colors, 

.   36H44S     'n'.'"'''  <'"'•'•''«•«•  Wash   Silks,  nil 

„,.'.,-■■■''':  '■""'   '■^'''■k   about   14    in,],    s,|„nro 

ice    peJ   va;'"."".  .'."'"™';.t .-»'°;.  "-""•I;     20c 

kVe  Sell  Sewing  Mach 

1912    Styles    in    Fancy 
Wash  Silks, 

Inch    Fanov 
u  I  a  r  d     Style 

No.  36H446  i^; 

Wash   Silks.    All   silk 
'HV    self   color    piittern    is    also '  n'me 
silk.     Ihe    printed    pattern    is 
and  new.    .\  2.-i-rent  value. 
I  rae,    per   yard 


Beautiful  Silky  Foulards, 
Extra  Wide. 

No,  36H447  i':;,',"" 

Salin  Finished  Fou- 

i^'l.v  liandsome  goods 
^'lit  and  lieautiful  finisli.  Fast  colors 
siial  .in-cont  quality.  Note  the  extra 
by  number  and  be  sure  to  mention 
(lie.ites  color  wanted. 

ine  Supplies  for  About  Half  What  You  Pay  Elsewhere,   ^       ^"'''ch7c^a'g"o?V*''°8 


isTFST   WASH    DRESS    GOODS    FOR    1912    IN    ACTUAL   COLOS 

LAltii'*         "**".  „„.»  this  season  and  lower  in  price  by  far  than  the  same  high  quality  can  be  purchased 

Every  fabric  shown  on  this  Page  is  n^w  tm      ^    ^  ble  to  show  the  way  the  goods  look  m  the  piece      No  guesswork  ab 

1  »  „hPre      These  color  pages  show  >ou  as  "?f^f^; '„ ,g/every  yard  sold  to  be  first  quality  and  fast  color.     Order  by  catalog  numl 
^^rdenn"  and  no  -d   to  ^vaU^for^sa.iple.  ^^^^  e^gu^^^^^^^^^  ^,^  ^^,,^  ,,„,,  ,,  ,,,,,„  .„  ,,,,  ,U,,,,,,,on. 

being  also  sure  to  state  coiui 


^  •  •  *  ^   •■       *     *         ♦ 

No.  36H448  !;?i^^'^;^^^:;?S"." 

r„ll  Skirt  Width  Lawns,  fast  colors,  20-ceut  auality.     Be  sure  ..,  .nenUnn  leHer  vvhi.h  '"d^eates  the  color  wanted. 









W   ® 


N0.36H449    ^::Z.^^^'^>S^^^ ^^^^"^'"^^^   ■'  "-^"  '"  ^  '"'    "' ^"K 

I'riie,  iKT  yard 


A  Tl 


M_     laUAnn       Stvlish  Tissues,  entirely  new  this  season.    Warranted  f:ist  ''■'"i'''  -^viwiiuv  i 
No.  JbM45U        i^'^  ,p„„  „,,i^.,,  indicates  the  color  wanted.    Price,  per  yard 

Silk  Stripe  Voiles,  25  Cents  a  Yard. 

Entirely  New  and  Very  Sightly. 
No     1fiH4.'il      Popular    Novelty    in    Voile.      .Ml    colors    war- 

V\0.  oontoi  ranted.  A  regular  40-cent  goods.  Two-ply 
combed  Sea  Island  cotton  both  ways  with  a  pure  silk  stripe. 
Width,  27  inches.  Be  sure  to  mention  letter  which  indicates  the 
color  wanted.  25c 

Price,  per  yard 

Oe      SEARS.   ROEBUCK   AND  CO.. 

Fancy  Dress  Foulards, 
12  Cents  a  Yard 

.  lished  Fou. 
lard,  nently  styled  .ind  fast  colored. 
Width.  27  Inches.  In  ordering  state 
letter  which  indicates  the  color 
wanted.  1  2c 

Trice,    per   yard. 

New  Voiles  in  Foulard  St] 
15  Cents  a  Yard 

N„     'XG.ViAK'K     3T-Inch   Fast   Colored 
O.  JbM'^tOJ     ^.j,^p,,  „(  pombed  Sea  1 
c.tton    Tarns    and    a    full    2i-i-cent    value 
ordering    mention    letter    which    indicate 
color  wanted. 

I'rice,  per  yard 

Sewing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in  a  City  Near  You.    SAY  THE  WO 

ted,  Green,  Bine  and  Buff  Table  Damasks,  Table  Pads  and  Padding 

tl  -  FANCY       INDIGO  . ■ O 

YARD       ASK. 



Covered  Asbestos 
Table  Pads,  coireclU 
sized.  L.-u-ge  pads  m 
made  in  two  pieces  ind 
fold  up  compactly  wbi  'i 

ot  iu  us 

No.  36H685  An  oppor- 
mnity  to  secure  the  usual 
lO-cent  Indigo  Blue  Table 
»ama«k  at  a  price  that  iu- 
inres  a  great  saving.  Tbese 
foods  are  nicely  patterned 
md  one  of  our  most  popu- 
ar  numbers.  About  58 
nches  in  width. 

Price,  per  yard 23c 

i'.:,?,  ASBESTOi 

are     \s  V  \  ] 

No.  36H961  4S 
Round  or  Square 
bestos  Pads. 

Price,   each 

No.  36H962  48 
Kound  or  Square 
bestos  Pads. 

Price,   each S2.00 

No.  36H96g  M-iuth 
Round  or  Square  As- 
bestos  Pads. 

Price,   each ?2.25 

No.  36H963     Extra    X-eaves,    12    inches 
wide.    Price,  each 55c 

No.  36H965    Asbestos  Mats,  6-inch  size 
Hound.    Price,  each 9^ 

No.  36H966    Asbestos  Blats,  9-lnch  size. 
Oval.    Pnce,  each f  n^ 



To  increase  the  at- 
tractiveness of  our  6 
and  9-inch  asbestos 
mats  we  are  prepared 
to  furnish  slip  covers, 
ready  to  use,  made  ot 
good  quality  plain 
white  linen,  scalloped 
and  with  a  good  qual- 
ity   white   cotton    back. 

36H9650    To   flt 

No.  36H9660 

Mat.     Price,   each.. 

6  for 

No.    36H9(i5 



No.    36H9(!0 





eiT^rlAS'-^     DAMASK     DICE     OR 

No.  36H655  Me- 
dium Quality  Turliey 
Red  Table  Damask  lu 

floral     patterns    only. 
The   usual   25  -  ce  n  t 
value.     Width,    about 
S8  inches. 
Price,  per  yard,  t  9c 

No.  36H658  Same 
quality  groods,  but  in 
dice  pattern  only. 
Width,  about  68  in. 

Price,  per  yard.  1  9c 


No.  36H917  Do  not  take  any  chance 
of  injury  to  your  table  from  hot  dishes. 
A  pad  made  of  this  table  felt  costs  but 
very  little  and  will  pay  for  itself  on  its 
first  use.  This  is  a  good  weight  felt, 
running  about  16  ounces  to  the  yard.  It 
is  full  54  inches  wide.  Similar  goods  are 
retailed  freely  at  50  cents  a  yard. 
Price,  per  yard 32^ 

No.  36H738  In  various  sec 
lions  of  the  country  Buff  Tabli 
Damasks  are  exceedingly  popular 

This  fabric  Is  of  naturally  heiivj 
wclglit  woven  of  select  yarns. 
.refuUy.,  dyed    a    nice    rich    buff 



The  price  we  Quote  should 

be    fallen    as    a,    criterion    of 

You  could  not  possibly 

much      u,»,jc>      e 

Width,  about  58  inches,     /m  ex- 
ceptional value. 
Price,  per  yard 40c 


No.  30H697  This 
Quality  is  well  worth  the 
difference  in  price  over  the 
lower  priced  numbers. 
Comes  In  floral  pattern 
only.  Attractively  p  a  t  - 
terned.  heavy  weight  and 
about  58  inches  wide. 

Price,    per  yard 3  |o 

No.  36H700  Dice  Pat- 
tern   Turliey    Red    T  •  h  I  o 

Damask.    Guaranteed  color. 
Width,  about  58  inches. 
Price,   per  yard 3  1 0 

nRj'^nlC-?^^''  ■^^^'-E  DAMASK.     FAS 

No.  36H667 

Splendid  Quality  Tur 
key    Ked    Damask 

iiioely  styled,  about 
88  inches  wide  and  i 
full  30  -  cent  rihu 
Floral  patterns  ouU 
Price,  per  yard  22c 

No.  36H668     Dice 

I     paltern    only.      Width, 
about  58  inches. 
Price,  per  yard  22c 

BOILED      RED     AND 

No.  36H735  Our 
Best  Floral  Pattern 
Turkey  Ked  Table 
Damask,  guaranteed 
color.  Width,  about 
68  inches.  The  usual 
50-cent  goods. 

Price,  per  yard.39c 

No.  36H737  Best 
Quality  Dice  Turkey 
Red  Table  Damask. 
Width,  about  68  in. 

Price,  per  yard. 3 9c 

No.  36H749    Oil 

Boiled  Satin  Finish 
Red  and  Green  Table 
Damask,  floral  pattern 
only.  Width,  about  68 
Price,  per  yard. 40c 

No.  36H747  Oil 
Boiled  Red  and  Green 
Table  Damask,  dice 
pattern  only.  Width, 
about  58  inches. 

Price,  per  yard. 40c 

Cream^ivHalfBlead^       Damasks  at  Exceptionally  Low  Prices 

AM    OR    HALF        Trt  TrTqu       eTTT"C~T '  "" ' ■ - 

ACHED     DAM.       40c  BlVaIhed''  IfN^lf        44^  ^  *  b  ^  A  I.  E  A  C  H  ED       ^Q_  EXTRA     WIDE     ALL  I   ..« :..„.    ■■..,„- 

lo.  36H765  lliisisan 
ported  cloth.  Although 
80  heavy  as  the  more 
lensive  qualities.  It  will 
ye  itself  an  exceedingly 
id  value.  Comes  in  a 
im  or  half  bleach  fln- 
.  Patterns  are  all  that 
Id  he  desired.  About 
nches  in  width. 
Ice,   per  yard 3I« 

d./le^  HALF    BLEACHED 

t^C  IRISH    TABLE    DAM- 

A   YARD        ASK. 

No.  36H787  Cream  or 
Half  Bleached  All  Linen 
Table  I>amask,  about  68 
inches  wide.  <'omes  in  an 
assortment  of  neat  and  de- 
sirable floral  and  fancy 
patterns.  This  cloth  is  all 
linen  and  of  a  medium 
weight.  It  will  launder 
readily  and  at  our  price  is 
an  unquestionable  econ- 

Price,   per  yard 40c 

48c     l^J^\Z'i%K^'-^\49c     ^IZIk''^"'"^  '^^^^ 

A   YARD^j.,^ „,  I  A   YARD 

Find  Our  Pages  of  Standard  Face  and 

No.  36H797  WcKuar- 
antee  this  damask  to  be  all 
linen,  and  it  is  full  64 
inches  wide.  The  patterns 
are  very  sightly  In  appear- 
ance and  would  do  credit 
to  damasks  at  a  much 
higher  price.  These  goods 
are  of  medium  weight  and 
at  this  low  price  are  cer- 
tainly a  strong  valne. 

Price,    per   yard 44c 

No.  36H807  These 
Cream  or  Half  Bleached 
Table  Damasks  are  im- 
ported by  us  from  Ireland 
and  when  seen  side  by  side 
with  the  ordinary  75-cent 
goods  the  difference  in 
quality  cannot  be  detected. 
Full  70  inches  wide  and 
nicely  patterned. 

Price,    per   yard 48c 

tuualed.  Half  bleached  finish;  will  Im- 
prove with  e.ich  laundering.  We  are  able 
to  furnish  this  damask  by  the  yard  and 
napkins  of  exactly  the  same  quaiilv  and 
pattern  to  match.  Sold  separately  If 

„  No.  36H8IO  66-Inch  Imported  Dice 
Pattern   Table   Damask. 

^    per   yard 490 

36H8I00      Dice   Pattern    Heavy 
Napkins.     Size,    19x20   inches. 


iSig.   2.- 

Creams    and    Save    Money. 



FINE      SCOTCH       TABLE     ^,    ^o 
DAMASK.    FLEURDELIS     ^1.40 


<U1     97   FINE     SCOTCH     DAM/ 
<P*«"  '     FLEUR    DE    LIS  OR    R 


No.  36H873 

Imported  .VII  Pure 
Linen  Table  Dam- 
ask. These  goods 
cannot  be  bo\iglit 
at  less  than  $1.00 
a  yard  anywhere 
else.  Every  fiber 
guaranteed  pure 
flax.  This  is  a 
good  weight  cloth, 
bleached  pure 
white  and  comes 
in  either  the  fleur 
de  lis  or  spot  pat- 
terns. Width,  66 
Price,  per 

yard  69c 

No  36H8730  19xl9-Inch  Napkins, 
matching  the  above  damask  In  quality 
and  style. 

Price,  per  dozen  napkins ¥1.1-.* 

Ma    ■5fiHQ  1  5     Tliese    are    heavy    weight 

'^**;.     ^„,.i,ie     Satin     Damasks,     closely 

wovei^^nd  of  a  beautiful  quality.     Such  a 

price    as   te    name    would    ""t ,  !>«    P"«1' ''« 

fd   we   not   import   these   goods   oui.sehes 


the    regular    2-yiird    width,    guaranteed 
full  71  inches.  si    07    , 

l>rici>,  per  yard !|>i.^/ 


heavy  weight 
fine  Scotch 
Dinner  Nap- 
kins, match- 
ing the  above 
cloth  perfect- 
ly in  quality 
and  style. 
Full  $5.00 
value.  Size, 
aSx23  inches. 

Price,  per 
dozen  nap- 
kins ..$3.39 




No.  36H898 

The  illustration 
cannot  possibly  do 
this  pattern  jus- 
tice and  the  goods 
must  really  be 
seen   in   the    piece 


is      an      es 

p  e  c  i  a  1 1  y     good 
quality  Scotch  All 
Linen  Table  Dam 
ask,    usually    sold 
hi  the  linen  shops 
at  $1.50  to  $1 
yard.     Can  be  hid 
in  either  chrysin 
themum   or  spot 
patterns.    These 
goods  are  11  inches 
wide   and    a    mar- 
velous value. 

Price,   per 
yard   87c 

No.  36H8980 



TabTi  Napkins,  matching  the  above  clot 

in   quality   and  style.    Size,  about  ii- 

inches.  .  „^  ^ 

Price,  per  dozen   napkins SJ.'t 

$1.05  l!'"". 


AND      BAND    OR 



No.  36H91  2      One  of  our  leading  values  in 
high  class  Scotch  Table  Damasks,   guaranteed 
absolutely   all    pure   linen.      The   patterns   are 
unusually  good,  including  the  tulip  and  band, 
and  a  spot  pattern  with  a  handsome  border  of 
laurel  wreaths.    Width,  about  71  inches.    Rep- 
resent the  acme  of  value  giving,  as  they  could 
not  be  purchased  any- 
where    else     at     less 
than  $2.00  a  yard. 
Price,   per  ,    ^„ 

vard   $1.05 

No.  36H9120 
Large  Size  Dinner 
Napkins,  matching  ex- 
actly the  above  fine 
satin  damask.  These 
napkins  measureabout 
24x34  inches. 

Price,    per    dozen 
napkins    $3.31 






No    36H922     This  number   represents 
the  finest  tabling  by  the  yard  that  we  im- 
port.   These   goods   are   of   such   a  high 
character   as   is   not   to  be   found  in   the 
ordinary    retail    store.     They    are    fully 
worth  $2.50  a  yard  any  time.    The  hand- 
some   rose   pattern   must   be   seen   to   bo 
appreciated.      These    goods    are    full    72 
inches    wide,    of    heavy 
weight  and  beautifully 
I'rii'c,  per  yard.$l  .Dl 

No.  36H9220    Full 
Size     Dinner     Napkins, 
matching    exactly     in      •^ 
quality    and    style    the 
above  table  damask  by    p 
the    yard.      Size,    24x24   >v,.^ 

Price,  per  dozen  nap- 
kins   $4.87 

Each  of  These  Items  Represents^_Cenuine^avin 

.   „   .    o   u  I   »..*»        IRISH     ALL  NAPK 

fclVl*  DAMASK.      *i'^*'    TABLE 



No.  36H827 
Bleached    Table 
Damask   in    a 

good  assortment 
of  patterns, 
about  68  inches 
wide.  The  usual 
25-eent  goods. 

Price,  per 
yard   20c 


While  we  always 
recommend  the 
purchase  of  the 
higher  priced 
numbers  for  the 
best  service. 
nevertheless  a  t 
such  a  low  price 
this  damask  is 
sure  to  surprise 
any  purchaser. 
These  goods  are 
about  62  inches 
wide  Price,  per 
vard   24c 




No  36H840  There  is  a 
strong  demand  for  this  cloth 
on  account  of  its  Bood  width. 

its  ne;it  splected  patterns  and 
its  fine  satin  finish.  You  will 
find  it  difficult  to  match  this 
cloth  la  the  ordinary  retail 
way  at  50  cents  a  yard  or 
more.  It  wlU  prove  exceed- 
ingly durable  and  a  welcome 
addition  to  your  household 
linen.  The  patterns  are  all 
of  the  latest  designs  Prevail- 
ing in  tahle  linens.  Full  Ji 
inches  in  width. 

Price,   per   yard 4ZC 

No.  36H847 
60-Inch  Imported 
Table  Damask, 
Ijleaclied  pure 
white  and  of  me- 
d  1  u  m  weight. 
These  goods  are 
woven  in  Ireland 
and  are  nearly 
all  linen.  They 
are  attractively 
patterned  and  at 
their  price  have 
no  eciual.  Price, 
per    yard 40< 



LINEN    TA-    *1    c 

BLE     DAM-   ipl.«. 


No.  36H857  In  spite 
of  advancing  prices  of 
linens  we  are  able  to 
quote  the  same  low  prices 
on  these  high  class  goods. 
Our  direct  importation  of 
table  linens  is  the  rea- 
sou.  The  hieh  percentage 
of  flax  lu  the  construc- 
tion makes  It  ditacult  to 
detect  it  from  all  linen. 
Width,  64  inches. 
Price,  per  yard... 47© 

No.  36H860 
This  Table  Dam- 
ask Is  ^0  inches 
wide  and  comes 
in  a  range  of 
very  select  pat- 
terns.  It  is 
bleached  pure 
white  and  will 
give  good  serv- 

Price,  per 
yard    53c 

No.  36HS67       Our      Li 
Priced    Matched   All   Linen    C 

ask.  It  is  not  heavy  and 
patterns  are  not  as  excluslv 
the  higher  priced  Scotch  1 
hers,  yet  the  weave  is  ex. 
ingly  good  and  the  styling! 
pleasing.  BsuaUy  retailed  I 
cents  a   yard.     Width.   66   in 

Price,   per  yard 

No.  36H8670       >"'}' 

Linen    Tabis    Napkins,    mat 

the  above  cloth.      A   J2.00   1 

Size,   about  21x21    inches. 

Price,  per  doz.   napkins.*  I 



per    yarn '♦i/i-         _^.^^^.^^^» 




All     Linen    Table  Imported  Fancy  Table 
Cover   Fringed.        Cover,  Fringed.  White 
Wh.le   or  Colored        „,  Colored  Bord 

No.  36H987 
l/lnen  Fancy  Fringed 
Tnble  ('f>ver.  Very 
fe'iiod  value.  Several 
attractive  patterns. 
Size,  about  64x66 
inches.  In  ordering:  be 
sure  to  state  wlietljer 
red  or  blue,  or  plain 
wliite  border  in  desir- 

Price,    each. 

No.  36H992  Large 
ze  Imported  All  Linen 
a  n  c  y       Table 

Comes  in  all  white,  or 
white  with  red  or  blue 
lorder.  In  ordering  be 
ure  to  mention  color 
wanted.     Size,   about   54x 

1   inches. 

Price,  each OlC 

Fancy   Table  Covers.     Red  and  White 
or  Red   and   Green. 

Popular     Priced 
Fancy   Tablecloths   in 

litlier  turlsey  red  and 
white,  or  red  and 
green.  While  not 
woven  of  linen,  they 
are  excellent  value. 
The  patterns  are  all 
very  good  and  add  to 
the  desirability  of 
the  tablecloths.  We 
have  two  sizes  in  the 
same  quality.  In  or- 
dering be  sure  to 
state   color   wanted. 

No.  36H928  Fan- 
cy  Table  Cover.   Size, 
67x70      inches.      R  e  d 
,  and  white,  or  red  and 

rreen,     state  color  wanted.  yj/J 

Choice  Fringed  Table 
Cover.     White  or 
Colored   Border. 

N0.36H997      Imported 
All    Linen    Fancy    Table 

;r.  Fringed  and  ready 
instant  use.  These 
table  covers  may  be  had  in 
either  all  white,  or  white 
with  red  or  blue  border. 
ordering  be  sure  to 
tion  color  wanted.  Size, 
about  54x87  inches 

',  each '....970 

Price,    eacli 

No.  36H938     Large    size    Table    Cover. 

Ilze,  5,x86  inches.     Ked  and  white,  or  red 
iHd    urecn.      Mention  color  desired. 
I  1  rice,    each 

Columbia   Fancy   Table 

Covers,  37  Ceuts. 

No.     36H926        Fancy 

Color    Columbia    Table    Cov- 

.  r.-'nged.  These  are  very 
sifc'htly  covers  at  our  won- 
derfully low  price  and 
where  low  price  is  an  ob- 
ject this  cover  will  make  a 
decided  hit.  These  cotton 
covers  are  nicely  patterned, 
both  center  and  border,  and 
come  in  a  variety  of  mixed 
■oIormg.s  in  golds,  blues 
reds,  greens,  browns,  etc 
Size,  61x51  inches,  includin" 


e.ich . 


Mercerized   Damask    Tablecloths 
and   Napkins. 

Bfivr'c   ^®.""2®     All    Linen     Tablecloth.       Size,    about 

muclJ'a^Lin^asl'eTs/^'"'^    "^"""^    ^<"«"    "t  ^'^f^  l!^ 

Price.    e.ach ; $2.57 

No.  36H1127     Same    Quality    fabieclot'h °  as    »hn„„ 

but  measures  66x86  inches.  aoieciotn    »«    above. 

Price,    each S3  49 

^nlf-mfa^ZV  ^l,,^''^^u.T''''*''  '  -^-i-i-'o'"'  as  above. 
Price,    each $3.99 

Imported  Oil  Boiled  Fancy  Linen  Table 

Covers.      Guaranteed   Fast   Red 

and   White. 

One   qnalitv 
sizes      in      Muse 
ported     Fan<  v 
Covers,    nt  irl 
linen.     The     p 
are   e  x  c  e  p  t  i 
good  and  the  < 
heavy    frin-ri 
be   seen    in    tin 
tration.      Iln 
we     quote     on 
table  covers   in 
under      t  h  <  i  r      i 

No.  36H947  In 
ported  Faniy  lab 
Cover.  Size,  ubi>i 
61x61    Inch.s         QQ 

Price.    ca<  h . . .  l*"  - 

^/*°l'   \®"^^?   i*"'  I-a'-eest  Size  Import- 

6?x76"rnciles''*"'    '^'""''    ^"-'-      ^'^^ /"-""' 

Price,    each $1.17 

Imported   Inexpensive  All    Linen 


Price    ca 

Jlo.  36HI00I     Same   Quality   Tablecloth 

e  previously  quoted,  but  la  a  larger  sl/e    m 
iat  60x84  Inche*.  ' 

Mo.  36HI003     ( 

llJed  Tablecloth.    Si 

r  Largest  Size  Handsi 
.  about  58x100  inches. 


ime  Mer- 

i;-- $1.12 

.    „    .  w"'*l^°     Mercerized   Damasli  Table  Nap. 

■-   ""''■■'''""  Iho  above  ublMloth.s  perfectly  In  style. 
A   big 


Size,  about  20x20 

Imported  Hemstitched 

Tablecloths  in  Three 


These  ready  to  use  Tablecloths 
are  guaranteed  all  linen  ,ind  .ire 
neatly  and  durably  hemstitched 
all  around.  They  are  of  good 
weleht  and  nicely  bleached  and 
represent  an  unusual  yalu,!.  These 
cloths  are  all  of  the  same  qual- 
ity,  dlfferine  only  In   size. 

No.  36HI  120  Size.  63x66 
indies.     Price,    each $2.g3 

No.  36HI  121  Size,  63x85 

Extra    Quality   Ready 

to   Use   Tablecloths, 


This  is  a  higher  qualily  All 
Lrnen  Tablecloth  than  the  three 
lumbers    just     previously     quoted 

_  riche 


-.-.>..  „.  a.,  pure  Ha.v.  well 
bleached,  and  must  be  seen  to  be 
fiiUy  appreciated.  eoods 
could  not  be  had  anywhere  else 
at   less^than    33  H    to   50   per  cent 

.  No.  seHTras'  size.  68x68 

inches.    Price,    each $2  SO 

i„No-  36HM24  Size,  68x88 
inches.     Price,    each  S**  7n 

,.  No.  36H  I  -I  2S     sizo-.TsiTo*? 



r  Bleacli- 

iport  these  .411  Linen  Silvi 
ed  Tablecloths  direct  from  the  uerman 
manufacturers.  After  the  most  careful 
investigation  we  can  say  they  are  superior 
to  any  tablecloth.s  at  or  near  the  price  we 
quote.  One  quality  only  in  three  different 
sizes.  Patterns  are  very  handsome  and 
leave   nothing   to   lie   desired 

T.^i°- ,^.?^"„P<"  1  *''"■"  Bleached  Gorman  Linen 
Tablecloth.     Size,   about  59x62   inches.  Ai 

I'rlce.  each 31  C 

™.'i°T?h?M  '.?  '  ^-  *"  .  '■'"<'"' '  SiiveV  ■  Bleached  Ger- 
"'pHje'''eS.'.":..®.'"-  ':""'  ^"'"  '"'"•«^-     $1.12 

''_°-,36HI027     Largest  Size  Silver  sieachcd   Ger- 



about  59x87 

1^       Ifilf   irnn  ■  '    ""•""'■     "•"•«•■    "■•li S4.50  rrl,-e.     each        "-....„»>.     ;jjl_35 

LC  YALUESJW  HANDSOME  ALL  LIMEN  .SCftTCH  TiiuPn(m,^-,m^cn.... 

I'lie      illustrnt „      „      ., ,^_ 

i" '.'"■"  .".f  .".""^  opening  number  in 
^■•"ich  All  Linen  Tablecloths.  These 
•~""<\>i  are  imported  by  us  direct  from 
.Ncotland    and    are    Kuarantee,!    ail    pure 

.".ne  In  the  fleur  de  lis,' spot  pattern. 
..r.W^rl^^"'^^,'"'    Pj"""    *'"*«    pattern 

LnTi  T,^'-  These  four  nuuiiiers  are 
iM(    in    quality,    varyiug    only    in 

No,  36H1047     Size, 

Price,     cacli 

No,  36HI049     Size, 


66x66      Inches. 


i.^ 66x86      Inches. 

No.'  36H'i  05  1  ■  size,' '  etixAe' '  Inclfef 

'   ''icr,    each J.A     .  ., 

No.  36H10510     I«xl9:inch     Nap- 

'    ■■""    '    "  •»l.43 


next  higher  quality  in  these  ane  Scot 
Linens    and    are    well    worth    the    sli- 

.fference  in  price,  both  from  a  stan 
point  of  size  and  quality.  Ejich  of  th 
following  IS  exactly  the  same  in  nualiti 
varying  only  in  size,  and  at  their  price 
,TL"".'r"''1'''^  values.  Tlie  patterns  in 
cIlKli'  the  chrysanthemum,  spot,  etc  II 
ordering  please  state  preference. 

No,  36Ht062     Size,     TOxTI      inches 

No.  3  6  H  1  064     size.     Vl  x87 

I'rice.     e:i,'li 

No.   36H1066      .Size,'7ixI04 

Pric'c.     eacli 

No.  36H  1  0660    "22v22-Inch 
kins.      I'rice.    hi^r    doze 

•  SI.  73 



Na  p  - 

Buys  a   $3.50  Rogers    12-Penny weight  Silver  Plated  Knife  and  Fork  Set.   X      seabs.  . 




)wn   importation,    bleiicbed 
se,  spot  and  others.    These 

?roth;"a.'rof- sooa"welghVand  the  price  *«  "'f.  -"^.'^^J^^etlc"!  sT^'s* 
you  would  ordinarily  have  to  pay.  One  quality  in  three  practical  sizes. 
in  ordering  please  state  pattern  preferred 

All    Linen    Scotch    Tablecloths    of    ou 

pure  white  and  attractively  PJ't^™.';^, j" 

No.  36H1080  Size,  70x70  inches. 
N0.36H1082  Size,  70x89  inches. 
No.  36H1Q84  Size.  70x104  inches.. 
No.  36H  1  0840  22x32-lnch    Napkins. 

Price,  each $1.89 

Price,  each ^"55 

Price,  each ?•§? 

Price,   per   dozen..   2.51 

This  is  another  of  onr  Imported  Scotch  Tablecloths.  It  i»  of  a 
higher  quality  .nnd  in  an  even  better  rangce  of  patterns  than  the  qual- 
ity to  the  left".  The  medallion  center  pattern  shown  in  the  i»"/t/at';  » 
is  ve?y  rich  These  cloths  are  guaranteed  all  pure  linen  and  of  a  little 
better  than  medium  weight. 

No.  36H1100      Size,  71x73     inches.     Price,  each *o"ia 

No.  36H1102      Size,  71x90     inches.     Price,  each 2.88 

N0    36H1104      Size,  71x106  inches.     Price,  each... 3.39 

No'  36H1  1040  24x24-lnch  Napkins.     Price,   per  dozen...   3.31 

Heavy  Weight  Imported  All  Linen  Tablecloths  of  Scotch  manu- 
firture  and  in  elaborate  patterns,  including  pansy,  rose  and  others. 
In  ordering  nlease  state  pattern  preferre.l.  These  are  finer  goods  than 
'"ualfy  find  their'' way  in'^o  ordinary  dry  goods  stores,  and  the  prices 
are  only  possible  through  our  direct  importation. 

No    36H1107      Size.  72x90     Inches.     Price,  each *=-A? 

No    36H1  111       Size,  72x106  inches.     Price,  each... 5.05 

No    36H1  1  1  10  24x34-Inch  Napkins.     Price,  per  dozen...   5.00 

goods  of  thl3  kind  seU  at  from  $5.00  to  $7.»0. 

No    36HI  113       2    -Yard  Cloth,  size  72x72  Inches.    Price,  each '|-3o 

No!  36H  5       2'A-Yard  Cloth,  sizo  81x81   inches.    Price,  each 4.70 

N«    36H  8       2'/i-Yard  Cloth,  size  90x90  inches     Price,  each 5.67 

No    36HIII80    24x24-lnch    Napkins.     Price,    per   dozen I.SB 

bleached  and  crystal  white- 

NO.  36H  t  I  40       2  ^  -Yard  Cloth    size  72x72  |nch«      Pri^    each. . ....  .$6.|| 

To    iia        50        ity^i   cS     '.     i«  "S  iSche,.     Pr'=e.   each.  8,87 

Uo.  36HI  lioO    25x2l-lnch   Napkins,  square  and  *"""""' _^_" _'_"; ."^'^ 7 , at 
Price,    per    dozen 

At\       SEARS,   ROEBUCK  AND  CO,, 

^i^^incx=:i^iiri^^ii^r^^n:^;^^^r^^^  '^'^'*' 

Uylish  Linen  Sets  at  Prices  That  Are  Competition  Proof 


$1.17    ,"0    36HII52     Match- 
*»•*  •    ed     Linen     Table     Set 
A  SET      ^ 

at   the  low  price 

much    better    quality    than 
would    expect    to    get 
.-        ..  ^_^^    we   nuote.      Set   con- 

^h?.°L°iL  V"";?  'abledoth  measuring 
about  58x76  inchet  and  y.  dozen  nap 
kins  measuring  about  15x15  inches  put 
up  m  a  neat  box.  May  be  had  hi  all 
white,    or   white   with   blue  or   red   bor- 

f,  ^V.  ^n'°  '°'°S  *»"""'•  Handsome 
liinge   all  around. 

Price,  per  set j|    j^ 

en   Imported  Table  Set.    Tablecloth  and 
th.i,    11,, t„f"v, ■■■■,«■,■;;■.;"■      ^he    fableclotn    in    this    set    Is    larger 

ir  white  with   hJue   or  red   border.      Stale    color   border   wa,"ed 

■^■^■■^■1^^^"  ■'" 


^y       No.  36HI  t67       Heavy 
••»'    Weight    Fringed    Table  Set 

SET      VfJ    stylish    patte 

Interesting  value.  Table 
56x91  inches,  together 
full  dozen  I6xl6-inch  napUns 
boxed.  These  goods 
all  linen.  May  be  had  in  all 
or  white  with  red  or  blue  bor- 
State    color    wanted. 


These  three  numbers  repre- 
sent a  surprisingly  good  qual- 
ity Scotch  All  tinen  Damask 
Set,  tUe  different  uumbers  be- 
ing the  same  iu  qualit.y,  vary- 
ing only  in  the  size  of  cloth 
and  napldn.s.  We  have  never 
before  been  able  to  offer  such 
a  genuinely  good  set  at  such    t 

rs!^nf??urr:ir'err-:i:^;'^:r/"-  -^'■- 

luit  up  in  a  neat  bo.x.  '"Sethei    with  a  full   dozen   napkins 

No.  36H  1  1  90   size  of  cloth. 

iKvi«  .'"','"■"•  /yit'i    one    dozen 
lH.vl8-inch  napkins. 

I'nre.    per    set .$3  43 

No  36H  1  1  93  size  of  eloTlf 
?„  ?•*  .""''es,  with  one  dozen 
I8xi8-inch  napkins. 

Trice,    jici-    set....  s*?  oq 

No.  36H  1  205    Size  of  Jloth; 

fi(..v95    inches,    with    one    dozen 

ix.\18-inch    napkins. 

I'rice,    per   set ?4.93 

$5   87    ;?'-'-       LINEN       FINE       QUALITY 
ASET       Ie?^'^"    HEMSTITCHED    table 

No.  36HI207  This  is  a  nice 
Scotch  All  Pure  JLinen  Hemstitched 
Table  Set.  Both  tablecloth  and  nap- 
kins are  very  stylishly  patterned 
and  are  neatly  and  durably  hem- 
stitched all  around.  This  set  consists 
of  a  tablecloth  nieasnrinK  about 
66x06  inches,  together  with  one  dozen 
napkins  about  18x18  inches,  and  comes 
in  a  very  attractive  tulip  and  spot 
pattern  as  shown  In  the  illustration 
"'."',  "  special  ball  border  settmg  the  pattern 
uir  handsomely.  Put  up  in  an  attractive  box. 
n  only  be  compared  with  the  kind 
•ould  pay  50  per  cent  more  in 

This  value 
for  which   you 
any   retail   stoi 


$6.49    HEMSTITCHED      CLOTH,       WITH  PLAIN 

■"-■  h?mJ?i/,.?.!i'*  I  .^P'rat'"'."'    "■•    inweasing  demand 

hemstitched  cloth  with  plain *  ■ 


pattern,   we  offer   this 

measures   about    " 

hemstitched  all  „.„ 

kins   measuring   22x22 

-   to   match   it   ... 

special   value.     The   Ijiblecloth 

ah«..*   i:^J«.i    •     1  ^i^^*^'''^   value,     xne   tablecloth 

..o.  bemstrtch<^.--Thta-sercim1sTn'l  K.fS'  ch'i^sarf 
*v'"r  SSSn'of  ""'"r,   °'  '?»  Pattem^Selng  enklnced 
.ddltlon    of    smaU    spots.       Guaranteed    aU    fine 
white.     Kach    set  put  up   in   a   neat   box 


$9.63    ^fj'"!,,,^!.'^^         HEMSTITCHED 
"    -  "        *LL      PURE      SCOTCH       LINEN 

dozen  22x22.incli  napkhis.   henin 

t  use.     We  can  furnish  several  si 

the   poppy  and    chrysaiitlu 

let    is    put   up    in 

$10.35       No-  36 H  I  22 7  "  ExtVa 

^   .         _  Linen    Matched   Table   Set 

ASET  _,.        ...       „.  „,       „„„ 


No.  36H1218  ThU  is  one  of  onr 
best  table  sets.  It  Is  very  attractive 
in  appearance  and  also  one  that  will 
give  excellent  service.  This  set  is 
of  superior  weight  and  quality  finest 
satin  damask,  absolutely  all  pure 
linen.  Tablecloth  measures  about  67x 
1(M  inches,  uapkius  measure  21x21 
Inches.    One  dozen  napkins  to  the  set 

tr'.,Ho''n'' whf.°'  "■'  P''"""  '■='"""*  '^<'  determined   from  the  m^ 
tiation,  which  in  no  way  does  the  pattern  justice     This  is  a  hind 

an  around.    Each  set  comes  put  up  in  a  fancy  box 

''•"■'"•   ^''-  '"■' ■. »9.63 

*'-'-  .4KIK    CIRCULAR    CLOTH    TABLE   SETS 

duct,    wai 

?dgo  tablecloth 


A  SET      cloth 

a  good   service, 
for  round    tabl 

No.  36HI225     

Table    Set.     Consists    of 
measuring    71x71 
Hoped    all 

S.       E;i,li 

$8. SO 

A  ofT-r        ..."  .'^'.Itched   Table  Set.   This  sel  li  Iden 

A  SET         tical  with  the  number  previously  gVioted    ex- 

easures    81x81 

Is  put   up 

cept    that     the    tablecloth 

--.--     "1"*     *"°      LituiecK 

ne^r       ,  "^     '  ^"'^  immediale  i 


A  scT  1^^  "^  '^HE  BEAUTIFUL  IRIS 

No.  36H1215  This  number  is  a 
much  better  table  set  than  any  of  the 
numbers  previously  quoted.  The  iris 
pattern  in  which  this  set  comes  is  an 
artistic  interpretation  of  the  flower 
and  must  really  be  seen  on  the 
table  to  be  fully  appreciated.  Each 
set  consists  of  one  tablecloth  measur- 
ing about  66x102  inches  and  one  dozen 
napkins  measuring  about  30x20  inches. 
Put  up  in  a  neat  box.  These  goods 
are  warranted  all  pure  linen  and  can- 
not be  duplicated  elsewhere  at  less 
than  .fU.OU  a  set. 

Trice,   per  set $7.79 

^.^    ^»      EXCLUSIVELY   STYLED    HAND- 

$12.^Q      SOME      SCOTCH       TABLE      SET 

*  a  cVt  'N„RIBB0N     and    BALL    PAT- 

A  SET         TERN.      TABLECLOTH    2>', 

YARDS    SQUARE.  "  '   "    ■=  2 

No.  36H  I  230     One  of  our  very  flnest  all 
pure  Scotch   Linen   Table  Set».     Its  heavy  weight 
and  lustrous  finish  make  It  a  far  superior  value 
to  anything  Uiat  can  be  found  in   Uie   ordinary 
dry   goods   store   at   any   price.      The  lllustralioii 
is  too  small  to  show  tlie  liandsome  pattern,  hut 
when    seen    on    tlie   table    these   goods   are   more 
than   pleasing.      The  pattern   consists   of  a   satin 
•^^mm^^,^^       ball  center  with  a  rich  saUn  band  design  and  Is 
one     of     the     most     clever     ideas     ever     gotten 
consists     of    tablecloth     measuring     85x85     inches,     together     with 
measuring     23x23     inches.        Both     napkins     and     tablecloth 
i.     Put  up  In  a  very  handsome 
J  priced  on  the  same  low  basis 

out.       The 
one    dozen     napkli 

are  handsomely  hemmed  and  hemstltchc<l  aU  „., 
ho.x.     We  Import  these  goods  ourselves  and  they 
as    all    our    other    table    sels. 
Price,      per     set 


mgs  on  2c  to  12c  Pages  19  to  28  Suggest  Large  Savings  Throughout  This  Catalog. 

Lunch  Cloths,  Dresser  Scarfs,  Table  Runners^ 

No.   36HI376 

Ifft  ALL      LINEN      IMPORTED      DRESSER 


Imported  All  Linen  Table 
„  Scarf,  made  of  ii  Bmnl  qiial" 
l'tv":ill  Unen  (ianiask.  bleached  snow  wliite.  and 
ta  a  range  of  patterns  that  to  espoc  al  y  Rood 
The<ie  scarfs  are  hemmed  and  hematitcliert  all 
aound  and  at  our  fecial  Price  they  represent 
an  unusual  value.  It  would  be  liard  to  diipll- 
?ite  them   at  less  than  $1.00.      Measure,  about 

17x53  inches.  


13^ce  Lunch  Sets,  Tray  Cloths,  Etc. 

$2  27       13-l'IEt  E    SCALLOPED   LINEN   HISCH    SET       $2,47 

No.    36H1233 

Tliirteen-Piece  All 
Linen    Lunch    Set. 

.■.insists  of  one  24- 
1  n  o  li  centerpiece, 
six  10-iuch  plate 
.1  o  i  1  i  e  s  and  six 
ti-inc'li  tumbler 
.liiilies,  seallopeil 
like  illustration. 
The  material  us.  1 
is  iiu  all  liii.  11 
pure  white  plain 
linen,  good  weight 
Each  set  neatU 

Price,     per     set 
complete   ..$2  27 

No.    36H1234 

This  Tbirteen- 
Fiece  Lunch  Set  is 
similar  in  style  to 
the  one  illustrated, 

but  is  made  of  a 
tine  bleached  all 
linen  damasls  with 
ii  small  polka  dot. 
Set  consists  of  one 
21-inch  center- 
|iuie  six  10-inch 
pi  iti  doilies  and 
si\  li  inch  tumbler 
doilus  Each  set 
ueitb    boxed. 


No.  36H  I  378     This  Is  a  larger    flner  am 
inore    siahtly    Damask    Dresser    Scarf   than    th 
more   inexpensive   numbers  and  one  that   la  wel 
w.irth  the  difference  In  pri.;e.      Patterns  are  ex 
ceptlonally    cood.       The    cloth    is    of    3i  mclen 
weight   to   insure   stability   and   the   bleach    is 
pure  crystal   white.      This   scarf    measures   aboul 
18x55    inches    and    is    handsomely    scalloped 
around  with  the  much  desired  three-leaf  seal! 
Full  $1.25  value 

Price,    each 




These     goods     are     guaranteed      pure     linen, 

bleached  snow  white  and  tastefully  patterned, 
CarefuUy  and  durably  scalloped  f"  """"a 
making  them  very  sightly  and  at  the  mln 
Imum    of   expense. 

No.  36HI362    Svu, 
measuring  about  36x36  i 

NO.  36H1372    These  Tra,  Cloths  i,a,e  formed  ^.-^..rma'Si'ot'a'&ti" 
our  line,  representing  as  Ihey  do  a  full  50  cent  value      in  y  artisUcally   pat- 

ful    piece   of   all    pure    Gennan    damask     bleached   I';"^|jjj';i„„.^iiy  decorated  with  a 
llT^f  „?,'nt?rl'?s"lhS?nTVe"lu"sTaUor'mak|„g  a  very  sightly  tray  cloth  - 
that  wlU  render  efliclent 

36HI36I      Our  best  quality 

Lunch    Cloths- 

in   I.U..V,.    « It  la   i  square    con 

.,„.„  and  besides  the  handsome  damask  patlei 
Is  additionally  decorated  with  a  row  01  oik 
vork  combining  sightlineas  with  service.  Slml 
eo<.d3  usually  retail  at  Jl.OO  each. 

Pi'tcA.     each 



No.  36HI354 
All     Linen     Lunch 
Cloth    uf    Au.'itrian 

stitched    all    around 



1RHI373      Pure    While   All    Linen    Damask   Tray 

'       Handsomely  pattVrned  and  hemstitched  a  1  around 

isualSOcenf  quality.    Makes  a  '"^  dflr  a  We  holiday 

U,em  rr.Z'H^c'lo^^  -  rtue°^erM.1^™'s".Sru. 
18x26  inches.  JO. 36 

Price,    each Z.Oaj 

res     about     36 

oi„  H  E  m  - 

No.    36HI355 
German    All    Linen 
Lunch    Cloth. 

„    brought 

variety    ot 

ctlve   d  a  I 


similar  to 
iiius'trailon.  These 
goods  have  never  been 
sold  over  retiiil  coun- 
ters at  less  than 
$1.25.     These     cloths 

«1      n7     HEMSTITCHED     ANU     o  r  t.  .-  -     $1.69 
wl.U/      WORK      ALL     LINEN      DAMASK  _,„u 


IN      TWO      PRACTICAL      SIZES. 

We  are  very  glad  to  quote  these  line  All  Linen  Damask 
Lu*ch"lot5s\t  our  old  prices  This  c'^'h  ™S  ^  V,^" 
sizes  the  same  in  quality  and  styling.  .In/ddl"""  J,°h"  „ 
hamlsome  damask  patterns,  the  c  oth  is  fe»tured  vvlth  a 
row  of  openwork,  a  section  of  wliich  may  be  seen  in 

;  abo' 

-ing  43x43  inches.     Price. 

«1    97  ALL    LIN- 

91.^1   EN    HEM- 





No.  36HI357 

Very    Superior 

ity  All    Linen 

Cloth.      1  . 

damask  patttn 

a     very     low 

A  $2.00  value      Meas 

ures  about  45x45   in 

Price,   ea  b  S^l    27 

/;o„  SCALLOP 

$1.00  VALUE 

No.  36HI3S9 
Imported     All     Linen 
Lunch    Cloth.     These 
cloths     are     feature.1 
by  handsome  damask 
patterns    and    the 
edges  are  neatly  scal- 
loped all  around  vvlth 
a    tasteful    three-leaf 
seaUop.      They     are 
woven     of     all 
yarns    and    bleached 
snow  white.    At  th-"- 
price    they    have 
the  goods. 

__    bleach- 

Stato  choicw. . 

a    genuine  tl.50   value.     Price. 

Items    consist    of    lite    ire 
Measures  about  45x45 

JriU  Tppr^Iatc    the   values   when 
Measure  about  31x31   inches.    Price. 

ZZ  50  Cents  a 

Yard  SAVED  on  Best  $1.00  Black  Taffeta  in  the  World.  Q3 

Dinner  Napkins,  Tea  Napkins,  Doilies,  Etc. 


51-        BLEACHED 

•'*'-       TABLE      NAP- 

A  DOZEN     KINS.         FAIR 


I  MDUt  N    A   r  - 



White  Tabic  Naokltu.  While 
not  ull  linen,  they  are  a 
*  e  r  y  dependable  quality. 
Tlie  patlerns  are  aulto 
Plca.^ini;  and  Ihougli  inei- 
rcnsirc  napkins  tliey  are  a 
Taluf  li.ird  to  equal.  Size, 
■bout  H'/jxU'/,  inches. 
',  Price,   per   dozen 5  In 


A  DOZEN    TABLE      NAP- 

{^rUE.*    ""^ 

No.  36HI257  Importeii 
Irish  Table  Napidns  with  all 
linen  filline.  P'requently  sold 
as  all  linen  napkins,  but  we 
do  not  quote  tliem  as  such. 
They  contain  C5  per  cent  pure 
flar.  BIcaclied  pure  white 
and  come  in  attractive  floral 
patterns.  Usual  80-cent  value. 
Size,  about  16x17  inches. 

"e.    per    dozen 67e 

q.*}^        IMPORTED    ALL 

»"»C        LINEN     TABLE     IJAP. 

A  DOZEN    KINS.       AN      ESPE- 

TICLE  AT  a'tli.'-AYL  'p"r?c"e.   *"• 


"0-  36HI260  G  t  ., 
W  e  i  B  h  t  Grass  Bleached 
Table  Nankins.  Tliesc  nap. 
kins  are  woven  with  an  all 
linen  fllling,  of  close  tei- 
ture.  good  quality,  and  are 
tastefully  patterned.  Thla 
value  has  an  Irreslstihle 
appeal.  A  full  value. 
Size,  about  ISVixlJ  inches. 

Price,   per  dozen 76c 



No.  36HI267    This  is  a  nap- 
have  developed  a  tremendous 


i  pri 

.  has 




No.  36H1270 
Pnre  White  Satin  Ta- 
ble Napliins.  Good 
weight  and  guaran- 
teed fully  equal  to  the 
S1.50  goods.  These 
napkins  will  ret.iin 
their  satin  finish 
after  laundering.  Size, 
about  80x20  inches. 
Price,  per  doz..95c 

no  equal  anywhere.  It  is  guaran- 
teed all  linen  and  measures  16x17 
inches.  The  patterns  are  all  very 
desirable  and  where  low  price  is  the 
prime  object  this  napkin  will  give 
every  satisfaction. 
Price,   per  dozen . 

!?0?E?   N'*-.2s".*^ii?EL*V^'-STVL''El'^     ^*«" 

No.  36H1290 

Bleaclied  Table  Nap- 
kins in  several  very 
pleasing  patterns. 
One  of  our  Scotch  im- 
portations and  there- 
fore extremely  pop- 
ular napkins.  We 
h.ave  no  hesitancy  in 
saying  that  you  are 
sure  to  be  pleased 
with  this  selection,  as 
these   napkins    have 

Known    to    disappoint    anyone. 

■"'uc.    Size,  about  19.y19  inches 


higli  class 

45-INCH      LUNCH 

$8.00  SET 

-  vl.07 

36HI283       All 
"       an  Table  Nap- 

iiins.    Sliver  bleached.   We 
import    tiiese    napkins    for 
-—"  restaurant  and  hotel  trade. 
will   withstand   the   very   hardest 
"V'  ^  V-"^^    ^"    <^l<^e    pattern.      Size, 
about  17x171/2  Inches. 

Price,    per    dozen SI    22 

$1.49     „No    36HI284     Same 

A  do7en  f^S\ih.  "^TT.  of,.,  ~?; 

l^x^   Ss."^    "''''■'■      «'«•    ^O""' 
Price,    per   dozen $1.49 

lu    MATCH 

,  $8.00  s?T 


fcfnaiS;  ?;s?efs'^?o£'0!^^;l--'V% 

Price   of  the   set.   complete Sn  OO 

.•   „  QUALITY 

A  dozen 

No.  36H1340  Thes-e 
napkins  are  made  in 
Scotland,  the  home  of 
high  class  linens.  Tliev 
are  woven  of  all  pure 
flax  and  will  prove 
very  durable  as  well 
as  sightly.  The  hand- 
some stripe  pattern 
shown  in  the  illustra. 
tlon  is  an  extreiuclv 
popular  one  with  our 
customers.     Dsual  $4.2" 


^,        -Q.       ^ 

8    ii     ii    ii  .£' 

ii       si      .{lit 

,, - v'---^  value.     These  nan- 
kins are  full  dinner  size,  23x23  inches. 
Price,    per    dozei 53  3  • 

lual  .<2.( 

---..^.    ^.M.^,  ati\ru^  XJ7.VXW  iiicnes. 
per  dozen ?1 .3  2 

2-23     TTBlE^HJ^'KyNS*'"-    ^"'^''    «'="'^" 

N0.36H1305     At- 

trartive  Spot  Design 
Table  Napkins,  as  il- 
lustrated. The  pattern 
'■^  excellently  worked 
u  t.  These  napkins 
ire  the  product  of 
1  celebrated  Scotch 
linen  mill.  Some  of 
the  designs  intended 
for  higher  priced  nap- 
Kins  have  been  used 
in  this  number.    These 

-    --    ■•    -1M(  cable  as  they  are  at- 

Wtive    Full  $2  75  value.    Size,  about  22x22 


riiie    pel   dozen  $2.23 

^•43     SO|He'-'|'/y''lEs!^'-^  NAPKINS.      HAND- 

No.    36H1335      It 

would  be  hard  to  du- 
plicate these  napkins  at 
less  than  $4.00  a  dozen, 
and  it  is  with  nap- 
kins at  that  price  we 
desire  to  have  you 
compare  this  number. 
Woven  of  select  flax 
I  nd  are  of  extra 
weight.  The  patterns 
are  very  clever.  War- 
ranted all  pnre  linen 
about  22x2?  inches. 

ALL      LINEN      HEMSTITCHED      u 


No.  36  H  1367     Im- 
ported All  L,inen  Doilies 

Neatly  hemmed  and  hem- 
stitched all  around.  A 
new  number  with  us  this 
season  that  will  be  high- 
ly appreciated,  especially 
for  the  holiday  season. 
We  will  pack  them  in  a 
fancy  box,  without  extra 
charge,  if  so  requested. 
Size,   about   ISxlS   inches. 

Price,  per  dozen. $1 .95 

$4.19     S»<X\|y    WEIgV/t^   ''"^'■^    NAPKINS. 

No.  36H1347 
Highest  Quality  Satin 
Napkins,  especiallj 
recommended  to  those 
v.'ho  have  been  paying 
$fi.00  to  «6.50  a  dozen 
Closely  woven, 
bleached,  pure  snow 
white.  The  patterns 
are  works  of  art  ami 
will  make  you  proud 
to  possess  these  nap- 
kins.   Size,  24x24  inches.  

Price,    per   dozen $4    1  9 

"rice,    per   di 


SCALLOPED     DOILIES.      ALL     PURF     liwciu        uAun 
SOMELY    PATTERNED-  AND    VER  "pRAcf  rcAL"*""' 

No.  36HI369    A  n  - 

other  addition  to  our 
line  this  season  and  a 
splendid  value.  These 
doilies  are  guaranteed 
all    pure  linen,   snow 

vhite,  handsomely  pat- 
terned, and  scalloped  all 
around,  as  shown  in  il- 
lustration. For  style, 
service  and  Inexpensive- 
ness  these  doilies  have 
no  equal.  We  will  pack 
them  In  a  fancy  box, 
without  extra  charge, 
when  so  requestod.  Size, 
about  15x15  inches. 
Price,  per  dozen.$3.23 

52.58   Buys  a  $3.50  Rogers   12.Pennyweight  Silver  Plated  Knife  and  Fork  Set 

$5.05     HJSfS?,,"^    DOUBLE    DAMASK    TABLE 

No.  36H1350 

These  napkins  are  the 
very  finest  quality  we 
carry.  They  can  onlv 
be  duplicated  In  the 
large  city  stores  ami 
at  a  prohibitive  price. 
We  import  these  goods 
direct  from  the  Scotch 
manufacturer  and  are 
therefore  able  to  quote 
a  price  that  is  in  re- 
ality lower  than  whole- 
sale. These  napkins  reiiresent  a  full  S7.5U 
value.  Full  dinner  size,  24x24  inches. 
Price,    per    dozen $5  05 



No.  36H1352 

Choicest  and  He 
Weight  All  Pnre  Lin- 
en Scotch  Double  Dam- 
ask Table  Napkins, 
This  Is  the  very  finest 
quality  In  these  goods 
that  we  have  ever  han- 
dled. A  new  number 
with  us  this  season 
and  submitted  for  the 
approval  of  those  of 
our     customers     w  h  o 

li.Tve  been  in  the  habit  of  i.aviiii;  Slil.nO  to 
»1.').00  a  dozen  for  napkins  'in  the  large 
city  stores.  The  rose  and  ribbon  patterns 
are  very  exclusive  and  must  be  seen  to  be 
appreciated.  These  goods  will  last  a  life- 
time In  ordinary  service.  Size,  25x25 
•hes.     Price,  per  dozen $7.61 

X       SEARS.   ROEBUCK   AND   CO., 


Butcher  Linens,  Linen  Sheetings,  Embroidery  Linens,  Hand- 
kerchief Linens,  Linen  Cambrics  and  Dress  Lmens^ 

«^  ALL     FLAX     BLEACHED 

27c        bOTCHER  LINEN.  YARD 
A   YARD     WIDE. 

No.  36H1385 
Dependable    Quality 
Yard    Wide    Kound 
Thread    Butcher    L"i* 

en,  woveu  of  good 
quality  flax  aud 
bleached  pure  white. 
This  butoiier  linen  is 
woven  for  us  in  Ire- 
l-iud  and  as  we  buy 
it  from  the  makers 
ourselves  we  are  in 
position  to  make  to 
our  customers  t  he 
very  lowest  wholesale 
price  possible  for  any 
dealer  to  get  in  any 
quantity.  Full  -TO- 
cent  value.  Width 
Price,    per    yard. 

37c    ^.^.^^r^RD^^w^fS^", 

*    YARD      ROUND ^T^HREA^D^g 

This  quality  is  tar 
superior  to  the  ordi- 
n  a  r  y  60-cent  goods 
and  for  a  compai-isou 
of  value  must  be 
compared  with  the 
usual  60-ceut  goods. 
Superior  quality  yarn 
has  been  used  in  this 
cloth  aud  it  is  heavy 
enough  to  give  the 
best  of  service  wher- 
ever used.  Guaran- 
teed all  linen.  Full 
30  inches  wide. 
ially      priced      at,      per 




Ktm-n     FINISH     LINEN 

No.  36H7  240      Everybody     wants    "-»f  i/^'l^tendid 

mill     ends     in     cream     only,     all     P*'**^*^\  *;      $1.19 




No.  36H1408    our 

Heaviest  All  Linen  Suit- 
ing, a  cloth  that  is  in  ex- 
traordinary demand  with 
tailors  catering;  to  the 
Hnest  trade  in  women's 
suits.  This  cloth  will 
weigh  5  ounces  a  yard. 
It  is  woven  of  the  finest 
selected  flax,  grass 
bleached  suow  white,  and 
a  cloth  that  may  be  de- 
pended upon  to  give  the 
luost  unusual  service.  It 
has  the  right  weight  to 
iiroperly  drape,  and  be- 
iii'T  a  cloth  of  our  own 
imljortation  we  are  not 
onbiect  to  any  middlemen's,  profits, 
which  accounts  for  the  extremely  low 
Srice  we  are  able  to  name.  Our  quota- 
?'on  shoufd  not  l.e  taken  as  «  "leans  of 
iii,ip-inf  the  value  of  this  cloth,  xne 
„  dfna?y  retail  price  is  75  cents  a  yard 
Full  sg'^  inches  wide.  Specially  priced 
at.   per  yard..    ^** 




No.  36H1425 

The   sanitary   benefits 
of  Linen  Sheeting  are 

becoming     recognized 

mure  and  more  every 

day.     While  the  orig- 
inal   expense    in    the 

use    of    linen    sheets 

aud     pillow    cases    is 

higher      than      cotton 

goods,    nevertheless 

the    comfort    and    ex- 
traordinary  service 

they  give  really  make 

them     an     economy. 

This   goods  is   woven 

for  us  in  Scotland  of 

selected     linen     yarn.           .  nnr* 

It  is  of  Just  the  proper  weight  for  the  pur. 
pose  and  has  a  cool  and  pleasant  feeling 
On  today's  high  linen  market  this  goods  u 
be\ng  wholesfled  at  practically  the  prla 
we  are  asking  you,  and  considered  goo< 
vilue  at  that.  Measures  about  90  inches  li 
width.     Price,  per  yard »•■ 

B "  ;^^\^e"saI'e-pr^c«e\^'a^lI-puSi  LrNiN-;;^! 

In  the  four  numbers  listed  he 
low  we  believe  we  have  a  right  t_o 
make  a  strong  bid  for  your  busi- 
ness on  Art  or  Embroidery  Lin- 
ens' These  four  numbers  repre- 
sent one  sterling  quality  Irish 
-rass  bleached  art  linen  the  de- 
sirable  round  thread  weave 
woven  of  selected  flax  aud  grass 
bleached.  These  goods  are  strong 
favorites  with  many  of  our  cus- 
ti.mers  who  have  been  in  the 
habit  of  reordering  as  their  needs 
reciuire  for  many  years.  Regard- 
less of  market  conditions  we  have 
not  changed  our  quality,  a  par- 
ticle and  our  old  low  prices  are 
,^„iv  f,.  be  .•M.hiined  by  our  fortunate  contracts 
?,ulae    luaiiy     m'intbs    ago.     These    four    numbers 

"^'no'.  36H  1 390'''l8-IncU     Bound     Thread     Art 

""^S^rS^  ^^nch -PUW;  WM^-Bo.^    \rt    Linen.     Price,   per   yard • .    i^'*' 

L^n  3f^!.fi?a-c^tX:ri^J^P"'?^'« 


low  cases,  etc.     Tsual  .o-cent  value. 

Price,   per    ya-'  '^" 



a  YARD 

No.  36H2736  Linen 
Filled  Pure  White  Dress 
Linen.  Not  as  heavy  as 
our  more  expensive  suiting 
linens,  but  represents  an 
unusual  value  at  the  price. 
This  goods  is  all  linen  in 
tlie  filling  with  a  fine  cot- 
ton warp  and  is  frequently 
sold  as  an  all  linen  cloth. 
At  our  low  price  It  repre- 
sents a  strong  value. 
Width,  about  3^  inches. 

Price,   per   yard 1  /c 

No.  36H2737  W  »'  \f,^, 
Irish  Dress  Linen.  A  Utrit 
finer  cloth  than  the  num- 
ber just  previously  quoted 
■ind  measures  about  ^b 
inches  in  width.  This  goods 
is  woven  with  a  fine  cotton 
warp  and  an  all  linen  fl  - 
iu<'  The  usual  retail  sell- 
ing price  Is  35  cents  a  yard. 
Woven  in  Ireland  and  im- 
piirted  by  ourselves  direct. 
Price,  per  yard 




I    ■■  1 




36c      YARD    WIDE    IRISH    GOODS. 

*No*''36H1410    This    .is    «<" 

most  inexpensive  anality  in  these 
fine  Irish  goods,  uevertheless  it  is 
one  that  may  be  depeh^ed  upon 
and  should  not  be  judged  by  the 
low  price  we  quote,  which  is  only 
due  to  our  importing  these  goods 
ourselves  on  our  old  contract, 
made  before  the  present  high 
prices  on  goods  were  even  con- 
sidered a  possibility.  Warranted 
all  linen.  Bleached  snow  white. 
Full  36  inches  wide. 

Price,   per  yard »50c 

^o^ EXTRA      QUALITY  ,    HAND- 

*M^*5Eu  1 ,11  ■;      This    is    a    finer    quality    inan    ..... 
nrpv?ou?lv^iote(l   and    compares   favorably    with   the    usual 
Tnt  good's.'  It  b  grass  bleached  pure__wMte. 

,;iM.c   u^   „".    low   price, 
uaisting   purposes.      Full    36 






Full  36  inches  wide.    Price,  per  yard -, 

J"'   I       "'■"'^'    '^        ■ — I 

Beautiful  Huck  Towelings  for  Fancywork 





34c    i,\lcK^'''VUA%l 

A   YARD     FOR     E^M  B  P:  O^.^D- 
15    INCHES. 

No.  36H2093    We  were 
so    successful    in    the   pres- 
entation     of     our     •32-inch 
fancy   all   linen   hnck   tow- 
eling  that   we   have   added 
to     the     line     a     narrower 
cloth  which  we  believe  will 
be    equally    as    successful; 
especially    for    the   making 
up     of     towels     will     this 
w  idth  be  in  demand.    While 
til  is  cloth  is  of  exactly  the 
s,.nie    quality    as    our    No. 
■jr,H2095,  it  is  brought  out 
in     an     entirely     different 
range      of      patterns,      the 
etvles    shown    being    par- 
ticularly   adaptable   to   the 
width.    This   is   a   strictly 
all     linen     cloth,     and     the 
ordinary  retail    price  is  50 
cents.      The     patterns     in- 
clude three  very  new  ideas, 
the     ever     popular     sham- 
n.cU    and     two    attractive 
liirnres.     For  your  conven- 
.   "ee    we    have    numbered 
.   patterns.     In   ordering 
ase   state   pattern  nnm- 
:  preferred. 

per  yard 34c 

45c    r,VETP>!'>^or 

A^*""     ?o"r"em11.^I^D^^S§ 
No.  36H2095     m  sub- 
mitting  this  cloth   for  onr 
customers'      approval      we 
certainly    struck    the    key- 
note    of     our     customer- 
wants  and  have  developed 
a     surprisingly     eiteu-i\e 
business.     The    four 
terns  shown   are  exclusive 
ill  character  and  are  not  to 
be    met    with    in    tbe   ordi- 
nary   run    of    huck    towel- 
ings;     they     include     the 
rose,     pansy     and     stripe 
carnation,    and    tulip.     1  or 
your  convenience  we  have 
numbered     these     patterns 
and  would  ask  you  to  give 
pattern    number    when    or- 
dering.   Owing   to  the   use 
of  extremely  fine  yarn,  the 
tiatterns     stand     out     bril 
linntly.       Full      82      inihes 
wide,    a    width    much    pre- 
ferred for  embroider>   pur 
poses.  The  large  city  linen 
shops     have    no    equ  il     In 
huck      towelings     of      this 
duality  at  00  to  lo  cents  a 
yard.     Our     low     prue     i-- 
due    to    our    own    importa 
tion,    made   on   a   basis   or 
old  contracts,  which  could 
not   be  duplicated  todav 
Price,  per  yard 45c 


Our   Fireless  Cookers  Prove  Themselves    to    Be    Household    Nece.«  »? 

IVonderful  Savings  onHighGradeBathroomNecessities 

Unbleached  Bath  Towels 



36HI885     Good    Quality   Turkish    Bath    Towels.     Fringed 
'  \^[^    "'L'^'  .  int'^Pcnsive    number,    but    you    sliouJd    not    judge 
These    towels    will    give    apl 
Good   value   anywhere   at   5 




■^f,?,:  ?^^,'^?r?    C™""    or    Uiibleached    Turkish    Bath    Towels. 

Tlnerd  unds.  riieso  towels  are  larger  and  of  better  grade  tlian 
he  iiunilier  previously  quoted.  Tlie  value  of  these  towels  is  much 
reali-r  than  you  would  surmise  by  the  low  price  we  quote  and 
Tie'  abniit"!?  I?"' "'h^'  "'*''  "'''  "'"'"'  extremely  good  service. 
fill  .■.    |„.r  dozen.   79c;  per  pair 14,. 


36HI897     Cream    or    Unbleached    Turkish    Bath    Towels. 

?(1  ends.  Tliese  towels  are  improved  in  quality  and  weiglit 
llie  previous  numbers,  and  though  slightly  higher  In  price 
mnro  than  make  up  the  difference  in  greater  value  You 
ititlie  able  to  buy   Bimilar  towels  at  this  pdce  in  any  retail 

.  18c 




N0.36HI9O7  Unbleached  Turkish  Towels.  Filnged  ends 
opular  si.-c  bath  towels  at  a  popular  price.  These  towels  are  ol 
wcl  wclsht  and  very  absorbent.  The  low  price  Is  entirely  Incon- 
stem  uuh  the  splendid  value.  Extra  size,  about  22x46  inches 
I'n.,-     i.rr    d,i;fn.    SI. 39;   per   pair 

linen    Friction   Towels. 

C      VERY       ABSORBENT       AND 

ten        HFSLTHFUL. 

— ^Ta~  N0.36H1988 
M  This  is  another 
jl       new     towel     with 

i  us  thi 
;|  I  and  one  that  we 
(I  I  feel  sure  will  be 
iliyj  niuehappreeiated 
}^  by  gymnasiums, 
I  hospitals  ete.. 
i  lieside.s  making 
i  :i  very  durable 
:ind  bealtbv  ar- 
J  tilde  for  huiisp- 
1      hold  use.     This 

"-3      is    an     improved 

_]      towel     and     for 

working      up      a 

11.  Illation    after   the    bath 

-ii  i..,  iioiUiiiK  to  equal  these 
leu  friction  towel.s.  They  nro- 
loc  that  healthy  glow  to  t:je  skin 
»t  IS  so  iiiueh  desired.  There  is 
It  enoireh  eotton  in  this  towel 
prevent  its  being  too  harsh. 
lis  towel  measures  about  Jl^xlB 
»ne».  has  hemmed  ends,  is 
Miehed  and  has  a  sightly  border 
il8  IS  certainly  a  l)ig  value  when 
e  considers  the  durability  of  the 
yel  and  the  service  it  will  give 
twearing  two  or  three  of  the 
llnary    liath   towels. 

Bleached  Bath  Towels 

7c       BLEACHED     TURKISH      BATH 
c.^..      TOWELS.     FRINGED    ENDS.    GOOD 
EACH      OUALITY.        PAIRS    OR       DOZENS 
No.  36HI943     We     have     oartfully     se- 
lected these  towels  for  the  opening   number  of 
our  Bleached  Turkish   Bath  Towels,  and  whUe 
we  do  not  say  they  will  give  extra  service,  yet 
they   will   not   be  found   wanting   in   that   fea- 
ture   at    such    a    low    price.      To    match    these 
towels  you  would  have  to  pay  12%  cents  each 
in  a  retail  establishment.     Size,  about   17x36 
Price,  per  dozen.   79c:  per  pair |  4c 

EACH       ONLY. 

No.  36H  I  947  Bleached  Turkish  Bath 
Towels.  Fringed  ends,  of  good  weight  and 
woven  of  line  yarns,  making  very  desirable 
bath  towels  for  individual  use.  The  price 
quoted  is  an  Inducement  worth  considering  at 
once.     Size,  about   I6'/2X36   inches. 

Price,  per  dozen,   96c;  per  pair |  7c 

c.Tu  ENTICING     VALUE.      PAIRS    OR 


No.  36HI960  Turkish  Bath  Towels. 
Fringed  ends.  Woven  of  select  soft  yarn, 
bleached  pure  white  and  very  absorbent.  We 
do  not  hesitate  to  recommend  Utese  towels 
for  givmg  good  service.  It  does  not  need  an 
expert  to  detect  the  splendid  qualities  ol 
these  towels.  Regular  40-cent  value.  Size 
about  20x41    inches. 

per  dozen.   $|  .55;  per  pair 28c 


Hemmed  Bath  Towels. 

^.„^       TURKISH     BATH    TOWELS.       RARE    VALUE. 

No.  36HI933  Unbleached  Turkish  Bath  Towels.  Hemic 
ends.  These  towels  are  very  popular  among  athletes  and 
athlQjlcasBoclatioiis  on  account  of  their  strength  and  the  very 
' impart   to   the  skin.      We  aah  you  to 

healthful  frictic  ..    

pare    thla    quality    with    any    you    may    purchase    elsewhere    at 
retail    store    at    r>0    cents    each.     Tou    will    And    ours   to    be    much 
superior.     Size,   about   23x48   inches. 
Price,   per  do/en.    $3.24:  co ch .  . . 



NO.  36HI977  Hemmed  End 
are  our  most  inexpensive  hemmed  e: 
is  all  that  could  be  desired.  Tliey 
retail  counter  at  less  than  25  ce 
absorbent  yam.  Another  Instance 
up  and  the  price  doun,      Size,   aboi 

Price,    per    dozen ,    $2.20:    each 

Turkish    Bath    Towels.      These 
id  bath   towelfl,    yet  the  quality 

cannot  be  duplicated  over 
Its  each.  Woven  specially  of 
ivhere  we  have  kept  the  value 
t  2U45   inches. 




No.  3aHI980    These    Turkish    Bath    Towels    _. ,    

heavier  than  the  Hemmed  End  Towels  previously  quoted.  Con- 
structed of  yam  that  is  noted  for  ils  strength,  bleached  pure  white 
and  extremely  well  liked  for  household  use.  It  Is  very  easy  to 
give  prices  but  hard  to  give  quality  in  print,  yet  we  have  earned 
tremendous  reputation  by  satisfying  our  customers  with  the 
prices.  Size,  about  2|i/2X47  Inches. 


EACH       VERY    HEAVY. 
No.  36HI98S      Hen 

choicest     sell 
.ibsorbent.    If  yoi 
look   to   the   skin 
just   the   thing. 

Size,  about  22Vi%i7  Inches.     Full  50-cent  value. 
Price,    per    dozen.    $3.30;    each 

re   towels  wiiose  friction  will  give 
drying,    tliese   towels   will   be   found    to    be 
durable    and    will   stand   the   test    of   years. 

49c  MAt"^^  '^'"■°''  TURKISH  BATH 

V^?.-,.f®';'2°'S    Turkish  Bath  Mat. 

A    \eiy    stfong    value.      May    he   had 

nJ."'.""''^., '''.'"'•  •"'"'•  "Sht  blue 
Ol  tan.  In  ordering  be  sure  to  state 
color  wanted.   .Siie.about  24.x4«  Inches. 

Specially  priced  nt,  pnrh 49 


wa's^h^^c^otVs"  "'"""  """^ 

No.  36H2005   Turk- 
ish      Wash       Cloths      or 

Dusters.  Iliese  clotli.s 
measure  about  11x11 
Inches  and  are  fringed 
ill  arou'id.  the  edges 
hiiriK  decorated  with  neat 
h.ilrllne  red  and  blue 
l"jrder.  .Sold  only  In 
linlf  dozen  or  dozen  lots. 
Full  25-cent  value, 
i'rice.    per  dozen.. 2 2c 



No.  36H2020 

Finest     Quality    1 

much  superior  to 

bought   for   $1.00. 

good  value  at  the  lo 

Colors,   navy  blue,  pink,  green, 'lig. 

tilue  or  tan.    .State  color  wanted.  SIzi 

about  34x44  inches. 

Price,  each 71 

Our  Largrest  and 
irkish    Bath    Mat. 

uy  you  may  have 

i\n   exceptionally 

price  we  quote. 

4C       CLOTHS.    A   NEW  AND   IMPROVED 

No.  36H2009     This  Is 

a      better      Quality      Wash 

Cloth     than     anything     we 

have    ever     offered     at     tills 

price.     It   U  made  from  soft 

and  ..bsorbent  y.Trns  and   is 

of    the    proper    elze.       Size. 

12x12    [nohes. 

Price,     each 4c  k,  -^ 

Per  dozen 42cfc..'i  .^.1  -^'d 

Light  Your  Home  With  Your  Own  ACETYLENE  GAS  PLANT.   Write  for  Prices. 

Imported  Turkish 
Bath  Mitts. 


No.  36H1990 
Many  housekeep- 
ern  are  in  the  habit 
of  making  their 
own  bath  mitts 
from  toweling.  an<) 
we  feel  sure  tlia( 
in  offeriug  this 
iiuiiorterl  Turkish 
Bath  Mitt  at  such 
a  low  price  we 
are  fllUng  a  lout,' 
felt  want.  This 
mitt  Is  made  in 
lienuany.  bleached 
1)  u  r  e  white  and 
with  an  attractive 
border.  It  has  a 
loop  to  enable  it  to  be  hung  up 
wlien  not  in  use.  It  i.-s  nearlv  all 
linen,  there  being  Just  sufficient 
cotton  in  it  to  prevent  undue 
harshness.  Many  people  prefer  the 
bath  mitt  to  the  ordinary  wash 
cloth,  as  It  Is  very  convenient. 
These  bath  mltta  measure  about 
5x8  inches. 

lee,   each 8c 




**£     HUCK  TOWELS. 


No.    36Hi670      I3x 
25-Inch    Bleached    Cotton 

Huck  Towels.  Where 
smaU  Individual  towels 
required   we   have 


51/_   BLEACHED 
72*-  HUCK  TOWELS. 
EACH     FAST       RED 

.  36HI677   Lane 

Huck  Towels.   A  llt- 
the    pre- 

Size,  about  15x26  inches. 

Offered     at     a     speclalLv 
low  price. 

Price,    per  dozen.. 65c 

Special  Values   in  Roller 


No.  36  H  1773  Our 
roller  towel  business  has 
inireased  yearly  in  great 
strides.  When  one  con- 
siders the  unusual  values 
we  are  able  to  offer  In 
these  goods  the  forego- 
ing statement  will  be 
readily  understood.  Each 
of  these  towels  contains 
about  2%  yards  all  linen 
toweling.  Tasteful  blue 
borders.  Ready  for  in- 
stant use.  We  make  them 
up  and  offer  them  to  you 
at  less  than  you  can  buy 
the  toweling  by  the  yard. 
Width,  18  inches. 

Price,    each SO- 2  9 

Per  dozen 3.3  2 

No.  36  H  1778     We 

^  have  bad  these  towels 
made  up  specially  i  n 
large  quantities  by  sev- 
eral factories,  employing 
thousands  of  people. 
Each  towel  contains  2% 
yards  full  standard  qual- 
ity all  pure  Barnsley 
bleached  crash,  every 
liber  absolutely  pure 
linen.  One  of  our  most 
popular  values.  Once 
used  you  will  be  satisfied 
with  no  other.  Width,  18 

Prii-e,  each ¥0.34 

I'>  ;  dozen 3.90 

191,<<«  EXTRA  SIZE 

No.  36HI700  0  u  r 
Largest  Size  Bleached 
Cotton  Huck  Towels. 
Woven  of  extra  fine  cot- 
ton    yarn     of     sufflcient 

isli  make  these 
more  attractive  and  du- 
lable.  Size.  22x44  inches. 
Price,    each.  .$0.  I  2'- 

Per    dozen . 

I  .43 

Q_       BLEACHED 
^'-       HEMSTITCHED 
EACH     HUCK     TOW- 

No.  36HI707  These 
towels  are  not  quite  so 
large  as  No.  3eHI700. 
but  their  appearance  i.^ 
much  improved  on  ac- 
count of  being  hem- 
stitched. VPell  woven  of 
select  stock  and  useful 
as  they  are  sightly.  Rcil 
border.  Size,  about  18x34 

Price,     each $0.09 

Per  dozen 1 .00 

Q-      HEMMED    COT- 

OC      TON      HUCK 




No.  36H  1687  Pure 
White  Bleached  Cotton 
Huck  Towels.  Well  made 
from  choice  cotton  yarns. 
Durably  hemmed  ends 
and  neat  fast  red  bor- 
ders. Size,  about  18x34 

Price,    each 8o 

Per    dozen 90c 

1  1  _    LINEN    FIN. 
»*<-    ISH  BLEACH 
EACH    ED       HUCK 

neatly  hemmed  end- 
and  fast  red  borders 
Excellent  value.  Usually 
sold  by  leading  retail 
ers  at  15  cents  eacli 
Size.  19x42  inches. 
Price,  each. .  .$0.  I  I 
Per   dozen.. . .    I  .25 

■lO-     LINEN      FILLED      HUCK     -lA^ 
l^C    TOWELS.  *r?„ 


These  two  towels  are  practically  the  same  in 
weight,  duality  and  material,  but  vary  in  size. 
We  guarantee  them  to  contain  69  per  cent  puu- 
flax,  and  they  are  sometimes  sold  by  retail  estali- 
Ushments  as  all  linen  towels  at  a  much  higher 
price  than  we  Quote.  These  towels  are  heavy  anil 
absorbent  and  will  prove  to  be  a  splendid  Invest- 

36HI7I7     i-'hsn     Eil'"'    Heavy    Weight 

Bleached   Huck  Towels.    Size,  about  17x34  Inchj 




.,-.  36HI727       Large     Size      Linen      Filled 

Bleached  Huck  Towels.    Size,  about   18x36  inches. 

Price,    each 14c 

Five  Attractive  Specials  in  Barber  Towels,  Dish  and  Glass  Towels 

No.  36HI603  Superior  Quality 
Hemmed  Absorbent  Barber  Towels. 
Tliese  towels  are  heavier  and  woven 
of  finer  stock  than  any  ever  offered 
before  at  the  price.  They  are  very 
absorbent,  bleached  pure  white,  have 
red  borders  and  neatly  hemmed 
ends.   Size,   14x20  inches. 

Price,   per  dozen 39c 


No.  36H1610  Our  Largest 
Size  and  Finest  Quality  Pure  White 
Absorbent  Weave  Towels  for  barbers' 
and  household  use.  Tbey  are  woven 
of  fine  strong  yam  and  bleached 
pure  while.  Will  prove  a  splendid 
value.      Size,   l4'/2x23'/2  inches. 

Price,    per    duzen 48c 

35/-   HONEYCOMB     DISM 
EACH    ENDS.      BIG     VALUE. 
DOZENS      OR       HALF 

No.  36HI720  Good  Quality 
Frinsad  End  Dish  Towels.  We 
annually  distribute  immense  Quan- 
titiea  of  these  toweli.  They  are  of 
natural  cream  color.  The  ends  are 
neatly  fringed  and  have  a  colored 
border.  For  kitchen  use  you  will 
find  them  exceedingly  handy.  Size, 
18x33  inches. 
Price,   per  dozen 43o 


No.  3$HI722  These  towels 
are  especially  recommended  for  dry- 
ing glassware.  They  have  a  strik- 
ing linen  appearance.  Neat  red 
borders.  They  are  very  practical 
for  household  use  and  will  give 
complete  satisfaction,  much  more 
so  than  the  low  price  we  quote 
would  Indicate.  Size,  about  16x33 

1  Ol/^  CHECK   GLASS  OR  T 
1^X2^  TOWELS. 

N0.36HI723    I7x35-lnch  G|| 
Quality  Linen  Glass  or  Tea  Tow 
While    we    do    not    guarantee    tl 
towels  to  be  all  linen,  they  cent  i 
a    large    percentage    of    pure    li  ijj 
and   have    been    frequently    soidj|' 
retailers  as   all  linen  towels, 
are    very    absorbent    and    will 
lint.     Neat  fast  color  checks. 

Price,  each lO.  I  |  n 

Per  dozen. 


Linen  Damask  Towels  at  Less  Than  the  Usual  Wholesale  Cost 

l^/o^-GOOD     QUALITY, 

No.  36H  I  805  These  well 
known  Knotted  Fringe  Damask 
Towels  are  very  popular  with  many 
housekeepers.  This  is  a  very  good 
quality,  nearly  all  linen  and  may 
be  had  In  either  aU  white  or  white 
with  red  or  blue  borders.  In  order- 
ing state  color  wanted.  These 
towels  measure  about  16x33  inches 
and  represent  the  usual  18  to  20- 
cent  quality. 

Price,    each $0. 1  2'/2 

Per   dozen I  .43 

ft  *  «  «  «  -K  ■«  ■¥  -W  Vf 


No.  36H  1815  This  is  a  little 
larger  and  better  quality  Nearly  AM 
Linen  Damask  Towel  than  the  first 
number  quoted  and  comes  In  all 
white  or  white  with  red  or  blue 
borders.  In  ordering  mention  color 
wanted.  Tliis  towel  has  an  attract- 
ive assortment  ot  center  patterns 
and  Its  price  shows  a  saving  of  at 
least  7  cents  per  towel.  Size,  19x41 

Price,     each $0.18 

Per   dozen 2  .OO 


TOWELS.  B  R  0  CH  E 

No.  36HI835  One  of  Our 
Best  All  Linen  Knotted  Fringe 
Damask  Towels.  Warranted  all 
linen.  High  class  damask  ceu- 
ter  patterns  and  the  new  broche 
borders  that  have  displaced  the 
old  style  damask  borders.  Size, 
21x43  inches.  Come  in  all 
white,  or  white  with  red  or 
blue  Iwrders.  State  color  de- 
sired. These  towels  have  deep 
knotted   fringe. 

Price,    each $0.23 

Per     do; 



No.  36HI845  Superior  Qual- 
ity All  Pure  Linen  Damask  Towels. 
Size.  20x46  inches.  Snow  white, 
and  the  damask  patterns"  are  of 
unusual  beauty.  Another  attractive 
feature  Is  the  deep  fancy  knotted 
fringe.  Very  durable  and  at  the 
same  time  sightly.  Towels  that 
equal  these  in  texture,  style  and 
serviceability  cannot  be  purchased 
at  any  retailer's  for  less  than  50 
cents  each. 

Price,    each $0.38 

Per    dozen 4.30 


EACH      PURE     LINEN. 

No.  36HI855  Extra  Fii.^ 
Damask  Towels,  also  Imported  ._ 
direct  from  the  manufaetureri 
Sasonv.  enabling  us  to  save  the! 
dleman'a  or  jobber's  profit.  WJ 
willing  to  share  this  saving  witq 
customers.  The  fabric  Is  c""^^ 
of  pure  flax  and  bleached 
white.  Tlie  damask  patterns  ..— 
and  exclusive,  and  worked  ou 
the  greatest  skill.  The  fringe  L 
and  double  knotted.  For  beaut; 
;rvlce    these    towels    are    unsurp| 

Hi  Every  Woman  in  the  Land  Should  Look  for  Pages  Showing  Waists  in  Colors. 

[mported  All  Linen  Towels— Huckaback  and  Damask 

36Hf870  Notwith. 
ng  the  fact  that  the  linen 
t  IS  considerably  higher  to- 
\G  offer  these  superior  tow- 
aii  unheard  of  price.  Ttiese 
" ""     absolutely     all     pure 

itly  and   durably   1,v...,mvw 

ittractlveJy       bemstilrhf.!, 

has    been    made    in    the 


Every  item  on  this  page  is  intended  as  and  is  a  strong  argument  in  favor  of 
your  givmg  us  your  towel  orders.    We  have  spared  no  ex^enfe  To  ge    the  finest 

quahties  most  attractive  patterns  and  withal  the  strongest  value  in  tLseEoods 
It  .s  possible  to  get.  Our  buyer  has  visited  all  the  best  markets  and  manuffrtnr 
ing  centers  m  Europe  and  we  are  satisfied  that  each  and  every  towe"  on  hs 
page  IS  sufficiently  strong  to  make  us  feel  safe  in  having  you  judge  our  entire 
Linen  Department  by  any  one  number  on  this  page.     Let  us  prove  it 

All  Linen  HuckabackTowels  for  Individual  orGuest  Use 



each.     Size,  about  2M/2X 

each $0.47 

»■■ 2.70 

No.  36HI780  There  is  a 
constantly  increasing  demand 
for  these  individual  or  guest 
towels,  and  in  the  exi-luslv.- 
linen  stores  they  uaturalij 
command  a  fancy  price.  The 
quality  we  are  Usting  liere  is 
a  dependable  one  and  fully 
good  enough  for  any  uae.  It 
is  woven  in  Germany  from  all 
linen  yarns,  nicely  bleached 
and  has  an  attractive  end  bor- 
der. It  is  neatly  and  durably 
hemmed  atid  hemstltdied  and 
at  our  very  low  price  represents 
a  saving  it  would  be  impossible 
to  duplicate  elsewhere.  The 
nature  of  the  border  pattern 
permits  of  exercising  one's  taste 
In  the  matter  of  monogram. 
T!ie  towels  are  about  15x24 
inches  in  size. 

Price,  each $0.26 

Per  dozen 2.95 

EACH       GUEST      TOWElTs! 

No.  36HI785  Many 
*>f  oar  cnstomers  prefer 
the  scalloped  end  toivel, 
and  to  meet  this  dem,ind 
"•e  are  listing  this  fine 
qii.tlity  all  linen  German 
liiiok  towel;  woven  from 
SL'lected  all  flax  yarns, 
nicely  bleached  and  h:is 
a  stylish  end  border 
which  permits  of  mono- 
(.'ram  work.  It  Is  dur- 
ahly  scalloped  and  is  a 
very  sightly  towel  as 
well  as  a  practical  one. 
.Size,  16X24  Inches. 

Price,   each $0.29 

Per    dozen 3.30 

No,  36HIS75  Imported  Ger- 
man All  Pure  Linen  Hemstitched 
Towels  in  the  most  select  border 
patterns.  These  towels  are  heavy 
weight  and  very  deairable  for  either 
service  or  decoraUve  purposes.  In 
the  center  of  the  damaak  border 
there  has  been  proTlded  a  blank 
space  for  embroidering  a  monogram. 
It  will  be  found  dlfBcuIt  to  pu- 
chase  a  like  quality  and  style  tou.. 
at  $1.00  each.  Sin,  about  24x42 

Price,    each $0,57 

Sl^  for 3,25 

All  Linen  Bucks  at  Little  More  Than  the  Price  of  Ordinary  Cotton  Towels 

EACH        ELS.     PLAIN 

»»lo.  36H1749 

jV  Linen  Bleached 
'nek  Towels,  hem- 
•d  ends.  These 
wels  measure 
40Ut  18x31  inches 
id  are  better  than 
e  ordinary  25-cent 

Price,  each.lO.  1  9 
Per    rlozen.    2.20 


ED ALL   LrN. 
EACH       EN    TOWELS. 

No.     36HI75I        A 

German  Towel,  woven  of 
1  good  quality  linen  yarn 
ind    very    absorbent.       It 

taa  a  neat  damask  bor- 
der pattern  and  the  ends, 
being  durably 
hemmed,  are  nicely  liem- 
Itched,  mailing  it  a 
lightly  as  well  as  a  prac- 
1  towel.  Size,  about 
20x36  Inches.  Usually 
sold  at  50  cents.  We 
import  them   ourselves. 

Price,  each $0.26 

Per  dozen 3.00 

EACH       BO    R   D  E  R 

N0.36HI754  Under 
this  number  we  have  list- 
ed towels  that  cannot  be 
matched  anywhere  at  the 
price  we  quote.  War- 
ranted all  pure  flax  and 
noted  for  the  splendid 
service  they  give.  Be- 
sides being  hemstitched, 
the  borders  are  decorated 
with  tiirltey  red  or  Indico 
blue  fieur  de  lis.  State 
choice.  One  of  our  direct 
Importations,  which 
meajia  that  we  quote  a 
very  low  price.  Size, 
about    13x35  inches. 

Price,  each $0.26 

Per  dozen 3 .00 

9a«       SCALLOPED 
^OC       EMD     LINEN 
EACH        HUCK    TOW- 
E  L  S,      AT- 

No.  36HI758  All 
Linen  German  Towels. 
Guaranteed  all  linen  with 
plain  huci(  center  and 
fancy  damask  borders. 
The  ends  are  neatly  scal- 
loped, adding  greatly  to 
the  appearance.  Not  as 

p  ri  I 

towels,    but 

d     scalloped 



Size,  about   18x35   ir 

Price,    each $0.28 

Per  dozen 3.20 

oe«       SCALLOPED 

*'*'*-       END    HUCK 



No.   36HI768     All 

Linen   German  Towols, 

Very  sightly  towels  for 
dresser  or  tidy  use,  as 
well  as  being  practical 
for  hand  or  face  use. 
In  addition  to  the  attrac- 
tive damaalt  borders,  they 
are  decora  ttd  with  an 
ailover  danunsl:  pattern. 
Of  good  weicht  and  ab- 
solutely all  linen,  giving 
unusual  service.  Size, 
about    18x38  inches. 

Price,   each $0.35 

Per  dozen 4.00 

dRf>  A>->-  LINEN 


finer    quality    t  h  < 


Bleached  pure  white  and 
decorated  with  a  hand- 
some damask  border,  in 
the  center  of  which  has 
been  left  a  space  for 
embroidering  a  mono- 
gram. Woven  of  the 
choicest  soft  linen  yam. 
Size,  about  20x39  Inches. 

Price,    each $0.48 





No.  36HI77I  These 
towels  are  woven  of  fine 
pure  linen  yarn.  Very 
absorbent.  The  hand- 
some damask  border  has 
a  blank  apace  In  the  cen- 
ter which  permits  of  the 
use  of  a  monogram  or 
initial       Equally    as 


-  -      decorative 
I  for  hand  and 
race   use.     Size,    about 
21</2x40'/2    inches. 

Price,    each $0.55 

U  for 3.20 

hree  Especially^ood  Things  in  Hemstitched  and  Scalloped  Damask  Towels 


EACH       *"«•<   TOWELS. 

No.  36HI865  All  pure 
Linen  Damask  Towels  of  Ger- 
man manufacture.  The  pat- 
terna  In  wlilcli  tliey  appear  are 
verv  iiltractive.  Tliej-  are  dec- 
oraled  nlth  fancy  new  borders 
iiiid  ileasiMK  allrtver  damask 
patterns.  In  addition  to  being 
neatly  and  dnrably  hemmod 
and  henistltcbed,  tbey  are  de(-- 
orated  with  fancy  openwork,  as 
may  be  seen  In  the  Illustration. 
Woven    of    absolutely   pure    flax 

d  bleached  pure  white.     These 



Size,  about  20x38  inches. 

3,   each $0.47 

for 2.70 


I  T  Y  OPEN. 

No.  36HI867  Our 
Finest  Quality  and 
Handsomest  All  Linen 
German  Damask  Towels. 
The  patterns  .ire  of  ex- 
rhialve  character  and  the 
small  Illustration  3ho\vn 
here  cannot  do  justice  to 
their  beauty.  The  hem- 
si  Itching     and     openwork 

Pilce.  each SO, 65 

SU  for 3,85 


No.  36H  1880  Superior 
All  Fine  Linen  Towels.  Heavy 
ueight  and  one  of  the  strong- 
est values  In  our  entire  cat- 
alog. The  patterns  are  ei- 
ceptionally  good  and  the 
towels  are  outlined  in  a  neat 
Grecian  border  effect.  The 
end  borders  are  stylish  and 
the  towels  are  addiaonally 
decorated  with  aJIover  damask 
patterns.  Durably  hemstitched 
find  attractively  scalloped 
ends.      Size,   about  20x38  In. 

Price,  each. $0.4  I 

Per  dozen 4.75 

te  for  Prices  on  Hot  Water  Heating  Plant   for   Your   Home— Surprising   Savings,    sears,  roebuck  and  co     ^7 

"  ^  CHICAGO,    ILL.  "V  X 


No.  36H2043  We  offer  you 
at  an  unequaled  price  this  excellent 
Scotch     Kitchen     Crash     Toweling. 

Has  uo  for  rough  U8.ige. 
Woven  entirely  of  linen.  Ready  for 
instant  use.  Measures  about  16 
inches  in  width. 

71         Bleached   All    Linen   Wash 
2C    Kitchen   Crash.       Scotch    Goods 

A  YARD  ,     . 

No.  36H2046  An  instance  where  the  price  asked 
gives  no  idea  of  the  flne  Quality  of  the  goods.  You  will 
recoenlze  this  crash  toweling  as  a  most  dependable  houses- 
hold    article.     Warranted   all   linen. 

Measures  about    HVa 

Price,   per  yard ^Q'2n'^' 

50-yard  piece  for o.ou 




Bleached  Cotton  Huck  Toweling. 
Good   Weight  and  Quality. 


No.  36H2048  This  Cotton  Hucli  Toweling  Is  a  re- 
markable value  at  a  low  price.  Appearance,  weight  and 
qu.ilily  are  a  few  of  its  many  good  features.  Cannot  Iw 
puicliased  elsewhere  at  less  than  10  cents  a  yard.  Meas- 
ures about  I7i/z  Inches  in  width. 

Price,  per  yard ■ J!/'' 

FuU  piece  of  about  40  yards,  per  yard 7740 


ranted  All  Linen.        10c  Value. 


No.  36H20S2     All     Linen     Russia    Crash    Toweling. 

Under  this  number  we  have  listed  a  very  attractive  value 
for  those  who  appreciate  a  toweling  that  will  give  good 
wear  It  wlU  defy  the  hard  usage  received  In  laundermg 
and  will  bleach  niceLv.  Comes  13%  inches  in  width. 
Warranted  free  from  fllilng. 

4k "'" 

ched  Twill  Toweling.  A 
Splendid  Value.  Improved 
A  YARD    Quality. 

No.  36H203S  Bleached  Twilled  Cotton  Toweling. 
Pure  whUe  with  red  borders.  The  low  price  we  quow  tor 
this  goods  does  not  give  you  an  Idea  of  Its  great  value.  A 
new  and  Improved  quality.  Cannot  be  duplicated  for  less 
than  8  cents  a  yard.     Width,   16  inches. 

Price,    per   yard $0,041/2 

25-yard  piece  for 



Linen     Finish     Unbleached     Roller 
Toweling.      A  Strong  Value. 


No.  36H2039     Unbleached   Cotton   Towel 
ta    natural   Unen    color.     I'ree   from   fllUng. 
in  price,   it  will  be  foimd 
have  to  pay  7^  cents  a  yard 


AlthouEh   low 

astonishing  value. 

iches.    Good  weight 

Price,    per    yard 

25-yard  piece  for 

You  will 

for  Its  equal.    Width, 
d   linen   color.     Neat  red   tape 


Unbleached   Linen   Crash.      Inex- 

All  Linen  Un- 
bleached Russia 
Crash.  Heavy 

No.  36H20S4  Unbleached 
Russia  Crash,  notable  for  giving 
the  best  of  satisfaciion.  Warranted 
pure  flax  and  contains  no  filling. 
I'sually  sold  at  15  cents  a  yard. 
About    16  Inches  wide. 

Price,    per  yard •.1'*'° 

FuU    piece     of    about     40 
yards,    per    yard S'/zC 

1  r\        Bleached  Cotton  Huck  Toweling. 
1 UC    Good  Weight  and   Quality. 

A  YARD  ,.     ,     ,       ,, 

No    36H2057     Pure    White    Cotton     Huck    Toweling, 

often   used   for   fancywork,    as  well   as   its   greater  v-  '"' 
roUer    towels.     Woven    of   speciiUly    selected    yams. 
ures  about  18  inches  in  width. 


Price,    per   yard *• 

FuU  piece  of  about  40  yards,  per  yard. 




All    Linen    Scotch    Unbleached 
Crash.      Ready  to  Use. 

No  36H20SO  Splendid  Crash  Toweline,  made  ii 
Sc?t°knd  osplcially  for"  us,  and  therefore  we  can  s.ay  posl 
lively    that    it   means    a    large    saiing   that   appeal: 

housekeepers.      Measures    about    20Vi    inch' 

having  been  washed  and  shrunk. 

Price,    per  yard ■ •  ■ 

FuU  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard. 

inches    wide,    afti 



Price,    per  yard 

of  about  56  yards,  per  yard 7'/4C 

101         Unbleached  All   Linen  Kitchen 
1  Z2C    Crash.      Extra  Width. 

No.  36H2064  Our  Widest  and  Best  Quality  All 
Pure  Linen  Unbleached  Crash.  Closely  woven  and  of 
exceptional  absorbent  qualities.  The  tremendous  amount 
of  service  to  be  had  out  of  this  fabric  gives  it  the  title 
of  •■Supreme  Household  Favorite."  Measures  about  20% 
inches  in  width.    Has  narrow  blue  border. 

Price,   Fer  yai-d ■ 1%'-'" 

liniU  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard I  zo 

1«)1        Bleached    All    Linen  Crash 
1^2C    Toweling.      Ready   for    Vie. 

A  YARD  .        „      ^ 

No.  36H2066     All    Linen    Bleached    Bamsley    Crash 

Toweling.     This   cloth  is  of   exceUent  weight   and   quality. 

flnished  with  fast  turkey  red  tape  borders. 

say   that   this   toweling   is  superior 

the    l8-cent   quaUty 
sold  elsewhere.     Measures  about  17  inches  In  width. 

Price,    per   yard • \%'^'' 

l-'uU   piece  of  about  50  yards,   per  yard ■  ■  I  Zo 

A  YARD  .       ^ 

No.  36H204  I      Linen   Kitchen  Crash. 

and    free    from    dressing.      While 
higher   grade   toweling   for   best 



always    recommend 

tiouEly  say  that  for  the  low  price  the  serviceability  of  this 
toweling  is  unequaled.  Warranted  aU  linen.  About  l4'/2 
Inches  wide. 

Price,   per  yard 'S'Sn 

50-yard   piece  for 


All   Linen    Bleached   Scotcl 
Crash.      Good    Quality    and    Ap 

A  YARD     pearance.  j 

No.  36H2062     This  is  another  exceedingly  good  towt 

eling'  made  for  us  by  Scotch  manufacturers.     lis  mlssioi 

is   to'  render   the   best   of   wear.     Free  from   fllilng. 

ranted  aU  linen.     Decorated  with  narrow  fast  red  border: 

About  16  inches  wide. 

Price,    per  yard ■ • L  _ 

FiOl  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard S/s 


AU  Linen  Tea  or  Glass   Towel- 
Fast  Color  Checks. 


A  YARD  ,       ,.  ,      t       „ 

No.  36H2073  Tea  or  Glass  Toweling,  made  for  us 
in  Ireltnd  Nothing  but  the  best  flax  is  used  in  tie 
manufacture  of  this  goods.  All  Unen  glass  towelingls 
recognized  as  the  best  for  glass  use.  as  it  leaves 
This  towelhig  comes  in  pure  wlute  ;vith  red  1 
checks.  Measures  about  17  inches  in  width, 
state  whether  red  or  blue  checks  are  desired. 

Price,    per   yard ■ 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard 

blue  color 

.  I  4'/2C 

't  Jj        Heavy   Weight   Bleached    Terry 

or  Turkish   Toweling. 




Linen     Huck 


No.  36H2063     At  the  urice  we  Quote  on  this  fabric 
it    is   hardly   possible   for  you   to   realize   its   great   value. 

Comnarison  wiU  prove  that  it  is  the  equal  of  towelmg 
usually  sold  at  18  cents  a  yard.  This  toweling  is  bleached 
nicely,  of  heavy  weight,  non-sbrtnkable,  absorbent  and  is 
warranted  70  per  cent  pure  linen.  Measures  about  18 
inches  in  width. 

Price,    per   yard.... 

Full   piece  of  about 


No.  36H2075     Most  usefu^  for  roll 
scarfs  and   polishing      -"—     ".--j-" 
buy  large  quantitii 

towels,   dresser 

Hundreds   of   our  customers 
of  this  fabric  and  assure  us  that  it  is 
of  "the"  most  popular  as   weU   as  serviceable   toweitags 
have    Usted    here.     Measures    about    18    inches    wide. 
..7  absorbent.  -  _ 

Price,    per   yard. 

Full  "piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard. 

. . .  I  4'/2C 


Imported  Extra  Quality  Bamsley 
Crash    Toweling.      Fancy  Color 
A  YARD     Borders. 

No.  36H2079  Extra  Quality  Bleached  Bamsley 
Crash  Toweling.  Heavy  weight,  nicely  bleaclied.  aU  pure 
flax,  attractive  fast  color  borders.  This  Is  our  very  best 
Barnsley  toweling  and  cannot  be  purchased  at  leading 
retailers  for  less  than  25  cents  a  yard.  Laundering  ain- 
iiot  injure  It.     About  18  inches  in  width. 

Full  'piece  of  about  50   yards,   per  yard I  4'/20 

10        Extra     Width     Fine     Colto 
lOC    Turkish  Toweling. 

No  36H2083  Our  Best  Quality  and  Widest  Pu 
White  Turkish  or  Terry  Toweling.  Made  of  the  choice 
cotton  yams,  which  are  round  and  soft,  making  this  toi 
eling  a  general  favorit*  for  roller  towels,  dresser  scar 
itc  The  price  we  quote  Is  hardly  In  proportion  with  t 
value  given.     Measures  about  20  inches  in  width. 

Price,   per  yard 


fnce.    pel    jam..... -^ 

FuU  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard 17V 

f  O  Imported  Extra  Qualit 
1  OC  Linen  Huck  Toweling.  For  Ei 
A  YARD     broidery  Use. 

No.  36H2O90     Our  Very  Best  Quality  Irish  Embro 
ery    Huck    Toweling.      A    sterUng    value.      Bleached   pi| 
white.     Nearly     aU     pure     Itaen.     Measures     about 
inches    In    width.     Cannot    be    duplicated    at    any    of 
Icaduig  retail  establishments  for  less  than  23  cents  a  3 

Price,   per  yard •■ j 

FuU  piece  of  about  40  yards,  per  yard I 

«>Q  Finest  Quality  Imported  Pu 
ZOC  Linen  Embroidery  Hu< 
A  YARD     Toweling. 

No    36H209 1     We    have    added    a    Superior    Qua 
Huck   Toweling  to  our  list  to  meet  the  demands  of 
customers   who   wanted   the   best   huck   toweling   obtahia 
tor    embroidery     purposes.       Guaranteed    aU    pure    Ur 
Bleached    pure   white.     Imported   by   "- 
home  of  the  best  flax  raise 
about   18%  inches  in  widtt 

Special    price,    per    yard 

_  _  Saxony, 

iserV  and  linen   makers.     Measi 
1th.     A  35-cent  value. 


y;^[,(,  Irish  Fancy  Huck  Toweling.   For  Embroidery  Use. 

No.  36H2093  This  toweling  is  of  the  proper  width  for  towel  use  and  comes  in 
three  new  and  attractive  patterns.  We  guarantee  these  goods  to  be  absolutely  all  linen, 
bleached  snow  white  and  a  very  strong  value.  Patterns  consist  of  a  sliamrock  wreath  and 
two  small  set  flgures.  Towelings  of  equal  quaUty  retaU  ordinarUy  at  50  cents  a  yard. 
Width,  15  inches. 



Price,    per   yard. 

Figured   All  Linen   Embroidery    Huck  Towelii 

No  36H2095  Figured  Huck  Towelings  are  much  in  demand  for  embroidery 
poses  and  thVsnumfer  will  be  found  especially  «='>»™W«  '"  '"»  ■'7^°?! '  "  ^1'"% 
varletv  of  very  clever  patterns.  We  guarantee  this  cloth  to  be  absolutely  all  Unen  b 
woven  of  t^e"hoicest  Sax  It  is  bleached  pure  snow  whlte-a  strictly  high  class  fabr 
a>7atou*sp«?al  price  is  an  exception.,!  value.  Sold  in  the  ordinary  retaU  way  fo, 
high  as  70  cents  a  yard.     Width,  22  Inches. 

Price,    per  yard 

Franklin  Sewing  Machines  Under  Another  Name  Elsewhere  $45.00  to  $65.00.  Our  Price.  $  jJE 

Staple  and  Fancy  Swiss  Muslins,  Lawns, 
Plaids,  Cords  and  Stripes — Jacquards 


No.  36H26I0 


A    YARD 

cloth  and  not 
expected  t  o 
ich  service  as 
priced   grades. 

that  tlie  quality  is  splen 
(Ii(i  for  the  low  price  w 
quote.       Tills   plain    whit 

Price,  per  yard. . .  7'/20 
Fi'll  piece  of  about  50 
.irds,  per  yard 7'/jo 



Plain   While 

Dotted    Mus- 

ARD       M  n.      This 

cloth   is   more 

ely     woven     tlwn     the 

her    just    quoted    and 

I   the    best   liked 

usiins.     A    larse 

ost    satisfaction    froru 

"'earin;,'      standpoint. 

-jched   Dure  white   and 

lejisures  about  27  Inches 

per   yard. . .  I  Oo 

Full    piece  of  about  40 
yards,    per  yard 9t/,o 

No.   36H26I7 





Plain  White 
Dotted   Swiss. 

texture,  and  sty] 
decorated  with  a  m 
neat  dots.  Here  1 
opportunity  for 
effect  a  great  money 



for  20  to  25 
yard.     About  27 

Price,    per  yard. ..  |  4i 

Full  piece  of  about   r>i 
yards,   per  yard...  IS'/zt 

a''"g'o'o'o'v*aTue'=."'='''-    '■''*  '"  •''""■  «"T 

No.  36H2756  While  this  is 
an  inexpensive  quality  of  White 
Checlsed  Lan-n,  it  is  a  uumljer  that 
we  are  not  afraid  to  recommeuil  in 
opening  our  line.  It  will  stand 
comparison  with  the  best  10-cent 
goods  to  be  had  anywhere  and 
compares  favorably  with  many  sold 
at  12y3  cents.  The  patterns  are 
neat  checks,  similar  to  the  illus- 
tration, and  the  goods  are  about  27 
inches    wide. 

I'rice,  per  yard 8c 

No.  36H26I8 




-...  ot  Our 
Finest  Qual- 
ity White 
Dotted     Swiss 

which     \rill     be 


T  ,     ^  ciiuiceg 

uland  cotton  yarn.  ,;ttn,- 
fully  combed  and  witli 
mail  and  medium  size 
■^  Bleached  pure 
lite.  Fully  equal  to 
i:if  kind  sold  by  leading 
ittuiiera  at  30  cents  a 
About    27    inches 


per   yard. 


lie         f.i^.^y    WAISTING     LAWN     PLAIDS. 
A  YARD       "®"*'-    "   T"    20-CENT    GOODS. 

No.  36H2757  For  the  slightly 
I  reased  price  this  number  rep- 

^ E_    -i      *'•"'*'*    a    vastly     greater    value. 

WAISTINGJ"   '3   woven    of   selected   combed 

,  1 1  irns  and  i.s  as  sightly  in  appear- 

1  I  mce  as  many  similar  fabrics  re- 

j tilling  at  double  its  price.     It  is 

jl>ure   white  and   comes   in   a   new 

Oil  lid  pattern  similar  to  the  illus- 

^.__.  ijtrition.     These    goods    are    about 

I  PLaTdS^J"'    •oches   wide   and    are   a    value 

|  =  "  7'     ~  7  ^tli  it  we  are  proud  of. 

sL.^-^^ <       Price,   per  yard 1  1c 

40-INCH     WHITE     LAWN     PLAIDS.        REGULAR 



No.  36H2759  Many  people 
fefer  the  40-inch  goods  for  cnt- 
ng  up  purposes  and  they  will 
lercfnre  appreciate  the  value  we 
•e  offering  in  these  flue  lawn 
slds.  These  goods  are  full  40 
Khea  wide,  woven  of  combed 
irns,  nicely  bleached  and  finished 
lid  represent  a  startling  value  at 
ch  an  attractive  price. 
Price,  per  yard 1  5c 

No.  36H2765  Do  not  mistake 
this  beautiful  cloth  for  the  ordi- 
nary dimity.  We  refer  to  it  as  a 
dimity  cord  In  order  to  give  you 
■in  idea  of  the  style  of  cord.  The 
choicest  Sea  Island  cotton  yarn  is 
used  in  the  mailing  ot  this' fabric. 
It  Is  of  medium  weight  but  will 
give  as  good  service  as  the  heavier 
weight  cloths.  Bleached  pure 
white.  A  popular  fabric  for  charm- 
ing costumes.  Especially  adapted 
for  dainty  clothes  for  children. 
About  38  inches  wide. 

I'rice,  per  yard )  7c 



No.  36H2761  This  is  a  fab- 
ric that  we  feel  sure  will  appeal 
to  everyone  who  admires  nattv 
plaids.  These  goods  are  made  in 
Switzerland  from  carefully  se- 
lected and  combed  Egvpti.iii 
yarns,  thoroughly  mercerized  In- 
fore  weaving.  They  are  thii.s 
given  an  evenness  and  a  liril 
liancy  that  could  not  he  given  tn 
any  other  yarns.  They  possess 
a  durability  that  does  not  seem 
liosslble  when  the  weight  of  the 
cloth  is  considered.     The  patterns 

consist  of  corded  phiids  in  very  attractive 
styles.       These    goods    are    full    36    inches 
wide  and  a  wonderfully  strong  value 
Price,   per  yard 22c 


A  YARD      *^'^"T    POPLIN    GROUND.      PURE    WHITE. 

No.  36H2758     The    te.\ture    of 



fery  similar  to  a  pop- 
lin and  the  weight  is  just  medium. 

The  stripes  being  in  pure  mercer- 
ized yarns,  they  stand  out  to  pe- 
culiar advantage.  We  are  glad  to 
be  able  to  offer  such  a  quality  mer- 
cerized suiting  stripe  at  such  a  low- 
price;  we  have  frequently  seen 
them  offered  at  25  cents  a  yard. 
These  goods  are  about  27  Inches 
Price,  per  yard 14c 

40-INCH      PLAIN      WHITE     VOILE 


No.  36H2767     This   is  to   be 
another  big  voile  season  and   we 

believe  that  in  offering  this  4U- 
mrh  flne  yarn  Voile  at  17  cents 
a  yard  we  are  naming  a  value 
that  is  out  ot  the  reach  ot  all 
competition.  This  cloth  is  woven 
of  carefully  selected  yarns,  nicely 
bleached  and  finished,  and  wheii 
niaile  up  into  the  garment  is  very 
'lainty  in  appearance.  We  woulil 
lilie  to  have  you  compare  this 
f.ibric  with  what  you  can  buy 
I'lspwhere  at  25  cents  a  yard. 
These  goods  are  40  inches  wide. 
I'rice,   per  yard 17c 

17c  L*.'!??..,?',."  '■'■E      MERCERIZED     JACQUARD 

A   YARD       **'®^""iS.      NEW    1912   FABRIC. 

No.  36H2763  As  may  be  seen 
from  the  illustration,  there  is 
something  just  a  little  different  as 
to  the  styling  of  this  cloth.  As  to 
the  quality,  it  must  really  be  seen 
to  be  appreciated.  This  cloth  is 
about  27  inches  wide  and  is  woven 
of  selected  combed  yarns  and  the 
pattern  is  brought  out  in  mercer- 
zed  yarns.  This  fabric  is  of  me- 
dium weight  and  may  be  depended 
on  not  alone  for  style  but  durabil- 
ity as  well.  This  is  a  genuine  25- 
cent  fabric  wherever  it  is  sold. 
Price,    per   yard 17^ 


No.  36H2769  We  have  so 
much  contidence  In  the  value  we 
are  offering  in  this  number  that  we 
h.jive  on  more  than  one  occasion 
pl.aced  it  alongside  of  imported 
f.ibrus  retailing  at  40  cents  a  yard 
and  defied  anyone  to  tell  which  was 
the  imported  cloth  and  which  was 
not.  This  cloth  is  ot  medium 
weight,  just  the  right  thing  tor 
costumes,  and  is  woven  from  care- 
fully selected  Sea  Island  cotton 
yarns,  finished  and  mercerizetl  be- 
fore weaving,  which  accounts  for 
the  unusual  luster  the  fabric  lakes  on. 
<  onies  in  a  nice  clear  white.  About  27 
Inches  wide  and  one  of  our  strongest  values. 
I'nce,    per  yard 22c 

a_        IMPORTED     FANCY     CORDED     SWISS.       HIGH 

''^        CLASS    NOVELTIES. 


36H2773     This 


nd    to    the 

on  of  these  wlio  have  been  in  the  Iiahit 

Uylng   similar   goods    in    the    large    city 

S,  which  is  the  only  place  they  may  be 

'       We  have  Imported  these  goods  our- 

froni   St.    Gall.    .Switzerland,    and    tlie 

represents    only    what    the    wholesaler 

1   have   to   charge  any    retail   merchant 

>  Swiss   muslins   are   woven   ot   selected 

|Uan    cotton    yarns,    they    are    decoiateil 

a   three-line   cord    at    regular   Intervals 

com©    in    all    white    with    colored    eni- 

ered    dots.      Colors.    light    blue,    pink. 

!»,_  lielfotrope.    reseda    green    or   black 

d    fast.      In    ordering    stats   color 

•4.     Width,   about   30  Inches. 

t*.    per   yard 


^^-.u,^       ^,.L.        nnilc       owl 

A   YARD      '^^""'"^   IMPORTED   GOODS 

No.  36H2774     This     is     an-r 
other   one  of  our   Swiss   importu 
tions   fur   this    season   and    reprt- 
sents  a  very  strong  value.     Thes 
goods    being   priced   on    the   sann 
low    basis   as    our    most   inexpen 
sive    domestic    muslins,    our    ens 
tomers   are   sure   of  securing   th. 
very  greatest  possible  value.  Thr. 
.Swiss  muslin  is  woven  of  selected 
Egyptian    yarns   on   an    all    whit 
ground  with  neat  blacli  rings,    1 
shown   in   the  illustration.    Thesef.  .        „       .  , 
are      solidly      embroidered      andfunvPlxV 
guaranteed  fast.     This  cloth  is   about   3iy^n,^r}isa^ 
inohrs  wide   and  at  our  special   price  rep  lW«y|?Sa 
ri-scnla   the  acme  of  value  giving.  ^'IMmIMIMS 

Price,   per  yard 530 



No.   36H2778      We  call  your  attention 

to    this    splendid     offering    of    Silk    Striped 

Waisting.      This    ia    a    flne   yarn    cloth    that 

would    l>e   veiy    attractive    even    without    the 

1  nndBome     stripes.        A     little     lishter     than 

Hiedluni    weight,    thia  cloth    is   sure  of   giving 

wearer    the    utniust    eatlsfactlon.      The 

iect   long  staple  Sea  Is- 

ind  cotton  yarn  and   tlie  atrlpes  are  woven 

f  flne  Italian  sllb.   which  makes  a  splendid 

ppearanoe   when    displayed    against    a    pure 

"■"  ^--'--  •      The  illastrntion   will  (rtve 

ance   of   this 

fibrlc  is  1 

be   ap- 

loth,   but  .       _. ._  ^ 

ireciated.       Comes    In    stripes    of    light    bliie 

"•'     »"—     reseda   green    or  pink.      We   also 

da    with    silk    stripes. 

solid    hlack 
re  to  mention  color  '. 
bout  27   inches  in   width. 
Price,    per    yard 23c 

anted.      Measures       ^- 


White  and  Colored  Quilts  or  Bedspreads 

Pure      White      Natural      Weight 
Hemmed  Crochet   Quiltt. 

A    Combination    of    Good    Qnallties 

and  Low  Prices  That  Win  Instant 


No.  36H54  It  Is  cuitomary  to  reoomi 
the  iu«  of  high  jrade  goods  for  greatest 
urvlce  and  economy,  yet  the  inespensive  num- 
ber shown  here  will  be  a  great  surprise  to 
you,  as  the  service  it  will  render  exceeds  by 
far  the  price  quoted.  It  will  be  found  to 
more  than  equal  the  quilts  sold  elsewliere  at 
75  cents  each.  This  quilt  is  woven  of  pure 
white  soft  finish  yarns,  tree  from  flUing. 
Measures  about  66x75  inches. 

Price,          CQC    Per  $ft70 

eacli 9ft7       dozen ^V/^= 


White    Crochet  Quilts  or  Bedspreads 
With  Deep  Knotted  Fringe. 

— iliiilllRiiiffPHPMiPB 

No.  36H68  Full  Size 
White  Crochet  Bedspread, 
This  bedspread  Is  bleached 
pure  white,  decorated  with 
knotted  fringe,  is  of  nat- 
ural heavy  weight  and  the 
yarns  are  free  from  any 
Ollhig  matter.  Ad  excep- 
tionally good  quilt  at  the 
low  price  we  quote,  meas- 
uring about  74x83  inches, 
and  is  usually  sold  at  re- 
tail establishments  for 
$1.25  each. 






No,  36H56  Pure  White  Crochet  Bed- 
spread, hemmed  all  around.  This  quilt 
measures  about  68x76  inches.  All  pure  cotton, 
free  from  fllUng.  This  quilt  will  be  found 
to  possess  wearing  qualities  equal  to  the  best 
$1.00  Qullt  sou  can  buy  elsewhere.  Tasteful 
patterns,    and    will   prove    a   pleasing   Invest- 

»7  1  C    Per 

•  f    M.        dozen 

No.  36H70  Pnre 
White  Fringed  Cro- 
chet Bedspread.  This 
is  a  very  handsome 
quilt  and  one  that  Is 
usually  sold  in  re- 
tail stores  at  tl,50 
each.  Measures  about 
80x95  inches.  P  a  t  - 
terns  are  unusually 


No,  36H74  Our  High- 
est Quality  Fringed  Plain 
White    Crochet    Bedspread. 

Quality  and  attractiveness 
are  combined  to  a  very 
high  degree.  Full  size, 
measuring  about  83x94 
inches,  and  is  medium 
weight.  A  trial  will  con- 
vince you  that  our  quUts 
have  no  competition.  This 
quUt  la  entirely  free  from 
any  filling  matter. 


Pure    White   Dimity   Quilts    in   Seer- 
sucker or  Floral  Pattern. 

This  popular  quilt  It 
used  extensively  in  hos- 
pitals and  tanitariums. 
It  la  the  well  known 
dimity  QuUt  In  crinkled 
seersucker  style.  Pure 
(vhite.  Very  desirable  for 
hcusehold  use,  particu- 
1-triy  ia  warm  weather. 
■IS  it  is  always  cool  and 
dainty.  It  launders  very 
nicely.  We  can  furnish 
Quality   in    two 

No.  36H55 
Hemmed  Crochet  Quilt.  This  Is  one  of  our 
leading  numbers,  being  woven  from  carefully 
selected  cotton  yams,  entirely  free  from 
flUing  and  may  be  thoroughly  depended  upnn 
to  give  the  best  of  service.  Particularly  good 
patterns  are  represented,  any  of  which  will 
to  please.  This  quilt  measures  about 
72x85  inches.  Pure  white  In  color.  Specially 
priced.       A   $1.75 

e,      $  1  00      Per        $ 

1.,..      J_  ^ dozen.. 


....  36H76     Double  bed  size, 
about       79x89       inches.  Plain 

med   all  around. 


No.  36H78  Double  bed 
79x!.'J  inches.  Attractively 
loped   all  around. 


Tempting     Values     in     Colored 

Quiltt — Crochet,   Mitcheline 

or    Satin    Finish.       Plain 

Hemmed  or  Fringed. 

<^Ai  a-4-*  • 

No.  36H89     Heavy  Weight    Fast 
Color    Hemmed    Satin    Finish    Quilt. 

Heavy  cotton  yarns,  carefully  dyetl 
and  guaranteed  fast  color,  are  used 
in  weaving  this  quilt,  Tlie  colors 
included  are  only  such  as  we  can 
stand  back  of  as  being  permanent 
tints.  Lack  of  space  limits  us  to  a 
small  illustration  which  does  not 
do  justice  to  the  splendid  pattern, 
but  we  are  positive  that  once  having 
seen  the  quilt  it  will  exceed  your 
expectations.  Leading  retailers 
throughout  the  country  sell  this 
quilt  at  about  $3.50  each.  Full  dou- 
ble bed  size,  about  ISxeS  inches. 
Comes  in  light  blue  or  pink  only. 
In  ordering  be  sure  to  mention  color 
desired.  Neatly  and  durably  hem- 
med and  will  stand  a  test 
of  years,                   ,        ^  4i04S 

Specially      priced      at,         *^=S 

No.  36H86  Colored  Croche 
Quilts.  We  distribute  cnormons  qnan 
titles  of  these  quilts  yearly.  Fines 
quality  yarns  obtainable  have  beei 
used  by  the  manufacturer,  and  th 
colors  may  be  depended  on  to  b 
absolutely  fast.  This  quilt  is 
natural  weight,  with  deep  fring< 
Colors,  navy  blue,  light  blue,  pin! 
red  or  brown.  In  ordering  be  sui 
to  mention  color  desired.  Measure 
about  84x86  inches,  being  *<  1; 
full  double  bed  size.  Usual  «P  I  .  ' 
.$1.50  value.     Price,  e.ich... .       ^ 


No  36HS8  t<.l)r.  d  Milchelli 
<iuilt  S|  lendid  qu  Uit%  goo 
weight  >nd  recommended  for  du 
Tbility  We  guarantee  tlic  perm 
11(11  \  of  its  1  1  iing-^  l\)mes 
navy  Diue,  ngui  biue,  icd  or  pin 
In  ordering  be  sure  to  state  col 
desired.  Full  bed  size,  meas-  ^  ^  , 
nring  about  77x90  inches.        $  £ ; 



Our  Maternity  Dresses,  Maternity  and  Nursing  Corsets  Are  UNUSUAL  Valw 

White  Quilts  or  Bedspreads,  Crochet  and  Satin  Finish  Quilts,  Matched  Bed  Sets] 

Beautiful  Embossed  White  Satin 
Bed  Set.     Rich  Patterns.   A  Set 

in  Finish  $  460    \ 
iet    ■    ■     4^    ) 

1.1 0      BEDSPREADS.        ATTRACTIVE 

EACH         DESIGNS. 

No.  36H62  This  quilt  h  inexpensive  in 
r«l.ition  to  Its  splendid  worth.  It  Is  woven 
<'l  selected  durable  cotton  yarns.  Neatly 
luijimed  all  around  and  Is  of  good  neiglil 
and  luster.  The  patterns  will  be  found  to  be 
X';"„ .'"'"'""«■  P"'l  *2.00  value.  Size,  about 
/BXB5   inches.     Price,    each.. $I.78j 

to  nl      EXTRA      QUALITY      WHITE 
•ip^.KtO      SATIN      FINISH      BEDSPREAD, 

EACH         HEMMED 
No.   36H63     This  quilt  Is 
irns.     has     very     good     wi  " 
Id    durably    hemmed    all 



n  of  select 
full  size, 
The    pat. 

-Ai  designed  and  make 

ippearancB  of  this  Quilt  ono  of  Its  leading 
res.       c»ood_   service     is     another     of     Its 
K  nomts.    Size,  about  78x90  inches. 
"'''■    ^"'''' $2.05i 

Scalloped  Edge    White    Crochet 

OOC        CROCHET    QUILT.  """t 


No.  36H77  This  quilt  is  of  good  weight, 
hemmed  all  around,  and  of  proper  size  for 
single  bed  use.  Entirely  free  from  fllling, 
delightfully  patterned,  and  bleached  pure 
white.  This  QuUt  will  meet  every  requirement 
of  l:otel,  institution  and  hospital  use  Size 
about  56x86  inches. 

Price,   per  dozen,  $9.|6;  each 330 


i  ^ 




No  36H85  We  have  not  only  improved  the  quality  of  this  bed  set 
for  this  season  but  we  are  also  furnishing  it  in  a  larger  size  and  in  >  neat 
range  of  pattern,.  Altogether  we  feel  sure  that  wo  are  giving  a  value  that 
has  never  been  equaled  and  shows  no  possibility  of  being  met  In  competi- 
tion. The  mauufacturers  are  making  these  goods  a  Uttle  nicer  each  season 
and  we  believe  that  in  offering  this  bed  set  at  our  old  low  price  with  aU 
tlie  improvements  they  will  be  appreciated  by  our  customers  This  bed  set 
n.iW   measures   as  follows:     Bedspread,    88x100    inches;   bolstei 





No.   36H79 

high    priced    ful 


quilts.     It    is   of    good 
correci    size,     woven    of    long    staple 
wlU  render  efficient  senrlco 

.    .-,,..«    tiuvicut   KcrvicH    ana   at    tne 
•i,-       1^-.   S?P-i'^.  '"E'l   lustrous  appearance. 
)ize,   about   64x87   inches. 
''■'<•''•     e.ieh SI.6S 

Embossed  Satin  Finish  Qailts 
Scalloped  Edges. 


No.  36HS9  This  quilt  represents  one 
oT  our  popular  priced  numbers  and  Is  an 
exceedingly  good  value.  Of  medium 
weight,  select  yams  bleached  pure  white, 
«n<I  absolutely  free  from  flUlng.  Patterns 
are  particularly  attractive.  The  usual  re- 
tail price  of  this  quilt  Is  $2.50  each. 
"'—,   about  77x87  inches. 

•''•■'■     t"i-li »|  .56 



No.  36H6I 
used  extra  car' 
quilt   and    the 


ifacturer  has 
n  the  weaving  of  this 
-  .-.-  designing  of  the  patterns 
me  result  is  a  particularly  lustre 
tliat  will  give  exceedingly  good 
Scalloped    all    around    and    har    " 


-    — .,    -.,.*    .,u„   the   lower 

cut    out    to    til    the    posts   of    Iron 
brass  beds.     Tliese  corners  nt  perfectly 

Size,  about  75x89  Inch 

Is  no   1)     ■ 

».....^  quoted 

that  of  Inferior   goods. 



!3-,  J'l'lS  Quut-Ts"  wSven'rf  ^lecTd 
hard  twisted  yams,  scalloped  all  around 
greatly  adding  to  its  appearance.  It  really 
?l!i?,  „,n  ^lisn  to  be  appreciated.  This 
quUt  wUl  resist  soUing  to  a  marked  de- 
^^■,1  °5o  ?o  '.''«"'>'«  'tae  launders  easUy. 
&ize,    tizxyy   Inches. 

.    ^'^'"''     g"^" $2,5  1 



White  SatI 


3ur    Very    Best    Quality 
Finish   Bedspread.    The 

lower  corners  are  cut  out  by  our  perfect 
fitting  ■■Snugnt"  process,  which  Insures 
the  quilt  fltllng  accurately  around  the 
posts  of  metal  beds.  Scalloped  all  around 
The  price  is  exceedingly  low.    Quill  meas- 

about    81x90    Inche 


dote  1 

Wer   ii,„„    (|,„t   askeri    „,    retail    slo 

w  same  quality  quilt.     Price,  each. 




No.    36H82     The 

construction     of     this 
quilt    is    extra     solid 

perfect      flttln 

this  quilt  durability  h, 
tlon  than  pattema,  tl 
and    sure   to    be   pleasing 


No.  36H84      0  u  r 
Very    Best    Quality    Cut 
Out     Corner      Fr  ng  d 
Bedspread.     Tl  i      i 
high    class    white 
finish       bedsproal 
superweight      ^i^ 

fringe.     The   1 
have  bee 


they     fit      per 

-ieUl  beds.    This   . ._ 

is    enUrely    free    from    fllling. 
the  patterns  are  attractive.     Usually 
mentg    at    $3.00    each.     The    price 
value.     Size,  about  85x92  inches 

ity  Stripes  With  Cut  Out  Borders  for  Bedrooms.     Write  for  Wall  Paper  Sample  Book.     «"''«c5?c%"o'=''a 


Indias,  Persians,  Swisses,  Mulls,  Victorias,  Organdies,  Linen  Finished  Lawns,  Et( 

Several  New  and  Improved  Qualities  in  Staple  Plain  Goods  at  Lower  Than  Ever  Prices 


White  India  Linons. 

7c     _.  .,.„„„„. 


No.    36H2332      Improv 
(lualUy     ^Vhitf     India    tine 




(lied.      Width,     about     28 


per  yard 7c 

CHOICE,      SHEER      FIN- 


A  YARD      ISH 

No.  36H2337  Combed 
Yiirn  India  Linon.  Pure  white. 
A  splendid  fabric.  Full  18- 
(lut  value.  Width,  about  30 

Price,   per   yard lie 

ie„      SELECT      COMBED       YARN       WHITE      INDIA 
IOC      LINON. 
A  YARD  „       ,       ,    ^. 

No  36H2342  Superior  Grade  India  L,inon, 
woven  of  select  Sea  Island  yarns.  Bleached  pure 
white.     Width,  about  30  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 15* 

22-      FINEST     GRADE    WHITE     INDIA     LINON. 

*N^0*  36H2352  Our  Best  India  tinon.  Sheer 
and  Lieautifiil,  better  than  the  imported  qualities 
sold  at  40  to  50  cents  a  yard.  Width,  about  30 
inches.  ^^ 

Price,   per  yard ^  ^c 

Fancy    Black    Swiss '  Muslin 
and  Lawn. 

Tan  or  Linen  Color  India  Linons. 


No.  36H2357  This  cloth 
is  of  much  better  qualif>  than 
that  whicli  usuall.v  sells  at 
the  price  we  quote.  Coiues  in 
a  rich  tan  or  linen  coloi 
Width,  about  31  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 1 0< 

1  e-       LINEN      COLOR      INDIA 
lOC       LINON.     COMBED  YARN 

No.  36H2368  One  of  our 
best  grades  of  Tan  India 
T^inon.  These  goods  are  care- 
tullv  constructed  of  selected 
stock.  Width,  about  31  inches. 
Price,  per  yard.' 1  5c 

Black  India  Linons. 



No.  36H2372  FastBlack 
Good     Quality      India     L,inon. 

Warranted  color.  Comes  only 
in  fast  black.  Width,  about  31 
inches.  Price,  per  yard..  10c 
i^/2e  LINON, 

No.  36H237  7  Tine  Qual- 
ity Warranted  Fast  Black  In- 
dia Ijinon.  Combed  yarn  goods 
of  very  nice  appearance  and 
assured  durability.  Width,  31 

Price,  per  yard 1  2M!C 

BLACK      INDIA      LINON.        SMOOTH 

No  36H2380  Select  Fine  Yarn  Black  India 
I.inoii.  Aniline  dved,  which  insures  fast  color. 
Very  lustrous  and"  sightly  in  appearance.  Repre- 
sents a  saving  of  10  cents  a  yard.     Width,  31  inches. 

I'rice,   jpcr   yard '5" 

18c    SWISS 

A  YARD      M   U  S  L  I  N. 
NEAT       E  M- 

No.  36H2554 
Ever  since  we  Intro- 
duced this  cloth  to 
our  trade  it  has 
proven  to  be  one  of 
our  most  popular 
numbers  in  black 
goods.  It  is  a  very 
good  grade  of  Swiss 
muslin,  woven  of 
fine  combed  yarns 
and  embroidered  in 
small  and  medium 
size  dots,  all  iu  solid 
absolutely  fast 
black.  Since  mak- 
ing this  introduc- 
tion to  our  catalog 
we  have  quoted 
these  goods  at  a  re- 
markably low  price. 
Width,  about  37 

Price,  per 


1 4c  BLACK 

A  YARD       LAWN 

No.   36H2556 

This  cloth  was  in- 
troduced by  us  at 
the  same  time  as  the 
one  quoted  to  the 
left  and  it  has  been 
admitted  to  a  per- 
manent place  in  this 
catalog.  It  is  woven 
of  fine  combed  yarn 
and  neatly  patterned 
iu  checks  or  small 
plaids.  We  have  no 
hesitancy  in  saying 
that  you  could  not 
purchase  the  same 
goods  at  any  retail 
store  for  less  than 
25  cents  a  yard. 
Guaranteed  aniline 
dyed.  Width,  about 
zi  inches. 

Price,  per 

at-    i 

White  Persian  Lawns. 

1  o„       GOOD     QUALITY  WHITE 
li2C       PERSIAN      LAWN. 

No.  36H2512  A  very 
Desirable  Pure  White  Combed 
Yarn  Persian  Lawn  at  about 
halt  the  usual  retail  price. 
Width,  about  33  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 12c 

toe       LAWN.       FINE    GRADE. 

No.  36H2515        Fine 

Quality  Combed  Yarn  Persii 
Lawn.      Pure    white, 
tractive   purchase  at  this   low 
price.    Width,  about  32  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 15c 

1  a-       WHITE      PERSIAN      LAWN. 
iOC       GOODS. 

No.  36H2525  Superior  Qaality  White  Pei 
sian  Lawn,  made  of  Sea   Island  yarn.     Width,  < 

inches.    Price,  per  yard 1  " 

^J'C       LAWN. 
A  YARD  ^      ^ 

No.  36H2536  A  number  that  is  sure  to  b, 
(ome  \erj  popular.  Woven  of  long  staple  S( 
Klind  lottoii  viin  bleached  pure  white.  Vei 
_'Mieiinis  \Milth  ind  will  give  extremely  go< 
VI  I  MM      ^Aidt'i     r>  inches.    Price,  per  yard...  2! 

^f-Ti  Selected  White  Vi. 
^^  '  toria  Lawns. 



Popular  Mercerized   Persian 

These  goods  are  largely  used  for  women's 
and  children's  wear.  They  are  similar  to 
India  mulls  in  appearance  and  are  mercer- 
ized in  the  yarn  before  weaving,  heighten- 
ing the  silkine?s  to  sight  and  touch. 


A  YARD       soft   finish.      Very  nice 
goods.      Mercerized.       A 
good    value    at    the    price.       I.aun- 
eers  nicely.     Width.  28   inches. 

Price,    per    yard 14c 

OC        EXTRA      WIDE.PER- 

^OC       SIAN      MULL.        BOFT 

A   YARD     AND      LUSTROUS     AS 


Mo.  36H2568    This   Persian 

Mull    is    woven    of    the   finest    staple 

Sea   Island   cotton   yarn,   which   in- 

Fiircs  strength,   but  does  not  add  to 

the     weight.       This     line     yam     is 

capable  of  taking  on  a  much  higher 

lii-ster    than    any    other.      An    extra 

width   at    a    wonderfully   low    price. 

^    -i  40 INCH 


No.  36H2505 



11    1   mm  h 



A  YARD     ITY. 

No.  36H2496  White  Vi 
toria  Lawn.  A  good  quali 
lawn  of  even  texture  and  pu 
bleach.  Our  most  iuexpe: 
sive  lawn  and  a  good  vah 
Width,  40  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 1 

tA^       VICTORIA       LAW 
lie       WIDE     AND      r' 
A  YARD     FINE.  . 

E.vcellent  Quality  White  V 
y  woven,  bleached  and  flnishc 
"over  the  previous  number  gi^ 
value.    Width,  about  40  inch 

Special  Black  Persian  Lawns. 


FAST       BLACK       PERS- 
IAN     LAWN. 

*No.  36H2540  Black  Per- 
sian    Lawn,     line     and     sheer. 

Warranted  fast  black.  A  fine 
cloth  at  a  low  price.  Width, 
about  31  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 1  2c 

1  e«       BLACK       PERSIAN 


No.  36H2545  Superior 
Quality  Fast  Black  Fine  Per- 
sian Lawn,  made  from  select 
combed  yarn.  Dyed  carefully 
iu  aniline.  A  25-cent  value. 
Width,  about  31  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 1  5c 

19c       BLACK       PERSIAN       LAWN. 



No  36H2552  Our  Very  Best  Black  Pers 
Lawn.  Fine  quality  combed  Sea  Island  yarns 
used  exclusively  in  this  cloth.  Aniline  dj 
therefore  fast  black.  Represents  an  alia 
value.    Width,  about  31  inches.    Price,  per  yd. . 

A  Group  of  Tempting  Va 




Fine  Sheer  White  Organdies, 

30  to  48    Inches  Wide. 

■7_         PLAIN      WHITE     ORGANDY.        PRICED 
'C         BELOW     REAL     VALUE. 

No.  36H2622    White  Organdy  of  good 
quality.    Low  in  price  but  of  proven  •""■•■  ^ 
1  sual"  retail     price    is     10    cents    a 
Width,  30  inches.    Price,   per  yard.. 

tn-       PURE     WHITE     ORGANDY. 

lUC       WIDTH. 

No.  36H2623  This  Pure  White  Or- 
sandy  is  nice  and  sheer,  of  splendid  qual- 
ity, will  launder  perfectly  and,  in  fact,  is 
thoroughly  reliable.    Width,  about  30  inches. 

Price,    per    yard 1  Oc 

Ot^      EXTRA     WIDE     AND     SHEER     WHITE 

^OC      ORGANDY. 

No.  36H2628  Our  Finest  Quality  Or- 
gandy, line  and  sheer.  Woven  of  specially 
selei-ted  Sea  Island  cotton  yarn,  dainty  and 
serviceable.    Width,  about  48  inches. 

yard 23c 

ues  in  Domestic  and  Imported  Organdies, LmenUwi^ 

White  Costume  Cloths. 


^_     WHITE 
,'2C     COSTUME 
A  YARD     CLOTH        OR 

No.  36H2641 
This  is  a  new  fabric 
we  are  showing  this 
season  and  one  that 
we  feel  sure  will  be 
much,  appreciated 
by  our  customers. 
It  is  a  little  heavier 
construction  than 
the  ordinary  lawns, 
woven  of  selected 
combed  co  1 1  o  n 
yarns,  bleached  pure 
white  and  could  not 
ordinarily  be  purchased 
at  less  than  20  cents  a 
yard.     Width,  full  39  in. 

Price,  per 
yard    1  2%c 



36H2'6  42 

A  YARD  This  is  a  bet- 
ter  grade  of 
these  White  Costume 
Cloths  or  Linen  Finished 
Lawns,  much  Qner  in 
texture  than  the  number 
lircriously  quoted  and 
bleaclied  pure  wlilte.  The 
fine  combed  yarns  o" 
whii'h  the  cloth  is  con 
stnicted  permit  of  its  tak 
ing  on  a  finish  that  it 
would  be  impossible  to 
impart  to  a  cloth  not  -" 
constmcted.  Very 
tractive  in  appearance 
and  recommended  for  it 
durability.  These  Bi^od 
are  39  inches  wide  and  at 
our  special  price  repre 
sent  an  uncommon  value 
Similar  goods  retail  free 
ly  at  i5  cents  a  yard, 
per  yard. . 

Imported  French  Organdy. 

66  to  68  Inches  Wide.      Samples  Free  on  Reques 

31c       WHITE     FRENCH     ORGANDY.       SHEER     AND      FINE. 

*nI*36H2630     Excellent    Quality    Pure    White    French    Oraandy. 

riallv    desiVab"    for    graduation    and    conlirmalion    dresses.      Sheer    and 
Will  cotSare  faJwabV  with  the  Quality  sold  anywhere  at  50  cents  a 

Width,    66    inches.     Price,    per  yard 

37c       FINE    FRENCH    ORGANDY.      EXTRA    WIDTH. 

^No^'SfiHaGaa    Another  superior  quality.     Our  own   Importation 
ceUent    for    sTad?atlon     "onfirmatlon     and    p?rty     dresses.       Beautiful  _ 
dainty.      Woven  of  twisted  yants,  bleached  pure  whlte^.wlth  elastic  flnls 
perfect   fabric   that    will   give   perfect    satisfaction.      Width,    about    66    iiB 

Price,      per     yard 


*  ^*36H2635     Extra  Fine  and  Sheer  White  French  Organdy.    In 


tr"dt°e?c?uslveiy°and   olfered   af  nearly   one-half  less    .. 

ilied  for  the  same  Quality  by  lead  ng  retail  stores.    The  elastic  -   --■-  — 
kes  It  pretemMeTi  Hie  ofd  style,  Etlft  flrJel^,      Made  of  selected  Eg; 

WidthVaiout    67    inches.  '  Price,    per   yard 
74c         WHITE    FRENCH    ORGANDY.      FINEST   OUALITY. 

*  ^*36H2640     Extra  Quality  Ff«^'>^,.0^^'J"'j!;;„,^,''y„=Jf,',„r^''i',? 


'oml^d   EgrriTian"  yarii.      Those'who   t'tiow 'values   will 
$1.50  value.     Width.  67  Inches.     Price,  per  yard^ 


SEARS,  RO|Bu^cK  A^No  CO,,  QREAT !    $1.00  Ladlcs'  Paris  Kid  Special  Gloves.    Beats  Everything  Under  $1.50  Elsew 





White  Fiqae  is  an 
old  established  fa- 
vorite whose  pop- 
ularity as  a  fabric 
for  summer  gar- 
ments never  de- 
creases. Medium 
size  cord  running 
lengthwise.  This 
value  is  sold  across 
the  retail  counters 
for  20  cents  a  yard. 
Pure  white.  Meas- 
ures  aboDt  26 
inches  in  width. 
rd 1  2M.C 




No.  36H2747 
White  Ducli  Suit- 
ing of  good  weight 
and  quality.  This 
white  dress  duck 
is  of  a  weight  to 
insure  graceful 
draping.  From  a 
standpoint  of  serv- 

Jice  and  economy 
it  cannot  be 
equaled.  Pure 
white,  woven  nice- 
ly. Usual  12%- 
cent  value.  About 
.,  ,  '  2'  inches  wide. 
i  rice,  per  yard 9c 

40-INCH  LAWN.    15^ 


No.  36H2825 
White    Apron 
Lawn,  40  inches 
wide.     This  is  the 

most  popular  apron 
lawn  sold,  and  the 
demand  is  c  o  n- 
stantly  increasing. 
Constructed  of  se- 
lected yarns  and 
woven  into  a 
smooth  even  tex- 
ture. Corded  or 
hemstitched  in  sev- 
eral attractive  pat- 
nt  val'ie.  40  Inches 
apron  width 

A   2. 

Fnli  sliirt 
Price,  per  yard ." f  5c 


'nil  r<I        •"'"»  Yarns. 
iwlLiCO.    Crystal  White. 


a^a.  nniie.     ^   YARD 

No.  36H2826 

This    IS    a    new    fabric 

wah  U3  this  season  and 
one  we  feel  sure  will 
be  Immensely  popular. 
We  have  selected  a 
very  choice  quality 
conibed  cotton  yarn 
\olle  of  nice,  even  con 
structioa  and  have 
brought  it  out  In  a 
new  border  design  like 
the  illustration.  The<:e 
goods  are  full  40  inches 
wide,  which  pennlta  of 
their  ready  use  for 
skirts,  aprons,  etc,  This 
voile  is  bleached  pure 
white  and  even  with 
tractive  border  would  at  this 
'  an  exceptional  value.  Sun 
goods  will  retail  this  season 
I  yard  nnd  more.  40  lnrh..s 
per   yard |  7c 



<.„,  A  little  heavier  than  the  nainsooiis,  but  used 
for  the  same  purposes,  being  especially  adapted 
for  women's  and  children's  wear  We  have  nald 
special  attention  to  this  line  of  goods,  and*^  we 
nfnTr  n,i',f  I'P  ""  assortment  of  the  choicest  and 
most  popular  grades  of  this  cloth  which  we 
':If.Li°  !?^  ,P"^lic  at  less  than  it  could  be  pur 
11  a  wholesale 
us  at  the  mills  in 

large  quantities  from 
establishment.  It  is  made  for  us  av  .^^  uji,i» 
special  lengths,  and  as  we  purchase  immense 
quantities  we  are  able  to  quote  these  low  prices 
These  longcloths  are  full  36  inches  wide  T We 
numbers'!^  ''""  '°  ^^""^  "'"'  °*  "^'^  following 
No.  36H2643  White  tongcloth.  Medium 
va?d'^ide  '^'^    bleached.      A    12%.cent''valu? 

12-yard  piece  for $1.03 

^l0.  36H2647       Wljite    iongciith"     Pine 

and  firm.     Made  from  fine  yarn,  well  bleached  and 

hnished.  A  15  to  18-cent  value.  Yardwde  «,  ^_ 

„„    oeuo.r=.  12-yard  piece  for *-$1.27 

12-yard   piece  for *1   45 

12-yard   piece  for *2  63 

graJe'-of^Ponfc^o^?     X^IV.  ^°°fS'°V''-lliPi#'i?::?°>A4«»tV.:; Our   best 


?e?v   h^L'""^!"'""^-     <^">^«'y  ^o^^n  of  pure'sea  island  cotton  "^Used  in  the 
"eLVrrnrT'ilViZC:     ^""^  ^'^^^''"^  "y   leading  Retailers  ^ffo'to'l 

12-yard  piece  for 






These  fabrics,   lilte  our  longcloths,   have  been    ^ '~ 

placed  in  our  stock  only  after  exercising  the 
utmost  care  possible  in  selecting  each  quality. 
^?„^„Sl'i"''"  represents  a  distinct  value,  each  one 
gradually  growing  a  little  better  in  quality  but 
r„^,^.?„°  ^^^"'■^  '■''"  *•"»*  '°  purchasing  the  most 
inexpensive   grade    the   quality    is    equal    to    thit 

Z^nu  1°.^,^°''^^,  "^fy  *  '«  ^  ^^"t^  '^  yard  more  for 
=oJi'  '^.'"J'ne  retailers.  On  the  better  grades  the 
fl  mtf»  'iLr.^°  F^"^^  pronounced.  Nainsooks  arl 
a  little  lighter  in  weight  than  longcloths,  and  on 
account  of  their  soft  silky  texture  are  greatly  °S 
wlSifwUh't?"^  lingerie.  "^  They  are  all  36  i^hi" 
wide,  with  the  exception  of  No.  36H2707,  which 
measnres  .39  inclies  and  is  put  up  10  yards  in  a 
box  and  sold  only  in  that  way  o'<i'us  m  a 

>,nd'**?;.f?^"?®^^.   *"'?'"  ^''"«  Nainsook.     Pine 

Yard  w"de.  ^  ™     "^    '''    ^"""^    "    ""^    P"'^'"' 

12.yard   piece  for $1.39 

did^nna^Uv"^^®®  Plain  White  Nainsioit'.  Splen- 
did  quality.      A   popular  household   fabric.      Yard  wl.i.. 

12-yard   piece  for larawi...  •Rlfi'l 

Island-  ?o?tn?  'J°  '       «,'.«"    <"»*»    White '  Nainsook. ^ 

island   cotton   yarn.      Very   du"'"         ~  --    -      "'*• 
cents  a  yard.     Width,  36  inches 

12-yard   piece  for. . .    . 

No.  36H2707 

A    YARD 

No.  36H2726 
White    Linen    Fin- 
ish Suiting.      Not 

so  fine  as  the 
higher  p  riced 
numbers,  yet  this 
cloth  will  more 
than  equal  your 
expectations.  A 
special  process 
gives  it  a  linen  ef- 
fect. Very  popular 
among  those  who 
desire  a  low  priced 
cloth  capable  of 
giving  good  serv- 
ice. About  36  inch 
Price,  per  yard. . . 




No.  36H2729 
Improved     Qualify 
Whife    Linen   Fin- 
ished    Salting. 

Note  the  extra 
width  of  this 
cloth.  It  Is  woven 
of  good  stout 
yarn  and  is  a 
clever  Imitation  of 
imported  butcher 
linen.  Nothing 
more  desirable  for 
wash  skirts,  etc. 
It  will  wear  well 
and  really  im- 
proves in  launderiu 
price  this  number  is 
able  value.     Full  36  inches 


per   yard |  i< 


,        1,1        ^   ,-, Made    of    combed    Sea 

jlurable.      Sold    by   all   leading    retailers   at   2.5 


cottoT"B"e?u'trfulfv  sSf7nnr?nb,*'"|."'.''"''-,*^^'^^.°f  ^o^^bed  Sea  Island 
taining  10  yards  and  ?oldnnil,h^V  "^"^  "?,  '<"■  "^  '"  attractive  boxes  con- 
25  oenfs  a  yfrd%ls°ewbere.''wy,J;'''iJ"?f;^  J""  <^''°°°'  «1"«'  *"'«  ^"'""y  «* 



maZt  CiZh'i'u''n,"^  *"  '.•"•"'^l'  Antiseptic  Birdseye  or  Cotton 
the  who^esah,  milu»?  Popular  widths  at  prices  that  really  discount 
tht  Z„?„  i?"''*^*  prices.     These  three  numbers  are    ill  exactlv 

the  same  quality,  varying  only  in  width.  We  have  these  coodsn,,^ 
"P  'o>-  "s  by  an  Eastern  mill,  where  they  are  woven  Dfefched  and 
hPio'^if'l  under  the  most  careful  supervision  We  gua^antle  this 
bleach  to  be  chemically  pure.  After  the  goods  navlbeen  run  off 
l\''U"c''h'2s*j^o^Sr'^,;in'd<"s^""'  *°  '^  """'^'^^  wfich'ls°u'^?  Itlle^lnlfl 
Clot'h?"  ^®"27  1  7     18-Inch  Antiseptic  Birdseye  or  Cotton  Diaper 

10-yard    piece    for SOc 

Cloth?"  36H2721      22-Inch  Antisepiic  Birdsi-yW  or  Cotton  Diaper 

10-yard    piece    for gQc 

Cloth?"  ^^"2725     27-Inch  Antiseptic  Birdsiye  or  Cotton  Diaper 

10-yard   piece  for 73c 


No.  36H2733 
White  Indian  Head 
Suiting.  Shrunk 
soft  finish.  It  is 
widely  known  and 
liked.  Por  caps, 
belts,  embroidery 
purposes,  barbers' 
and  waiters'  coats 
it  is  in  great  de- 
mand ;  also  a  great 
fabric  for  suit- 
In  g  s  .  Bleached 
pure  white.  Width, 
about  36  inches 





No.  36H2850 
White    Checked    Dlm- 

.    , ity.       Good     patterns. 

A  YARD  This  is  the  kind  that 
usually  sells  for  15 
cents  a  yard.  Very  neat  in  ap- 
jiearance.  Especially  desirable 
for  children's  use.  Comes  in 
small  and  medium  size  checks 
A  splendid  value.  Width,  about 
'iH   inches. 

I'rice,  per  yard 9c 





lally  retails 
Ut   28    inch) 

No.  36H2853 
Fine    Pure    White 
Checked    D  1  m  i  t  .v . 
A  TARD       Perfectly      bleached 
^   ,  J  .         and      attractively 
styled  In  small  or  medium  size 
checks  or  plaids.     We  can   as- 
sure you  that  the  quality  of  this 
cloth  is  all  that  can  be  desired 
18  to  20  cents  a  yard.     Width, 
B.      I'rice,  per  yard i  2c 

N0.36H2859  Whit 
otriped  Dimity.  Sov- 
.  „,__.  «"•!  neat  stripes.  Will 
A  i:ard  give  excellent  service. 
Better  than  the  qualitv 
sold  by  leading  retailers  at  ]2i,'., 
cents  a  yard.  Nicely  bleached 
and  of  good  weight.  Solid  white 
with  narrow  and  medium  size 
effects   in   stripes.      Width,   about 



per  yard g^ 




No.  36H2862  >  ] 

WhIte.Striped  Dimity.  :  ' 

Extra  quality.  Woven  ^  j 

of  selected  yarn, beau-  i^sTaTD^c-' 

»„,.,     ,     r„ut'f""y    Moached    and  M^-TRIE-iS    . 

finished.    This  is  an  exceptionally  "^  ' 

popnlnr  cloth  and  is  made  up  iii 

a  wide  range  of  patterns  of  taste- 

r..i    -tripes    in    plain    and    fancy 




About   28   inches 

per  yard. 



J2  Cents  for  A!I  Wool  Carp^  That  Brings  80  Cents  Elsewhere.     Look  It 


No.  36H2S10 

White  Checked  N-Tiu 
.  „.„  sook.  Plain  and  fane 
A  YARD  checks.  Forthequ.-ii 
ity  of  this  cloth  tli 
price  is  exceedingly  low.  It  i 
of  nice  weight  and  comes  i 
small  or  medinm  size  checks  o 
plaids.  About  24  inches  wide. 
Price,  per  yard g 

No.  36H28IS 

Qnalily   Whi 

weight  aTi<! 
even  texture.  Then' 
IS  a  slight  difTerence  in  |>ricc 
over  our  former  number,  but 
the  increase  in  v.nhie  is  of  far 
greater  proportion,  and  for  tlif 
very  greatest  service  we  would 
advise  this  number.  Large  as- 
sortment of  pleasing  patterns. 
2B  lnclip».    Price,  per  yard 


^spii^  Seersuckers,  Apron  Ginghams,  Chambrays,  Shirtings,  Etc | 

Jl_  We  Show  Fancy  D^^  Gingham,  in  Their  ActualColor^onPag«^33«^  i 

12Hc   Seersucker  Stripe..  Rough  Dry  Fabric 
A  YARD  f^^     36H3101 

BIPPLETTE.  This    Is    a   very    prac- 

Wamnted   Fast   Colon  and   r«q«ire»     ^,^.^j    ^^j    econoniical 
—  '  "  floth      for      children' 

wear,  and  owing  1 
the  construction  of 
tbe  fabric  it  need  not 
be  ironed.  You  can 
spe  Ibis  suiting  wide 
ly  adTCrtised  by  the 
manufacturer  in  the 
loading  women's  and 
household  magazines. 
Colors,  light  blue, 
pinli,    tan.    navy    Blue 

or   steel    ^ay.     I- . -f  Vs'lb^r'A^'n^^rm^^mlh. 
This  seersucker  suiting  is  about  -»  ^^^^ 

Price,    per   yard 


; — Zr^         ■      J  1  -1  o  1  /        Crinkled   Seer«icketr  Suiting.        Plain 

Extra     Width    Mercerized    121^C     ^^fd   Color".       New  Shade.. 
PH.. e  or  Seersucker  Crepe 

=  1  Ms  I 

A  YARD  „.  . 

No.  36H3104  Th.s 
„  a  new  cloth  we  ore 
featuring;  this   season.    1; 

.<.  woven  of  selected 
oombed  cotton  yarns, 
the  texture  is  very  tln'- 
,nd  although  the.  clotb 
s  of  light  weight.  It  pos- 
ipsses  unusual  durami- 
ty.  Owing  to  the  con- 
rtruction  of  the  cloth 
which  is  in  the  more  thau 
ever  popular  seersuclier 
effect  it  is  a  very  satis- 
factory rough  dry  mate- 
rial tor  night  gowns,  as 
veil  as  walsM.  chlWren's  wear, 
uatle  from  this  cloth  requiri 
•loth  comes  in  all  white  In 
.iiipea.  Width.  31  inches, 
per  yard 


Colors  ar«  Warranted  Fart. 

■iokled   seersucker 

_,„„„   New  Shad 

A  YARD  ".„- 

No.    36H3102 

:  are  bulldinB  nP 
an  enormous  business 
on  this  fine  S  e  e  r  - 
sucker  Suiting.  It  is 
woven  of  select  yarns. 
Colors  are  warranted 
fast.  This  clotb  meas- 
ures 88  Inches  in 
width.  Colors,  navy 
blue,  reseda  green, 
pink,  light  blue,  helio- 
trope,  Copenhagen 
blue,  tan.  myrtle 
green  or  pure  white. 
In  fH-dering  state  color 

'"■'^'"■'*-  ^  12% 

frice.  per  yard ■ 

iuia  occi^uw..-.    "  1  aVzC  I      rrlce.   per  yara — -  _ 


**  i ^  ~~I  \^i/  AMOSK.EAG  . 





rL«i"  CHAM" 
1  OF    GOOD    QUALITY. 

No.  36H3I06  26-lncli 
Plain  Colored  Chambray 
Dress  Gingham.  A  variety 
of  colors,  including  piu*. 
blue.  red.  gray  or  brown. 
Tliese  goods,  while  inel- 
peiislve.  wUl  be  found  to 
reliresent  a  sterling  value. 
Slate   oolar  wanted. 

Price,    per    yard 6c 

FuU    piece    of    about    50 
■ards,  per  yard 5%c 

12c  prJE"*c«ASi 

A  YARD  ESfoV*'^ 
No.  36H3I07  32-lncli 
Soft  Chambray  Suitlno.  Su- 
perior quality.  This  doth  Is 
imiversally  popular  for  watetfl 
and  suits,  also  for  tl»  mak- 
ing of  men's  shlrta.  Comoa 
in  tan.  pink.  llgM  W*"-. 
cadet  blue,  navy  blue,  red 
mixture,    reseda    green,    atecl 

gray    or   brown   mixtare.      I  n 

ordering     »•    sure    •"     •♦•'" 

eelor  dellrad. 

Price,    per   yard I  Zy 

Full     piece     of     about     40 

yards.    Per    yard I  I 'Xio 

4  .,  NURSES'  „SEEn. 

lie        SUCKER    GING- 
A  YARD     •****• 

K,    36H3I08       27-lncli 
Ex^?i    Ouility    N?n6s'    Slrloe 
Gingham.   Made  of  extra  heavy 
weight  yarns,    the   blue_^  yarns 
being    indigo    dyed    and    war- 
?^tld  fast  color.    Of  »UP=rt" 
ight   to   the   ordinary   drea, 
gbam     and     wUl     launder  ] 
„fU         Colors,      cadet     blue/  , 
navy  blue  mixed,  so  id  nwy 
hlue    strlpea    and    blue  ^md' 
white   with    red    featheretttob 
stripes.     We  can  furnish  tia,  \ 
plain   hoapita] 

as  plain  blue 

color  wanted. 

Price,    per  y»rd....._.l 
Full     piece     of     about     -. 
yards,  per  yard lOVio 

^■i  /  AMOSK.EAG 

6HC     APB^ON      GING- 

A  YARD     EoLOfiS. 

No.  36H3I  1  t  Evary 
housekeeper  knows  what 
the  word  Amoskeag  means 
an  apron  cbeok.  We 
guarantee  thesa  goods  to 
bo  first  duality  Amoskeag 
apron  checks  In  blue, 
black,  brown  or  green.  In 
orderirg  state   color   waat- 

d.  Wldtli,  aboat  27  inches. 
Price,  per  yard 6'/20 

vards,  per  y.ird av«v ^ , 

■^  ^  . ■  r  „..,.„    Tw.iirn    BULLHIDE   SHIRT  3|i 

n^     CHEVIOT    SHIRTING.     CHEWS    OR    STRIPES.     9c 
•  C     "  ^  ^_  A  YARD 


u.    IRH^OTO     Fast    Color    Cotton    Shirting.     Appropriate 
No.  36H3070     fasr  ^^    ^    ^^^    ^^    ^^^^^ 

Sru.'2ri„fhrwidrstar.o,'.r  an-  atyl.  --"d-       ^^ 

Price,    per   yard ■• _„ 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard ^" 

•j„    -atsutOTa     Heavy     Weight     Cheviot     Shirtiiig.    Tast 

No.  36H307,4     ne«y  Improved    Quality    over 

?Se°1ow  J  S 'id   numbe'    previously   Quoted.     Colors,    blue   or 

*'„wnsrnpes?r  checks.    Slate  color  and  style  wanted. 

Price,    per  yard • 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard 

.  ,  FAST    BLACK   TWI 



No.  36H3076   Bl««l> 
and  White   Boll-  ^ 

hide   Twilled 
Shirt'         —  -  " 

No.  36H308S    Fine  Corduroy  lor 
men's  shirts.     Width,  29  Inches.    Cornea 
In  aU  desirable  colors.    We  are  seUing 
an    ever    increasing    quantity    of    this  I  ^^'^'^j^ 
cloth,   and  It  bas  been  found  to  be  a  Uolor     and 
particularly    desirable    article    »»'    ""■r'lCgoid  lir 
making   of    children's    garments.     Makes  1^  ^  „,„„  rk 
UP  attractively  and  will  give  tie  >»."-  Uw^tt,    About  27 
imum    of    servlca.    Colors,    tan.    wine,  I  -none,  wr 
dark    green,    navr    blue   or   btown 
ordering  slat*  color  detiratt. 

per  yard ^^ 


MEN'S     GOOB     WEIGHT     ANO     WELL     STYLED 
lvltH»     o"""  SHIRTING. 

No.  36H3084  E 
tra  Fine  Quality  Cheviot 
Shirting  for  men's  and 
boys'     shirts.     A     very 
attractive  cloth  in  styl* 
and    is    equally    deslr 
ftble  on  account  of  serv 
Iceablllty.    Well  adapt- 
ed for  children's  wear 
Colors    guaranteed    ab 
ilutcly  fast  and   in   : 
■viile    range    of    shades, 
mcludlng     cadet     blue, 
navy  blue.   tan.    brown, 
tray.     Width,  about  29 
inches.      This    cloth    is 
the     usual     liVz  -  cent 
value.     We     can     also 
furnish     the    following 
plain    shades:     Navy 
blue,  cadet  blue,  brown 
tan  or  gray.    In  order 
ing  state  color  desired 


Price,    per   yard _„ 

Full   piece   of    about    50   yards,    per  yard '   ' 



N».  36H3074  Excellent  Quality 
Hickory  Stripe  Shirting,  measuring  28 
inchi  in  width.  This  shirting  is  be- 
coming more  popular  nearly.  It  13 
adaptable  not  only  tor  men's  shirts,  but 
used  for  overaUs.  etc..  and  may  be  de- 
p^^ed  upon  to  give  the  W«'^f„,f"'"^ 
Comes  in  neat  stripes,  either  blue  and 
white,  or  broOT  and  white.  Fast  colors. 
Slate  color  wanted. 

Price,   per  yard '  ' ' 

Full    piece    of    about    50    ^ards.    per 


I  12c   YARD 

NO.  36H3078     lndlgo^;.e  and   W-- J»--,f| 

Lr-in'digfdr  "tz:^^  --  -  - 

1  neatly  styled.     About  28   inches  wide. 

Price,    per   yard ;"'„'''lj 

Full  piece  of  about  50  yards,  per  yard 



....  36H3086 
High  Class  Heavy 
Weight  Cheviot 
Shirting.  Usually 
sells      at      leading 

7c     ^Vn'-'^MVo^R'A'y-  12c  -irrysrrooo'd 

A  YARD  ^''hiS'tING**      A  YARd|  rnrcompiete  range 

No.  36H308O  Rood  QuaHty  Ma 
dras  Shirting.  WHiitc  grotimls  with  ng- 
ures  or  stripes  in  either  red.  tilue  or 
Mack    patterns.     State    color    and    style 

inled.     About  28  inches  in  width.    _^^ 

Price,  per  yard 

ot  up  to  the  mill 
ute  styles.  This 
cloth  Ls  free  from 
Ailing     and     b}""- 

M»  9AU^oa2  Superior  Quality 
C„'rd°ed  ^M^ayrts^lMrting, '38  inche.  wide 
romes  in  white  grounds  with  either 
Mue  or  black  patterns.  A  ouf"^  '''»! 
is  considered  sufBclently  good  for  the 
finest  custom  shirts.  Stat,  color  de- 
Price,  per  yard 

.nl  y 

,  „  .    but   for 


r  .     costumes. 

Colors,    navy 

cadet     blue 


W.H„eli84nchU.«AU.v«f«29C»U.V.rd.    it..  L.cUy  P.g..t 

iVd'erinTbesS^to  Stat,  color 

Price,     per    yai-d ■ _■    , 

Full  piece  of  about  30  yards,  yrryard. 

yard  Wide  Fancy  Percales  for  Dress,  Wrapper  and  Shirting  Use 


1„       A      Red,  Blue  or 
2t  VARD    Black. 

No.  36H3II2  Yard  Wide  Good 
Quality  Percale.  Whits  grounds 
\\Uh  red.  blue  or  blai:k  pattema,  In 
di'18.  flBiires  and  stripes.  A  12 lu- 
cent value.  Be  lure  to  rtate  color 

Price,    per    yard 8'/: 

Full   piece   of  about  40  yards,    p. 
yard    Q,/^ 


Red    and    White 
German  Plaids. 

81-     Wine,  Cadet    Blue, 
21.     Navy     Blue,     Gray, 
A  YARD    Brown  or  Black. 
No.  36H3II4      Yard    Wide    Me- 
-     WeJ^sht  _  Good     Quality     " 


Popular   colorings.      Be   sur 

Percale.     *  .^t,w^.i.    ^.ji,,,, 

to   state   color   desired. 

Price,    per    yard B'/sC 

Full    piece   of   about   •10   yards     per 

yard    8I/.1C 


36H3I 18 

is  a  (ull  yard 
Percale  of 
good  quality  in 
red  and  white 
plaida.  Thesestyles 
,ire  much  in  de- 
In     certain 

.ilitles  for 


A       Red,  Blue  or 
YARD    Black. 

«r  "eiii^^^J  28,  Vard  Wide  Dress''''^i""  P»">'«-  White  grounds 
vl  r^-  '"r,  "'  '""''''  patterns. 
Jif,^  i,2""l?,  "','*  season.  Very  BOod 
quality,    sold    elsewtiere    at    1.^    to    IS 

de".!?ed".  '"S»  %MV,i'^.    •*=""  ^" 

Price,    per   yard |  | ,. 

Full   piece  of   about   40   yards    per 

""'^ lO'/jc 


The  or- 
liiiiary  price  of 
these  goods  is 
12(4  cents.  They 
come  in  red  and 
white  pnly  in  at- 
tractive plaid  de- 
signs. Width,  36 

Price,    per 
yard     Qo 

8i.„     Wine,   Cadet   Blue, 
2t     Navy     Blue,     Gray, 
A  YARD    or  Black. 

No   36H3IIS    Yard    Wide    L 

Ouality  Dre»  Percale.  Attractive 
patterns,  new  this  season.  Real  12^4- 
cent  value.  Be  sura  to  state  color 

Price,  per  yard 8'/2C 

FuU   piece   of  about  40  yards, 
per    yard b'Ao 

81^  Black    and  White 
2^  Shepherd  Checks. 


No.  36H3I  16  Blacli  and 
White  Shepherd  Checks.  Very 
poptlJar.  This  number  consists  of 
two  sizes  in  small  and  medium 
size  black  and  white  checks. 
Full  yard    wide.    Jledlum   weight. 

Price,    per   yard 8'/2C 

Full     piece     of     about     40 
yards,    per   yard 8'/40 



Solid  Colored  Fine 

No.  36H3I26 
Yard  Wide  Solid 
Color  Percale.  This 
an  especially 
good  cloth,  nicely 
finished,  and  guar- 
nteed  fast  color. 
Oomes  la  pink, 
blue.  navy 
blue,  brown,  wine, 
black  or  white. 
Be  sure  to  state 
color  desired.  Full 
yard   wide. 

yard   |  1 1 

Full  piece  ol 
-Tbout  40  yards, 
per  yard lOf-'sl 

llr  Wine,  Cadet  Blue, 
111.  Navy  Blue,  Black 
A  YARD    or  Gray. 

No.  36H3  I  20  Yard  Wide  Fine 
Quality  Dark  Color  Dresa  or  Wran! .Percale  in  figures  or  dots.  This 
clulh  is  of  splendid  yam  conetruc- 
linn.  carcfuUy  dyed.  State  color 
yard    "^[i  *'""     orderins.       Full 

Price,  per  yard lie 

Full  piece  of  about  40  yards'  per 
'•"'•''    ■■■ I  0'/2C 

W„  Wine,  Cadet  Blue, 
111.  Navy  Blue,  Gray 
A  YARD     or   Black. 

„No.  36H3I22  Dark  Striped 
Dress  or  Wrapper  Percale.  Good 
quality,  special  value,  yard  wide, 
fiSi"^'",*  "■'S'"  patterns,  guaranteed 
fast  color.  This  cloth  Is  sure  to  meet 
your  requirements.  Be  sure  to  stale 
color  desired.    Price,  per  yard.  I  |o 

Full  piece  of  about  40  yards 
per  yard _  "  '      |  qi/^^ 

11^       Black     and     White 
A  YARD  Shepherd      Checks. 

black  and  white  slicpherd  checks 
r-vcellent  quallly.  Sliephcrd  checks 
.-ire  never  out  of  style  A  value  of 
real   merit.     Width,   36  inches. 

Price,  per  yard •  •  . 

Full  piece  of  about  40  yards 

P"  yard |(,i/j„ 

uaranteed  Full  Standard  Quality  Dress  and  Shirting  Calicoes 

...,.,  ..^i,,..  „„..  ..,„  „.  .„,  „ —;  »;:-„iu:.\':.7z:  j.'"S.sziz  ■> "«» 

Dark  Indigo  Blue  or 
Navy  Blue. 

No.  36H3130  J, 

Price,  per  yard 5C 

No.  36H31300 

10-yard     dress     pat-     .« 
tern    for 4oC 

Light  Indigo  Blue. 

No.  36H3131 

Price,  per  yard 


No.  36H31310 

10-yard    dress    pat-     .- 
tern   for 4oC 

Red  and  White. 

Mourning  Gray. 


No.  36H3135 

Price,  per  yard.... 

No.  36H31350 

10-yard     dress     pat-     ._ 
tern    for 4oC 

Red  and  Black. 

No.  36H3137 

Price,  per  yard 


No.  36H3139 

Price,  per  yard 

No.  36H31390 

10-yard     dress    pat- 
tern  for 


No.  36H31370 

10-yard     dress    pat-     .„ 
tern    for 4oC 

Black  and   White. 

No.  36H3140  ^ 

Price,  per  yard .5C 

No.  36H3I400 

10-yard    dress     pat-     ._ 
tern    for 4oC 

Light    Ground    Shirting 

or  Frock  Print. 

No.  36H314I  ,. 

Price,  per  yard 5C 

No.  36H31410 

10-yard     dress     pat-     .- 
tern    for 4oC 

Claret  Color. 

No.  36H3143 

Price,  per  yard 


No.  36H31430 

10-yard     dress    pat-     .« 
tern    for 4oC 


cy    Comforter 
Robe  Print, 
ieely  Styled. 

dth,    about    24  fe^?^P 


1  per  yard,.. ; 

3eH3t490      \:4 

fd  pattern     -_ 


Oil  Red  and    Black 



,  N0.36H3I5I  25- 
Inch  Bed  and  Blark 
Comforter  Print.  li\ist 
<  olors  and  good  qual- 
ity, r  1 
I'rice,  per  yard..  D2C 
I'ull  piece  of  about 
>0  yards,  per  p  | 
Mrd 34C 

,^No.  36H3I5IO 
lO-yard  dress  ro 
pittern  for DjC 

Heavy  German  Calico. 
Figures,  Dots  and  Stripes 

No.  36H3145  Extra 
Weight  tierinan  Indigo 
Blue  Calico,  32  inches  wide. 

Stylish  figures,  dots  or 
stripes.  Worth  12  cents 
a  yard.  State  pattern 
wanted.  « 

Price,    per   yard 30 

Full  piece  of  about    ot 
50  yard.s,  per  yanl...02C 

No.  36H31450 

10-yard   dress  pat-        om 
tern    for OlC 

Solid    Oil    Boiled 
Colored  Calico. 

When  ordering:  state 
whether  turkey  red, 
blue  or  black  is  de- 


„No.  36H3147 

Price,   per  yard.. 

,^No.  36H31470 
10-yard  pattern     ta 

'We  Sell  Sewing  Machine  Supplies  for  About  Half  What  You  Pay  Elsewhere. 

Oil     Boiled    Red 

Calico.    Special 


No.  36H3148  80- 
Inch  Extra  Quallt.v 
Oll  Boiled  Turk.',- 
Red  Calico.  Warrant- 
ed fast  color.  a 

Price,  per  yard     SfC 

Full  piece  of  about 
."iO    yards,     per    n| 
yard 02C 

No.  36H3I480 
10-yard  dress  07 
pattern  for OlC 


Colored  Lawns,  Organdies,  Batistes,  Swisses,  Wash  Silks,  Etc. 

fl^^^^m  OC     GUARANTEED    lOc    aUALITY.  k  4   YARD  I  ^H^^^H 

A  YARD  . 

No.  36H3  1  52  I'his  IS  our  most 
Inexpensive  number  in  plain  color 
sheer  Boods,  nevertheless  it  Is  a 
quality  that  will  surprise  you  at 
the  low  prioe  quoted.  Colors,  pink, 
lilac,  light  blue,  Copenhagen  blue, 
luvvy  blue,  tan,  brown,  black  or 
pure  white.  In  ordering  be  sure  to 
mention  color  wanted.  Width, 
about  28  Inches. 
Price,  per  yard 6" 

o  PLAIN    SOLID    COLOR    OR- 


»   YARD 

*^  N0.36H3153  We  have  listed 
iSUPERlOR  J  ;,ii  the  poputar  shades  of  the  sea- 
p-  -  '  W  sun  in  this  number.  This  cloth 
P  J,  1-.  woTOH  of  select  yarn  and  may 
*~  M.i.  thoroutthly  depended  upon  for 
'  luality  and  coloring.  Colors, 
ink  lipht  blue,  champagne,  lilac. 
'  I  "-I  da  green.  Copenhagen  blue, 
old  rose,  medium  brown,  navy 
l)Uie,  pure  white  or  black.  In  or- 
dering state  color  wanted.  About 
»0  I  nches  wide.  Price,  per  yd. . .  8c 
Full  piece  of  about  40  y-^- 
per   yard 7v4c 

No.  36H3154    This  Is  a  wel 
known  standard  fine  yarn  Batlst' 

in  solid  colors,  including  pink 
lirht  blue,  lilac,  navy  blue,  tai 
medium  brown,  nile  green,  whit 
or  black.  In  ordering  state  colo 
wanted.  About  30  inches  wide  an 
an  unusual  value. 
Price,  per  yard 1  1 

Dimity  Checks,  Plain  Dotted  Swiss  Muslins  and  Fancy  Figured  Lawn 

'  . rrmTT    i      T'.  oTADi  IT    DfM  KA    nnr    LAWf 


'  No.  36H3155 
These  Dimity  Checks 
are  attractive  in  that 
they  are  just  a  little 
away  from  the  or- 
dinary run  of  plain 
weave  fabrics.  The 
quality  Is  a  very  good 
one  and  such  as  usu- 
ally retails  at  15 
cents  a  yard.  Colors, 
pink,  light  blue,  tan, 
medium  brown,  lilac, 
navv  blue,  black  or 
white.  In  ordering 
mention  color.  Width, 
about  28  inches. 
Price,  per  yard 1  Oc 


No.  36H3156 

These  Dotted  Swiss 
Muslins  represent 
the  usual  15  to  18- 
cent  quality.  They 
are  well  woven  from 
selected  cotton,  dyed 
in  a  desirable  range 
of  fast  colors  such 
as  pink,  light  blue, 
lilac,  nile  green,  tan, 
navy  blue,  black  or 
white.  Be  sure  to 
state  color  wanted. 
About  27  inches 
wide  and  an  im- 
proved Quality  over 
anything  we  have  ever  sold  at  this 
price.  ,  ^ 

Price,  per  yard 1  "^ 




The  stylings  in  these 
Figured  Lawns  this 
season  are  just  a 
little  better  than  we 
have  bad  in  seasons 
past.  The  work 
consists  of  ftoral 
ideas  on  white 
ground  colors,  In- 
cluding pink,  bine, 
KOld  and  heliotrope. 
In  ordering  state 
color  wanted.  These 
lawns  are  about  28 
inches  wide. 
Price,  per 
yard    6V^ 



No.  36H3183 

This  ts  the  same  qualr 
Ity  Lawn  as  the  num- 
b  e  r  just  previously 
qnoted.  the  difference 
being  that  the  styles 
consist  of  polka  dots 
lud  small  figures, 
which  are  always  in 
demand  and  are  to  be 
liad  in  this  number 
on  both  dark  and 
light  grounds  such  as 
navy  blue,  black  or 
red  dots  on  white,  or 
white  dots  on  black 
or  navy  blue.  Width, 
about  28  inches. 
I      Price,   per  yard 

rrice,  pel  j«x., WIT         1       /1»1' 

Several  Old  Favorites  and  a  Few  New  SelectionsJnWain^ndlFanc^^ 

r- ■....     .....     .o.o,     ....n;^ r,^.        Sp.E  GLACE.   OUR   NEW  37c       o^^lVrV  ^^''oL'S'^sf  ^NDir"      ^*^^  ,.__ 




No.  36H3226  Fast  Colored  Chiffon 
Finish  611k  MnU,  an  inexpensive  wash 
material  made  with  a  sUk  flUlng  over  a 
cotton  warp,  in  a  wide  range  of  full  tone 
colorings,  including  light  blue,  Copen- 
hagen blue,  pearl  gray,  garnet,  navy  blue, 
pink  tan,  lilac,  ashes  of  roses,  nUe  green, 
medium  dark  brown,  old  rose,  cream- 
white  pure  white  or  black.  In  ordermg 
mention  color  desired.  This  mull  is  much 
to  demand  for  scarfs  for  headwear. 
Width,  %t  inches. 

Price,  per  yard         '  ^ 


HIGH     CLASS    SILK     DE    LUXE     FOR 



A  YARD  ^^,„ 

Ma  <tRH3228  Extra  Quality  Chiffon 
wash  snk  This  fabric  is  heavier  that, 
Bilk  mu  and  is  woven  of  a  much  finer 
liock  w4  sell  large  quantities  of  this 
ItWish  fabric  and  are  enabled  to  quote  a 
^ry  low  price.  The  usual  retail  price  is 
ibout  40  cents  a  yard.  Colors,  pink,  light 
blue  Copenhagen  blue,  lilac,  champagne 
o  ,1  rose  pearl  gray,  garnet,  medium  dark 
brown  'rfseda  green,  navy  blue,  cream- 
white  pure  white  or  black.  In  ordering 
Ttate   c'olor   wanted.    About    26   inches    in 

^''^*^-                      ^  23c 

Price,   per  yard ^^ 


N0.36H3227  Stylish  and 
highly  lustrous  silk  waisting 
materia),  adaptable  for  use  in 
full  costumes.  Comes  in 
changeable  or  two-tone  eCEects 
in  the  following  combinations: 
Blue  and  brown,  red  and 
black,  green  and  blue,  red  and 
green,  green  and  lavender,  old 
rose  and  green,  red  and  blue, 
or  brown  and  black.  In  or- 
dering state  color  combination 
wanted.  This  cloth  is  about 
25  inches  wide. 

Price,  per  yard 23c 


No.  36H3230  A  much  better  con- 
structed cloth  than  the  usual  run  of  wash 
silks,  and  will  give  extremely  good  service. 
Woven  with  selected  long  staple  Egyptian 
cotton  yam,  highly  merceriied,  and  the 
filling  is  fine  Italian  silk,  which  makes  the 
fabric  unusually  lustrous,  and  at  the  same 
time  It  possesses  strength  and  service- 
ability. Comes  in  light  blue,  lilac,  nile 
green  Copenhagen  blue,  old  rose,  brown, 
jasper  (dark  gray),  champagne,  cream- 
white  or  black.  In  ordering  be  sure  to 
mention  color  wanted.  About  27  inches  in 
Price,  per  yard 37c 





No  36H3231  This  cloth  is  being  used 
aniong  automobile  coat  manufacturers  for 
their  verv  finest  garments.  By  comparmg 
this  cloth  with  similar  cloth  elsewhere  you  ,_^ 
will  find  it  a  full  75-cent  value.  Many  nar-  .  rry 
rower  cloths  of  the  same  construction  are  r;  . 
berng  sold  at  or  about  our  price.  This  pon-  Lg-^ 
see  is  sufficiently>eavy  to  insure  the  best  I  iVj 
of  service,  and  just  the  right  thing  lor  j  .  -  ■ 
motor  coatsf  etc'  Not  too  beajy  for  cos.^_^ 
tumes.  Comes  in  two  "bades  only,  a  rich  t-^-- 
ponlei  and  jasper  ("cb  dark  gray  mix- ^^ 
ture).  In  ordering  state  color  wanted.  m^„ss 
FuU  yard  wide.  -Oe 

Price,   per  yard -*'^'- 

Or«_        SOLID     COLOR     FANCY     SILK. 

ONE     OF     OUR 

No.  36H3  224  We  guarantee 
this  cloth  to  be  all  pure  silk  one 
wav.  The  silk  Is  thrown  to  the 
surface,  resulting  in  a  very  lus- 
trous fabric.  While  light  in  weight 
this  fabric  is  gaining  popuarity  on 
account    of    Its    serviceability    ami 

ppearance.  The  pattern  is  woven 
in  pure  silk  and  stands  out  very 
l,rilliantly.  Comes  in  this  wult 
assortment  of  attractive  shades. 
Pink  Copenhagen  blue,  champagne- 
old  rose,  pearl  gray,  medium  dark 
brown,  reseda  green,  garnet,  navy 
blue,  white  or  black.  In  ordering 
be  sure  to  sUte  color  wanted. 
About  25  loctaes  i«  width. 

Price,  per  yard 20 

j  1  CHIP PONS 

SILK      SPOTTED      SILK      CHIFFON.        ALL 

'"""  ?J^.''36H3234    This  Chiffon  is 

^^  of  a  quality  not  to  be  had  in  the 

^^  ordinary    way    at    less    than    40 

cents  a  yard.     It  is  patterned  in 

•1  neat  small  spot,  just  sufficiently 

different    to    take    It    out    of    the 

alisolutely    plain    weave    class. 

Carefully   woven   of  selected  silk 

!    nd  cotton.    Comes  in  light  blue, 

icipenbagen      blue,      champagne, 

.'  liiio     old    rose,    medium    brown, 

Jill  met,    navy    blue,    cream-white 

inr  black.    In  ordering  be  sure  to 

\  mention     color     wanted.      Width, 

J  about    26   inches. 

Price,  per  yard Z.^"- 







NEW      JACaUARD      TUSSAH      SILK. 


No.  36H3225     Tussah 
known  to  give  a  greater  arm<  i 
service    than    ordinary    was - 
This  fabric  is  reinforced  at 
intervals    with    heavier    silk  ; 
which  adds  greatly  to  the  i » 
ability  of  the  cloth.    It  is  de  i 
with  a  handsome  Jacquard    . 
(see  illustration).    A  wide  r  ; 
fast  shades,  all  new  and  up  > 
minute.     Colors,   pink,   Cope  ; 
blue,  light  blue,  champagne 
green,   medium   brown,   nav 
cream-white,    white   or    bla 
ordering  state  color  wanted, 
about    26   inches. 

Price,  per  yard 


SEARS.  roebo:7an7c:.:"^^  SEWING  MACHINES  $8.45  and  Up  Proves  EVERY  DOLLAR  1.  VALUE  { 

CHICAGO.   ILL.  ««*     *^ 


IS..         NEW   FOULARD  STYLED   FAST  COLOR  unncs    I      -_  ""«'     L*  V  *  £  UlUtJ 

I  C—         NEW   FOULARD  STYLED   FAST  COLOR  vnil  re 
A  YARD      *""'"    """    SELECTED    COMeED' yarn's^*' 

No.  36H3258     In   thU  number  we   have 
combined    two   very    desirable   features   of   th 
1912  wash  floods  season,  the  voUe  fabric  am 
tbe  foulard  atyiings.     The  conslructlon  ot  thi 
ToUo   le   Buch   as  to   Insure   unuaual   stabllit 
considering    tho    weight,    the    materlala 
being    fine    combed    cotton    yarns   of    a 
strength    and   evenness.      The  etyllngs    consist 
of   white   poUia  dots   on   navy   blue   or   black 
pounds,   white  stripes   on  navy   blue  (rounds 
brown  polka  dots  on  Un  grounds,  black  hair- 
line stripes  on  white  grounds,  etc.     In  order. 
Ing     be    sure    to     mention     the    combination 
wanted.    These  goods  are  27  Inches  wide, 
at  our  special  price,  a  marvel  of  value. 
Frjce.    per    yard 

l^lll'-\  'sVAIS,  •q'uTlVty"""'"" 



■  ISO 

Mercerized  Pongees,  Etc 

\Oc~lMP^i,'^'>i%>i, "p^rTe.'^'"-'"'  "•<""="• 

No.  36H3200  In  reducing  the  price  of 
this  cloth  we  have  not  In  any  way  reduced 
the  quality:  on  the  contrary,  we  think  these 
goods  are  a  little  better  this  year  than  ever. 
This  mercerized  finish  pongee  is  about  27 
Inches  wide  and  represents  the  usual  18-ceut 
value.  Colors  are  light  blue,  pink,  old  rose, 
lilac,  navy  blue,  dark  gray,  champagne,  Co- 
penhagen blue,  brown,  garnet,  black  or  cream- 
white.    Be  sure  to  state  color  wanted. 

Price,  per  yard |  qc 



No.  36H3260     This  la  a  Voile  th 

we  have  made  a  big  success  of  during  th 
last   season    and   everyllilng   points   to    aj 

This  voile  is  the  usual  25-cent  artlc  I. 
It  Is  woven  of  line  combed  cotton  jam- 
guaranteed  two-ply  both  ways  witli 
mercerized  or  silk  flnlsh.  It  Is  supcrm 
to  many  of  the  25-cent  voiles  on  the  mar 
ket  In  that  it  has  that  much  to  be  d. 
sired  French  wool  touch.  Colors  all  gujr 
anteed  fast.  Including  pink,  pongee 
ricn  tan,  medium  brown,  reseda  greeri 
iVJ^  .S'"^'  H?"'  ""«■  Copenhagen  blue 
navy  blue,   old  rose,   garnet.   Iliac,   cream 

Sa'te"-  ^Tr   "i'il«..S--    "i;*.    '".."■•■'."i"." 

..-nted.     Width,     about     26 
Price,    per  yard iqq 

A^I^D      "N'Js'^U^ALr^^^fRO^N^rVA^^U^E"''     ^'"^^• 

No.  36H3259    This  Volle  1b  fuuj 
iO  inches   wide  and  Is   much   sought 

nfter.     Fabrics    of    this    kind    retail 
tieely  at  25  cents  a  yard.    This  voile 
1-  uot  of  as  high  quality,  of  course, 
■is  our  No.  36H3260,  but  considering^  I 
He  extra  width  of  the  cloth  it  rep 
leseuts  a  phenomenal  value.    Wovei,  i 
of  cotubed   yarns  and   comes   in   tlie  F 
bh,rni^   '""    ^°'°"=     Copenhagen 
nJl4    u\^    ''°^«'    "lac,    tan,    brown   I 
Zl    ""«■    "eam-whlte    or    black-  I  WTafi 
Be  sure  to  state  color  wanted.  Width,  l-^^^^Li-^ 
40  inches.    Price,  per  yard 1  7c  t 

Plain  and  Fancy  Mercerized  Poplins.    I     Plain  and  Fancy  Crepes  and  Gakteas 
ISr^     MERCERIZED  POPLIN  SUITINGS. — ITTHr:; -„ y.  vrepeg  ana  uaiateas 

COLORS   AND    A    HIGH    CLASS   FABRIC.     '^*" 



No.  36H3203  This  lustrous  fabric  It 
«ven  of  selected  combed  yarns,  mercerized 
Ifore  weaving,  making  it  possible  for  tho 
lanufacturer  to  produce  a  cloth  that  Is  fully 
lual  to  silk  In  luster  and  with  the  additional 
Ivantage  of  outwearing  any  allk  material  two 
I  one.  The  pattern  consists  of  a  solid  color 
Pipe  and  the  ground  of  the  fabric  is  a  little 
say  from  the  plain  weave,  presenting  a 
Ightly  twilled  surface  which  tends  to  in- 
case the  luster  of  the  cloth.  Colors  are  all 
«t  and  include  pink,  light  blue,  Copenhagen 
Ue,  navy  blue,  old  rose,  champagne,  garnet 
lac,  pearl  gray,  brown,  cream-white  or  Waok' 
I  ordering  state  color  wanted.    Width,  about 

inches.     Full   35-cent  value. 
Price,   per  yard 2  I  o 


No.  36H32I4  Another  instance 
where  we  have  been  able  to  reduce  our 
already  low  price  without  reducing  the 
quality.  Tills  poplin  has  a  mercerized 
Oulsh  and  la  fully  equal  to  tho  25-cent 
popJIn.  It  is  of  medium  weight,  27 
inches  wide,  and  comes  in  a  range  of 
colore  Including  Ught  blue,  pink,  lilac, 
reseda  green,  myrtle  green,  dark  gray, 
garnet,  Copenhagen  blue,  old  rose,  cham- 
pagne, medium  brown,  navy  blue,  cream- 
nhlte.  pure  white,  or  black.  All  fast  col- 
ors     In    ordering    mention    color   wanted. 

Price,    per  yard (  g„ 


^°^'-"*-    ,''"!;l;y;/<»UALTo"THP5'-o^gI^? 


A  YARD       imported"  GOODs" 

No.  36H32  16    This  is  the  best  grade 
ot    Mercerized    Poplin    we    carry    and    b 

comparLion  with  high  priced  foreign  cloth 

It    ha 

--..   ......   .,A^,,   ,j,,ttvi   iutciKii   ciuirjB  : 

been    found    fully    equal    to    them   h— =r.T 

.  little  better  than  medium   weight   L     FULL 
of  the  very  finest  Sea  Island  yarns  '     ' 

SELLERS.'"^"-       ""^      OF  "our    'greatest 

No.  36H3204  While  of  course  there 
are  Pongees  In  the  market  at  all  kinds  ol 
prices,  some  of  them  even  lower  than  ours 
we  have  constantly  Increased  our  business  oii 
this  number  and  thus  can  mahitain  its  high 
standard  of  Quality.  Tide  fabric  is  full  32 
Inches  wide  and  woven  of  selected  yams, 
thoroughly  mercerized  before  weaving,  conse- 
iiuently  the  luster  is  permanent  and  the  colors 
ihsolutely  fast.  Colors,  pink,  light  hlue 
'  "Pcnhagen  blue,  lilac,  pearl  gray,  dark  gray. 
g.unet,  reseda  green,  champagne,  mulberry* 
light  navy  blue,  dark  tan,  brown,  old  rose' 
ashes  of  roses,  cream-white,  pure  white  or 
black.  In  ordering  mention  color  wanted. 
Price,    per   yard f  q, 

waVr^anN^e^d  ^A*s?golo'?s*.'"*^'-^  «"""■ 

No.  36H3255  Our  customers  would 
readily  recognize  this  Crepe  if  we  were  to  use 
tho  manufacturer's  name,  which  he  hss  re- 
quested us  to  avoid  doing.  It  has  been  ad- 
vertised from  coast  to  coast  and  sold  every- 
where at  a  much  higher  price.  These  crepes 
.lie  about  30  inches  wide  and  come  In  an 
iillractlve  range  of  Japanese  and  other  Oriental 
cltsigns  In  pink,  tan.  myrtle  green,  garnet, 
black,  navy  blue,  Copenhagen  blue,  gray 
reseda  green,  cream,  Ught  blue.  In  addition 
we  have  a  fuU  line  of  plain  solid  colors,  In- 
cluding lilac,  pink,  old  rose,  garnet  reseda 
green,  light  blue.  Copenhagen  blue,  navy  blue 
tan,  brown,  cream-wlille,  pure  white  or  black' 
In  ordering  be  sure  to  state  color  wanted  and 
whether  solid  color  or  fancy  pattern 
Price,    per    yard ■  g. 

A     VERY 

-    . —    ""'     .......u    iuiij    equal    lo    inei 

It  Is  a  little  better  than  medium  welgl 
"■"""'"  "'  "le  very  finest  Sea  "'      ' 

before    weaving,     iuBuuut 

pure    silk    and    much    more    durable, 
will  make  up  into  very  nice  costumes 
niaintain   Its   lustrous  appearance 
of   laundering   and   wear.      Colors   are   all 
fast    and    very    rich.       It    la    about    26' i 
!,1°»     ^*"'°.    """^    "°°'^'    lo    link,    light 
blue.    Copenliagen   blue,    old    rose,    garnet 
lilac,    tan,    medium    brown,    reseda    green ' 
navy   blue,    dark   gray,    cream-white,    pure 
while    or    black.       Be    sure    to    mention 
color    wanted. 

Price,  per  yard 24c 


No.  36H32  I  7     There  is  iust  enough 

difference  between  the  construction  of  this 

„     .  cloth    and   tho   plain    poplins   to   make   It 

tLUVfRF'trr'a  '?',i  ,  '°   """"^   "   ""'  customers.      The 

LLUarR£LLA_^clolh  is  woven   of   the  very  finest  Sea   Is- 

-  •'1  land    cotton,    carefully    combed    and    mer- 

""         ii  cerlzed  In  tbe  yam  before  weaving.     This 

*         -     I  i  I',':<',<:e8s  produces  a  luster  that  Is  not  pos- 

„  _.  ,j  Bible    by   any    other   means    and   It   brings 

_^    .    out  the  dainty  patterns,   which  are  woven 

}  ,lin     soUd     colors,     to    decided    advantage 

1™"™  are  all  fast  and  include  pink,  Ught 

;         ^         ->     l'!'"0-    old    rose,     ashes    oik   roses,    garnet. 

(.^  -.        ^iV"^-  "■Mcda  green.  Copenhagen  blue,  n.ivy 

I    POPLIN     'S     •■    """«   <"■    black.     Be    sure   to    state 

hr^^'^MFtlu^rcelu'val*'''''''    """*    "    '"'""■ 

No.  36H3245  Plain  Solid  Color  Gal 
atea  Cloth  in  a  full  range  ol  warranted  fast 
shadings.  Colors  including  cadet  blue,  navy 
blue,  garnet,  tan,  medium  brown  or  black 
In  ordering  be  sure  to  state  color  wanted 
While  there  are  many  Galateas  on  the  mai 
ket  and  some  of  them  being  offered  at  a  lower 
price  than  ours,  we  are  willing  to  stand  upon 
tho  Quality  of  this  cloth  and  let  you  be  the 
judge.  We  have  not  changed  the  quality  of 
our  Galatea  a  particle.  Width,  28  inches. 
Price,   per  yard i 








No,   36H3247     Standard  Quality  Fancy 
J  Galatea  Cloth  in  a  range  of  guaranteed  fast 
colors.     In  addition  to  the  staple  polka  dots, 
have  a  range  of  small  neat   figures,   very 
j  appropriate  for  children's  wear,  and  we  would 
J  be  glad  to  send  samples  free  on  request.    The 
I  patterns  Include  stripes   on  cadet  blue,   navy 
3  blue  or  black  ground,  as  weU  as  tan  stripes 
land    black    and    white    shepherd    checks.      In 
9  ordering  state  color  and  style  wanted.    Width 
SAIATEASI  about  28  Inches. 

Price,  per  yard |  g 

==^ "^      ',    _  :»-       frlcc.    per    yard 2 Be  I  ^3sS^^^^  

^^^^l^^m^km=^>MA^yKm^^^  IN  SOLID  COLOR  SERGE  DRESS  FARRir. 

'■ynC     EXCELSIOR    CREPE    PLAIDS.       VERY    AT 

fi^io   iro'tfAV^^ALlV.'-""^^  ^"^  *N^  ««f: 

12r        SOLID     COLOR      ENG 
A   J7?r.       !:'*"      SERGE. 

••  36H3279  These  plaids  are  always  in  strong 
•ad,  particularly  lor  children's  school  dresses.  The 
rings  and  styUngs  can  only  bo  appreciated  when  the 
J  are  seen  in  tho  piece.  We  would  bo  glad  to  send 
•mau  sampleo  from  which  to  make  your  selecUon. 
Pics  will  bo  sent  you  freo  on  request,  or  you  may  or- 
mrcct  from  the  following  range  of  colors  and  we  feci 
jou  will  he  perfectly  satisfied  with  your  punJiase 
e  goods  are  about  27  inches  wide,  woven  wlUi  bleached 
I  and  fast  colored  yams,  and  tho  contrast  of  color 
•y  sharp  conscQuenUy  when  tho  goods  are  made  up 
Bmcnt  Is  very  .ightly.  These  plaids  come  in  com- 
aons  of  red  and  blue,  red  and  green,  black  and 
I,  blue  and  green,  etc.     In  ordwlni  state  color  combl- 

.  l2'/2< 

Ice,    per    yard . 



No.  36H326I  This  Is  an  Im- 
proved quality  Serge  with  us  this 
season  and  comes  In  all  tho  do- 
Birablo  dress  and  suJthig  shades, 
including  bright  navy  blue,  tobacco 
brown,  old  rose,  pearl  gray,  cham- 
pagne, garnet,  myrtle  green  or 
black.  In  ordering  specify  color 
wanted.  Thla  cloth  is  about  27 
inches  wide,  of  medium  weight  and 
represents  the  usual  15-cent  value. 
Price,    per  yard |  2o 




A  YARD      6F"EXc"Ep'f'l'0NAL   QUAUTY. 




No.    36H3263      This     is     a 

Jallty  of   Serge   we   have  listed   in 

ir  catalog  for  several  seasons  past 

th  increasing  popularity.    Usually 

retailed    at    25    cents    a    yard,     at 

wlJch    price    it    is    considered    good 

value.       Colors,    rose,    tan,     brown. 

garnet,  dark  gray,  Copenhagen  blue, 

navy    blue,    dark    green,    cream    or 

black.       In     ordering     be    surw    to 

state  color  wanted.     Width,  31  to  32 

Inches.       Samples    free    on    reaucal. 

Price,    per   yard 

ou  Know  the  Celebrated  HEATHCOAT  SILK  MALINES.  S«-  WE  HAVE  THEM 

111^'  at  50  cents  a  yard.  The  materials  used  a 
process  of  weaving  Insure  unusual  durablUty.  ine 
very  finest  combed  Sea  Island  yarns  have  been 
f,?i  ."„^,K  '"f'^'^'^'i  before  weaving,  thus  giv- 
ing to  the  fabric  that  high  luster  that  could  not 
?  ii?,i.  1°','!  '".J'"''  °"""'  mmner.  The  weight  la 
tJx"^  ■Vf'l'^''  "'°."  "etUum  and  the  garment  when 
made  will  have  that  graceful  drape  so  much  to  be 
desired  and  usually  found  only  in  high  priced 
CM  urne  fabrics.      The  weight  of  the  fabrirand   the 

,?f  cnlnJ'.h'f'  ''°'.^'f  '"«  """>  'o  '«"«  on  »  depth 
or  color  that  must  be  seen  to  be  appreciated.  The 
2^Z.°'  3"""  '"'-"lies  all  the  desirable  coelume 
shades  and  we  feel  positive  that  once  you  have 
friend,  nlf„'"'".  "?"..  '^"'  recommend  It  to  your 
;,„„„'■  K.*^^°'°™  Include  tan.  tobacco  brown.  Copen- 
hagen blue,  navy  blue,  old  rose,  garnet  dark 
green,  cream-white  or  black.  In  ordering  Sate 
color  wanted.  About  27  inches  wld".lampt« 
'■*«    "h    requesl.      Price,    per    yaril fii 


PLAin  ABU  jj^nt  i^^u^  ^^^^^  ^^^,  ROUGH  WEAVE  SILKS  ^ 



No  36H3278  A«er  havinj  carefollv 
examined  ewry  HenrietU  or  Colton  Carti- 
mere  known  to  the  trade,  wo  hate  deatlea 
Ui  ^tick  by  the  quaUty  we  have  given  our 
customers  during  tlie  last  seieral  sedsons. 
There  are  several  erades  of  this  fsbrlc  made, 
retailing  at  from  20  to  25  cents  a  yard,  but 
,ve  beliew  aod  we  are  sure  you  would  agree 
with  us  il  you  saw  the  cloths  side  by  side 
that  our  fabric  Is  worth  at  least  3  cents 
a  yard  more  than  any  other.  This  doth  la 
full  yanl  wide,  woven  of  selected  combed 
yams,  carefully  dyed  by  the  best  pie<!e 
goods  dyer  in  the  country,  insuring  you  of 
the  correct  tinttogs  and  fast  colorings.  When 
the  made  up  costume  these  goods 
re-^emble  all  wool  goods  at  faiicy 
This  is  one  of  the  biggest  selling 
ve  have  In  our  entire  catalog,  and 
Lo  our  enormous  sales  we  are  in 
this  year  to  reduce  our  already  low 
hout   affecting  the  quality  one  par- 

Crepes,  Dress  and  Blouse  Linens  in  Plain  Solid  Colors 

A   Special   Value  Also  in  the  New  Oy»ter  White 



cloths  ■ 

price  witnoui   anecui-„   -— 

tide.     Colors,     pink,    old    •"=»•   ,"'»"-    

Copenhagen  blue,  navy  blue,  lilac,  gray, 
myrtle  green,  tan,  tobacco  brou-n.  garnet 
creani-whlte.  pure  white  or  black.  1^ 
ordering  mention  color  wanted.  Width,  36 
inches.  Samples  free  on  request. 
Price,   per  yard I  3o 

light    blue. 

H*.  3eH32IO     Thiiis 

a  new  Utkric  with   u>  thu 

season     and    one    that    la 

hound    to    give   a    eplenalfit 

return    for    the    money    Jn- 

yeaed.     It     Is      afcout      27 

inches   vtiit,   woven  of  se- 
lected cotton  yams  and  iw*] 

a  highly  mercerized  or  silte'l 

finish.     It    is    of    medluatf 

welgiit   and    in   appearanoR 

very  mueii  lasemixles  a  flna^ 

poplin,    but  the  face  of  the, 

cloth    takes     on     a     sUebt 

crepe   effect,  which  enhances 

the  briUiancy  of  tlie  -flnlsll. 

Colors    taclude    light    blue, 

old     rose,     tan,    lilac,     to- 
bacco brown,   reseda  green-^ 

samet,  navy  blue,  white  or  *  j    -,,  „ 

Wacli.    In  ordering  state  color  wanted.  Full 

20-cent  value.  .  _ 

per  yard *  *> 

u.nt™       LUSTER      SUITING. 

No.  36H3284  Hlghert 
ikiiBlity  Importsd  Linen 
I'ttiiter  SuKlag.  Wa  guar- 
ontaa  tMs  suWng  to  con- 
tain 65  per  cant  pur*  flax. 
This  cloth  has  beooiao  a 
«UpIo  suiting.  Colors  in- 
clude all  tlie  sfiuoa'a  de- 
.sirabie  ahadee.  such  as  liBbrt 
Ijlue.  navy  blue,  rose  pink, 
dark  loti,  reseda  green,  tan, 
brown,  Wl»c  :  or  steel  gray. 
Be  sura  to  state  color 
wanted.  Full  20-cent  value. 
About  27  iaekes  wide. 

Price,  per  yard- I  3o 


Price,    per  yard ijj-^ ^1.  . Z- iir-JiI 

Plain  Natural  T«n  Blga«e  Unena  in  Two  Attractive  WulUx*. 
Ill//*        NO,   36H3384    An  ^g|Bn  1  gc  No.  36H3402 

*r.<2?     iDiDorted    Natural    Tan  j^^^^^^  ;^  y^Ro      Yard   W 1  d  e  IriBh 

Blouse  X  1  n  e  n  tn 

I"  IRISH  ji  natural  tan  color,    TMs  is  a 
'^fiv-iji    good  weight  cloth  and  ptae- 
tlcaliy    all    Unen 



No,  36H3404  Oyster 
whites  are  coming  vary 
strongly    to    the    front    for 

1912  and  we  believe  in 
offering  this  quality  at  the 
low  price  of  19  centa  a 
yard  we  are  doing  gome- 
thhig  special.  This  cloth 
is  all  linen  and  guaranteed 
full  yard  wide.  CoiUd  not 
be  duplicated  anywhere 
else  at  less  than  30  cents 
a  yard.  The  name  oyster 
white  very  aptly  tits  this 
fabric,  the  color  of  the 
cloth  being  a  little  softer 
than  the  ordinary  brown 
Unens.  This  linen  is  of 
the  proper  weight,  being 
just    right    for    making    the 

Price     per   7ird .  , 19 


Imported  Natural  Tan 
Color  Blouse  Linen  of 
exeeptionally  good  wtial- 
Ity,  full  70  per  cent  linen  and  a 
more  reliable  cloth  from  the  stand- 
point of  service  than  the  inex- 
pensive grades  of  all  linen.  Tills 
cloth  is  about  30  inches  wide  and 
represents  the  usual  25 -cent  value. 
By  importing  It  direct  wo  are 
able    to    sell    it    at    tlie    very    low 

price  of,  per  yard ISVtC 

Full  piece  of  about  60  yards._^per 


No.  36H3280  There  is 
an  increasing  demand  this 
season  for  the  linen  flnisbed 
suitings  and  this  cloth  is  at 
its  price  an  unbeatable  vailue. 
It  is  woven  of  combed  yarns 
and  has  a  highly  mercerized 
flniih  It  is  of  medium 
weight  not  quite  so  heavy  as 
the  coaraer  linen  flnisbed 
suitings  which  have  been  of- 
fered heietofore,  aiul  wiH  be 
appreciated  on  this  account. 
Comes  in  a  range  of  fast 
soaid  colorings  in  nlnk,  light 
blue  Copenhagen  blue,  tan. 
brona  navy  blue  or  wWte. 
In  ordering  be  sure  to  state 
color  wanted.  The  goods  are 
ind  represent  a  full   IS-cent 

more  serviceable  cloth  than 
the  InexpenslTe  all  Unen  con- 
strnctions.  Regolar  30-cent 
valne.  Price,  per  yard..  18c 
Fnll  piece  of  about  60  yards, 

per  yard 1  7VsC 



A  YA«0 

N«.  36H3223  These  silk  good! 
have  been  widely  advertised  by  om 
of  the  large   Eastern   producers  li 

all  the  women's  magazines  In  thi 
country  at  25  cents  a  yard,  and  thl 
low  price  we  have  placed  on  the«( 
goods  Is  not  to  be  taken  as  i 
means  of  Judging  the  quality  o: 
the  fabric.  Nerer  before  has  a  sill 
and  cotton  cloth  of  anywhere  nea: 
like  quality  been  offered  to  th 
coBsamjer  at  such  a  price.  Thea 
silks  are  S4,  inches  wide  and  wOTei 
with  a  fine  combed  cotton  war] 
and  an  Irregular  silk  flllins.  Tbl 
gives  the  fabric  an  irregular  o 
knotted  silk  face,  and  wash  silk 
of  this  type  are  very  popular  a 
the  present  time.  The  colors  are  light  bhi( 
Copenhagen  blue,  navy  Ijlne,  pint,  old  rest 
garnet,  reseda  green,  lilac,  iasper  or  soli 
black.  State  eolor  wanted. 
Price,    per  yard IB 



No.  36H328G  Yard 
Wide  Pure  Linen  in  the 
desirable      shrunk      finish. 

Tliis  cloth  l8  of  splendid 
constructitm,  adaptable  for 
the  veiy  best  costumes 
coats,  sklrtB,  children'! 
wear,  etc  It  la  of  safB- 
cient  weight  to  insure  iti 
dniping  gracefully.  Colors 
guaranteed  absolutely  fast 
Comes  ia  pinS,  rose,  ligtit 
blue.  Copanhagen  blue. 
navy  blue,  lilac,  reseda 
green,  brown  or 
In  ordering  be  auro 
:  mention  color  wanted.  ... 
assure  you  that  this  suiting 
will  meet  all  your  requiie- 
meuts  for  quality  and  price. 
~  ■        per   yard 




LINEN    PONGEE.      FAST    COl 
A  YARD         ORS. 

No.  36H3288    Hand. 

.me    Mercerized    Unen    P«a- 

gcfl     Suitiog.      This    cloth    is 

woven  with  mercerized  Kgw 

tian  warp  and  absolutely  pare 

linon  filling,  making  a  <com«- 

binatioo    that  for  servicoabllJ- 

ity   and   classy   charaoler  has 

no    equal.     The    constractlon 

of   the   cloth   ia    such    that   It 

will  give  good  service  and. at- 

the  same  time  has  a  sple^id: 

appearance.     It    has    all    the' 

luster  of  silk  and  the  weatinK 

qualities     of     linen.      Colors, 

pUib,  rose,  light  blue,  Copen 

hacen    blue,    navy    bhie.     ir 

seda   green,    slate,   lilac,   tK 

brown   or  white.     In   ordo-iixa     ■    ■  ■        — —i 
be   sure   to    mention    wlor   wanted.     About 

inches  wide.     Price,   per  yard 2 

Prk-e     per    7ird 19c       VHiue.     sr......    ^^^    .^^^ ■  «T^¥¥1 

FAST  RTAfK   ANP^^^^^<>ggLg£l!gii:^^^^  ^^^  ^^^^^^ 

^ FAST     BLACK      HgNn..  -^,^^^14^  lilY-  f^l,,  'J'^V^'^m^C  STk"!  ^^B  i^^^^^f.o       Vll 


A  YARD  igSKimStiasM 

No,  36H3663  ^  tt^^^CTl 

Tills   is   an    improved 

quality    with    us   ttits 

season     and    guaran- 
teed  fully    the    equal 

ot      12%-cent     goods 

elsewhere.       These 

goods    are    about    30 

inches  wide  and  conM 

in    solid    black    only. 
Price,    per  yard.9e 


11  -,  FAST 


A  YARD       H  ENRI- 
E  T  T  A 
No,   36H3665 
Every     one     of     our 
sateens    shows    an 


_  this    fabric    with    the    tistial 

is-cent      sateens      elsewhere.     It      is 
about  30   inches  in  width   and  guar- 


Q  U  A  L 

A  YARD       I^^T^V 

MMJill  18  LACK     HENRI- 

IJKt:3,DI  '-.ATEEN, 

N»,  36H3667  , 

e  n  u  1  n  e    25-ce(tt 

al  u  e  in  Henrietta 

ish   Satean,  guar- 


Deat  cloth  of  this 
kmd  we  have  ever 
been   able  to  offer  at 

-  such     a     low     price. 

I  A  b  o  u  t    31     Inchei 

i'rice,  per  yard.  I  4o 

31c  .   _ 

A  YARO         WAISTING. 

We  have  improved  the  goal- 
ity  of  every  blacit  sateen  in 
our  catalog  this  season  and  can 
guarantee  you  a  saving  of  from 
3i/j    to    13    cents    per    yard.      "»" 



A  YARD        QUALITY.        FAST 

No,  36H3678 
Silk      Finish      Dress 
Sateen.       .^11     fast 
folors    and    a    cloth 
tl]  It.   being   woren  of 
selected   cotton,    pre- 
..onts    a    high    luster. 
\   wide  ranee  of  col- 
I  rs,     Including    ll«ht 
1  i.,a    pink,  tan,  me- 
brown,     royal 
,„.     wine,     cream- 
lite,    pure    white  or 


No.  36H368I 
Fast  Col 

Fast  toiw  r  I  11  o  »  I  r 
Quality  Dress  Sateen.  ^^^.  ^jj^jj^ 
This  fabric  is  woven  t^ — „.v  .^a- 
of  select  Egyptian  PERMAWB 
cotton,  tastefully 
tinted.  Colors  are 
guaranteed  absolutely 
fast  and  Include  light 

blue,      pink,      tan, 

brown,     nary     blue, 

wine,    cream  -  white, 

pure  white  or  black. 

Ttiis    numljer    repre- 
sents  a   full   35-a;nt 

vMiie.      About    31 

inrhee    in    width. 
Price,  per  yd 


1»C  DYED 

A  YARO      FAST 

{xflconsi  t^aM 

.  r»0„  Y  A   R 

I A  YARD       FA^S 


No.  36H3229  This 
number  represents  one  of 
the  greatest  values  in  our 
entire  line  of  wash  goods. 
It  is  woven  of  long  staple 
Sea  Island  cotton,  high- 
ly mercerized  ind  richly 
colored.  In  some  sec- 
tions of  the  country  this 
fabric  Is  selling  as  a 
mercerized  peau  de  sole 
at  50  cents  a  yard. 
Comes  In  pink,  light 
blue,  tan,  navy  blue,  me- 
dium dark  brown,  black 
or  ereaan-whlte.  In  or- 
d  e  r  i  B  g  mention  eolor 
wanted.  Full  yard  wide. 
Price   per   yard  ...Sic 

No.  36HSe6e 

The  quality  of  this 
cloth  is  of  salScient 
ly  high  eharaetw  to 
make  it  a  desirable 
cloth  for  waists  a: 
well  as  men's  shirts 
linings,      etc.     It     Is 

guaranteed  fast  black 

and  represents  the  usual  30-cent 
value.  Has  a  very  high  and  per- 
manent luster.  Width,  about  31 
inches.                      .  ,  _, 

Price,     per     yard I  »c 


tt».  36H3«< 
This  ssteen  U  « 
of  selected 
Island  cotton,  t 
1  fully  merceri; 
and  has  a 
equal    to     a 

This    la    a    splen 

aolh    for    waisting    purposes, 
!6     inohea     and     a     full 
Price,    per   yard 



A  YARD       STYLES, 

No,  36H3692 
Glsod     Quality     Mer- 
t„----vri  cerizod    Finish    Dress 
DRESSYI  Sateen,     Medium 

weight,  tastefully  pat- 
turned  and  will  prore 
very  serviceable.  It 
is  carefully  woven  of 
seilect  cotton,  and  at 
the  price  -we  quote  It 
ia  an  enticing  value. 

.,1^, ,  Colors  Include  black. 

STYLES!  "^In''  brown  or  navy 

hltie.    In  ordering  be 

sure  to  mention  color 
desired.  Cannot  be 
purchased  elsewhere  at  less  than 
18  cents.  About  29  inches  wide. 
Specially  priced  at.  per  yard 



A  YARD      TERNS, 
No.  36H3686  _ 

G  uarantced  Fast 
Black  Brocaded  Fig- 
ured     Sateen.     The 

duality  ot  tlUs  cloth  J 
is  exceptionally  good 
and  the  patterns  ore 
very  neat  ai»d  dressy. 
Tills  sateen  is  very 
desirable  from  a 
standpoint  of  service 
and  is  snre  to  glre 
the  utmost  satisfac- 
tion. This  Is  a  staple 
artlclfi:  tl»  only  thine 
new  about  it  is  our 
unheard  ot  low  price. 
This  black  brocaded 
sateen  Is  carefully 
dyed  in  aniline  and 
theretoiF  is  of  ahMlille 
The   usual   price   Is   25   lo   30 

yard    at   the    retail    stores.     / — . 

I  inches  wide.     Price  per  yard 



^rlee.peryd.2|c'.^^W3a— .,  ^.ce    per    yax^ . . .  o ..  V  «AV  THF   WORE 

Sewing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in  a  Cty  Near  You.   SAY  THE  WORl 

ShakerFIanneMT^^         Outing  Flannels,  Waistings,  Etc 

7c    Kk*'"  5Si-.=„>™.:_=>.    Q^    ALL  SOLID  ^^:r,    zz:: : ~ — 5— ? zl 




No.   36H3850 

Fair  Quality  Outing 
Flannel  and  should 
not  be  Judged  by 
the  price.  Comes  in 
cream,  pink  or  light 
blue.  In  orderingj 
state  color  wanted. 
Width,  abont  S 

Price,  per  yard.  7 



No.   36H3858 
Plain   Dark   Color 
Outins  Flannel,  good 
weight  and  qnality. 

Colors,  gray,  wiue. 
uavy  blue,  brown  or 
blaclt.  Be  sure  to 
state  color  wanted. 
Width,  about  37  in. 
I'rlce,  per  yard. 9c 



No.  36H3860  Pop- 
alar  Flannel  in  plain 
colors.  This  is  a  nicely 
twilled  cloth  of  the 
proper  weight  and  is 
very  popular  with  our 
customers.  These  goods 
are  about  27  Inches  wide  and 
come  io  red,  plak,  light  blue, 
wlilte  or  cream.  In  ordering 
state  color  wanted. 
■  yard 

7l^r      MOTTLED 

«/2^     OR     GUINEA 

A   YARD     }J|f     FLAN. 

No.   36H3900 

26-Inch  Mottled 
Guinea  Hen  Flannel, 

good  quality  an* 
m  ed  i  u  m  weight. 
Colors,  blue,  gray, 
pinli  or  brown.  Be 
sure  to  state  color 

■e.  per  yard.7i4c 


A  YARD  G  0  l*N^E  A 
TLED    FLAKg^L.""^- 

No.  36H3925 

Our  Best  Quality 
Guinea  Hen  Flannel, 
Measures  about  26 
inches  in  width  and 

comes  in  blue,  gray, 
brown  or  pink.  In 
ordering  be  sure  to 
state    color    wanted. 

Price,  per   yard.  tOc 

1^  _  ■ — I       •  t--  j^'^-ty^  .ijtgf^ggi^^aa^  i-rice,  per   yard.lQt 

rawy^utingJIannels^Jla^  Waisting  Flannels  Etc. 

1^--^-^ : — ^^  7r^  GOOD     OIIAI  ITV    CAUrvniiT  **.       "  ^  ' 




No.  36H3862  This  is  a  good  quality 
ouiinj  llannel  In  fancy  patterns,  eltlier 
cLw/'  P'^Ws  or,  stripes  In  Ught  or  dark 
colors.  In  prdenno  give  style  and  color 
preference.  Width,  about  26  inches. 
Price,    per    yard y_ 



»«1!j;.i?*!13?''2  7>!"e  9»orts  come  in 
attractive  checl<s  or  plaids  in  either-  dark  or 
^f  ,J''},°JiL-  '1  """'"t  »«ate  preference 
as  to  style  and  color.  This  is  »  much 
heavier    cJotli    than    the    lower    priced    one 

.nnrt       „       ., „      ......  ^(„j,^_      ^^^^^      ^j, 



Price,    per    sard. 



No.  36H3876  Fancy  Tinted  Dress 
Flannelettes  of  medium  weight  and 
good  quality  for  waists.  kimonos, 
sacques.  etc.  The  patterns  are  small 
and  neat  figures  in  navy,  brown,  black 
gra.v  or  wine.  Be  sure  to  state  color 
wanted.  The  usual  12U-eent  eoods 
I  Width,   about   26   inches. 

Price,   per  yard gc 

Q,.  FLEECED      BACK      FLAN- 

I  AyJrD  ggk^Kl^^'-^^^"^^ 
;  No.  36H3893  These  Waisting 
Flannelettes  come  in  either  red  and 
black  or  black  and  white  checks  1- 
1  ordering  state  color  wanted.  The 
I  goods  measure  about  26  inches  in  widi 


No.  36H3874  This  number 
jcomes  only  in  stripes  and  may  be 
■had  in  either  light  or  dark  efTects. 
b  ordering  please  state  preference 
In  color.  These  goods  are  of  heav- 
ier weight  than  the  lower  priced 
number  and  represent  a  propor- 
tionately greater  value.  They  are 
»bout  37  Inches  wide  and  a  real 
leconomy  at  our  price. 
K  Price,    per    yard 9c 



No.  36H3888  These  Kimdno 
Velours  have  a  rich  velvety  face 
and  are  of  the  proper  weight  for 
ry  purpose.  The  styles  are  un- 
usually good  and  the  color  range 
includes  pink,  tan,  green,  light 
l>lue,  red  and  gray.  In  ordering 
Kate  color  wanted.  Width,  about 
'*  inches. 
Price,   per  yard Qe 




No.  36H3877    These  Crepe 
Waistings  are  33  inches  wide,  of 

Tiicdium  weight  and  very  at-  (■ 
I  Htive.  The  patterns  are  small  S 
11(1  neat  fancy  stripes  and  in- 
'  liHle  the  following  colors  r 
N^ivy,  M-ine,  brown  or  myrtle 
enen.  In  ordering  state  color 

Price,   per  yard 1  2%c 

A   lAKU      KNOWN    EDEN    CLOTH.. 

No.  36H3940  These  goods  are 
widely  known  under  the  manufac- 
lurers'  name  of  Eden  Cloth.  They 
'  «cmble  a  fine  gingham  with  a 
li.~htly  napped  face  and  are  very 
durable  and  sightly  in  appearance 
The  styles  include  ta.stetul  stripes 
m  gray,  tan,  pink,  nile  green,  lav- 
ender, cream  and  light  blue.  In 
ordering  state  color  wanted.  Width 
about  38  inches. 
Price,  per  yard j  2. 






No.  36H40  1  O  Cream  Shake, 
llannel,  medium  weight  and  a 
full  10-cent  value.  Width,  abont 
■-•i  inches.    Price,  per  yard.6V4c 

No.  36H4030  Cream  White 
shaker  Flannel.  Good  quality 
and  weight.  Width,  about  37 
inches.    Price,   per  yard 8c 

No.  36H4034  Extra  Weight 
and  Quality  Cream  White 
.Shaker  Flannel.  Twilled,  well 
napped  and  closely  sheared.  Full 
1.5-cent  value.  Width,  abont  31 
in.hes.    Price,   per  yard 1  Qc 

Bleached  Shakers  or   Domets. 

No.  36H4035     34H-Inch     Pure     White     Shaker 

w  .  nrr>;»-'^'w?,V'"''"^S'y  sood  value  at  the  low  pri.e 
"t    quote.    Will  render  good  service.  y,, 

I'nce,  per  yard G]/>C 

No.  36H4036     39-Inch    Pure    White    Shaker 
Flannel.  We  buy  enormous  quantities  of  this  fabric 
from   the  manufacturer,   which  enables   us   to  offer 
P.m  'i"J7"i''?'"^!'''  at  an  extremely  low  price.  .^ 
tun  12y2-cent  value.    Price,  per  yard...    ...      lOc 

„»f"'-,i??*^^°'i2  Full  Yard  Wide  Pure  White  Shaker  Flan- 
,  ■,'?^"'2^/™,''  S""""'  ""'*  "■^'e'"'  "«■"  n."ppcd  and  cl03c"v 
arm,nd  satTSlon."^    "''"    '"'"""^-      ^"^    '•J""'    wiji    Blve    aK 

Price,    per    yard 1 2  I  •>  C 

No.  36H4043^    Twilled     Bleached     Shaker     Flannel      con- 


/ide.     Price,   per  yard. 

Wool  Shaker  FlanneL  5XESe*'- 
No.  36H4045 
-"-Inch  Very  Good 
I)  u  a  1  i  t  y  Cream- 
V>  hite  Wool  Shaker 
llannel.  An  escep- 
!K.nally  good  cloth 
"f  this  character. 
I'untains  about  25 
]'>'r  cent  flue  cotton 
I'l  i  X  ed  with  the 
"ool.  t'snally  sold 
.!><  all  wool.  Will 
^M  V  e  exceedingly 
vood  service.  Proper 
width  for  infants' 
.-skirts.  This  is  a  pos- 
itive   4(l-eent    value 


White  Wool  Flannels    in  various  widths  and  Qualities-Twills  andSilkFmish 

r:;.i^«ri'«l    o^-r.".""     «-J^a^     N0.36H4.75    Crea..WM,e     Woo,    ^i^.:^^'!!"!!!!"^^!-  I  ^^'^'^^^^ 

Hall     Wool 

quahty    and    a    grade 
be    brniglii    at    less    tlian    2r. 
Dt8  In  the  ordinal^  way.     About  27  Inches 

per  yard 1  OC 

No.  36H4I66      Whito    Wool    Flannel. 

Jntiy     wider    than     the    previous    number 

a   ot   much    better   quaUly.     Clear   cream 

color.     About  27  Inches  wide.      01_ 

e.    per    yard ^IC 

•io.  36H4I69      While    Wool    Flannel. 

epcndublc.      Just     enoueli     Penivlaii 

ton    lias    been    woven    Into    the    fabric    t.i 

t    sljrlnking.     About    27    inches    OC„ 

Price,   per  yard ^OC 

S;.?*i^*J'''.  ."■'"'=''   *""«  Wool 

innel.  <3ood  weleht  and 
duplicated  elsewhere  a 
yard.     Very  nearly 

Mee.    per   yard. 

t    less    tlian     .'in 
all   wool.    3jp 

-     .,     Wool 

Suflflclently  wide  for  infants'  shirts. 
I  small  amount  of  fine  Peruvian  cotton  hag 
ecu  carded  Into  the  fabric  to  prevent  shrlnlt- 
iB.  The  cloth  represents  the  usual  60-cem 
value.     About  30  inches  wide.  An 

Price,    per    yard ^UC 

No.  36H4I85  35-Inch  White  Wool 
Flannel.  Contains  90  per  cent  pure  Aus- 
Irallan  wool,  balance  being  of  fine  Peruvian 
•otton  to  make  the  fabric  non- shrlnkaWe 
clear   creani-whlte.  y,—  ' 

Price,    per    y.ird 47C 

No.  36H4I87  This  cloth  It  absolutely 
al  Dure  wool,  splendid  weight,  rich  creamy 
'■"lor  and  similar  quality  to  goods  retaUed 
at  IO  cents  or  more  a  yard.  About  2li 
inches  wide.  -  — 


E5:;;S~^  No.   36H4I90 

^»?-'     •-.'■  -J  30-Inch    Extra 

1  Fine   Whito  Wool 

Flannel,    tlic 

proper   width    tor 

Infanta'       sklriH. 

I  It   Is   made   wllii 

.  select  Egyptian 

Price,    per   yard. 


THE  BEST.     A.  C. 

....  36H4I9I  i,- 
Inoh  Good  Ouallty  NlOely 
Twilled  Cream-While 
Wool  Flannel.  Nearlj- 
all  wool,  very  good  welglit 
and  a  desirable  fabric  for 
waistings,       -   -  -   - 




-....,  .....,,.„.. 37c 

No.  36H^4I92  27- 
Inch  Absolutely  All  Pure 
Wool  Cream  -  Wh  1 1  e 
Twilled  Flannel.  This  Is 
'iijc  of  the  best  and  most 
V  o  p  u  1  a'  r  flannels  for 
children's    coats. 


I  to  I 

.....It  with  the  kind  for 
which  you  pay  75  cents 
a  yard.  We  are  safe  In 
laying  that  ours  will  not 








No.  36H4635   2«- 

-nch  All  Wool  Indico 
Blue  Twilled  Flannel. 

Medium     weight    and 
quality.  nf> 

Viiee.  per  yard.  ^o%i 

PiB-e   Silk   Embroidered   Flannel,   in  Attractive   Style,   on  Special 
Qualitie.   of  WhHe  Wool  nanneU 

No.  36H473S  «6- 
Inch  AH  Wool  Twilled 
Scarlet    Flannel.     Me- 

dinm       weight       and 
quaUty.  «Q 

I'rice,   per  yd...*""*- 

NO.  36H4662     24-Inch    Dark 
Gray     Twilled     Shirting     Flannel. 

About  40  per  cent  cotton.    Medium 
weight  and  quality.  25c 

Price,  per  yard. 

No.  36H4685  27- 
Inch  TwiUed  Shirting 
Flannel.  Heavy 
weight.  About  50  per 
cent  cotton.  Comes  in 
the  popular  blue  mix- 

t"-^^-  ^17- 

Price,  per  yard  *  «  *- 

No.  36H4695  21- 
Inch  Good  Qaality 
Blue  Gray  Twilled 
Shirting     Flannel. 

About     30     per     cent 
Price,  per  yard  ^i»^- 


No.  36H4056  S6 
Inch  Wool  Mixed 
Face    Eiderdown    of 

medium  quality  in 
light  blue,  pint,  car- 
dinal, gray,  tan  or 
eream-white.  In  or- 
dering mention  color 
wanted.  9Q, 

Price,  per  yard  **" 

Stylish    Scalloped    Silk 
Embroidered  Flannel. 

No.  36H45 1  2  Silk 
Embroidered  Wool 
Flannel,  combining 
good  quality  and  low 
price.  About  31  inches 
wide  and  80  per  cent 
wool.  Comes  in  a  very 
neat  scalloped  pattern. 
The  same  quality  sold 
by  leading  retailers  at 
60  cents  a  yard.        ^_ 

Price,  per  yard .  .^  •  C 

Silk  Embroidered  Flan- 
nel.      Select     Hem- 
stitched Design. 
No.  36H4522  Styl- 
ish    Silk     Embroidered 
Flannel.  Designs 
worked    in    with    pure 
Italian  silk.    Neat  eye- 
let work  and  nice  hem- 
stitching   makes    this 
cloth   doubly    attractive.     The 
charm  of  the  pattern  lies  In 
Its      simplicity.       About      31 
inches    wiile    and    about    80 
per    cent    wool.      Fully    equal 
to  the  rs-cent  quality.  COc 
Price,   per   yard .'•**'^ 

Silk  Embroidered  Flan 
nel.     Distinctive 
No.  36H4542  C«re- 

fully  Selected  Flannel 
with  heavy  enabroldery 

that  requires  a  large 
quantity  of  silk.  The 
illustration  will  convey 
to  you  some  Idea  of  the 
han'dsome  design,  but  you 
will  have  to  see  the  cloth  hi 
the  piece  to  see  the  sptendid 
ralue.  Usual  price.  $1.00  a 
yard.  About  31  iochet  wiito 
and      about      80      per      cent 


No.  36H4062   S6 
loch  Wool  Mixed  Face! 
Eiderdown,    good 
weight,  in  pink,  light [S*«^^*5j)l 
blue,  cardinal,  sray,LyDERDO*'Sl 
tan    or    crea m -white. ^wi*-* "i uiiu*HW 
Be  sure  to  state 
wanted.     Price, 
per   yard. 


Heavy   Weight 
Mackinaw   Flannel. 

No.  36H4765  66- 
Inch  Mackinaw  Flan- 
nel, weighing  16 
ounces  a  yard.  Comes 
in  red,  navy  blue, 
Kray  or  brown.  Be 
sure  to  state  color 
wanted.  All  wool. 

Price,    per  g^^ 

No.  36H4066 
1  Yard  Wide  D  o  u  b  I  < 
1  Faced  Wool  Eider 
I  down  in  light  blue 
[pink,  red  or  cream 
vhite.  Be  sure  to  stat 
f  color  wanted.  -^ -. 
Price,  per  yartl.oUi 

Silk  Embroidered  Flan- 
nel. Very  Hand- 
some Pattern, 
No.  36H4552  Ex- 
tra Good  Quality  Flan- 
nel with  a  very  pretty 
design  of  unusual 
merit.  The  embroidery 
is  done  in  the  finest 
Italian  silk.  This  cloth 
cannot  be  equaled  at 
less  than  $1.25  a  yard. 
About  31  inches  wide 
and  about  80  per  cent 
wool.  Qi  _ 

Price,  per  yard. .  »"■*-  I 

Silk  Embroidered  Flan- 
nel. Scalloped  Edge 

No.  36H4591  Su- 
perior Quality  Beauti- 
fully Embroidered 
White  Wool  Flannel. 
This  number  is  an  ex- 
clusive pattern,  solidly 
embroidered.  The  scal- 
loped edge  is  cut  out 
and  made  fast.  Several  rows 
of  eyelet  work  add  to  its  at- 
tractiveness. A  $1.50  value. 
About  35  Inches  wide  and 
about  SO  per  cent  <t1  .03 
wool.   Price,  per  yd.  •P'-'"*' 

Silk  Embroidered  Flan 
nel.     Very     Finest 

Italian  Silk. 
No.  36H4612  our 
Very  Finest  and  Rich- 
est Pattern  Silk  Em- 
broidered Flannel.  This 
white  wool  flannel  is 
woven  especially  to 
carry  this  heavy  silk 
embroidered  design. 
The  scallops  are  hand  cut, 
dopble  stitched  and  very  du- 
rable. EsQuisite  hemstltdi- 
ing  and  eyelet  work.  A  posi- 
tive $2.00  value.  About  33 
inches  wide  and  about  80  per 
cent  -vool.  $1.32 

Price,    per  yard.**'"'*' 

No.  36H4068  8'- 

Inch     Wool     Faced 
Eiderdown  in  rippled 
effect  light  blue,  tan,  I 
gray,     red,     pink     or  1^^  ^ 
cream-white.      In    or-  fRJ'^p'i'FO 
dering  be  sure  to  state  IthXlr rut's, 
color  wanted.         QO/. 
Price,  per  yard  -J^C  | 

UV'^'  "H-. 

No.  36H4069  *«  for,  i,  "-^fJJL 
Inch  Kippled  ^^  "ol  to;...\''iV!l.'i 
Faced  Eiderdown  i"  f  >v\i.kuTO 
light  blue,  pink  led  fl>A&Sii» 
gray  or  cream- white  (ElDERDOV' 
In  ordering  state  color  lBteT^.ra«iitH 

I'rice,  per 


^^^MwWMV    yird  t»»*».  I      fnce,  per  yarg..  -'-—  i  wool,  t-nce.  pei  yu.   ^ ^ _____^      — — 

r^^lifornia  Flannels,  Buffalo  Flannels  and  WogLK^ellHitsjOLJh^^ 

.^ — ' ~  "  ^  _  •  . £  r\ ...«     All     U^nnl    Califor^l: 

5-Ounce  California  Flan-el.  at 
37  Cents   a  Yard. 

We  offer  these 
guaranteed  a  b  s  o  - 
lutely  al  pure  wool 
California  Flannels 
in  all  the  popular 
shirting  colors. 
These  goods  weigh 
full  5  ounces  to  the 
yard  and  are  abont 
28  inches  in  width. 
In  ordering  mention 
catalog  number  rep- 
resenting  color 

Price,  per         37c 

No.  36H4650  Indigo  blue. 

No.  36H4651  Pure  scarlet. 

No.  36H4652  Blue  mixed. 

No.  36H4653  Dark      gray 

No.  36H4654  Brown  mixed. 



Fancy  Wool  Shirting  Flannel. 

Mn  1fiH<177S  28-Inch  Wool  Sliirting  Flannel  in 
fan?y-  chSll^rnd  stripes.'"  Of  medium  weiglit  and  go^od 
mttema  In  red  blue,  gray  or  black  and  white.  "•  "■" 
?o  "Se  color  wanted!    Contains  70  per  cent  wool.     22c 

Price,    per  yard 

Fancy  Buffalo  Flannel. 
NO.  36H4785     28.lnch  AU  Wool  Buffalo  Flannel  of 

Bood  weight  and  durabiUty  in  red.  blue,  gray  <"■  DlacK 
and  while.  Father  stripes  or  checla.  Be  sure  to  33^. 
slate  color  wanted.    Price,  per  yard 

Heavy  Weight  Shirting  Flannel  in  Checks  or  Stipe*. 
No  36H4795  Our  Heaviest  Weight  All  Wool  Buffalo 
Flan°nel  in  rld^  blue"' gray  "l,  ^^"'''""L^l't  AnJ. 
stripes  or  checlts.  Be  sure  to  state  color  wantea.  4Qc 
Width,  28  inches.     Price,  per  yard 

Good  Quality  Yard  Wide 

Shirting  FUimd. 

No.    3GH4800      Good 

Quality  Yard  Wi4B  Flannel 

in  all  the  desirable  colors. 
Tills  cloth  Is  parUcutaliy 
recommended  for  shirts,  be- 
ing practically  rainproof 
and  Is  freauenlly  sold  as  a 
repellant.  Colors  are  dark 
brown,  myrtle  green,  wine, 
dark  gray,  na^7  blue  or 
black.  Slate  color  wanted. 
About  60  per  cent  22c 
wool.   Price,  per  yard.**^^ 

Extra  Width  and  Weight 
Woel  ShUting  Repellant. 

No.  36H4805  These 
goods  are  about  54  inches 
wide  and  75  per  cent  wool. 
Almost  If  not  onite  rain- 
proof. It  is  used  for  a 
wide  variety  of  purposes. 
Colors  include  navy  blue, 
dark  gray,  dark  brown, 
myrtle  green,  wine  or  blTick. 
Be  sore  to  state  color 
wanted.  4Sc 

Trice,  per  yard -x»*^ 



6-Ounce  All  Wool  Califowi 
Flannels  at  45  Cents  a  Yard 
We  guarantee 
these  goods  to  be 
absolutely  all  pure 
wool  and  fuH  6 
ounces  to  the  yard. 
We  are  able  to  fur- 
nish all  the  prac- 
tical shirting  colors 
and  our  prices  will 
be  recognized  as  be- 
ing very  low  on 
goods  of  this  char- 
ticter.  In  ordering 
state  catalog  num- 
ber representing 
color  desired.  About 
28  inches  in  width. 

Price,  per        ^g 
yard ^Sc 

No.  36H4670     Indigo  blue. 

No.  36H4671      Pure  scarlet. 

No.  36H4672     Blue  mixed. 

No.  36H4673     Dark      gr« 

No.  36H4674     Brown  mixed 

Three  Extra  Good  Values  in  Unmade  Skirt  Patterns 

All  Dark  Color*. 

Th  i 

No.  36H4a57 

Sliirl     Pattorn     is 

wool,  it  contains  .-^  r- 
ccnt  well  mixed  wool 
Comes  hi  wine,  navy  blue 
black    and    white    or    gray 

not    all 

ordering  stats  color 
od.  At  the  low  price 
(inote     this     represents 


about  40x80  inches. 


All  Wool  Flaand  Skirt  Pattern.     Ready  to  Seam. 

*"    ""^  No.    36H4865      All    Pure 

Wool  Skirt  Pattern.  Fast  ool- 
„r3.  includlne  wine,  navy 
bine,  black  and  wlilte,  or  gray. 
In  ordering  mention  color 
wanted.  This  Is  a  good  weight 
skirt  pattern.  It  la  not  only 
•       ^  •■   aJghtU'  In  a 


All  Wool  Skirt  Pattern.     Finest  Quality 

No.  36H4875^0lir 
All  Wool  Skirt  Pattern, 
is  a  handsome  skirt  pat 
and  is  more  than  ordint 
attractive.  Cornea  In  a  n 
of  fast  colors  that  are  sup; 
to  anytlvlng  tfi  be  mot  mti 
the  usual  range  of  good! 
this   character.       Colora  Inc 

navy  blue.   wine,    gray  or  I 

ordering  bo   sure   to  jentioo    color  JJ^ 

,  about  40x78  inches.      Price,  each. 


Join  the  Enth^iastic  THOUSANDS  That  Surround  Our  EMBROIDERY  Fage.. 

The  term  Mill  Ends  means  the  short 
engths  left  after  cutting  a  "warp"  (as 
he  mill  terms  a  full  uncut  web)  into 
|roper  lengths  for  the  wholesale  trade. 
I  Each  piece  contains  not  less  than  the 
luantity  stated  and  the  price  is  for  the 
omplete  piece. 

Wonderful  Mill  End  Values 

Look  over  this  page  of  sensational  bargains  In 
genuine  mill  ends: 

All  perfect  goods   and    the   lengths   are  very 
practical  for  everyday  use. 

Asourstocls  of  mill  ends  is  constantly  chane 

Ing  we  cannot  guarantee  to  fill  every  number  all 

through  the  season,  though  we  shall  try  to  do  so 

Should  our  steels  of  any  of  these  mill  ends   become 

eih  lusted  and  we  are  unable  to  replace  It,  we  shall 

omit  the  item  from  your  order  and  you  will  not 

be    harged  for  it.    We  hope  to  be  able  to  All  all 

orders    received,   but    these    values    are 

truly    marvelous    and    we   ask    you    to 

order  early. 

I  We  Sell  Sewing  Machine  Supplies  for  About  Half  What  You  Pay  Elsewhere,   ik sears,  roebuck  and 

at  Lower  Prices  Than 
Offered  Elsewhere  for 
Same  Quality  Materials 

Standard  of  Qualities  Always 
Maintained,    Styles  Correct 

HE   enormous   growth   of  our   Department    of   Dress 
Goods  and  Silks  is  the  best  evidence  that  we  provide 
better  quality  for  less  money  than  can  be  had  elsewhere. 
We  have  spared  no  expense  or  time  in  collecting  suit- 
able materials  for  the  spring  and  summer  season,  so  you  may 
depend  on  your  selection  being  correct  in  every  detail. 

Not  only  will  we  save  you  money  on  the  price  of  the  mate- 
rials but  we  also  give  you  the  satisfaction  of  knowing  that  if  w< 
sav  all  wool  it  is  all  wool,  and  if  there  is  cotton  in  it  we  tell  yot 
so'  We  know  how  our  goods  are  made,  where  they  are  mad« 
—  and  what  they  are  composed  of.  We  deal  directly  with  th. 
I^ro-est  mills  in  the  country,  whose  output  is  critically  examined  for  us,  so  you  may  depend  o, 
getdng  "orect  materials  in'^;very  respect.  When  the  goods  reach  us  our  own  experts  examxnJ 
fhlmithl   there  is  little  or  no  chance  of  getting  anything  but  just  exactly  what  you  order. 

How  to  Order  Dress  Goods 

of  the  cloth,  a  sample  of  each  color. 


We  will  mail  you  free  samples  of  any  of  our  dress  fabrics  «n/^^^"^?t  7'^";^];^ 
you  can  easily  make  a  satisfactory  choice. 

How  to  Figure  the  Amount  e 
Cloth  You  Need 

18  to  21 
26  to  28 
34  to  38 
42  to  46 
50  to  54 

AmDunt  Kequlred 

for  a  Waist, 







Amount  Betriii 

for  a  Sktart. 


Fancy    Checked    Panam 

42   Inche*  Wide. 

Handsome  Checked 

Chiffon   Panamas 

^  f\  No     I  4H9080    Tlila  beautiful  clieclc- 

SVO       ed    Panan,.    Is    raaolly    lite   an    Imported 

•-»  -^  V»       f^^^    ,grv  Ught  wetelit,   strlcUy  all  wool 

A  YARD        rtth  a  shot  of  sUk  thread  running  through 

the  design.     It  looks  Itte  imported  cloths 

that  sell   everywhere  for  $1.00.      M*^'"'" 

in   welKhl.   a  lltUe  heavier  than  a   Henrietta   and  Ugti  er 

tun    a   PHnama.      It  will   give   splendid   wearing   aitlj- 

f     "ion  .-..Ml- wlU  make  up  vers  dressy.      ""!  h»™  "  '" 

,1      following   color   combinations;  .   fireen,    blue     cham- 

uiiino  or  gray  with  hairline  checks  in  harinoiiizirg  "arKer 

Shades       When   orderins  be  sure  to  mention   color  aad 

■IVB   seconil    choice   It    possible. 



This  iiiuatration  show.  ^  "-■?-??;  !a-s?*r«rs.s^^Sn^'';if  ^s^fS^JS^  ssriliu  ssy't^.^ 

reaueat.    When  aaldnii  for  aamiilw  b»  «ure  ta  ttmn  ga»  «»»  cm»iok  numuc  «. . 



No.  14H9069  Tills  pretty  Pana 
comes  In  small  size  checks,  especit 
aiiapted  for  children's  wear,  separate  ski 
or  blouse  waists.  It  is  made  from  a  cot 
warp  aud  wool  filling,  will  give  splen 
wearing  satisfaction  and  will  abed 

Comes  in  medium  and  small  size  che 
iu  the  following  color  combinations: 
and   bUck,   bine    and   black,  or  green 

Be  sure  to  state  color  combination  waJ 
and  also  whether  you  want  the  small 
medium  siee  cheek.  Small  checks  will 
very  popular  for  separate  skirts  for  spi 



Sewing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in  a  City  Near  You.   SAY  THE  WOF 


Fast  Color  Cotton  Henrietta 

Width,   36  Inches. 

1   ^C  ^°*  ^^^^'*°''     This    3G-inch 

■■■*^^      cotton    Henrietta    is    so    well 

A  TABD  known  to  all  our  customers, 
we  need  hardly  tell  you  any- 
thing about  it.  You  will  pay  20  cents  a 
yard  for  the  same  cloth  anywhere  else  in 
the  country.  We  buy  it  in  enormous 
quantities  and  are  thus  enabled  to  take 
advantage  of  the  market,  securing  it  at 
the  lowest  possible  price,  and  we  give 
you  the  benefit  of  this  saving.  This  hen- 
,netta  is  a  splendid  fabric  for  children's 
wear  or  house  dresses.  We  have  it  in  any 
of  the  following  colors:  Cream,  tan 
light  blue,  pink,  gray,  myrtle  green,  nile 
green,  bright  red,  wine,  navy  blue,  brown 
royal  blue  or  black.  Be  sure  to  state' 
color  wanted  and  give  second  choice 

Half    Wool    Henrietta 

Width,  35  Inches. 

2Qn  u  ^°-  ^4H5020  We  know  that  a 
^  ^\^      half  wool  Henrietta  the  equal  of 

A  TABD  this  cloth  would  cost  you  at  least 
nr;.»  1  l"  "",\^r  ^  y^"'^  "lore  than  our 
price  elsewhere  We  have  compared  it  with 
the  grade  that  lots  of  stores  sell  as  high  as 
45  cents  a  yard  and  know  that  ours  is  a  bet- 
ter cloth.  It  has  the  appear- 
ance of  an  all  wool  fabric 
though  it  is  half  cotton.  We 
have  handled  it  for  several 
seasons  and  have  yet  to  find 
any  fault  with  it.  You  can 
have  it  m  the  following  col- 
ors: Cream,  tan,  light  blue 
pink,    old    rose,    Alice    blue' 

eray.  bright  red,  myrtle  green! 

(HrMDirTTAll  P,''°W'  royal  blue,  wine,  navy 
P-ianMTAJ  blue  or  black.  Be  sure  to 
f  f     state  color  wanted  and   give  I 

second  choice. 



Fine    All   Wool    Henrietta 

Width,  35  to  36   Inches. 
50c  ^°-  14H5030  In  offering  you 

A  YARD  *^'^  ^''  ^°°'  Henrietta  at  50 
cents  a  yard  we  are  saving 
you  40  per  cent  on  every  yard  you 
buy.  We  guarantee  it  in  every  respect 
and  will  return  your  money  if  it  is 
not  satisfactory.  For  misses'  and  ladies' 
wear  in  a  light  weight  fabric  you  can  get 
nothing  better  at  the  price.  These  colors 
to  select  from:  Cream,  pink,  old  rose, 
light  blue,  tan,  reseda  green,  wine,  bright 
red,  royal  blue,  brown,  myrtle  green, 
Alice  blue,  gray,  navy  blue  or  black.  Be 
sure  to  state  color  wanted  and  give 
second  choice. 


Width,  41   to  42   Inches. 

69o  u°-  "M5040    The  fact  that  we  are 

vr>'W  selling;  more  Henriettas  every  year 
A  YARD  IS  positive  evidence  that  we  are  not 
.  .  .  °n'y  selling  them  at  right  prices,  but 
furnishing  the  right  material.  We  aim  to  keep 
a  splendid  stock  of  these  always  on  hand  The 
goods  are  carefully  examined  and  we  know  them 
o  be  correct  in  every  way.  The  price  is  lower 
than  you  can  get  the  same  fabric  for  anywhere 
else  and  the  finish  is  of  the  best.  These  colors 
to  select  from:  Cream,  light  blue,  brown,  bright 
red,    myrtle    green,    wine,    navy    blue    or   black 

feconTc^oic?*^  <^°'°^  -^"^^-^  '"^  ^'^  «-*  -^ 



Width,   43   Inches. 

^G|^  No-     14H5050     Beautiful    imported 

\-»«_»V  Henrietta  with  a  very  high  silk  finish 
A  YARD  Retails  at  $1.00  to  $1.35  a  yard  in  the 
average  store  in  the  big  cities.  It  is 
made  to  our  order  in  Germany  and  is  strictly  all 
wool  and  a  very  high  class  material  in  every 
way.  You  may  order  with  the  perfect  assurance 
that  we  will  return  your  money  if  it  does  not 
suit  you.  A  big  range  of  colors  to  select  from- 
Cream,  pink,  light  blue,  tan,  royal  blue,  old  rose 
brown,  Alice  blue,  bright  red,  gray  myrtle 
green,  wine,  navy  blue  or  black.  Be  sure  to 
state  color  wanted  and  give  second  choice. 


special    Mohair  Brilliantine 

Width,  36  Inches. 

Xf^^  .  No.  14H5065  This  Mohair 
jy^y-'  IS  made  in  this  country.  Very 
,  YARD  'lard  twisted  thread.  Sells 
ordinarily  for  49  cents  a  yard. 
Ve  place  big  contracts  for  it,  conse- 
uently  are  able  to  sell  it  to  you  at  the 
bove  price.  It  has  a  smooth,  lustrous 
nish  and  will  shed  dust  readily.  Noth- 
Ig  better  for  misses'  or  children's  wear 
hese  colors  to  select  from:  Cream,  tan' 
ray,  myrtle  green,  royal  blue  wine' 
rown  navy  blue  or  black.  State  color 

Beautiful    Mohair    Brilliantine  I  Big  Special  Value  in  Colored 

Width,  42  to  44  Inches.  Sicilian 

#^0^         "«•  <4H5080 
%JZ/%Z       Tou     will     pay     90 

A    YARD         tijig    gjjjjjg    pi^jj^    j^ 

the  average  retail 
store.  It  is  made  especially  for 
us,  thereby  saving  all  middle- 
men's profits.  We  give  our  cus- 
tomers the  benefit  of  this  sav- 
ing. Very  firm  and  of  good 
weight.  Colors,  cream,  gray, 
tan,  royal  blue,  wine,  myrtle 
Breen,  brown,  navy  bine  or 
black.  Be  sure  to  state  color 



Width,  50  Inches. 

AAt^  No-   14H5075     This    beautiful 

tT-C  '■''"''  would  cost  you  75  cents  a 
yard  In  any  other  store.  For  a 
A  YARD  ■^Y^-ct  there  is  nothing  in  mohair 
H„„  T,  *"•''  ^^'1'  #'^<'  y°"  better  satisfac- 
tion. If  you  use  it  for  a  waist,  use  a  good 
stout  lining,  as  Sicilians  are  apt  to  slin 
regardless  of  what  price  you  pay  If  we  dfd 
not  consider  this  cloth  great  value  at  the  price 
we  would  not  list  it  here.  These  colors  to 
.'ielect  from:  Brown,  wine,  navy  blue,  gray 
myrtle  green  or  black.  Be  sure  to  state  color' 
wanted.  We  will  send  free  samples  of  anv  of 
<»ir  dress  goods  if  you  will   write  and  ask  for 


Cream  Colored  Ground  Hairline 
Stripe  Serge 

Width,   36  Inches. 

Sf»0  No.   14H5134     This     handsome     all 

KJ\3\,  wool  Hairiine  Stripe  Serge  is  very 
A  YARD  popular  for  spring  and  summer  wear 
hor  separate  skirts,  dresses,  or  coat 
suits  a  white  serge  with  black  hairline  stripes  is 
avvays  pretty.  The  quality  is  good  and  the 
an^H  J'  l'^^^'-  I^  K""=lntee  it  in  every  respect! 
for  whic^"°'''  *''"  P'k"  '^  '"""^"^  lower  than  tha 
tor  which  you  can  buy  it  elsewhere. 

50-Inch   Hairline    Stripe    Serge 

Width,   50  Inches. 

QC^  No.  14H5135     This    is    a    beautiful 

^  %J\^  quality  of  heavy  all  wool  Serge  with 
A  YARD  a  little  black  hairline  stripe.  Specially 
adapted  for  coats,  skirts  or  for  a 
handsome  separate  skirt.  It  is  a  fabric  we  know 
all  about  and  we  assure  you  it  would  cost  $1  25 
a  yard  in  any  store  in  the  country.  Made  to  our 
order  and  perfect  in  every  respect.  You  may 
order  direct  from  this  catalog  without  sending 
tor  sample,  as  we  guarantee  to  suit  you 



^'"  *•**  Ent»>«Ia.tic  THOUSANDS  That  Surround  Our  EMBROIDERY  Page.. 



Elegant    Quality 
Storm  Serge 

Width,    50   Inches. 

0ym  No.   UH5113 

/  SC  Beautiful  all  wool 
»  TAnn  Serge,  50  inches 
A  TABD  ^  ;  d  e_  exceptional 
value  at  our  price  of  75  cents  a 
yard.  Very  dressy  in  appear- 
ance    and     splendid     wearing 

,  o»  Quality.  Made  from  hard  twist- 

an  all  "»«'  ^^orm    Quality^  ^^^^   ^^^.j^ 

'"y\%a'  fo^lll    and'^give  a  dressy  effect    This 
^  ■    range    of    colors:      Tan,    gray, 

wine.  Alice  blue,  reseda  green, 
bright  red,  royal  blue,  navy 
blue,  brown,  myrtle  green  or 
black.     State  color  wanted. 

Wool    Storm 

Width,  36   Inches. 



No.    14H5088 

When  you  can  buy 
an  all  wool  Storm 

getting  the  utmost 
value  for  your 
money.  This  Is  a 
strictly  all  wool 
cloth,  not  a  cheap 
half  cotton  serge, 
as  many  offer  at 
this  price.  We  guarantee  it  In  style 
as  well  as  quality.  Colors,  wine, 
tan,  myrtle  green,  brown,  navy 
blue,  bright  red,  reseda  green, 
Alice  bine,  royal  blue,  gray  or 
black.  Be  sure  to  state  color 

Fine  Quality  Storm  Serge 

Width,  40   Inches. 
CQ  N°-   14H5116     At 

doC     our   price    we    offer 
.  vAHTi     you  a  40-inch  Storm 

ity,  equal  to  anything  you  will 
get  for  75  cents  a  yard  in  the 
average    stpre.     It   is    strictly 
all  wo"6l,  almost  alike  on  both 
sides,  and  we  guarantee  it  will 
wear  well  and  give  satisfaction. 
These   colors    to    selefct   from: 
Tan,   brown,  wine,   gray,    Co- 
penhagen  btae,   myrtle   g^een  U^ ber.    Made  of 
navy   blue,  royaT  W"e    bright  I   ^^^  ^^  ^^^^^  „, 
red  or  black.    Be  sure  to  state   ^„gt„Uan  wool 
color  wanted  and  give  second 

Imported    French 

Width,  54  Inches. 



No.    14H5170 

If  you  want  a  very 
fine  weave  medium 
weight  beautllul 
quality  French 
Serge,    order    this 


Fashionable    Marqui- 
sette Suiting 

Width,   36   Inche«. 



No.    14H5095 

We  are  offering 
this  medium 
weight  Mar- 
quisette  at  the  ex- 
tremely low  price 
of  Si  cents  a  yard, 
and  we  think  it  is 
exceptional  value. 
It  is  one  -  fourth 
wool.  It  1  o  o  It  s 
beautlftil  over  a 
colored  taffeta  or 
fancy  lining,  and  we  Isnow  it  to  be 
right  in  every  respect.  This  range 
of  colors  to  select  from:  Cream, 
reseda  green,  tan,  pink,  myrtle 
green,  light  bine,  old  rose.  gray. 
wine,  Alice  blue,  brown,  navy  blue 
or  black.    Mention  eolor  wanted. 

Wool    French    Serge 

Width,    35   to   36   Inches. 


Extra  Quality  All  Wool  French  Serge 

Width,  40  to  42   Inches. 

No.  14H5120  Made  from  the  finest  grade  of  Aus- 
tralian wool,  very  smooth  in  weave  and  finish.  It  will 
eive  "pTend  d  wearing  satisfaction.  For  a  medmm 
A  TABD  ^'Jfht  spring  and  summer  dress  we  cannot  ofifer  you 
better  value  k.^a  se^ge."^  For  -P-^^e  skirts  or  whK.le  suits  it  is 
an  ideal  fabric.  It  comes  m  t^n,  brown  bright  red  gray,  roya^ 
blue,  myrtle  green,  wine,  navy  blue  or  black.  Be  sure  to  state 
co"?r  wanted Ind  give  second  choice.    Sampjes  are  free. 

very  dressy  in  ap- 
pearance and  will 
give  splendid 
wear.  We  will  send  free  samples 
of  any  of  our  dress  goods  if  you 
will  write  and  ask  for  them.  These 
colors  to  select  from:  Gray,  tan, 
brown,  myrtle  green,  reseda  green, 
wine,  navy  bine  or  black.  Be  sure 
to  state  color  wanted  and  give  sec- 
ond choice. 

All  Wool  Costume  Serge 

Width,  48   Inches. 
g^p  No.   14H5136 

V5C  Handsome  Costume 
Serge,  heavier  than 
A  YAED  prench  serge,  but 
not  quite  as  heavy  as  storm 
serge.  Especially  adapted  for 
suits  requiring  constant  and 
hard  wear.  Dressy  in  appear- 
ance and  up  to  date  in  every 
respect.  You  will  realize  the 
saving  you  make  on  receipt  of 
goods.  Colors,  cream,  brown, 
wine,  myrtle  green,  tan,  gray, 
navy  blue  or  black.  State  color 

All  Wool  Cream  Serge 

Width,   SO   Inches. 

$"■     '^'^       No.  14H5137 
X*^^    Handsome     all 

i  VAKD         ''ool  Serge.  One 
AYABD  ^^       ^jjg       ^^gst 

fabrics  manufactured  for  a 
cream  serge  dress.  We  import 
it  direct  and  guarantee  it  will 
please  you  in  every  respect. 
The  same  quality  is  retailed 
for  $1.75  a  yard  in  the  large 
stores  throughout  the  country. 
Your  money  back  if  the  goods 
do  not  give  you  complete  satis- 
faction.     Comes  in  cream  only. 

All  Wool  Auto  Serge 

Width,   56   Inches. 








No.    14H5101 

The  quality  and 
smooth  soft  finish 
of  this  pure  all 
wool  French  Serge 
wlU  instantly  gain 
your  admiration. 
You  will  surely 
appreciate  what  a 
great  value  this  is 
when  you  see  and 
feel  it,  and  espe- 
cially when  you  realize  the  sub- 
stantial saving  you  are  afforded 
at  our  price  of  48  cents  a  yard. 
Samples  sent  free  upon  request. 
Choose  from  these  colors:  Cream, 
tan,  medium  gray,  brown,  royal 
blue,  reseda  green,  navy  bloe,  wine, 
myrtle  green,  bright  red.  Copen- 
hagen blue  or  blaek.  Mention  color 
you  prefer  and   give  Becond  choice. 

Cloth  Covered  Buttons 

/.  Vo^i"  H  ^^,MAX.K,AX.    P.BCHASKI, 

/a  will  make  buttons  to  match  at  tne 

■^  .  rate  .of  5  cents  a  do^en  in  any  o 

^>S,  the  siaes  shown  in  the  lUustra 

-ry^  tions     We  feel   that   this  will 

Oa,       ^Z\  great  accommodation  to 
■^  ^         our      patrons      who      have 
heretofore  been  compelled 
.       to     cover    the    buttons 
'/>      themselves  at  the  ex - 
ftV.       Dense  of  much  time 
^y  and  labor. 



we  • 

will     fill 
your  or- 
der for  one 
dozen  or  as 

many    dozens  Q» 

as    you    desire  '^^ 

from    any    cloth  «  >v 

you  buy  from  us.  ^^ 

The  cost  per  dozen  5r^ 

is  the  same  for  any 
size.    When    ordering 
diess  goods,  if  you  wish 
buttons  to  match,  add  5 
cents   for   each   dozeu    and 
be  snre  to   give  the  catalog  '  Ky. 

number  of  the   size  you   want.  (^ 

You  can   order  any   one  size  or  ^ 

nil  sizes  if  you  so  desire,  but  re-  V>. 

membe?.  we  cannot  flll  orders  for  ^ 

less  than  one  dozen  buttons  in  &ny  .^» 

^"^  Cloth  Covered  Buttons.         P?  -      "^ 

Price,  per  dozen 


No.    14H5205 

This  Is  what 
called  an  Anti 
Serge.  It  Is  ver: 
heavy  In  weigh 
and  is  one  of  th 
best  wearing  qnal 
Ities  made.  Noth 
Ing  in  its  con 
Btruction  bat  woo 
,„„_,^^_  For  separat 
skirts,  long  coaJ 
or  tailored  suits  It  is  an  Idei 
serge.  This  big  range  of  colors  1 
select  from:  Wine,  brown,  rayrt 
green,  navy  blue  or  black.  Pleas 
state  color  wanted  and  give  secon 

Fine  Wool  Tricot 

Width,   24  Inches. 



No.    14H522q 

This  elegant  wool 

Tricot    Flannel 

contains   about   9a 

per   cent   of    wool, 

but  is  commerclal- 

Iv    known    as    all 

wool.    For  blouses, 

house  dresses  and 

children's   wear  it 

has  no  equal.       

Write  for  samples  --  ,, 

if  you  wish  to  see  ig  A-e  qnall 
■\nd  soft  texture.  However,  y 
■^y  order  direct  from  this  descri 
tloa  under  our  guarantee  tiiat  t 
goods  will  Ple»se  you^  Colo 
pink,  light  blue,  »'d  r»»^' 
gray,  brown,  reseda  «reen.  Ai 
blue,  slate,  tan,  royal  bine,  brl| 
rlY.  wine,  navy  M"*  »'  h'; 
Please  state  color  wanted  and  g 
J  second  choice. 


Ihagen  blue  or  black.    Meniiox.  ro.«r  ■  ^ - 

you  prefer  and   give  second  choice.  ~'"^™""  ^,——^^^^,mm^^-^—-^^^^^^^'^'~~^~^''^^^^^ 

L  --%5?lfo"^.-.A^-  FranklinSewi:gNL^mesUnderAn;;he7NameElsewhcre4^5.00to..o.OO.  Our  Price, $1 

LBROADdOinS  AT  PRI(B  LOW  AS  mimf'' 

38c  I^ashionable     Half    Wool     Broadcloth 

A  YABD  Famous  the  Country  Over. 

Width,   54  Inches. 

No.  14H5229  This  is  a  splendid  cotton  warp  Broadcloth  of  unex- 
celled quality,  usually  sold  for  about  50  cents  a  yard  in  the  retail  stores 
throughout  the  country.  Satisfied  customers  have  told  their  friends 
and  relatives  of  its  merits  and  service  giving  qualities,  resulting  in 
tremendous  sales  and  a  steadily  increasing  demand.  Woven  firm  and 
close.  Comes  in  a  good  seasonable  weight,  desirable  for  whole  suits, 
skirts,  etc.  You  will  really  wonder  how  we  sell  it  at  38  cents  a  yard' 
savmg  you  nearly  one-third.  These  colors  to  select  from:  Light  gray 
mixed,  tan,  bright  red,  medium  gray  mixed,  wine,  myrtle  green,  navy 
blue,  brown,  royal  blue,  dark  gray  mixed,  Alice  blue  or  black.  State 
color  you  prefer  and  mention  second  choice.  We  will  send  free 
samples  of  any  of  our  dress  goods  if  you  will  write  and  ask  for  them 


Reliable  All  Wool  Broadcloth 

Width,   52   Inches. 
QC^         No.   14H5240    Very    practical 

OO^  •''11  i^ool  Broadcloth  in  a  medium 
A  T.4BD  w  e  i  g  li  t.  A  superior  quality  in 
moderate  priced  goods  that  will 
afford  every  advantage  found  in 
this  material  selling  elsewhere  at  $1.15  a  yard. 
Will  make  beautiful  suits,  coats,  capes  or 
skirts.  We  guarantee  that  you  will  be  thor- 
OUKhly  satisfied  with  this  material  and  you 
will  agree  that  85  cents  is  a  remarkably  low 
price  for  this  quality  broadcloth.  Colors,  tan 
brown,  myrtle  green,  gray,  wine,  navy  blue  or 
black.     State    color    desired    and    give    second 

All  Wool  Duchess  Broadcloth 




it  us 

Width,  50  Inches. 

No.   14HS260    Stylish  all 
wool    Duchess    Broadcloth, 
made    in    Austria.      Dijferent 
and  better  than  the  kind  you 
I,         .  .,   usually   buy  at  $1.39  a   yard; 
ually  retails  at  .fl.75  to  $2.00  a  yard     Has 
,.;.„-„„'''"°''-"l.''^'*°    finish,    twill    bacis    and    the 
proper  weight  for  spring  wear.    We  will  send 

them  hut  you  can  send  your  order  direct  from 
.;/Lf  l'^''''^"?,"  ""  *'"''  guarantee  of  absolute 
satisfaction.  Colors,  medium  gray,  tan,  brown. 
I'^l'^l  Ki  •  "'I".®'  .'"■^'■'•e  ffrwn,  navy  bine, 
cadet  blue  or  black.  Mention  preferred  color 
and  second  choice. 

Ladies'  Cloth  of  Fine  Quality 

Width,   50   Inches. 

f\7n  ,  ^'?-  14H5235  If  you  are 
\J  a  Kf  looking  for  Ladies'  Cloth  of 
A  YARD  2  strictly  all  wool  quality,  you 
,  .^   ,      will   do   well   to   consider   this 

beautiful  fabric  which  we  offer  you  at 
67  cents  a  yard.  Others  ask  89  cents  a 
yard  for  similar  goods.  If  you  will 
make  a  careful  comparison  of  the  various 
qualities  of  this  cloth  on  the  market 
before  purchasing,  we  know  we  will 
receive  your  order.  We  guarantee  this 
fabric  to  be  the  best  value  possible  at  the 
price.  Colors,  medium  gray,  cadet  blue 
myrtle  green,  bright  red,  light  gray,' 
royal  blue,  wine,  brown,  navy  blue  or 
black.  State  color  wanted  and  give  sec- 
ond choice. 





Bearskin  Coating  Cloth 

Width,  48   Inches. 

No.  14H5320    This  is  an  excep- 
tionally   fine    cloth,    mostly    used 
for  children's  coats  and  baby  car- 
riage  robes.     Has  a  long  silky  nap 
and  comes  in  a  very  desirable  weight.     Will  not 
become  flat  and  mussy  like  some  cotton  mixed 
fabrics  sold  for  the  same  purposes.     Can  easily 
be  cleaned  when  soiled  by  sponging  it  with  soap 
and  water.     You  will  readily  recognize  the  qual- 
ity as  similar  to  that  sold  in  city  stores  at  $3.50 
a  yard   and   upward,   and   at   our  price   you   will 
rr,„,   .u  ,^  a  substantial  saving  on  each  yard.     Select 

IJll  1  i'"        "I^i     ^i^^."'  '"■°^'  g^'^y-  na^  blue  or  black. 
State  color  wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

Our    Cleopatra  Broadcloth 

Width,   52   Inches. 

No.  t4H5270  One  of  the 
best  and  most  popular  Broad- 
cloths on  the  market.  It  sells 
in  the  large  city  stores  at 
$3.00  a  yard.  Has  a  very 
handsome  appearance,  rich  soft  finish  and 
comes  in  a  weight  suitable  for  early  spring 
wear.  We  will  send  free  samples  if  yon  will 
write  and  for  them,  but  you  can  send  vonr 
order  direct  from  this  description^  under  our  g"ar^an?ee 
that  you  will  be  perfectly  satisfied.  You  nUI  see  at  a 
i^J'Ji"^^-  "'eaunlity  Is  exceptionally  lugli  and  needs 
no  emphasis.  Colors,  tan.  old  rose.  Alice  blue.  royS 
Woe,  gray  brown,  wine,  myrtle  green,  navy  blue  or  bill' 
Mention  tlie  color  you  prefer  and  also  second  choice 

[     Mohair  Finish  Fancy  Striped  Ser^^ 

Width,   36   Inches. 

rthe  cloth  wi  If  ui'lv  D?^ye"'th1^  to°hl  "   y<Y<J„The   lasting   qualities 
;Hiro  and  g""  sV,o,'j  chou'e,  ^''''*'"  "■"  '"'"'''•    *"'■''«'"'>  «»•»■•  y»" 

Fine  Black  Ponyskin  Cloth 

Width,  54  to  56   Inches. 
$'2    'y^         No.  14H5330     The  great  width 
^^•^%J      of  this  cloth  makes  it  possible  for 
4  YARD  most  every  one  to  possess  one  of 

the  extremely  popular  ponyskin 
coats  at  a  very  small  expense.  The  appearance 
of  the  cloth  is  almost  equal  to  the  rich,  high 
priced  genuine  furs.  The  cost  of  the  material 
and  making  of  the  coat  combined  will  be  small 
when  compared  with  the  high  prices  of  costly 
furs  and  will  render  practically  the  same  service 
bend  us  your  order  for  this  handsome  cloth  and 
when  you  receive  it  show  it  to  your  friends. 
Ihey  will  surely  agree  that  it  is  a  remarkable  value  from  every 
standpoint.     Comes  in  black  only. 

'ebble    Weave    Momie    Cloth 

Width,    54   Inches. 

Standard  Nun's  Serge— Fine  Quality 

Width,   54   Inches. 



QjS^  ^°-   '4H5361      A 

>^CJV/       haudsonie  fabric  in  a 
A  YARD       very   fine    pebble 
weave,     nothing     but 
the    purest     kind    of 
wool  being  used  in   Its  construc- 
tion.    It   is    made   to   our   order, 
only  very  select  yarn  being  used 
to  secure  the  proper  effect  in   the 
finished  weave.  This  morale  doth 
s    an    exact    reproduction    of    an 
imported  cloth   that  costs  $2..W  a 
yard.    We  will  seud  samples  free 
<>n    request,    hut    you    can    order 
direct   from  this  description  under 
onr    positive    guarantee    that     It 
ase  you   and   give  the  utmost  satisfaction 
lespect,   or  we  will   return    your   money 
navy  blue  or  black.    State  color  desired' 

All  Wool  Unfinished 

„„  N"*!;,  '^*^?'52  Undoubtedly  the  very  best  all 
Vi\  rS""  **  •^S'*''?.  »'^t=i,>»"l'le  auywhere  in  the  country 
at  ifl.OO  .a  yard.  One  of  our  select  numbers,  medium  in 
twill  between  a  Ifrench  and  a  storm  serge.  Fine 
n,ni  r,i  „  .,,  .  .smooth  and  firm  of  texture  and  of  a  nualitv  such  as 
ri.l  ^'^^  *'"'  utmost  wear  and  satisfaction.  Our  price  fii  his  Xth  ^s 
Sal  valur^'roT''  ""'l"'  T"'""  "'""^  "^"  '"'■  ^'n^""  goods'  Vt  is  a 
ZlTLlfZ  bl'a*:'r%5r^'%u^Tant'*.f,?i  VZ'  sZl'^'^MlTe'  ""'^• 

Width,   54  Inches. 



No.  14H5367  This  Is 
a  handsome  Unflnished 
Worsted  otfeicd  at  the 
above  price  for  the  main 
reason  that  there  are  not 
many  colors  to  select  from,  but  If  the  col- 
ors we  quote  suit  you,  you  will  get  splen- 
did valne.  It  is  strictly  all  wool,  similar 
to  a  serge,  only  a  little  rougher  surface. 
I.speclally  adapted  for  hard  wear.  Noth- 
ing better  for  a  separate  skirt.  We  guar- 
aiitee  it  to  he  right  in  every  respect  and 
will  return  your  money  if  it  isn't  satisfu-- 
tory  in  every  way.  It  comes  only  In  na.y 
blue,  black  or  plum  color.  Slate  color 
wanted.    Samples  are  free.    See  page  6J 

All  Wool  Striped  Panama 

Width,  36  Inches. 

AQ.^         No.  14H5388     A 

"TOU  favorite  all  wool  fab- 
A  Vinr»  '■'''•  made  from  pure 
*'*""  worsted  hard  twisted 
.varn,  has  a  crispy 
texture  and  will  easilv  resist  the 
dust.  A  style  and  <iualUy  not 
equaled  anywhere  at  our  price. 
The  neat  self  tone  stripe  running 
the  long  way  of  the  goods  gives 
this  cloth  a  very  desirable,  neat 
appearance.  We  will  send  sam- 
ples free  on  request,  hut  we  give 
you  the  assurance  of  perfect  sat- 
isfaction   if   you    order   from    this 

di-scription.      Select     from     these       - 

colors :  BrouTi,  wine,  bright  red,  myrtle  green, 
royal  blue  or  na»-y  blue.  Give  color  desired  and 
aiKO  second  choice. 


e  Have  an  IS-Inch  Lace  Allover  for  29  Cent,  a  Yard.     It's  a  Lucky  Page.  -^ 

fUlslfAPlAi  rANCD  PRRS  iOQDSj 




This  18 
a  ver  y 

Cotton  and  Wool  PnmcUa 

Width,  36  Inches. 

■  38c 

Reliable  All  Wool  Colored 


material,  highly  fln 
ished  and  so  per- 
fectly woTen  that  It 
looks  Uhe  all  wool 
goods.  It  wUl  wear 
better  and  prove 
more  satisfactory 
than  fabrics  usually 
oCEered  at  such  a 
moderate  price.  The 
fact  that  goods  of 
this  class  will  ten- 
der Ijetter  serrtce  because  they  have 
a  mixture  of  cotton  i"  them  is  espe- 
clallT  true  of  this  cloth.  Sells  foT  al- 
mtLt  double  our  price  in  city  stores^ 
These  colors  to  select  from  .  BeseOB 
green,  brown,  wine,  bine  o'  K™f- 
Please  mention  color  desired  and 
give  second   choice. 



No.  14H5390     Width,  36  Inches. 

An  excellent  all  wool  fabric.  We 
doubt  if  you  will  find  anything  more 
suitable  for  suits,  dresses,  skirts  or 
waists  at  so  moderate  a  price;  m 
fact  its  equal  would  cost  as  high  as  60  cents  a 
yard  elsewhere.  The  style,  character,  weave 
and  the  all  wool  quality  of  this  Panama  is  far 
above  the  ordinary  and  will  surely  appeal  to 
any  woman.  It  is  36  inches  wide,  smooth  and 
firm  of  texture.  We  will  send  samples  on 
ren^eat  but  yon  c«n  safely  order  direct  from  this 
leRcriptlon  Order  the  number  of  yards  you  wish 
and  If  for  any  reason  you  are  not  entirely  satisfied 

^^S"?Eefi-^^"irm^Sr„rr™v:^£rTwrwSe,'^rrt.e  .ree..  bright 
red'cadet  W«l;  niv?' Mne,  r"  fl  blue,  reseda  green  or  black.  Mention 
color  wanted  and  Htate  second  chok" 



Pare  AU  Wool  Panama 

Width,  50  Inches. 

No.   14H5402     Yod 

will  make  no  mistake 
if  you  select  this  Al! 
Wool  Panama  cloth 
Woven  very  firm  of  pure  al 
wool  bright  perfect  yarns  in 
medium  weight.  Panama  clotl 
of  this  quality  is  usually  sold  a 
85  cents  a  yard  and  sometime; 
higher.  Our  contract  with  th( 
mill  which  supplies  this  clotl 
calls  for  the  entire  output,  enab 
ling  us  to  sell  almost  unlimitei 
quantities  at  this  unusually  lo\ 
price.  A  large  assortment  c 
colors  to  choose  froin:  Tai 
medium  gray,  wine,  Alice  blu 
brown,  royal  blue,  bright  rec 
myrtle  green,  navy  blue  or  blacl 
Mention  preferred  color  and  se( 
ond  choice. 

Half  Wool  Gray  Panama  Cloth 

No.  14H5403     Width,  36  Inchc 

All  Wool  Gray  Vigeraux  Panama 

No.  14H5406     Width,  54  Inches. 



Excellent  Half  Wool  Panama  Suiting  in  only  two 
shades  of  gray,  a  light  and  a  medium.  Grays  will 
cnnHnue  to  be  extremely  popular.  We  ofTer  th  s  suit- 
ing at  considerably  less  than  It  ordinarily  sells  for 
affording  you  an  opportunity  to  own  a  stylish  gown 
or  suit  at  a  very  nomina!  cost.     This  Is  a  sP'endid  grade  Panama  suit- 

In  light  or  medium  gray.     State  shade  wanted.  __ 



Fine  Quality  All  Wool  Chiflfon 

Width,  50  Inches. 



Another  handsome  Panama  cloth  in  only  two  shades  . 
erty  a  light  and  a  medium.  The  pretty  gray  effect  pi 
dncfd  by  the  mixture  of  black  and  wh  te  y«rD  lends  gr^t 
to  its  verv  attractive  appearance.  It  is  strictly  all  wool, 
ouallty    you   will   not   find   offered   elsewhere  for  less  th 

roedinm  gray  only.     Mention  shade  desired. 

<-k  ^-k  No    1  4H54  1 3    Panamas  are  as  popular 

R(\n  and  'as  faflUonable  as  ever  for  tailored 
OVF^  guits  or  separate  skirts.  Tou  wlU  make  no 
A  YARD  mistake  if  yon  order  this  Panama  ioTj<mT 
new  suit.  Cloths  of  this  character  are 
sold  throughout  the  country  for  $1.00  a  yard  and  even 
more  It  il  closely  woven,  readily  sheds  the  dust  and 
?,s  a  smooth  even  finish.  Ton  will  be  thoroughly 
satisfied  wi?h  your  purchase  if  you  order  direct  from 
?S  s  dlicr^ption.  Colors,  tan,  brown,  navy  blue  wine 
myrtle  green,  gray.  Alice  blue,  reseda  ifeen,  royal  blue 
^  black  Be  sme  to  state  color  wanted  and  give 
second  cliolc-e. 

Extra  Quality  Corded  Panama 

Width.  36  Inches. 

A^^  No.  14H5414     This  flue  Panama  eloth 

4.^C      Is  woven   from  strictly   all   wool   yarn.    A 

A  vlni       select  quality.     Made  very  attractive  by  the 

*  raised  cord   stripe  effect  as  shown  In   the 

illustration.      Very     dressy     and     neat     In 

_    TTiii  tiTMr  well  and  is  a  quality  worth  all 

^??L^"~ntea  ylVr  Wrdoubt^vhether  you  could  find 

another  f^bric'^  at  the  same  price  that  would  compare 

™^?h   the  style   or   give  you  the  same  service  of   this 

rirticuUr Xh.     It%omesln  these  colors:     G'-T.  tan^ 

browL"   wine,   navy    blue,   myrtle    green    or   black.     Be 

sure  ti  state  color  wanted  and  give  second  choice. 



Extra  Heavy  Kersey  Cloaking 

No.  14HS311     Width.  54  Inches. 

$.-       >^  «  Strictly    all    wool    Kersey,    very    smooth    in    finish, 

1  ^  fi*  especiallv  adapted  for  long  coats  a^d  capes,  also  suit- 
X  •  ^  O  abllfor  boys' or  men's  overcoats.  Comes  in  a  splendid 
A  YARD  weigh?  fo^'^larly  spring  wear.     Write  and  ask  us  for 

rm1,les  and  compare  tb's'.e^ey  cl^klng  with  the 
same  quality  cloth  you  buy  elsewhere  ^t  f^-^  *« /Vh^  adv^intages  at 
will  find  ours  equal  If  not  superior  and  yo"JJ^"  ?*?*,„*  „^"rv  way  It 
your  disposal  If  you  boy  from  us.  We  recommend  " '°  ^^^if-JIg  jtate 
comes  in  these  colors  only  :  Navy  blue,  brown  or  black.  Please  state 
color  wanted  and  give  second  ch»lc«. 

Fancy  Dress  Goods 

Good  All  Wool  Unfinished  Worsteds 

No.  14HS316     Width,  54  Inches. 

One  of  the  handsomest  of  aU   our  strictly  all 
.  *S=      Will    make    vou    a    very    serviceable    gari 

??r ivr  v3>rvr.^i'^i. -4;& 

it,n^h      This  grade  ordinarily  sells  as  high  as  $1  ^ 
give  second  choice  also.  . 



reat  1  I 
le,   m  li 
wnat  i|E 

Self  Striped  Wool  Suiting 

Width,  50  Inches. 



mf/^  No.   14H5424  This 

£  At*  beautiful  self  striped 
•  ^'^^  all  wool  fabric  will 
A  YARD  please  you  if  you  are 
planning  for  a  new 
spring  suit,  jacket  or  separate  skirt. 
A  soft  rich  looking  material  that 
will  make  up  nicely.  Write  for  free 
samples  if  you  wish  to  see  what  an 
exceptionally  fine  piece  of  goods  it 
really  is.  Worth  at  least  Sl.OO  a 
yard.  We  guarantee  satisfaction  or 
your  money  back.  Colors,  brown, 
reseda  green,  dark  gray,  Copen- 
hagen blue,  mouse,  navy  blue,  wine 
or  black.  Give  color  -Jesired  and 
stjitp  sprondch 

I  All  Wool  Chiffon  Panama 

Width,  54  Inches. 
Cig\  No.       14H5431   ^This 

WU/^  ChiCfon  Panama  has  brought 
IO.X\^  us  many  hundreds  of  cus- 
A  YARD  tomcrs  in  the  past  be«iuse 
of  its  smooth  even  finish 
and  elegant  quality.  Woven  from  pure 
worsted  long  staple  yarns.  If  you  want 
Something  better  than  the  iisual  grade 
vou  will  make  no  mistake  If  you  choose 
this  fabric,  and  you  will  realize  a  liberal 
saving  ut  o-ir  price  of  89  cents  a  yard 
Free  samples  will  be  sent  on  request  it 
vou  will  write  and  ask  for  them.  Col- 
ors, tan,  royal  bine.  gray,  brown,  navy 
blue,  myrtle  green,  wine  or  black.  Men- 
tion color  wanted  and  give  second 

Novelty  All  Wool  Suiting 

Width,  54  Inches. 
^  rk  No.   14H5425 

f\^-ll*  Splendid  Basket  \yeave 
\Jy\^  Novelty  Wool  Suiting. 
A  YARD  fine  all  wool  quality, 
strictly  dependable  in 
every  particular.  It  will  make  very 
fashionable  garments  -suit,  coat  or 
skirt.  This  loose  weave  material  is 
sure  to  be  popular  the  coming  sea- 
son Ton  will  not  find  anything 
i.etter  elsewhere  at  6!i  cents  «, /ard. 
We  guarantee  you  will  be  well  sar- 
isfied  with  your  purchase.  Colors, 
reseda  green,  dark  tan,  brown, 
mvrtle  g«en.  royal  blue,  dark  gray, 
olive  green,  wine,  peacock  Dine, 
navy  bine  or  black.  State  color 
wnn'ted  and  give  second  choice 




T.  «;..  Oor  Mantel  Fireplace,  for  Coal   and    Gas.    Write    for    Mantel    Cat.^ 

Fancy  Dress  Goods 

Wool   ranarrtit  H^t^^*-    a  ii    wr^.i    n  



Fine  All  Wool  Panama 

Width,  50  Inches. 

No.  14H5432  The  usual  retail 
price  of  this  material  is  about  $1.2o 
a  yard  and  it  is  without  a  doubt  the 
best  50-lnch  all  wool  Pauama  ever 
offered  at  94  cents  a  yard.  Our 
great  purchasing  power,  our  buying  and  sellinK 
nJei,-Hi!?'  enable  us  to  bring  to  you  the  best 
possible  goods  at  the  lowest  price.  These  are 
the  colors  to  select  from:  Tan,  brown,  navy 
blue,  wine,  myrtle  green,  gl-ay,  royal  blue  or 
black.  Be  sure  to  mention  color  desired  and 
state  second  choice.  Refer  to  page  62  if  you 
wish  free  samples  of  thi,<!  material  ' 

Select  All  Wool  Panama 

Width,  34  Inches. 


,„No.    14H5434     Our     price 
for  this  excelleut  qualitv  wool 
A  YARn  i;>nama    represents    the    cost 

«  lAKu  of  weaving  plus  our  one  small 

lier  a,c  („,.„„        Proht.  Our  sales  on  this  num- 

o  sell  i  T!h^'',"°''  '°-  *'"''  "-"y  ^<^  <-""  afford 
;,;.„,      i    •'r,';"^  '<"^  P^'ce  of  $1.02  a  yard      Wp 

W  in?hl?  I'j^r ',"tV  '"  «^"y  particu'Ian  ■  It  is 
'It  lucnes   wide,   strong  and  durable      We   win 


No.  14H5438 

Cream  Color  Bedford  Cord 



Width,  42  Inches. 

This  excellent  fabric  comes  in  cream  color  onlv      It 
IS  a  very  good  quality  all  wool  ribbed  or  corded  cioth 

|r-;ni'i's^ses^-;7  -"--"eo^-  '  an^d  'S^'|S 
higher  price      We*'wi1f.l*'"r^,'°   '"*  "^^'-age  store  at  a   conSab?7 

All  Wool  Basket  Striped  Serge 

Width,  50  Inches. 

No.  1  4H54  16  It  is  very  seldom 
that  you  can  buy  a  SO-inch  all  wool 
A  YARD  '"°'y  Basket  Striped  Serge  at  69 
cents  a  yard.  It  is  worth  your 
while  to  consider  this  cloth  in  nlan- 
TLJ""""  "?'"  ''Pf'^e  garments.  Very  p?itty 
lu  design  and  equal  in  quality  and  style  to  sim- 
lar  goods  sold  elsewhere  at  90  cents  a  yai" 
hri^h?  H°  ""-*'*''  JPsirable  color.s  :  Tan.  brown 
£r«fk  r"'  ^'^K-  "•'^'■"*  S'*-"-"'  "»<^<la  green  or 
black     Be  sure  to  state  color  preferred  and  itive 

w?it?i,sr^i:-  z-t^Z''""' '"« ^"■"p-  "'- 

Superior  Cream  Color  Bedford  Cord 

No.  14H5439 


Fine  All  Wool  Albatross 

Width,  35  to  36  Inches. 



No.    14H5471 

This     handsome 
durable     fabric 
needs  no  introduc- 
tion   to    our    cus- 
tomers, as  they  have  found  it 
w-ell   nigh   indispensable   with 
children    in   the   home.      It    is 
all    wool    and    has    no    supe- 
rior    the     country     over     for 
waists,    dresses    or    children's 
wear.     Sold   elsewhere   for   50 
cents  a  yard.    If  you  could  see 
this  goods  we  know  you  would 
send    us    your   order   immedi- 
ately.   We  will  send  you  free 
—^-^^^^      samples  if  you  write  and  ask 
,,  .    ,  for  them.   Colors:    Cream,  lielit 

blue,    pink,    nile    green,    Alice    bine,    old    rose. 

?ed  Vv',7rt  ""••  *"^'""'-  """"«  «'•«'"■  bright' 
red,  la\ender,  reseda  green,  royal  blue,  wine, 
navy  bine  or  black.  State  color  wanted  and 
gne  second  choice. 

Width,  42  Inches. 

b.,b?e^s'''wpir''*,n^°^';J^''<'  ^'"^  "^^'l  t'"s  material  for 
oaijies     wear    and    other    uses    in    seasons    nnat    hn^i 

A  ^ARD  ris'r^fauUfulTlf  "'"'r   '^'-  they  are"wel1"p*,ea''sed' 

,.,-i,iLh  f eautiful  all  wool  material,  woven  with  a  heivv 

flue  yarn  used,  adds  doublvTn'-l\"r':     '^^'^.'  combined  with  the  e/tra 

its   brightness  ami    ri„S„^  '°  "^  service  giving  qualities.     Will  retain 

*,nder^fu5?;ior  and'rep\';PsriS"?L%".i'„n7°l!r'  ,"™^-   •'^'^'^   P"-'"^  '" 
Will  send  frj;  s!r^^l'^!  i^i'^U^'l^^ritna  ^aTror'-hT.^'""  *°""  ""•"•     ^« 

All  Wool  Self  Striped 

Width,  54  Inches. 

$  1      1  Q  No.   14H5478 

-■-•-■-  -^       Quality  and  value 
A  YARD  considered,    this 

^,      ,  fabric    is    one    of 

the  best  numbers  in  our  entire 
line.  There  is  no  better  style 
or  better  wearing  material  on 
the  market  at  this  price;  in  fact 
you  cannot  find  its  equal  any-' 
where  under  $1.50  a  yard.  It  is 
all  wool  and  will  make  stylish 
up  to  date  garments.  You  will  be 
thoroughly  satisfied  that  it  is  -in 
extraordinary  value,  "sllect  from 
this  range  of  colors:  Gray,  myrtle 
green.  Alice  blue,  tan,   wine,   bJown 

It^Z  .,''""'.  "."'  »'''»«''•  State  coloi^ 
wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

Handsome  All  Wool  Batiste 

Width,  36  Inches. 

A  Beautiful  All  Wool  Batiste 

Jo.  14H5482  Width.  40  to  41  Inches. 

5  9c      eu\3™nt^Y;^^l''?ttTbV?l.'  aTy^^ii^nf  y^'oVe^ersfw^ 
■  A  VARO        l^^h^r  feo<Jfd%<'Vo''v^en':iL'il  VS'  Hfy  ^^€1 

hoice.  '"'•^  "'"'^''  ''>'<"■  yo"  prefer  and  give  second 

/i/4^         No.    14H5480 

^TTU  The  desirability 
A  YARD  °'  '•''S  fabric  for 
stylish,  fashion- 
able dresses  for 
party  or  evening  wear  and  the 
low  price  make  it  one  of  the 
best  values  we  have  to  offer. 
Its  popularity  is  steadily  in- 
creasing, due  to  the  many  sat- 
isfied customers  who  "  have 
purchased  it.  We  consider  this 
one  of  our  select  numbers  in 
this  class  of  materials.  Strictiv 
all  wool,  light  weight,  well 
woven  and  will  render  good 
service.  Comes  in  this  rau^e 
of  shades:  Cream,  light  blue, 
pink,  nile  green,  .4llce  blue  bn 
tan,  lavender,  old  rose,  gray 
myrtle  green,  navy  bin 
color   prefer!     ■ 


vn.  royal  blue. 
„  .    reseda    green, 
iue  or  black.     State 

Fine  Silk  Filled  Eolien 

Width,  40  Inches. 





A  very  fash- 
ionable ma- 
terial that  is 
sure  to  be  very  popular  the 
coming  season,  because  of  its 
''Sht  weight  and  beautiful 
silk  finish.  As  a  correct  thing 
for  a  stylish  gown  for  spring 
or  summer,  no  material  will 
be  more  favored  than  this 
handsome  cloth  made  of  half 
silk  and  half  wool.  Has  a 
luster  as  bright  as  silk  and 
will  wear  better,  and  is  al- 
most the  same  on  both  sides 
nrdei-  «r,-i  „  This  fabric  Is  made  to  our 
we  win  rJ*^  guarantee  If  will  please  you  or 
we    will    return    your    money.     Colors-     wine 

mvrn«'  ^"^'  ?""'•  '^'"y-  "»»■*  blue,  brown.' 
myrtle  green,  tan,  cadet  bine  or  black.  State 
color  wanted  and  give  second  choice 

Reliable  Imported  All  Wool  Batiste 

No.  ,4H5483  ^idth.  46  Inches. 

KKtf^      ,         '^    ^^    ""    "'<"*'    <^'otl"    comes    direct    to    us    from    th» 

OOC      looms.     We  import  it  direct.     The  finest  grade  of  AustTalHn 

A  YARD        ^00'..  noted   for   its    durability,    was    used    in   the    wea?  nj^ 

I.r  ^'.f^K"'"'-/'^^  5'°"  '"^"«'-  satisfaction  than  this  p!rli"i: 

We  gia^an^ee'thatT  ''n'""'^  "  ^'^^  ''"""'y  '°  «  light'^we^gbt 

green,  wine,  brown,  gray!  tan   or  black      Wh'   "^V   "'"""•   "y"'^ 
the  color  yon  prefer  Md  also  <riv»  L  ^*'*?  .' ''°  '"■<^*'  "'ease  state 

on  request      See  page  6°  ^    *  *  **'='""'  e^oice.     Samples  sent  free 


Handsome  Striped 

Width,  41  to  42  Inches. 

TOn  '^°-  1*H5423     You 

■  ^^  will  ordinarily  pay  as 
A  YARD  high  as  $1.00  a  yard 
for  an  all  wool  Striped 
French  Serge  of  this  quality  and 
style  and  feel  assured  that  it  is  a 
bargain.  But  in  buying  here  the 
profit  that  would  go  to  the  job- 
bers or  middlemen  goes  to  you 
as  we  receive  the  goods  direct  from 
the  looms.  This  fact,  together  with 
our  enormous  purchasing  power  are 
factors  that  give  you  the  best  for 
your  money.  We  guarantee  this  serge 
to  thoroughly  satisfy  you.  Colors- 
Brown  OP  black.     State  color  desired. 

Cotton  and  Wool  Mixed 

Width,  52  Inches. 

14H5407       r-   '    ■ 

^VC       This     raiuima      is       t- 
A  YARD        <■""     52     i  n  c  h  c  s       I 

wide.    We  offer  it       FEiliv^fjiivcri 
at        consid-erably       jinAT  rllAtU 

less  than   it  costs  to  make  it 

The    reasons    why    are    many 

but   to   avoid   details   we   oiiiv 

tell  you  that  it  is  a  spleiiiii;i 

wearing    fabric.     It    is    about 

lO  per  cent  cotton  and  .in  per 

cent    wool,    ordinarily    sold    as 

half     wool.      Serviceable     t«i- 

whole  suits  or  separate  skirls 

Will    make   as    pretty    a    suil 

for  spring  and   summer  weni 

as  any   medium   priced   fabrii 

you    can    buy.     At   29   cents    a 

yard,  52  inches  wide,  you  can  readily  see  what 

a    bargain    it    is.     Comes    onlv    in    two    shades 

light  gray  or  medium  gray.     SuJe  co^r  waSSed.' 



•wing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehou.e  In  a  City  Near  You.    SAY  THEWORD. 



Fancy  Dress  Goods 

All  Wool  Barathea  Serge 

Width,   54  Inches. 



1 4H5645 

Really  one  of 

the   choicest 

fabrics  of  our     gmtB^^^mrnKt^m 
line.     A    beautiful    s  u  i  1 1  n  e     [BARATHEA] 

woven     from     tbe     finest     all     *• '—^ 

wool  yarns  and  will  wear  to 

the  best  of  satisfaction.    This 

fabric    is    made    especially    to 

our   order    and    Is    up   to    the 

minute   in   every   respect.   We 

guarantee    it   to    be    tbe    best     |p^k^^ibb|i 

value  procurable  at  the  price     gl    SERGE  II 

we    quote.     Sample    sent   free 

ou    request.      Comes    in    navy 

blue,  gray,  tan,  brown,  wine, 

myrtle  green,  Alice  blue,  royal 

blue,  bright  red  or  black.    State  color  wanted 

and   mention   second  choice   when  ordering. 



Lustrous  Satin  Prunella 

Width,  41   Inches. 

No.  14H5679  We 
are  showing  this  all 
wool  Prunella  cloth 
because  many  people 
want  a  fabric  with  a  high  satin 
finish.  We  recommend  it  very 
highly  as  a  fabric  that  will  wear 
well.  The  weave  is  close  and 
firm  and  it  has  a  lustrous  satin 
finish  surface.  You  can  do  no 
better  elsewhere  under  $1.25  a 
yard.  If  you  want  samples  write 
and  ask  for  them.  We  will  send 
them  free.  You  have  this  range  of 
shades  to  select  from:  Tan,  gray, 
brown,  royal  blue,  myrtle  green, 
navy  bine  or  black.  Please  give  the 
color  you  want,  also  a  second  choice. 

Worsted  Shepherd  Check 

Width,   36   Inches. 



check     Is 

No.    t4H5660 

For  house  dresses 
and  child  ren's 
wear    this    stand- 
ard    shepherd 
practically     Indis- 
Made  of  wool   and 
cotton    yarns.     It   has   a   soft 
worsted   finish,   Is   always   at- 
tractive   in     appearance    and 
will  wear   to   the  satisfaction 
of  the  most  critical.    We  have 
sold   this   fabric  in  past  sea- 
sons   and    know    that    it    will 
prove  to  your  liking  in  every 
way.     We    show    it    In    this 
range    ot   colors:     Black   and 
white,    blue  and  white,  brown 
and  white.    Be  sure  to  mention  the  color  com- 
bination  you    desire.     Samples    are   free.     See 
page  62. 

Handsome  Black  Voile 

Width,  41   to  42   Inches. 

No.   14H5805    This  handsome 


black  Voile  is  strictly  all  wool, 
crisp  hard  finish,  will  make  up 
A  YARD  Ygj.y  dressy  either  over  black  or 
color.  You  will  save  at  least  40 
per  cent  on  this  cloth.  It's  guaranteed  to  wear 
and  give  satisfaction  in  every  respect  or  you 
are  welcome  to  your  money  back.  Samples 
free  on  request  but  you  may  order  direct  from 
this  page  with  perfect  c     "  ■■  '*-^''  ""      '" 

suit  Tou.     Comes  only  in 

,_ence  that  it  will 
beautiful  shade  of 

All  Wool  Black  Sacking 

Width,   40   Inches. 

A  tT  No.  14H5992    In  offering  you 

^^O  this  handsome  all  wool  black  Sack- 
ing,  40  inches  wide,  we  are  giving 
A  YARD        yg^  a   cloth   that   you   will   pay   69 
cents  for  the  country  over.    Smooth 
even  finish,  strictly  all  wool,  the  correct  thing 
for  separate  waists,  blouses  or  skirts  for  house 
or  street  wear.    We  know  it  will  give  you  sat- 
isfaction   both    in    looks    and    wear    and    on 
account    of   Its    great    width    is    the    cheapest 
fabric   of  its   kind   you  can   possible   buy.    In 
black  only. 


French  and  Scotch  Plaids 

Width,  36   Inches. 

No.  14H5640  Style  and  qual- 
ity combined,  this  pretty  Plaid  la 
one  of  the  best  and  htindsomest 
A  YARD  numbers  in  our  line.  It  is  part 
wool  and  part  cotton.  Makes  de- 
sirable garments  for  school  children;  also 
adapted  for  waists.  We  have  it  in  French  and 
Scotch  plaid  effects.  These  are  the  color  com- 
binations: Brown,  bright  red,  green,  royal 
bine,  wine  or  navy  bine  grounds  with  con- 
trasting colors  of  blue,  red,  navy  blue,  tan  ol 
wine  and  overcheck  effects.  Neat  and  attract- 
ive. Give  color  combination  desired  and  men- 
tion second  choice. _^^_ 

Excellent  Self  Striped  All  Wool  Suiting 

No.   14H5648  Width,   50   Inches. 

^  /%  The  weave  of  this  handsome  all  wool  cloth  is  similar  to 

r\  y,C*  a  fine  storm  serge,  but  it  %-lnch  self  colored  chevron 
>-»*•*/  sti'ipes  separated  by  narrow  strips  of  fancy  basket  weave. 
A  YARD  A  50-Inch  fabric  of  this  quality  invariably  sells  for  85  cents 
a  yard  and  more.  The  excellent  style,  quality  and  finish 
of  this  fabric  'will  give  the  finished  garment  a  rare,  tasty  and  refined 
appearance.  We  will  send  free  samples  if  you  write  for  them,  but  you 
can  safely  order  direct  from  this  page,  as  we  guarantee  complete  satis- 
faction. Colors,  tan,  brown,  taupe,  bright  red,  wine,  reseda  green, 
myrtle  green,  Alice  blue,  navy  blue  or  black.  State  color  preferred  and 
give  second  choice. 


Wool  Filled  Stylish  Striped  Suiting 

No.  14H5682  Width,  54  Inches. 

A  thoroughly  substantial  wool  filled  54-ineh  Striped  Suit- 
ing. Comes  in  desirable  dark  colors  in  very  attractive 
striped  effects  that  give  the  finished  garments  the  appear- 
A  YARD  ance  and  richness  of  tbe  high  priced  ready  made  suits,  etc. 
Has  a  smooth,  even  finish.  The  small  amount  of  cotton 
used  in  the  making  immeasurably  adds  to  its  wearing  qualities  and 
does  not  affect  its  appearance.  Send  for  free  samples;  they  will  prove 
the  worth  and  style  of  this  fabric.  However,  you  can  order  direct  from 
this  description  under  our  positive  assurance  that  you  will  be  fully 
pleased  with  your  purchase.  Comes  in  the  following  colored  stripes  ou 
a  black  backgronnd :  Navy  blue,  brown,  Copenliagen  bine,  green  or 
black.    State  color  wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

Good  Grade  All  Wool  Granite  Suiting 

No.  14H5686 

Width,   36  Inches. 

A  ^^  This  is  a  very  practical  cloth  in  a  pebble  weave  and  .^ 

4  ^ t*      purely   all   wool.     Prudent   buyers   will   find   this   an   ideal 
T^^^V*      fabric  for  dressy  and  serviceable  separate  skirts,   blouses 

A  YARD  whole  dresses  or  for  children's  wear.  We  will  be  pleasec 
to  send  you  free  samples  on  request.  Tbey  will  quicKij 
convince  you  of  the  liberal  saving  you  make  when  you  buy  dress  goods 
from  ua.  However,  you  can  safely  order  any  quantity  direct  from  tbi 
description,  as  we  guarantee  it  to  satisfy  you  in  every  respect  Selecl 
for  these  colors:  Gray,  reseda  green,  navy  blue,  brown,  myrtle  green 
bright  red,  wine,  royal  blue,  Copenhagen  blue  or  black.  State  colO) 
wanted  and  give  second  choice. 


Select  AU  Wool  Self  Striped  Serge 

No.   14H5616  Width,   41   to  42  Inches. 

For  fashionable  garments,  up  to  the  minute  in  style,  w 
advise  you  to  consider  this  handsome,  nobby  Self  Stripei 
M  TAHu  Serge.  Pure  all  wool  with  a  perfect  weave  and  finish.  Wil 
make  up  handsomely  in  any  garment  and  will  wear  excep 
tionally  well.  Wears  as  well  and  better  than  fabrics  of  thl 
kind  sold  at  higher  prices  elsewhere.  If  it  does  not  please  you,  yoi 
may  exchange  it  for  other  goods  or  we  vrill  return  your  money,  jus 
as  you  wish.  We  guarantee  it  in  every  way.  Comes  In  these  colors 
Brown,  wine,  Alice  bine  or  black.  Mention  color  desired  and  .give  secon 
choice.   Samples  will  be  sent  free  if  you  write  and  ask  for  them. 


Striped  Serge  Suiting 

Width,   50  to  52  Inches. 





No.    14H5681 

We    afford   you    a 

liberal    saving    on 

this   fabric,   as   it 

is  one  of  the  most 
attractive  of  this  season's 
fabrics  and  would  cost  you 
$1.25  a  yard  elsewhere.  It  is 
a  splendid  all  wool  fancy 
striped  serge  suiting,  medium 
in  weight  with  perfect  weave 
and  finish.  Will  make  stylish 
suits  or  separate  skirts  that 
will  surely  attract  attention. 
We  are  sure  it  will  please  you. 
Choice  of  these  colors :  Gray, 
tan,  myrtle  green,  Alieo  bine, 
brown,  wine,  navy  blue  or  black.  State  color 
you  prefer  and  name  of  second  choice. 



Worsted  Mixed  Suiting 

Width,   54  Inches. 

A  y-  No.  14H5684 

T"  OC      Medium  weight  fabric 

A  YARD  "*  *  semi-rough 
weave  of  the  home- 
spun variety  and  comes  in  mixed 
color  effects.  It  will  surely  be 
popular  and  much  worn  the 
coming  seasons  as  it  meets  the 
requirements  for  stylish  suits  or 
separate  skirts.  The  cotton  used 
in  the  weaving  adapts  this  fabric 
for  extremely  hard  wear  and  makes 
it  doubly  durable.  We  purchased 
it  at  a  big  reduction  from  the  mill 
because  the  line  of  colors  was  not 
complete,  thereby  enabling  us  to 
offer  it  to  you  at  only  46  cents  a 
yard.  Colors,  gray  mixture,  Alice 
i>lne  mixture,  light  gray  or  royal 
bine  mixtures.  State  color  wanted 
and  give  second  choice. 

A  Striped  Serge  Suiting 

Width,  52   Inches. 





The  immense 
sales  attend- 
ing this  all 
wool  Hairline  Striped  Serge 
marks  it  as  an  extreme  fa- 
vorite where  correct  style  is 
deslied.  The  quality  has  been 
greatly  improved  since  we 
first  introduced  this  fabric 
two  seasons  ago.  You  can 
safely  seud  in  your  order  di- 
rect from  this  description  and 
if  this  Serge  Suiting  does  not 
thoroughly  meet  your  expec- 
tations, return  it  to  ua  at  our 
expense  and  we  will  return 
your  money  or  exchange  it  for  other  goods  as 
vou  prefer.  It  comes  in  fine  navy  blue  with 
white  stripes  or  rich  black  with  white  stripes. 
State  color  wanted. 

gg     SEARS.  RpEBucK  AND  CO..     jR,  ^G  ScU  Se-wing  Machine  Supplies  for  About  Half  What  You  Pay  Elsewhere. 

Cashmere  Henriettas 

"1    '5.-V      ,„No.  14H5690    Black  Cotton  Henrietta,  30  inehee  wide. 

I  OC       V"^  heurietta  is  made  especially  for  our  trade  and  in  pnr- 

>  v.oT       chasing  large  quantities  we  are  able  to  fui-nlsii  an  esoellent 

A  TABD       grade  at  only  13  cents  a  yard.    Ton  will  make  no  mistake 

L  if  you   order  a  quantity  of  this  Iilaek   cotton  lienrietta  for 

Presses  for  school  children.    Similar  quallUes  of  this  fabric  sell  as  .hieh 

Bs  20  cents  in  almost  every  store.     Tie  color  is  good  and  will  not  fade 

pr  rub.    We  are  sure  that  it  will  prore  very  satisfactory. 

i'^O.^  .'^?-  1„^^15710  Perfectly  Woven  Half  Wool  Black  Hen- 
l^ZfC  I"'."'^'  ^^  inches  wide.  A  special  grade  with  a  very  good 
«  vion  fl"'«ll-  This  value  cannot  be  dnpTieated  anywhere  in  the 
I  A  YARD  country  at  our  low  price.  Strictly  fast  color.  W*  highly 
ii  recommend  this  number  for  its  value  and  wearing  analttv 

ITe  are  sure  it  will  please  you  as  well  as  It  has  the  many  customers 
Who  have  bought  it  in  seasons  past.  >juoi.ou.oi.i. 

Batiste  -  Albatross— Voile 

No.   14H5720    All    Wool    Black    Henrietta, 


5"!  ^^  .■"•»"  ■-»".*.f^w  :£>->i.  .»uui  jiiacit  tiennetia,  m  Inches 
J^  r»  wide.  A  very  fine  hennetta  cloth,  made  of  select  Australian 
A  YARD  r„°f°L°J°i'''  '^;°'''l"  ^'^"^  i"  smooth  finish.  6H  cents  would 
A  YARD  not  be  a  very  high  price  for  this  quality  material.  A  rich 
n,io  ^  *,,  "S*"?.  Slossy  black  color,  fast  and  durable.  We  guarantee 
this  cloth,  and  if  it  does  not  prove  satisfactory  in  every  way  you  may 
return  it  at  our  expense,  and  exobange  it  for  other  dress  giods  or  get 
your  money  back.    Write  and  ask  for  free  sample.    See  page  62 

No.    14H5730     Silk  Finished  Black  Henrietta,  42  inches 

wide.     We    import    this    fine,    all    wool    silk    finished    black 

A  VABB        J»?°Tj?tta    especially    for    our    trade    and    are    thoroughly 

A  YARD        tamijiar  with  its  excellent  qualities.    Ton  can  depend  on  it 

to  give  the  best  kind  of  wear  and  we  guarantee  thnt  vnn 

tannot  duplicate  this  value  at  the  price.   Compare  it  with  similar  go^ds 

IfflE«ired  elsewhere  at  So  cents  a  yard  and  you  will  realize  the  saving  we 

make  for  you  at  our  price.    A  rich,  fast,  non-fading  black       """^'"s  ^^ 






No.  14H5780  All  Wool  Black  Batiste  also  called  Nun's 
\  eilmg,  30  inches  wide.  A  money  saving  value  at  our  price. 
This  quaUty  readily  commands  60  to  65  cents  a  yard  else- 
Z-^^;  ^"L^"^\"*  gowns  and  party  dresses  it  is  a  most 
in  -wplsrht  nnrt  f^„  ,V  S°^^-  ^  handsome  clinging  black  dress  fabric,  light 
wtiriinT.  -^^  ^^'^'^  '''"<=^  '^°^°''-  ^^  y"  would  like  to  see  a  sample  we 
™u  auS  Ti'i/wmT..H'^"?^  '^^>^  beautiful  cloth  certainly  wll/pfeall 
you  ana  you  ^  ill  realize  the  saving  you  make  on  e.ach  yai-fl  you  buy. 

fnffc„'^!^^^,§-?>,  '^'1°*  ^1  ■"'0°!  -Black  Batiste,  41  to  42 
inches  wide  Without  a  doubt  one  of  the  best  yon  can  buy 
anywhere  at  the  price.  Will  prove  extremely  serviceable 
because  it  is  woven  with  a  good  firm  body  'of  the  finest 
Ki„„i,  .  Pifre  wool  yarns— a  very  soft,  pretty  cloth.  The  rich  fflosav 
Tn,?  ™  ''''^^  i*  ^""^  "'^e  <!  ^^  fabric-a  deep,  absolutely  fast  color 
Ion  may  order  any  number  of  yards  you  desire  direct  from  thi, 
description  under  our  guarantee  that  you  will  be  plrtec tfv  plea^d 



tr^^?'iM  ^^5^  ,^  ■'*'■''  ^^'^  ^^  ^^"^  Black  Batiste,  46 
to  48  inches  wide.  Imported  dirert  by  us  especially  for  our 
mfniffv  !n  '''"'^,'^  •'?  unusuaUy  heavy  demand  for  a  select 
?o  iive  fliT^l  '^^''S'^  You  may  depend  on  this  material 
wool  vams  n^lt  terv  .jL" «  ^''7'% *^  '*  '^  constructed  of  .the  best 
>vuoi  yai-ns.    tids  a  very  rich  finish.    Your  purchase  monev  and   H-nna 

gorsuU°von"Te  ^'L'"'  T'^l'^f "  '?  yo^.P^omptlylf  ThTs^atertaf  doe.; 
not  suit  yon.    We  guarantee  it  to  please  in  every  way. 





No.  14H5740  Beaiitifnl  All 
Wool  Black  Henrietta,  42  to  43 
inches  wide.  One  of  the  most 
popular  numbers  we  have  in  this 
cloth.  .Strictly  all  wool,  an  im- 
ported German  cloth  with  a  beautiful  smooth 
Inish,  equal  in  every  way  to  what  you  would 
>uy  in  stores  at  .fl.25  a  yard.  Order  direct 
Ipom  this  description.  We  guarantee  to  sat- 
Sfy  you. 

on^^"- J^"?^°^.  Excellent  All  Wool  Albatross,  black 
?ntfsVn^^'^n''^?+'^"^''-  ^^  guarantee  this  cloth  to  giv^  entiri 
rt^!,«I?cP*"'"-  "  -^  '^^"'^  practical  for  blouses,  waSts,  whole 
dresses,  gymnasium  suits,  and  has  no  super  or  for  wear  at 

avera-e  retailers"  ,'sU?  ??"?■  }-^'°  ™.°  ^^^^  ^^^^^  fabric  if  necessa^  The 
average  retailers  ask  55  to  60  cents  a  yard  for  this  fabric  We  will 
promptly  send  you  free  sample  on  request.  iJuiic.     vve  win 

1  k 

SI       t    ^       „No.  14H5750     S  i 
~  _1  ,   1  J5       Warp     Black    Henrietta, 

.  J7L)r         i  n  c  li  e  s    w  i  d  e  .      We    can 
,        A  YABD  scarcely    offer    you    a    better 

-.,      .       .  value  in    blac^   dress   goods. 

Bills  fabric  is  appropriate  for  wear  dui-ing 
my  season  of  the  year.  Elegant  quality  and 
«onderfnl  value  at  the  price  we  quote.  Comes 
n  a  good  weight  and  the  weave  .and  color 
rre  perfect.  It  will  please  tou  in  every 

No.  14  H  5760    Silk 
Warp    Black     Henrietta,     42 
to  44  tncbes  wide.    Made  of 
the    best    grade    wool    and 
,!„_.     ^,  silk  yarns.    We  import   this 

;B>ric  direct  from  the  mill  and  guarantee  it 
0  -wear  well.  If  you  -n'ish,  write  for  free 
ample  BO  yon  can  examine  the  cloth  before 
rdering.  However,  you  can  safely  send  your 
rder  direct  from  this  description.  Honey 
eturned  if  it  does  not  suit. 


'         A  YARD 

Black  Mohair  Brilllantines 

Width,  SG  inches. 
No.  14H5821     We 







yk  Finish  Black  Abkair  Brilliantine 


*  YARD 

Width,  43  Inches. 
No.  14  H  5850  This  IMohair 
Brilliantine  is  the  production  of 
one  of  the  best  weavers  in  Brad- 
ford, England.  It  is  made  of  long 
silky  fiber  pure  Turkish  mohair 
nd  we  recommend  it  as  one  of  the  Tiest  laTi- 
Ics  yon  can  buy  at  the  jM-ice.  Compare  it 
'1th  similar  goods  offered  elsewhere  and  you 
'ill  re.ilize  the  saving  we  make  for  you"  on 
eery  yard.  We  gnara-ntee  it  to  give  excellent 
•ear   and   complete   satisfaction.     Blaok   only 

i  Black  Mohair  Brilliantine 

Width,  SB  Inrties. 



No.  14H5830  We  oBfer  this 
Mohair  as  we  do  all  our  mohairs, 
only  our  small  profit  being  added 
to  the  cost  of  weaving.  It  comes 
I  n,  ,  .  '■'  medium  weight,  made  of  gen- 
Ine  Turkish  mohair  and  is  imported  directly 
^  ^ "^- „  *^'"^'*ly  woven  and  has  a  fine  silk 
ister  finish.  A  quality  that  will  wear  ex- 
•emely  well  and  jirove  very  satisfactory.  We 
1U  send  a  -free  sample  it  you  write  and  ask 
>r  It.    Black  only. 

-.- .      ....    have    no 

Mohair  Brilliantine  at  a  lower 
price.  Domestic  make  In  good 
firm  weave,  smoothly  finished.  A 
very  reliable  cloth.  Equal  quality 
is  usually  sold  at  50  cents  a  yard.  If  von  buy 
this  eloith  and  it  is  not  what  you  exjieet  as  to 
value,  we  will  promptly  return  your  money. 
Blacic  only. 

Good  Quality  Black  Sicilian 

Width,  SO  Inches. 
No.  14H5S25  Very  richly 
finished  50-inch  Black  Sicilian. 
Comes  d-treot  to  us  from  one  of  the 
best  mills  in  this  country.  No 
other  mill  in  the  world  lias  the 
facilities  to  produce  the  equal  of  this  fabric 
at  our  iudee.  We  guarantee  compiete  satis- 
faction or  money  will  be  returned.  Sample 
sent   free  on   request. 

High  Luster  Black  Mohair  Brilhantine 

Width.  44  Inches. 
No.  14H5860  The  bright  high 
luster  of  this  Black  Mohair  gives 
it  the  appearance  of  a  silk.  We 
import  it  direct  from  Bradford, 
England.  It  has  a  very  smooth  and 
even  surface  and  will  render  the  best  kind  of 
service.  Will  make  a  very  attractive  dress  or 
sepaT;Ue  skirt.  £lack  only.  Sample  sent  rfnee 
if  you  write  and  ask  for  it. 



the  finest 


dress  skirts 



.■No.  14H5810  A  Handsome 
All  Wool  Black  Voile,  42  inches 
wide.  Is  steadily  increasing  in 
demand  with  each  season's  oflfer. 
We  do  not  handle  anything  but 
,  -----  orades  of  all  wool  voiles  and  the 
sales  for  this  particular  number  have  been 
immense.  Voiles  are  extremely  popular  and 
desirable  for  dress  skirts,  no  other  fabric 
being  more  attractive  or  prettier. 

^.  No.  14H3815  A  Beau- 
tiful Black  Voile,  fully  50 
inches  wide.  Made  from  the 
finest  grades  of  pure  all 
wool  yarns.  For  separate 
.-..-.„  „„.^.„  „^  whole  dresses  you  wlU  hard- 
er '^'^2  anything  that  will  suit  you  better. 
We  otter  this  cJoth  at  a  price  that  the  aver- 
age merchant  has  to  pay  for  this  quality 
or  what  yon  would  pay  him  for  a  40-inch 
cloth.     It  will  surely   satisfy. 

,Ho.  14  H  5818  A  Spe- 
cial All  Wool  Black  Voile, 
54  Inches  wide.  A  fine  im- 
ported fabric  that  we  offer 
you  at  a  price  very  much 
lower  than  you  would  pay  to  the  average 
merchant.  The  .finest  grade  of  hard  tmlsted 
wool  yarns  were  used  in  the  making,  insur- 
ing lots  of  wear  and  we  recommend  it  in  every 
particular.  It  is  fully  54  inches  wide.  Soiunle 
will    be  sect  if  you   write  and  ask  for  it. 

Finest  Quality  Black  Mohair  Brilliantine 


^Vldth,  44  Inch* 

No.    14H5870 


..«.  i-ri.^o/v>  You  can- 
not buy  this  Black  Mohair  at 
$1.19  a  yard  anywhere  else. 
We  deal  directly  with  the 
manufacturers  and  have  no 
dealings  with  Jobbers  and  wholesalers,  there- 
by saving  you  all  the  middlemen's  profits. 
Weave,  style  and  character  of  this  fabric  com- 
pare favorably  with  what  would  ordinarily 
cost  you  Sn.50  a  yard  at  retail.    Black  only. 

Pretty  flack  Striped  Sicilian 

Width,  54  Inrbes. 
No.   14H5875    Another    beau- 



tiful  Black  Imported  Sicilian  with 
a  fancy  black  stripe,  very  pretty 
and  much  in  demand.  A  fine  heavy 
guality  with  a  smooth  even  sur- 
face. At  our  price  you  get  it  practically  at 
wholesale.  The  retail  price  is  about  $1.50  a 
yard.  Your  money  returned  if  it  does  not  fully 
satisfy  y^n.    «lack  -oalr. 

Finest  Black  Brilliantine 



Width,  54  Inches. 

■No.   14H5885     A  Black 
Brilliantine    of    this    quality 
could  not  be  made  to  sell  at  a 
lower  price.    It  is  a  fine  black 
„.  54-1  n  c  h    mohair    brilliantine. 

We  are  more  than  pleased  with  ithe  sales  of 
this  number,  it  'being  n  striotlT  new  Dtrmber 
last  season.  Its  poiiularitv  was  at  once  de- 
terniined,  because  it  is  the  finest  black  mohair 
cloth  to  be  found  at  the  price.  We  wiU  mail  a 
sample  free  -on  request,    ai&ol^  only. 

Handsome  Black  Sicilian 

Width,  50  Inches. 
No.  14H5910    This   SicHion  is 






of  oui-  best  numbers, 
know  its  construction 
wearing  qualities.  For  a  s  k  i  .  v, 
coat  or  whole  suit  you  will  hardly 
find  a  more  serviceable  material.  A  weight  and 
quality  especially  adapted  to  h.ard  wear.  It 
would  cost  at  lea.'rt  J1.50  a  yard  in  retail  stores. 
We  guarantee  this  fabric  to  give  entire  satis- 
faction   in    every    particular.     Comes    in    black 

fe  Have  an  18-lnch  L«ce  AHover  for  29  X^ents  a  Yard.     It's  a  Lucky  Page, 






Standard   All   Wool    Black   Storm 

No.  14H5919  Serge       width,  36  Inches 

The  Drice  we  quote  Is  indeed  low  for  a  good  quality  fabric. 
This  number  is  made  of  very  fine  all  wool  yarns  and  we  guar- 
antee   that   It   is   full   36   inches    wide   and    perfect   in    every 
lespect    A  rich  black  Storm  Serge  that  retailers  price  as  high 
as  60  ceuts  a  vard  and  oCfer  It  as  a  bargain.    Send  us  your 
order   direct   from    this   description.     We 
guarantee  that  you  will  be  well  pleased. 
If  it  is  not  what  you  require  send  it  back 
and  we  will   return   to   you   the  purchase 
price  and  any  transportation  charges  you 

Fast  Black  French  Serge 

Width,  36   Inches. 

I  t~t  No     14H5931      We  are  very  fortunate  in  being  able  to 

Ay^r%      offer  "such  an  excellent  all  wool  Black  Serge  at  so  moder- 
T^UV/       ate  a  price     It  would  cost  you  at  least  65  cents  a  yard 
A  T4RD       elsewhere     Fine  smooth,  even  cloth  with  a  twill  heavier 
■  tlian  a  henrietta  and  lighter  than  a  storm  serge.    Appro- 

priate for  children's  dresses  where  strong  serviceable  material  is 
required,  also  tor  women's  wear.  A  free  sample  will  be  sent  you  If 
vou  write  for  it,  but  you  need  not  feel  anxious  it  you  send  us  your 
order  direct  froi  this  description.  Hundreds  of  customers  have  com- 
mended its  merits  in  past  seasons  and  we  are  sure  it  will  satisfy  you. 

Q  Dependable  All  Wool  Black  Storm 

YARD         No.  14H5940       ScrgC  Width,  50  Inches. 

This  is  a  thoroughly  reliable  all  wool  Storm  Serge,  adapted 
for  the  hardest  kind  of  wear.    An  uuu.sual  value  at  our  price. 
Comes  in  a  fine  medium  weight,  rich  deep  lustrous  black  and 
absolute  fast  color.    If  you  are  planning  a  spring  suit,  coat  or 
separate  skirt  and  desire  something  better  and  more  fashion- 
able than   usual  you  will  find  this  serge 
very   appropriate  and  will   be   more  than 
pleased   with   it.    Send   your  order  direct 
from   this   description.     We   guarantee  to 
satisfy  you. 

Black  Wool  Storm  Serge 

Width,   40   Inches. 
^  A^  iSIn     1AH'iQ46     This    Black    Storm    Serge    comes    In    a 

f%Z.C  fine  quality  ill  wool.  It  has  gained  hundreds  of  new  satisfied 
\J^\^  customers  every  seasou.  We  know  its  merits  as  a  stylish 
4.  TAKD  durable  material,  our  records  of  pa^t  seasons  showing  that 
A  KAKU  .^  ^^^  satisfied  every  purchaser.  The  widespread  interest 
manifested  in  this  storm  serge  has  P™mPte4  "^  to  order  an  unusuall^^ 
large  quantity  of  it,  bringing  to  you  a  quality  that  g|,°"»"y  ^ells  foi 
about  90  cents  a  vard.  One  of  the  best  fabrics  we  offer  at  the  price. 
WHte  and  ask  for  free  sample  or  order  any  number  of  yards  direct 
from  tbis  description   under  our  guarantee  of  satisfaction. 

Black  Storm  Serge  Suiting 

Width,   54  Inches. 

r:rfc  No.  14H5947 

r\yt£*      This    splendid    all 
VF  >^  V/      wool  Black  Storm 
1,  I  i».U..»..  J    A  TABD     Serge    Is    the    best 
I  STORlVia  you   can  possibly 

buy  anywhere  at  the  price.    We 
know  of  nothing  that  compares 
with  it  under  $1.00  a  yard.  Firm 
and   close  in   weave  and   has   a 
fine   smooth   finish,   both  essen- 
tial for  stylish,  serviceable  gar- 
ments.   All  wool  serges  are  al- 
ways  fashionable   and    popular 
H^^s^^^^s^  and  we  expect  tbis  to  continue 
w  SERGE  1  as  a  leader  in  serges  because  it 
■  I"  is   such   a   high   class   fabric  at 

a  very  moderate  price. 

Black  Wool  French  Serge 

Width,   42   Inches. 
^-^  No.  14H5950    This  is  one  of 

/  OC  the  best  values  we  offer  in  all 
A  YARD  wool  French  Serges.  It  is 
strictly  all  wool  and  we  guar- 
antee it  for  wear  and  fast  color.  It  is 
one  of  the  most  widely  advertised  serges. 
You  will  quickly  recognize  it  as  a  90-cent 
quality.  Write  and  ask  us  to  send  you  a 
sample  and  satisfy  yourself  as  to  its 
merits,  or  order  direct  from  this  descrip- 
tion. We  guarantee  to  satisfy  you  or 
return   your  money. 

Handsome  Black  French 

Width,  50  Inches. 
C-|  /\^  No.  14H59e2  In  offer- 
*A»"^  ing  you  this  fine  Black 
A  YARD  Imported  French  Serge  at 
$1.02  a  yard  we  save  you 
all  the  profits  usually  made  by  dealers, 
because  we  import  it  direct  ourselves. 
You  need  not  feel  doubtful  as  to  its  qual- 
ity. We  guarantee  it  to  be  all  wool,  right 
in  every  respect  and  to  wear  to  your 
entire  satisfaction.  Has  a  very  dressy 
surface  that  will  keep  its  newness  with 
long  service.  We  will  return  your  money 
if  this  serge  is  unsatisfactory. 

Black  Diagonal  Wool  Serge 

Width,   48   Inches. 


No.  14H5956   , 

This  is  an  all  wool 

Serge  of  strictly  re- 

tniARriNAtl  A  YARD       liable    quality,    un- 
fUlHUUnMI-l  equaled  at  the  price 

we  quote.  It  compares  favora- 
bly with  other  fabrics  sold  at 
retail  as  a  bargain  at  $1.25  a 
yard.  It  is  made  of  strictly  all 
wool  yarns  and  will  withstand 
hard,  rough  wear.  You  will  do 
well  to  order  it  for  your  spring 
suit,  coat  or  separate  skirt. 
This  serge  will  convince  you 
that  we  give  the  best  dress 
goods  values  in  the  country. 
Black  only. 

Black  Wool  Nun's  Serge 

Width,  54  Inches. 
C-i  rvrv  No.  14H5971  h  very 
*X»""  select  quality  of  Nun's 
A  YARD  Serge,  made  from  pure  all 
wool  yarns  with  a  finish  a 
little  coarser  than  a  French  serge  and 
finer  than  a  storm  serge.  The  color  is  a 
deep,  rich  lustrous  black  and  will  not 
fade.  You  will  receive  the  same  amount 
of  wear  from  this  fabric  at  $1.00  a  yard 
as  you  would  receive  from  similar  quality 
serge  priced  in  the  average  store  at  $1.35 
a  yard,  affording  you  a  liberal  saving  at 
our  price. . 

Black  Cloaking  Kersey 

Width,   56   Inches. 

$1  -25  14H6051   , 

J.»*^*J       Splendid  all 

A  YARD  wool      Cloak- 

ing Kersey,  56 
inches  wide.  You  could  not  buy 
this  kersey  in  the  average  store 
for  less  than  .$1.65  to  $1.80  a 
yard.  Very  appropriate  for  la- 
dies' and  misses'  coats,  as  well 
as  for  men's  and  boys'  over- 
coats. Very  solidly  woven  with 
a  rich  lustrous  finish.  Will 
make  neat  appearing  garments. 
Black  only.  We  guarantee  it  will 
satisfy  you.  We  will  send  free 
sample  if  you  will  write  and 
ask  for  it.    See  page  62. 

Best  Black  French  Serge 

Width,   52    Inches. 

«  -j      -^  ("  No.    14H5980      We    can 

'^  X  •«3o      offer  you  no  better  quality 
A  YARD  than    this    select    French 

Serge,  as  it  is  not  only  the 
best  we  have,  but  also  one  of  the  best  in 
America.  It  comes  from  the  looms  of 
France  and  is  imported  direct  by  us.  At 
our  price  you  save  all  the  profits  that  are 
usually  necessary  on  imported  materials  when 
sold  by  the  average  retailer  who  prices  this 
goods  at  .$2.00  a  yard.  It  is  all  wool  and  we 
guarantee  Its  wear.  Our  custom  of  being  ac- 
curate when  describing  goods  will  be  borne 
out  when  you  see  the  goods  and  can  make  a 

Fine  Black  All  Wool  Trico 

Width,  24  Inches. 
/^  /^  No.  14H6060  Never  w£ 
^^C  value  more  evident  in  Blac 
A  YARD  Tricot  Flannel  than  in  th 
handsome  cloth,  which  vs 
offer  at  23  cents  a  yard.  You  will  woi 
der  how  we  can  offer  it  at  such  a  lo 
price.  Competing  weavers  in  endeavo 
ing  to  hold  our  trade  on  this  cloth  hai 
gradually  improved  the  quality,  resultir 
in  it  being  better  than  ever  this  seaso 
The  small  amount  of  cotton  used  in  i 
construction  makes  it  far  more  servic 
able  than  an  all  wool  cloth. 

Cotton  Warp  Broadcloth 

Width,    54    Inches. 

1  Q^  No.   14H6069 

.■>^C      Black  Cotton  Warp 
*-'*-'*'      Broadcloth  that  will 

A  YARD  render  better  serv- 
ice or  give  greater 
satisfaction  is  not  to  be  had  at 
this  price  the  country  over. 
Its  cotton  mixture,  the  firm 
solid  weave  and  great  wiath 
make  It  an  unexcelled  fabric 
for  coats,  suits  or  separate 
skirts.  A  sample  will  be  sent  | 
free  on  request,  but  in  order  to 
■save  time  you  may  send  us  your 
order  direct  from  this  descrip- 
tion, as  we  guarantee  that  you 
will  be  pleased  in  every  way 
with  your  purchase. 

jQ  sEARs^R^B^u^cK^AND  CO  jhcre  U  Crockcry  and  There  Is  CROCKERY.       Buy  the   Latter;  We   Have 

loney    Saved    on    Black   Broadcloths    and    Ladies'    Cloth 

67c    Handsome   Black  All  Wool  Ladies' 

A  YARD  Cloth 

Mo.  14H6075  Width,  50  Inches. 

This}i68'  ■C}otb  Is  -a  very  much  wnutea  fabric,  being 
a  little  lighter  in  weight  tluui  n  broadcloth,  li  you  wunt 
to  make  a  black  waist  or  whole  suit,  -n-e  recommeud  tlilB 
very  highly,  as  it  will  surely  meet  your  expeotatloiiB.  M 
has  that  very  high  grade  broadcloth  fliilsh  aud  to  voumn, 
from  pure  all  wool  yarn.  Before  buying  elsewhere  sent 
to  us  for  a  sample  and  compare  It  with  the  maivr  oth«i 
•makes  on  ±he  mimbet.  Tau  will  readily  rcoogn'ize  the 
dIBference  in  quality,  as  we  consider  ihis  cloth  the  best 
yon  can  possibly  buy  at  *he  pi'ite.  Mtanember,  It  comes  in 
Iblacls  only. 


All  Wool  Black  Broadcloth 

Width,  50  Inches. 

O  C^  No.   1 4H6080    A  superior  grade  iu  one  of 

OOC       p"T  best  me^xpeiisire  Broadcloths.    Verj  fasb- 
,    ..,.„  ionable.    We  have  been  careful  to  mniutaln  the 

^  ^  ,  ,^?  »  same  high  stand.ird  of  Quality  which  has  firmly 
estahlisbea  this  fabric  as  one  of  our  staple  numbers  and 
pleased  so  many  customers  in  past  seasons.  We  will  be  pleased  to  wnd 
you  a  sample  free  if  jou  will  write  aud  asl;  for  it  so  jou  can  decidrf^r 
yourself  as  to  the  quality,  weave,  etc.  However,  if  /ou  prefer  to  seud 
ns  your  order  direct  from  Jits  deecriptlan  you  can  do  cs^  in  -Serfect 
safe  y,  as  we  guarantee  the  goods  will  surely  meet  aH  ^ur  i^re 

A  Select  Duchess  French 

No.  14M611«  Width,  50  Inches. 

This  is  positively  one  of  the  Tery  best  imported  all  wool 
blai'k  Broadcloths  you  can  buy.  one  that  would  at  least  cost 
yon  ♦2.00  a  .yard  elsewhere.  This  fabric  is  decidedly  popular 
tor  fosiiionable  costumes  and  tailored  suits,  and  the  demand 
for  it  is  steadily  increasing.  We  offer  this  fabric  to  you  on 
the  same  basis  as  all  our  other  cloths,  with  the  same  small 
margin  of  profit  placed  aHke  on  both  our  espensive  and  iuex- 
penaive  materials,  thereby  saving  you  the  proUt  made  by 
large  stores  on  high  ,grade  fabrics.  Our  plan  of  elimiuating 
the  middle  men  explains  why  you  pay  much  less  here  than 
elsewhere  for  the  same  Quality. 

Cleopatra  French  Broadcloth 

Width,  50  Inches. 

No.  1  4H61  20     This  all  wool  Cleo- 
patra Broadcloth  has  no  equal  in  any 
Ohiciigo  store  at  our  price,  the  prices 
demanded  for  it  at  ret:ul   being   from 
^  ^  ^  *2..50    to    $3.00    a    yaa:d.     These    prices 

»re  TBoHy  asked  for  this  goods  in  large  retail  iouses  and  other  high 
class  stores  wiere  the  best  fabnicB  are  sold.  This  hrondcloth  will  give 
a  richness  to  the  finished  garment  only  found  in  the  very  high  priced 
(models.  We  are  satisfied  you  could  not  do  as  well  elsewhere  if  vou 
want  stylish  garments  that  are  above  the  average.  If  you  are  not 
thoroughly  satisfied  your  money  will  be  returned.     Cumes  in  black  only. 



Cotton  Mixed  Panama 

Width,  36  Inches. 

/^/^  No.    I4H6I23 

^\JC  ^^  y°"  would  asU 
^"^  in  any  other  store 
A  YARD  iu  the  country  for 
this  fine  black 
cotton  mixed  Panama  you 
would  have  to  pay  as  high  as 
30  cents  a  yard.  It  is  made 
practically  of  all  cotton,  but 
is  a  great  bargain  at  the  price. 
A  durable  fast  black  cloth  of 
good  wearing  quality  and  fin- 
ish. Will  make  splendid  in- 
expensive dresses,  waists,  etc. 
It  conies  in  black  only.  We 
guarantee  it  will  .give  entire 

A  Fine  Variety  of  Black  Panamas 

All  Wool  Black  Panama 

Width,  36  Inches. 
^  ^  No.  14H6140    The  demand 

^j^C  for  this  excellent  fabric  is  so 
A  T&RB  iarge  and  constant  that  it  is 
sometimes  difficult  to  keep  a 
sufficient  supply  in  our  stocks  at  all  times. 
Thousands  of  our  'customers  iave  protit- 
ed  by  its  merits  and  appreciated  its  great 
value.  You  -will  most  assttredly  be 
pleased  with  it.  If  you  desire  a  sample, 
write  and  we  will  send  it.  A  close  exam- 
mation  will  reveal  its  superiority  and  you 
can  judge  the  value  yourself.  It  is  very 
reliable.    Comes  in  black  only. 

f     Reliable  Black  Panama 

Width,  50  hiehe*. 



vorth    so 

No.    14H61S2 

Customers  w  h  o 
have  used  this  ma- 
terial in  past  sea- 
s  CD  e  know  its 
veil  that  we  need 
hardly  say  muijh  regarding  it. 
it  is  a  ha-ndsome  SO-inch  all 
wool  black  Panama  in  a  qual- 
ity you  can  tell  at  a  glance  as 
being  worth  all  of  7ti  cents  a 
yard.  Hundreds  iiave  found 
it  so  mucai  above  their  expec- 
tations that  they  have  sent 
reorders  and  commented  on 
its  splendid  wearing  qualities. 
Sample   sent   free   ou    request. 

75c    Extra  Fine  All  Wool  ChiironPanamaY42r»   A  Handsom 

lYARD  No.  a4.H6a60  Width,  42  Inches.  T       ^  NoldHfil 

.  I?" .«:i"."°'  «"?.''  Chtffou  PaDa,ma  anywhere  that  will  suU  as  well   '     *  ^t\^.„,.„.  ^^SZ'll     1 

■a  this  nunn.or,  wli,cirwT;off^youTt"75"ccntrrykrd:  u"'is"a"v<^.y  fine 
luality, 'Tj'oveu  from  excellent  all  wool  yarn  and  has  a  very^ooth 
»en  hnlsh  Equal  to  the  best  of  its  l;ind  as  to  the  wearing  quSiti^' 
tend  for  free  ^sample.  Von  will  appreciate  the  fact  that  you  inake  a 
i*eral  saving  wlieu  you  buy  this  excel  lent  material  as  low  as  75  cents 
I?  bf^'^k  ^  pleased  with  the  goods  yon  have  bought.     Corni* 


All  Wool  Black  Chiffon  Panama 

YARD  No*  14H61«3  Width,  50  Inches. 

We    have    sold    Uiousaiids    of    pieces    of   this    pretty    Black   Chiffon 
■ana ma  and   recommend   it  in  every  way.     Economical   wom^  wUl    be 
miy   aware  of  the  advantages  in   buying  this  material  from   u«  wien 
le  great,  width  aud  extra  quaUty  are  considered.     The  yarns  used  iS   " 
fe   weaving   are   purely   all    wool,   very  firm   in   texture     We   will   he 

[ease.l  to  send  you  snmple  if  you  desire:  „r  better  still,  send  your  ordTT 
b».ct  from  this  description.  We  guarantee  to  satisfy  you.  Comes  ia 
tock  only,  a  fuat  durable  color  and  will  not  fade,  v^uiti.  ui 

(some  Black  Corded  Panama 


All  Wool  Black  Panama 

Width,  50  Inches. 


62  Width,  36  Inches. 

The  raised  oord  in  this  pretty  Black  Panama  has  a  decided  effect  in 
(  appearance  of  the  finished  garment,  mating  it  far  more  dressy 
than  any  ordinary  plain  Panama.  It  is  made  of  pure  all  wool  yarns 
and  is  very  appropriate  for  a  dress  or  separate  skirt  and  will  snit  the 
most  economical.  The  sucres.sful  sale  of  this  m.iterial  in  seasons  past 
IS  ample  proof  of  its  wearing  qualities  and  that  it  has  satisfied  the 
buyer  in  every  instance.  Comeg  in  black  anlv.  Sample  sent  free  on 

Excellent  Black  Chiffon  Panama 

A  YARD  No.  14H6181  Width,  54  Inches 

This  all  wool  Chiffon  Panama  is  made  to  oiu-  order  and  cannot  be 
bought  at  our  price  anywhere  else.  It  is  ii-eaJJy  worth  11.10  a  yard. 
Write  for  sample  and  we  will  gladly  send  it  free  aud  you  can  see  for 
yonrself  that  we  offer  by  far  tlie  greatest  dress  goods  values.  A  good 
strong,  well  woven  quality  that  wTIl  bear  out  our  clnim  as  to  its  worth. 
Think    of   it,   .54  inches   wide,    truly    a    great   advantage   iu    cutting   aud 



scams  in  the  made  up  garment.     Black  only. 



No.    14H6182 

The  usual  retail 
price  of  this 
handsome  all  wool 
•black  Panama  is 
abont  ?1.!30  a  yard.  It  is  one 
of  the  best  Panama  (ioths 
obtainable  in  a  50-inch  width. 
Comes  in  a  fine  weight,  prac- 
tical for  any  .season  and  m.'ikes 
very  handsome  looking  gnr- 
nieiits.  We  can  any  without 
besitftucy  that  .von  will  not 
llud  a  bettei'  value  an.wvbere 
in  dress  goods.  We  assnre 
you  of  sunietblng  better  than 
usual  when  you  buy  this 


A  Y.1RD 

All  Wool  Black  Panama 

Width,  54  inches. 
No.  14H6183  We  offer  this 
Black  Panama  as  one  of  our 
choicest  fabrics  in  this  class  of 
materials.  Nothing  but  all  wool 
yarns  used  in  making  and  it  is 
most  carefully  woven,  with  a  very  smooth  even 
finish  throughout.  It  is  a  better  piece  of 
goods  In  every  way,  in  color,  finish  aud 
appearance,  than  anything  you  can  buy  for  as 
much  as  one-third  more  than  our  price.  We 
will  send  a  sample  free  If  you  write  and  nsk 
for  it.  You  have  our  guarantee  of  satisfaction 
If  you  send  ns  your  order  direct  from  this 

All  Wool  Black  Panama 

Width,  54  Inches. 




Another      ex- 

el  lent     VII 
a    54-i 

Black  Panama  made  of  the 
finest  yarns  and  one  of  the 
best  we  have  to  offer.  Strictly 
all  wool,  solidly  woven  anil 
finished  very  smooth  and 
even.  Has  a  surface  that 
easily  sheds  the  dust,  if  vou 
request  It.  we  will  send  .vou 
a  free  sample  so  yon  can  ex- 
amine it  closely  and  decide 
■for  yourself,  but  you  can  feel 
•perfectly  safe  In  ordering 
direct  "from  this  description. 
ComeH  In  black  only. 


,   Find  Our  Padres  of  Standard  Face   and    Beauty    Creams    and    Save    Money. 



All  Silk  Taffetaline 

Width,  18  Inches. 

■3  1^        No.  14H6201    Bx- 

OXC  cellent  Taffetaline, 
A  YARD  made  alike  on  botb 
s  1  d  e  a  from  Shappe 
silk,  with  smooth  even  finish, 
and  will  surely  give  satisfactory 
wear.  Suitable  for  Inexpensive 
waists,  linings  or  whole  dresses. 
Colors,  cream.  light  bine,  pink, 
g:ray,  reseda  green,  light  brown, 
dark  brown,  tan,  bright  red, 
myrtle  green,  lilac,  old  rose, 
wine,  Alice  blue,  royal  bine, 
navy  blue  or  black.  State  color 
wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

All  Silk  Taffeta 

Width,  18  Inche*. 
AO^        No.   14H6210      The    success    of 
'rOC     this  special  number  of  all  silk  Taf- 
A  YARD   feta  in  past  seasons  strongly  marks 
its    popularity    with    our   customers. 
A   great  value  at  the  very   low   price.     Colors, 
white,   cream,   light   bine,   pink,   old   rose,   nile 
green,    brown,    gray,   tan,    reseda   green,    Alice 
blue,    lilac,    myrtle    green,    bright    red,    wine, 
royal   blue,  navy  blue  or  black;   also  change- 
able   combinations    of    red    and    black,    brown 
and    black,    or    blue    and    black.     State    color 
wanted  and  mention   second  choice. 

All  Silk" Corded   Taffeta 

Width,  19  Inches. 




rt  No.  14H6220  This 
-  C  all  silk  corded  Taffeta 
A  YARD  is  one  of  the  best  made 
in  a  19-inch  cloth.  It 
will  wear  well  and  we  recom- 
mend it  for  whatever  purpose 
you  may  need  it.  Colors,  white, 
cream,  light  bine,  pink,  lilac, 
old  rose,  tan,  gray,  myrtle 
green,  reseda  green,  bright  red, 
wine,  royal  blue,  hrown,  Alice 
blue,  navy  blue  or  black.  State 
color  wanted  and  give  second 

Excellent  Silk  Taffeta 


Width,  36  Inches. 
!.„  No.  14H6225  Superb  quality 
fC  plain  silk  Taffeta  in  a  SC-inch  width. 
„  YARD  You  will  find  it  to  your  advantage 
in  more  than  one  way,  if  you  want 
a  taffeta  of  this  kind,  by  ordering  it  from  us. 
It  is  alike  on  both  sides,  made  to  our  order 
and  will  wear  well.  We  recommend  it.  Select 
from  these  colors:  White,  cream,  golden 
brown,  bright  red,  wine,  navy  blue,  myrtle 
green,  gray  or  black.  State  preferred  color 
and  give  second  choice. 

Changeable  Silk  Taffeta 

Width,  19  Inches. 
AQ^        No.   14H6230      This     particular 
07C     uind    of   silk    is    very    desirable    and 
A  YARD    popular    for    waists    and    silk    petti- 
coats.    It   is   one   of   the   best   quali- 
ties   in    narrow    width    goods.     Made    to    our 
order  from   pure  all  silk   fibers  and  we  guar- 
antee it  all  right  in  every   way.    Sample  free. 
Colors,    green    and     black,     white    and    black, 
green  and  red,  blue  and  green,  blue  and  black, 
blue  and  tan,  red  and  black,  or  blue  and  red. 
State  style   desired  and   give   second  choice. 

Fine  All  Silk  Taffeta 

Width,  26   Inches. 

7C^  No.  14H6239 

I  hJK,  Very  popular  all  silk 
A  YARD  Taffeta,  made  espe- 
cially for  our  trade. 
An  excellent  value  and  a  bar- 
gain at  our  price.  It  is  exactly 
alike  on  both  sides  and  we  rec- 
ommend it  for  wear  and  style. 
Colore,  white,  wine,  royal  blue, 
navy  blue,  brown,  myrtle  green, 
bright  red.  reseda  green,  light 
blue.  gray,  tan  or  black.  Men- 
tion color  wanted  and  state 
second  choice. 

Colored  Japanese  Silk 


Width,  27   Inches. 

„  No.  14H6260  This  Japanese  Silk 
C  is  a  pure  all  silk  quality.  It  is  dyed 
A  YARD  to  our  order  and  we  know  that  it  will 
wear  to  your  satisfaction.  The  same 
quality  would  cost  you  59  cents  a  yard  else- 
where. Make  your  selection  from  this  range 
of  beautiful  colors :  Cream,  white,  light  blue, 
pink,  nile  green,  lilac,  old  rose,  purple,  Alice 
bine,  bright  red,  medium  brown,  tan,  wine, 
royal  blue,  navy  blue,  myrtle  green,  emerald 
green,  yellow,  gray  or  black  State  color 
wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

Colored  Japanese  Silk 

Width,  36   Inches. 


„  No.  14H6265  This  is  the  only 
e  house  in  the  country  where  you  can 
A  YARD  buy  this  Japanese  silk  at  55  cents  a 
yard.  We  import  it  direct.  It  is 
dyed  to  our  order  and  we  sell  it  to  you  at  cost, 
plus  our  one  small  margin  of  profit.  Will  wear 
well.  Colors,  white,  cream,  pink,  light  blue, 
tan,  old  rose,  Alice  blue,  myrtle  green,  medium 
brown,  bright  red,  wine,  lilac,  navy  blue  or 
black.  State  color  desired  and  give  second 

Cream -White  Japanese  Silk 

Width,  23   Inches. 

^^n        No.  14H6270    As  a  practical  silk 
OOC     for    children's    dresses,    for    waists, 
A  YARD    scarfs,    millinery    purposes    or    any 
other    uses    for    which    it    may    be 
adapted  it  will  give  as  good  and  better  satis- 
faction than  for  goods  priced  at  49  cents  else- 
where.  You  may  order  right  from  this  descrip- 
tion and  feel  assured  that  it  will  be  just  what 
you  expect;  but  if  you  want  a  sample  we  will 
send  it  free.    It  comes  in  cream-white  only. 

Colored  Japanese  Silk 

Width,  23  Inches. 

1A^        No.  14H6275     Strictly    all    silk 

O'tC     and   will   wear   well.     A  very   hand- 

A  YARD    some  style  in  Japanese  Silks,  priced 

at   least   one-fourth   lower   than    you 

would  pay  for  its  equal  elsewhere.    Comes  in 

a    large    range   of   colors:     Cream-white,   light 

blue,    old    rose,    nile    green,    lilac,    wine,    Alice 

blue,  bright  red,  royal  blue,  navy  blue,  pink, 

reseda     green,     yellow,     gray,     tan,     medium 

brown  or  black.    State  color  wanted  and  give 

second  choice. 

Cream -White    Habutai    Silk 

Width,  27   Inches. 

41.,.  No.  14H6280  Very  handsome 
■le  sills,  woven  on  old  fashioned  hand 
A  YARD  looms.  Will  render  the  very  best  of 
service.  Full  27  inches  wide  and 
strictly  all  silk.  The  price  is  low  for  a  silk 
of  this  quality.  We  will  send  free  sample  on 
request,  or  to  save  time  you  may  order  from 
this  description  and  if  the  silk  does  not  sat- 
isfy you  fully,  return  it  at  our  expense  and 
we  will  return  your  money.  This  silk  comes 
in  a  cream-white  color  only. 

Cream -White    Habutai    Silk 

Width,  36  Inches. 

O...        No.   14H6290   This  is  one  of  our 

0£iC  best  selling  numbers  in  Habutai 
A  YARD  Silks,  the  s.ales  for  the  past  season 
being  unusually  heavy.  We  offer  it 
fully  one-third  below  the  average  retail  price. 
By  taking  advantage  of  every  opportunity  to 
reduce  the  cost  of  this  silk,  our  silk  buyers 
bring  these  beautiful  goods  from  the  looms 
to  your  home  at  a  big  saving.  It  is  a  very 
handsome  all  silk  Habutai  in  cream-white 
color  only.  It  will  wear  well.  Sample  sent 
free  on  request.  


Cream -White  Japanese   Sill 

Width,  27  Inches. 

KSo        No.   14H6300      If 

30e  you  want  a  silk  that 
A  YARD  you  can  wear  at  any 
time  of  the  year,  you 
will  find  none  more  popular  or 
appropriate  than  this  sheer, 
dainty  Japanese  Cream-Wliili' 
Silk.  Very  suitable  for  waists 
and  dresses  for  women  and 
children,  also  desirable  for 
men's  shirts.  Made  from  the 
purest  silk  threads  with  no  dye 
in  it.  It  will  wear  and  drape 
to   your  satisfaction^ 

Cream -White  Japanese  Sill 

Width,  27   Inches. 

7Ert        No.   14H6310    This  silk  is  ma( 

'  wC    expressly   for  us   on   hand  looms   t 

A  YARD    the   most   expert   weavers   in   Japa: 

It  meets  our  requirements  as 
fabric  and  is  by  far  the  finest  grade  you  ca 
buy  at  the  price.  Makes  delightful  summ( 
dresses  and  waists;  desirable  for  children 
wear,  also  very  suitable  for  fine  tasty  unde 
garments.  We  will  send  samples  free  if  yc 
write  for  them.    Comes  in  cream-white  only. 


Fine  Satin  Messaline 

Width,  24   Inches. 

Af^r,       No.  14H6319      A 

"W*'  very  good  value  at 
A  YARD  our  price.  It  is  a 
splendid  quality  and 
has  the  appearance  of  all  silk, 
but  the  back  is  cottoii.  Makes 
good  durable  petticoats,  etc. 
Colors,  cream,  light  blue,  lilac, 
ivory,  pink,  myrtle  green,  maize, 
bright  red,  nile  green,  tan,  sil- 
ver gray,  old  rose,  wine,  Alice 
blue,  medium  brown,  navy  blue 
or  black.  Mention  color  desired 
and   stale    second   choice. 

All  Silk  Peau  de  Cygne 

Width,  18   Inches. 

Af^n        No.   14H6320    This   is   a   belt 

'♦OC     quality   of  Peau  de  Cygne  than  y 

A  YARD    generally  see  at  46  cents  a  yard. 

looks    like    a    messaline    and    has 

high  lustrous  finish.    Will  make  very  neat  a 

attractive  waists  and  dresses.    Choice  of  the 

colors :     Cream,    navy    blue,    gray,    light    bli 

brown,  reseda  green,  Alice  blue,  pink,  old  ro 

royal  blue,  lilac,  tan,  maize,  nile  green,  brig 

red,  myrtle  green,   wine   or   black.     State  col 

wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

All  Silk  Satin  Messaline 


Width,  21    Inches. 
„        No.   14H6323      We     h.ave     co 
■C     pared    this    pretty    Satin    Messali 
A  YARD    with  the  grade  of  this  silk  that 

average  retailer  sells  for  $1.00  a  yt 
and  found  it  somewhat  superior.  It  is  a  1 
value  and  you  may  safely  send  your  on 
direct,  as  we  agree  to  return  your  money 
you  are  not  fully  pleased.  Colors,  ivory,  Uf 
blue,  silver  gray,  pink,  tan,  wine,  old  ro 
Alice  blue,  navy  blue  or  black.  Mention  co 
wanted  and  state  second  choice. 

All  Silk  Princess  Satin 

Width,  26   Inches. 

«1  nn  No.  14H6325  All 
^l.UU  pure  silk  Princess 
A  YARD  Satin,  made  from  the 
finest  grade  threads, 
one  of  the  handsomest  styles 
we  have  to  offer.  The  demand 
for  satin  goods  is  especially 
heavy  this  season  and  this 
quality  would  cost  you  $1..50 
anywhere  else.  Colors,  cream, 
Alice  blue,  light  blue,  gray,  old 
rose,  champagne,  garnet,  brown, 
pink,  reseda  green,  navy  blue 
or  black.  State  color  desired 
and   give  second  choice. 

y2      ^"''®ch?c"go;'*i A*!"*  '^°        Sewing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in  a  City  Near  You.    SAY  THE  WORl 

[ussahs.  Pongees  22^  Bengaline  Cords  a*BigSavingi 

Handsome  Jacquard  Tussah 

Width,  26  Inches. 

O^ft  ^°-  14H6353 
^%J\^  We  are  showing 
A  TAKB  a  big  range  of 
colors  in  this 
beautiful  Jacquard  Tussah. 
It  is  a  very  heavy  substan- 
tial cloth,  well  made  and 
will  give  you  splendid  sat- 
isfaction. We  give  you  the 
opportunity  of  buying  it  as 
cheap  as  lots  of  merchants  can  buy  it. 
Samples  free  if  you  want  them.  See  page 
fr^m  WK-?'^  ""ge  of  colors  to  select 
r^T  /i,^*';*.'"'   "'"'''   "«^"   "^J"^-   lavender,   old 

Crose.  Alice  blue,  wine,  tan,  medium  brown    rae- 
Se    //",''■•   '."•'"•'J''   S''™-  'e^-^Oa  ercen^n™^ 

Fancy   Silk    Mixed   Foulard 

Wiath,  23  Inches- 

'2  1  A         No.  14H6348    This   fabric  so 

•J  X  L/      closely      resembles      an      all      Bilk 
i.  I'AIUt       Fonlara     that     oue     not     familiar 
with    materials    would    easily    be 
t  deaeived   and  take  it  for  all   silk 

But  we  insiet  on  being  accurate  in  de- 
icribiiig  our  materials  and  tell  you  exactly 
it  %vhat  it  is  made.  It  is  woren  of  half  silk 
ind  half  cotton  and  has  a  finish  as  bright  as 
tn  nil  silk.  To  many  it  is  a  new  fabric  and  is 
wmmonly  called  sUk  Foulard.  Very  dressy, 
iomes  In  neat  designs,  polka  dots  and  other 
imall  figures.  If  yon  want  a  stylish  but  inex- 
[ensive  dress  that  will  also  give  yon  service 
»0U  will  find  it  tn  your  ailTantage  to  order  this 
Joth.  Choice  of  this  assortment  of  colors- 
.ray.  tan,  na^-y  blue,  browTi.  ni.rrtle  green,  old 
■ose,  lilac,  Alice  hlue.  yink  or  black  grounds 
Wtn  polka  dots  or  small  trim  npures.  Mention 
blor    and    jiattejai    desired    and    «ive    second 

Attractive  Jacquard   Tussah 

WitUh.  26  Inches. 

2n,r>,         No.   14H«337 
jlllj      An  exceptionally 

dressy    fabric    with 
I  TABD       a  small  iteat  figure. 

A  new  material 
lade  from  silk  and  cotton  to 
nr  specific  order,  which  we 
ecommend  to  our  customers  as 
;  has  passed  our  careful  in- 
pection.  It  Js  a  comparatirely 
ew  fabric  to  manv,  but  tou 
lay  safely  order  any  number 
r  yards  yon  may  desire  with  ^ma^^i^^ 
it  uuderstajiding  that  if  it  does  not  prove  to 
our  satisfaction  you  may  return  it  and  we 
111  promptly  return  your  money.  If  you 
Wire  we  will  send  you  samples.  See  page 
i.  We  are  sure  you  will  be  better  pleased 
lan  It  yon  bought  elsewhere.  Comes  in  these 
>lorB:  Cream-white,  pink,  light  hlne,  old 
lee,  cbampaene,  reseda  green,  Alice  blue, 
yrtlc  green,  garnet,  navy  blue  or  black.  Stale 
dor  wanted  and  mention  second  clloioe. 

All  Silk  Tan  Shantung 

Width,  36   Inches. 

)f^n  c--}^°-  1*H6352  This  beautiful 
*-'*'  Silk  Shantung  comes  in  a  deep 
':KA£d  shade  of  tan,  so  decidedly 
popular  foj-  fashionable  dresses. 
■  IS  purely  all  silk,  the  same  on  both 
Qes,  and  can  l>e  washed  if  necessary, 
you  should  buy  this  Shantung  else- 
here  It  would  cost  $1.50  a  yard,  as  it  is 
»e  of  the  best  all  silk  Shantungs  iu 
nerica  and  will  wear  well  in  every  particular, 
andreds  of  our  customers  have  commented  on 
B  all  around  satisfaction  it  gives.  You  may 
tely  order  any  number  of  yards  direct  from 
IB  description,  as  Jt  will  meet  your  require- 
mts  in  every  way.  We  will  be  pleased  to  till 
nr  order  with  the  understanding  that  you 
n  get  your  money  back  if  this  Shantung  Is 
t  better  than  you  could  buv  elsewhere  at 
r  price.    Comes  In  tan  only. 

Jacquard  Tussah 

Width,  27  Inches. 

OQ^  No.  14H6355  This  is  one  of 
^IjKf  the  prettiest  designs  in  our 
A  TABD  -nrhole  line,  an  Empire  wreath. 
Beautiful  groundworlc  of  Tus- 
sah with  a  little  raised  cord  running 
lengthwise  of  the  goods.  You  would  pay 
40  cents  a  yard  in  the  a-ver- 
age  store  fox  the  same  qual- 
ity. Very  bright  in  appear- 
ance and  a  splendid  wearing 
fabric.  TJhese  colors  to  se- 
lect from :  White,  pink,  light 
blue,  lavender,  old  rose,  Al- 
ice blue,  wine,  tan,  medium 
brown,  medium  gi-ay,  myrtle 

green,  reseda  green,  navy  blue 
or  black.  Mention  color  desired 
and  give  second  -choice. 



Fine  All  Silk  Shantung 

Width,  26  Inches. 

CQ^         No.  14H6S46    A   very   hand- 

^  ^^  some  rough  -n^ave  Shantung 
A  YABO  with  excellent  wearing  qual- 
ities and  very  dressy  in  appear- 
ance. This  is  a  cloth  that  will  make  good 
serviceable  garments  such  as  waists, 
suits,  coat  suits,  and  also  dresses  for 
children.  We  know  the  make  up  of  this 
material  and  faiow  that  it  will  wear  for 
whatever  purpose  you  may  desire  to  use 
It.  You  can  order  direct  from  this 
description  with  the  full  assurance,  under  our 
guarantee,  that  this  -Silk  Shantung  will   be  to 

l^^l  ?w  ^  '°  ^''^y  '^''y-  ^^ai^e  yoi"-  selection 
from  this  range  of  choice  colors-  xMvrtle 
green,  wine,  brown,  navy  blue  or  black.  State 
l°^^J.T^  ""^i*'   ,""?    »''■*    second    choice.     If 

se';"    ro'you"at%n?e.  ""■   '""P'^^   '"^^   ^"'   *>' 

Striped  Jacquard  Tussah 

Width,  26  to  27  Inches. 

^Tn        No.  14He3S7 
^  /  V'    This    handsome 

A  XAKD  Tussali  has  a 
striped  effect. 
Very  heavy  in  weight  and 
the  same  quality  for  which 
you  will  pay  39  cents  a  yard 
in  any  other  store  in  the 
country.  Guaranteed  in 
every  respect,  as  bright  as 
silk  and  wili  wear  splendidly.  These  col- 
ors: White,  pink,  light  blue,  lavender, 
old  rose,  Alice  blue,  wine,  tan,  medium 
brown,  medium  gray,  myrtle  green,  re- 
seda green,  navy  blue  or  black.  Be  sure 
to  state  color  wanted  and  give  second 



Handsome    Bengaline    Cord 

Width,  18   Inches. 

"^Q^      J}^-  '4H6335    The  ilhistration 

0>rC  ^^  a  fair  idea  of  the  style 
A  fXTin  S  .'®  pretty  Bengaline  Cord.  "  It 
A  TABD  ha.s  become  a  very  popular  fabric 
with  our  customers  in  the  n-ist 
seasons.  We  recommend  it  to  all  who  want 
tii^t^*"^"^  '°  "  corded  eOfeot  for  waists  or 
whole  dresses,  as  it  makes  handsome!  rich 
looking  clothes.  Has  a  heavy 
rib,  as  shown  in  illustration. 
■We  have  nothing  more  attraet- 
tre  in  a  corded  effect.  Select 
from  this  range  of  choice  col- 
ors :  White,  creani,  Ii«ht  bine, 
j  gray,  taupe,  bright  red.  pink, 
myrtle  green  or  brown.  State 
color  wanted  and  let  ns  have 
your  second  choice  In  case  «v< 
are  out  of  your  first  choice 
We  will  send  samples  free  11 
you   write  for  them. 

Stylish  Jacquard  Tussah 

Width,  24  Inches. 



-^O.^  No.  14H6339  Another  JTac- 
^^C  quiird  Tussah,  a  24-inch  fabric  that 
will  arouse  your  admiration  the 
moment  you  see  it.  We  offer  It  as 
one  of  the  best  values  in  Jacquard 
It  comes  in  Tery  handsome  and  at- 
tractive designs,  far  prettier  than  it  loois  in 
the  illustration.  The  pattern  is  small  .ind  up 
to  the  minute  in  stvle.  We 
guarantee  this  to  be  the  best 
Quality  obtainable  at  the  price. 
You  may  depend  on  our  guar- 
antee that  this  goods  Is  all  right 
in  every  way  and  send  your 
order  to  ns  direct  from  this  de- 
scription. However,  if  you  de- 
sire, write  and  we  will  send  free 
samples.  This  range  of  colors: 
Cream,  light  blue,  tan,  old  rose, 
Alice  blue,  lilac.  pinlE,  myrtle 
green,  gray,  wine,  navy  blue, 
brown  or  black.  Mention  color 
desired  and  give  a  second  choice. 

Plain  Silk  Mixed  Pongee 

Width,  26   Inches. 
^fS|^         No.  UH6380  A  combination 
%J%J\^     of   silk  and   cotton    Pongee,   a 

A  TARB  plain  cloth,  alike  on  both  sides, 
and  you  will  not  find  anything 
better  for  waists  or  children's  dresses. 
It  is  well  woven  of  pure  silk  and  combed 
cotton  yarns  and  will  serve  you  better 
than  anything  we  have  to  olTer  in  this 
hue.  We  will  mail  you  free  samples  if 
you  write  and  ask  for  them,  but  you  may 
safely  order  direct  from  this  description 
as  we  guarantee  it.  Comes  in  this  splen- 
did assortment  of  colors:  Cream,  white 
hght   blue,   pink,   tan,    gray,   Alice   blue] 

light  brown,  dark  brown,  wine,  reseda  green, 
myrtle  green,  old  rose,  bright  red,  navy  blue 
or  black.  When  ordering  please  mention  color 
yon  prefer  and  also  give  a  wcood  choice. 

Embroidered  Striped  Silk 

Width,  27  Inches. 

^O..^         No.   14H6342 
O^'U      Fancy  Embroidered 
A  YARD       Striped  Silk,  a  very 

pretty    material 

woven  of  pure  silk 
and  cotton  yarns.  The  heavily 
embroidered  zigzag  stripes  run- 
ning the  long  way  of  the  goods 
lend  much  tn  the  st.vle  and  rich- 
ness o(  the  fiulsl«-d  garment.  A 
very  suitable  fabric  for  evening 
or  party  dresses:  will  .-ilso  make 
very  nice  waists.  T*e  cotton 
used  in  the  making  adds  considerable  to  the 
durability  of  this  silk.  Ha.s  the  appearance  of 
an  silk  and  can  be  washed  If  necessary  Col- 
ors, cream,  frtlver  gray,  Alice  blue,  golden 
brown,  wlilte,  wine,  tan,  light  blue,  i>ink, 
lifiT.  ff^T"'  '"■'K'^t  '•'d,  navy  blue,  black  or 
•"olor  wanted  and  mention  second 
Read  page  02. 

white.    Stat 

choice.    Samples  are  free. 

Diagonal  Tussah  Silk 

Width,  24   Inches. 
"Xfin  No.   14H6347     This    neat    Di- 

OvfC  ?»»'">•  Tussah  is  not  an  all  silk 
4  i-»i>T.  ?"'"■''■;,  '^1^'  'be  greater  part  of  it 
A  YARD  is  of  the  finest  silk  varn,  and  vou 
.  .,  ■  .  ™"  hardly  detect  the  cotton.  One 
of  the  best  values  we  have  to  ofi'er  Jn  this  line 
the  heavy  diagonal  weave  is  a  striking  fea- 
ture of  this  material,  giving  it  a  \r-vy  artistic 
rough  effect,  so  popular  among 
fashionable  garments.  We  know 
of  nothing  that  will  suit  you 
better  or  give  you  greater  satis- 
faction, if  yon  write  for  free 
_imples  we  will  promi>tly  mail 
them  to  you.  Select  from  this 
assortment  t)f  flue  colors: 
Cream,  light  blue,  tan,  lilac, 
reseda  green,  pink,  gray,  Copen- 
hagen blue,  myrtle  green,  navy 
le  .or  Ulack,  .Stat«  color 
nted  and  give  second  choice. 


SEARS.  ROEBUCK   AND  CO.,       ^9 
CHICAGO,   ILL.  219 

Foulards,  Liberty  Satin,   Crepe  de  Chine,  Messalines;_Et< 

Handsome  Silk  Foulard 

Width,  22  to  24  Inches. 



59c  ;; 

No.    14H6377 

You  need  not  be 
familiar  with 
YARD  Foulards  nor  be 
an  expert  to  tell 
the  value  of  this  pretty  Fou- 
lard we  oefer  you  at  59  cents 
a  yard,  you'll  notice  the  value 
the  moment  you  see  and  feel 
the  goods.  Comes  in  beautiful 
designs  and  is  made  from  the 
very  best  grade  of  all  silk 
threads.  If  it  is  not  entirely 
satisfactory  we  will  return 
yoiir  money.  Your  choice  of  this  wide  range 
Sf  colors;  Brown,  tan,  old  rose,  Alice  blue, 
erav  wine,  myrtle  green,  navy  blue,  reseda 
IreJi,  or  black  grounds  with  dots  or  small 
Seat  designs.  Be  sure  to  state  the  color  and 
design  wanted  when  yon  order  and  please  give 
a  sefond  choice.    Samples  are  free.    See  page  62. 

All  Silk  Messaline 

Width,  19  Inche*. 
Z'  Q  No.  14H6327  All  silk  Messa- 

OOC  lines  are  always  stylish  and 
A  YARD  popular.  This  is  an  exception- 
ally good  grade,  soft  and  pli- 
able and  has  a  very  high  finish.  It  will 
wear  very  well  and  make  splendid  waists, 
dresses,  or  may  be  used  for  millinery  or 
trimming  purposes.  We  can  recommend 
nothing  better  in  a  medium  priced  silk 
messaline.  Free  samples  sent  on  request. 
Colors,  cream,  light  blue,  pink,  lavender, 
brown,  reseda  green,  tan,  Copenhagen 
blue,  old  rose,  gray,  navy  blue,  wine, 
myrtle  green  or  black.  State  color 
wanted  and  give  second  choice. 

^'XA.o    A  Regular  50-Cent 
A  tTrd       Striped  Habutai 

No.   14H6394  Width,  18   Inches. 

This  pretty  Habutai  is 
made  in  Japan,  very  light 
weight,  of  pure  sills  and 
will  wear.  For  children's 
dresses,  ladies'  waists  or 
pretty  summer  gowns  we 
have  nothing  that  will  give 
you  better  satisfaction  In  a 
medium  priced  goods.  The 
colors  are  fast  and  can  be 
washed  if  necessary.  Sam- 
ples are  free,  but  you  can 
safely  order  direct  from  this 
description    with    the    strict 

understauding   that  we  will 

give  you  your  money  baclj  If  you  are  not 
satisfied  in  every  respect.  This  range  of 
pretty  colors  to  select  from  :  White  grounds 
with  contrasting  stripes  of  black,  navy 
blue,  brown,  myrtle  green,  pink,  lilac  or 
reseda  green.  Same  style  as  shown  in  illus- 
.    tration. 


Pretty  All  Silk  Messaline 

Width,  35  Inche*. 

flA  No.  14H6362  M  a  n  y  desire 
^VlC  this  35-inch  Messaline  because 
A  YARD  of  the  advantages  it  affords  in 
making  dresses,  etc.,  due  to  its 
liberal  width.  Undoubtedly  the  finest 
messaline  you  can  buy  at  90  cents  a  yard; 
in  fact,  you  cannot  equal  this  quality 
anywhere  else  for  less  than  $1.25  a  yard. 
Being  made  of  the  finest  all  silk  yarn 
with  a  beautiful  satin  finish  it  is  most 
assuredly  a  choice  fabric  for  fashionable 
dresses  for  evening  or  party  wear.  Col- 
ors, gray,  ivory,  light  blue,  pmk,  laven- 
der, old  rose,  Alice  blue,  tan,  brown,  re- 
seda green,  myrtle  green,  wine,  navy 
blue  or  black.  Mention  color  preferred 
and  also  give  a  second  choice. 

Corded  Japanese  Wash  Silk 

Width,  18  to  19  Inches. 

■5  ^7  No.  14H6390  We  offer  you 
O  /  C  this  Wash  Silk  at  a  price  that 
A  YARD  the  average  merchant  pays  for 
this  quality.  We  import  our 
own  corded  wash  silks  direct.  We  could 
easily  sell  this  silk  at  a  much  higher 
price,  but  under  our  system  of  pricing 
materials  according  to  the  actual  cost  of 
production,  you  buy  it  at  cost  price  with 
our  small  profit  added.  Samples  of  this 
fabric  will  be  mailed  on  request.  Choose 
from  these  colors:  Cream,  pink,  light 
blue,  nile  green,  lavender,  bright  red,  tan, 
black  and  white,  royal  blue  or  plain  black. 
State  color  desired  and  give  a  second 
choice.  All  have  contrasting  stripes  ex- 
cept the  plain  black.  

All  Silk  Crepe  de  Chine 

Width,  22  Inches. 

No.    14H6420       A 

trictly  all  silk  Crepe  de 

All  Silk  Messaline 

Width,  35  Inches. 


No.    14H6359 

We  are  showing 

in     this     all     silk 
A  YARD    Messaline   a    cloth 

that  you  cannot 
buy  in  any  store  in  the  coun- 
try at  less  than  ¥1.10  a  yard. 
It  is  strictly  all  silk,  very 
highly  finished  and  will  give 
splendid  wearing  satisfaction. 
For  a  separate  waist  or  a 
whole  silk  gown  we  have 
nothing  in  our  whole  line 
that  will  cut  to  better  ad- 
vantage  or  give  you  better  service  .at  the 
than  this  particular  number.  We  have  teste 
it  and  know  that  it  will  give  good  wear.  Orde^ 
direct  from  this  description.  We  guarantee  tfl 
satisfy  you.  This  range  of  colors  to  selecl 
from:'  Cream,  navy  blue,  myrtle  green,  golded 
brown,  Copenhagen  bine,  medium  tan,  wine  o^ 
black.    Mention  color  preferred. ; 




'-^  ^  ^  Chine.  A  silk  that  al 
ways  looks  neat  and  at- 
tractive, and  a  value  that 
affords  a  generous  saving  to  every 
purchaser.  It  is  well  made  and  alike 
on  both  sides,  especially  adapted  for 
scarfs,  evening  dresses  or  waists, 
always  In  harmony  with  the  de- 
mands of  fashion.  You  may  order 
direct  from  this  catalog  at  our  risk 
and  not  wait  for  free  samples,  or  we 
will  send  them  if  you  prefer.  Comes 
in  this  wide  range  of  the  season  s 
preferred  colors;  Whit«,  cream, 
pink,  light  blue,  old  rose,  nile  green, 
lavender,  gray,  tan,  bright  red,  royal 
blue,  wine,  navy  blue,  brown,  Alice 
blue  or  black.  State  color  wanted 
and  give  a  second  clioi' 

Extra  Quality  Chiffon  Popliii 

Width,  18  Inches. 

-5  Q  No.  14H6400      Poplins     wil 

OOC  be  more  in  demand  than  eve 

A  YARD  this    season    as    they   are   ver; 

pretty   fabrics    for    waists    anc 

dresses.    An  elegant  quality  Chiffon  Pop 

lin,  made  of  a  mixture  of  silk  and  cottoi 

and  looks  as  bright  as  an  all  silk.     It  i 

finished  alike  on  both  sides  and  is  a  ver 

desirable     material     for     waists,     ladie< 

gowns    or    children's    dresses.     Send    u 

your  order  from  this  large  color  assortment 

Cream,  lilac,  old  rose,  reseda  green,  Alice  blui 

white,  Ugbt  blue,   pink,  tan,   gray,  bright  re< 

brown,  myrtle  green,  wine,  navy  blue  or  blacl 

Istate  color  wanted,  also  give  a  second  choice. 

^  r> 

Persian  Kimono  Silk 

Width,  35  to  36  Inches. 

No.    I4H64I8  We 

lllufllrate  this  beauUful 

Persian  Kimono  Silk  80 

that     you     can     secure 

Bome    idea    of    how    it 

loolis.   One  of  the  prettiest  fabrics  made 

kimonos,  dressing  sacques  or  house 

Ds.     Comes    In    beautiful    Persian 

and    rich    floral    designs    In    rare 

••     *iona.     It      is    half 

:otton.   and  at  our 

V  eaual  in  value  the 

These  color  combl- 


price  it  ha 



hite.  lilac  on  lilac, 
1  navy  blue, 
n    red,    Copen- 

ite,    blu 

nk    and     green 



_.    Copen- 
e.    red    on 

,._ _..  Persian  or 

Copenhagen  Persian. 
Mention  color  •■<•'"■ 
bination    desired 

nd  choice. 


All  Silk  Peau  de  Crepe 

Width,  20  Inches. 

No.  14H6425  This  is  un- 
doubtedly the  most  widely  ad- 
A  YARD  vertised  silk  in  America.  It  is 
a  fine  all  silk  and  if  you  should 
buy  it  elsewhere  you  would  pay  $1.00  a 
yard.  There  is  only  one  Peau  de  Crepe, 
the  one  we  offer  you  at  78  cents.  Will 
wear  better  than  any  silk  fabric  we  know 
of,  and  you  can  wash  it  if 
necessary.  It  comes  in 
these  beautiful  colors: 
Cream,  light  blue,  pink, 
reseda  green,  gray,  light 
tan,  old  rose,  brown,  myr- 
tle green,  bright  red,  wine, 
navy  blue  or  black.  Men- 
tion color  preferred  and 
also  give  a  second  choice. 

All  Silk  Liberty  Satin 

Width,  18  Inches. 
C#x  ^°"  14^1^361  Here  is  a  beau- 




tiful  all  silk  Liberty  Satin  of  a 
quality  that  sells  in  the  retail 
stores  of  this  country  at  75 
cents  a  yard.  It  will  serve  you  better 
than  any  similar  goods  we  know  of.  Or- 
der the  number  of  yards  you  want  with 
the  understanding  that  if  the  goods  is 
unsatisfactory  you  may  return  it  to  us 
at  our  expense  and  your  money  will  be 
returned  or  we  will  ^exchange  for  other 
goods  as  you  desire.  A  big  line  of  col- 
ors for  your  selection:  Light  blue,  lav- 
ender, pink,  myrtle  green,  reseda  green, 
bright  red,  navy  blue,  cream,  tan,  gray, 

old  rose,  wine,  Alice  blue,  brown  or  black.  Be 
sure  to  state  color  wanted  and  mention  second 
choice.     Write  for  free  samples. 

All  Silk  Taflfeta  or  Messalit 

Width,  IS  Inches. 
e  n  No.  14H6429    Your  choice 

3"C  an  all  silk  Taffeta  or  strip 
A  YARD  messaline,  both  of  good  we£ 
ing  qualities  at  the  modera 
price  of  59  cents  a  yard.  An  extrac 
dinary  bargain.  The  demand  for  sm; 
checks  and  stripes  is  increasing  ve 
steadily  for  waists  and  children's  dress^ 
The  taffeta  comes  in  a 
broken  line  of  checks;  the 
messaline  comes  in  stripes 
only.  Wrhe  for  samples  if 
you  wish  to  see  the  quality 
before  ordering.  Choose  from 
this  range  of  colors:  Bright 
red.  navy  blue,  royal  blue, 
myrtle  green,  reseda  green  or 
black;  brown  and  white,  blue 
and  white  or  black  and  white. 
State  color  wanted  and  give  a 
second  choice. 




SEARS,    ROEBUCK   AND   CO..       /^      Q      E.- 
CHICAGO,  ILL.  ■"•    *" 


laids,  Silk  Grenadine,  Taffeta  Silks  22^  Taffetaline 



Atlxaetive  All  Silk  Plaid 

Width,  18  Inches. 
Na  14H6440  Silk  Plaids 
were  never  more  popular  for 
children's  dresses,  ladies' 
waists  or  for  trimming  pur- 
poses and  sash  bows.  They  are  always 
in  demand  for  spring  and  summer  wear. 
If  you  should  ask  the  cost  of  this  quality 
.silk  in  your  neig-hboring  stores  it  would 
'be  at  least  $1.00  a  yard.  Order  from  this 
combination  of  colorings:  White  and 
black;  green  and  red;  black,  green  and 
ired;  green  and  blue;  red  and  green;  black 
and  red;  blue,  green  and  white;  blue, 
green  and  red;  or  white,  green  and  red. 
State  color  combination  wanted  and  give 
a  second  choice. 



Our  Best  Silk  Plaid 

Widfh,  18  Inches. 

No.  JtfHaiaO  'If  ypu  would 
ask  for  a  better  quality  all  silk 
plaid  we  could  not  fill  your 
order,  as  this  is  the  best  >we. 
have  in  plaids.  Price  it  elsewhere,  it 
would  cost  all  of  $1.»5  a  j'ard.  Order 
this  plaid  for  the  cliildren's  summer 
dresses;  you  will  surely  be  proud  of  it: 
a  very  practical  and  popular  ailk.  Send 
us  your  order  direct  from  this  deseriptiou  on 
our  assurance  tliut  you  will  be  well  pleased 
We  will  send  san^ples  free  if  you  \^ill  write 
and  ask  for  tliem.  This  large  assortraout  of 
color  eombmatlous:  Bine,  sreen  and  red  • 
preon.  red  and  white;  sreen,  red  and  ri.jui 
Dlue;  black  and  white;  green  and  bright  red- 
or  brown,  green  and  red.  When  ordering 
oiention  fbe  TOlor  rambLnation  yoti  detdw, 
also  give  a   second  choitie. 

Beautiful  Persian  Silk 

Width,   19  Inches. 

$1.00   T.°-  "^^'^^ 

JL»\J\f     There    is    no 

A  TABD  richer  or 
more  beauti- 
tttl  silk  made  than  this  rich- 
y  colored  Persian  Silk. 
Neat  and  attractive  in  ap- 
jearance  and  comes  in  rare 
lombinations     of     beautiful 

;olors    in    the    handsomest      

md  most  artistic  Persian  designs.  This 
iilk  will  give  satisfaction  in  every  re- 
ject. Samples  mailed  free  on  request 
rhe  color  combinations  are:  Red,  brown 
(nd  tan;  green,  red  and  tan;  rose  effects; 
lavy  blue;  myrtle  green;  or  dark  wine 
jjith  contrasting  colors  of  evening  shades. 
jLve  color  combination  and  second  choice. 



Fine    Taffeta   Stripe   Suiting 

Width,  18   Inches. 

4.  Or*  ^°-  14H6457      An     elegant 

T^V/^      piece   of   goods   for   so   low  a 

A  YAJBO  price.  You  have  seldom  if 
ever  seen  the  like.  It  is  firmly 
construoted  erf  all  silk  and  has  a  black 
warp  tl»t  gives  it  a  pretty  changeable 
■eftect.  Tile  narrow  stripe  running  length- 
•wise  of  the  goods  adds  coneiderably  to  its 
attractive  apjiearance.  If  ^on  bought  it 
anywhere  else  you  would  without  a  doubt 
pay  all  of  60  cents  a  yard.  Samides  are  f i-ee  • 
write  aud  ask  lor  them.  Better  still,  send  us 
your  order  direct  from  this  description  entirely 
lit  our  risk.  .Comes  in  a  cUalce  line  of  two"- 
tone  check  effects  iu  the  following  colors- 
Brown,  tan,  ,n<yrtle  green,  lilae,  emerald 
green,  royal  blue,  bright  red.  aavy  blOe  or 
black.  State  color  desired  and  give  n  Necond 
choice   when  ordering. 

AU  Silk  Black  Taffeta 

Width,  18   Inches. 

K2c         ^°'  ^^"^'*^    Tli's  is  a  spe- 
^^^     *^'^'   ^^'"^-    W'e   have   nothing 

A    YARD         .„    „rr  ,.  ^ 

to  otter  you  in  a  medium  grade 
Black  TaflFeta  that  will  give 
you  ibetter  service  and  satisfaction.  It  is 
a  very  pretty  all  silk  black  taffeta  that 
retailers  sell  as  a  bargain  at  69  cents  a 
yard;  practically  the  same  cloth.  Por  an 
inexpensive  skirt,  waist  or  dress  ,w,e  are 
sure  that  this  black  taflfeta  will  be  exactly 
to  your  liking  and  you  will  not  be  disap- 
pointed if  you  send  us  your  order.  You 
make  a  liberal  saving  on  every  yard  at 
our  price.  If  you  write  ,we  will  mail  you 
sample  free. 

All  Silk  Black  Grenadine 

Width,  42  Inches. 

51     on         No.l4H64e7    All  Silk 
■M.*\J\J     Black  Grenadine  of  excel- 
A  TABD         lent    quality.      It    is    very 
■  popular  among  fasihionably 

tressed  women.  Used  over  foundation 
i  black  or  bright  colors  for  waists, 
fcirts  and  dresses,  both  for  street  and 
vening  wear.  Very  crispy 
)f  texture  with  medium  hard 
jnish.  The  color  is  a  deep,  ._ 
ich  black,  giving  the  fabric 
:lustrous  appearance.  You  : 
rve  fully  one-third  at  our  ' 
ery  low  price.  Ask  for 
ample  of  this  cloth,  ex- 
mine  it  and  see  if  it  is  not 
upcrior  to  anything  you 
an  buy  else-sVhere.  We  as- 
in-e  you  of  full  satisfaction. 

la  Si 


A  T.-VRD 

All  Silk  Black  Taffetaline 

Width,  ^  Inches. 

No.  14H6471  All  Silk  Black 
Taffetaline  in  a  36-inch  width 
;that  you  will  like  the  moment  '. 
you  see  it,  and  you  will  agree 
with  US  that  it  is  as  good  a  value  as  any  . 
taffetaline  oifered  in  all  America  at  the 
price.  For  a  moderate  .priced  taffetaline 
you  will  find  it  very  practical  for  waists, 
separate  skirts  and  whole  dresses  and  it 
will  wear  longer  than  anything  you  have 
had  in  similar  goods.  Write  and  ask  for 
free  sample  or  send  your  order  direct 
from  this  description.  Your  money  back 
if  the  goods  do  not  suit  you.  Comes  in 
black  only. 

I    Good  Black  Taffeta  Silk 

f  Width,  27   Inches. 

i)^4-n         ^°'  l*H6^i5  The  many  pur- 

y'^"^  poses  for  which  a  27-inch  Black 
"ABD  Taffeta  can  be  used  and  the 
great  demand  for  a  silk  of  this 
character  make  it  imperative  for  us  to 
offer  one  to  especially  meet  the  needs  of 
our  customers.  In  this  number  we  offer 
practically  the  best  quality  that  you  have 
iver  had  the  opportunity  of  buying  at  84 
Jonts  a  yard.  Search  where  you  will, 
(rou  cannot  find  its  equal.  It  is  all  silk 
»nd  has  a  smooth,  even  finish  and  will 
wear  well.  Send  your  order  direct  from 
;his  description.  We  guarantee  that  you 
vill  be  thoroughly  satisfied. 

Width,  18  Inches. 

^  1  n  ^°-  ^*^^*S5  We  recom- 
*J  -■-  ^  mend  this  Taffetaline  very 
A  YABD  highly  for  almost  any  purpose. 
A  strictly  all  silk  material, 
woven  very  firm,  and  will  stand  lots  of 
wear.  Its  wiry  rustling  nature  and  ex- 
cellent wearing  qualities  make  it  an  ideal 
fabric  for  fine  linings,  or  foundations,  or 
for  intcrlinings  for  loose  weave  fabrics. 
Very  popular  and  desirable  for  dresses 
for  both  house  and  street  wear  and  also 
niakes  neat  attractive  waists.  Will  prove 
its  w^orth  in  service  and  in  fact  you  will 
find  it  satisfactory  in  every  respect.  Sam- 
ples are  free.  Comes  in  black  only,  a 
deep,  rich  color. 

Fancy  Stripe  Silk  Suiting 

Width,  19   Inches. 

/C  \^  No.       14H6431 

VOU      The  style  of  this 

A  TABD       pretty      fancy 
.  .  stripe     All     Silk 

Suiting  is  such  as  will  at- 
tract .immediate  attention  ' 
and  will  readily  .gain  popu- 
larity where  fashionable 
stylish  garments  are  desired 
at  a  moderate  expense  The 
most  prudent  buyers  will  And  it  very  Batjs- 
factory  Suitable  for  waists  or  whole  dresses, 
lou  will  wonder  how  me  sell  a  mstterial  of 
tins  ane  Quality  ;it  only  68  cents  a  yard 
tomes  in  these  very  popular  colored  grounds- 
Alice  blue,  light  blue,  Ijght  .green  or  royal 
blue,  with  fine  pencil  stripes  running  length- 
wise of  the  goods.  State  color  wanted  and 
'mention  second  choice. 

Jacquard  Black  Taffeta 

Width,  19   Inches. 

No.  14H64eo  An  exceptional 
value  at  the  price  we  quote. 
.A  fine  All  Silk  Black  Taffeta 
■with  small  handsome  Jacquard 

figures,  giving  it  a  rich   embroidered   or 

brocaded  effect.    Very  sure  to  be  popular 

where  fashionable,  attractive  garments  in 

the    seasons    newest    ideas 

are     required.       The     retail 

stores   in    Chicago   sell   this 

silk   at   $1.25   a   yard.     Y'ou 

may  order  any   quantity  of 

yards  you  need  direct  from 

this  catalog  at  our  risk;  but 

if  you   would   rather   see   a 

sample  we  will  send  it  free 

on   request.      We   guarantee 

it   either  way.     Black  only. 



All  Silk   Black  Taffetaline     Rustling   Black   Silk  Taffeta 

Width,  35   Inches. 


No.  14H6520  This  Rust- 1 
ling  Black  Silk  Taffeta  is  j 
A  TABD         made  of  pure  all  silk  yarns  ; 
to  our  order.   We  are  thor- 
oughly familiar  with  its  makeup  and  qual- 
ities,   having   sold   it   for   many   seasons.  ' 
Very   pretty  in   appearance,    soft   to    the  i 
touch  and  strictly  all  silk.    Splendid  and 
quite  dressy  for  skirts,  petticoats,  also  for 
millinery  and  trimming  purposes;  in  fact, 
it    will    prove    satisfactory   for    whatever 
purpose  yon  desire  to  nse  it.    Write  for  free 
.sample.   However,  you  can  safely  Bend  us  your 
order    from    this    description     with    the  '  full 
assurance   that   if  this   taffeta   is   pot   suitabli' 
in  every  respect  your  money  will  be  returned, 
includinp:  any  transportation  charpes  you  p.nid. 

uNKLIN!     Wha4'«  Franklin?     Best  of  All  Sewing  Machines,   That's  FRANKUN. 

Guaranteed  All  Silk  Black  Taffeta 

Full  36  Inches  in  Width  $ 

No.  14H6536        Worth  $2.00  a  Yard 



L  A  Yard 

$^^      ^^  ^^  Every  yard  of  this  all  silk  Black  Taffeta  is  absolutely  guaranteed  to  wear 

^W     fl   ■■   ■       to  the  best  satisfaction.     Every  inch  is  woven  from  the  finest  grade  silk  yarn, 
■     %  F«.  #       with  a  high  luster  and  smooth,  even  finish.     A  very  dressy  and  correct  blacli 
■      ^^  ^^       taffeta,  suitable  for  the  most  fashionable  black  gowns,  making  up  elegantly 
H      ■■■^—      Practical   also    for    every   purpose    for    which    a    taffeta    can    be    used — waists 
H      ^^^^^      dresses,    underskirts,    millinery,    trimmings,    sash    bows    and    for    many    othei 
^^^m  A  Yard       purposes.    Nothing  need  be  said  of  the  price;  it  is  so  low  it  speaks  for  itself 
We  know  exactly  how  it  is  made.     Our  name  is  on  the  selvage  of  every  yard 
which  means  that  we  stand  behind  it  with  our  guarantee.    It  is  made  especially  for  us  according  to  ou^ 
own  specifications,  as  to  the  quality  and  weight  of  the   silk  yarn   used  in   the   weavmg,   the   quality  anc 
quantity  of  the  dyes,  also  the  nature  of  the  finish.    Our  experts  at  the  looms  pay  the  closest  attention  tc 
see  that  the  finished  material  is  just  as  we  order  it  in  every  detail,  watching  it  constantly  from  start  tc 
finish.     This  taffeta  has  been  a  tremendous  success  in  its  trial  season,  hundreds  commenting  that  thej 
never  saw  its  equal.     Send  us  your  order  for  this  guaranteed  all   silk   black  taffeta  and  if   you  are   no- 
perfectly  satisfied  you  may  send  it  back  to  us  at  any  time  within  six  months 
and  we  will  return  your  money.   If  you  want  a  sample,  we  will  mail  it  free  or 
request,  but  you  run  no  risk  if  you  order  direct   from  this   catalog  as   ou: 
guarantee  protects  you,  and  we  are  sure  that  you  will  be  as  well  pleased  a; 
our  many  customers  who  bought  it  in  the  past  season.    Comes  in  a  beautifu 
shade  of  black. 

Black  Japanese  Silk 

Wiath,  23   Inches. 

-2  A  No.  14H6565  There  is  noth- 

OT"C  ing  in  a  light  weight  silk  that 
»  -PAwn  will  prove  more  satisfactory 
than  this  handsome  Black 
Japanese  Silk.  Very  appropriate  for  in- 
expensive dresses,  for  children's  dresses 
and  millinery  purposes.  You  will  be  well 
pleased  with  it.  The  service  giving  qual- 
ities found  in  this  fabric  make  it  an  un- 
usual value  at  the  price  we  quote.  Can't 
duplicate  it  anywhere  under  50  cents  a 
yard.  Order  it  direct  from  this  descrip- 
tion. You  will  make  no  mistake  as  we 
guarantee  that  you  will  not  be  disap- 
pointed in  this  material.    Black  only. 

Fine  Black  Habutai  Silk 

Width,  27   Inches. 
A   yi  No.   14H6570    IQ   pricing  this 

t|.t|.r»      siiii  at  44  cents  a  y.ird  we  offer  It 

to  you  on  tlie  s.ime  b.asis  as  our 
A  YARD      otlier  siilis,  at  the  cost  of  weaving 

plus  our  small  profit.  We  import 
It  direct  ourselves.  It  is  woven  from  pure  all 
silli  threads,  dyed  to  our  order,  and  has  oar 
guarantee  that  it  will  wear  well.  We  know 
of  no  other  quality  in  a  medium  grade  goods 
that  will  answer  the  purpose  as  well  as  this 
sills  for  sliirts  or  waists.  It  you  wish  to  see 
a  sample  before  sending  your  order,  we  will 
be  pleased  to  send  it  on  request.  But  you  can 
order  direct  from  this  description  at  our  risk, 
for  we  assure  you  that  if  the  goods  is  not 
what  you  expect  your  money  will  be  returned. 
Comes  In  a  fine  rich  black  only. 

Beautiful  Black  Japanese  Sill 

Width,   36   Inches. 
{—^  No.  14H6580    We  have  soh 

O  /  C  large  quantities  of  this  hand 
A  YARD  some  36-inch  Black  Japanes 
Silk  in  past  seasons.  Th 
sales  have  been  immense  and  it  continue 
to  be  more  and  more  in  demand  wit 
each  year's  sale.  It  comes  in  a  ver 
smooth,  even  bright  finish  with  nothin 
but  the  best  silk  yarns  in  its  makeuj 
Sample  sent  free  on  request.  It  wi 
quickly  convince  you  if  you  are  doubtfu 
You  would  pay  as  high  as  75  cents  a  yar 
elsewhere  for  this  same  cloth.  Comes  i 
a  beautiful  rich  deep  black  color  only. 

Fine  Quality  Black  Japanese  Silk 



Width,   27   Inches. 

No  14H6600  This  silk  is  woven  on 
band  looms  by  the  most  expert  weavers  in 
Japan  and  is  imported  directly,  by  us.  One 
dollar  a  yard  is  the  uniform  price  this  same 
handsome  Black  Habutai  or  Japanese  Silk 
is  sold  for  in  stores  the  country  over.  We  will  send  you 
a  free  sample  of  this  silk  if  you  write  and  ask  for  it. 
Compare  it"^ with  the  average  $1.00  silk;  they'll  match. 
We  offer  it  as  a  high  class  silk  and  a  value  that  compe- 
tition cannot  equal.  This  silk  will  much  better 
and  longer  than  silks  that  have  been  dyed  with  the  com- 
monly used  mineral  dyes,  because  it  is  dyed  with  pure 
aniline  color.  It  conieB  in  blacls  only.  As  a  material  that 
^BBBL^  will  give  good  service  we  recommend  it  very  highly, 
we  guarantee  it  in  every  way  and  you  may  feel  safe  you  will  be 
pleased  if  you  send  us  your  order  direct  from  this  description.  Money 
back  if  you  are  not  satisfied. 

Best  Heavy  Black  Japanese  Silk 

Width,  27   Inches. 



No  1  4H6605  We  have  no  better  Japa- 
nese'Silk  than  this;  it  is  the  best  grade  we 
import  It  comes  direct  to  us  from  the- 
looms  in  Japan,  the  product  of  expert  weav- 
ers By  importing  this  handsome  silk  direct 
from  Japan  we  save  you  all  the  middlemen's  or  Jolibers 
profits  It  has  nothing  but  the  finest  select  all  silk 
threads  in  its  makeup  and  we  know  you  cannot  find  the 
equal  of  this  quality  in  America  at  S3  cents  a  yard 
CMnia  in  a  smooth,  even  finish,  very  lustrous  and  will 
iTuicWv  attract  favorable  attention.  For  whatever  pur- 
nose  it  may  be  used  it  will  mark  .the  we.arer  as  a  good 

?iKlge  of  good  style  and  quality.    We  will   mail  a  free       

s'lmnle  on   request.     If  you  want   to   order  direct  from  ,     ,j'- 

fiiis  catalog  vou   may  do  so  without  any  hesitancy  or   as   to   t   n 
me?its  of  this  silk.    We  guar;mtee  to  return  your  money   if  the  goo. 



I't  suit  yon. 

It  conies 

black  only. 

Black  Silk  Mixed  Pongee 

Width,  26  Inches. 

/>  I"  No.   14H6610     This  Black  Silk 

-%^0  Mixed  rongee  is  a  plain,  hand- 
some  cloth,  the  same  on  both 
A  YARD  sides.  The  excellent  weave  is  ap- 
parent in  every  inch  of  this  fabric; 
made  of  pure  silk  and  combed  cotton  yarns. 
Has  no  superior  in  any  cloth  at  this  price  for 
waists  or  children's  dresses.  The  immense 
quantities  of  this  combination  of  silk  and 
cotton  pongee  we  sold  last  season  would  indi- 
cate that  it  is  one  of  the  best  fabrics  we  sell 
for  the  money.  Cannot  be  matched  elsewhere 
under  .50  cents  a  yard.  Every  yard  you  buy 
here  means  a  liberal  saving.  We  guarantee  it 
to  give  the  best  satisfaction  in  wear  and  looks. 
Write  for  free  sample.  See  page  62.  Comes  in 
'    looking:  deep  black  only. 

2    *\  ru 

Serviceable  Black  Pongee 

Width,    36    Inches. 
/>  O  No.  1  4H66 1  5  A  very  bright 

.^SC       and      lustrous      Black      Pongee 
«-'*-'*^      Silk    a  mixture  of  silk  .and  cot- 

A  YARD  ton  and  one  of  the  best  values 
we  have  in  this  line.  It  is  the 
best  quality  Pongee  Silk  made  for  the 
price.  Used  extensively  for  waists,  girls 
dresses  or  whole  suits  for  women,  and  will 
wear  well  wherever  it  is  used.  Sample 
mailed  free  on  request.  Should  yon  want 
to  send  us  your  order  direct  from  this  cat- 
alog you  may  safely  do  so.  as  we  guar- 
antee that  the  goods  will  suit  you  per- 
fectly. If  it  does  not  suit,  return  it  at  our 
expense  and  your  money  will  be  returned. 
Comes  in   black  only. 

Black  Silk  Peau  de  Soie 

Width,   19  Inches. 

Sf\  No.   14H6630    A   single   faced! 

^^C      Peau  de  Soie  of  a  quality  consid-l 

erably   above   the   average   silk   atl 
A  YARD       this  price.    You  would  have  to  payl 

at  least  75  cents  a  yard  for  thisi 
grade  anywhere  else.  We  offer  this  numbciT 
fsDeciaily  to  meet  the  demand  for  a  low| 
m-iced  peau  de  soie  and  this  is  the  best  made 
at  59  cents  a  vard.  We,  however,  recommend 
the  better  grades  if  you  want  something  thorj 
oughly  substantial  or  above  the  ordinaij,  thati 
win  render  greater  service  m  proportion  to| 
the  price.  Sample  mailed  promptly  on  receipt| 
of  vour  request.  This  peau  de  soie  offers  a 
splendid  opportunity  to  make  a  saving  by 
buving  your  goods  from  us.  Wc  guarantee  tc 
satisfy  you.  Bla«k  only,  a  good  non-fadabl< 

Find  High  Grade  Silver  Mesh  Bag  That  Saves  $1.75.     Value,  $5.00. 

•eau  de  Soie,^  Duchess,  Liberty 
— —  and  Lining  Satin  — _ 

ill  Silk  Black  Peau  de  Sole 

Width,  20  Inches. 

DQ  No.   14H6631     This    silk   Is   a 

5^C  '•'S  bargain  at  89  cents  a  yard,  it 
YAKD  being  the  same  quality  tbat  sells 
ill  the  department  stores  in  the 
large  cities  as  high  as  oue-third 
lOre.  Its  fine  quality  is  apparent  in  the  close, 
BTfect  weave,  nothing  but  the  best  all  silk 
irns  being  used  in  its  construction.  Clear, 
right  color  and  is  in  a  very  good  weight. 
bis  sill:  will  mnke  rich  looking  garments 
id  add  much  to  their  attractiveness  and 
lyle.  We  can  highly  recommend  this  Black 
illi  Peau  de  Sole  as  we  know  from  our  ex- 
a-ieiue  with  this  number  in  past  seasons 
lat  it  will  wear  well  and  please  the  buyer  in 
'ery  way.  Order  this  number  direct  from 
OS  description  at  our  risk  or  send  for  free 

All  Silk  Black  Peau  de  Sole 

Width,  35   Inches. 

S"l      CA  No.  14H6661     We  have 

^  A  •  O  VF       "'^s   fi"e   Black   Peau  de  Sole 
A  YARD  made  especially    to  our  order 

so  that  we  can  readily  fill 
your  order  for  a  black  silk 
that  possesses  all  the  merits  required  for 
stylish  garments  that  will  repay  any  extra 
expense  with  long,  satisfactory  service.  A 
very  heavy  smooth  all  silk  cloth,  finished  ex- 
actly alike  ou  both  sides.  A  dress  made  up 
from  this  silk  will  look  as  rich  and  beautiful 
as  any  high  priced  model  when  made  in  cor- 
rect style.  Our  price  of  $1.50  a  yard  is  the 
first  cost  of  this  silk  with  our  small  profit 
added,  actually  the  lowest  price  at  which  you 
can  buy  this  silk  anywhere.  You  will  do  well 
to  order  this  number.  We  guarantee  it  in 
every  respect. 

All  Silk  Black  Peau  de  Soie 


Width,  35  Inches. 

$1      /IQ  No.   14H6665    ThlsBla 

A.  »\JZ^       Peau  de  Sole  is  a  heavy  m 
A  XABO  '"^    ^^^  '""^  comes  in  a  very 

rich  shade  of  black.  A  very 
reliable  quality.  We  placed 
large  orders  for  black  peau  de  soie  with  the 
largest  and  best  mills  in  the  country,  enabling 
us  to  offer  them  at  prices,  according  to  the 
various  qualities,  below  anything  competition 
can  meet.  You  positively  make  a  liberal  sav- 
ing on  every  yard  of  this  black  silk  you  buy 
You  may  send  us  your  order  for  this  number 
with  the  understanding  that  if  it  is  not  as 
good  as  any  you  can  buy  elsewhere  at  ?2.00  a 
yard,  you  may  return  it  at  our  expense  and 
we  will  immediately  return  your  money  Sam- 
ple will  be  mailed  free  if  you  write  and  ask 
for  it. 

>  Black  Silk  Faced  Satin 

Width,    18   Inches. 

>  E?  .r>.  No.   t4H6670     A   very    good 
>3e       auaUty    Snk    Faced    Satin 


excelleut  weight,  much  in  demand 
for  linings  as  well  as  for  waists. 
We  recommend  it  as  being  service- 
Je  and  well  wearing  tor  a  low  priced  black 
tin.  It  has  an  all  silk  face  and  Union  twill 
ek.  Ihis  satin  is  imported  direct  bv  us  from 
•ance  and  is  equal  in  every  way  to  the  satins 
perally  sold  at  50  cents  a  yard.  At  our  price 
Is  s.itm  is  a  splendid  value  and  will  give 
Qd  satisfaction.  Wc  recommend  the  better 
ades  to  those  who  desire  the  benefits  usually 
rived  from  the  higher  priced  goods.  This 
k  faced  satin  comes  in  a  good  rich  black 
lor  only.  Write  and  ask  for  a  sample,  maUed 
>See  page  62. 

All  Silk  Black  Liberty  Satin 

Width,  18   Inches. 

CrQ„         No.  14H6685    A  very  soft  and 

OOC  pliable  beautiful  Black  Liberty 
^  YABD  Satin,  woven  from  pure  all  silk 
yarns  in  a  handsome  clear  shade 
of  blackj  rich  and  deep.  A  very 
practical  satin,  suitable  for  a  large  number  of 
uses.  Will  make  up  splendidly  for  dresses  for 
house  or  street  wear,  reception  costumes  etc 
We  wiU  mail  you  a  free  sample  of  this  fine 
fabric  on  request.  Once  you  see  this  satin  we 
are  sure  you  will  send  us  your  order  and  be 
convinced  that  there  is  no  other  silk  material 
on  the  market  that  excels  this  in  value  at  our 
price.  It  will  give  you  entire  satisfaction.  You 
can  safely  send  your  order  direct  from  this 

inest  Black  Duchess   Satin 

Width,  36   Inches. 

1       '3  O  No.   1  4  H  6686    W  e  offer 

A  aO  >^       tbis  excellent  Black  Silk  Satin 
X  Y.4RD  especially  to  meet  the  demand 

for  an  extra  quality.  It  is  the 
best  value  we  know  of  and  we 
emmend  it  very  highly.  Made  from  all  silk 
rns  in  a  heavy  durable  weight.  This  satin 
mot  be  equaled  elsewhere  at  our  price.  It 
old  cost  you  not  less  than  $2.00  a  yard  in 
r  retail  store.  Send  for  a  free  sample  if  you 
•ire.  but  to  save  time,  you  can  send  your 
ler  direct  from  this  description,  as  we  guar- 
;ee  that  you  will  be  more  than  pleased  both 
quality  alid  value.  It  comes  In  a  fine  rich 
ck  only. 

11  Silk  Black  Satin  Messaline 

Width,  36   Inches. 






This  is  the  fln- 
e  s  t  fabric  o  t 
Its  kind  on  the 
market  for  ^1.12  a  yard.  Look 
where  you  will,  you  cannot 
buy  this  same  quality  anywhere 
else  for  less  than  lf2.00  a  yard. 
This  handsome  Black  Satin 
iMessaline  is  imported  direct  by 
us  and  woven  eBpe<ially  for 
high  grade  fashionable  gowns, 
neat  attractive  waists  or  coats. 
»  strictly  an  all  silk  material,  woven  with 
it  care  to  give  the  best  results.  Has  no 
•ch  or  dressing  in  it  and  hangs  beautifully 
»n  he  draped  to  suit  in  any  stvle  of  gar- 
it.  SMiuplf  mailed  free  on  request.  Comes 
1  Kond  tm.Rt  ricii  blscV. 

All  Silk  Black  Duchess  Satin 

Width,  26  Inches. 

/^'^  No.   14H6687    Beautiful  Black 

\J^C  Duchess  Satin,  made  from  an  extra 
A  YARD  ^"^^  quality  of  pure  all  silk  yarns 
and  finished  with  an  exceptionally 
high  luster.  This  quality  satin  will 
not  be  found  elsewhere  at  anything  like  the 
price  we  quote.  Send  for  free  sample  and  ex- 
amine it  thoroughly;  it's  worth  all  of  95  cents 
a  yard  and  you  can't  buy  it  for  less  elsewhere. 
For  handsome  black  dresses,  separate  skirts  or 
for  waists,  you  will  find  it  to  your  liking.  We 
recommend  it  in  every  way.  Comes  in  a  rich 
and  permanent  shade  of  black.  Y'ou  can  safely 
order  it  direct  from  this  catalog  on  our  assur- 
ance of  ptrtect  satisfaction  in  every  respect 
Money  back  if  it  does  not  suit. 

Black  Silk  Peau  de  Cygne 

Width,  36  Inches. 

St  £\A  .No.  14H6688  This  goods 
I  «lf *T       '^  cheap  at  our   price,   owing 

to  its  width,  which  is  full  36 
A  YARD  inches.    A   beautiful   Peau   de 

Cygne,  all  pure  silk  and  verv 
highly  finished.  It  will  wear  long  and  give 
satisfactory  service  for  whatever  purpose  it  is 
used.  We  know  there  is  nothing  better  at  our 
price  for  waists,  dresses  or  for  millinery  pur- 
poses and  you  will  readily  agree  with  us  when 
you  see  the  goods.  We  will  promptly  mail  you 
a  free  sample  if  yon  write  for  it.  Ho"wever,  you 
need  not  wait  for  a  sample.  Send  ns  your  order 
direct  from  this  description  as  we  guarantee 
the  goods  to  please  yon  In  every  respect  or 
return  your  money,  or  exchange  it  for  other 
goods  if  you  so  desire.  Comes  In  rich  deep 

Black  Silk  Messaline 

Width,  19   Inches. 

/TO  No.   14H6713    We  import  this 

OOC  fabric;  it  is  made  for  us  by  an 
A  Y4RD  It»lla°  flrm  distinguished  for  mak- 
ing high  class  black  silks.  This 
very  soft  all  silk  Black  Messaline 
is  one  of  our  leaders  in  plain  silks,  and  being 
thoroughly  familiar  with  it  we  know  you  can- 
not buy  its  equal  under  $1.00  a  yard  anywhere 
at  retail.  This  silk  is  very  much  in  demand 
for  stylish  petticoats,  also  for  waists,  etc.,  and 
will  wear  to  the  best  of  satisfaction.  Y'ou  will 
more  fully  appreciate  the  value  of  this  offer 
when  you  see  a  sample,  which  we  will  mail 
(iromptly  on  request  However,  vou  can  order 
dlnxt  from  this  description  if  you  wish  to 
save  time,  as  we  will  immediately  return  your 
money  if  you  are  not  perfectly  satisfied  In 
every  way  with  your  purchase.  Comes  in 
black,  a  deep  rich  color. 

Black  Silk  Poplin 


Width,  18  Inches. 

'2Q.rv         No.   14H6750 
OOC      "^^^   demand  lor 

this   silk    Poplin    is 

greater     with    each 

season's  sale  and 
has  never  failed  to  become  pop- 
ular with  the  buyer.  It  comes 
in  a  fine  medium  weight  and  is 
the  same  on  both  sides;  can  be 
used  on  either  side  as  you  de- 
sire. A  firm  pin  cord  weave, 
made  of  silk  and  cotton  mixed, 
and  guaranteed  not  to  fade.  A 
very  desirable  and  handsome 
material  for  whole  dresses  and  waists.  Makes 
up  beautifully  in  every  way.  One  of  the  best 
sellers  and  bisDccot  values  in  our  whole  line. 
Order  it  for  summer  wear;  you  will  surely  be 
well  pleased.  Comea  in  a  pretty  shade  of 
black,  fast  color. 





MMillllCllllffRS  PRMIS 

Splendid  Kid  Finished  Cambric 

Width,  25  Inches. 

5  No    14H6980    We  can  offer  no  better  aual- 

t*  ity    of   kid    finished    Lining    Cambric   than    this 

^  number.     It   is   superior   to   what   you   can   buy 

A  TARD  elsewhere  at  the  price.  We  offer  it  to  you  on  the 
same  basis  as  our  other  linings,  our  small  m^rgiu  of  profit 
being  the  same  in  every  instance.  A  very  substantial  qual- 
ity that  will  give  the  best  service.  It  comes  in  this  splendid 
range  of  colors:  Whit*,  cream,  yellow,  nile  green,  lavender, 
pink,  light  bine,  light  gray,  slate,  tan,  brown,  myrtle 
greei,  bright  red,  wine,  navy  blue  or  black.  Ment.on  color 
desired  and  give  a  second  choice  when  ordering. 

Shimmer  Silk  Dress  Lining 

Width,  36  Inches- 
No.  14H7030  A  finely  woven 
lining  in  a  medium  weight;  resem- 
bles silk,  but  has  no  silk  in  its 
makeup.  This  Shimmer  Silk  Dress 
Lining  is  made  from  the  finest  Sea  Island  cot- 
ton threads  and  is  a  very  practical  lining  for 
the  finest  dresses.  An  excellent  value  "t  the 
price  quoted.  It  comes  in  this  wide  range  of 
choice  colors :  White,  cream,  light  bine,  pink, 
lavender,  yellow,  pearl  gray,  old  «■««''•««■;'* 
creen.  mvrtle  green,  tan,  brown,  bright  red, 
wine"  slate,  navy  blue  or  black.  State  color 
wanted  and  give  a  second  choic*.       



Extra  Mercerized  Sateen 

Width,  36  Inches 
1  rt  "No.  14H7059  This  Sateen 
IMC  looks  almost  like  silk,  being  so 
.  ,;.„n  fully  mercerized  and  highly  fin- 
A  \ARU  jsijefl^  It  will  wash  very  well  and 
keep  its  color.  The  weave  Is  close,  even  and  per- 
fect, with  a  smooth  satin  surface.  This  sateen 
is  appropriate  for  many  uses,  especially  for 
skirts:  wiists  or  whole  dresses  and  wall  wear 
in  every  instance  to  suit  the  most  critical. 
Colors  "to  choose  from  are:  White,  cream, 
navy  blue,  light  bine,  pink,  bright  red,  tan, 
brown,  wine,  light  gray,  nile  green,  slate,  myr- 
tle green  or  black.  Mention  color  wanted  and 
give  a  second  choice. 

Extra  Quality  Rusleen 

Width,  35  to  36  Inches. 
^S  No.   14H7130     This    fine    dur- 

25c         able     Kusleen     has     that     desired 
4  Y4RD       s^'**'^  •^^'^  '■"^"'^  ■'°'^  *''°™      ?  ^^' 

Mercerized  Lining  Sateen 

Width,  29  to  30  Inches. 
t  i\  No.   14H7040    Mercerized  Lin - 

I  UC  ing  Sateen  in  a  good  heavy  weight, 
4  vAnr.  a  suitable  cloth  for  underskirts, 
A  YAKU  blouses  or  boys'  waists.  It  is 
fully  mercerized,  well  woven  and  dyed,  and 
will  wear  well  in  every  instance.  Worth  all 
of  15  cents  a  yard,  the  average  price  the  coun- 
try over  Make  your  selection  and  send  us 
your  order  from  this  choice  line  of  colors: 
White,  cream,  brown,  light  gray,  royal  blue, 
mvrtle  green,  slate,  tan,  wine,  light  bine,  black, 
bright  red,  pink  or  navy  bine.  Be  sure  to 
color  yon  prefer  and  also  give  a  second 


Rich  Luster  Mercerized  Sateen 

pearauce  you 

^ ..ould  take  it  to  be 

an  all  silk  material.'  It  is  made  from  fine  cot- 
ton yarns,  however,  and  will  wear  better  and 
longlr  than  an  all  silk.  Excellent  for  every- 
day petticoats  and  beats  anything  offered  else- 
where at  the  price.  This  material  is  also 
offered  in  ready  made  garments  ib  different 
oSalities.  Look  for  our  Rusleen  petticoats. 
Colors,  cream,  pink,  light  blue,  navy  blue, 
brown,  wine,  myrtle  green,  tan  or  black.  State 
color  wanted  and  give  second  choice^ 

Fine  Cotton  Black  Satin 

Width,  18  Inches. 
-iC  No.  14H6350  This  Cotton 
OOC  Back  Satin  is  no  new  number  with 
\  T4RD  US,  as  it  has  been  one  of  the  best 
sellers  in  the  past  three  or  four 
seasons  Our  customers  have  been  more  than 
pleased  with  it.  We  offer  it  at  the  same  pnc'e 
naa  an  all  silk  face  and  will  give  satisfaction 
where  a  cotton  back  lining  is  desired.  Choice 
of  these  colors:  White,  cream,  pmk,  light 
bine,  purple,  gray,  old  rose,  bright  red,  wine, 
myrtle  green,  navy  blue,  royal  bine.  tan. 
brown  or  black.  State  color  wanted  and  also 
cive  a   second  choice.  

Width,  36  Inches. 
'yt\  No.  14H7070  At  30  cents  a 
oUC  yard  this  is  the  best  value  you 
rViKn  ever  saw.  One  of  the  finest,  most 
A  TARD  e.5.j,niy  woven  and  best  Sateens 
made  You  will  make  no  mistake  by  ordering 
this  number,  no  matter  for  what  purpose  you 
may  desire-  to  use  it.  Has  very  rich  lustei 
and  is  made  from  finest  grade  cotton  yarns, 
looks  almost  like  a  satin.  We  know  its  merits 
from  experience  in  seasons  past  and  recom- 
mend It  very  highly.  Colors,  white,  cream. 
Dink,  del,  tan,  brown,  navy  bine,  myrtle  green, 
light  gray,  slate  or  black.  State  color  preferred 
and  give  second  choice. 

Black  Moreen  Skirting 

Width,  about  26  Inches. 
/^S  No.   14H7090  For  dress  skirts 

^3C  for  everyday  wear  this  handsome 
A  TARD  black  watered  Moreen  is  decidedly 
popular.  Has  the  appearance  of  a 
moire  silk,  but  will  give  far  better  wear.  This 
moreen  skirting  comes  in  black  only,  but  if  you 
want  a  good  inexpensive  black  skirt  that  will 
be  serviceable,  we  highly  recommend  this  both 
for  wear  and  appearance.  Yon  may  order  it 
direct  from  this  description  on  our  assurance 
that  it  will  suit  you  for  whatever  purpose  you 
want  to  use  it. 

Excellent  Shadow  Silk  Lining 

I  Width,  36  Inches. 

•t  ^  No    14H7020     You  will  not  find  a  Shado' 

I  ^C  Silk  Lining  of  anything  like  this  quality  retal 
ing  anywhere  at  12  cents  a  yard.  The  averai 
A  TARD  merchant's  price  the  country  over  is  20  cents 
yard.  We  save  you  money  on  linings  as  well  as  on  an 
other  dress  fabrics  if  you  buy  here  our  qualities  bein 
sunerior  in  every  way.  For  looks  and  durability  this  fli 
Ih^dow'sUk lining  islighly  recommended  by  us  Choice. 
these  fine  colors:  White,  cream,  pmk  V*"  .'''"«•,»*'*  "! 
slate,  light  gray,  nile  green,  yellow,  bright  "-2;  ™y'"*  «'** 
AUce  blue,  navy  blue,  tan,  brown,  wine  or  black.  Be  su 
to  state  color  wanted  and  mention   second  choice. 

Mercerized  Skirting  Sateei 

Width,  36  Inches. 
Iff  No.  14H7050  This  is  a  ban 
I  3C  some  Skirting  Sateen  made  with 
i  vxTin  permanent  finish,  high,  rich  sil 
A  TABU  j'ugter,  especially  suited  for  undf 
skirts.  Also  well  adapted  for  blouses,  boj 
waists  or  any  other  purpose  requires  ha 
wear  The  price  for  similar  goods  elsewh< 
Is  at  least  20  cents  a  yard.  Select  from  th< 
splendid  colors:  Whit*,  cream,  tan,  medtt 
brown,  light  blue,  pink,  pearl  gray,  brig 
red,  heUotrope,  nUe  green,  myrtle  green,  wii 
slate,  royal  blue,  navy  blue  or  black.  Sti 
color  you  prefer  when  ordering  and  also  m< 
tlon  second  choice. . 

Fine  Grade  Heatherbloon 

Width,  36  Inches. 
i-^fj                No.   14H7080    You     will 
^  /  C         at  least  40  cents  a   yard   for   t 
4  v4R.r»       Heatherbloom  in  any  store  in 
a.  iLAnu       country.    To  those  who  have  U! 
this  material   we  need  say   no  more  about 
It  is  an  extraordinary  value  and  we  feel  t 
we  should  get  your  order  when  we  offer  Hea 
erbloom  at  27  cents  a  yard.     Select  from  t 
range    of   choice    colors :     White,    pink,    cref 
navy    bine,    brown,    tan,    wine,    myrtle    gr< 
light  gray,  Alice  blue  or  black.     When  oril 
ing  be  sure  to  state  color  wanted  and  if  c 
venient  mention  a  second  choice. 

Lustrous  Silk  Faced  Satin 

Width,  36  Inches. 

C-*  No.  14H6365  We  offer  this  Silk 

n^C  Faced  Satin  especially  to  meet  the 
.,*"„_  great  demand  for  something  better 
A  y.4RD  P^  lining  satin.  Although  a  new 
number  we  sold  hundreds  of  yards  last  season. 
Much  better  quality  than  is  sold  in  the  average 
store  for  $1.00  a  yard,  if  not  more.  Excep- 
tional quality,  has  high  satin  flDish.  a"  si  k 
face  and  cotton  back,  very  heavy  and  solidly 
woven  However,  it  is  very  fine  and  soft;  not 
like  most  heavy  lining  satins.  Colors,  cream, 
tan,  brown,  myrtle  green,  navy  blue.  wine,  gray 
—  black.    State  color  desired  and  mention  sec- 

nd  choic 

Neirbo  Petticoat  Taffeta 

Width,  35  to  36  Inches. 
/■%■%                 No.   14H7125     This  numbe 
Jt  LC         the  finest  Taffeta  that  can  be 
A  TARD       for  a  petticoat.    Neirbo  is  mad( 
our  order,  bright  and  glossy  in 
pearance  and  will  wear  to  the  best  of  satis 
tlon.     It  is  far  superior  to  any  other  imitai 
silk  goods  you  can  buy  at  any  price.     You 
be    pleased    with    it.     Choose    from    this    v 
assortment    of    choice    colors:     White,     p 
cream,    navy    bine,    brown,    tan,    wine,    my 
greeji,  light  gray,  slate,  Alice  blue  or  black. 
sure  to  mention  the  color  wanted  and  also 
a  second  choice  when  ordering. 

Guaranteed  Silk  Faced  Sal 

Width,  36  Inches. 
flT  No.  14H6371     We  know  o 

V/C  other  cotton  back  Satin  on 
.  -pATin  market  that  is  as  good  as 
A  \AKU  number  we  offer  at  97  cent 
yard.  An  all  silk  face  with  a  cotton  back 
guaranteed  for  two  years.  Used  extensi 
for  lining  coats  and  wraps  where  a  fine  qui 
is  desired.  Select  from  this  excellent  lin 
colors.:  Cream,  tan.  gray,  wine,  brown,  i 
blue,  myrtle  green  or  black.  Be  sure  to  ( 
color  wanted  and  also  give  a  second  ch 
Samples  mailed  free  on  request,    bee  page 

Heavy  Colored  Lining  Satin 

Width,  36  Inches. 
y  r^  No    14H6372    This  Lining  Satin  is  made 

rirlf*  with  a  silk  face,  highly  finished  and  a  heavy, 
^J^-r^^  aurable  cotton  back.  Firmly  and  solidly  woven 
A  TARD  ^qj  jg  an  excellent  wearing  material.    This  is 

the  same  genuine  quality  for  which  you  pay  85  cents  a  yard 
elsewhere.  You  make  a  liberal  saving  when  you  buy  it 
from  us.  Samples  sent  free  on  request.  Send  your  order 
for  this  lining  satin  direct  from  this  description  under  our 
guarantee  that  the  goods  will  be  just  exactly  what  yon 
want.  This  range  of  colors  to  choose  from:  Cream,  tan, 
brown,  wine,  myrtle  green,  navy  blue,  gray  or  black.  Always 
state  color  wanted  and  also  mention  a  second  choice. 

Silk  Finish  Black  Lining  Satin 

Width,  36  Inches. 
Vl/^  No.  14H6705  Another  splendid  h 
J»fc  XC  Black  Lining  Satin  with  an  .all  silk  face 
'^^•'*'  cotton  back.  A  quality  you  cannot  equal 
A  TARD  where  for  less  than  $1.10  a  yard.  Very  bi 
finish  and  will  wear  extremely  well  for  any  purpose  w 
a  good  black  satin  can  be  used.  Those  desiring  at 
lining  satin  above  the  ordinary  will  be  satisfied  with 
number.  You  may  send  us  your  order  direct  from 
description  or.  if  you  wish,  write  for  free  sample  b. 
ordering.  In  either  case  you  will  be  perfectly  satisfied, 
you  will  save  time  if  you  order  direct.  Comes  In  a  sple 
solid  hla<'k  color. _^_____ 

«WQ     SEARS,   ROEBUCK  AND   CO.,        A 
/o  ruir.ARO.  ILL.  '*' 


VfflTB-^vnmws  ^  mmm  vauib 


Good  Quality  Colored  Velveteen 

No.  14H6764     Width,  17  Inchet. 

k  XABD 

We  offer  tbis  nnmber  at  practieally  miU  cost,  only  34  cents  a  yard. 
rUch  Is  fuUy  oiie-tlurd  less  than  what  you  would  pay  if  you  bought  It 
Jsewiiere.  We  have  sold  tUousauds  of  yards  in  past  seasons  and  cou- 
Wering  the  low  price  It  is  a  very  good  quaUty.  Choice  of  these  haud- 
ome  colors:  Crram,  Ileht  blae,  pink,  gray,  tsn,  brown,  violet,  myrtle 
jTeen,  briKht  red,  wine,  royal  blue,  navy  bine  or  Mack.  State  color 
leaired   and  elve  second   choice. 

Silk  Finish  Velveteen 

Width,  22  Incfae*. 


i  YABD 

N«.  I4H6781  Thla  handsome  silk 
finish  Velveteen  la  a  very  beautiful  doth 
for  whole  aulta,  coats,  children's  blouaea 
or  fancy  waists.  others  ask  75  cents  a 
yard  for  the  same  quality.  Order  any 
.,^  _^,  number    of    yards    on    our    guarantee    of 

ttiaactlOTl  or  If  you  prefer  to  see  samples  before  order- 
«  we  wiU  send  them  on  rcQueat.  Colors,  cream,  lidit 
at,  pink,  erld  rose.  (r«>.  tarn,  medium  brown,  royal  fclue, 
•let.  myrtle  green,  bright  red.  wine,  navfy  blue  or 
ack.     State    color   desired    and    mention    second    choice. 

beautiful  Silk  Faced  Velvet 


Width,    18  Inches. 

No.     I4H680I       For   walats  or  mil- 
llnery  purposes  you  Will  find  uothlns  bat- 
ter at  the  price.      Thla  silk  faced   Velvet 
A.RD  *^   ^   beautiful    quality   with   a   good   close 

nap.      Comes   lii   a    very   desirable   welghL 
It    la    equal    in    every    way    to    any    75- 
relret    you    ever    bought.      Order    as    much    as    you 
you    will   need    and    return   it   at   our   espena©   if   It 
prove  to  be  mm-e  than   we  claim   for  It.      These 
select:      Cream,    pink. 

olid    colors    from    wliich 

oiyrHfl    gnen,    nray,    bright  "redi 
,:_-   -_  L._.._      Mention  color  de- 


Regal  Paon  Velvet 



Width,    17   Inches. 

NO.  1 4H6862  Another  handsome 
silk  faced  Paon  A''elvet  with  a  good 
finish    and    well    constructed    back.       Will 

'   crush  easily.      Has  a  very  dose  nap. 

Paon  velvets   are  very   deairable   

be  exceedingly  popular  the  coming  season 
whole  suits,  costumes,  waists,  jacketa,  coats,  capes, 
,  VVe  recommend  tills  cloth  as  a  very  practical  and 
flceable  velvet  and  a  bargain  at  the  price.  Comes  in 
pink,  light  blue,  tan,  gray, 
navy   blue,    bright 

following   colors:     Cream 
¥0.    myrtle   green,    royal   blii 

black.      Stat*    color    wanted 


neatioD    wcond 

flk  Finish  Black  Velveteen 

:_  Width,   22   Inches. 


will    make 


cellent   finish, 
in    every    way. 

Biderable  saving  if  you  send  us  your  order 
this  number,  as  it  la  priced  extremely  low.  It  will 
*  up  nicely  into  a  dress  skirt  or  wliole  dress,  aod 
recommend  It  If  you  want  somelhlna  in  a  moderate 
ed   velveteen.      Tou   would  hitve   to  pay  as  tilgh   as   fi.-^ 

a   yard  for  tbls  quality  anywhere  else.      —  " 
sample.      See  page  C2.      Comes  in  black 

Write  for 

iautiful   Silk   Faced    Black 

Width,   18  Inches. 
No.    I4H69I4 



back  which 

durable  Velvet  with 
pure  sUk  and  a  solidly 
prevent*  the  nap  from  pidli..„  „.  ,„„ 
blng  out.  Comes  In  a  very  rich  lustrous 
black.  Garments  made  from  thla  velvet 
wear  well  and  look  rich  and  attractive.  At  our  prtee 
i  cents  a  yard  you  make  a  substantial  saving.  You 
d  Jiave  to  pay  $l.(m  a  yard  for  It  In  the  retaU  gtore* 
be  perfectly  BaUsfled  with  your  purchaae.  It  la  also 
desirable  fnr  mllUnery  purp.ises.  We  will  mall  a 
U   fiGo  on      Comes  In   black   only. 

lecial   Black   Paon    Velvet 



Width,   17J^   Inches. 

No.  I4H694S  A  Velvet,  eofu 
more  pUuhle  in  liiiture  Uiaa  the  oji 
kind   and   U   is   extremely   durable. 

U  silk  face  with   a  \vwll   made 

tisfacUou    for 


ny   purpose   for  wldcli 

lets  sell  this  quality  velvet  as  s  very  good  value  .. 
a  yard.  We  Euarautee  this  pretty  black  paon 
lie  stiperlor  to  anything  ym  can  buy  nnywtiere 
lur  jirlce.  A  s.imole  nf  this  cloth  will  convluce 
«■•  ssTB  ymi  money  on  velvets.  A  special  value. 
a  rich   shads  of  black. 

Imported  Costume  Velveteen 

Excellent  Colored  Velveteen 

45c  No.  14H6772     Width.  21}4  Inches. 


fnr-trJ?IZ  '""'^some  cloth,  in  a  good  tuetiliun  weight,  especially  adapted 
n  vJrt  ??r'^utwh^^,„''''*^''^°f,.^"'?-  ^  'i""^^^  y«"  would  pay  60  (iSS 
tJ  h  elsewhere.  We  will  return  yonr  money  and  pay  transporta- 
tion  charges  both  ways  if  the  goods  does  not  please  voii  lu  every  «-ay 
Colors,  oreani,  pink,  lieht  blue,  nile  ereen,  old  rose.' era.v.  tan  violet 
brown,  mj  rtle  Breen.  royal  blue,  bright  red,  n»»y  bliw.  Wine  or  black.' 
State  color  wanted  and  give  aecend  choice. 

Width,    24   Inches. 

^64^  No.    I4H6792      A  very  closely  

%J  %J  ^^  and    durable    Velveteen    having    a    finish 

similar  to  an  all  silk  fabric.  You  usually 
see  this  velveteen  in  llie  lilBher  priced 
gainienta:  it  Is  very  fashionable  ai..- 
rich  looking.  If  you  should  buy  It  Ir 
...  _.  —  ^„„  would  pay  as  high  as  85  cents  a  ya- 
tor  it — the  uniform  price  the  country  over.  You  ne**- 
saw  Ite  e<tual  at  our  price.  It  is  surely  great  valtle. 
Order  from  these  colors;  Gray,  tsn,  medlun  brown,  whw. 
!.  J"™,  n'yrtio  green,  royal  blue,  naiy  blue,  wrple 
or  black.     State  color  wanted  and  give  a  secud  dtotoe. 




Pure  Silk  Faced  Velvet 



Width,    18    Inches. 

No.  I4H68I4  Tills  doUi  tas  always 
proven  aajliafactory.  It's  an  elegant  piece 
of  material  made  mth  a  fine  silk  pUe 
and  lisle  thread  back,  giving  it  the  rich 
appearance  of  an  all  silk  velvet.  Makee 
splendid  garments  and  will  give  ex- 
cellent service  In  every  way.  Can't  buy  this  velvet  any 
place  but  here  at  79  cents  a  yard;  it  would  cost  you  Jl.OO 
a  yard  anywiiere  else.  Choose  from  these  fine  colors: 
Cream,  pink,  light  blue,  gray,  tan.  brown,  purple,  myrtle 
green,  old  rose,  bright  red,  royal  blue,  wine,  navy  blue 
or  blade.     State  color  waflted  and  give  a  second   ehoiee. 

Good  Grade  Black  Velveteen 




Width.    18   Inches. 


not    equal 

I4H6874       ^ 

Velveteen    anywhe  .     ,  __     

money  quoted  by  xin.  affording  you  a  very 
liberal  saving.  It  is  a  very  hiJidsome 
velveteen  in  a  beautiful  rich  shade  of 
black  and  Is  equal  In  quality,  finish, 
id  dutabtlity  to  any  goods  you  can  buy  elsewhere 
at  fully  one-tliird  more  than  we  ask.  We  wlJI  send  you 
a  free  sample  if  you  write  for  it,  or  ftU  your  order  direct 
from  this  description.  If  the  goods  does  not  satisfy  you 
m  every  way,  we  wdl  return  your  money  or  exchange  for 
other    goods,    just    as    you    desire.       Comes    in    solid    black 

Superior  Silk  Finish  Velveteen 

^  ^  Width,  24   Inches. 

f\Si^\  ^°'     I4H6902       One    of    the    better 

\_W%J\^  grades  in  Velveteens,  indeed  a  very  hand- 

some   costume    cloUi.     very    soft    in    flnidi 
and   looks  mudi   more  expensive  than  thp 
price     really    suggests.        Elegant     for 
whole    go\vn    and   will    add    n: 
style  and  beauty  of  the  finished  garment. 


-    to    the 

, — — juLsuj    LM    mc    uiuaiicu    Kiuruinut,.         V*  /OUld    like 

have  you  carapare  thla  velveteen  Mth  wha       ^u  buy  in 

other  stores  at  the  same  price;  —  -—  - 

■■-    your   order.      Write   for 

-  — you   win  send 

__^„-.    ^;""'    "-    '^    f*"*®    sample.       If    it    is    not 

better  than   anything   you   can   buy   elsewhere  at   tlie  price 
and    you    are    not    satisfied    when    you    rtcelve    the    goods 

Empress  Silk  Faced  Black  Velvet 

^-.  Width,    18   Inches. 

CJWtf^  No.    I4H6931      This  will  surely  be 

^  %J^  another    great    s<;ason    for    velvets.       Tiie 

demand  for  velvets  has  greatly  Increaaed, 
A  VARn  especially   for   the    better  grades,    and   we 

^  ^^u%^  m-g    confident    that    this    number    will    be 

far  more  popular  than  ever  before  and 
wiU.  as  lu  seasons  past,  more  than  please  the  most 
prudent  buyers.  It  la  imported  direct  by  ua.  Tou  would 
pay  not  less  than  J1.35  to  $1.50  a  yard  in  retail  stores 
for  this  Qualjiy.  foraes  in  a  proper  welglit  for  fashiim- 
able,  dressy  garments.  You  will  pmftt  by  ordering  tbts 
nmriber  from  us  If  you  want  quality  hetlt-r  tJiaii  the 
ordinary.      Comes  in  a  beautiful  shade  of  black. 

Best  Silk  Faced  Black  Paon  Velvet 

WidUi,   17   Inches. 

No.    I4H697I     This  silk  faced  Bladt 





get  for  your  money  anywhere. . 

soft  Hilky  pile  and  is  closely  woven.  „„ 
elegant  cloth  for  walata  and  millinery 
purposes:  dnwws  very  beantifullv.  Write 
for  a  free  ssinple.  We  are  sure  you  will  send  us  your 
order  the  moment  you  see  and  feel  the  goods.  However 
yim  can  ufely  order  direct  from  tltis  descriptlnn  and  if 
artiy  what  you  expect  when  ynu  re- 
expense  and  ,we  will  return   your 

the    good. 

celve  lu  ret  __    

eschanfe  for  othw  goods  if  you 

in  blade 


'  wish.     Comes 

Silk  Faced  Paon  Velvet 



Width,    17^    Inches. 
No.     I4H6795      A    good    solid    Paon 
Velvet  with  a  very  rich  aUk  flnJAhed  fae» 
that  gives    It   the   appearnnce   of   tho   mcwe 
expensive     goods.        It    Is     an     exceptional 
value    and    will    wear    eplendidly    in    any 
ivUl     surely     order     thla 

from    these    colors:       Cream, 
Alic»  blue.  Bray.  tan.  brioht 
bloe,   brown,   navy  blue  or  btaek. 
mstitioa     second     choice. 

go^ls.       Send   for   free   i 

receipt  of  your  request.      Choese 

link,    light    blue,    old    rose, 

d.  miTtlB  0rBeii»  wine,  royal 

Stat*  color  wajited  and 

Empress  Silk  Faced  Velvet 

f~.~.  Width,   18   Inches. 

MqQ  „..'y»-..l.4K683t 

r,..-.-"    ■-'■.««—.       VVe  recommeDd  thla 
SUk    \  elv«t    most    Mghly    b8c»a«e    <rf    lu 
all    around    merits    a«    a    cloth    that    will 
A  TAED  ^™     ^'1"     satlsliirtlon,        Hundrjids     of 

costomera    were    more    than    pieased    wltb 
.  J.  2'  ._'*"'  s*"'""-      Is  an  all  silk  faced  velvet 

In  a  raedinm  weight,  a  aualltj  that  retails  In  tho  lar™ 
city  stores  at  |1  50  a  sard.  This  big  range  of  colors 
from  which  to  select:  Craam.  medium  brown,  royal  Mue 
navy  blue  myrtle  green,  bright  red.  wine,  tan,  pink,  light 
blue   or  blaxk.     State  color  preforrwl   and    -   --■  ' 



Extra  Quality  Black  Velveteen 



Width,   21^    Inche.. 

We    know    wha 

exceptional   val 
thoroughly    satisfy    you 


is   and   offer  It 

af  this    price.      It   will 

looks    aa    well 

you  can  see  and  feel  it  to 
will  wonder  how   we   sell   it 

worth  much  more  than  we  ask.      However. 

"'^'^1./,^*'°*  "^^^  P"P^  '^"^  quantity  of  yards  you  des'lre  aiid 
we  win  return  yoiu-  money  promptly,  including  traiisporla- 
non  charRes,  if  the  goods  does  not  suit  you  in  every  way 

Send    for    free 

r   own    satisfaction. 

nd   agree   that  It   I3 
may  safely 

Fine  Silk  Faced  Black  Velvet 

Width,   18   Inche*. 



No.  I4H6905  This  I3  a  medium 
weight  well  made  Black  Velvet,  silk  faced 
and  has  a  short  Close  nap.  A.  splendid 
looking,  rich,  deep  fast  black  shade.  If 
you  want  a  nice  waist  or  whole  costume 
this  velvet  Is  very  appropriate;  also  if 
.,-«  „ouv  ly  use  It  for  trimming  purposes.  It  Is  a  far 
better  grade  than  you  would  ordinarily  erpert  at  59  cent^ 
^  yard;  others  aak  aU  of  75  cents  a  yard  for  the  same 
cloth.  We  are  sure  that  It  will  please  you  in  every  wny. 
11?  ™'*?,^^'®^  '^'■^^  *^  direct  from  this  catalog  and  you 

want   to 

Black  only. 

savings    you 

afforded   if   you    buy 

Finest  Black  Silk  Velyet 



Width,   18  Inches. 

No.  I  4H6S4  I  This  Is  tho 
flnest  quality  of  Silk  Velvet  wo 
offer.  It  I3  far  above  tvbat  the 
price  would  suggest,  because  othcn 
ask  $1.75  to  $2.oe  a  yard  for  the 
quality.      In  fact,   this  grade 

of  velvet  la  usually  found  only  In  the  Lnrse  retail 
and  fashionable  dress  goods  shops,  being  too  expensive 
for  the  arorage  merchant.  We  always  rei-omnientl  Ilie 
■^  „!"■,  •i^"''''-  "  ""■"  "■'  "«  oheapcBt  In  tho  (ad  »nd 
will  fully  repay  any  extra  expense  In  the  wear  and 
service.  Looks  stylish  and  vrill  wear  well.  Comes  In 
black  only. 

Velour    Costume    Corduroy 

_  -^  Width,  27    Inche*. 

^Urf>  „  No.    I4H6975     Tills  Velour  Costume 

%J  ^  V'  Curiluroy    Is    used    extensively    for    whole 

suits  or  riding  skirts,  as  well  as  for  boys' 
A  TABD  '"*"■  blouses  or  any  other  garment  where 

you    desire    style    and    ciuallty    combined. 

,     .        _,     ,      ^'"^    tlch    In    appearance   and    looks    like 

velret.      We   Import    tt    direct    from    Manchester,    Knglatid 

wliere  It  la  woven,  nod  know  it  will  wear,      t'oniesi  In  these 

colors:       White,    beaver,    law.i.    broun.    wine,    navy    blue. 

ordering    be   sura    to   statt 

myrtle  groon    or   bla_.__ 
the    color    you     prefer 

Samplfs  mailed  free  tin 


nd     cho 

2.39  for  $3.50  Gold   Filled   Nethersole   Bracelet  Adds  $1,11    to  Your  Savings,      scabs.^roebuck  and  co..  yg 



'*°in?ert!o?1'o°matlr."iOTe  lace     Width  a"6OTt| 

No    25H348 

Insert  o 
14   incl 

Imported    Nottingham   Torchj 
Lace  Edgings  and  Insertiom 

12    Yards   for    36c 


r  to  match  above  lace.     Width,  about 


Pattern  8 

No    25H325 

Pattern  10 
for    12}   rd   pie  e 

Ti,»i5<.  Imnorted  UnKlish  Torchons  would  be  cheap  at  6  cents  • 

O^ine  to  a  fortunate  pSrchage  of  an  exceptionally  "a^ge  quantity   j 
nuJl  these  patterns  at  3  cents  a  yard.     We  sbow  six  styles  of  edge 

nsea.ons  to  match     Pattern  No.  1  edge  matches  pattern  No    2  Insel 
I) Xi      No    3  edge  matches  pattern   No.  4  insertion  and  so  on     Ord 

ataliK    nnmber,    also    give   number   of    pattern    wanted.     Comes   in 
onlv      width     about   1%    inches.     Sold    only    In    12-yard    pieces.     SW^ 
» Light,  A  ounces.  I 



„        _, lOi 

L.IIIGII   Torchon    Lace,  made 
of    heavy    thread    in    a    good 
No.  2SH260    A  yard... 60 

Insertion    to    match    above 
Width,  about  1^  inches. 

No.  25H426    12  yards. .361 
Insertion  to  match  above  lace 

Width,   about   1%   inchi 

Fancy  Normandy  Valenciennes  Laces 

Width,       Price, 
About       a  Yard 
2SH270  ^  in*  So 

25H272  IViin.  I  go 
25H274  l%ln.  120 
Linen  Torchon  Lace  in  hand 
„jme  Cluny  desien.  Very  at 
tractive  pattern. 


iiV'iiA'r  irfn'-'^^-* 

Catalog  Width. 

No.  About        a'iaid' 

25H452  2  in.  6c 

25H454  3  in.  8c 

Fine  Quality  Normandy  or 
Raised  Valenciennes  Lace, 
floral  and  Cluny  design.  Comes 
in   white   only. 

No.  25H276    Ayard....._. 
Insertion  to  match  above  lace. 

Width,  about  %  inch 


Fine  Ouality  Durable  nui- 
mandy  Valenciennes  Lace  in 
fleur-de-lis  design.  An  ideal 
for  trimming   underwear 

No.  25H456      A  sard 
Insertion  to  match  above  lace. 

Width,    about   I'A    Indies 

NO.  25H464 

insertion    to  niaivi 

lace.      Width,  a  b  o 

inrhfs.     White  only. 

„ur  best   Quality   Linen   Tor- 
chon   Lace  for   trimming  waists 
and  fine  underwear.  In  Maltese 
Width,  about  %  Incli. 



I  Yard 

Very  Fine  Quality 
Sevilla  Torchon  Lace  in 
a  crochet  edge  design 

yard . 


No.   25H26S     A  yard       _- 

Insertion    to     match    above 

Width,  about  IVt  inches 

No.  2SH280  Ayard. .     I  II 
Insertion  to  match  above  lace 

Width,  about  %  inch.  

No.  25H240     _   . 

Insertion     to     match 
*bove  lace.   Width,  about 

,„^^ ,      Quality 

lished    Torchon     Lf.. 

la    the    finest    Quality  L 
this  character  of  lace.l 

No.  25H250 

Insertion     l_ 
above  lace.   Widtl 

^   inch. 



f^llUIHfjJlJiH    I 

No.  25H392   Yard..  19 
„  .  „  ^  ..     Cluny     Bdg< 

White  only.  Width,  about 

dertion  to     match 

■i5H392  Edge   in    two 


Catalog  Width,  Price 

No.  About    Yard 

25H394  l%in.     10 

25H396  3     in.     19 

No.  25H398   \ard^16 

Cluny  )La<e  Edge. 
White  only.  Width,  about 
21/2  Inches.  ,    _  _ 

N0.25H400  Yard..  14c 
Insertion  to  match  No. 
25H398    Edge.     Width, 
bout  2%  incbes 

No.  25H402     Yard 

Espeoially  flne  quality  - -- 
Cluny  insertion  for  curtains  and 
fancy    goods.      Width,    about    3 

No.  25H388  A  yard... 9c 
This  Cluny  Lace  is  used 
extensively  as  a  trimming  for 
wash  dresses,  lace  curtains 
and  all  kinds  of  fancywork. 
Comes  In  white  or  ecru. 
Width     about   3   Inches 

No,  25H390     A    yard..9o 

Insertion    to    match    above 

lace.    Width,  about  3  Inches. 

...    2SH4I6 

Insertion    to 
lace.  Width,  about 
White  only 


OUR  CORSET  PAGES  ARE  GREAT  Pages  for  Money  Saving. 

jatASeboTFrench  Valenciennes  Laces  at  Money  Savmir  Pricfis 

Wldtb,      1  ..„  .„. 

-,-.{i?i._  ■*•«""     12  Yards 

26HSOO  %  In.        23o 

2SHS02         \  In.        300 

25HS04       I     In.        3gc 

In  white  only. 

No.  2&H50S     12  yat(ls..23i 
Intartion  to  matcb  above  lace. 


yndlu.     Price  to. 

About     12  Yards 

'A  In.        330 

*  in.         450 


VniUi.    Price  fo. 
About     12  Yards 
%3n.        350 

Comes  In  vrhlte  ohly. 

^^„;S?"'  ' '°°''-    Con.e,  to|  Wth.  ^abo^  l"K  '^cSSif  S 

Catalog  Width.     Piicc  for 

n..^i£«_  About     12  y«rd» 

2SH522  %  In.        37o 

2SHS24  %  In,        49c 

Comes  In  white  only. 

Width,  Price  fori     Catalog 

About  12  Yards  No. 

?SHi?2       ,^^        36c      25H5S0 
25H546       I     in.        450    I2SH5S2 

Comes  la  vrbUe  only. 

ConiM  la  wldte  <m^. 

.  /idth.    Price  tor 
About    12  Yards 
%  in.        39e 

2SHS58    %  in. 
25H560   I  In. 

Comes  in  white  only 

No.  25fi548     12  yards.. 36c  N^SBHSK^^^S!^^? 
to  white  xady.  "*  Hto^te'S.  ^     ^^ 

SHS78      A   yard....„. 
nJon  to  match  above  lace. 

about    1    inch.      Comes 

No-  25H584     A  yard.... 4c 
Insertion  to  matoh  abova  lace. 

Width,    about    94   inch.     Comes 
In   white  oniv 

Width,  Price  for 
About  12  Yards 
hi  in.         36c 

No.  25H562      12  yards.. 39b 
iBMrtlon  to  ntatch  above  lace. 
Widfli.  aboat   ^  Inch.     Comes 
in  wliite  only. 

J-  26HS28     12  yacai..37c 
wJ^?^*;  *•  match  al»i»  lice. 

P*?!.  'iMM  %  tanh.     Comeo 
in  white  only. 

2SHS6S    .  „. 

Conies  in   whit*  only. 

No.  25H570     A  yard....4e 
Inaertion  to  match  above  lace. 

yndtb,  about   %   inch.     Comee 
in    wluta   only. 

No.  25H592      A    yard....„. 
Insertion  to  match  above  lace. 

Width,    about    %   inch.     Comes 
white    only. 

rx  .     ^9.^  VALUES  YOU  CAN'T  OVERLOOK, 
Only  36  CenU  for  12  Yard*  of  Splendia  Qualify  Frencli 

Ru/i7n    1,      .,    .        Valenciennes   Lace. 

BH470    12-yard  piece    _ 

Illy  in  12-yard  Pieces.    Sliipptog''w'aght.  8°'^.^^^^'  "^  toeerlmns  are   about   1    inch. 

No.  25H608     A   yard So] No.  2BHS  I  n     A~J^Irf"      ci 

—  uiiY-  lln   white   only. 


N..25H475    12-yard  piece^^..'^'"'''   ''"   ^^   ^^''^^ 

quallT?"to'be'„S"o*'n  w  Sen?Sl5""w'iTo  "ij^i  *'"»  '^^^  ■»'-»"i' "  '^^^  'en^fh 
ally  low  Price  we  namriiea  ™that  thi  s'elSon  i,  n„f^?  ''IV  ,^'>  }'>^^  'tat  the  exception- 
another  forcible  demonstration  of  the  sii?.t?SSiy?fou?L,a?i  ^If^''"",  ''^i^^;  '^^  >»  b"' 
of  an  extra  fine  thread  closely  woven  nn  th^  flV,oS  i^  ^^  Department.  These  iaces  are  made 
ai.ely  by  us.  BSght  in  vel?  "arge  quaMiuS^d  »^ „'^™  machines  and  imported  eS-ht- 
Iau..rn  No  1  Ldge  matches  p'^.tt"  Vjlflrtfn  P  ltc,nC,'\  T""  ""«'"  <"  I"-  ' 
4  Insertion  ajid  so  on  When  ordorino  oivp  caiiinn  „.,™2  ^°  i  \'se  irn  Iils  Patten  So 
number  desireil  Widths  of  both  eSrs^Ts^iooS  a  Thnn,  ^°f  1'  "'".♦''  »<»«•  »'""" 
Pieces      Shipping   weight     2   0  inces  n  jcr  iooh  a       about  1  in  h      -,old  onij   in  U  yird 


H638  12  yards.39c 
lennes  Edje.  Wldtb, 
incli.     Comes  in  white 

"I  1640      12    yard 
"     ab"ut   %   Inch. 

Z6H642  12  yards  45c 

Valenciennes  Edge.     \l'idth 

bout  %  inch.  Comes  In  white 


No.  25H644  12  yards.45 

,-.„..„    V      V'Isnclenneo  Insertion      t( 

%  In'ch. "comes  match      above  edge.      WIdtli 

I'OUt     %     Inch.  White     only 


.0  25H664  12  yard*  14c 
White  French  Valenciennes 
Beadino,  for  drawing  No.  1 
ribbon  throush.  Width,  abont 
%    mch, 

No.  25H668  12  varcb  29( 
„  White  French  Valcnciennei 
BeadinB.  for  No.  1%  ribbon 
Width,  about  %  inch. 

25H666      12   yards.. 24 


2     rllibou 

No.    25H670      12    yards  36 

Wliito     Frencli     Valenclenn 

Beading,     for     No.      2     ribbon 

Width.    abpiH    \    Inch 





No.  25H672     12  yards.. 48c 
Wbite     English     Nottingham 

Beading,  used  extensiTely  on 
mOBllu  undeiwear  and  "wash 
dresses.  Width.  about  liA 
indies.       Will     take 

I  ^       .  •.        r^  — ;; ~ ^^;^ — ■■  —  -   --^^..   7»   luLii.         >Tmin.    aODiH    %    Inch. ribbon. 

P  fewing  Machines  Ready  in  a  Warehouse  in  a  City  Near  You.    SAY  THE  WORD 

Patent    No.    t2. 




No.  25H674     12  yard8.48o 

French   Valenciennes  Beadlnv 

Top     Edein0,     used    exteosive^ 

idermusllns  and  waah 
dressog.  Width,  about  H4 



No.  25H876      A    yard..  10c 
Venise  tace.     Width,  about 
1    inch.      Comes    in    white    or 
State   color   wanted. 

No.  25H878  A  yard..  10 
Insertion  to  matcli  above 
lace.  Width,  about  1  Inch 
Comes  in  white  or  ecru 
State  color  wanted 

No.  25H880     A   yard..  19c 

Venise  I.ace.     Width,  about 

114    inches.      Comes    in   white 

r  ecru.     State  color   wanted. 

No.  25H882     A    yard..  18 

Insertion     to    match     above 

Inoe.  Width,  about  IVi  inches 

Comes  in  white  or  ecru.  Stat< 

ilor   wanted 

Catalog                  Width,  Mtj 

No.                     About  a  Yard 

25H884               2      in.  l9o 

2SH886               'V*'"-.  „^„?'° 

se    Lace.      Comes    in  white    or 

State  color  wanted. 




No.  25H888  A  yard. .21c 
Insertion  to  match  above 
lace.  Width,  about  2  inches. 
Comes  iu  white  or  ecru. 
State    color    wanted. 


No.  25H908     A   yard. .23c 

St.  Gall  Lace  Edge.    Width, 

about  1  Inch.    Comes  in  white 

or  ecru.      State  color  wanted. 

No.  25H910  A  yard..20c 
Insertion  to  match  above 
lace.  Width,  about  %  inch 
Comes  in  white  or  ecru.  State 
color  wanted 

No.  25H912  A  yard..; 
St.  Gall  Lace  Edge.  Wi 
about  Hi  inches.  Comei 
white  or  ecru.  State  " 

State   color  wanieu.  _ 

Splendid  Value  in  Oriental  and  Venise  Lacejands 

No.  25H776    A  yard 6c 

Fine  auality  Net.  Soutache 
braid  effect.  Comes  in  white 
only.  Width,  about  IVa 

No.  25H798  A  yard.... 9c 
Oriental     Band.       Width, 

about  1%  Inches.  Comes  m 
hite  or  ecru.  State  color 

No.  25H802  A  yard  15c 
Oriental     Galloon.        Width, 

about  214  inches.  Comes  in 
hite  or  ecru.  State  color 

No    2  5iH7  78     A  yard ....  9c  No.  25H800     A   y!^Td..i5c 
""rine'/naUt.    Net     worked  ^^OH^^^^^^^   ,-^^t     C^m^s' fn 

i?omir.^r^'hiroSlV^  W?d\trw^L°^^^"-       '"""    ""'" 

No.  25H824     A   yard. .16c 

Venise  Band.     Width,  about 

1%    inches.      Comes    in    white 

ecru.      State  color  wanted. 

No.  25H822     A   yard..  10c 

Venise  Band.     Width,  about 

1%    inches.      Comes    in    white 

or   ecru.      State  color  wanted. 


No.  25H914     A   yard.. 
Insertion     to    match    _ 

lace.    Width,  about  IVi  in( 
Comes  in  white  or  ecru, 
color  wanted. 



No.  25H826  A  yard.. 25c 

Venise  Band.    Width,  about 

214    inches.     Comes   in    white 

or   ecru.     State  color  wanted. 

No.  25H386     A  yard. 

Insertion     to     match 
lace.      Width,    about    1 

Narrow    Black    and    Cream-White 
Silk  Chantilly  Sets. 

No.  2SH702     A  yatd.. 

Insertion  to  match  above 
•dge.  Colors,  black  or  wlilte. 
State  color  wanted.  Width, 
about  1  inch. 


Chantilly  Lace  Edget  Coine~i 
black  or  while.  State  col( 

No.  25H7IO      »    'i:--v-; 
Insertion     to     match      above 

edlie.    Comes  in  black  or  while. 

Narrow  Oriental  Lace  Sets. 

Catalog  Width.  Price. 

No.  About    Yard 

25H846  %in.      j  Oc 

25H848  1%  in.     14c 

This     is     an     ex- 
ceptionally        fine 

ered  on  a  fine  mesh 
State  color  wanted. 

1  Oc 

Width,    about 
State    color 

45-Inch  Silk  Embroidered 
Net  Flouncing 

AT   ^li^    A  YARD. 
COLORS— Black,  White  or  Butter  Color 

No.  25H970 
$145    ^Y„j 

45-Inch  suit  Embroid- 
ered Net  Flouncing.  Em- 
broidered in  a  heavy 
raised  effect  on  a  fine 
quality  net.  Width,  about 
45  Inches.  Comes  in  blacli, 
white  or  butter  color. 
State    color    wanted. 

qualif.v  cotton   yam,  embvoid 
net.    Comes  iu  white  or  ecru. 

No.  25H850     A  yard.......... 

Insertion    to   match   above   lace. 

%    inch.     Comes   in    white   or   ecru, 

3%.  in. 


Wide    Chantilly    Lace.      SUk 

net  with  fancy  floral  dcsisn. 
worked  with  fine  cotton  thread. 
This  is  the  lace  that  is  usu- 
aUy  called  an  aU  silk  lace. 
Comes  in  black  or  white.  State 
color  wanted. 

Chantilly    Lace    Edg 

net  is  all  silk  and  th 
is  heavily  worked  with 
which  is  a  comblnatloi 
on  and  silk.  Tills  Is 
•ailed  an  aU  silk  lac 
in  black  or  white.  S 

....    251 

A    yard 


Can  be  used 

r^iTT-T — of    the    abo' 

Width,    about   1%   inche 

A  yard 
iliac.  1.,."  to  match 
above  tlonncing.  Width, 
about  4  Inches,  Comes 
in  blacif,  white  or  but- 
ter color.  State  color 

ll^mported   Cotton  Wash  Blond  or 
Bretonne  Nets. 

I„„»trations  Show  exact  "- »' --•;  °^-'- 

WidU).  inches.27  36  72 
Price,  a  yard.27c  360  72c 
Extra  Fine  Quality  Wash 
Blond  or  Bretonne  Net; 
very  soft  finish.  Mesh 
exact  size  of  illustration. 
Wo  recommend  this  qual- 
ity for  waists,  neckwear, 
fancy  goods,  etc.  Can  be 
ordered  in  white  or  Ara- 
bian. State  color  and 
width   wanted. 

No.  25H762„ 

A   yard 1  2c 

Nice    0  u  a  I  it  y 
Chantilly     B  a  n  d. 

Can  be  used  with 
any  of  the  above 
edges.  Width, 
about  3  inclica. 
Comes  in  black  or  white 

Slate  color  wanted. 

No.  25HI062 

Width,  inches.  27      36 
Price,  a  yard.20o     25c 

No.  25H856    A   yard.. - 

Insertion    to    match    above    lace. 

Comes  in  white  or  ecru.    State  color 
wanted.     Width,    about   1^   Inches. 


,„.  1.  J..... 50c 

Heavy  Thread  White  Cot- 
ton Wash  Blond  or  Bre- 
tonne Net.  Tlie  illustration 
shows  Uie  exact  size  of  the 
mesli.  Tills  net  is  espe- 
cially adapted  for  making 
curtains.  dresser  scarfs, 
waists,  etc.  Comes  in  tliree 
widths.  Slate  width  wanted. 

Extra   Quality   Silk   Cord    G 
Only  25  Cents  Each. 

No.  2SHI  108     Price,  eiich 25' 

Silk  Covered,  Twisted  Cord  Girdle  with 
tassel  ends.  Very  popular  for  the  new  Un 
gerie  suits,  also  widely  used  aa  a  hat  trtm- 
mlng.  Length,  about  74  inches.  Colors, 
black,  white,  phik.  light  blue  or  naty  blue. 
Stale  color  wanted.     Shipping  weight.  4  02. 


Statft   color  wanieg  WHO"    MWMWBgl^aia»g»iaiB»BW  wirltha.    Stale  WlOin  wanicu. ^ 

^fiStS^^^?^^»;;i^^=^^^^°^»^^'^5^^^""  Demand.  A» . 

2SH934      A  Taia 23l 

hlH   NoHiDghan   Alhwar   Lan. 
•lug    apot    dealgn.       WldUi, 


PjanenVeniseAUover  Lace. 

Plauen  Venise  Allov„,  !.„„,.  „,  a 
hpavUy  worked  dfslsn.  WkiH» 
about  18  Inches.  Comes  In  wlilta 
"l  Mf-     Sfaita  eolar  wantail. 

Silk  Embroidered   Net  Allovers  with   bandi  ta  match 

2SHI074     NetAIIover. 
25HI076    Band  to  matcti. 
25HI078     NetAIIover. 


white,  napy  blue,  gold 

>er;  wiin   oandl  la  match.     FumL'ihed   in  four  dpsim  .     »=  iii,...-.,Ji  "  r.  ,  ^.''" 

Mention  catalo,  aamber  of  de.i,m  aad'wrdVb^  ifnTel.  a^d^SJe^^r  d2?A'd.  """^ 

No.  25H990  A  yard..;..T95o 
Plauen  Venise  Allover  Lan.  The 
tross  la  extra  heavily  embroidered 
on  an  imltaUon  baby  Irish  back- 
ground. Width,  about  18  Inches 
Cornea  in  white  or  ecru.  State 
Tolor  wanted 

No     25H992      A  yard »oc 

Frne  Quality  Plauen  Venlsa  All. 
oyer  Lace.  Width,  about  18  Inches 
Cornea  In  white  or  ecru.  State 
color  wanted. 

"~ — — — -.    ,.,    aH„    wiuui    wgnieo,    aOQ    State    CO 


'■•'-— ...A  yard 49c 

.-jham  Allmrar  Laca  ta  heavy 
desitrn.  Cornea  In  white  or 
State  color  wanted,  width, 
18   inches. 

No.  25H994  A  yard... $1.10 
Our  Best  Quality  Plauen  Venise 
Allover  Lace.  The  leaf  design  1« 
heanly  embroidered  on  a  bacic- 
ground  of  Imitation  Irish  crochet 
Comes  hi  white  or  ecru.  State 
color   wanted. 

Oriental  ADever  Lace. 

any  o*her  deal 

25H998  No    25HI00O 

hty  Nottingham  Allover  Lace  at  29  .  ,„, 

Hover  late  If  bought  elaewliere  ivoi 

n.°s  ^'1!.',°..'".   „n       ...       No    25HI004  No.    25HI006 

rls  a  yard   is  oflered  to  you  at  a  price  that  cannot  be  eoualed   by 

_a   yard.      The   designs 

Boaa  strong  net.  producing  the  new  datatv  shadowV  ierir-i'.,'"  1?™"^."   ^''^.i"'""  ,»  rara.     xne  designs 
delUlrtSsl^ol'p'  irl^lT''"  "P-nt^^hrd^fgrwanST^^  ""  ""^  '"^-     "•'^"■'  "^^  " 

No.  2SHI026 


No.  2SHI02g 

Nfc  26HI026     Fin 

Width,  about  36  inches. 

Price,   a  yard gflc 

No.  26HI02a     Extra  Fine  Qual. 

■o^      Width,  about  40  Inches. 

Price,  a  yard SSc 

Soft  Finish  AH  Silk  Brussels  Nets. 

extensively  used  for  mllUnery  purposes 

and  n=  a  drapery  for  waists  or  dresses. 

No.  25HI030     A  yard goi. 

h.jy°  '"°m2""".."''^  number  to  be  the 
best    qua  ity    all    silk    La    Tosca    Net. 

Black  only.      Width,  about  43  Inches. 


The   postage  on  laces   is  I    cent  per 

jer  yird   as"i"°°'-'''-"— """"'  P-"'"'^ 
styles  of  laces. 

No.2SH.Or2     A    ya*;S-..".".'T3. 
42.|nch     Ring     Spot     Cotlon     Dress 

Net.  Much  in  demand  for  waists 
draperies,  etc.  Colors,  black,  while  or 
ecru.    State  color  wanted. 

No.  25HI0IO     A   yard 62o 

Point  d' Esprit  Cotton  Drapery  or 
press  Net,  of  heavy  thread  and  very 
closely  dotted.  Comes  In  blaci  or 
white.     Wldlb.  about  42  Inches.   State 

No.   25H962     A  yard 39o 

Fine  Quality  Orientar  Allover 
Uloo.  Width,  about  18  Inciiea 
Cornea  In  white  or  ecru.  State 
color  wanteil. 

No.  25H9S4     A  yard 43c 

Ontntal  Allover  Uat.  BotltaOie 
braid  eCect.  Width,  abdbt  18 
inches.  Comes  in  white  or  ecrti 
State   color  wanted. 

■™,es  in   bl.ek  only.  "--"•     s'tyies  of  laTes.     """  ""   '""  °"''""'     whltef    Wldlb.-  about  42  Sche"  Sta5 


Be  Sure  and  State  Psttero 

Ne.  26H956    A  yanl 390 

Fine  Quality  Oriental  Allover  Lace.     A  r™- 

ular  .lO-cent  value.     Full  18  Inches  wide.     Can 
be   had   in    white   or   butter  color.      Order   by 

"l^'dwira!"''  "*''""  *"***""'  """^^  "" 

....    25H966 

A  yard 69c 

A  yard 79c 

Lac0«.      WidUi. 
Cooiea   Id    witite 

_,  — — ■ ana  coior  aestrea. 

Every  Woman  Will  Find  I>EiAGHf^tr6i^rmi^errTritnTni^^ 

Pattern  No.  I 
Be  Stire  and  State  Pattern         '' 
No.  26H996     A   yard.       ..     .         69o 
This    is    a    floe    Quality    Plauen    Allover 
Lace.     Four  new  dainty  designs,     llegular 
SI. 00    quality.      Width,     about     18     Inches 
Comes  in  while  or  butter  color.     Order  by 
catalog    number,    giving     pattern     number 
and  color  desired 




««.  26H2000^  A  ynrd. 

Cambric  Embroidery  Edging,  \\idt 
al»ut  IMi  inehes. 

ng.    width,  about  li4  Inches. 

No.  25H2002^  A  sarJ. .. .  .  ^5c 
Cambric  Embroidery  Edging.  Width, 
about   2Vi    inches. 

Mo.  25H2I34    Ayard..5( 
Swiss     Embroidery     laser. 

on.    Width,   about  2  inches 

No.  25IH2202  A  yard.  I  4 
Nainsoolt   Embroidery   Edg. 
ing.     Width,  about  7  inches. 

No.  25H20O6    A  yard 9- 

Cambric  Embroidery  Edging.  Width, 
about  4K  Incbee. 

-i»:  -^^  jiBf,  irfh 

251-12  140   A  yard,  i  3c 
Swiss     Embroidery     Inler- 
lion.  Width,  about  3H  Inches. 

No.  25H2204   A  yard.22c 
Nainsook    Embroidery   Edg- 
ing,    width,  about  7M  Inches. 



Pattern    2. 

-"*  '■  "■"  f"'"  ''  ''^^n^an"plefseTV?.r't'he%aI?e'you  '^'el"o'rderby''eatdlo,  nomber.  giving  number  of 

price  that  is  I-.^  

dresses.     You   will   be  lu-^a^   ......   ^...„^...    -. 

pattern    desired.      Width,    about   4^/4    inches 


0.  25H2I06    A  yard... 
Swiss  Embroidery  Edging. 
about  4%  Inches. 





No.  25H2i  lO    A  yard.. 
Swiss  Embroidery  Edging. 

about    IV*    inches. 

No.  25H2II2    - 

Swisa  Embroidery 
about  9  Inches. 

25H20I8      A    5Ji(l..,,2Sc 
jidery  Edging.  Width. 

:io.  25H2050   Ayard.22( 
Cambric     Embroidery     In 
Width,  about  6%  In 

postage    on    embroider!. .    - 
account   of   varying   Width 
and     weights,     if     you     waL. 
them   shipped  by   mail   allow 
postage  extra   at  the  rate  of 

0.  2SH2368  A  y; 
Swiss    Ribbon    Gail 

v.-awing    a    No.    3    or    ..-.    . 
ribbon  through.     Width,  about 

Qjl       SEARS,   ROEBUCK  AND  CO.. 

Width,  about  4%  m.lsenion.      Width,  about  6^4  In.    l   cent   an   i.ui...c. tj:_^ ZT^ 

Wehrle  Model  No.  87  on  Stove  Pages  Is   Just   Like   Finding   $12.00   to   :?15 

17-Inch)  CAMBRIC 

16-INCH  (U.ually  Called  17-Incli)  CAM- 

...  2SH24I0  Ayard.  19^ 
Cambric  Corset  Cover  Em- 
"lidery.      Width,     about     10 

S6    ffe  96  5if.  96    5,5 

26H2072    A    yard.. .29c 

2SH24I4    Ayard.33v 

-ambnc   Corset  Cover   Em- 

brordery.      Width,    about    18 

Na.25H24l2  Ayard.26c 

Cambric   Corset  Cover   Em- 

brcidery.      Width,    about    16 

16-INCH  (Usually  Called  17-Incli)  SWISS 



--25H24I6   A7ard.39v 
Cambric   Corset  Cover   Em- 
broidery.      Width,     about    16 

ii  -^HZ439  A  yard.33i 
Swiss     Corset     Cover     r 
broidery.      Width,    about 

1 6-INCH  (Utualty  Called 
17-Inch)  SWISS 

--'2SH2I64     A    yard...iog 
„„o  '"     Embroidery     Flouncinj. 

Width,   about   16   inches. 

No.  25H2442   Ayard.42 
Swiss     Corset     Cover     Em- 
broidery.     Width,     about     16 

f  V  V  V  V  v^"; 

J»  ^  ^  <*>  V  V'  ^ 


No    25H2I66     .\ 

Swiss      Embroidery      ■  i 
Width     about   16    Indies 

Th'                                                                             Pattern  4.  Pattern^ 

manufacturer"  w^irmaLs'"my''thVZlT".™h*M''r  "".^  ',""  *'"°  '°  «*""•  ^^  "^^  '"^^  ^oods  made  for  us  by 
at  an  extremely  low  price  eLwin^  us  to  nfp?.  fh?'-  °k""^  "  """  "'""'•'  "'  "'^"■"'^O  "  '^-^  '"«»  ™°'«<^'  "om\, 
this  QuaUty.  The  goods  are  beauHful"?  embroilrl^'  """""er  to  you  at  a  price  heretofore  igheard  of  for  embroidery  of 
that  Is  only  used  by  the  taesttrade  „rT  ,hi  .  ^  °,^  ^ """?''  ,*"f  '='°"'  """  '^  e^^erally  led  for  this  purpose,  a  cloth 
exceptlonarvalue  when  you  buy  tMs  number  yT^ZT^^ui^  f,.  "fSP^K  «'">  'he  cloth.  Therefore,  you  are  getUng  an 
"^''N0.T5^2r9^  ''LTJ^'F'^'^'^'^'  nTmb^;"a"n^d';;,°ve'^nu^m''/e;'g^p°irn  tjld"""^  ^""^^="°°  ^^  ""^ 
'  12 

16-lNCH   (U.ually  Called  I  Cambric  Ribbon  Beading.. 
17-lnch)  nainsook'   — 

»■   2SH2I74     A    yard...46e 
Swiss     Embroidery     Flounoing. 

Width,    about    111    Inches. 

IIKLIN »        Wl.«f>«    F^.      1,1-      ■>         P      \        c       a.,     o 1  about   .314    inches.     Wi-^iTh"  aboi'it    ll"  n^ch, 

«KLIN.     What  s  Franklin?     Beat  of   All  Sewing  Machines,  That's  FRANKLIN   ^"''s  RoT^^J^^^T^JT^ 

8)g.    4 — Chi.  CHICAGO,   ILL. 


Cambric  Matched  Sets  17-Inch  Swisses  With  InsertionstoMatch|Sw^M^jJ^ 

No.  2SH2486    A  yard    . ^. .  I .« ' 
Cambric    Edge  to   match   above   *"■ 
•ortton.    Width,  about  3V4  ioclics. 

Ho.  25H2488     A  yard      ...13 

Cambric    Intortlon.      Width,    about 
S%    ittches. 

■  •  1 2«1  N^aSH2S^^^^rf^Tr^cl  No.  25H2S34    A  yard.  ...-••  I  S 
■•*'"'swi»l?"i"n.Wldtl"    about   sill      S«i.«     lR«rtion.      Width,    about    4 

Ho.   2SH2490    A   yard.  . . .    . .  I  9' 

Cambric    Edoe  to   matcli   above   in 

sertson.     Width,   about   7   mcUes. 

Width,   about  17  inches.  1  tioB.    W: 

tioB.    Width,  about  17  inchea. 

No.  2GH25 1  6    A   yard.  ■  •  •  ■, 

Swin   Ebx  to  matcl.  abov.   In 
tion.     Width,    alwut   4^4   Indies. 

No.  2SH25I8     A  yard -,,  liiatlwi.  Width,  about  H 

tiBiL    Wldtli.  about  17  inches. 

lion.      wiam,   aoouv  xt   iiiijioo.  ,  «.w.     . , ^ -— — 

16-Inch  (Usually  Called  17Jnch)  Cambric 
Corset  Cover  Embroidery 

No.  25H252p 

If.  Aori'^*' Av      A  y?™. . . . . . . 

Swiss   Edge  to   match   above   i 
tlon.    Width,  about  7  Inchea. 

No.  25H2492     A  7ard 

Cambric  Insertion     V  idtn 

No    25H2494     A  ;nrd  25c 

Cambric    Fiounce    to    match    above 
Insertion.     \\  idlh     about   16   inthe-. 

Convent  Edge   Embroideries. 

No.  25H2798    A    yard  .....  ....•••  •  ■■^-  •■■••■  V^briidei^'  kn '  bith'  bVatrtifuI  and  duribieV '  Aiir  ients  a 

yard.'^'/vlVy  ^"^^^L^bo^arors^j'i^aP   T^f^-"^,  -  irin^^er"^"^^  "^  "  ""^  ""'"''  ^"*-     "^""^ 
State   pattern    number  desired.    Width,   about   lb  incpea. 

Hand    Loom,     Swiss 
broidered  Baby  Set 

erus.      &Taie    paneni     iiumuoi     uvoiiu,,,       '■ ,  ___„^ ^ • 

22-Inch  Swiss  and  Nainsook  AUovers 

•^,;,i<^         (^-M^ 

No.  25H2250    A   >  ird  ^    .       .  _^ , 
Convent     Hand     Loom     Embroidery  | 
Edge,    Width,  about  1%   inchee 

no.   25IH2252     A    yard  .- 

I     Convent     Hand     Loom     Embroidery 
Edge.    VSidth    about   i  inches 

A     yard......l2« 

Loom     Embroidtry 

lEdse,    Width,  about  3%  Inches. 

No,  25H27I4. 

No    25H27I6 


_,„,„     „ _...        Swiss   Aliover    Em- 

iidery     Wullli   ilwut  broidery      Width 
inclies 'about   2.   uuhcj 

Swiss     Aliovor 

No   26H27I8_ 

A  yard                  69c 
Swiss   Ailover   Em- 
broidery     V\  1  d  t  h  . 
about  Zl  iiiclioi 

No,  2SH2720_ 

A  yard   98c 

Swiss  Ailover  Em- 
broidery. Width,  about 
22  inches^ 

Nalnsooic  Ailover  Em- 
broidery,   Width,  about 

22   incbeSj 

Cambric  AUovers 

,„a  280    M«.  2SH2B94 

°Cambf?c'AlT«w'Eiiliiiidew,"  Width,  about  18  tach«.  I      '■"•>""'  Aii«".r 

No,  26H2692 

N*.   2SH2672      A  Jfard,,. 

Hand  Loom  Swiss  Edge  ti  f 
above  numbers.  Width,  abifii 


CO..    Our  New  Line  of  Imported  Film  Cameras  at  Remarkably  Low  Prices  Demands  Atter  w 


25H25S8   A  y;,r,1.39L 
W18J     Flouncinj.       Width. 

ut   ^i    Inches. 

No.  25H2562   Ayanl.45- 
Swrss   Flouncing.      Width, 
about  27  Indies. 

•  25H2S66    Ayard.SS 
Swiss  Flouncing.     Width. 

about  27  Indies. 

25H2570    A  yard, 65c 
Flouncing.     Width, 

..--25H2S74    A  yard. 79c 

Swiss  Flouncing.     Width 
about  27  Inches. 

:25H2578   A  yard. 98c 
■"■■*-    Flouncing.      Width, 

.""1,"°  itZ'l'  V\  '*';.  25H2660  A  jard. ..  I  Bo  I  No.  25H2564  A  yard. . .  |  6. 

?h^\o?e'S?unfnT Width!  L.a*.S"abo?e';1,unJrnT"°^?ld,i''L^*^",    «","       """»'"      <» 

.»    A    (.,„..-_  *         "w>,  [unitn   aoove   nouncing.     Width,  I  match  above  flouncing.     Width. 

I  about    4    Inches. 

I  about  4'/^   Inch 

No.  25H2568  Ayard..,23c|  No.  25H2672   A  yard 

iHll'l*,  ^*S**      '""rtion      to       Swiss      Band       tnsertion      t. 

■  25H2576    A  yard.27o 
Galloon      to     matih 


'  t  4  M  'M  ^ 


»"E"?ot.^"n."!  I  ""swisrE'Toli^'F?  -^=1  N»"H2608Aya.d...79. 1  No.  2SH26  I  2  A  yard.S  , 

Width,  about  ^.  .„rs.  I  wfdT  air^-'Sdler-'-H  wfdt\LrA^'.VJ.°""^"Hwi^^^^^^^^^ 

I  O  I  No.  2SH26  I  6  A  yard  $  1 .39 

ng.       Swiss   Embroidery   Flouncing. 

I  Width,   about  45  Indies. 

2SH2620  A  yd. $1.65 

■■■■ss    Embroidery    Flounc- 
Wldtli,  about  45  Inches 


5H2602  Ayard...|Oo|No.  25H2698  A  yard...,. 
*.i';"'''fl°"'"J"'  ^1",?  '°  Swiss  Embroidered  Band  to 
si  Tnnhr""^-  ^  '<'"'•  ■°^"=''  ="""''  fl^nclng.  width 
J  .-i    incnes.  about  G   Indu-n 

No.  25H2606  A  yard...  1 8e 
Swiss    Embroidered    Band    to 

match  above  flouncing.      Width, 

.  25H26I0    Ayard.aOclNo.  25H26I4    A  yard..  .25c|n 

iTabove  ffoJndnir^' w?i,i'"       S«i5.  Embroidered  Galloon  to 

duove  nounilni!.      Wklth,  |  match  .tbove  flouncing.      Width,  to 

f     W  1_     O  *  T^I  ' uanea. I  about  4  inches. 

-jnchSwiss  Flouncmgs  Suitable  for  Infants^  Clothing 

25H26I8    A  yard 
Swiss   Embroidered   G- 

raatch      above     noun 
■Idth,  about  514    inch 




Swiss  Embroidered  Floui 
Dainty  scalloped  design.  WIU 
•'    """[-l    dress    for    baby.      Width 

NoT 2 5H 2634  AySJSs? 
SwIbs  Embroldrrrd  Flounc- 
ins,  with  twii  rows  of  V.i- 
leni'icnncs  insertion.  Width 
nhoiit   27    ■      ■ 

45-Inch  Swiss  AUover 
=   Embroidery   = 

^^"  P«P«r  fo"-  an  Entl^T^oom.  Less  i^an  $1.00.    Send  for  WaU  plper  Samole  Book 

25H2960     A  yard 98o 

mbroldery  work  Is  42  inchei  wide. 
rt-ing  aumrient  plain  cloth  for  Hero- 
z.  Heavy  raised  effect.  Made 
especially  for  kimono  style  allover  '  em- 
broidery waists.  Width,  about  45 

SEARS,   ROEBUCK   AND   CO.,       09 




•'^^^BHB^H8li^3BBHB*****^"^"^^*''*^?ff^Srf!^^^^^PA^rERi^Io^^^  _,  pattern  n*.  ».  pat 

PATTERN  NO.  ..^„       PATTERN  N..  J.  S^^l  "oM  CAMBRIC  FLOUNCrNG.     Pricc,  per  yard 

No.  25H2800_  le-INCH.  _  (l^suaUy  Ca  ed  I'-Inch)  CAMBRIC 

PATTERN  No.  6. 



PATTERN  Wo.  t. 

^^^^^^^Tt^i^^^^^  N  N    i  ylQ«       ,      oeuoon^i     /I       I    1.  Su.      P  nil  Ia  Malrh 

M0.25H2862  •27-lnchSwis.Flonncmg._  Fnce  per^^^^^^ 

Wb  show  five  brand  new  e«l?slTe  desigiaB  ol 
ai-Inch  Swiss  Flonnclngs  with  bands  to  match, 
fir^ality  will  surprise  you.  The  patterns  are 
In  thg  new  lacy  effect    To  get  these  goods  at  our 


orlce.  we  ^onnd  it  necessary  to  buy  enormous 
SuS^ities^  each  design,  and  we  hope  to  ha-re 
?heexart  pattern  you  want  when  your  order  .a 
received.    P"w°''gr,   wp  reaerve  the  right  to  send 

one  pattern  for  another,  always  guaranteein| 
give  you  satisfaction.  State  catalog  .nnmbej,  . 
Slntion  pattern  number  wanted.  Don't  forgel  ^ 
27-lnch   flouncing  is  a   special  bargain.  ' 

Pfc^^^^^^^^^^te?^^3|^J^1^i^i1i BJiltea^MB—^M  ■  PATTERW    No    3  PATTERN   No.  4. 

^^^TTTTern  no  1      ^,  „    PATTERN  No  2.   *|  1 A  I  «  ocuiBftR  ZlnchGalloonorTwo-EdgeBandtoMatch.  Price,  per  yar 

No.  25H2806    45-Inch  Swiss  Flouncing.    Pnce  PeLyard    Jl.l«  I  NO;?»^il-^«^^»^^^^^^  .^4'.---  ^L  ^l 

..    This  45-,nch  8wiB»  F.onncin.  is  »  special  P»- I  oj^A^^if  "/^^^^^^ 

chase  of  an  exceedingly  large  quantity.     We  took     "^    just    |DOnt^  one-  ^^^   creations 

the  entire  output  of  a  large  '"'{"''''"^'y'f.'nr  „tv!es     "Tn-"  -n'"°' °'-^v^"'''""''i«''g'i  '"  ^^"^^^^  '^^^'^° 
patterns  and  offer  you  your  choice  of  four  styles  I  and  are  exguisii-giiy  e    ^ _ _ ^  ^^ 

and    heavily    padded    or    raised    eff^. 
by    catalog    Bumber,    also    «ive    patt«m    ^,, 


icg  Of  four  styles  I  and  are  exoulsitely  emoromereu  .u  .,...-  »-.^-^- ^ C    ^  n^»«.  noods  P  I 

Buttons  Made  to  Match  Our  Dress  Go^,  5  Cent,  a  Dozen.    See  Dress  Goods  1 1 


"Gold    Label"    Embrolderie.  .n.   the   be.t  products   of  the   hjghe.l  daw  ^>      *  ^V-^l'll_l        MJ  L^    g      I    Ki,  M\      IVl  /\  Lf  ils 

.«•    artist.,    whose   work   is    not   exceUcd    In    this   lln«°  Th„   .T*"   "?'!   ESSSSSERKR3SBSSS;ai    "•"<    ure    closely   stitched    In    nlrn    l^.,    h..,™.. 

«v.w  b<Mr«i  Embroideries  are  the  best  products  of  the  hiahest  Haa* 
.Is.  artist.,  whose  work  Is  not  exceUcd  In  this  Itoe.  They  are  as  n?ar 
rfect  as  embroideries  can  bo  made.  This  line  wUl  appeal  particularly  to 
yse  who  always  Uke  to  have  the  best  but  cannot  afford  to  pav  the 
;rcmcly  high  prices  asked  by  others  for  like  quality.  Our  prices  are  jusl 
.Mh,°"r'"'y    """"    ;'?"    """W    ''«»«    'o    fay    for    embroideries    of    sLuar 

broideries     Th»J  „L  ^?";°    in    the    United    State,    selling    these    exquisite     'Gold 
Droideries.     Ihcy  are  rtade  on  the  aluvrest  and  finest  cloths  with  the  best  Quality  of 


believe  they^weie  band-^LVoldfed^and  Ve"k„"„w"{"7he'p"ossista  ot'  such 

Till  Of  sallsfacttali. 

^..ibrolderles  for  your  wardrobe 'would   olvV  you  a  woriil   of   .Tii«r.,\.i«>r" 

25H2882    A  yard. 20c 

ine   Quality   Nainsook 

broidery       Edge.       Width. 

2^  Inches. 


■lu^lvetlr.:;,'  ,h?t  ""   "»"'»■■   r-VO'emoVoli-eri.".  't'irat'"tl,ey'"wl°lTn"d' 

of  wearing  them,  and  being  so  ejiceptionally  well  mide.  they  na°tu?a!S  'wSl 


,26H2880  A  yard.  I  8c 
hie  Ouality  Nainsook 
rtlon  to  match  above  edge. 

th.    about    !■/.    Inches. 



No^25H2850  Ayard..7i! 
ne  Quality  Nainsook  Vein- 
Width,    about   sj   inch. 

MO.  2SH2852    A  yard.. 9c 
Fine  Quality  Nainsook  Bead- 
ing.  Widlli.   about  m    Inches 

No.  25H2854   A  yard.  I  So 
Fine  Quality  Nainsook  Bead- 

^{'irtth.  abuut  1>,4  Indies, 


""'""' """*"     "  '■'     la»end^  aiiil_Alief    Blue.      Be    sure    to   rtate   color 

No.  25H2S56    A  yard.  I  , .. 

Fine    Quality  Nainsook  Rib. 

bon    Beading,   for  drawing  No. 

1     ribbon     Hirough.       Width. 

NO  SAMPLES    *'."; 

$end  samples  of  embroideriss. 
Order  from  these  pages.  We 
(Tuaranlee  to  please  you  or 
""*  money. 


width,  about  4  inches. 

N0.26H2632  A  yaid 25c 

..„j  !"    ^    m««oh    aliam    tlounclng. 
Width,  about  4  inches. 

— »>uKii.  aoour  f  inches.  packages      shlpp 


No   2SH2772       , „,    ^o, 

Cambno  Edge  Embroidery.  Wldlh 
about  9  lnche.s.  Put  up  In  5-yard 
packages,     shipping    wt..    7    ounces 

Cambrio  Embroidery  Edge.  Width' 
auout  10  inches.  Put  up  In  5-y»rd 
packages.     Shipping    wt.,    7    ounces 

SEASON'S  Newest  Silk  Mull  Automobile  Scarf; 

*>jM-tr*.t-J^^^^  1   1^         »  ■«•-                                                                    .         ^  _^„  „,„  _„„  some  Idea  of  their  styles  and  character.    These  are  t 
..  .     _  .-t-i.  „..,«_  «»  oitv  «no  arav    I    Dace  will  give  yon  some  »"<:"  "\ ,••""*  "''',  ,„„i,s^ nrniio  n.otr  m-o  knm 

.  .  —  «..  IT  Kiriii  I    ic        Rllk  mull  In  a  fabric  woTf  n  of  ollk  one  way 

WHAT  SILK  MULL  IS.      2"d   ^?ton   the   other,    beautifully   combl^liig 

»  _^ii  oIto  »r.n  Knme  Idea  of  their  styles  and  character.  These  are  t 
?ca^rf8^oa^i^  ^rmbT^l  the  leaders  of  fashion..  While  they  are  too, 
s  aStSmoblte  «"arfs/ they  are  worn  for  a  variety  of  purposes  evei 

»«.  25H3092^SiU  """.Pff; 
aiu  or  Oriental  Scarl.  hematltchtd 
CTids.  Ground  sUk  ilottfd  with  large 
ring  spots.  Persian  design,  with  wide 
PerstaD  border  in  beautUul  colore. 
FoUowlne  colors  pcedoraiiiatlrg:  Light 
blue,  pink  or  lavender.  State  color 
doslre*.  Size,  about  S6x68  Inches. 
Shipping  weight.  4  ouncea.  69c 

Price,  each 

No.  25H3094  Same  Mirf  «« 
Kbove  and  in  the  same  colors,  but 
St  inches  lone-  *»a»e  eolor  «•">;"■ 
Shipping   weight.    4  ouncee.        95c 

No.  25H3096  Very  Hsnd- 
some  Silk  Mnll  Scarf  with  all 
silk  Jacquard  dots  In  graduated 
sizes,  with  artistic  floral  basket 
design  on  each  end  In  a  beanti- 
ful  combination  of  colors.  The 
following  colors  predominate: 
Pink,  light  blue  or  lavender.  State 
color  desired.  Hemstitched  ends. 
Size,  about  24x68  Inches.  Ship- 
ping weight.  3  ounces.  <1   10 

Price,  each •'^**    '^ 

No.  26H309O  r  ><>'  Quality 
Silk  Moll  Start  In  spot  deelgn.  with 
hematltdied  ends.  The  center  ground 
U  white  with  the  spota  in  coloia. 
The  border  la  a  solid  color,  with 
aseortad  size  spots  in  white,  making 
this  a  decUJedU  handsome  scart. 
Comos  in  the  following  colors:  Plnlt 
light  blue  or  lavender.  State  eolor 
desired.  Size,  about  26i8B  Inches. 
Sbipplng  weight,  4  ounces. 

Price,  each 

No.   25H3100     Pl»i"> 

White  Silk  Mull  Scarf.  Splen- 
did quality,  with  hemstitched 
ends  and  trimmed  with  a 
hand  knotted  and  hand  tied 
silk  fringe.  A  splendid  scarf 
for  evening  wear.  Size, 
about  27x82  Inches.  Shipping 
weight,  7  ounces.  ^.  __ 
Price,  each ♦!./» 

N0.25H3I02  StU' 

Scarf,  white  ground 

Persian  stripe  border, 

rich  colorings.    Hemst 

ed  ends  with  hand  Irni 

and     hand     tied     all 

fringe.  This  U  a  very  p 

Spanish  effect  acart 

about  26x82  inches 

ping  weight,  7  oz.     ^, 

Price,  each *• 

Note  die  Extraordinary  Values.    We 
Scarfs  in  Our  Own  Factory 


No.  25H3088  Silk 
MvU  Scarf  in  the  new 
ailk  Jacquard  largo  elie 
ling  spot  dealgn.  Thla 
i»  A  remarkable  scarf 
Talue.  Comes  In  the 
following  colors;  Black, 
while,  Heht  bine.  AUoe 
Wue.  cbnmF.\|:ne.  ptak 
or  lavender.  State 
c  e  I  0  r  .  Hem.illtched 
oKto.  mm.  about  Uz 
Se      ladies.       Shipping 

Price,  each. . . .  "°*- 

65c  Each 

25H30S6  Silk 
Mull  Scart  in  fancy 
floral  Jacquard  design, 
with  hemstitched  ends. 
Comes  to  the  following 
colors:  White,  light 
blue.  Alice  blue,  cbam 
pagne.  gray  or  laven 
State  color  de- 
sired. Size,  abotit  S4i«S 
Inches.  Shipping  wt.. 
ounces.  oe 

Price,  each "*'' 

No.  25H3080  SIIV 
Mull  Scarf  iu  fancy 
silk  embroidered  zig- 
zag stripe  effect.  Comes 
In  the  following  colors: 
Black,  white,  light 
blue,  brown,  old  rose, 
lavender,  gray  or  pink. 
State  color.  Size,  about 
•Axes  Inches.  Aa 

Price,  each ^" 

No.  25H3082 
Sajoe    scart    as    abon. 
in  same  colors,   but   86 
locltea    long,      dipping 
wejght.  3  oi.  g9c 

No.  25H3070 
naio   Silk   Mull  Scart, 

hemstitched  tnds.  Col- 
lors.  black,  white,  navy 
blue,  champagne,  light 
blue.  Alice  blue.  gray, 
pink  or  lavender.  State 
color.  Size,  about  Six 
inches.   .  39c 

Price,  each. 
No.  25H3072 

[same  scart  ai  aliove. 
;ime  colors.  Size, 
.ibout  24i86  in.  Ship- 
ping wt.,  3  oz.       48c 

No.  2SH3074 
Oottetf  Silk  Mull  Scart 

nith  hemstitched  ends 
ire   all   silk,    ven 

together    and    of 

IJie  name  color  as  thi 
cTound.  Comes  in  tb< 
following  colors:  Black, 
uhlte.  light  blue.  Alice 
blue,  champagne,  Kray 
or  lavender.  State  color 
wanted.  Size,  about 
■24!t«8  Inches.  Shipping; 
wt..    3  ouncee.     45c' 

No.  2SH3076  Silk 
Dotted  Scart  of  pongee 
Bnlshed  silk  mull,  hem- 
sUtched  ends.  Dots  saine 
color  as  the  ground. 
Colors,  buck,  white.  Ught 
blue.  pink,  lavender,  gray 
or  champagne.  State 
color.  Slie.  about  26x68 
Inches.  SSc 

Price,  each •**»*- 

No.  25H3078  Same 

scart  as  abov 

on,       o,«.,     »boul    26x86 
Inches.      Shipping  weicht. 


No.  2SH3084  Silk 
Mull  Scart.  with  fancy 
JacQuard  woven  ring 
border  and  enils.  Comes 
In  the  following  colors: 
Black,  while.  ll«ht  blue. 
Ahce  blue,  champagne, 
pink  or  laveeder.  State 
eolor  desired.  Hem- 
stitched oada.  Size, 
about.  S4I68  Inches. 
Shipping  IT  •  1  g  h  t.  3 
ounces.  4Q<* 

Prtce.  each.       *'='»- 

No.  2SH3C 
oeptlonal    Oual 
Mull    Scart.    \ 
auard     silk     H 
ring  spot   and . 
signs  runolnK  ' 
out.     Beautlfu- 
borders       in 
floral     dcaUn 
colorinca.     C{ 
blue,  gray.  Pi 
ender.        Sta' 
HemsUtclied  I 
atoul      26li>2| 


Pri«   each         0»Cj'-Ki-ce,  each.  ,  . .  ■«0«'      Price.  «.ch ... . 1      ,r,„..^ _ . . -. 


I      The  Better  Quality,  in  Silk  Chiffon,  SUk  Lace,  Etc. 



26H3II8  Soft  Finlah  Lin- 
Sirk  Chiffon  Veil  in  the  new 
size,  about  68  inches  long  by 
!hes  wlile.  Tills  is  a  very  pop- 
uze,  ss  it  caD  be  used  as  a 
bead  scarf  or  shoulder  shawl. 
._  black,  white.  bio\ni.  navy 
llcht  blue  or  gray.  State  cotor 
t.       Shipping  wt,  3  oz.      Oft— 

Silk  Shetland  Veil. 

No.  25H3I  10  Soft  Finish 
Knitted  Silk  Veil  with  a  fast  woven 
border  on  all  sides.  A  nice  lustrous 
quality,  Iinitted  in  tlie  newest  mesh. 
This  is  a  veil  you  would  have  to  pay 
double  our  price  for  elsewhere 
Colors,  black  white,  navy  blue  oi 
brown.  State  color  wanted  size 
about   20x56   inches     *^liipping  weitht 

"  Price"'  each  S9c 

Auto  Scarf  and  Veil. 

No.  2SH3I24  Fine  Quality 
Lingerie  Chiffon  Shoulder  Soarf  or 
Automobile  Veil  with  fast  woven 
border  and  four  fancy  ribbon 
stripes  Colors,  black,  white,  Alice 
blue  nivy  blue  or  brown  State 
color  wanted  size  about  23\|>! 
inches    Shipping 

Price     tich 


Silk  Shetland  Veil. 

,  No.  25H3I  12  Silk  Shetland 
Veils  are  all  the  rage  and  In  this 
number  we  give  you  a  splendid  qual- 
ity. Made  of  a  lustrous  silk  knitted 
In  the  new  open  mesh,  havliig  a 
fist  woven  border  on  all  sides  Tills 
Is  the  Quality  for  which  you  ate  in 
the  habit  of  payhig  $1  50  Colors 
black  white  m\'y  blue  or  brown 
Mention  color  desired  size,  about 
20^52    niches      Shipping    ut      Qfl-» 

No.  25H3  I  20  Silk  ChlffoB 
Veil  m  the  iien  i\uic  sue.  with  two 
fast  edge  bordei!>  Used  as  a  teU 
head  scarf  or  shoulder  shawl.  -  A 
SI  50  value  Size  about  68  iiichea 
long  by  3G  inihes  wide.  Colors, 
black  white  giay  light  blue,  navy 
blue  or  broun  Mention  color  wanted. 
ShippinB    weight      3    ounces.      QC-* 

_  AH  Silk  Chan- 
Lace  Scarf  at  $1.89. 
25H3I  14  All  Silk  Chan- 
ace  Scarf  or  Shoulder  Shawl 
jry  prttly  flower  desl;:n.  This 
of  the  popular  creations. 
!»e  exceptionally  low  price  we 
►n  tills  scarf.  Conies  in  black 
».  State  color  wanted.  Size 
80x96    inches.    Shipping  weight. 

each <pl*07 

Graduated  Spot  Silk  Chif- 
fon Veil,  Only  39  Cents. 

with  hemstitched  border  »..., 
with  three  rows  of  chenille 
dots.  Colors,  black,  white, 
brown.       navy       blue.       white 

witii     black    dots,     or    black 
with    white   dots.     State  color 
Size,     about    19x54 
Shipping    weight.    2 





New  Chiffon  Auto  Bonnet,  only  $1.98 

No.   25H3I26     The    Chiffon    Auto    Bonnet    is 
the    newest    article    in    women's    headwear.     It    is 

made  of  a  fine  quality  llncerle  chiffon  which  Is 
tucked  and  shirred  over  a  sUk  lined  pliable 
frame  to  tlie  shape  of  the  head.  Has  long  auto 
streamers  with  hemmed  ends.  This  bonnet  can  be 
crushed,  folded  up,  put  In  the  pocket  of  a  coat 
or  carried  In  a  erlp,  just  tlie  same  as  an  automo- 
bUc  veil.  Colors,  black,  white.  Ueht  blue,  bromi 
navy  blue  or  gray.  State  color  desired,  dn  no 
Shipping   wl..    1.')   07..     Price,   each ^I.»»0 

Chiffon  Voile  Veil. 

No.  2SH3I22  Chiffon 
Voile  Head  Veil  or  Shoulder 
Searf,  with  wide  satin  bor- 
der and  hemstitched  edges. 
This  scarf  Is  made  from  a 
Chilton  voUe.  a  very  durable 
and  weighty  cloth.  Comes 
In  black,  white,  pink,  light 
blue,  brown  or  navy  blue. 
State  color.  Size,  about  72 
inches  long  by  21  inches 
wide.       Shipping     weight.     3 

Price.     pnHi 98c 

r  sides.  The 
u  s  t  ration 
gives  an  Idea 
the  effect 
'l       draped 

Size,  about 
36s51      Inches. 


25H3  134  Infants' All 
►fit.  An  excellent  pro- 
afiainst  wind  and  cold, 
quality.  Color,  cream 
Size,  about  12x22  inches, 
ig  weight,  2  oz.      -  . 

.    each 14c 

25H3136  Children's 
ice  Veil.  Closely  woven 
incy  scalloped  border 
$t  edge.  Color,  creiim- 
>nly.  size,  about  ISy.x 
es.    Shipping  weight,"  2 




Mooming  Bonnet  Complete. 

No.  2SH3  I  42  Finest  Quality 
mourning  Bonnet  draped  with  extra 
large  grenadhie  mourning  veil,  as 
shown  In  illustration.  Made  of  fin- 
est black  materials  and  finished  at 
front  with  three  mourning  pins.  We 
can  ship  at  once.      Shipping  wt..  2X  oz. 

Price,  complete,  re.idy  *o  AQ 
for    wear ^0.*tO 

Washable  Net  Veil. 
No.  2SH3I28  White  Washable 
Net  Veil  with  border  disi=n  ivorkecl 
In  the  new  style.  Has  double  row 
scalloped  edge  and  dotted  center. 
This  Is  the  newest  thing  in  veils. 
Comes  In  white  only.  Size,  about 
I8X.54     inches.       Shipping     weight.     2 

""price,    each 49c 

No.  25H3I32  Shetland 
Wool  IHotor  Scarf  or  Veil  In  me- 
dium size  mesh,  with  fancy  krill- 
ted  border  and  scalloped  edge. 
This  Is  tlie  new  style  wool  veil 
tliat  Is  so  popular  at  the  present 
time.  Color,  rrcani-white  only 
.*«lze,  about  20x^4  Inches  Shlp- 
iilnc   weight.    3   ounces,   *•!    nC 

Price,     each *l.UO 

Silk  Chantilly  Lace  Veil. 
No.  2SH3r30    Silk     Lace     Veil 

with  heavy  paltcni  on  border  ami 
dolled  ccnlcr.  Very  good  iiuallly. 
Comes  in  black.  *vhite.  brown  or  navy 
blue.  State  color.  Size,  about  18x51 
Inches.  Slilpping  weight.  3  oz.  mr% 
Price,    each /SfC 

»j.     ,      -^  Z ' ^-— • ^Bvu T i-nce,     each t^ 

High  Grade  Silver  Mesh  Bag  That  Saves  $1.75.    Value,  $5.00.     Our  Price,  $3.25 

Mourning  Veil* 

No.  25H3I44  Good  Quality 
Grenadine  Mourning  Veil.  It  Is  fin- 
ished at  bodom  and  sUU-s  wUh  bor- 
der about  I  *i  Indies  wide.  SUe.-i 
Hboiit  18  Indies  wide  by  54  Inchea, 
lone.      Shipping    vpelsht,    3  oz.    ■TCL* 

Price,    each •  •'*' 

Imported   Veilings,    Malines    and   Silk   Chiffon   Clotl 

rr . ^ ^- l-HriiTii^SrfiSaiSrSa;^  36-l.d.  U.,.ri.  Silk  ChM...  Pl-i-  Silk  eta..  Y.;LI|.;. 


All  Silk  Chiffon 
Voile,  with  fast 
edge  and  satin 

^  1  o  t  h  8    for 

aking  automobile 
,  blacb,  white, 
brown.     State 

Colors."  bla 
navy  blue,  champagne,  pink 

color  wanted.    Wid"     "- 

Price,    per    yard 


Soft     Finish     Un- 
ijerie  All   Silk  Chif- 
fon,   for   auto   veils 
ur   shoulder   scarfs. 
Handsome       silk 
_^     border     on     each 
white,   gray.   li«ht  blue, 
brown.      State 
Width,  about  36  Inches.        42c 

nftle'dotf  about   3  inches   "pact     Coloi^.  black, 
white,  brown  or  navy  blue.     State  coif 
ed.     Width,    about   18   incnea. 
Price,    per    yard. 


No  house  can  suaranlee  their  chiffons  to  measure  full 
«  irhes.  as  they  Shrink  in  »•'= /V''"'- ,";£f'  'A,  7"^^ 
a  12-inch  chiffon  may  measure  all  the  way  from  40  to  ii 

'°"''no°2'sH3I°82  This  is  our  best  quality  All  Silk 
Chiffon  a"  oSe  that  will  give  satisfaction  If  you  want 
Ihe  best  value  for  your  money.  •  we  strongly  recommend 
Si,    numlSV      Colors     black,    white.    llBht  _b  u_e     plnk_     - 

InB  state  color  wanted.    Width, 

Price,    per   yard ■- 

'mo.'  2SH3  1 84     There    are    cheaper    gradt 
Silk    Chiffon   than   this    number,    but   no   chiffon 
lei    toan    50    cents   a    yard    is    as    good    as    this    number. 
cSora.  black,  white,   cream.   '-^J'^mP^e^v  "8"  blue    pgk 
navy  blue,  medium  green  or  brown.    When   ordennj  state 
color  wanted.    ""^"-    -^" 


of    All 

chiffon    sold   for 


No.  25H3208 

wliite.   cream,   light  blue 

„„,,„,      ,.„.„„..     Liberty     Silk,     soft     finish-      Colors, 
o?d  Jose.    Stite  color  wanted.    Width,   about  42   inches. 

aoallty     Lustrous 



Silk  Grenadine  Veiling. 

No.  25H3I96/ 

All  Silk  Black! 
Grvnadine  Veil- 1 
ing,  finished  at  I 
bottom  with  I 
dainty  stripes  I 
and  wide  border. 
la  a  popular  veUing  for  cither  face  < 
purposes.    Width,  about  16  inches. 

Price,  per  yard. 

36-Inch  Silk  Finished  Mu 
No.  25H3  I  98  36  -  Inch  S  ii  |c  F 
IVIull.  Tliis  quality  is  used  by  the  be 
liners.  Colors,  black,  white,  plnlt  - 
blue.  State  color  desired.  Width. 
about   36   inches. 

and    tery    small    dots,    closely    worked. 

Colors.     bUc*.     white,    brown    or    navy    blue 

No.  2SH3I74 
Sawim  Silk  Veil- 
ing, with  fast  bor- 
der on  both  sides. 
This  ia  a  Quality 
that  uaually  sells 
fcrSScsnta.  Colors. 
black,  white,  brown 

than  No.   25H:!206.     a  spi 
about  72  inches. 
Price,    per 

ndld  value.   Wldll  . 


Veiling,  hav- 

Ttuf  is'a^uality  that  usually  retails  at  $1.25 
to    $1.50^a    yard.     Wl^t»l-,^ a^"'    ^^     79c 

Our  price,   per  yard. 

Silk  Crepe  de  Chine  Veil! 

No.  251- 
A1I  Silk  C 
Chine    V  « 

Those  who 
soft  drapin 
mobile  rei 
should     ore 

number;     also    used    for    face    veil*. 

black,     white,     old     rose,     brown,     na^ 

light  blue  or  gray.     State  color  wante*. 

about    16    Inchea.^    Retail    value.    **• 

cents  per  yard.      " 

Our  price,  per  yard. 

No.  25H^i76 
All  Wool  Barege 
Veiling.  A  good 
quality.  Colors , 
bladt.  brown,  navy 
blue,  myrtle  green 
or  gray.  Be  sure 
Width,  about     28c 


No.  2SH3200  If  you  want  the 
best  IVltline  made  and  the  cheapest  in 
the  end.  we  recommend  your  buying 
tills  number.  It  is  the  celebrated  John 
Heathcoat  &  Co. 'a  English  waterproof 
silk    maline. 

,.„»      Made   of   heavy    and    best 
quality  long  allk  threads  properl: 
proofed  and  carefully  maoufacf  ■ 

pd.  W( 

Iniow   there  Is  complete   satisfaction  In 

every  yard.  ^  Colore.  black,_  white.  ^  pink,  light  blue  or  na»y  blue.      SUt. 


NO.  25H3202     A   "-v.  »rt  ""ll'S'„'?n"!7H"?L*"5  """"    ""* 

This  is  a  splendid 
white,  pink.  light  blue  or 
Width,   ahnut  27  inchei 

lit  lie 

^ Colors,  black. 

vy^  blue.""  iHenUoo    color  wanted.      |  g^ 

e,  per  yard 


No.  25H3186     The    pre 

dematid  lor  lingcrif  dress  i 
makes  this  All  Silk  ChiJTori 
the  most  desirable  fabric  foil 
or  dresses.  It  bas  a  nice  El 
ish  and  lends  itself  to  to 
style  drape,  which  is  nece^l 
this  seasons  garments.  It  is  finished  with  -  ■ 
satin  stripe  border  on  each  side,  making  the 
fectly  fast.  Samples  of  this  cloth  will 
request.  Colors,  black,  white,  AUce_  blue, 
brown,  champagne  or  gray 
about  45  inches. 
Price,    per   yard 

ill    be 

State  color  nanted.  I 


No.  2SH  I  I  06  Plauen  Venis( 
Ban  Trimming.  Comes  in  white  oi 
butter  color.  State  color  wanted 
Width,   about   %    inch. 

Price,    per   yard 


25H 1 046    Fringe,   generally 

known    a>   Tom    Thumb    tllk    fringe. 

l^olors,    black    or    white.     State   color 

wanted.    Width,  about  %  Inch.     iRc 

Price,    per    yard a.**^ 

^.  ^\°  !-t.''."'lL^?''^'^ 

no.  25HI038  Silk  Embroider 
ed  Ball  Trimming.  Comes  in  black 
white,     Alice    blue,     light    blue,    navj 

blue,  heliotrope,  cardinal  or  light  tan. lor  wniie.     oiaie  tuiui   >.a,i<,:u.     •■'"•■'. 
State   color  waoted.      Width,      2Qo  ">'?:"'   '^   ""^''-     ^  23c 

.■ibout  %  in-    P;ice.  per  yard...^*^''!     Price,    per   yard ****^ 


.-.  25HI036     Silk     Embroider 

Ball    Trimming.     Comes    in    black 

■  white.    State  color  wanted.    Width 

.«o.  25HI050  Fririe,  ««n«r«lly 
known  as  »ilk,  with  two  rmt  of  h«nd 
knots.  Biaek  or  white.  State  coUr. 
Width,    about    4   Inches.  69c 

Price,  per  yard ""' 

No.  25HI048     Same    as    No. 

25HI050,    but    has    only    one    row    of 

knots.      Black  or  white.      State  color. 

Width,  about  3  inches.  48c 

Price,    per  yard.  " 

The  threads  which 
nter  around  .which 

-^ % 


hich   make  up  the  tassels  ha«  a  cotton  thraaai,, 

This  gi»«s  the  fnngo  bt^l'- 

oerly.  I J 

25HI042  Silk  Embroidered 

rnnge.     Comes    in  black    or    white. 

State  color  wanted.  Width,  about^ 
inches.  """^ 

Price,  per  yard 


No.  2SHI034 

ed    Ball    Trimming.     ,^^„   ^    ^...^. 
hlte.    State  color  wanted.    Width 

Silk     Embroider.  I     No.  25HI040   Sllli  Embroidered 
Comes    In    bl.nck    Ball  Trimming.    Kitra  large  size  ball 

°''^!«!^^W".  '~7.~'...1^^^^^''pnKi^J^ 

black  or  white.  "  State   - 
Width,    about    %         48c 

All  Silk  Tassel.    Comes 
tiite.     State  color  wanted.) 
No.  25H  1052     Leng 

incJies.     Price,    each 

25HI054     I^engtl 
Price,   each. 

No.  25HI044   .SjIK 
Chiffon   Applique  Tnmmin 
black    or   white.     State    « 
Width,  about  1^  inches. 

Price,  per  yard 

25HI092    A  yard. 

Narrow    band   trimming   In    i 

mixture  of  gold  tinsel  and  allk 

liajidiomr  trimmine  for  wMsta, 
skirts,  etc.  Colors,  black,  white, 
mmr  blue,  brown  or  cardinal  all 
,th  tinsel.  State  color 
Width,  atMUt  5-16  inch. 

No.  25HI088  A  yard 

Sitk    Dress  Trrmming.  a  heavy 
'"•^■■"    openwork     pattern    In   all 
ith    a  high  luster.    Splen- 

NO.  25HI  104 

15c   se\ 

Silk  Embroidered 
Set.     Eagle,    star 

3      in' 
or..  1% 

NO.  2SHI056    All    Silk 
High    Luster    Dress    Trimming. 

Openwork  design.  Comes  in 
black,  wliite.  navy  blue  or 
brown.     State    color   wanted 

Width,    about    \    inch 
Price,   per  y,ird 



^f  ^  iachea.    Color^t 

^■r  red.  white,  navy 

or  ll«bt  blue.  State  color.  Shlp- 

piOR  weisht. 

..  25HI060  

jity  Braid.  Used  extensive 
-,  here  a  narrow  braid  ie  de 
sired.  Comes  in  black,  white, 
brown  or  navy  blue.  State  colo' 
desired.  Sold  only  in  12-yar( 
pieces.  Width,  about  \^  inch 
Shipping   weight.    3   oi.      39c 

Price,  per  la-y'ard  piece 

...5HI094       ,„ 

2  yards 39 

All  Silk  Braid  Dress  Trlm- 
ling  known  as  Pig  Tail.  This 
brand  la  now  very  popular  "»  « 
trimming  for  waists,  skirts.  --- 
We  can  furnish  it  in  the  follow- 
ing colors:  Black,  white,  pink. 
Ui;ht  blue,  gray,  light  brown,  car- 
dinal or  navy  blue.  State  color 
wanted  The  Illustration  shows 
actual  width  of  goods.  Put  up  in 
12-yard  bolts  only.  Shipping 
weight.  3  ounces. 

-      25HI058    

Tinsel  Novelty  Braid.  The  tin 
sel  ia  interwoven  with  the  fol 
lowing  colors :  Black,  while, 
brown  or  navy  blue.    State  color 


No.  25H  I  090   Three  widths 


Width,  inches. ,      , 

Price,  per  yard,  ■  JBC:^  Sc 

PATTERNS     *•    "°*    ""    •'*''"■    """  .''•tfonia.      Write    for    our    new    Pattern    Cat- 

9^2  CHICAGO.  ILL. 

ID       UUUV      •      TB1.C.J       «■      — 

Colore,  black,  white,  gray  i 
blue.  Stata  color  -— ' 

Gold  or  SiWer  Soutache  B...-. 

good  quality  for  trimming,  about 
4  inch  wide     Shipping—*    "-• 

HO.  25HI086>vl* 

Black  Frog  Loci  »J75 

generally  known  al  '•   '■ 

Always   Room  in  Your  Order  for  2c  to  12c  Bargains  FronTpi^lS  t^ 


.^    .^^  A55PmAllYCnnnniiAii-rv     ^^        ^  *    . -T^-^-rl'T^.r  *„  ^"^-'A^  *-•  * 


Atl    Silk    Taffeta    Scotch 

in  the  genuine  Scotch 
a  good  fast  edge.  Tlie 
""'      eiceptionally      we]J 


plaids,    with 

combinations      „.„     ^^^^ 
a.     Tlie  predominating  coli,.o  niv  carui- 
l«llt    green,    medium    blue,     navy     blue 
or    dark    green.      State    coror    wanted' 
aociut    4    inches.  0/\ 

!.    per    .vard ^UC 

^^^  e^Xa^^ras^ilS-if'S:^^     -."« 

?®H^2,9?8o.*.l'  silk  Tatreta  Woven 
and  White  Stripe  Ribbon,  comes  in 
tjles  of  stripes:  narrow,  medium  and 
This  Is  a  vers  desirable  ribbon  for 
llllinery  purposes  or  hair  bows.  Colors 
md  wlilte  only.  Stale  choice  of  oat- 
»ldth.  about  4%  Inchee.  OO 

,    per    yard ^OC 

^g^Jrand  Washable  Satin 
Faffeta    Baby   Ribbon. 

Great  Value  in  Soft  Finish  Satin 
Messaline  Ribbon 

TaffSia^Rifh^? '  i  *",S;lk  Satin  Soft  Finish  IWessaline 
■  aneta  Ribbon.  The  easiest  and  most  Dliable  ribbon  to  wnrb 
into     bo«8.     Grecian     hair     omamente.  "^tiSlllnci     and     dress 

t'h&^r&nln'-.lS  ^V^J'^'^'S  '  '""  '"ge^  con",?act  f „? 
inis  ritjhon  in  three  widths  and  we  can  now  sell  ii  it  i 
tower    price    and    at    the    same    time    give    a    better    aualltv 

light  bue.  Alice  blue,  scarlet,  medium  brown  navy  blue  of 
cardinal.     State  color  and  width  when  orderinj. 


No.  25H3032  Splendid  Quality  All  Silk 
Persian  Warp  Print  Taffeta  Ribbon  with  satin 
edge.  Tlje  colors  are  woven  In  this  ribbon. 
The  combinations  are  white  and  pinlt.  white 
and  light  blue,  scarlet  and  pink.  leaf  gieen 
and  piuk.  light  blue  and  blue,  nile  green  and 
lavender,  or  lavender  and  white.  The  last 
color  given  Is  always  the  color  of  the  bo  der 
State    color    wanted.      Width,    about     2*»  — 


Price,   per  yard. 

4-Inch    Fancy    Shepherd    Check 
Plaid  Ribbon,  20  Cents  a  Yd. 

\Ko.  25H3024 

^Shepherd  Check 
j  Plaid  Ail  Silk 
Taffeta  Ribbon. 
Comes  In  the 
following  cheche. 
Black  and  white, 
navy  blue  and 
white,  light  blue 
and  white,  brown 
and  white,  car- 
dinal and  white, 
or  green  and 
white.  State  col* 
or      combination 


5H3042     Washable     Satin     Taffeta 

a  good  medium  quality  ribbon  at 
'"  ylce.  Colors,  black,  white,  cream, 
Bt  blue,  medium  brown,  scarlet,  car- 
navy  blue.     State  color. 

Width,  Price. 

per  10-Yard  Piece 

~ina  width  when  you  order, 
width   about   hi    Inch.     Price.    OQ- 

trd   piece ^JfC 

width  about  %  Inch.  Price!" 


No.    25H3052 

Ribbon  with  an  all 
Quality,  has  a  fast 
•ure  to  state  width 
Nos.  I,  Hi  and  2 
Width    Nos. 

All  Silk  Satin  Back  Velvet  Ribbon 

All    Silk    Black    Velvet    Face 

Ilk  satin  back.  It  is  a  superior 
voven  edge.  When  ordering  be 
wanted.  Black  only,  width 
re  sold  only  In   lO-yard  pieces. 

Width,   about.'  'incli ." .' .' .' .' .' 
Price,    per    10-yard    piece 

Width    Nos.' ,.   a 

Width,  about.  Inches....'^ 
Price,    per   yard 8c 

Extra   Heavy    Taffeta  Ribbon 

For  Sashes,   5  Inches 
Wide,   per  yard, 

All  Silk  Wash  Ribbon! 

No,  2SH3044    All  

Silk    Wash     Ribbon    in 
a    pretty    basket    we; 
design.      Sold    only 
10-yard    pieces.     Con 
in  white,  pink  or  light 
blue.     State    color   and 
width    wanted. 
Width  Width, 

Nos,  Inches 

^?r°S^.  ^J"^.^'"^  Quality  All 
or  Watered  Ribbon,  If  you  desire 
millinery  trimming,  hair  bow  or 
this  number.  Cornea  In  black,  white 
k.  light  blue,  navy  blue,  brown  or 
Slate   color  wanted.     Width,    about 



A   7V2.Inch  All  Silk  Taffeta  Rib- 
bon  for  30  Cents  a  Yard. 

Linen  Back  Silk  Face  VelveTRibbon. 

bon  has  a  fast  woven  edge  with 
velvet  face  and  a  pure  linen  b.-  '- 
black   only.      Be   sure   to   state 

Width.  Prl  . 
Width  About,  10-Yard 
Nos.      Inch       Piece 

1%        %        2Sc 

-  7-16        38c 

■  49c 


Width     About. 
Nos.     Inches 

Dorothy  Hair    Bow    Ribbon, 
25  Cents  a  Yard. 

1  be  washed  and  1 

ble  for  hal „. 

J  s    and    mllMnery 

.-.   —  It  has  the 

weight  to  hold   Its  shape, 
led  and  still  retain  its 

.  ....  ..v  sou  iroiiea  ana  still  r< 

„lili5''ii\.''."v.V"  ordered  In  black,  white 
Pink,  light  blue,   AUce  blue,  navy  blue    browi 
■   cardinal.      State    color  and    width    desired 

S!!!ft  S°-  55k  *'"'"  3^  l"-  "'<!«.  per  yd.  I  3i 
Width  No.  100,  about  5  In.  wide,  per  yd! 221 

No.  25H30I0  Extra  WIdt  All  Silk 
Taffeta  Ribbon,  made  especially  for  the  new 
panel  sashes  and  wide  bow  millinery  trim- 
ming so  fashionable  at  the  present  time. 
Not*  our  eiceptionally  low  price.  Comts  In 
black,  while,  pink,  light  blue,  Alice  blue, 
navy    blue,    brown    or    cardinal.     State    color 

wanted.     Width,   about   7*4   Inches.  __  blue,   navy   blue  or  cardinal.     Width.    utniaUy 

Price,    per   yard SOc      '°'°   '"  '■•"Ol'   but  la  actually  about  4%  Oe.« 

«*v>v.  I    Inches.    Price,  per  yard ^OC 

/.  "J-  ,.2f  ^JO  '2  The  D  0  r  0  f  h  y  Taffeta 
Corded  Ribbon.  The  cords  running  tlirouati 
this  ribbon  give  it  the  correct  wclglit  ana 
stiffness  so  much  desired  in  a  hair  bo4na 
Comes  In  black,  white,  pink,  light  blue.  Alice 
»'""    navy   blue  or  cardinal.     Width,    utniaUy 

-  '^'"^'' *•**•         """""o-  100,  about  5  In.  wide,  per  yd. 220         Price,    per   yard !^.r:   .7.' 30c      '"''*   '"  '"'"'"'   •>"<  l«  "Ctualiy  about 

SEWING  MACHINES  $8.45  and  Up  Prove*  EVERY  DOLLAR  Is  VALUE.  Ifi  Ifi  ^e^rsJoebuck  and  co 



.5  H  45 14    m-         15  H  4378 


;^4320  l^*^25H43« 

N0.2SH4312    19c 

Statk  Collar,  net 
triminad  tab.  Stock 
eiik.  trbmned  with  sou- 
tacUB.  All  white,  light 
blue  or  pink  trimmed. 
State  color. 

No.  25H4314    19c 

stock  Collar,  cascade 
tab.  Net  collar  edged 
with  tape,  trimmed 
with  lace  and  soutache 
hraid.  Colors,  all  white, 
light  blue  trimmed  or 
pink  trimmed.  State 

No.  25H4374     23c 

NIfiMaline  Ribbon  Bow  and  Jabot  Colors, 
Mac"  white,  pink,  cardinal,  Usht  blue  or  navy 
blue.     SUIe   color 

No.  25H4378    29c 

Meualine    Ribbon     Bow    and    JaboJ. 
Black,  white,  pink  or  Ught  tiue.   Slate 

.SHaTIT     25h34  2*H437^       25H4376''^        25H4380 . 

No.  2SH4318      39c 

Silk  and  tace  Stock,  cascade 
jabot.  Collar  and  jabot  on  flne 
net  totmdatlon.  65-cent  value. 
Colors,  all  white,  light  blue  or 
pink   trimmed.     State   color 

No.  25H4370 


New  Satin  Meualine  Rib- 
bon Bow.  with  cut  steel 
beads.  Black,  white,  pink, 
cardinal,  light  blue  or  navy 
blue.      State  color. 

No.  25H4380      21  c 

Satin  Back  Black  Silk  Vel- 
vet Neckband.  Size,  about 
%xl4H  inches.  Kibbon  rose- 
bud centers  In  white,  pink  or 
light  blue.      Stale   color^ 

25H4316    19c 

stock  Collar  ud  eu- 
cads  iabot,  lace  trim- 
med. Collar  edged  with 
bilk  and  soutache.  Col- 
ors. aU  white.  Ught 
blue  or  pink  trimmed. 
State  color.  

No.  25H4326 

Net  SIdo  Ruffle  ' 
me*    wltk    lac*. 
new  double  edge  < 
White  only. 

No.  25H4376    2Sc 

silk  Ribbon  Bow  with  silk  cord  and 
pendants.  Colora.  black,  white,  pin*,  r" 
light  blue  or  navy  blue.     Stale  ««lor. 

N«»    2';H4372      19e    .  !?t"?!i."^°  JJ.J  t^hnJI  I  ^O.  25H4344     19c    Embroidered  Sailor 
!!s°;.i   ";!    whi?e^pink!n°,*;diri"  ^ght^'S  |  CoUar.     Floral  design  with  openwork  and  eyelet 

I,  M^ 

No.  25H4330  39c 

White    Plaited    Net    Side    Ruffle, 

trimmed  with  lace. 

No.  25H4324  39c 

Lace  stock  With  Fancy  Plaited  Side 
Ruffle  o»  Lawn,  trimmed  with  Venlse 
ind  NotUngbam  lace.     White  only. 

No.  25H4436A     Each.... 19c      No.  25H4430  19c 

No.  25H4436B    Each  . . .  I  9r 
Plauen    Venise  Stock  Collar.     35- 

cent  value.     Choice  of  two  designs 
White   only. 

Two-Tab     Plauen     Venise    Jabot. 

Handsome  medallion  effect  on  baby 
Irish    background.      White    only. 

No.  25H432Z 


stock  Collar  and  Side  Ruffle,  of 
net,  tastily  trimmed  with  lace. 
White  only 

No.  25H4432  29c 

Tbree-Tab    White    Venise    Jabot. 

Beautiful    raised    rose    effect.     Best 
imitation   of   hand   work. 


No.  25H4328 


Tailor  Made  Side  Roflla.  o«  good 
Quality  lawn,  trimmed  with  Valen- 
ciennes lace.  60-cent  Talue.  White 

No.  25H4434A    Bach. .. .  I.O< 
No.  25H4434B    Each         •  "■ 

No.  25H4444    29c 

Plauen  Venise  Stock  and  Two-TalJ 
Combination.     White  only. 
No.  25H4428A     Ea(^. 
No.  25H4428B    Each. 
No.  26H4428C    Eac^. 

No.  25H4352 

Tlie  New  Charlotte  ' 
Corday  Collar,  very 
heavily  embroidered 
flower  and  EngUsh 
eyelet  pattern.  Begu- 
lar  69-cent  value. 
White  only. 

No.  25H4348 

White  Embroidered 
I  Collar  and    Cuff   Set 

No.  25H4346 

White   I 
Cuff    Set. 


mbroidered   Collar  and 

Bowknot    and    eyelet 


floral  and  eyelet  design. 


Embroidered  Laundered  Collars.  — 
collar?  lined.  Height  about  1%  '"^Jf- 
Sizes.  12%  to  H.  Order  Iw  "«»'»•  """1: 
ber  representing  design  wanted  and  state 
size   desired.     Price,    each...  ■ "" 

Lord  Byron  White  Stiff  Laun- 
dered Dutch  Collar.  Fits  any 
neck.      Price,    each     1 5c 



iPvPMt.,'i.'-.''''"i',,v  ^'^---■■^^^^^^^^ 

No.  25H4398  Wash- 
able Tourist  Ruchlng  In  6- 
yard  pieces.  Carded  and 
neaUy  boied.  White  only.  Ship- 
jPing    weight.    3    ounces. 

Price    for    6 -yard    piece...  13^ 



I       Embroidered     Dutch     Collar    In 

I  hea\T     cjelet     aud     leaf     dwlea 
I  White  only.     Price,   each I  9o 

25H4364.  25H4366 

Finest     Quality     Imported     .... 

j  broidered    Collars.     All   collars   a 

Height,   about  1%   inches.  .Sizes. 

Order  by  catalog^  numjier  wnj 
ii;3ciits   design  '  '' 

desired.     Price. 

resents  design  wanted   and    menti 


,Wo..  25H4394  Lace  Neck 
IRlldltt,  with  two  rows  of  shirred 
rvaleociennes  lace.  For  waist 
TulOe  trimming,  etc.  White  only. 
1  Height,   about  1%   inches. 

Price,     per    yard ZQC 

25  H  4362 

Collar,   itith   two  j-mv 

12%   to   14%.    State 

Price.  2  for   

White    Lau 

No.  25H4360     White  la 

ar.     Size,   12  to   14%. 
Price,    each . . .  .  . 

No.  25H4334 
I  e  w    Sailor    Collar. 

f  two  thicknesses  of    trimmed    with 

linen    torchon    lace    in    pretty 

Clnny    design. 

Price,    each 

!b  If  it  ^gS'^^gJKjBg  a  imm 

Wlilte   only. 

No.  25H4354  New  Tai- 
lored Effect  Laundered  Col- 
lar, with  a  14 -Inch  border 
arotmd  the  edge.  White  only. 
Slaes.  1214  to  14.    State  alio. 

Price,    each I  7e 

No  25H4364  White  Stiff 
Laundered  Dutch  Collar.  Sizes,  12jt 
to  14V..  gtatc  size.  Price,  each. .  I  3c 
-  No  "25H4366  White  Stiff 
Laundered  Dutch  Collar,  with  three 
rows  of  revering.  Sizes,  12%  to  14%. 
State   size.     Price,    each.. foe 

„„.  2SH4396  S  i  I  k  Chiffon 
Neck  Ruche.  Three  closely  shirred 
rows     of     chiffon.      Height,     about 


Price   for   box   of   6   pieces. 

No.  2SH4400    19c  A 

Beaded  Top  Sateen  Neck  RimI 
two  rows  of  heads  at  the  top. 
een  is  white.  Beads  come  Is 
white,  gilt  and  light  blue  or 
pink.     State   color. 


SJSsfSS^g  Weigh,  of  Collar.  ..d  J.b.U  «.  TO^aae.  Each.  4  0».c  . 


■;e3^....eoy.S....„e...3o^ee.  79c     Sg  r^^^  r^-S^  ^^^^^ 

'  i_mng  weight,  8  ounces.     Price,   each.  77;...  !pl.98 

No.  25H44I6  Imported  Plaiien 
deep.  Baby  Irl  h  bickg  o  d  e  br 
effect.     Comes  In  whi  e  o  ly      Shli  i 

Venrse  Cape  Collar, 
i  Icre  i  In  heavy  k 
.      .      30,        ^j_ 

».  2BH44  I  2    Wide  Cape  Collar  In 
.1  and  Battenberg  ring  effect.     Comes 
white     only.     Shipping     wt.,     eo 
inccs.    Price,  each OJfC 


1 9c 

rJfil,^^i"^VO  '''""'"  Venise  Dutch 
In  fl  ;,""■", '"'°''-  "'"""J  embroldertd 
ta  floral  and  medallion  design,  closely 
meshed  ground.  Comes  In  while  caZ 
"Ply.  -Shipping  wt ,  3  oz.    Each  OSJC 

49c  Each. 

2SH4422    Prauen 
Sailor   Baok   Collar. 

embroidered.    White 
Shipping    weight.    3 


2  for  25  Cents. 

No.  25H4402  Imported 
Venise  Dutch  Collar.  Well  made 
of  good  material.  Regular  25- 
cent  coUar.  White  only.  Ship- 
ping weight,  2  ounces.  oe_ 

Price.    2   for ZOC 

H.°°"   ■"    '""O   ranter   and    the   .v,_„    „„ 

«9  So'  '?.™'  'f  "  ?.*  "-Immtag.  Well  worth 
l.i.hf  ^°"'*'  *"  ""y  ™'J'-  Shipping  Qfi_ 
weight.   3  ounces.     Price,   each. ..";.. °.  •'OC 

.No.  25H4442  Plauen  Venise 
Military  Stock  Collar.  Good  quality 
material.  Your  choice  of  ell  her 
pattern.  State  letter  of  design 
wanted.        WlUto     only.        Shipping 


79c  Each. 

No.  2SH4424      White 
Venise  Sailor   Back   Collar. 

medallion      pattern.      Baby 

Irish  background.    Shipping 

weight.  3  ounces.         "TQ-, 

Price,     each '  ^'C 

»  "'**o1lu,er,"T  rX"";  I  r."':  26H4450    Plai 
OMtlvely     a     50-cent     Chemisette      ni,.h   m„.if 
ize.     Comes  In  white     broklered 
■"   ! .   °^  23c     ^"'g  »">•  ShlpphVg 


baby  Irish  background. 



u,il  shipa^ent,  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  1  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  according  to  M, 

s  2BH4462     C     a     ad     iuff  i       No.  26H4420     Plauen     Veni.e  |     No    2SH444a     f 

tabs.     Cuffs    to"^-„,,'ir""ii„7/,'V,°iSS     E*^';-  ^^^    ^""r-     °"^    <"    Ihl'    Chemi.?tte?be1?®ul 

on  baby  Irtsh  background.  WlleCof^U'^MteT^^^  Comes    crochet.      Mf",,!^      

only.  Shipping  wt..  2  oz.  Per  set.  O^C  i  JJ  T„,?„,.." '^o.^^J™'"*         230^""'"*  "'''*'"■  ^  »""™^- 

Price,     each , 

\ipping  tveighL 



^''^ ■ i — ■ .„     .  ^^,..M  I    K  KCFNT  FMRROIDFRED  HANDKERCHIEF  FOR  10 


N..  25H4460     ThU   U  .    1.M0   C0«.^A1I    PU«^^^ 
°  ShlStorVelght.   5  ouDCea.     Price,  pec  doMD 




No.  25H4472 

I^adles'     All     Pure    Ijinen 

Hemstitched    H  »  n  d  k  e  r- 

chJefs    with    %-inch    bem. 

Extraordinary  value. 

Price,   per  dozen... 55c 

No.  25H4474 
Ijinen  Crosfebar  Handker- 
chiefs. These  handker- 
chiefs would  readily  bring 
12V4  to  15  cents  each  if 
Bold  regularly.  Full  size 
handkerchiefs.  You  have 
but  to  see  them  to  recog- 
nize their  exceptional 
value.  g 

Price,    each "*^ 

Mo     9SH7d66      LudlBi    Whit*    Men- 

au«ait7  cloth  vrtth  neat  hemsUtched  boriw   <A 

hi*    wide.       ExcepllonalU     Bne    QualltT     of 

irobrlc.  ■         4ZC 

45c  A  DOZEN. 

No.  25H4470 
White  Hemstitched  Cam- 
bric    Handkerchiefs    with 
drawn  work  border. 
Price,  per  dogea. 

6  FOR  25c. 

No.  26H4468^.  , 
Laeo  Edge  Handkerchiels 
with  emljroidered  corner. 
Neat  paUems.  25c 

No.  25H4476^ 
White  Cambric   Handker- 
chleft     with     emljroldered 
corners    and    hemstltclied 
border.  38c 

Price,   perdosen.*'^*' 

ehil?;.   r^ade  ot  a  Te^  sheer  Swiss,   with  neat  embroldwed  medal 


stitched  Hankerchlol.  of 
quaUty  Shamr<Kk  cloth, 
la  a  new  fabric  of  Irish 
strucUon  woven  especial!) 
handkerchief    purposea. 
thoueli    sheer    In    appean 
it  has  a  good  body  and 
always    retain    a   BOft  an 
surface.     These  liandiwrc 
are  put  up  twelve  In  a 
boi.  and  tied  with  tnW-- 

bon.       Shipping      weUlbt 

Price,  per  box  01        -_ 

I  g  bandkerchiefs 

HO.  itorr****  Y     , 
Lawn     Handkerchiefs    In 

crossbar  patterns.     Trim- 
med   with    good    quality 
Valenciennes  lace.   2Sc 
Price.  3  tor  ■  ■  ■  ■ 

48c  A  DOZEN. 

No.  2SH4480  S  P I  0  n  *  1  d 
Quality  Lawn  Hematitched  Hand- 
kerchieft,  with  the  new  atyle  Upe 
border.  Very  serviceable  and  neat 
ippearing  handkerchiefs.        4oC 

Price,    per    dozen 


No.  25  H  4490  Our 
Best  Quality  All  Pure 
Linen  Handlierchief.  This 
is  an  exceptionally  fine 
quality  with  neat  %-lnch 
hemstitched  border.  Reg- 
ular  30-cent  Talue.     __ 

Price,    each ^^C 

■  fancy  initial  handkerchiefs 


6  FOR  25c 

No.  26H4494 
Hemstitched  Initial 
Handkerchiefs  of  fine 
Quality  cambric  with  neat 
embroidered  i  n  i  1 1  a  1  . 
About  V4-inch  hem.  State 
initial  wanted.  25c 
Price.    6   for.---^*'*- 

2  FOR  19c. 

No.  25H4488^    . 

Hemstitched  Crossbar 
HandliBrchiefa  of  ttne 
auaUty  sheer  lawu  with 
neat  embroidered  initial. 
StatB  initial  wanted  1  Qg 

Price.     2     for **^ 



48c  A  DOZEN. 

No.  25H4482  ,  Good    C 

Lawn      Handkerchiefs     in     ai 
woven    crossbar    designs    wita 
stitched   borders.      Full  sl». 
aUractlve    handkerchiefs   at 
low  price. 
^^^^^^      Price,    per    dozen 


Good  Quality  Linen  Hon- 
stitched  HandkerehnfJ 
with  neat  wreath  and 
initial  embroidered  in 
comer.  Resembles  hand 
work.  State  I  B  1 1  la  I 
wanted.  25c 

Price.    2   for     -*••'»- 

^  H-  2?H4492  Sheer  La^n  '."ok^nss^or't-S^'Ta-tf^rn^'^Mps 
rs"VJ{lV""rM  S^\>£»ripeand^„gl^  The^o^ 
It.  I  r'^Pr?«!"per'bol"of  3'l'ndkeS!hiefs  of  one  initial ^^^ 


18c  EACH. 

No.  25H4500. 

Good  Quality  Pure  Lmon 

Handkerchief  witii  neat 
embroidered  Initial  along- 
side embroidered  flower 
spray.  Has  % -inch  hem- 
stitched border.  Stale 
nitial  wanted.  1  fi(. 
Price,  each  *  "** 

No.  25H4486  Chil- 
dren's Good  Quality  White 
Cambric  Hemstitched 

Price,  per  dozen . . 


32c  A  DOZEN. 


No.  25H4484  Chil 
Good  Quality  Cambri 
ored  Border  Hemst 
Handkerchiefs.    The  b 

are  assorted  patterns    ^^ 
Price,  per  dozen..".. » 

6  FOR  7Sc 


NO.  25H4504      All    Pu«    Li^n  ,H«msmc^|d     Initial  ^^Haju^ 
BlJpplng  weight.   8  ounces. ___  ,_..,.,  /OC 

llUpp  ng    weight.    B    ounces.  Initial 

Price,   per  lioi  of   6  handkerchiefs  of  one  Initial. 

NO.  25H45P2. 
Fine  Quality  All  Linen 
Handkerchief  with  bcm- 
sUtched  border.  The  em- 
broidered initial  is  in  the 
center  of  a  neat  clover 
and  leaf  design,  making 
one  of  the  prettiest  em- 
broidered initials  shown. 
State  initial  wanted.  22c 
Price,    each ^*»>- 

No.  25H4S06 

Imported  All  Pure 
Hemstitched  Hand 
broidered  Initial  Hand- 
kerohict.  The  Initial  is 
in  the  center  of  a  neat 
bowlmot  and  wreath  de- 
sign. These  handker- 
chiefs are  embroidered  in 

the    homes    of   the   world    

':SZn^nJ"in^s  r^t<isi  time  that. ^nd 
embroidered  Imported  Irish  hneii  initial  hand- 
kerchiefs of  this  quality  have  been  sold  at   -o         ,  ,.t„.    ,.>. 
'''when    ordering    stale    initial     25c     handkerchiefs 

ONLY  45c  FOR  \2.  JT 

No.  25  H  4498  The  s  •  F»»£y 
Handkerchiefs  are  so  weU  knowTi 
that  no  comment  is  necessary. 
They  are  the  best  fast  color  fancy 
print  hlndkerchiefs  for  children 
made.  The  designs  are  selected 
^Sm  different  fairy  tales,  animals 
and  subjects  that  interest  chldren, 
which  makes  them  very  instructlTe. 
Sold  only  by  the  dozen.  Shipping 
weight,  10  ounces.  4Sc 

Price  for  12  handkerchiefs.'***'' 


...  25H4608  C""'"".  • 
White  Hemstitched  Cambric 
Handkerchiefs.  Put  up  ta  a 
neat  suit  case  l>ox  with  fancy 
basket  weave  Hniah  and  wUh 
imilaUon  leather  comers.  The 
case  has  straps,  metal  clasp  and 
handle.  This  is  a  most  attrac- 
tive novelty  In  cWldren's  farcy 
handkerchief  boiea,  Shlpphig 
weight.  3  ounces 

No.  25H45IO   CI 
White     Hemstitched     Haj 
packed  tliree  in  a  neat  t  „, 
is  made  of  eilra  lieavy  c  , 
and     in     all     respects    re  ^^ 
real   trunk.      It   also  has    « 
feature  of  the   names  <f  *l 
towns  pasted  on  the  out-* 
gives    the     appearance 
travel:      A   decided    nove 
ping     weight.     4     ounces,  ,„ 

Price    for    trunk    and|i , 
3  handkerchiefs. 


SEARS.  ROEBUCK  AND  CO..  ff    jjjq{1    shipment, 


J^rSScfEXTTM,  I  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  according  to  shipping  we 

-lose  Supporters,  Sanitary  Belts  and  Yarns 

THE       D  f  P      SANITARY 


No.  2SHS030      Made 

of  2-liich  wide   elastic  web. 

wilh  reinforced  front  and 
baeli;  Iwo  tabs  with  safety 
Pin  fastenings.  Haa  the 
dip  shape,  which  Insures 
~    perfect   flt    and    comfort. 

26HB03T     yofm 
ng    dm    front    lanitary 

:.  made  of  good  quality 
let  sateen ;  double 
fhed  and  bound  with 
iched  shield  pad  In 
It    and    movable    shield 

In  baclt  which  adjusts 
If  to  every  movement  of 

body.  Fitted  Willi  a 
tnt  nlckei  plated  fasten- 
Jhlch  securely  holds  the     _ 

511  "."S,  ''"J^'  '"^V  <''Hl''oIy  with  safety  pins.     The  belt 
djustab  e  from  the  smallest  size  up  to  size  36  Inchra 

neatest  and   best  article  of  this  kind.      WWte  n"™' 


ling   weight.   3  ouQces.         Prlc 


No.  25HS034      Made 

of   waterproof   1 1  o  c  kinet 

with  finest  non-elastic  belt, 
botli  easily  washed.  Has 
our  highest  endorsement. 
Regular  $1.00  value.  Sizes, 
22  to  36  Inches  waist 
measure.  State  size.  Ship- 
ping  weight,    4   ounces. 

__^ Price,    each 590 

50-CENT    SANITARY    SHIELD    FOR    39    CENTS. 
The    Perfect    Sanitary    Menstrual    Shield. 

.  25HS036      Made 

light    weight    water. 

and    odorless    fabric 

can     be     .thoroughly 

•ed.      It    is    the    most 

actory     sanitary     cat- 

tal   shield    made.     Se- 

wlthout    being    bulky 

adjusts   Itself  to   every 

nent     of     the     body. 

Iting     parts     are     se- 

r   made.     The   belt   Is 

tastic     webbing,      and 

are      non-rustable 

pins  securely   sewed 

'astenlng     napkin     on     m^^^^^^^^mmm^^^mt^^ 

islde  of  the  waterproof  shield.     The  shield  proper  Is 

led  to  the  belt  by  three  patent  hooks  and  eyes  that 

and    cant    become    unfastened.      Sold    for    50    cents 

Ihere.    Shlppmg  weight.   3  ounces.     Price,   each     3ac 



No.  25H5038   Made 
^ai      of   fine    absorbent    cotton 

that  possesses  from  three 
to  four  times  the  ab- 
sorbing qualities  of  the 
best  toweling,  with  a 
layer  of  absolutely  Im- 
pervious material,  wlilch 
Insures  cleanliness. 
Ready  for  Instant  use 
Shipping    weight.    14    oz. 

Price,    per    dozen. .30c 


2SH504O    Compressed 
-     Napkins.      Especially 
wiien     traveling.        K 
-   -lapkln  of  good  qual- 
impressed     down      to      a    ■■^P3  _  (onnnn 
2%xlhi    Inches.      Put    «^S-^  «-.^.Vi;a 
small    packace,    which 
against    dust.      Ship- 
eight,   per  dozen,    12  oz. 
dozen SSo 

Ladies'",     ^g/ti  Misses'.  Chlldl 

has   always  been    the   aim   of   the   manufacturers  to  see  how   much   better   Ihev  cmilrt 
make   the   Lindsay   Hose  Supporter  than   any  other   on   the  mSet  ^ 

<!,.„„?!!..'','\°'!;'  *  ''T  ''""f  *?  induced  the  manufacturer  to  make  the  Lindsay  Hose 
Supporter  for  us  exclusively  with   wide    l-lnch   elastic  webbing.     We  have   Srrlflcprt 

l^oWZ.S:;Zl  Vi  ■'r^.l=nt'°[lHut°c£'iS°rs^f  ^^el!.V^'^U^ctZ  ISi^l 
whlte^     State  color  wanted      Shlpptag  welLh^l  to  4^ounce^^     *^°°"pH"e  """'i  ?' 

K  •  iiSiiii  S^rril^-  P^'^  "-'  "t  Sl:::::::---  I 

NO.   ^aHoOZS     L,adies      full    size.       T.en.7jh    Q>,n.,*  1^.^  i i._; l^** 

DIANA      SATIli 
PAD      HOSE 
. 2SHS042 



ity satin  pad 
with  i  inch 
wide  lisle  elas- 
tic supporters,  8 
inches  long  In- 
cluding buttons-. 
Non-elastic  belt. 
Colors,  black 
white,  pink  or 
light  blue.  Give 
color  wanted. 
Shipping   weight. 


■  SSusnSn     T.,i.-    f  11      ,^^-   i-^Btn.  about  11%  Inches., 

■  25HS028     I.adies      fuU    size.       Length,  about  13%  Inches.: 


No.  25H5054 

C  h  i  I  d's  Combination 
Waist  and  Hose  Sup- 
porter. Tlie  waistband 
has  three  rows  of  dou- 
ble stitciilng.  made  of 
good  quality  sateen, 
with  adjustable  non- 
elastic  shoulder  straps 
and  adjustable  elastic 
side  supporters  pro- 
tected by  special  pads 
so  that  no  metal  parts 
touch  the  body.  Comes 
In  even  sizes  from  2 
to  12  years.  White 
only.  Bight  tape  but- 
tons on  band  for  ad- 
justing. Be  sure  to 
give  age.  Shipping  wt.. 

.  I9i 



1%-inch  striped 
non-elastic  sus- 
pender webbing 
with  lisle  elas- 
tic hose  sup- 
porters  and 
heavy  elastic 
trousers  f  a  s  - 
tening.  Sizes,  4 
to  16  years 
Mention  a  ^  e  . 
Shipping  wt 
4  ounces. 

each    38c 

No.  25H5058     _.  .. 

On      Hose     Supporters, 

made    of    good     quality 
white    lisle     twenty  -  six 
strand  elastic,  1%  Inches 
wide,    with   finished   top 
Has  fancy  rustproof  ad- 
justable slide  buckle  and 
tearproof     cushion     rub- 
ber   on    clasp.      Length, 
about  9%  incheig.    Comes 
in   white  only.    Shipping 
.       weight,  per  set,  4  ounces. 
Price,  per  set  of  4  sup- 
P°''te'-s 2Sc 

No.  25H5060  This  sup 
porter  is  made  of  a  fine  quality 
wide  elastic  web  with  good 
stretch.  Is  neatly  trimmed  with 
adjustable  slide  buckle  and  has! 
tlie  Economy  stocking  protector 
which  positively  prevents  tear- 
ing of.  the  flnest  and  sbeerestl 
nose.      Length,  about  9  inches 

weight,  S^Uunces".'^''-       ^"""""^ 
Price,  per  pair  complete  wllh 
Economy    protector 

No.  25HS044 

of  1%-inch  lisle 
elastic.  Nickel 
adjustable  slides, 
latest  patent 
fasteners.  Good 
non-elastic  belt- 
ing. Can  be  ad- 
justed to  any 
size  up  to  36 
Inches.  Colors, 
black,  white 
pink      or      light 



No.  25H5062  This  is 
the  greatest  economy  saver 
for  women's  hosiery.  It  is 
made  of  a  chamois  over  a 
v\lre  frame,  with  chain- 
stllched  edges  and  socket  to 
insert  button.  It  positively 
ring. the  finest   ailk  hose.     No 

Piite     per    set   of    4'. 

Waist  sizes,  22  to  36  Inches.  (:oiors; 
black,  white,  pink  or  light  blue.  Slate 
color  and  size   wanted.     Shipping  weight 

M  a  d  I 



Justable     nickel     slide. 

Colors,  black,  wlilte  or 
light  blue;  In  three 
sizes.  Stale  color 
wanted.     Shipping   wt., 

r,  ,f?-    26H6064 
f  hlldren's  size.  Length. 
" '  :.■    Indies. 
Price,    per    pair     80 
5HS066    Misses'    s  Iz  e. 

5HS068  Young 
L-n«lh,  11%  inches, 
per    pair 


Made  of  good 
quality  non-elastic 
webbing  with  elastic 
hose  supporters  at- 
tached. Adjustable 
slides.  Colors,  black 
or  white;  In  three 
sizes.  State  color. 
Slilpping     weight,     3 

pN,»-      ,2SH5048 

Children  s    size. 

Price     I  4c 

„No.  2SH5050 
Misses     size 

Price     I  7o 

No.  2SHS052 
i*anie3     size. 

Price       I  Qo 

spuni'Ve"  'ets"t1o''a'n!l"lVt"  To'u  c°an  "h^av'^VA."  c'on'L,"eS''i"L'"  """r  "^S"''  J?"'""^^ 'elected,  properly 
Yarns,  for  there  are  none  better  The  wH^hf/J^^.i^^""  *",  """^  Golden  Crown  Brand  of  KnltUng 
are  liable  to  be  more  or  less  than  the  avoirri,mnifn„,^,i"',K  '"i,»"''^  ™,  ■nanuf.icturers'  weights  and 
weight  after  dyeing  difterent  colors"  therefore  weT«,nri„"'i^„''^"''"™.'''  ".''V"^'}  ">'  ""'  '*^"ee  of 
full  measure  according  to  the  Vtnndar,!  nf  S™  ",'T. '  ^15^  you  the  eiact  weight  In  ounces.  We  give 
prices  speak  fo^Uten jives; 'no  or^e'll's'  .Ijolf  JZiHy  oJll^.  ^[^0^',^^^'"   "■'■'    



n5M46S6  Lofty  spun, 
and  even  finish.  Used  for 
sweaters,  helmet*,  men's 
vlttens,     etc.      Coraes     four 

0  the  pound,  manufuc- 
'elght.  Colors  are  the  same 
5B46.73.  Be  sure  to  state 
'e  can   Iioncstly  recommend 

1  as  the  hlglieat  quality, 
ntains  a  long  woo!  flUIng; 
itee  every  skein. 

ler  skein,  any  color.$0.29 
und   of   4    skeins..    1.05 

No.  2SH4658    A   good   me- 
dium  quality.     Four  sketas  to  the 
pound,     manufacturers*    weight.     In 
the     following     colors:       Cardinal, 
scarlet,    medium    blue,    navy    blue, 
purple,  medium  brown,  seal  broWn, 
sheep's  gray,  black  mlied,  black  or 
Willie.     Used  for.  making  sweaters, 
helmets,    men's   hose,    mittens,   etc. 
Be   sure  to   state   color. 
Price,    per    pound 87c 

YARN,      GIVE    IT    A    TRIAL. 
No.  26H4660     Soft  spun  from 
finest      Autlraiian      slock,      twenty 
skeins   to   tlie   pound,    manufactur- 
ers'  weight.     Colors,  scarlet,  cardi- 
nal,   wine,    pink,    light    blue,    me- 
dium    blue,     navy     blue,     medium 
brown,  seal  brown,  black  or  cream- 
white.    Be  sure  to  state  color.  Used 
for    making    shawls,    baby    sacques, 
bootees,    mittens,   hooda,   etc. 
Price,  per  ekeln.  any  color.$0.07 
Per  pound   of   20   skeins.    I  ,35 




No.  25H4662 
This  is  the  large 
size  ball  usually 
called     1/2 

-.      It      does 
weigh     % 
but    one   of 
--       balls      will 
knit  as  far  as  four 
balls    In    the    old 
small    style    pack- 
age.       Comes       In 
black,    white,  card- 
inal,      brown       or 
gray.      Be    sure    to 



1    in     1/ 
a  n  u  fact 

state    color 

Price,    per   ball #11  ^u 

Per  boi  of  8  balls |  Igo 

No.  25H466S  Eight  skeins  to 
the  pound,  manufacturers'  weight. 
Colors,  black  or  cream-white.  Be 
sure  to  slate  color.  Used  for  mak- 
ing medium  weight  stockings,  mit- 
tens,   scarfs,    etc. 

Price,    per    skein $0.16 

Per   pound   of   8    skeins..    1.20 

while,     pinlt 

or  light  blue. 

Be  sure  to  state  color. 

Price,    per    liall 9c 

Per  boi  of  8   bolls 700 

No.  25H4670    This    Is    the 
highest     grade     Germantown     yarn 
made.  Sliteen  skeins  to  the  pound 
manufacturers'  weight.    Colors, 
let.    cardinal,   wine.    IlKlit   blue,  me- 
dium   blue,    navy    blue.    pink,    seal 
brown.      niMlium     yellow,      medium 
green,   purple,   gray.   Mack  or  white. 
Be  sure  to  state  color. 

Price,    per    skcln 10  00 

Per   pound   of    16    skeins.    1138 

No.  25H4672  0  u  r  Golden 
£■".?.*"  «^"'''f^°''*  Germantown 
Knitting  Yarn  is  the  correct  yarn 
to  use  for  making  the  new  motor 
toques  or  aviation  caps,  Tliey  are 
greatly  In  demand  at  the  present 
time.  In  tact,  they  are  the  most 
sensible  toque  or  cap  for  ladles' 
and  children's  wear.  They  are 
warm,  easily  washed  and  very  at- 
tractive In  appearance.  Our  Golden 
&  '■.?.."' "  Elght-Fnld  Germantown 
Knitting  Yarn  is  the  style  of  yam 
to  use  for  this  purpose.  If  you 
crochet  your  own  imp  or  toque. 
you  receive  a  better  quality  at 
a  lower  price  than  you  would  have 
to  pay  If  you  bought  tlie  toque 
already  crocheted  iir  knit  on  .ma- 
clilnes.  Besides  being  used  for 
toques,  tills  yarn  Is  also  used  for 
ladles  jackets,  legging  drawers  for 
children,  .Afghans  and  bed  slioee. 
Can  be  ordered  in  the  same  colors 
as  our  No.  25H1670.  When  order- 
ing state  color  desired.  With  every 
order  we  will  send  lustructlons  for 
making  caps. 

Price,     per     skein $0.10 

Per  pound  of  16  skeins..    1.60 


,     for     yar.._ 

only    and     don't    pay    anylhinff 
for   a    mere    brand 

,   , : „■    ^    ^-^...r,..     ,  .^^/  rer   pound    or     16    skeins.    1.38      |    i  | 

>  '  HOUSEHOLD  RUBBER  GOODS  PAGES  ARE  MONEY  SAVERS  ALSO.  XXX    «^*''«cgi'c%"o':^LV^^'  ^°  .97 


Two-Hole     Poarl 

,      .Jo.      25HB078        Superflne 

I  olaar   white    quality,    cup    Mipe 

State  tin  wuted.     3  li  i  p  p  1  "  t 

weight,   per  dozen.    1   ounce 

Size.    llne«....16     18     20     22        I 

16-Une.      Price,  per  <lo«.3e    3c    4«    M    ■> 

No.   25H5080     Geimine  oc«»ii 
Marl    cup    thape    two-hole    buttons. 

mis    Is    the    most    desirable    shape  , 
tiutlon  for  shirt  waists,  etc.      -Ship- 
ping weight,   per  dozen.   1   ounce. 

SlM,  lines 16      18      28       22 

Price,  per  dos. . .  (Oe     12*     I4e     loe 

Fish    Eye    Poarl 

N*.  25H5082  Best 
■uality.  suitable  for  shirts 
sllirt  waists,  sweaters,  etc 
State  size  wanted.  Shipping 
weight,  per  dozen.  1  and  2 

12  14  16  18  20  24   30    36 
-     -----     -70 

Style  i  Styles  Style  4  """i-....  rf 
or  three  styles.  Size.  16-Une  SUte^ 
wanted     Slilpplng  wt..  per  doi..  1  oz.  J] 

Price    per  dozen.  - 

PriM.^ ■■dM.-'-".V-4e  ^  5c  5c  5C  7c  12c 

GiltTrlnnmlng  Buttons. 
No.  25HS084  Dull  gilt  finish 
with  bri«ht  edoe.  for  trimnuiiB 
cloaks,  waists,  dresses,  etc.  State 
ize   desired.      Shipping  weight,  per 

18  LINE    ^ 

No.  25H5088  Very  fine  hand  polished 
iridescent  beveled  edje  peart  l""""^^  iP' 
best  pearl  buttons  on  the  martoet.  SlaTO  size 
wanted.     Shipping  weight,  per  dozen.  1 

70       So 


No.    25HS09O       Very     ';i9'>'»  ,  »°'i^^'dt 
ridescent    flsheye    pearl    buttons.     High    graao 


ions      Louie'ln  '14.    16   and   18   Une.      Stale 
wanted.    Shipping  weight,  per  dozen.  1  o!^ 

Size,  lines »«  ^.         i? 

Price,    per    dozen oc         70         oc 

No    25H5098 

Finest  Quality  mother 
of     pearl     buttons. 

^i/M    U  line.      Choice      -^=-        „  ^  .    „.T1 
jf  lliree  styles.    State  Style  1    Style  t    StyU 
style    number   wanted.      Shipping   weight, 
dozen     1   ounce. 
Price    per  dozen 


Washable  Lace 

No.  25H5IO0  Saiall 
buttons,  suitable  for  trimming 
kinds  of  waists  and  summer  v 
ing  apparel.  Two  sisee.  14 
18-line.  White  only.  SUts 
desired.       Shipping    weight. 

Price,    per   dozen. 

dozen.  1  and  2  ounce*. 

Size,    linos 

Price,  pec  dozen 

12      16 

Trimming  Buttons. 

Wlfek.      No.     25H5086        Imported, 
Sii^seH  shank  Imitation  peart  butt 

State  ( 

tratlon. ,-r— ^ 

Price,  per  dozen 

,..  '  colors'   of    white,    light     bin 
pink.    red.    brown    or    navy    bin 

u,    wanted.'     Eiact  size  as  per  lllu- 
Shipplng  wt..  per  doz.,  1  oz.  gj. 

A  Good  Button  for  Every  Emergency.__    ^ 

extra  good  ouality.  The  cab- 
inet contains  aMOrted  sizes 
of  2  dozen  black  and  white 
agate  buttons.  1  dozen 
white  bone  buttons.  1  dozen 
black  pants  buttons.  1%% 
dozen  Brst  duaUty  pearl  flsh 
eye  buttons.  1%  dozen  vest, 
coat  and  overcoat  buttons. 
•>  dozen  two-hole  pearl  but- 
tons 16  and  24-llne.  1  dozCT 
18-llne  four-hole  pearl  but- 
tons 4  dozen  bladt  and  white 
hoolis    and    eyes.       Shipping 

^„==-—  =.   weight,  7  ounces.    Total  value 

ot  this  cabinet  is  more  than  75  cents.  49c 

Handy  Automa- 
tic Button 

«  .  t  . 

locked  or  unlocked  by 
raising  or  lowering  "key 
with  Angers.  Made  In 
black  only.  Suspender 
size.  Shipping  weight. 
per  dozen,  2  oa.  7c 

Price,  per  doaen. . .  •  ^ 

Washable  Ball  Button 

No.   25H5I02     Soft    ball 
shape   crochet    buttons:    trim 

beautifully,  very  pretty  crochet 
pattern.  In  three  siaes.  White 
only.  Shipping  weight,  per 
dozen,  2  ounces. 

Size,    llnee 

Price,  per  dozen. 

.IS      16      20      __ 

.9c     13c     190  19-U    J 

Plain  Satin  Buttons. 



Coverod  with 
tenuino  Skin- 
«er*s  oatln. 
Colors,  black, 
gray,  brown, 
emerald  preen, 
cardinal  o  r 
navy  blue. 
State  size  and  color.  Shipping 
weight  pet  dozen,   3  ounces 


PlainTaffeta  Buttons 


No.  25H5I08 

Used  extensively 
for  trimminj 
purposes  ot  all 
kinds.  Colors. 
blacA,  navy  bine, 
cardinal,  brown 
or  green.  State 
size  and  color. 
Shipping  weight.   3  ounces. 

Jvory    Rim     ButtonslCut     Jet    Trimming 
With   Satin  Centers.]  Buttons. 

No.  25H5 
The  smaller    . 
for    t  r  i  ■  m  i  n  g 
waists,   etc..    the 
larger     sizes    for 
skirts.     1 


.24        36 

45    Size,  lines -J' 

17  Price,    per    dozen.     =" 

Clark's  O.N.T.  Cro- 
chet Cotton. 

No.  25H5128     200  yards 

ea  spool.  Color,  wtilte  only 
Sizes.  40,  50.  60,  TO  or  80 
State  size  wanted.  Shipping 
weight,  per  spool.  1  oa. 
Price,  per  spool 


fects      obtain- 
able.      Colon. 

-  black,     brown. 

24-llne  navy  blue,  gray, 

creen  red  or  tan.  State  color 
fnd  si»  des-irell.  Shipping 
weight,  per  dozen,   3   ounces. 

Size,    lines,    fs'.  fL  27c 

Price,    per   dozen...  l5o  ISO  Z" 

Sire,   lines "    ^|, 

Price,    per   doien J3«  »« 

and  cloaks.      We 

_^,^         can  furnish  these 

22-Une        buttons     in     Ave 

sizes.        Stats     size     wanted. 

Shipping    wrtght.   per  dozen,    3 

6    ounces- 

Size,    llneo.   22   30    36 

Price,    per    dozen... -Sc  I5«  l9o 
Size.     Unes. Jl.  |» 

No.    25HS104      Best    , 
fresh    water    highly    polisliod 
■hank    pearl    buttons.      Very   ( 
able  for  dress   or  shirt  waist      , 
mlng.    Shipping  weight,  per  d  l 
I  and  ", 

<Mze"~'Une» 16    18    20     22     24    3    ^ 

Plic'e.   per  dozen... 90  lOc  Ifb  I2e  13c  i;  E 


Vegetable  Ivory  Buttons  in  Colors 


four-bole    v  e  f  - 
liable    ivory    cng 
,.1  h  a  p  e  buttons. 
IDuU    finish    cen- 
ter with  polished 
rims.      Comes  la 
-^^^       mined    colors    to 
lalch     almost     any     sh»<l^„°' 
brown,     tan,      gray     or     black 

Price,    per   dozen . 

.23«  27e 

State"'eolor'"wantVd.       Shipping 
weight,  per  half  dozen.  I  oz. 
Cntjiloe  Price.  t>er 

■^  No  Size  Half  Doz. 

25H5II4     Vest    fc 

25H5II6     Coat 7e 

25H5II8     Overcoat    .......  I  Ot 

Stats    eolor   wanted.      T  -, 
the   most    stylish    button 
for    men's    clotlUng.      Sb 
weight,  per  halt  dozen, 

No.  Size 

25HSI20     Vest 

25H5I19     Larje  overcoat 

iMercerized    Crochet 


Darning  Cotton. 

>s^  No. 

^^     25HS130. 

i-^x   -        ■  b  I  a  c  I 

J.  eicht- 

No  25H5134  Crown  Kolt- 
li „,  crnon,  wUte.  f o-f  "'"read 
SlMS.  6  to  24.  State  size 
wanted.  Shipping  welghl,_ 
balls,   8   ounces. 

Price,   5  balls  for 

B.   Cashmere. 

30  yards  on  card. 
Colors,  brown, 
navy  blue,  tan, 
gray,     black     or 

white.      State 7  ^. 

'color  wanted.     Shipping  weight. 
4  ounces.  22C 

Also    comes   Ic 

white.    Stall 

color     Dvantof. 

Shipping  weight,  per  dozen.   12 

ounces.  1  7c 

Price,   per   dozen *  •  »- 

H.  Nl.  C.  Turkey  Red 
Embroidery    Cotton 

Ho.  25H5I48  IV2  laches 
In  length.  Colors,  peart,  pink, 
lavender  or  turquoise.  State 
eolor.    Shipping  wt..  1  oz.       C- 

Price.   2  dozen  for «"' 

No.  25H5142  Absolutely 
high  ffrade  mercerized  crochet 
cotton  for  embroidering.  Is  used 
as  a  Bubstltute  tor  silk 
the  same  rich  appearance  and 
costs  very  UUIe.  Full  100-yard 
ipoola  In  the  following  colors 
White,  light  pink,  medium 
Dink,  violet,  purple,  cream,  light 
medium  blue,  brown,  liglil 
V,  medium  yellow,  orange 
nile  green,  moss  green,  olive 
BTcen,  dark  green,  scarlet,  car- 
dinal, garnet,  bl.ick.  Slate 
:olor  wanted.  Shipphig  weight, 
jei-  dozen.  18  ounces.  QCj. 
Price,  per  dozen »»*»»» 


II  I  I  II  I  I M  II 

No.  25H5  1  60  No  dangei 
„  ever  losing  the  pins.  Thre^ 
best  nickel  plated  pins,  faslcn- 
ed  together  by  means  of  strong 
chain.  Shipping  weight.  J  3- 
^  ounces.     Price *  *^ 

No.  25H5IS0,  French  Pin 
Book.  Contains  eighteen  gold 
plated  pins  in  two  fancy 
shapes,  IVs  inches  long.  Big 
value.  Shipping  wt.,  2  oz.      g- 

Price,    per    book.  - 

belter  grade  of  cotton  and  silk 
hose  The  thread  being  about 
the  size  used  In  fine  hosieoi. 
Colors,  black,  white,  pink,  llghl 
blue.  tan.  gray  or  brown.  State 
color  wanted-  Put  up  45  yards 
to  the  spool-  Shipping  welcht. 
hatt  dozen,  5_ounccs.         l5c 

Good    Flat  Corset 

No.  2SH5  i  32  0»  wools 
BUea,  8.  10.  12.  14.. 16.  18.  20 
22  and  24.  State  size  wanted 
SMa  by  dozen  and  in  red  only 
Bhlpplng  weight."  per  dozen,  l 
ounccs.  1 3c 

Price,  per  dozen ***v. 

No.  25H5I40    Eyelet  Loop 
Edge  Buttonhole  Tepc.    A  Eri;at 
convenience   and   time  savoj   for 
the   home   dressmaker 
about    %    Inch 

No.  2SH5I44  Lisle  Cor 
set  Laces.  5  yards  In  length 
,'iiry  strong.  White  only.  .Ship 
ping  weight.  1  ounce.  Retail 
price.   5  cents  each.  g^ 

Price,  2  for *'*' 

No.  25H5166     SafiJ. 
Book,    coiu.iinmg  two   d(  an: 
tliree   assorted   size   pins. 
Quality,       brass,      non-n  . 
Shipping   weight,   2   ouncy 

Price,    per    book 


....  25H5I62  .Extra  fine 
Quality  with  double  sided  shield, 
guaranteed,  best  quality  non- 
rustabie.       Shipping    weight,    2 

r.v.  2SH516S     a4- 

assortmenL      Shipping 



..arge    Pin 

Cube,    contain-. 

Ing    100    glassi 

headed  pins 

assorted  colors. 
Price.       ^— 
;rcube.-  **•-.,. 
No.   25H5I54,        ,,    J  J  ■  

above,   with  white  glass  headed      „„    2SH5164      Wo  guar- 

pins-     Shipping  weight,   1  j„,„    these    Safety    Pins   to   be 

incc.  3C  absolutely      the      best      Quality 

Price,  per  cube. . . ... . .  •  gold     plaUd.       Eight     Phis     01 

No.  25H5IS6     Pln^^Cubes-^^^^    g,,,,  ,;„  «„,ed-  Ship 

All    black     glass    headed      3clping    weight,    per    card.     1   ^' 

pins.     Price,   per  cube .,     gi^j   1.      price,    per   card 

Toe  and  Heel  Stock- 
ing Darner. 


Price!    per 



Darning  Need 


No.  25H5I46  Flat  Corset 

Lace.     8%     yards     In     length. 

lOut    %    Inch.      Put  up   '"-■  White    only.      Shipping    weight. 

,.rd  pieces    .White  only.     Slup  ^^^^^^ 

plnj  weight,  lounce.  g^|     ^,__    ...  rf„.„       ot- 

Price,  per  dozen 

No.  25H5  I  58  The  best  and 
most  practical  obtainable.    Nat- 
-.      -    ^^ 1      Sluppinc 


ural   color   hardwood 
'eight,    4    ounces 



.1.1.1.  i"i.i.J 


No-    25  H  5260 

Embroidery     Trimmin 
stickers    braid,    with   h' 
broidered     scalloped     1 
doL      Comes    In    Uie 
colors    of    embroidery 
ground;     All    white,    t 
dlnal,  Alice  blue,  or  11  v 
Stats   ool  or  wanted  t 
about    M    inch.      Ship 
3  ounces.       _        ^    ,   ,. 
Price-  for  6-y»rd  pl<  l^^ 




to  shipping  nx 

K.  Skirt  Marker. 


Mads  ol  >ali( 
nickel  ptated 
metal.  PracU- 
c  a  1  I  y  Inde 
tlrucUble.  Ad- 
justable to  an: 
length.  50-ceii 
value.  Ship 
vine  wel^tit,  17 
ounces.    25c 

racing  Wheel 

'ertect    All    Metal    Nickel 
lied     Tracing     Wheel. 

ach .  . 

25H5  178    The  handi 

ciiig  wheel  made.  Kolj! 
'iickknife.  wjuj  protectet 
which  prevenl3  It  from 
itng  with  any  of  the 
irticlca  In  the  work  has- 
'Ilia  is  a  new  Inventhm 
he  best  tracing  wheel 
It    will    last   a   lifetime. 



No.  25H5I80 

Skirt  size.    White 

or   black.      Slate 

color.       Shipping 

weight,    1   ounce. 

No.   25H5I82 

Small  size.    Used 

waists,    etc.     Ship 





$1  Coo  AUTOMATIC  DRESS  FORM  $1  /\50 


2— Controls  the  length- 
or  shortening  ot  the  waist. 
3— Controls  the   neck  and 

No.  4 — Controls  the  lengthen, 
ing  or  shortening  of  skirt. 

No.  5  —  Enlarges  dimensions 
of  lower  skirt. 

No.  6— Lock  Wheel  No.  2 
controlling    waist    length. 

No.  7  —  Enlarges  dimensions 
of  upper  skirt   and    lower  hip. 

No.  8 — Ratchets  inside  of  bust 
form,  which  control  the  broad- 
ining  of  shoulders  and  enlarges 
ilso    be   adjusted 


for   deformity. 

This  is  our  regular  "ProgreBs"  Auto- 
matic   DresH    Form.     The    best    made. 

Suld  evt'i-y where  else  at  $lj.UO.  We 
thus  plaee  within  the  reath  of  every 
home  an  article  that  is  as  necessary 
as  a  sewing  maehine.  It  has  twelve 
sections,  and  by  siinpiy  turning  a 
linob  at  the  upper  part  of  the  ni-clt  it 
adjusts  automatically  to  any  desired 
size  and  shape.  It  can  be  mafie  lonp 
or  sliort  waisted;  broad  or  narrow  at 
shoulders  and  at  bacls,  larse  or  small 
at  necli,  waist  and  hips,  full  or  flat 
chested,  also  low,  medium  or  high 
bust.  When  the  correct  adjustments 
are  secured  it  automatically  loclis 
Itself  and  cannot  worlj  while  the 
....■,,      ^         ^      ,,  garment    is    being    fitted.     It    also    has 

latthet  adjustments   that   jjermit   of   its   being   used   for   women   irre-'ulir   iii 
measurement.  o""ii 

,.^5'!.''.  "pPf  P"""*  "'  <""•  "Progress"  form  is  made  of  papier  maehe  covered 
with  blacli  jersey  cloth,  to  which  dress  materials  can  (be  pinned  and  dranc  d 
The  lower  part  is  a  heavy  steel  wire,  and  the  whole  form  is  mounted  on  .au 
""■'^^Hr",""""^  "^  casters.  All  metal  parts  are  nickel  plated  except  iron  stand 
This  form  18  made  in  styles  A  and  B.  Style  A  when  closed  is  32  I'l  ches 
bust  measure  and  extends  to  41  indies.  Style  n  wheu  closed  is  30  inch,."  butt 
metstire  and  e.xtends  to  4S  inches.  Be  sure  to  state  style  waited,  whetl, -i- 
A  01  B.    Shipping  weight,  50  pounds.  *i  ivV-U. 

No.  25H5  174%    Price..   $10.50 

No.  25H5175%  The  "Progress"  Four-Part  Adjustable' °  DressnialierH- 
'J^^t^A'i-"'"'*?"^'*  ""'■'■  "'  "''E^'  '^°^t  «■"!  >^iPS-  Comes  in  two  sizes:  ste  A 
o2  to  44  HH^hes  bust  measure.    Size  B,  38  to  48  inches  bust  measure.    Be  sure  to 

TtUtto:^''^s%.ii':''K^e%  "'"^''' '°  p""""^-  ^^s"'--"-  ■■^'""  P"™  $5  75 

or  Skirt 


25HS2I0     SimpI 
rs    or    Coat    Hanger 

lie    garment 

iiely    without    le.-ivlng 




No.  25H52  12  Heavy  Wire 
Nickel  Plated  Folding  Coat 
Hanger,  with  honk  for  trousers. 
"""  hed    vest.     etc.       Shipping 




Black,  white  and 
weiffbt.  6  suools,  2 
6    spools    for 


Buttonhole    twist.     .      

State    color    desired. 



to.  25H5226     Finest   quality.     100- 

d    spools.     Looks    like    silk    and    Is    no 

expensive    than    cotton.      Blark   and 

w  mte.     Letter  A  only.    State  color  wanted. 

Shipping  weight.   6  spools,    3  oz.        "I  O  — 

Price.    6  spools  for l^C 



H5238      T  h  I 

larmenl  ot  this  char 
le.  It  ia  waterproof 
and  odorless.  T  h  i 
nade  of  a  neat  open 
ric  with  laced  h.-id 
tment.  It  is  slghtli 
id  cool.  .No  SCwili.; 
It  is  the  only  gur- 
ear  under  sheer  Ihi' 
8.  Comes  In  sizes  2 
State  size  wanted 

J„.^ir"^ 29c 

25  H  5244 


No.  2GH5248  Arm  Bands, 
ade  of  mercerized  thread  ovei 
o  0  d  guality  elastic,  mlnrs 
black,  nl.lle  or  light  blue.  State 
ilor  wanted.    Shipping  weight. 

Price,   per  pair. •'C 

manufacturing  of  this  thread. 
It  Is-  made  of  the  finest  Sea 
Island  cotton,  has  a  nice  soft 
finish,    and    works    In    with    the    goods 


ad    1; 

thread  nestles  closer  to  the  goods  and 
than  any  other  sijc-cord  thread  on  th< 
We  have  made  the  price  so  low  that  everybody  oughi 
their  thread  from  us.  Guaranteed  full  200  yards 
n  black  or  white.  All  sizes,  8  to  100.  State  color  anc 
Ited.     Shipping  weight,   8   to   20  ounces.  yfe 

per     dozen     spools ^DC 

.  2SH5260    Very  strong 

durable.      Color.i.     black, 

\   pink  or  light   blue.    Stale 

wanted.     Width,    11, 

inches.      Shipping    weight,     per 

«rd,    1    ounce.  -1  f|- 

Price,    per    yard *  vFC 


No.  26H6264  Good  gua|. 
ity  lilk.  Colors,  black,  white 
pink  or  llubt  blue.  Slate  roloi 
wanted.  Width.  7(,  inch.  Ship- 
ping weight,  per  y  a 


per   yard . 



No.  25H5252 
Black  or  V 
Lisle  Loom 
ter  Elastic.  State 
col^r.  Good 
ity.  Shi  pplng 
weight,  per  yard, 

No.  25H5236      J.     &     ' 

Coats'      six-cord,      soft      linis 
UO-yard      spools.        Black 
rhlte,   in   all   sizes.      State    si 

_nd     color    wanted.       «i«i..,.£. 

weight,     per    dozen. 

No.  25H5256     This    la    i 
0ood  durable  plaid  web.  Colors, 

pink,  red  or  black  plaid. 
Stats  color  wanted.  Width.  % 
Inch.  Shipping  nelsht,  per 
yard.  1  ounce. 
Price,    per    yard 


No.  25H5234     Clark's 

I.  T.  six  -  cord.  200  yarc... 
ihick  or  while,  all  sizes.  State 
'       "'  inted.     Ship 

Hght.  per  doz, 
.    per    dozen . 


per    doz 


Tape  Measure. 



25H52I8       Combina- 

Spool    Holder    and    Pin 

on.     A    very    handy    article 

lor    the    work    hasket.      Heavily 

nickel  plated.    Shipping   weight. 

6  ounces.  Q-* 

Price OC 


No.  25H5232      Best    pur« 

nen.  2i'f)-yar(i  spools.  For 
cavy  work,  sijcli  as  carpets. 
Lc.  Sizes.  25  coarse  to  100 
ne.  Colors,  black  or  white, 
ze    and    color    wanted. 


State       _    _  _ 

Shipping  weiglit, 
Price,    per    spool 

No.  25H52I6  Best  Non- 
Btretchable.  Length,  60  Inches, 
Stiipplng  weiglit. 


No.  25H5208     For  Ribbon 
nd    Tape.    .Mckel    philcd.    .s 
plriR    weight.    2    ounces. 

No.  25H5258  Black  or 
white.  State  color.  Onod 
quality.  U.sed  for  h'^se  sup- 
porters, bandings  and  bolts, 
Slilpplng  wt..  per  yard.   1  oz. 

I,  Pricp. 

per  Yd. 




No.  25H5262  This  J3  a 
flexible  wire  collar  supporter 
covered  with  a  special  composi- 
tion, having  soldered  ends.  No 
rough  points  to  irritate  the  skin. 
It  Is  washable,  practically  in- 
visible and  is  rustproof.  This 
l9  the  collar  gtipporter  that  la 
sold  everywhere  at  10  cents  a 
Comes  In  black  or  white. 
State  color  dosfred.  Six  sup- 
porters In  transparent  envelope. 
Sizes.  2  and  2H  tnclies.  Stata 
size    wanted.     Shipping   welgM; 

Price,  for  6  supporters  ■  ■  -   •  ** 

IS.L1IN.     What  8  Franklin?     Best  of  All   Sewing  Machines,  That's  FRANKLIN.    "*''*chi'c"qo,'*il'l'?'' "    lOS 

ndtan  Seed  Beads. 

No.    25H4676       Indian     Seed 

about    eighty    strings    to    tbe 

Colora  as  follows:    Turquolne 

emerald     green,     black,     chalk 

crystal  white,  opal,  brown,  pea 

medium   blue,   ruby   red.    U«ht 

dark   amber,    orange,    pink   or 

One  color  to  the  hank.     Give 

Mior    wanted.     Shipping    weight,    per 

i„.nk    S  ounces.  1  Of* 

per  haok ^^^ 


Lined  Seed  Beads. 

No.  25H4678  Linsd  Sesd  Beads 
are  In  great  demand  because  of  their 
brilliancy,  which  resemble*  that  ot 
jewels.  About  twenty-four  strands 
4^4  inches  long  to  the  hank.  Colors 
as  follows:  Gold,  silver,  ruby  red, 
emerald  green,  nlle  green,  pink  or 
medium  blue.  One  color  to  the  hank. 
Give  color  wanted.  Shipping  weight, 
per  hank,  2  ounces.  O  — 

Price,  per  hank ^^ 

Basket  Beads. 

No.  26H4680  Best  QuaJlty 
Basket  Beads,  now  more  popu- 
lar than  ever  for  fancy  work, 
ornaments,  etc.  About  twelM 
strands  of  about  480  beads  to 
the  hank.  Colors  as  follows: 
Pink,  light  blue,  white,  green, 
luby  red,  silver,  golrt.  crysul  or 
black.  One  color  to  the  hank. 
State  color  wanted.  Shipping 
per  hank,  2  ounces.        Kq 

Price,    per   hank. 


Cut  Gilt  Beads. 

No.  2SH46B2  Cut  Gilt  B< 
for  fancywork,  ne«l(lac««,  b  1 1 
puree*,     eto.    Come 

Shipping  weight,  per  hack,  : 

sue    No.  8 

Price,  per  hank I  3o 


Cut  Steel  Beads. 

No,  26H4684     Cut  Steel  Be 

same   style   as   above.     Come   in 

Shipping  weight,  per  bank,  2  our 

Size   No.  8  ^ 

Price,  per  hank I  Qe 

Adjustable  Embroidery  Hoops. 

No.  25H4692  Round 
Shaped  Spring  Adjustable  Em- 
broidery Hoops,  adjust  them- 
splvea  to  any  thickness  of  fabric 
and  wUl  hold  It  Uehter  ina 
erener  than  any  other  embroid- 
ery hoop.  Shipping  wt.,  2  to  6  oz. 
Size.  Indies.  .4  i.  " 
Price,  each.  ..  I  Qc  .J,Pg 

Oval  Embroidery  Hoops. 

No.  2SH4694  Patent  Spring  Oval  Em- 
broidery  Hoops,  adjustable  same  as  No. 
25H°69S.  BUltallle  tor  embroidering  hosiery 
long  flowers  and  sprays,  etc.  sues.  4i4i9 
Inches  and  6il2  Inches.  Bo  sure  to  state  jlie 
wanted.    Shipping  weight,  5  ounces.  15c 

Price,    eacli. . .  .  -^j^i — 

Batten  berg  Patterns. 

Bead  Outfit  for  47  Cents. 

Bead  Work  Outfit. 

„.,„.„ ^  „.  seed  bead  loom.  12  pack- 
ages of  assorted  colored  seed  beads,  one 
package  of  needles,  one  dozen  fancy  beads,  one 
spool  of  heavy  thread  for  bead  work,  one 
large  pattern  sheet  with  assorted  designs  for 
belts,  necklaces,  fobs,  etc.,  with  directions: 
put  up  in  a  neat  wooden  bos.  Shipping 
light,   1  pound.  ^  _.  ,  .  47c 

Price  for  entire  outfit,  complete 

Bead  Needles. 

No.  25H4690  Needlea  for  bead 
work.  Package  contains  25  long  fine 
needles.  Correct  size  for  all  bead 
work.      Sliipping  weight,  per  paper.   I 





No,  25H4686  Stamping  W«K  in  ; 
metal  bol,  in  blaCk,  blue  or  white.  S 
color  wanted  when  ordering,    Stilpplng  we{ 

Stamping  Pattern  Outfit. 

large  sheets  on  which  are  perforated  fort: 
ot  the  very  latest  patterns  for  stamping  U 
shirt  waist  patterns  and  flounces,  sofa  pB 
laundry  bags,  collars,  cuffs  and  all  kin 
fancywork:    one    complete    alphabet,    one 


ount  of  the  low  prioe  we  have 
nted  to  adopt  our  own  brand  In  order  to  pro- 
broidery  silk  because  of  the  pressure  brought  to  bear  upon  them 
_.s  and  othe 
have  established 


I.U.  25H4696  Stamped  on  pink  silesIa, 
in  thrfe  designs  showing  the  stitches  and 
clvlng  the  amount  ot  braid  and  numoer 
S  rtogs  to  be  used.  The  siiesia  is  from  2 
to  6  inches  larger  than  the  design.  Shipping 
weight,  1  to  3  ouncea  . 

Size  of  design.  Mention    design   wanted. 

Inches    10     13    15    18      22 

Price,  eacb...3o  5c  7°  90   I  lo   ■ -.- 

Battenberg  Laoe  Braids. 


Battenberg    Lace 

I  illustrations.    Comes 
dozen    yards    to    the 
ordering    give     size     wanted, 
siiipplng  weight,  per  piece,  3  0"°<^«S-  .. 

Piece  of  3  dozen  yards  for.  .250     23c      19c 

No.  25H469S  L 
Braid.  Sizes  as  shown  i 
In  white  only, 
piece.       When 



Battenbem     Laoe 

Braid,    very    fine 

best    qual- 


always  made  on  embroidery  "' ' 

hv*fh5°la'"roe""«tai1e??  l°o'bbo™' and" 'other  mailorder   housis  throughout  the 

Ht  4k  K    K  h^n^Tn^g1.e?^^tr  a^nT^hlS'^ur-U^^-eVwl-ir  ££ 

l£^r"Wg1bnS'"-'Yo!i'*caTte   Z^'o'SS  tfr'.?V^^  ^  lofLT^rZ} 

jbsolutely  fast  c^ors    and  to  gwo  complete  satls^amo^^^^  >>V  Fin.  Silk.     A  too  thread  used 
FINE  MLK..  for'tife  finest  embroidery  where  dellcate_ shading  and  flower  effects 

for  the  tloest  emhroidery 
wanted.  Made  in  all  colors  shown  on  our 
per  dozen   skeins,    32c^  per  ,skeio 

,u    u^    color  card.      Bo   sure  to   «t«to  color.      Price. 


NO  25H47i4~  BeVaar  Arabian  Dye  Fl'iwer  Flow.  A  medium  thread  used  for  sketch- 
ing flowe?  effects  and  w"  hea™J  material  and  decoraUve  J'=?l?>'"%„.Mf5.»  '°  »"  ^''S! 
shlwn  on  our  color  card       Mention  color      Price    per  dozen  s^^^ 

general-  o?tS^e*Jolk®anl'fXy  1t'iKMSg,''^?so  tor  heavier  edges  ti,an  for  lac^lk     Made  In 

Hli  colors  shown  on  our  color  card.     State  color.     Price,  per  dozen  skeins,  32c  .per  ekeln        3o 

No.  25H47I8     Bengal  Arabian  Dye  Crochet  or  Knitting  Silk.     The  finest  quality  fast 

color  crochet  or  kniuing  silk  made.    Put  up  in  hi- *■-""    -■"-'■ 

white  and   leading  colors.      Stale   color  wanted^ 

Price  tor  outfit. 

Embroidery  Transfer  Pattei 



T     Scatter 

^^^^^^j-^^y, — ^..jU   Ling 

dere,   ! 


Linen  Battenberg  Thread 

No.  25H4702  While 
LInan  Battenberg  Lace 
Thread,  in  the  following 

Noa  50.  80.  100, 

150.  200,  250. 

300.  500.  600. 

800  and  1,000. 

Shipping     weight.     1 

ounce.     State  size  wanted. 

Price.    3  balls  tor 


Bengal  Arabian  Dye  Color  Book 

Free.  ^^  25H4720   We  give  this 

Book  tree  to  fanoy  goods  work- 
ers. Shows  shades  for  250 
flowers,  fruits,  foliage,  etc.  Also 
the  standard  colors  for  over 
100  leading  colleges.  Contains 
samples  ot  over  180  shades  of 
Bengal  Brand  Waah  Embroid- 
ery Silk,  all  numbered,  easy  to 
order.  Usually  sold  for  10 
cents.  Ask  for  No.  25H4720 
Bengal  Arabian  Dye  Color  Book  to 
eluded    with    your    next    order   free   of 


White  Mercerized  Thread  for 
Mount  Melllok  Worlt. 


2SH4704  White  Battenberg  Rings, 
or  making  Battenberg  work,  the  illustrations 
howing  actual  sizes.     State  size  wanted. 

Prioe.    3    dozen    for .  .50 

8e     lie    130 

Washable  Initials.^   ,    . 

Waabable  Initials  used  as  an  underlaying 
for  embroidering  to  give  the  heavy  raised 
effect  necessary  for  Initialing  tablecloths,  nap- 
kins,   handkerchiefs    and    general    fancywork. 



furnish  thn 
r  block  letters. 

ipt.   Old  Eng- 
Old   English  Style. 

About  Price 

1%    12  tor 


J             5                

3  tor  250 


Z5H470S     Script. 






12  for   1  So  / 

12  for  24cr 

^^  in^yj^ 

6  for  24eV, 

^r      ^^F 

^          No.  2SH47I0 



"^       Size, 


■ — 

^r      About 



T^    i?t  "■":::::■.;!!; 


Jl    \ 


^    \    :::::::::.:.. 

6  tor  25o 

Sout-  B  stout;  C,  medium:  D,  fine:  E,  extra 
flnerFStra  extra  fine..  White  only.  _^The 
illustration  shows  actual 

""'"■   ""  19c 

No,  25H4722 
Waste  Embroidery 
Silk,  assorted  col- 
ors and  lengths. 
One  ounce  in  pack- 
weight,  2  ounces. 

Price,    per   package 


No.  2SH4724  Millward's  best  quality 
Crewel  or  Embroidery  Needles.  Come  in  as- 
sorted sizes.  Ten  needles  to  paper.  Sizea, 
3  to  9  and  5  to  10.  Ag^ 

Price,  per  paper ^^ 

Mercerized  Embroidery  Cotton 




thread  for 
Comes  in  all  flower  and  fruit 
shades.  Greens,  yellows,  bluea. 
pinks,  red,  black  or  white.  Ask 
for  tree  sample  color  card.  Shipping  "l  Ckn 
wt.,  3  02.     Price,  per  dozen  akelDS * *'** 

js.    Centerpiecei,    Collars,    Etc, 

new    process    hi    transfer    patterns, 
dust,  powder,  hot  iron,  or  tracing.     Eac 
tern    transfers    several    times,    each 
distinct    as   the   flrst.     Full   instrucUonsi 
each     package.     Shipping     weight. 

Satin  Pillow  Ruffling. 

Hemstitched    border    and    shirr 
with  draw  string.     Colors,  red.  medium 
\lolet,  yeUow,  Ught  blue  or  pink.      Stat 
wanted.      Width,  about  3^4   inches, 
about  4%  yards.    Shipping  weight,  6 
ounces.      Price,    each 

Sateen  Pillow  Ruff  line 

No.    2SH4750      The     border     o 
Sateen    Pillow    RuHIIng    is    hemmed    : 
top  has  a  draw  string  for  shirring, 
about   SVt    Inches;   length     about   4% 
Same   colors   as   No.    25H4748.      State 
Shipping   weight,   6  ounces. 

Price,  per  4'/»-yard  piece 

Mercerized  Fine  Floss. 

No.  25H4730  The  A. 
C.  E,  Brand  4-Ply  Divisible 
Mercerized  Fine  Floss.  Put 
up  in  56-yard  bails.  White 
only.       Shipping     weight,      1 

°"price,  per  ball. "^ 

25H4732     Fine  Embroidery  Cotton.     Used  for  em- 
broiderinron  the  finest  linens.     This  is  the  kind  ot  cotton  tor 

ich  you  are  in  the  habit  ot  paying  25  cents 
iSold  only  in  packages  ot  one  dozen,  one  size 

dozen  skeins. 

>  the  package. 

12,    16.   20,   26,   30,   35.   40,   50, 

^-^-^^^—^■^  „„    ,„    „„    ,„  „....  When  ordering  be  sure  to  give  the 

..Jired.   White  only.   Twenty-two  yards  to  the  skein.    Shipping  weight,  2  ounces.  Jgj. 

"price,   per  dozen   skeins 

No  25H4734  While  Mercerized  Corona 
tlon  Cords  for  worklne  centerpieces  and  pu_ 
low  tops.      This  is 

. cord  finished 

like  silk.  Illustration  shows  about 
actual  sizea  Sold  only  In  12-yard  pieces. 
State  size.      Shipping  weight,  per  dozen  yards. 

2   ounces.      Size No.  7       No^  9      Np^lO 

Price,  per  dozen  yds.  20c 

.„  „.„ fine  quality 

.,„  25H4734,  The  illustration  shows  actual 
size.  Put  up  in  12-yard  pieces.  Shipping  23c 
—      "  —       Price,  per    I  2-vard  piece.  .,  **'^'' 

No.  2SH4738  White  BIcV-Rack  Trim- 
ning  Braid.  Comes  in  the  following  sizes, 
neaaurlng   from   point  to  point: 

Width,    inch 5-16      9-18       % 

Shipping  weight,  ounce 1  1  ' 

Price,  per   6-yard  piece..  ..60       8c        I  0« 

Imported  Crochet  Cotton. 

No.  25H4740  Import- 
ed Mercerized  Crochet  Cot- 
ton called  "Filin  Hakol- 
garn."  in  absolutely  fast 
wash  colors.  Wound  on 
spools  to  prevent  tangling. 
100  yards  to  the  spooL 
Comes  in  the  same  shades 
as  our  No.  25H4728  and 
the  same  color  card  can 
be  uaed  for  ordering.  Atk  for  free  Color  Card 
and  we  will  send  It  to  you.  This  is  the 
best  crochet  cotton  made.  It  has  a  luster  like 
silk  and  can  be  used  for  all  kinds  ot  fancy 
work.     Shipping  weight.   2  ounces.  Qg 

Price,    per    spool 

Ribbon  Pillow  Ruftlint 

No.  2SH4752. 
Pillow  Cushion  RIbl 
draw  string  top  f 
fling.  The  ribboi 
edge  Is  embroidered 

thread.        W  h  ( 
mention   color  of  y 

,„„   .^., ..„  will   send  ruffling  to 

Width,  about  4  inches;  length,  4  yardp 
ping  weight,  3  ounces. 

Price,  each 

top  and 

Pillow  Loops 

No.  25H4754    Silk  Pillow  Loops, 

made  of  Vi-iuch  silk  cord  with  tas 
sets  to  match.  The  loops  are  used 
principally     as     ornaments 

ot  sofa  pillo 


used  for  ornamenting  the  tops  of 
rockers,  etc.  Length.  42  Inches.  Col- 
ors red,  green,  pink,  yellow,  vlolel 
or  light  blue.  Stale  color  wanted 
Shipping  weight,   3  ounces.  OKf 

Pilce,    2    for ^JM 

Mercerized  Pillow  Girt 

No.    25H4756      A   heavy  twiiti  \ 
Cushion  Cord  with  tassels,  with  a  lf>> 

following'  plain"  colors:     Light    greeffe 
or   cardinal.      Give   color.     Length. 
Shipping  weight. 
Price,     each . 

No.  25H4742  «•»- 
love's  Irish  Lace  Thread. 
The  beat  thread  made  tor 
lace  making,  capeclally  de- 
sirable    tor     Irish     crochet 

spun      pun 

It     1.1 


Price,  per  spool. 

Comes   in    sizes    30, 
State  dn  desired.     Shlp- 


ROUND  f£S>        OVAL 

No.  25H4758    Adjustable  Met< 

Center    part    ot    stUctIo    removable 

inder.      Double  pointed,  one  end  wit 

point  for  piercing  round  holes,  qtiio 

pointed  for  plerelng  — '  "-'"    '"' 

^ ^   _  \\  holes,  for 

U.I.J.      The   best   gauge   atiletlo 

pierce  eyelets  of  uniform  size  f 

point  10  the  size  necessary.     Shippl 



//  mad  shipment,  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  1  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  according  to  shpmg  n.e. , 

Itamped    and    Embroidered    Pillow    Slips,    Towels,    Doilies,    Etc. 

a?  in ^fI?^.i/„     n  r   ??'',•."■'"','>   ">'"""8-     We  furnish   mrse 
vn„    n™  \i..,        "r"^-    '■^'^3'    ""■'■"•    =>'"!    "•'"!   each   towel    wo 

S  vSu  w,n.  ..™.-""''  •'«'•»•"•  number  that  repr.sent.  the 
ImT  ^^H  ''"■"P.""'  »"  '••,  For  example.  If  you  want  Hucl( 
*m  A  and  you  lite  our  design  No.  4.  order  No.  25H4774. 
Uefign  No.  4.     Shipping  weight,  each.  4  ounces        CQ 

..«  „.  ^„,B„  i,u.  ,.     .-snipping  weight,  eaci 
nee,  towel  and  emhroldery  thread  complete. 

Floral  Designs    on   Linen. 

Stamped  Towels  for  Embroidering. 

stamped  Linen 
Towels  in  very  neat 
and  attractive  bor* 
der  designs.  When 
embroidered  also 
make  very  attract- 
Ive  bureau  or 
dresser  scarfs,  etc. 
Come  in  aye  de- 
signs In  two  sizes. 
Mention  letter 
which  designates 
design  wanted. 

No.  25H4768 

Size,    18x36. 
Price,    each.3So 

No.  2SH4770 

Size,  20i42. 
Price.    eacta,45e 

No.  25H4772 

Cotton  H  licit  Tow- 
els, size,  18x36. 
Stamped  In  designs 

h!„?.?"i  «  ^°-   25H4rC8,      Come  In  Ave  designs: 
IVIentlon  letter  re>resenting  design  wanted.     Ship- 
ping weight,  4  ouncea 
Price,  each 

The  designs  are  all  very  simple  and   e 
very  little  time.     With  each   towel   we 
mercerized  thread,   sufflclent  to  embroid 
ing^  state   catalog    number,   give 

ish  five  skeins  of  white 
-  jne  towei.  When  order- 
letter   representing    pattern 

Pansy.  Chiysanthen.,  ... 

'.  2SH4760     Stamped     Linen     Center- 

•  in  assorted  floral  designs,  namely 
lanthemuni.  wild  rose,  pansy,  violet, 
rlcan  beauty,  daisy  and  forget-me-not, 
I  design  and  size. 

leter.   inches 12        18        24        36 

ling  vretght,  oj! 1  1  2  3 

•  each Sc     |  9e    350 

A  Wonderful  Value  in  a  Stencil  Outfit, 

»ii''°;„i?^"*'',^,?  ^*Z''''  """'*  *"•"  "»•  »'»«•  Jar.  of 
5»rk  ih^  V,„'""'.:k,'--^""'"',«"^''-  ""»"•  cardinal  and 
!„»  .J"'"!.--  ''??>  "Iilch  any  color  can  be  mixed  by  follow- 
ing the  directions  as  furnished  with  each  set-  also  con- 
tains a  glass  jar  of  reducing  oU.  for  making  colora  fast 
These  colors  have  an  advantage  over  the  tube  colora  tn- 
asmuch  as  they  wUl  not  run.  We  furnish  with  thii  St 
ste  metal  cups  for  mixing  color..  .tencU  bru"h  and  thJIe 
Stencils,  size  5x7  Inches.  Entire  outfit  put  up  In  a  fanra 
w°eigh°!28°°o',ISc'es°    """"'•    """    '""    direction';.      ShlS 

Price  for  complete  outfit gn^ 

""c.^'^^O*"'  °"  <'<''»"  in  Blass  jars  for  refiuini 
sTze  S,''M''o„?fl"i""r'',°-  ^l°"'«-  ■"ade'ln  the  cor^d 
size   to   fit   outfit.      Colors,    brown,    green,    yellow,    cardinal 

of  huck  desired  and 

yWe£rJesi^X'No:4.-,^de"r  h"o.  25H478T^|.aSet;i"S.  1>e5SS 
Shipping  weight,  each.   5  ounces.  mT 

. 1  ._j  ._^..... —  .^_     ,  89c 

tlon  number  indicating  the  design  you  want 
iiuple.    If  you   ivajt  Huck   Pattern   B.    and 

color   wanted.     Shipping   weight. 


ounce.i.      Price,    each ^  ^^siF    "^ms^    ^mE^ 

...  °25Sf7^gi?ppff^ai°;5  o^S^l^ci  .".'"".  ."'.°^. ,  .'^°°'". .'".  '}"". '" .'.°  .«'  °"'o^^ 

No.  2SH4796  The  "A.  C.  E."  Stencil  Outflt.  contain- 
ing the  Ave  primary  colors  of  oU  paint  put  up  in  neat  glass 
jar.,  witli  metal  screw  caps,  which  will  keep  the  paint  fresh 
Also  contatas  three  new  designs  of  stencils,  steel  thumb 
tacks,  stencu  brush,  and  two  meUl  cups  for  mixing  All 
put  up  in  a  neat  imitation  leather  box.  This  is  far  superior 
In  Quality  to  the  outfits  usuaUy  sold  at  75  cents.  ShiuplnK 
weight.   10  ounces. 

Our  price,  each 50c 

Prepared   Oil  Colors   in  Collapsible  Tubes 

pared    Oi     Colora   are   m.H.   Jmm    — ,....iF„   /r.-L-l    _,*  ""^•* 

^Thev  ^rS'f.^H  S"   Cp'ors  are   maV.  from"  carefully 
Tliey  are  used  by  arUsts  for  itencU  and  art  work 


Linen     Designs 

—   in   two   patterns 
uu, ,«,..>  mid  daisy.    State  de- 
iiiu  si^e  wanted   when  ordering. 

tcr,     Indies 12        18        24 

ng  weight,  ounces 1  1  2 

each 9,      19,     360 

istrated:    Butterfly 

<W   Needleworkers'   Outfit. 

Antwerp  Blue 
Blue  Black. 
Bone  Brown. 
Burnt  Sienna. 

Carmine  Lake. 
Crimson  Lake. 
Chrome     Yellow, 

Flake  While. 
Ivory  Black. 

ilerted   plBments   mixed  with   our* 

Italian  Pink. 
King's  Yellow. 
Light  Bed. 
Naples  Yellow. 

Be  sure  to 
Rose  Lake. 
Rose  Pint 
Silver  White, 
Terre  Verte. 
Gold  Ochre. 

intion  color. 

Venetian  Red. 
Verona  Brown. 
Yellow  Lake. 
Yellow  Ochre. 
Zinnabar    QreeD, 

Zinc  White. 

Brown,""*""      J"""""  Red.  Piyne^^rGray. 

«;■  of  ti?§S2    Single  tub.  rtze.     Price,  each T, 

No.  25H4a09     Double  lube  size.     Price,  each . . .  ■ . . . . . . . . ." .' ." .' .' ; ." .' ." .' ." ." ; ; ; ; ; ,  Sj 

Stenciled  Scarf  and  Pillow  Slip. 

I6H4766     Consists    of    one    large 

lie  IS  inches,  and  six  small  dollies  to 
size  5  inches.  All  stamped  on  line 
embrolder>'     linen     in     eyelet    design 

lOugh  embroidery  thread  to  work  the 
Put  up  in  a  neat  envelope,     sliip- 

To'r "outni. ..'.'. 49c 

:6H48I4_  Scalloped  Edge  Embroid- 
illies  and  Centerpieces,  made  of  half 
id  half  cotton,  bleached  to  a  snow 
•mhroldered  rai.'.ed  effect  with  ..i.-t-. 
«1  thread.  Usedlii  dllTerenl  .1I 
sliiBly  ■  - 

Embroidered  Centerpiece. 
No.  25H4e06  Fin- 
ished Natural  Linen  Color 
Crash  Centerpiece,  hand 
paliitc-d  und  already  eiii- 
hroldered  in  the  raised 
Mount  Mellick  work  In 
wild  rose  design.  This 
centerpiece  Is  Unted  In 
bright  shades  and  worked 
with  contrasting  mercerized 
thread  with  liisler  like  silk. 
Size.  27  Inches.  Shipping 
'"■     '    -     "Ice,  each.  45c 

Drawn    Work. 

„No.  25H4SI2  M.— „ 
Work  Centerpieoe  with  hem- 
stitched border  made  of 
good  quality  cotton  and 
Ihien  mixed  with  high  lus- 
ter finish,  wiUi  tirco  rows 
of  hand  drawn  work  in  very 
handsome  designs.  Comes 
In  five  sizes. 
Size.        Shipping 

Inches         Weight 
18  2  02. 

24  2  OIL 


Stenciled  Dresser  and  Pillow 
slip,  on  natural  linen  color  crash, 
with  hemstitched  ends,  all  ready 
for  use.  The  stencil  design  is 
a  pretty  morning  glory,  leaf  and 
scroll  eirect,  stenciled  in  three 
colors.  The  slip  la  hemstitched 
on  three  sides  and  has  opening 
at  the  top  to  Insert  pillow  You 
can  order  tliem  either  as  a  set  or 
singly,  just  as  you  desire, 
^  No.  25H4808  Pillow  Slip. 
Size,  about  19x24  inches.  Ship- 
ping weight,  6  ounces. 
Price,    each 390 

^No.  25H48IO    Dresser  Scarf. 

Size,   about    10x54  Inches.      Ship- 
ping weight.   5  ounces. 
Price,    each ..39c 

Art  Linen  for  Fancywork. 

Finest  I  m 
Irish  Linen, 
for  doilies  an 
pieces,  table  cover.. 
shirt  waist,  and  all 
kinds  of  embroidery 
work.  We  ofler  two 
grade.,  both  absolute- 
ly  pure   linen. 


No.  25H4776  Complete 
made  of  good  quality  muslin  „..„  ,,„„  „„„. 
^M^h  1"  "^  '?'"'^  "■"•'  ""0  new  spoke  stitch. 
which  is  much  more  desirable  than  the  oriS^ 
?mh',„?H'"f' ""■■  .ITfralshed  In  four  designs  for 
^n™  ..'^"L^"^.-'"  illustrated.  When  ordeHng  be 
iaf?.rn  SIo'.'h"  "i?'"'  "  ""»*"  indieatl.f 
Pf"""    wanted.      Size,    about    21x36       eel 

inches.     Price,  per  pair 55C 

T.,^f;-^?"'"^8  Stamped  Pillow  Slip 
Tubing  on  good  quality  muslin.  Four  very 
V'Si'Air  .i'J«-"'S"S,-  «s  illustrated  for  Nb^ 
25H4776.  ^cry  simple  to  embroider.  Edges 
?JL  Jl.'?.'"^'^.'"  scallop  effect,  so  simple  that 
,mi^„!Sl  °°i.  ■'"""''■o  a  great  deal  of  time  to 
embroider.     Size,  about  21x36  inches.         to^ 

Price,   per  pair 


No.  25H4790  This  I.  tlie 
genuine  Dundee  Scotch  Home- 
spun used  for  Arts  and  Crafts 
designs,  stencil  work  and  pil- 
low tops.  Comes  only  In  the 
natural  linen  shade.  Width. 
40  inches.  Shipping  wt.,  QO- 
Price,    per    yard...JOC 



Canva  s. 

...    No.  2SH4788 

Mercerized     Hardanger     C  a  n  - 

va.,    soft    lustrous    Bnish.     for 

fine  hardanger  wort   Width.   42 

'lehea.      Color,    white    only. 


No.  25H4782    White  Art  Linen. 

This  is  a  good  quality  pure  linen,  the 
khul  that  la  largely  used.  Can  fur- 
nish In  two  widths.     Shipping  weight. 

Width.     Inches 36         45 

Price,     per     yard 480     59c 

No.  2SH4784  White  Art  Lin. 
en.  Very  finest  grade  of  pure  ail 
linen.  We  recommend  this  quality. 
Can  furnish  In  four  wldtlu.  Ship- 
ping weight,  6  ounce.s. 
Width,  inches..  IS  24  36  45 
Price,    per   yard.3B.  4B»  65o  79« 

16  ounces. 

I  per    yd. 


danger  Can- 

No.  25H4794  The  now 
material  for  art  stencil  work 
for  curtains,  draperies,  etc 
Pure  linen.  Comes  In  the  dark 
art  brown  shade  only.  Width, 
36    inches.     Shipping  weight.    7 




„   No.  26H4786 

Hardanger  G  a  n  v  a  .  . 
Used  for  cross  stitch 
work    and    for    making 



s  h  1  I 

•I       1^  ~„.._ ~  ""'"  '">'■  070     Price,    per   yard.3Bo  45*  660  79 

./  ^h.pment.  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  I  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  according  to  Mpplng  ^^ht 

white    only.      Comes    In 
two     wldthi.     Shipping 
welilit,  7  ounces. 
Width.    In..    M         42 
Prtct.  yartl.SOe    650 

No.  26H4792 
Art  Scrim,  used  for 
all  kinds  of  fancy 
work,  curtains  and 
draperici.  Colora. 
Cfeam-whlt«,  com  or 
A/ablan  color.  State 
eofer  desired.  Width, 
40  Indies.  Shipping 
welttht.  4  02.  17- 
Price,   per  yd  MtC 


Good  Values  in  Lace  and  Embroidered  Centerpieces,  Dresser  Scarfs.  Et 

Attractive  Embroidered  Centerpieces. 

Linen  Madeira  Scarf  and  Sham. 
No.  25H4838  Fine  Quality 
I^inen  Madeira  Pillow  Sham  or 
Table  Cover.  Very  elaborately  em- 
broidered in  eyelet  design  m  tbe 
well  known  Jladeira  style  of  em- 
broiderv.  For  beauty  there  is  no 
.hiss  of  embroidery  tbat  equals  Ma- 
diira.  Has  heavv  embroidered  scal- 
loped edge,  which  is  absolutely  fast. 
Size,  about  29x2!J  inches.  Shipping 
weight.   30  ounces.  „    ,„ 

Price,    each ?2.49 

No  25H4840  FiHe  Quality  Linen 
Madeira  Urenser  Scarf.  The  quality 
and  design  of  embroidery  are  the 
«.-inic  as  No.  25H4S3S.  Size,  about 
ITx.jl    inches.     Shipping    weight,    10 


25H48I6     Embroidered    Centerp 

iii.ide  of  eooU  qii-ilily  crash 
Neatly  pmliroidereil  design  i"  eiec"  a""  >">- 
let  wllh  tinted  bacberound  to  hannomzf. 
The  edge  is  scalloped  mid  also  embroidered, 
nbich  insures  a  good  fast  cdse.  AU  eiu- 
broidery  is  done  with  mercerized  thread. 
Comes  in  two  sizes. 

Size.  Inches,  SWppins  Weight.  Price, 

About  Oui'-ra  "^i^ 

.>4  6  69c 

36  8  890 

No.  2SH48I8  Embroidered  Dresser  or 
Library  Table  Scarf,  good  quality  crash  in 
ecru  color.  Embroidered  hi  the  same  man- 
ner and  desifc-n  as  No.  25H4816  Centerpiece. 
Has  hemstitched  ends.  Size,  about  18x54 
Inches.      Shipping    weight.    8 

Price,     each ■_- 79e 

No  25H4820  Crash  CentcrBiv--.  -  •  ■ 
Romely  embroidered  leaf  and  Arts  and  Cratti 
desira  in  green,  blue,  lavender,  tan  and 
I'roSn  combination  embroidery  .ind  t  ntins 
to  match.  Has  fast  embroidered  scalloped 
edge  We  use  the  best  mercerized  tliread  in 
embroidering.  A  very  attractive  centerpiece 
In  the  color  combination  as  described,  ine 
rrasli  comes  in  ecru  color  only. 
Size,  Inches,  Sliipping  Weight.  Price, 

About  Ounces  tn^a 

24x24  6  »0.7? 


No.  25H4822  Crash  Dresser  or  Library 
Table  Scarf,  hemstitdied.  desir- 
able for  Mission  tables;  the  peculiar  style  of 
embroidering  and  colors  being  very  suiUihlo 
tor  Mission  or  any  duU  fluisli  turjushmg. 
Comes  in  the  same  combination  of  cold's  and 
embroidery  as  .No.  26H4820  .  Centeniiece 
size,  about  18x54  inches.     Shipping  weight,  8 

No.  25H4824  _.,,  _,  j    c  t 

Nottineham  Tatting  Lace  Pillow  Shams  and  hearts 

^TMs  ,sPt:arfab,e^va,.e  in   No"«i.,bam^Ta„.,   Uce  P^iH^ow^  Sb^ams^d^^Soa^,,  M 

.V    "25H4S30  No    25H4828  "  No     25H4832  No    25H4834 

Spec  al  Values  in  Lace  Pillow  Shams  and  Dresser  Scarfs 

_•: .  „  „^ —  .,.    25H4832     La  e    P  How  Sham 

No    25H482B 
'  No    25H4830 

No    25H4834     Lace   I 

*     "  Ship  w  1  0 

„   des  s    n     on  bina    ... 

id  to  have  fast  bound  edges. 

bout     Ox 

>  be  washable 

lace  worl(.  We  guarantee  them  to  be  washable  and  to  have  fast  bound  edges. 
Tlio'viiiu'o  of  all  patterns  is  equal;  the  only  difference  being  In  the  design.  This  Is  the  grade 
that   usually   retails  for  50   ceuts  each. _  __ 

of  elttier  pattern,   each. 

No.  23H4836  Silk  voiles  or 
>Iarquisetfes  are  being  used  ex- 
tensively for  waists  and  evening 
Kowns,  and  are  also  especially 
adapted  for  use  as  draperies  over 
colored  silks  for  street  costumes. 
The  finality  listed  here  is  full  42 
inches  wide  and  is  an  all  silk 
f:ibric.  The  quality  you  would 
expect  to  get  for  $1.50  a  yard. 
We  have  this  cloth  in  black, 
white,  Alice  blue,  champagne, 
navy  blue  or  brown.  State  color 
wanted.  Shipping  weight,  per 
yard.  3  ounces. 

Price,   per  yard 98c 

,     Quality    Embroidery 

voile,  made  oi  a  long  comb  Egyptliin  cotton 
virn  This  is  tlie  class  of  cotton  voile  which 
vou  see  used  so  much  at  the  present  time  for 
embroidered  flounclngs,  waistlngs  and  outside 
wearing  .Tpparel.  It  is  also  extensively  used 
for  stenciling  curtains  and  fine  fancyworU 
Width,  about  40  inches.  Colore,  wliite,  ecru 
nr  Arabian.  State  color  wanUd.  Shipping 
per  yard,  .'i  oz.     Price,  per  yard 

Ladies'  Hand  Bags  for  Embrei 

No.  25H485I.    .This  i»  '"«    "=; 

fancy  goods.    Ladies'   Hand   Ban  Pat 

on  a  good  quality  linen  crasli  in  tl 
linen  shade,  wluch  is  an  iwiu  color 
of  the  bag  Is  turned  in  and  faftencO 
ameled  eyelets  for  drawing  either  a 
or  ribbon  through,  we  show  ' 
designs,  simple  to  embroider,  -■-wia, 
eirectlve:  one  a  butterfly  and  th<  ^ 
pond  Uly.  The  butterfly  Is  i  eje 
ind  the  lily  can  be  worked  eltlier  I 
knots  or  beads  used  in  the  centj 
about  12xl(H4  Indies.  Mention 
sign  wanted.  Shipping  welRlit. 
Price,     each . 


J       l^rioft.   ppr  yarn ao«^        ^v^--  v^*-  yt"-  -  "'-     -■ —  ■-—  -  - -^ ,       j 

//  maxl  shipment.  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  1  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  according  to  shipp,ng} 


'iLj'r?";?™^ "    S?*"^  """I*  Cenfemieca.  or  Table  Cover 
Scart     Good  aualUy  bleached  coUon     Very  serviceable  and 

.  In..     ShlDDlinr         Pri^»     I    Size,  In..     Shipping         Price 
About  Wt.  ._Oa.  Eacli 


No.  2SH4862     Souaro    Centerpiece    or    Table     Cover 
worRed   clover  leaf   comer   designs   on   good   quality  goods. 

Size.  In.,  Shipping 
About  Wt.,  Oz. 
I2xli  i 

18!tI8  3 


Size.  In., 



Wt.,  Oz.  Each 

6  S9c 

8  59c 

25H4866  Cluny  Sham  or  Table  Co., 
lute  blenched  cotton  «itl  t  ur  embr  Idered 
about  ,>0x30  inches      Shipping  Height    6 

•  25H4868  White  Cluny  Dn 
erod  to  match  No  25H4866  S 
)lng  weight    6  ounces     Price    each 


Scarf     hea\ily    em 

about    18x50   inchei 



T»hi.  ?«^"*®?1.    "'"'"'   Embroider«d   Cluny  Centerpiece  or 
l^  n„?i°l"  '."?   "","'"■  *='"♦  """  '"'»'">'  worked  daisy  and 
leaf  design       (_luny  laco  mserted  center  and   lace  edge 
!»lze   In  ,     Shipping         Price     ,    Size   In       .m.iuping         Price 

!.;;»  o??",?^'^*',  *"'",  ^'""^  Table  Cover  with  four 
large  embroidered  designs  in  mercerized  thread  all  heavily 
lrf°''^'"'-r„^"/""'«'  *""  '"""  2-lnch  Cluny  la?e  Srmmd 
h»f,^.if..ii."  Jiv  ^"7  handsorae  pattern  and  will  Huiider 
beautifully     ^i>e     alwut    43x4.>   Inches       Shipping   weight 

n.."!',;  25H4872  Pillow  Sham  or  Table  Cover  of  a  goiid 
quality  heaiT  white  Cotton.  Neatly  embroidered  In  daisy  a^ 
i.'^'-™^'".™'  out.  design.      Has  a  ribbo"  beading  ,!fr„S 

widch    Is    dra..., 
ornamented   with    a 

Size    abtiit  31x31  in    'shloping'nt      12  oz     Price"each'$  TUk 

No    25H4874     White'^Embro.dered    Ribbon    Drawn    Cl?n? 

I6H4872    Size 

light    blue    checked    wasliable    ribbon"  „„„ 
neat  ribbon    roselte   and   Cluny   lace   edge 

2SH4877  Embroidered  Shamt  or  Table  Covers  _ 
r  Scarfs.  These  goods  are  embroidered  in  Ireland 
.■ery  line  quality  snow  white  cotton  clotli,  used  for  em- 
TLIl'^'^;  JTJ  ""  laundered  and  bleached  in 
a  and  have  that  rich  appearance  which  la  not  equaled 
ifactured   in    any    other   couiilrv.     This   is   the 


quality  that  usually  retaUs  for  T5  cents  each.  The  embroid- 
ering is  done  by  expert  Irish  workers  who  have  a  world  wde 
reputation  for  excellent  embroidering.  The  designs  are  all 
new  with  the  heavy  raised  cushion  effect:  embroidered  with 
a  line  Ihreaii  cotton  yarn  and  closely  resembles  hand  wmk 
"    """"■-    ""   hemmed    and    very   evenly    stitched. 

ordering  mention  number  of  pattern  wanted.    The  shams  auu 

each   other.     For  example,   pattern   No.    I   scarf 

sham.  etc.    Size  of  sliara.  about  3Cx30 

about  17x50  inches.    Shipping  weight 

;       ,  . : 25c       Price,    onch 

/  sh,pnm,l,  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  1  CENT  AN  OUNCE,  to  shipping  r^cighL 

Exceptional  Values  in  Genuine  Hand  Drawn  and  Battenberg  Goo 

//  mail  shipment,  SEND  POSTAGE  EXTRA,  1 


Art  Drill  Pillow  Top*,  Only   17c. 

No.  25H4952 

Leather  PUIow  Slips 


25H4958  No.  25H4960 

ted  Pillow  Tops  on  good  quality  drill  cloth, 

Mirable  designs,  tiated  in  appropriate  col- 
Bhowing  landscape,  flowers  and  mottoes. 
quality  Is  usually  retailed  at  25  ceots.    Size, 

21x21  inches.  When  ordering  be  sure  to 
atalog  number  of  design  desired.  Shipping 
it,  6  ounces. 

price  for  any  of  the  above  designs,  ^  ^^ 
and   back,  without  ruffle 1 /C 

tirthday   and    Lodge   Pillow  Tops. 

ESH4978  Tinted 
y  Pillow  Top  on  bett 
tickJoD.  Tinted  In 
leslgua  with  the  name 
month  and  alao  the 
representing  every 
m  the  year,  with  the 
t  birthday  mottoes, 
ooath.  Size.  22x22 
Shipping  weight.  6 
Price  for  front  mo 
[  CTlthom  ruffle.     £^C 

No.  25H4980 

Lodge  Pillow  Top.  Ma- 
sons, Modern  Woodmen 
of  America.  Knights  of 
Pythias.  Elks.  Odd  Fel- 
lows, Eastern  Star. 
State  emblem  desired. 
Size,  22x22  inches.  Ship- 
ping weight.  6  ounces. 

Price    for    front    and 
back,    without 

No,  25H49?4    .Fall  Si 
Leather    Pillow    Slip    of    tUst 
quality  velvet  s  h  e  e  p  g  k  1  d. 
properly    tunned;    the    best 
leather      made 
slips.     Comes  in  Indian   h 

poinsettia  design.  The  In- 
dian head  is  burnt  iu  the 
leather  and  the  poinsettia  Is 
appltqued  in  red  velvet  and 
is  beautifully  executed.  The 
fringe     ia     closely     cut     and 

_  long.  The  front  of  the 
piUow  is  a  sort  of  doTe  tan 
color  while  the  back  is  red, 
naking  a  rery  pleasing  coii- 
rast  Size  of  pillow,  not  In- 
cluding fringe,  18x18  Inches; 
size.  Including  fringe,  about 
""    ""  '  Shipping  weight, 

es.      Mention     design 

each <p^»  /  O 

!lx36 Inchc 

No.  25H4976  We  wish  to 
call  particular  attention  to  the 
quality  of  leather  used  in  these 
slips.  We  guarantee  it  to  be  of 
good  quality  sheepskin,  and  not  the 
split  leather  that  Is  being  used  by 
others  in  pillow  slips  sold  at  thle 
price.  Tlie  shade  of  leather  la  a 
light  tan,  made  in  three  designs. 
I-'urnlshed,  as  Illustrated.  In  design 
of  two  kittens  with  motto.  We  can 
also  furnish  head  of  Indian  maiden 
and  American  beauty  rose  designs. 
The  American  beauty  design  is  ap- 
pllqued  on  the  leather  In  veWet. 
The  slips  are  fringed  as  shown  in 
illustration.  Slate  design  wanted. 
Shipping    weight,    21    ounces. 



of  eitlic 

Fin©  Ticking  Pillow  Tops,  Only  23c. 

.^iiiot^rit  ft  m_«^' 

No.  25H4962 

Washable   Embroidered   Pillow  Slips. 

No  25H4990  Crash  Pll 
M  Slip  in  rose  design.  Em 
broidered  in  red.  leaves  anc 
s  embroidered  in  shaded 
1  on  natural  linen  color 
sround.  New  heavy  raised  ef- 
fect, closely  resembles  hand 
worlc.  Wide  shirred  ruffle, 
hemstitched  edge.  Opening  in 
back  to  insert  pillow,  button 
fasteners.  Size,  including  nif- 
about  28x28  inches.  Ship- 
weight.  8  ounces.  CA- 
ice,     roninlete OVC 

Satin  Pillow  Top. 


n   and   Embroidered   Pillow    Slips. 
J5H4982   Tapes- 
Ufa      Pillow      Slip. 

and  .ready  for  use, 
ed  with  four  tas 
Landscape  design 
)x20  Inches.  Ship 
eight,  C  ounces. 

for  com-      _^ 
lip OOC 

American  beauty  rose,  dirys- 
antheraum.  yellow  daisy,  for- 
ect-nie-nol  or  violet.  State  de- 
sign wanted.  Size.  22i22  Inches, 
.SlilPDliis  welKht.  f 

No  2SH4992  Crash  Pillow 
Slip.  Daisies  embroidered  in 
white,  bowknot,  leaves  and  stream- 
ers In  harmonizing  green  shade 
on  natural  linen  color  ground. 
Wide  shirred  ruffle  with  bem- 
stltched  edge.  Opening  in  back 
to  Insert  pillow,  button  fasten- 
ers, Siae.  includlag  niffle,  about 
28x28  inches,  Slilpplng  weight, 
8    ounces,  ca 

Price,     complete 0*fC 

Embroidered  Pillow  Slip. 

No.  25H4970  No.  25H4972" 

Pillow   Tops   on   good    qualit.v    tan    tickinr,     A 

very  selpot  assortment  of  highly  tinted  designs 
comprising  the  most  beautiful  effects.  Regular 
3r.-cent  value.  Size,  about  21x21  inches.  When 
ordering  be  sure  to  give  catalog  number  of  de- 
sign wanted.    Shipping  weight.  6  ounces 

Our  price  for  any  of  the  above  designs     OO 
front  and   bacli,   without  ruffle  ^oC 

Tinted   Crash   Pillow  Tops,  Only  25c. 

No.  25H4984  Sofa 
Pillow  on  good'quality 
tan  color  crash,  richly 
tinted  in  illy  and  cat- 
tail design.  Can  be  used 
as  it  is  or  can  be  em- 
broidered. Size,  about 
23121  inches.  Shipping 
weight,  6  ounces. 

Price    for    front    nnri 
baolt,  with 


No.  2SH4986  Crash 
Sofa  Pillow,  with  tinted 
lilies,  leaves  and  buds 
in  natural  colors.  Can 
be  used  as  it  is  or  can 
be  embroidered.  Size, 
about  21x21  inches. 
Shipping  weight,   6  oz. 

Price    for    front    and 
back,  without 


No.  25H4996    Bound  Sateei 

Pillow     Slip.      Embroidere<i     wiU 

ercerlzed      embroidery       tliread. 

The  pillow  is  made  of  blach 
teen  with  wlilte  embioldered 
gle,  white  embroidered  flowers, 
greca  embroidered  leaves  and 
neat  rulHe  with  two  rows  of 
bonaz  stitching.  Size,  26x26 
hiches.    including   ruffle.    Shipping 

........  ......    ..„„,^^  ^g^ 

, 25H4998 

I  Bound  Pillow  Slip  on 
0  d  duality  natural 
r  burlap,  with  paint 
holly  wreath  ant 
[  howltnot  design.  T  h  < 
I  bonknot  la  outlined  with 
cn;broldery  thread.  Size, 
about  20x20  Inchee. 
.Slilpplng  weight,  6  oz. 
Price  for  slip,  front 
and  back  bound, 
without     gh-dle,.. 


No.  25H5002 

broidered    Bound    Art 

Pillow     Slip.      Tlio 

irslKn   is   a   basket   pattern 

n.  llttH  an  opening  ut  the 
>p   to   insert    pillow.     Size 

about  19x13  Inches.  Sblp- 
g  weight,  e  ounces.    PHfP 

for    slip,    bound    front 


Bound   Pillow   Slips. 

No.  25H4988  Bound 
Pillow  Slip  on  pood  quality 
tan  color  crash,  with  land- 
scape scene  in  colors,  show- 
ing the  Old  Dutch  mill  and 
Outrti  maid  In  the  foreground. 
Size.  about  21x21  Inches. 
Shipping     weight,     6     ounces. 

Price      for      complete      slip 
bound    front    and    back.      «^ 
witli.m     cirdle-.. ^"C 

No.  25H5004  Good 
Quality  Bound  Drill  Pit. 
low  Slip,  nnlshed  ready 
for  use,  with  pnlntod  de- 
sign of  children  at  pl.iv. 
The  leaTM  and  bowknot 
are  embroidered  with  white 
rnercerlMd    thread.     Crayon 

6    ounces.